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If Trump Closes the Mexican Border, America Will Run Out of Avocados in 3 Weeks

Oh, and the U.S. auto industry wouldn't even last that long.


Charlie Neuman/TNS/Newscom

If President Donald Trump follows through on what can only be described as a completely unhinged threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border, Americans would run out of guacamole about two weeks after the last American auto plant shuts down.

Those two consequences—one purely cosmetic, the other deeply devastating—do a pretty good job of summing up the importance of cross-border trade between the U.S. and Mexico. Without really ever thinking about it, millions of Americans depend on that trade for everything from the cars they drive to the food they eat—and a lot more.

America's strategic avocado supply would be exhausted in just three weeks if imports from Mexico were stopped, according to NBC News.

"You couldn't pick a worse time of year because Mexico supplies virtually 100 percent of the avocados in the U.S. right now," Steve Barnard, president and chief executive of Mission Produce, the largest avocado supplier in the world, told NBC News. "California is just starting and they have a very small crop, but they're not relevant right now and won't be for another month or so."

America gets nearly half of its avocado supply from Mexico, and replacing that market share with imports from Peru or elsewhere would be difficult on short notice. And the number of avocados currently growing in California won't magically double in the next month before they are ready to be harvested.

Meanwhile, the 2.4 million Americans working in auto manufacturing would be facing almost immediate layoffs.

While many other industries also rely on U.S.-Mexico trade, the auto industry is particularly sensitive to disruptions at the border because of international supply chains established in the decades since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Thanks to a provision in NAFTA that allows car parts to cross the border multiple times but get taxed just once, the parts that are assembled to build a single car seat might zig-zag their way between the two countries several times—as Bloomberg demonstrated in a useful 2017 infographic—before being installed in a sedan built in South Carolina or a truck in Michigan. Shutting the border would put an end to all that.

Those cross-border supply chains have bolstered manufacturing jobs on both sides of the Rio Grande—there's been a 50 percent increase in American auto-making jobs since 2011, according to the American Automotive Policy Council, and greater job prospects in Mexico have been credited with slowing illegal immigration.

The interdependence of American and Mexican markets—to say nothing of America's demand for avocado toast—should give Trump $600 billion worth of reasons to avoid closing the border. That's how much trade occurs every year between the two countries, and about $137 billion of that total is food. Not just avocados, but also tomatoes, other fruits, and liquor.

Closing the border would not be, as Trump says, a "profit-making operation." Quite the opposite. Slamming the border shut would disrupt supply chains, destroy jobs, and ensure that many businesses and people no longer make a profit or a living. It could send both countries into an economic tailspin. And it would mean no more guacamole, too.

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  1. “If Trump Closes the Mexican Border, America Will Run Out of Avocados in 3 Weeks”

    Bern-bots thrilled; who needs avocados?

    1. Lol, only Sevo can make this about Bernie.

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    2. How long will the Tequila supply last? That’s the important question here.

      1. How long until we run out of Mexicans?

    3. Now there’s an emergency. No guacamole. Oh the humanity.

    4. Now there’s an emergency. No guacamole. Oh the humanity.

    5. Now there’s an emergency. No guacamole. Oh the humanity.

    6. Now there’s an emergency. No guacamole. Oh the humanity.

  2. sky is falling?

    1. ?Santo guacamole Batman!

  3. I don’t think “closing the border” means cutting off avacados. It means not letting people cross the border at the normal crossing points. Hardly an economic disaster.

    1. I’m not sure what it means because it’s Donald Trump who talks out of his ass. But if what you say is correct, it’s the auto industry that sends parts in trucks across those “normal crossing points”. Or do we just let the trucks through without the driver?

      1. Vagueness asserted definitively is his MO.

        1. I see you still haven’t read his book.

          1. He owns a book? I thought reading was for cucks.

          2. Q: What’s Trump’s favorite bookstore?

            A: Borderer’s.

              1. No, that’s pretty good. Admit it.

                1. It’s not eunuch’s worst, but it isn’t good.
                  Don’t know if the link adds anything, didn’t click it

      2. I would think you could close the border to everything but trade and tourism pretty easily. There would be some leakage, but trade and tourism ain’t too hard to identify, and are probably already treated as distinct traffic by border authorities.

        The truck driver? What the hell are you talking about?

        1. Nonsense.
          I cross from Canada as a tourist at least once a year. The goons treat me like I’m coming to steal somebody’s stupid fucking job. If every random white guy got treated like this the border would be shut down from lack of pace.

    2. Trump was talking/tweeting in the context of trade deficits. He’s not talking about immigration.

      1. Nobody’s realized it yet, but that will also cut off the food supply to Canada. My MP is already talking about shutting the car parts made in Canada to the U.S. This will effectively shut down ALL U.S. auto industry for at least a decade. Thank you Trump.

