Brickbat: Luxury Redefined


The California Assembly's Natural Resources committee has approved a bill that would bar hotels from providing guests with tiny bottles of shampoo, body wash, lotion and other personal care items. Supporters say the law would reduce the amount of plastic that is thrown away.

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  1. California to plastic manufacturing employees: LEARN TO CODE.

  2. Between the TSA and California, being clean and smelling good is going to turn out to be something that only existed for about 50 years in the history of the world.

    1. Only in shitty states like Commifornia. The rest of us will smell clean and have convenient plastic bottles available at hotels.

      You have to be crazy to vote to get a Democrat in power.

      1. Yeah, its like Europe. You have all the countries where people are clean and you have France.

  3. I betcha it’ll end up being an opt-in when booking some spots.

    “Would sir like to receive the Hygeine Package?”

    Yes please, and here’s something in writing from my attorney which you may legally consider a request for a plastic straw with every drink at the hotel bar.

  4. Also coming to Cali courtesy of the nutjobs: no more changing sheets and towels between hotel guests. As committee member Ima Dumbass simperingly put it, “Washing towels and bedsheets not only uses a lot of like water and electric umm stuff, you know, it also wears out the cotton fibers like a lot more fast. And it’s not like cotton grows on trees or bushes or whatever, you know? I think mostly poor non-white people work in cotton mines and that’s like really dangerous minimum wage like work, okay?”

    1. In related news, there was a measles outbreak in Northern California.

    2. Excellent News Comrade.

      Central Committee Approves.

      That is all.

      1. “That is all”?!? If only it were ….

  5. My city passed a plastic straw ban this year. Dumbest thing ever. I gave the Mayor and his wife an earful about how dumb it was.

    On the surface this seems even dumber. I mean, how many of us are staying in hotels any given night. And beyond that – how much hotel waste ends up anywhere other than in a hotel dumpster and off to the landfill.

    But then that’s the point. The left is convinced that “plastic” is the enemy now, so even putting it in a landfill where it isn’t going to do anything to the environment is evil.

    At least there’s an out with this stuff. I’ve stayed at rental properties where they had dispensers mounted on the wall for shampoo, conditioner and body wash or lotion. It would be an adjustment, but in the end there probably isn’t a huge qualitative difference. The dispenser method probably results in more waste of shampoo, etc. instead of wasting plastic containers.

    But damn, this virtue signalling through the use of the police state is dumb. Really dumb. Have we always done this, or is this new? Is this what bans on oral sex or Connecticut’s law that pickles must bounce (yes, that’s a real law) were like as they were passed, just stupid fad vanity projects for signalling other people that you were somehow more virtuous than they are?

    1. The dispenser method is better for the environment because it definitely uses less plastic and it’s not like anybody is going to vandalize a big jug of shampoo hanging on the wall. And don’t worry, I definitely didn’t jerk off into the jug of conditioner.

      1. Fuck. I can never use any dispenser like that again. Thanks!

        1. It was all semen.

          1. Dog semen.

    2. Plastic became the enemy of progressives when they learned from watching “The Graduate” how this new technology provided the career opportunities and affordable conveniences that make it possible for a young man to get married to the woman he loves soon after graduating from college.

      1. I appreciate the effort that went into that comment – thank you…

    3. Comrade,
      My City’s Central Committee banned plastic and paper bags.
      If you want to take your stuff home from the grocers, you must use your own bag approved by them.
      And no more ‘dogged bags’ at restaurants. Either eat up or take your leftovers home in your hands.

      1. That’s hilarious! We must stop food waste! And plastic waste! So no to-go bags…

        So there are only two possible solutions, as I see it. Either you bring tupperware from home, or they are going to have to ban portion sizes over 4 oz.

      2. Comrade,

        If your grocer has items on the shelf for purchase, you’re not doing it right.

  6. Look , plastic is made from oil. As are many , many products. How can we get rid of oil if it’s used to make some many things ? This and plastic bags are the first step.

    1. Can’t we just get rid of the progressives instead?

      1. I refer you to the motto of the Commonwealth of Virginia

        1. You mean: “Please keep sending more power to the Federal Government so that all those rich lobbying firms will hire more people who buy houses in NoVa”?

