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At least one male student was suspended by Maryland's Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School for his role in creating a list of female classmates that rated them based on their looks. The list reportedly had been circulating among boys at the school for a year before a female student saw it on a laptop that had been left open and reported it. "This incident has been very upsetting for students, staff and families. B-CC High School has no tolerance for bullying," Principal Donna Jones said in a letter to parents and students.

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  2. …a female student saw it on a laptop that had been left open and reported it.

    Computer fraud like this is a federal offense.

    1. must have been pissed she wasn’t on the list!

      1. She’s pissed because she is lower than she would like.

        1. Or because Beth was higher on the list. But only because she is a slut.

  3. Bullying? The word doesn’t apply at all. Define it this broadly, and no one will know who the real bullies were.

    1. Bullying if you are at the bottom of the list. Totes cool if you are on the top.

      1. Bullying by the female who reported it, because before then, how can you be bullied if you don’t know about it? Is it bullying to call someone names behind their back? I can think of other words for such action, but not bullying.

  4. so no bullying, got it…now how about invasion of privacy?

    1. I think they can argue plain sight.

  5. This may be crass and tasteless behavior on the part of the boys, but how is it “bullying” if no one knew about it? On the other hand talking about which person of the opposite sex is the most attractive is not exactly unusual for teenagers.

  6. I’ve read about incidents where such a list was part of a contest among young louts to see who could bed the most ‘babes’, and THAT would be something I’d want stopped. This? This is called ‘normal adolescent behavior’ and the answer the young woman should have gotten was “cope”.

  7. I take there are no future Miss Universe contestants at that school. Or prom queans .

    1. Everyone is prom queen.

      1. including some of the boys

    2. Well, the girl in the photo is quite attractive, but I have a thing for glasses?especially brunettes or redheads with glasses.

      I’m no bully, however.

      1. So school teachers and librarians?

        1. Oh yeah! Pretty, brainy, nerdy.

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  9. This is literally, exactly how Facebook got its’ start.

  10. Keep up the hard hitting reporting Reason.

  11. So who exactly was being bullied? The persons on the list or the persons not on the list?

  12. The guy with the nuclear codes made his own different sort of list. Says he and others have been looking into the people on this list for some time now. Says they’re evil people on this list.

  13. High school boys have never done this before!

    1. But it’s in excel now! Not some stone age device like a spiral notebook.

  14. It didn’t sparkle.

  15. Wasn’t Kavanaugh from that school?

  16. So these guys were bullying girls for a year, but the girls didn’t even know it was happening?

  17. B-CC High School has no tolerance for bullying

    That’s wonderful Principal Donna Jones. That’s exactly the stance towards bullying we should have. One question though – what the feth does that have to do with the matter at hand?

    1. Boys did something.
      Girl found out boys did something.

  18. Immature? Yes. Crude? Maybe. (Given that it’s high school boys, probably.) Bullying? I’m not seeing it. That word is being stretched so far that it’s losing its meaning.

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