        1. MP? What is this? Mexican Potato?

        2. It certainly would disrupt the auto sector for a time but I don’t think for a whole decade.Maybe a few years at most. After all, it didn’t take the United States all that long to switch to war production after Peal Harbor. In the end, I think that Canada needs the United States more than the United states needs Canada.

          1. There has never been a nation/state with as dominant a position as the US.
            We have abundant resources, vast amounts of land, almost every type of climate, and the world’s two largest oceans protecting our flanks. We are militarily and economically dominant and have the third largest population in the world.
            We are the only nation that could survive, rather comfortably if not as luxuriously, completely on our own.
            There is no more valuable nation (to other nations) than the US.
            The only way to defeat the US is from inside.
            That seems to be just what some desire, and some working toward such a goal.
            (Progress necessarily includes an objective)

    3. Closing crossing points means no cross-border shipments. Its not just foot and car traffic.

      1. catapult the aguacates over the wall like they do the drugs

      2. So basically, until and unless the perfectly impregnable border wall is built, only illegal immigrants and smuggled items will be entering the country from Mexico.

    4. Some of what he said seems to indicate he means cutting off all trade and immigration. Of course, as Paul notes, it’s Trump, so who knows what he really means and how serious he is about it.

  4. It’s a good thing we wasted over two years on Russian Fever Dreams.

    1. We’re back to focusing on the key civil rights issue if our generation: access to avocado toast

      1. That’s one way to characterize it. Some others might be freedom to trade, freedom to contract, freedom to associate, pursuit of happiness…

        1. Freedom? Vastly overrated. Once you allow freedom, people might stop focusing their entire life on Trump and actually cherry pick what individual politicians do right and what they do wrong.

          You may as well get rid of straight-ticket voting at that point. Anarchy! Next thing you know, people will think they have individual rights.

      2. Its a RIGHT!


  6. Don’t worry, we can grow avocados here. Growers will adjust and muh marketz will have you enjoying avocado toast again in one growing season.

    1. It takes a few years for trees to mature.

    2. Don’t worry, we can grow avocados here. Growers will adjust and muh marketz will have you enjoying avocado toast again in one growing season.

      You know what’s currently growing in some of the best avocado farmland this side of the border? Almonds, for milk.

      More money to CA and more immigrants to work in keep avocado toast and almond milk on the table.

      1. The thing is, if we stop illegal migrants at the border and growers have to hire legals.

        1. Only if people are willing to pay $5 per avocado.

      2. “THAT’S NOT MILK!”

        — The dairy lobby

      3. You know what’s currently growing in some of the best avocado farmland this side of the border? Almonds, for milk.

        Ersatz milk, artificial milk, milk substitute, fake milk. Milk comes from animals, usually cows. Dairy fraud thwarts America’s avocado independence.

        1. SIV still hasn’t given up trying to milk his chickens.

          “Those damn nipples got to be around here somewhere.”

    3. Don’t worry, we can grow avocados here.

      We can, but if it made economic sense to do so, we already would.

      Growers will adjust and muh marketz will have you enjoying avocado toast again in one growing season.

      It’ll be more expensive, but shortages and higher prices are just for the greater good, right?

      1. We can, but if it made economic sense to do so, we already would.

        Unless, you know, the federal government massively redistributed water and water rights in (order to create some of) the most agriculturally productive portion of the country, allowed that portion of the country to dictate immigration and pollution policy (among others), and did studies to advertise the products which farmers “chose” to grow there. Then, on top of that, subsidized what consumers bought and ate as agricultural products from the ‘less productive’ growing regions of the country.

        If that were the case, you might get the notion that people are looking at an incestuous knotted layer cake of market manipulations and, for some reason, declaring it to be free trade.

        1. Not-really-free-trade is still better and freer than no trade.

          1. But is not-really-free-trade still better and freer than “no trade” according to some interpretations one of Twitter’s most notorious liars?

            Hand-waving aside, better to toss the frog straight into the boiling pot or progressively raise the temperature until the frog acquiesces and dies?

        2. Closing the border to Mexican agriculture won’t do anything to address issues of water rights or agriculture subsidies. It will just add another layer of manipulation that will hit the pockets of American citizens.

          1. Closing the border to Mexican agriculture won’t do anything to address issues of water rights or agriculture subsidies.

            I wasn’t making this argument but am pretty sure that ‘TBD’ would be a better answer to your assertion.

            It will just add another layer of manipulation that will hit the pockets of American citizens.

            So, prior to Trump this layer of manipulation didn’t exist or it did exist and we just pretended like it wasn’t there for some reason?

            I’m not saying we should close the border. We shouldn’t. However, the slim glimmers of hope for libertarianism I see in Trump show no signs of being perpetuated through the duration of his Presidency let alone through the next one. If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may have peace.

