Brickbat: Demographics Are Destiny


Robert Kneschke /

The Illinois House of Representatives has voted to require the boards of all publicly traded corporations headquartered in the state to have at least one female and one black member starting in 2021. Those that fail to comply faces fines of up to $300,000.

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  1. Can it be a black female? Probably going to have to be a handicapped lesbian illegal immigrant Hispanic Muslim, too. Laquisha bin Sanchez is suddenly going to be quite popular.

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  4. Time to start fighting fire with fire. Every white, male member of the publicly traded companies needs to ‘self-identify’ as a black woman and dare the state legislature to counter that that is not possible. Game, set, match.

  5. Hello Indiana!

  6. Why does Chicago hate gay people and disabled people and Native Americans and Transexuals and Pansexuals and the Non-Binary. Such bigotry! #BoycottChicago.

    1. What’s Chicago go to do with it? This is the Illinois state legislature, which sits in the state capitol of Springfield, 200 miles SW of Chicago.

      1. As the major city and demographic epicenter of the state, Chicago has everything to do with it.

        1. Chicago population: 2.716 million
          Illinois state population: 12.74 million

          Chicago is only around 1/5th of the population of the entire state. They have They have less influence in the state legislature than you imagine.

          1. Umm. Only if you count Chicago “proper.” The greater metropolitan area is 9.5 million people, so the vast majority of the state lives in and directly around Chicago.

            1. yep, 75% of the state population that must elect what, over 90% of the state’s Democrats

  7. Don’t stockholders elect members of the board? It seems like I’m constantly signing proxies so boards can be elected. I suppose I’ll have to read the law to see how this is supposed to work, now.

    1. Why did you think progressives give an actual damn about democracy?

    2. See Iran. The Ayatollah will approve of the candidates that you can now vote on.

  8. Gee, I wonder why State Farm left Bloomington to come to Texas.

    1. When Texas becomes the next California, who will become the next Texas? Idaho maybe?

      1. Nope, we have enough Californians.

      2. South Dakota. The California Cancer is already spreading to the Boise area.

        1. That’s what I heard. Friend of mine, redneck as they come, moved from California to Idaho. The people there hate him because he’s a Californian.

          A lot of Californians want to get out, but there’s no place that will accept any ex-Californian. At least no place rural or semi-rural. Might be possible to hide one’s identity in New York, but frankly, New York is worse than California so no one is fleeing there. Hiding out in Dallas is possible, but who the fuck wants to escape to Dallas?

  9. “You’re not the most qualified but you have other state mandated qualities, so welcome aboard. No need to make all the meetings.”

    1. Yeah, what a great way to demean someone.

      “Welcome aboard! Maybe you’re here because of your qualifications. Maybe just because the Illinois state government is majority racist. We’ll never know!”

      1. > Yeah, what a great way to demean someone.

        You know damned well it’s going to happen. This sort of behavior is a feature and an inintended consequence of this new law.

      2. I would be happy to be demeaned that way.

        We paid our board members more than most executives, plus they got stock compensation. This for a couple of weeks of work per year. Good work if you can get it.

        Usually you get that gig because you bring something to the table. Connections to investment banks, an in with regulators, special insight into production challenges… Usually race, gender or other physical attributes are not at all relevant. You don’t work with anyone at the company other than the top C-levels. So what you look like isn’t really all that relevant.

    2. Isn’t that what they told Herman Cain when they appointed him to the board of the FRB-KC? And now that there’s a rumor Trump might appoint Cain to the Fed-Fed, they’re admitting that the boards are merely decorative accessories that are allowed to play with the fake steering wheel attached to the dash and make “vroom, vroom!” noises but have absolutely nothing to do with driving the car.

      1. If Trump can get out of Syria and get Herman Cain appointed chair of the Fed, I might just reconsider my opinion that the Orange One is just a buffoon.

        1. If he is not a buffoon, he may be the greatest actor of all time.

          That being said, my theories fail to explain how often he manages to get things to go his way. Perhaps there is a supernatural and he penned one of those soul-selling contracts that popular fiction is always going on about?

    3. Come on, the women should attend the meetings–and fetch the coffee.

      < ducks >

  10. Can we call them Token? We can even list them on any share holding votes as the token vote. Maybe worth 3/5ths in any decision.

