Border zone


War zone or small American border town?


Since Election Day in 2018, U.S. Army troops have covered the border fence that runs through Nogales, Arizona, with rows and rows of razor wire. The Nogales City Council voted in February to ask the feds to remove the wire, a common sight in war zones but generally not in small American towns. "This is overkill," Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino told The Washington Post. Residents have reported seeing people jump the fence anyway.

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  1. If people are jumping the fence anyway, then it’s obviously underkill, not overkill.

    1. OK, so then we need something like THIS…

      Recall the Iran-Iraq wars of the 1980s maybe? Lots of it was fought in low-laying salt-water marshes. Very way-tough terrain for Iraqi military vehicles… And it is too expensive to bring in bunches of rocks or logs to raise up the mud to make roads. But there were BUTTLOADS of Iranian corpses just laying around for free! So the Iraqis just limed ’em up (for rot-proofing), and lined ’em up and laid ’em down to make roads! Lime ’em up, line ’em up, lay ’em down!
      So we need to steal a page from the Iran-Iraq war! The Mexicans won’t pay for Our Walls?!? Make raids on Mexican peasant villages, round up conscript wall-building labor, and build the wall out of the limed-up corpses of illegal sub-humans!!! (Or at least the top-rim of the wall, for max psychological intimidation). For every American soldier killed in the effort, there should be reprisal shootings of 200 more illegal un-Americans!

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  3. Who speaks for the folks employed in razor wire manufacturing?

  4. I can guarantee that illegals are not jumping the fence where that razor wire shown is.

    Nobody willingly crosses a barrier like that if they can find a weaker part to cross.

  5. “smart people such as Ta-Nehisi Coates and David Brooks”

    I can’t even. I just don’t know if I can do this shit anymore.

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