    4. Unfortunately, it can take ten years or longer for an avocado tree to produce avocados. So, if CA planters decided to plant some hundreds of thousands of trees this years, we are still looking at a shortage. A lot of the produce consumed in CA comes from Mexico. Beyond all that, I can certainly live without avocados. Beyond that, cutting off trade with Mexico is as big as a bone-headed idea as have ever heard. He sounds like Bernie.

      1. There wouldn’t be a shortage. Prices would rise – enough to clear the market.

        1. “A”

  7. Stopping illegal immigration is not stopping trade. Or did you mean to publish this yesterday?

    1. Closing the border will stop trade, it won’t stop illegal immigration.

      1. You’re right. Minefields will though.

        1. +100

        2. People underestimate how few Cubans crossed the Gitmo security perimeter when there were landmines.

          Even now, Cubans escape to Gitmo via the water.

        3. Minefields need to be backed by a few pillboxes with one or more fifty caliber machine guns. Maybe a battery or two of 105’s. You know, to discourage mine clearing.

          1. You’re going to set those up at hospitals too, right, to stop the American-born children from coming out and going onto the public roads? I hope so. I sure didn’t agree to their births.

          2. Its amazing how desperate you people are to surrender your freedom here.

            1. Our freedom to cross borders illegally?

              Yes, I am willing to give that up.

            2. I’m all for open borders if it meant an army of libertarians who love our Constitution. We need more classical liberals and libertarians because there are too many home grown statists now. Unfortunately, it’s mostly third worlders who come here for standard of life and don’t appreciate the connection between our Constitution and said standards.

              If Nazi Germany bordered us, nobody would support open borders.

        4. Throwing retarded Trump voters out the window of helicopters and hoping they land on illegals also would stop the illegals. A win-win for non-retarded Americans, if you will.

    2. Then why is Trump tweeting about trade deficits?

      You ought to at least read what your master says if you’re going to defend him. You probably wouldn’t even give a feller a reach-around.

    3. Yes it is, dumdum. It’s called the labor trade.

      1. And, as several people have pointed out, closing the border will only stop legal trade and immigration.


    1. What will we do for Cinco de Mayo?!

      1. You damned well better not be appropriating any culture, I can tell you that.

        1. It belongs to all of us, this short documentary about Cinco De Mayo should clear everything up.

        2. pretty sure Cinco de Mayo is 100% cultural appropriation first brought to you c.1986 by the makers of Corona Beer but don’t quote me

          1. I’m not sure about that, but it does seem to be a lot more part of American culture than of Mexican culture.

            1. Yeah, it’s basically St. Patrick’s day in Mexican drag.

          2. No. Early celebrations were in California gold country by Mexicans. Citation needed.

      2. Cinco de Quatro to use up all the Cinco de Mayo supplies.

  9. We might not have avacados but there will still be plenty of illegal immigrants.

    1. Tell them to bring guac!

      1. Black market guac is the best kind.

        1. Hate to break it to you, but those are expired avocados, holmes.

          1. THat’s why you make guacamole from them.

  10. I’m all for free trade, but ridding the US of avocados does sound pretty attractive to me.

  11. I doubt Trump supporters consume many avocados. A more persuasive argument among those folks would involve Slim Jims, Mountain Dew Big Gulps, Hardee’s triple burgers with extra cheese, Sunny D, senior citizen specials at diners, or off-brand energy drinks.

    Carry on, clingers. With extra mayo, of course.

    1. Keep showing the flock how to hate, Rev!

      1. You are free to wallow in political correctness, Colossal. I have developed a taste for accuracy. I now call a bigot a bigot and a left-behind backwater a left-behind backwaters. Bigots and the depleted human residue in America’s southern and rural stretches tend to dislike this.

        1. Well at least you don’t paint your judgments with a wide swath the way a bigot would.

        2. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|4.2.19 @ 1:09PM|#
          “…I have developed a taste for accuracy…”

          Really, asshole? Why don’t you use some in your comments here?

          1. A taste for accuracy would require the rebuking of the generalization fallacy the Rev is so fond of.

    2. Your posts frequently contain little insights into your life, and this one really shows that you apparently are an absolute adherent to on-brand energy drinks.

      1. and Arby’s

        1. I avoided Arby’s for many years, largely consequent to a former partner who worked as an Arby’s manager before attending law school. I had a short rib sandwich at Arby’s a couple of weeks ago, though, and it was good (for fast food). Still doubt I would touch the Raffel Brothers’ roast beef.

          1. Arby’s was so bad it sparked a Simpson’s joke (Sherri: “I’m so hungry I could eat Arby’s.”) but I’ve heard it is much improved since Archer took over as spokesperson. Haven’t been yet.

          2. You are an idiot.

            I am sure that your former partner longed for the intellectual acuity of even a marginal Arby’s employee after meeting you.

