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Parents at UC-Berkeley Easter Egg Hunt Must Sign Waivers Due to Risk of 'Catastrophic Injuries and Death'

Are they hunting Easter eggs or landmines?


Pavel Kobysh |

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the paper trail: Hard-boiled lawyers made sure no kids could participate in the University of California-Berkeley's campus Easter egg hunt on Sunday without their parents first signing a waiver.

Before the tykes were ushered toward the roped-off grass, parents stood in line for up to half an hour to hand in the official form for 25th Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Learning Festival. (God forbid the kids just have fun.) According to the waiver, which was obtained by Reason, the undersigned agreed that "Participation in The Activity carries with it certain risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries." These risks ranged from "1) minor injuries, such as scratches, bruises and sprains 2) major injuries such as eye injury or loss of sight, joint or back injuries, heart attacks, and concussions to 3) catastrophic injuries including paralysis and death."

Are they hunting Easter eggs or landmines?

"Goodness gracious," said Robert Strand, executive director and lecturer at the Center for Responsible Business at the UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business, in an interview with Reason. Strand was at the event with his wife and kids, age 5 and 2, and was quite underwhelmed by it. "One you signed, you got the tickets and then you walk over to these three different roped-off areas for kids of different ages and literally it was a flat grass surface where they would just place the eggs."

Each kid was allowed to pick up five, said Strand, "which was completed within a minute, because they were just placed there."

On the one hand, he said, "I'm glad they put this event on." It brought a lot of families to the campus, which made for a lovely afternoon. But the emphasis on the potential risks of Easter egg-hunting scrambled his brains. "We're in Scandinavia for a chunk of the summer, and our kids just run around at parks," he said. "They're jumping off things, and some of our friends there say we should be grateful for the small accidents, because then we learn from them, and that prevents the big accidents."

Yeah, say the lawyers. Tell that to Humpty Dumpty.

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    1. What do you guys think?

      1. I think “who cares?”

      2. It lets the left silo themselves. Then they will have no idea how Trump was reelected in 2020.

        1. They will probably just blur 2016 and 2020 together as a single stolen election, until Trump tweets some nonsense about winning 2024 and blows their little mindsies.

      3. It’s a self imposed silo. Twitter is NOT consciously censoring conservative tweets. It’s either the algorithm (self imposed silo) or there is actual objectionable content (InfoDerp).

        Right wing nuts behaving like Left wing nuts because their tweets aren’t universally disseminated to all Twitter users are fucking nutbags.

        I think it’s awful that Facebook/Twitter/Whatever users are erected ideological bubblers around themselves, but that’s not Facebook/Twitter/Whatever’s fault. It’s he users’ fault. Devin Nunes can kiss my shiny metal woodchipper.

        Getting back to a neutral social media bubble is easy. Just stop liking posts and tweets and stuff. Stop friending and following people. Stop choosing what information you want to see. What you CAN’T do, however, is control what other people see. Anyone who wants to do that needs a steel toed boot in their nether region.

        1. Head in sand to the max.

    2. I think Balko is wrong. that punk Dorsey all but admitted in his full of shit way it happens.

    3. All he needs to do is tweet biological facts about differences between men and women, and he’ll find out first-hand.

  1. While I’d like to blame the college, it is the fault of our over-litigious society and assholes who sue over everything. I might do something similar if I had an event on my property. One kid trips over a rock and breaks their arm, and you’ll be sued for 10 million dollars.

    1. Indeed. This is a rational response to a society where almost everyone has been indoctrinated and propagandized to favor the “little guy” over the big mean, heartless, corporation, regardless of the actual logic of justice of any particular case.

      1. It’s not that. Well maybe a tiny bit of that. But the overwhelming majority of it is the rabid helicoptering combined with an overly litigious society.

  2. Is there a more joyless creature than an SJW helicopter parent

    1. His lawyer?

      1. The lawyer is plenty joyful, he’s laughing all the way to the bank

  3. “If you can hunt a land mine, you can hunt an Easter Egg.”

    -Patches O’Hoolihan

  4. The waiver doesn’t appear to mention PTSD or other potential emotional trauma that come from being exposed to the words “Easter” and “Hunt”, not to mention the possibility that another kid may pick up an egg you want before you do. Better lawyer up, Berkeley.

    1. They used the words “such as” and “including,” so they can argue that takes in those other forms of harm.

      1. Not limited to…

        1. Drafting tip:

          Always be sure to include “including but not limited to” in the Definitions portion of the document in question. It is important to asseverate, unambiguously, that the Parties agree and acknowledge that the phrase, “including but not limited to” is a term of enlargement, and not one of restriction. Then, just to nail it down, add the following:

          The Parties hereby categorically reject the interpretative doctrine expressio unius est exclusio alterius as the Parties do not subscribe to the illogical proposition that the express mention of one thing excludes all others.

          1. Be sure to include a clause stating that the parties are of sound mind.

            That’s called the Sanity Clause.

            “You can’t fool me, there ain’t no Sanity Clause.”

  5. Having been to egg hunts with my kids, the real danger there is other parents trying to help their kid hog eggs.

    1. True. It’s like Little League. A great experience for the children, letting them know that all their friends’ dads are all nasty assholes and all their friends’ moms are all crazy bitches.

