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Michigan State Students Filed Bias Incident Reports Over Some Really Petty Things

"A student complains twice in three days that someone posted a cartoon making fun of liberals in a residence hall and it offended her."



A Michigan State University student filed a bias response complaint because she read an offensive comment on an Instagram post: Someone had asked whether the women depicted in the photo looked "Indian."

Another student reported his roommate for watching a Ben Shapiro video on his laptop. "Ben Shapiro is known for his inflammatory speech that criticizes and attacks the African American community," the student wrote in his complaint. "I thought hate had no place on MSU's campus yet MSU has roomed me with someone who supports hate speach [sic]."

One student filed a report because they overheard someone misgender Caitlyn Jenner, referring to her by her former name, Bruce Jenner.

A Christian student was told that conducting a door-to-door survey of other dormitory residents was making people uncomfortable, and so she filed a bias incident report as well, complaining that she had been humiliated by this criticism.

These were just a few of the reported incidents highlighted in an investigation by The College Fix, which obtained a list of bias incidents filed in the fall 2018 semester. According to The Fix's Christian Schneider, there were 35 such reports in total. The ones he describes sound incredibly trivial—even petty. In some cases, they had nothing to do with the university:

  • Someone said the word "nigga" on an Instagram post; the person was found not to be connected with MSU.
  • A discarded game of "hangman" was left on a whiteboard in a residence hall; the word "SOUTH" was the last one played.
  • An MSU student posted a Snapchat video in which he says "I hate white people."
  • A student complains twice in three days that someone posted a cartoon making fun of liberals in a residence hall and it offended her.
  • A student used a residence hall list to e-mail her political beliefs to an entire dorm.

Bias response teams are a part of life at more than a hundred colleges and universities. Just because a report was filed does not mean any action was taken. But perhaps it's not a good idea to encourage students to tattle on each other, or to expect that their incredibly minor grievances are being taken seriously by campus authority figures?

Read The College Fix's report here.

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  1. As I am no longer a college student, I find this post biased against me.

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  2. It’s good to see that former members of the Stasi have been able to find work at MSU.

    1. These are unpaid thought police internships.

      1. So, brownshirts?

        1. Shirts of color

          1. Shirts of color

            Nicely played, sir. Or ma’am, as the case may be.

            1. Skirts of choler.

  3. Another student reported his roommate for watching a Ben Shapiro video on his laptop.

    He was immediately expelled and Federally charged for violating his roommate’s civil rights, right? RIGHT?!

    1. I want t know if it really was a Ben Shapiro video. How did the victim recognize Ben Shapiro if he had been a truly well-protected snowflake up til then? Or did he watch said video and see Ben Shapiro’s name, in which case he was culturally appropriating pixels from Ben Shapiro.

    2. If I had a roommate like that, he would be getting his ass kicked ona regular basis.

      1. Jesus Christ, you’re a reprobate.

  4. Snitches should get some kind of reward for this. Perhaps a rhyming reward.

    1. Britches?

        1. “The apparition confronting the dreamer in the haunted wood – the thing so like, yet so unlike his mother – was horrible! It stirred no love nor longing in his heart; it came unattended with pleasant memories of a golden past – inspired no sentiment of any kind; all the finer emotions were swallowed up in fear. He tried to turn and run from before it, but his legs were as lead; he was unable to lift his feet from the ground. His arms hung helpless at his sides; of his eyes only he retained control, and these he dared not remove from the lusterless orbs of the apparition, which he knew was not a soul without a body, but that most dreadful of all existences infesting that haunted wood – a body without a soul! In its blank stare was neither love, nor pity, nor intelligence – nothing to which to address an appeal for mercy. “An appeal will not lie,” he thought, with an absurd reversion to professional slang, making the situation more horrible, as the fire of a cigar might light up a tomb.”

          1. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Quiches? Or are slant rhymes not acceptable?

      1. Do you know who else thought slant rhymes were acceptable?

        Seamus Heaney.

  5. When you ask for it you get it. Get it?

  6. The real world will chew them up and spit them out…

    1. Not necessarily. Have you seen who works in corporate HR departments these days?

      1. This is what’s scary. It’s naive to think this stays in universities. Trendier companies are already pretty far down this road, and many others are further along than you would think, just because nobody wants to deal with the PR of their employees saying they’re racist or something.

        I mean, Damore got fired from Google for holding a view of biology that probably 70% of Americans hold, but that didn’t stop Google from getting rid of him as fast as they could to make the publicity go away.

  7. It’s okay to be white.

    1. It’s Room 101 for you!

      1. Ignorance is Bliss. Therefore, being unwoke is woke. Right.?

        1. Just for the record, the full quote
          “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.”

          Fits even better now, doesn’t it?

    2. Only if you are about to faint. Otherwise, it is scary. Very scary.

    3. Nazi!

  8. “[A] door-to-door survey” could it be the thought police are outing the Christians?

    1. Jesus Christ you people are a bunch of precious snowflakes. Stop playing victim constantly, nobody cares except your own echo chamber.

  9. 35 complaints, and how many employees on the Bias Response Team?