      2. I do not consume energy drinks — maybe half of one, years ago, at a convention.

        Other than that, great insight!

        1. I do not consume energy drinks — maybe half of one, years ago, at a convention.

          Flat earthers or Holocaust deniers?

      1. I was merely offering pointers on how to persuade Trump supporters.

    3. The hate is strong with this one.

      1. Along with the stupidity. Asshole can really put it on!

    4. Do you think of these wonderful comments before you do your morning Yoga or after you go to Starbucks for your Soy Latte?

  12. America’s strategic avocado supply

    Wait, what?

    1. It’s an emergency storage of avocado maintained underground in Louisiana and Texas by the United States Department of Agriculture, cuck.

    2. We have a bunch of “strategic” supplies for different things such that, in the case of broken trade lines, we have some time before it starts hitting the grocery stores.

      We’ve got it for raisins, avocados, oil, lots of stuff.

      1. Government cheese was resurrected just a couple of years ago.

  13. Avocados? That means attorneys.

      1. +100

      2. abogados, pistolas y dinero.

        1. La mierda ha golpeado al abanico!

  14. If Trump Closes the Mexican Border, America Will Run Out of Avocados in 3 Weeks

    Millennials hardest hit.

          1. They’re good. I don’t know why they’ve become such a hipster thing. They used to just grow in our yard in Arizona. It wasn’t some weird thing.

            1. Avocados are fine, but their ascent into some beloved fruit is disturbing.

              1. Dude, it’s fruit with calories.

            2. Your yard in Arizona was the weird thing.

            3. There was a time when we used them for guacamole, maybe put a few on a salad, and for tacos.

              Then someone decided paying $10 *a day* to mash some up and put it on toast was a reasonable expense for a twenty-something barely making rent.

              1. That’s why millennials have never tasted prosperity.

  15. Avocados yes, illiterate, unskilled Meso-Americans no.

  16. OMG, not the avocados!!! Just when I think I’ve seen peak Reason immigration stupidity, you raise the bar.

    1. This is about trade, not immigration.

      1. Why is Trump threatening to close the border? Illegal immigration? Why is reason throwing a panty wetting tantrum about it? Immigration. Trump has no fucks to give about avocados. He does care about Honduran caravans, though.

        Even Kirkland does a better job obfuscating than this.

        1. Why is Trump threatening to close the border? Illegal immigration?

          Nope. Trade deficit.

          1. No, he told Congress to fix the border or he’ll close the borders. The trade deficit was a throw away line referring to how closing the border would hurt Mexico more than the US. It has nothing to do with the trade deficit.

    2. Especially when we get some of our avocados from Peru.

      There was a Mexican avocado worker strike back in 2016 which also limited avocados into the USA.

      Oct 31, 2016, How The Avocado Shortage Is Affecting Chipotle, Grocers And You

      People like Boehm are just lying propagandists who could not write a story about a topic with all the angles, to save his life.

      1. But it gives you so much latitude to avoid admitting that Trump is an idiot.

        1. Poor Alphabet troll needs Trump to be an idiot.

          Otherwise, you might have to admit that he’s the best President in over 80 years.

          Maybe it’s following Twatter that causes people to be idiots.

          1. Trump probably is the best since Coolidge, in some ways. Terrible in others. There is no one-drop rule; the mere presence of some good does not eliminate the bad. I have yet to see you acknowledge he is an idiot in those ways.

            1. I am 100% against the bump stock ban that Trump had the BATF implement. Its 100% unconstitutional.

              Just because I am against it does not mean that Trump did it because he is an idiot. He did it, I assume, to take away talking points of gun grabbers.

              Trump wanting to limiting illegal immigration does not make him an idiot.

              Boehm writing this article makes Boehm an idiot though. An adult should be ashamed to write such propagandist nonsense.

              1. Trump’s trade policies are 00% idiotic. Your failure to admit that is proof you are a Trumpista.

      2. You completely ignored the part where the auto industry will shut down. Who is a liar, really? Well, you, for one.

        1. Jesus, you people are stupid. Some products, even from Mexican manufacturers, come to the USA via ship not across the Mexican border.

          Since Boehm refuses to do any research to find out if Mexican-USA freight trains are affected, I would still call his writing more of the same shit.

          1. Can you not even read what your master has said? He wants to eliminate all trade, to cut the trade deficit. You can’t do that by stopping avocado trade alone. It requires the big stuff, the stuff that comes in ships.

            Jesus you Trumpistas are blind.

            1. Your citation fell off, where I follow a master. Unless you mean Sensei Ira.

              As to “He” closing the border for the reasons that you claim, you are also missing a citation.

              1. Poor troll is missing a brain, to go along with his own citation problems.
                ==== hypocrisy ====
                loveconstitution1789|12.3.18 @ 10:20AM|#

                Do you need me to link the rules of NAFTA and USCMA so you can compare and contrast the “worseness” for us?