          Or was it some other motto?

          1. Back in the dark ages, when Latin was a part of the normal education process, the motto adopted was “Sic Semper Tyrannis”.
            However, you are correct to point out, that since the late unpleasantness, the victors have been subverting that sentiment.
            (Which is why I left my birthplace in protest.)

      2. We can probably make plastic out of progressives (at least the weak, flimsy kind).

    2. Hemp oil.

  7. OK, let’s see;
    Flying there, I only get 3 oz or less.
    Once there, I can only have 12 oz or more.
    Large unsealed containers that contain body contact products.
    Terrorists who travel.
    Anything else?
    Oh, yeah. Welcome to the revolution.

    1. Hey, only the patriarchy needs soap.

  8. The irony of a legislator in a state awash in discarded plastic syringes from encouraged users decrying the occasional shampoo sample is simply profound

    1. I think they should clean the poop off the streets, and then worry about little plastic containers that no one gives a shit about.

      1. The shit is organic man. Plastic is bad.

        1. Oil is organic since it contains carbon.

    2. I cannot wait until the Lefties outlaw buildings and move to live in mud huts.

      Stone Age or Bust!

      1. but you have to do an environmental impact study first, to assure that the moving of mud to make the hut doesn’t damage the environment, and that the hut doesn’t cast unwanted shadows.

      2. What make you think they will let you have mud huts? Find a cave or sleep under the stars.

      3. Already there – what do you think AOC’s ‘environmentally friendly’ rebuilt structures will be?

  9. These Lefty shitbags just want to unconstitutionally ban any product and service that will hasten the demise of the USA.

  10. The prog left wants us to live in perpetual dim misery, either too cold or too hot, eat terrible food, and smell terrible. In other words they want a seventies sci fi dystopia. The market just wouldn’t deliver John Brunner, so goshdarnit they will give us John Brunner anyway.

    1. Remember when ‘We’ didn’t see the USSR implosion coming?

      The Socialists who ran American media didn’t because they don’t want Socialism to die. All the other signs were there.

      Socialists banning things here in the USA is just another sign that they are desperately trying to keep their ideology from imploding and being left behind here in the USA.

      Americans voted for Trump because more and more Americans are sick of Socialism and bloated government.

  11. In celebration of Earth Day, the local bird cage liner (Phila. Inquirer) had a number of articles by environmentalist experts. One told readers that “we are running out of places to put the nation’s trash.”
    Really? Has he ever seen the amount of open land once you get about 25 miles outside any metro area? Where I live, one trash disposal site has been taking the trash of about 1 million people for at least thirty years. It is just about filled but is surrounded by hundreds/thousands of acres that can be similarly used. And most residents don’t even know where the disposal site is – only one road runs by it in a rural area. Maybe the existing sites in the U.S. are filling up, but thousands of new sites could be created when necessary.

    1. Plus if we really wanted to, we could dig huge holes, put all our trash in them and set off a subterranean nuke to turn it all into something cool.

      1. Giant mutant bugs? Godzilla? Mothra? Gamera?

        1. Rodan or go home!

      2. I am definitely up for that.

    2. Philly’s already a trash heap. Why are they hauling it somewhere else?

    3. Not only that, but the space never really gets used up. Once it’s full, you cover it, and it’s just like all the other land.

      1. Bonus points for taken all the dirt and rocks that come from digging the hole and building a hill or baby mountain out in the Great Prairie for some much needed relief.

        (pun intended)

  12. Next: to compensate for the loss of soap and other personal amenities, every hotel room in Cali will come with a resident homeless person or three.

    1. Well, that defines self-defeating; once installed in the room, they are no longer homeless, just smelly. So they will get evicted for not paying, and become homeless. Rinse and repeat.

      1. Nah man, because now you have the crisis of the ‘under-roomed’!

  13. Wouldn’t it be better for all of us if we took our vacations in the form of going somewhere and being homeless for a while?

  14. If the Californians really want to reduce plastic waste, they need to ban plastic diapers. Especially those like “Depends.” I wonder how well that would fly?

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