  10. I wonder what the budget for that team is? If you set up the complaints to all go to a specific email address, and had that address always auto-reply “Grow up, you whiner.” you could eliminate the entire team.

    Now I want to run a bias-response team. I’ll do it for half of what your current team costs!

  11. I’d hate to think they are overwhelming this vital system with trivialities.

    1. “I’d like to report that everyone at MSU is looking at me funny.”

      1. Keep you eyes out your own window!

      2. I knew a guy who thought people looked at him funny because he was black (ie racism) when in reality it was because he looked odd and walked with a limp. A bias response system is perfect for the paranoid and precious.

    2. I always thought that was the way to beat the bureaucratic grievance state.

      File complaint after complaint after complaint to overwhelm their processing capability.

      1. That is no longer an option. There are so many graduated snowflakes that the supply for these committees is endless.

  12. I blame the parents of the kids who made those complaints.

  13. Is anybody working on a “Law & Order: BRT” pilot?

    1. In the college admissions system, the snowflakes are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the bias response teams who investigate hate crimes, and the deans of student life who persecute the offenders.

      These are their stories.

      1. I want the “bias response team” expelled. They “hate” hate crimes. That makes them haters and we all know there is no place on the planet for haters.

  14. These kill joy egg heads need some Dames, Booze, Chains & Boots

    They’re very uptight man, very uptight and intolerant of weirdoes

    So kill joy egg heads, have some weed or a beer or what have you; LSD? who knows, maybe you do some yoga or meditate and then when you have enough of the bull shit then it’s time.

  15. There’s been some debate as to whether we’re living in a 1984 or Brave New World dystopia.

    But the sad reality is that we’re heading towards the Demolition Man. We’re becoming a society of weak, cowardly pussies who are offended by the very thought of being offended.

    1. As long as there is Sandra Bullock in a tight uniform with a stun stick, I can live in a Demolition Man world. 😉

      1. Yeah, but the only way you’d fuck her is with a VR headset.

        1. You have been fined three credits for violation of the verbal morality statute.

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  17. Suspend them all and make it so they can’t return unless they attend de-sensitivity training. Period. These schools are not helping these students by coddling them.

    And every single school that gets tax payer dollars should be forced to get rid of all bias response teams permanently.

  18. “yet MSU has roomed me with someone who supports hate speach [sic].” Figures these fucktard, SJW, shit heads can’t spell. Only entitled, bratty, snot nosed little dumb shits who piss and shit their pants at the slightest offense would spew idiotic crap like this.

  19. Wait, isn’t “I hate white people” actual bias?

    Replace “white” with anything else, and does it get lumped in as “trivial”?

  20. “I’m offended that people are offended by my opinion.” Now what? Is this “checkmate” or “stalemate”? I say it’s a stalemate because no one wins, communication stops when censorship begins.

  21. Quote: But perhaps it’s not a good idea to encourage students to tattle on each other,

    I guess it depends on how you look at it. Stalin made it an art, and it worked out pretty good for him, but no so good for the rest of the Soviet citizens!

  22. White people are using BLACK INK! Cultural appropriation! White Bias! Like that kind of petty? Or should we say ridiculous?

    1. By that logic, then surely only white people can use ‘white’ paper or white boards.
      White people win because they can use blue or green ink pens.

  23. Time to start a nationwide pool;
    When will HR departments begin to use job posts that state “No college degrees allowed”.
    You know, for jobs where logic and reason are required – – – –

    1. You must not understand the types of people who run HR departments. A hint: They’re not much different than your average university administrator.

  24. I find it interesting that we are classifying a statement of hate for all people of a certain race as trivial or petty.

    I mean, if you are going to have such a silly thing as “please file reports about incidents where people display a bias against other groups”, displaying actual bias against other groups might be right in their wheelhouse.

    I suppose it is petty because it is white people that are the target of the bias incident?

    Is “I hate Palestinians” trivial too? Or just whypeepo?

  25. State school operates under the First Amendment, no viewpoint censorship. The lesson communicated to each complainant should be that the speaker/poster was within their constitutional rights to say or express their thoughts. Sometimes peoples thoughts will be perceived as biased. Get over it.

  26. “Ben Shapiro is known for his inflammatory speech that criticizes and attacks the African American community”


  27. Sometimes I wish I was still in college. I would troll that reporting system so hard.

  28. “An MSU student posted a Snapchat video in which he says “I hate white people.””

    Why is this considered minor/petty?

    Any other race and the student would have been immediately expelled.

  29. But we are supposed to lower the voting age to 16 because kids today are so “mature”? Please this is proof we have “adults” who continue to think and act like children after they are legally adults. Oh no!!! A cartoon is offensive!! Call the thought police and lead me to my safe space so I can color and drink a juice box… wow.. we are so screwed as a nation in 20-30 years…

  30. I seriously believe the reason these “adults” are so
    Infantile is they have no clue what real concern about serious issues actually is so they invent this garbage. Those of us in out 50s and older lived with the real threat of nuclear war when we were young adults. Many of us were convinced we would never see 30 because the US and USSR would wipe each other out. For that reason we focused our time and energy on real issues, not whining about being offended.

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  32. I am so glad I went to college when it was fun and not a Maoist re-education camp for idiots.

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