Nylon Says Please Stop Sharing Those Hilarious Alien Cartoons—the Artist Is Pro-Life

The online fashion magazine warns readers that Strange Planet's Nathan Pyle is maybe pro-life and "we should be more careful with what we're sharing."


Screenshot via Strange Planet Instagram

If you have been on social media lately, you have probably seen Strange Planet, a four-panel cartoon strip by artist and author Nathan W. Pyle. The cartoons depict aliens doing mundane tasks and describing them in overly literal terms that make them sound ridiculous: A Valentine's Day card, for instance, is a picture of "a vital organ being wounded."

Funny stuff, right? Well, not anymore. Strange Planet is, as the kids say, #canceled.

On Monday, Nylonan online fashion magazine that reads like it's staffed entirely by 13-year-olds—signal-boosted a shocking discovery: Pyle is pro-life. He even had the nerve to share this opinion semi-publicly. Once, in 2017, he made a comment on his personal Instagram about how proud he was of his girlfriend and "all the courageous mothers" who attended the March for Life.

Nylon's intrepid reporter notes that we all should have seen this coming. "It's clear that we shouldn't have been surprised that he has such conservative views," she writes. "The first line in his bio is 'I follow Jesus,' which should clue you in about his religious leanings."

The subhed of the article: "We should be more careful with what we're sharing," as if re-posting a Pyle cartoon is akin to juggling knives.

I have complained many times previously about the pernicious tendency in certain hyper-woke circles to gang up on anybody who expresses the slightest dissent from leftist orthodoxy. Here, I'll simply close by noting that Pyle's alleged pro-life views are not exactly a fringe position.