      1. What the heck kind of little league games are you involved in? Is this some Jersey/Boston/Philly/east coast murderopolis type “eeeeeyyyy ya dumb kid is a mook, smitty!” little league where all the kids of non-union dads get beaned every time they step up to the plate if they get to play at all?

  6. Parents at UC-Berkeley Easter Egg Hunt Must Sign Waivers Due to Risk of ‘Catastrophic Injuries and Death’

    Are they hunting Easter eggs or landmines?

    It’s because the kids will have to fight their way through the ranks of protesters, past the towering mounds of Berkeley-approved human feces, and down the gauntlet of ravening homeless panhandlers.

  7. Whether you’re Berkeley or a Baptist church, if you’re holding an Easter egg hunt in America – especially California – you’ll want to have some waiver-of-liability forms.

  8. “We’re in Scandinavia for a chunk of the summer, and our kids just run around at parks,” he said. “They’re jumping off things, and some of our friends there say we should be grateful for the small accidents,”

    Not just the Scandis. It’s the same in Europe. My cousins in France and Italy pretty much see it that way too.

    Same thing here in Quebec.

    Interestingly, PC/AA culture is at its weakest in those places I observe. The Mediterranean and Quebec in particular this PC/SJW madness is thankfully almost non-existent.

    1. Rufy –

      Are you serious in proclaiming Canukistan as a PC and SJW free zone?

      1. Read again. “Quebec” in particular.

      2. As note by a ab abc etc. below. Quebec is not like Canada on certain things. This is one of them. Yes there are incidences but nothing on the level we see on the rest of the continent.

      3. If a Trump were to be elected here Quebec would likely be the province before even Alberta.

    2. If a kid doesn’t come home with some kind of minor injury, he’s not playing right.

    3. I was in Wellington, New Zealand in December and as we’re driving into the city I see a kid jump off the bridge we’re crossing. I thought, “Oh my God, the kid’s attempting suicide”, then I see three other kids, wet and climbing up the side rails. Turns out, jumping into the ocean off bridges, platforms, towers or whatever else in next to the water is a regular activity there. Kids jump, tourists gawk and life goes on. I turned to my wife as we’re watching them the next day and asked, “can you imagine any city in America allowing this?”

      1. They used to when I was a kid. Jumping off tall things into natural bodies of water was one of the main summer activities.

  9. The most harmful thing there is the attitude that there must be no difficulty (all eggs in pain sight), and there must be equality of results (only 5 eggs per “hunter”).
    But then, California; secede already!

    1. With a waiver form like that, maybe they could hide some eggs in an abandoned toolshed, some in a deep creek, some at the top of a tall tree, some in a bramble bush, etc.

      1. Really, for smaller kids, I’d recommend a 20 gauge with a full choke for hunting eggs at range.

  10. Well, if they’d have hidden the eggs, some kids would have shown themselves more proficient at finding them and the other kids would have been triggered, since they are pathetic little losers.
    Can’t have that.

  11. Actually, its a good idea to sign a waiver in case of an accident.
    If a kid breaks an egg, then the yolk would be on him.

  12. In all fairness, it’s Berkeley. Half the adults there are probably Antifa and a spontaneous riot could erupt.

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  14. It really warms my black heart to see all of these Christians who believe that their savior arose on Sunday, yet celebrating in the most pagan ways possible: eggs and rabbits. Hel, it is even in the NAME.

    Keep praising Oestera folks!!

    (Twirling mustache while laughing sinister)

    1. “If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?”

      /Luke 11:11-13 (KJV)

      Which just gave me an idea for an *extreme* Easter egg hunt.

      1. I spent over 20 years in the greater Phoenix area. One house in particular in which we lived, I could have helped you with that idea wholesale!

        Not afraid of scorpions anymore. I still hate fucking spiders, though.

        1. Then don’t fuck spiders, Bear.

  15. Maybe the university is expecting some of the children will be injured by needles left by drug addicts?

  16. “This is what they want for ALL of us!”?Magneto

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  18. The kid in the photo has at least SIX eggs!
    Stone him!

  19. Has this platform for the normalization of gay marriage not achieved its purpose? What is the next social justice cause an easter egg hunt can be machined for?

  20. Given the extreme nature of the waiver and the simplicity of the actual easter egg hunt, one wonders whether this event was actually a student experiment – see how many folks will refuse to sign the waiver and walk away?

  21. I feel most missed the five eggs. Five fucking eggs. I wasted an afternoon for 30 cents in candy? My kid left the event without the rush of trying to grab a bunch? No fun competition over the eggs? Sounds like another way to block the winners from beating the losers.

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  23. I’m surprised the Humanist Society hasn’t sued Berkeley for trying to indoctrinate children into the Christian religion by enticing then with an “Easter” egg hunt.

  24. I’m surprised the Humanist Society hasn’t sued Berkeley for trying to indoctrinate children into the Christian religion by enticing them with an “Easter” egg hunt.

  25. Is this really the norm, though? I seriously don’t know. My town is plenty competitive. It’s really fun to watch and kids generally don’t cry when they lose out. They make sure every kid walks away with at least one, which seems reasonable.

    I live in MA.

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