  17. This is indeed dumb, but there is indeed a huge crisis at the border, and there has been a huge crisis at the border for 10 fucking years. What are illegal immigrants but refugees? If you count illegal immigrants crossing the border, America has more refugees than any other country on Earth, on top one of the highest foreign born legal immigrant populations in the world. The status quo does not work, and Obama just got away with ignoring it for 6 years.

    Something needs to be done, and nobody is actually serious about fixing anything. I don’t consider the Democrats to be any more realistic than Trump’s nonsensical rhetoric. They need the issue to run on; they don’t ever want to fix the problem.

    1. What is nonsensical about saying we need to build a wall to stop a flood of migrants? What is nonsensical about telling Mexico to stop letting them go through Mexico and using the leverage of closing the border to get Mexico to do that?

      1. Explain how you’d react if Obama had been caught paying hush money to a porn star he fucked right before his election.

        1. That is irrelevant to everything we are talking about. Bill Clinton was sued for sexual harassment (unlike Stormy, who said everything was consensual), and the case ended in an $850,000 payoff to shut her up, though. It’s amazing how people just completely ignore that the entire reason Trump committed perjury because he was being sued for sexual harassment, and he lied under oath about that and other things. That was more serious and illegal than anything Trump has done regarding his sex scandals.

        2. i don’t think O likes girls

        3. Explain how you’d react if Obama had been caught paying hush money to a porn star he fucked right before his election.

          High fives all around!

          1. Would love to see the Wookies face after that!

      2. Multiple previous Reason articles explain how a wall won’t stop a flood of migrants. This article explains how closing the border is would be catastrophically stupid.

        1. Right… walls don’t work. Except if you consider physics

          1. Yeah it’s not like they can go through the ground, over the wall, through the wall that happens to be slats, through ports of entry undetected or legally (overstaying their visas). Because of physics.

          2. I don’t even need to respond because 0x1000 did a sweet job already.

            1. …because ^^^these trolls are not the same Incel…at all.

  18. You neglected the fact that everything Trump says and does is tremendous, beautiful, and perfect.

    –Freethinking libertarian individualists

    1. Poor Tony. He knows nothing about free thinking unless the Lefty Narrative comes down.

  19. America’s strategic avocado supply would be exhausted in just three weeks if imports from Mexico were stopped, according to NBC News.

    How long would America’s avocado supply last if all guacamole recipes were mandated to include frozen peas?

    1. Haven’t you heard? No Jesus, no peas.

      1. That whirled right over my head for a second or two.

        1. stop the violins!

        2. I can only imagine

      2. Niggah, peas.

  20. Poor Boehm.

    Much of America’s fruits and vegetables are shipped via ship not driven over the border.

    Del Monte


    Our Starcare? Controlled Atmosphere containers extend the shelf life of your fruit and vegetables by slowing down the ripening process during transit. As an example, transit times for avocados can be extended to as much as 34 days, so you can ship to any part of the globe without damaging your cargo.

    Starcare? is particularly suited to avocados, bananas and asparagus because it maintains an ideal blend of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the reefer unit. This means your goods respire at the perfect rate throughout the voyage, and they arrive at the perfect stage in the ripening process.

    1. We’ll need a wall around the Gulf of Mexico, too, then!

    2. Much of America’s fruits and vegetables are shipped via ship not driven over the border.

      And he wasn’t trying to be humorous, folks.

      1. Yet he continued his drivel about “If Trump Closes the Mexican Border, America Will Run Out of Avocados in 3 Weeks”.

        I know you and alphabet troll need to defend Boehm but he is shitty all on his own.

        Of course, “closing the Mexican border” will result in all sorts of things.

        If you claim that the USA will Will Run Out of Avocados in 3 Weeks back that stupid shit up. Boehm never does.

        1. Since poor lovescontroll69 is too stupid to click a link…

          Americans would run out of avocados in three weeks if imports from Mexico were stopped, said Steve Barnard, president and chief executive of Mission Produce, the largest distributor and grower of avocados in the world.

          1. Poor SparkY cannot tell when people are lying.

            Click on all the links you want because it clearly wont help your stupidity.

            Closing the Mexican border would NOT lead to avocados running out in 3 weeks. Closing the border does not stop ships from bringing in avocados.

            1. Does it though? He’s talking about it in the context of trade deficits (which I’m sure you also support). Why then would you believe that going around the closed physical border would be exempted in the context of trade?

              1. You trolls just will not quit making fools of yourself will you?

            2. That’s your argument? That Trump will be amazingly blindingly incompetent at stopping trade with Mexico as to forget ships? Interesting. I wouldn’t have expected an argument of “Trump is a moron” from you LC1789.

    3. Poor lc1789. Doesn’t dare read for effect, only looks for nits to pick so he can avoid confronting the issue of Trump stupidity.