  11. If Illinois doesn’t want any new publicly traded corporations to come to their state they should just ban them outright. It would be more straightforward than this.

    1. Well, the idiots in Seattle wanted to ban “corporate person” in the wake of Citizens United. The stunning breadth and depth of the ignorance they had on display with that was something else. If they would have succeeded they would have no doubt blamed their sudden Stone Age economy on the Republicans.

      So the politicians of Illinois can point to Seattle as a mode for trying to ban corporations.

  12. ” at least one female”

    Short straw has to say they’re trans.

    1. The law needs to define “female” otherwise anyone could just come along and check the correct checkbox.

  13. ” at least one female”

    Short straw has to say they’re trans.

  14. Debate on Friday included talk of expanding the requirement to include all minorities, not just African-Americans.

    “All minorities”. W.T.F.

    1. How many minorities are there?

      1. The individual is the smallest and most vulnerable minority, so now we’re all on every board. Communism achieved.

  15. While over half the population is female and I can maybe understand that (even though I vehemently disagree with it), only about 1 in 8 or 9 Americans is black. So if you have a board of 8 or fewer people, having one black person would make that board disproportionately black compared to the general population. This large disparity in the population numbers of different ethnic groups in America is completely ignored when all these discussions are being had.

    Oh, only around 8-10% of Oscar winners have been black? Well that is actually in line with the percentage of actors under consideration are black, especially once you include the Brits (who are vastly over-represented moreso than any other group), Canadians, and Mexicans, among other nations. Non-Hispanic white people still make up ~60% of this country, and 2/3 of people over the age of 40, so of course most organizations and political bodies are going to be majority white. It’s representative of the nation.

    1. This large disparity in the population numbers of different ethnic groups in America is completely ignored when all these discussions are being had.

      Another thing that seems completely ignored is that somehow *one*, say, POC is supposed to magically represent *all* PsOC in this situation. Completely different fro the ol’ “token Black”!

  16. I assume the ACLU will challenge this as a violation of equal protection?

    1. Probably depends on whether the proper minorities are in the ACLU.

  17. Smart, keep the fine below the cost of relocatjon. That way you get the money and the virtue signaling.

  18. It is doubtful that any public traded corporation hasn’t already virtue signaled by having a female board member.

  19. I say this is but a minor step for wymans rights, corporate boards is the low hanging fruit. We need a female on every garbage truck, a female on every lineperson crew restoring power in ice storms, a female on every fishing boat headed offshore, a female on every logging crew. The gender workplace death gap is 14:1, come on ladies you can do better, we need equality, go for the gold.

  20. American Token Woman stay away from me!

    If I’m the owner of a company in Illinois and if I can I move my operation elsewhere on principle.

    We have these stupid artificial rules here albeit in a different vain. I have to have two qualified educators for every three employees. Already the market was thin with the one in three ratio. It has become nothing but an irritant and stressful with the new rules. Worse, the reality is our best workers tend to be the non-qualified ones. Go figure.

    Bureaucrats make a mess of things.

    1. +10

  21. Excellent news.


  22. In unrelated news, dozens of publicly traded corporations headquartered in Illinois set in motion plans to move their headquarters to other states.

    1. I’m sure they can just absorb the fines and pass them along to their Illinois customers. That would be fitting. An extra “you live in Illinois fee” levied on every transaction.

  23. What are transgender Asians, chopped liver?

  24. What if the lone black female board members leaves?

    1. All corporate assets are forfeit to the state, of course. They must have done something evil to make her leave.

  25. No problem. Just get one of the rich old white men to identify as a woman on the day of the board meetings. Problem solved.

    Next pay for some genealogy you’re bound to find an octoroon or something that can let you call one of your members black. Voila. Problem solved.

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    Delaware has noted as surge in updates to corporate records relating to headquarter addresses.
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  28. Another good reason to move out of Illinois.

  29. This is very correct. I fully support this decision. The right of a person to a decent job should depend on his professional skills and resume. Skin color is not important if a person has a really strong resume: All citizens of the country should have equal rights, equal access to education, equal access to jobs, equal access to medicine.

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