Brickbat: How Do You Say 'Ironic' in French?


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Mohamed Ahmed Soliman /

Twitter has rejected a French government voter registration campaign because of that nation's anti-fake news law. That law requires Internet companies to maintain a publicly accessible database of who pays for political messages and how much they paid. Twitter has opted instead not to run any political ads.

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  1. Hilarious, but I imagine the french government is going to make them pay. Governments don’t like it when you point out that their advertising isn’t actually apolitical.

  2. The government information service told AFP news agency: “Twitter does not know how to do that today, and so decided to have a completely hard-line policy, which is to cut any so-called political campaign.”

    I’m sure they’d be a-fucking-okay with Twitter taking their laws lightly if it was in favor of someone other than themselves.

  3. But ,but, we’re the GOOD GUYS !!!!

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  5. How Do You Say ‘Ironic’ in French?

    Who cares about the French?

    They gave up to the Nazis and then collaborated with the Nazis and they have clearly given up on freedoms.

    Claw back control of the internet for America and then close all American servers in the EU. Refuse to cater to Socialist’s desire to control the internet.

    1. So, you’re against allowing American companies from servicing customers in the EU?

      Do you see how that makes you a hypocrite or do I have to explain it to you?

    2. Not to mention Belgium claims they invented the wonderful food now referred to as ‘french fries’.

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  7. In an entirely unrelated comment, why do these advertisers keep wanting to tell me Alexandria Otasio-Cortez’s net worth? Undoubtedly, her income increased when she went from being a bartender to being an elected politician. But I fail to see how her net worth adds anything of ‘value’ to the political discussion.

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