      1. If you dont want people to nit-pick, dont write garbage propaganda pieces and clickbait.

        1. It ain’t nitpicking to point out that Trump says he wants to cut the trade deficit to zero, and that requires eliminating all trade. Including ships and trains.

          You’re the one who chose to fellate Trump. Deal with it.

          1. Someday you trolls with get script that allows citations.

            1. You mean like this sterling example of hypocrisy?

              loveconstitution1789|12.3.18 @ 10:20AM|#

              Do you need me to link the rules of NAFTA and USCMA so you can compare and contrast the “worseness” for us?

  21. Good. Fucking vile shit those avocados.

    1. But it’s the good fat!

      1. The only good fat is a furious fat.

        1. The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin!

    2. That’s right, stick to your lardocados.

  22. Closing the border is an empty threat and the Mexicans know it, so why does Trump spout such nonsense? “Art of The Deal?” No, make reasonable demands and then negotiate. Maybe Trump should have led with an environmental appeal that would actually hurt Mexico: “U.S. won’t allow tourist visits to Mexico, esp. all those spring breaker kids wanting to heal the environment, because of the excess CO2 generated by airplanes. I’m fighting climate change and forcing Mexico to suffer economic loss if they don’t stop the caravans.”

  23. I punched up avocado shortages in the U.S. I figured I must have missed them the last four times the border has been closed. Nothing. I’m thinking canard here. Perhaps Old Beaner could help.

  24. I don’t think “close the border” means “stop trade”. . .

    1. Why would you go and put a damper on Boehm’s propaganda Narrative?

      Trump bad…get it through your Goddam skull!

    2. “I’ll just close the border,” Trump said during a brief press conference Friday afternoon at Mar-o-Lago. “And with a deficit like we have with Mexico and have had for many years, closing the border will be a profit-making operation.”

    3. Closing the border *will only* stop trade. How do you think stuff is coming through if the border is closed?

      1. Goods will just be put on airplanes and flown over, or on ships and sailed over. Duh.

        1. don’t forget the trains

          1. How could we? You seem them everywhere, man.

      2. Shipped to US sea ports, or shipped to Canada and brought across that border. Stuff will cost slightly more because of the extra shipping costs, but will still reach the US.

    4. Did you read the article? That is literally what he meant. He wasn’t talking about immigration.

      1. Fun to watch trolls like yourself defend Boehm.

      2. Of course not. Either way, I am sure Mexico is not the only place that exports avocados. So the histrionics are unwarranted. And any cessation of trade with Mexico would be temporary as it is intended to make them play ball the way Trump wants them to.

        *standard libertarian disclaimer regarding free vs managed trade.

        1. The second-largest avocado exporters are the Dutch, and I’ll be damned if I have to eat avocados grown by white Europeans.

          1. Jesus, that sounds really plausible. I want it to be true, so much so that I’m not even googling it. I really want to believe that plucky little country is growing tropical fruit in huge glasshouses on reclaimed land, all powered by tidal power stations and the heat generated by producing a lot of teen porn.

            Also, Eddie Van Halen.

  25. I am sure with all the other improvements he has done, Trump can get us to run out of avocados in just two weeks.
    How is that a bad thing? I mean it’s not like it will affect food or anything, right?
    French fries come from Idaho.

  26. It’s $26 billion in food imports alone (not just avocados). I feel like everyone is focusing on avocados. There’s also like cars and stuff.

    1. Tony, the article focused on avocados, people are picking on the author for such poor justification when yes, there are bigger issues.

  27. I’m wondering, how many avocado growers, auto makers, farm lobbyists, trucking firms, major shippers, ad nauseum would grab a phone and request their democrat in office to get off their ass and resolve this illegal immigration wave crisis before they all go on their ass. At least as many as would phone the White House. Trump may have an end game here.

  28. It could send both countries into an economic tailspin.

    “So, aren’t obligated to at least *try*?!”

  29. I must say, it’s pretty amusing to see all the usual suspects (1) mindlessly defend Trump even when he’s being an idiot, and (2) ignorantly assume he was talking about immigration, when he clearly wasn’t.

    1. Funny how all the trolls and Lefties mindlessly defend Boehm and his idiocy.

    2. When Trump talks about closing the border, his primary intent is clearly to try to stop the migrant invasion.

      Even a stupid and dishonest sack of shit like you damn well knows that.

  30. “Mr. President, we cannot afford an avocado gap!”

  31. per Jim Gaffigan

    Put the trash bag next to the avacado display since thats how long they last

  32. We will run out of abogados! Who cares? Who needs more lawyers?

  33. Running out of avocado’s would be worth it if also it means we run out of illegal migrants.

  34. The auto industry has been warned. It has time to build up an inventory AND to look into local producers. There is also plenty of unsold automobiles sitting on lots. They can use the down time to update production lines and clear out inventory.

    And yeah, we will miss out on some fresh produce. Pretty sure we will adapt and survive. I’m 50 years old and have survived without eating a single avacado (or guacomole).

  35. This fake news piece would be a better fit on CNN. It’s pathetic.

  36. Msnbc here we come!

  37. So Eric is shilling for the fake news assembly line?

  38. Isn’t eating avocado’s a Cultural Appropriation?

    1. Per Wiki-
      The avocado (Persea americana) is a tree, long thought to have originated in South Central Mexico,[2][3] classified as a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae.[4] The fruit of the plant, also called an avocado (or avocado pear or alligator pear), is botanically a large berry containing a single large seed.[5]

      So Per Prog Rule Title XXIV para.21.4.2(1)(B)(i) No citizen shall appropriate any manner of attire, plant, fish, fowl, etc. that is not consistent with their culture ( See par. for definition of culture)

      –so if I’m reading this right, you can only eat an avocado if you are from South Central Mexico. I have violated this rule!

    2. Only if they have been made into guacamole!

  39. Soo your not taking in account, avocados grown in the US. Typical prog-lib one worlder, thinking only Mexico grows avocados.

  40. This is just more horseshit scaremongering from Big Avocado.

    They fooled me during the Hass Blight Emergency when I locked myself into a two-year consumer pricing contract. I haven’t seen that many small, hard things since the ’95 Feminist Midget Conference.

    Never again.

  41. Yes, but hopefully we will be out of illegal aliens before we are out of avocados!

    We grow a lot of the avocados in California and we need them, but we do not need ANY ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    Deport them all, block any more from coming in. Close the border coming in but leave it open to deport the Criminals!

  42. Friends of ours live on the big island and grow these things like weeds. The best I’ve ever tasted, / hawaii-avocado – exports- mainland- u.s.

  43. Correct me if I’m wrong but, don’t we “Close the border” all the time?

    Didn’t we close the border on 9/11? Didn’t we close the border when Harvey blew through? I know it probably didn’t close on the last one but, what happened to the border during the last several government shutdowns? Doesn’t any given checkpoint suffer intermittent ‘service disruptions’? If the border is closed three days a week, does that constitute a closure?

  44. Oooooh Pleazzzzze!

    First off we have more Avocados rot in the fields in the US BECAUSE of the import of Mexican produce. You might be surprised how a price shift would eliminate that ‘problem’.

    Second. Autos shutdown? Well that all depends on what your definition of ‘closing the border’ means. If it means that there will only be a ban on persons crossing the border then there is no effect. If it means transport is blocked well that could be a problem for the auto industry. But I do find it interesting that the Japanese can ship a car all the way from Japan comparable to a vehicle coming from Mexico. The RoRo ships might like a little side business trans shipping cars before they head back to Japan.

    1. Not so easy to change shipping and transport that fast.

      As you know autos and other manufactured goods operate on a just in time logistics system for many components. They do not stockpile those things. If you are missing one thing the entire line shuts down.

      Could that be eventually compensated for? Perhaps but we all know this would be temporary. Ford is not going to retool or make a lot of changes. They will lay people off until this blows over.

      They have everything figured out to the dime. If he really closed the border it would be unforgivable and he will get no support from Republicans.

      You are right. Trump is not going to close the borders to commercial traffic if he does anything at all. I think this is just him blowing off steam again. He will say that Mexico is playing nicer and call it a victory.

      1. “He will say that Mexico is playing nicer and call it a victory.”

        LOL live just a couple minutes ago he basically did that. What amounts to essentially: we probably wont have to, because since the threat mexico is doing better…this guys schtick is sadly predictable.

  45. How will I live if I don’t have an avocado?

  46. The importation fo 100,000 extremely cheap laborers will stop. Heaven forbid!

    1. 100,000 per month.
      And most aren’t laborers.
      That’s just caught.
      What do you think the ratio on caught:undetected is?
      I’d guess at least 1:1, if not 1:2 or 1:3.
      And of those that are caught, 90+% stay in the country.
      So we’re looking at a minimum of 1 million illegal immigrants, with an upper bounds of 3-5 million just this year – on top of the million/year legal immigrants.
      That’s an unsustainable rate for many reasons, not the least of which is assimilation.
      Instead, we have an increase in ethnic enclaves and further fracturing of society.

      What does it mean to be an American?
      Does it matter?

      I have nothing against immigrants, even illegals, in general. I’ve known, worked with, and befriended many. But we have to have some pride and self-respect.
      It is a privilege to be American. Most of us were born into it, and we should be grateful to our ancestors for that. I welcome people who want to become American, but it is important that people we allow to come here do want to become American… which is too often not the case anymore.

      1. The US is more than just a place or a colony to be economically exploited.

  47. If our car makers shut down, we can just buy Japanese cars. We’ll find some way to get avocado, trust me.

    Meanwhile Mexico will be halfway to Venezuela within….. I don’t know, 3 weeks after the southern border closes. We’re the mother bleeping USA, if we’re short on something someone will give it us in exchange for money. No one gives dos centavos about Mexico, not even the migrant caravan wants to live there long term.

    Don’t get me wrong, closing the southern borders would be a terrible move. But they need us more than we need them, probably more than Saudi Arabia needs us. An ally nation does not allow 7 thousands unverified foreign nationals to cross the entirety of their land to reach their ally’s border. Japan wouldn’t do this, Korea wouldn’t do this, England wouldn’t do this. Nothing resembling a modern nation would let that happen.

    I’m just bothered by the fact that it’s kosher for our politicians to kowtow and cater to Mexico and their undocumented individuals without restraint, but if we say anything good about Israel suddenly our loyalties are questioned. BS. Trump (his rhetoric notwithstanding) is right to call out Mexico.

      1. Too many of us, Americans, have lost our pride and self-respect.
        That is a grave danger.

        1. Sounds like the very definition of a personal problem. Why do you want to get the feds involved?

  48. Couldn’t care less about avocados, and I don’t want my car parts made by beaners anyway.

    1. This time the racial panic will be valid!

  49. “If Trump Closes the Mexican Border, America Will Run Out of Avocados in 3 Weeks”

    Well there goes my whole summer.

  50. Oh, dear. In other theoretical food supply tragedies, the Poles almost got their entire schnitzel supply cut off in 1939 when they attempted to close the German border.

    Good thing that didn’t happen.

  51. lc1789 has gotta be the biggest Trumpsucker and general moron (non-Tony non-WI division) in this site’s history.

  52. Sounds like Mexico better get its shit together.

    The alternative is to have no wall, reduced enforcement, and tolerate even more illegal immigrants.

    Closing the border is the better idea.

    1. “Closing the border is the better idea.”

      The truth is it’s more of a frontier than a border. Porous, always has been. A tweet from Trump isn’t going to change that.

  53. What a completely alarmist claim. Ridiculous.

    Produce will just find a different route to market.

    Btw, guess which country is a major consumer of Iranian oil!*

    *note: links to Foreign Policy

    1. “What a completely alarmist claim. Ridiculous.”

      A ridiculous claim is an appropriate response to a ridiculous threat.

      1. It IS a ridiculous threat, no disagreement. I’m not sure a ridiculous claim is always a reasonable response, however. Perfect for The Onion or The Babylon Bee; I expect a more rational response from Reason.

        Too, pretty interesting that the alarmist response focuses on the possibility of import shortages, completely bypassing the impact on exports — Google says nearly 16% of US exports go to Mexico.

        /em shrugs

  54. All the avocados who have been notified will be marching on the border.

    The border patrol doesn’t stand a chance.

  55. “muh avocados”

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  57. I have an avocado with lunch every day. Not the slightest bit afraid of them becoming unavailable.

    We’re being invaded. If it takes an avocado shortage to convince Mexico to stop giving illegal aliens safe passage to our border, then we have an avocado shortage. If it takes a recession, that’s ok, too. If it takes the military lined up along the border with assault rifles, bayoneting anyone who steps across without waving a US passport or green card?

    I’m down with that, too. We stop the invasion now, or the US won’t be recognizable by the time my son is grown up.

  58. If enforcing existing immigration laws means I have to pay a dime more for a head of lettuce or go without avocados, that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

    As for the U.S. auto industry — if they kept their factories in the U.S. a border shut down would not affect them. Maybe next time they do a cost/benefit analysis when deciding to move production to some third world shit hole they’ll take that into consideration.

  59. I do not agree with everything this president has done…..but I must admit that he has gotten more results that several past presidents. Now this result looks like No Guac for a while. I wonder of there will be a rush at the stores and if we will see record prices hit the avocado sections??

  60. Avocados, auto parts, cheap veggies. None of that compares to the need we have of slave labor. Crops, construction, and all multitudes of US industry depends on getting Hispanic slaves into the US.

    Citizens won’t work for minimum wage anymore so we need someone to fill in the labor gap. Cheap labor in fear of immigration authorities is the solution.

  61. Can we just grow out own avocado? Somewhere down in Florida? No other nations export avocado?

    Even Mexicans skip avocados if sandwich or taco places charge extra for them. Amazon gets free stuff from the government, let them grow their own avocados and sell it to Americans. Or send out drones and drop off the supply.

  62. This is all academic. There’s no way trump will do this. He needs the votes of factory workers- their success was a big campaign promise for him. Screwing with supply chains is not a winner.

    1. “He needs the votes of factory workers- their success was a big campaign promise for him.”

      He can also afford to punish the factory workers who didn’t vote for him. Those on the east and west coast for a start.

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