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The President Isn't a Russian Spy. Resistance Media Will Keep Freaking Out Anyway

Plus: Chick-fil-A banned from San Antonio airport, the Libertarian Party picks a convention slogan, and Robert Kraft apologizes.


No one ever changes their mind… If you exist on social media or consult any kind of news platform, you've heard that Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his foray into possible Trump-Russia collusion and sent his final findings Friday to new Justice Department head William Barr. On Sunday, Barr sent Congress a four-page summary of Mueller's findings and then released them publicly. After years of investigation and endless media hoopla, "The Special Counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election."

People have been rushing to point out that this doesn't mean Russia is innocent of election "interference." OK. But it's also important to note that while the investigation led to criminal charges against 34 people, including six who worked for or advised President Donald Trump, "None of the Americans charged by Mueller is accused of conspiring with Russia to interfere in the election—the central question of Mueller's work," as The Washington Post pointed out yesterday. ("More than two dozen of the people charged by Mueller are Russians," the Post notes, but "because the United States does not have an extradition treaty with Russia, they are unlikely ever to see the inside of a U.S. courtroom.") And Mueller has said he is not planning to indict anyone else as part of the investigation.

Trump supporters and allies have been celebrating this as total vindication that he was innocent of any wrongdoing. In reality, Mueller was a bit more circumspect. While the record pretty clearly indicates that Trump did not directly collude with any attempts by Russians to swing the the 2016 election, Mueller left open that he may have obstructed the investigation afterward by firing former FBI chief James Comey, among other other actions.

Mueller essentially punted here, as Reason's Scott Shackford wrote yesterday. He reported his finding to Barr and left it to him to decide whether it amounted to obstruction. Barr kicked the can along to Congress, saying that Mueller's report didn't necessarily exonerate Trump on obstruction but there's not enough evidence to satisfy the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard.

If there's any group we can say "beyond a reasonable doubt" acted badly, it's certain #Resistance grifters and segments of the media, particularly folks at MSNBC. For more than two years, they've painted breathless portraits of a president beholden to the Kremlin, vast and villainous ties between Trump and Russia, and an array of unsubstantiated ancillary allegations. They've extended or built massive audiences by convincing liberal and anti-Trump conservative audiences that impeachment was all but a given if only Mueller's work wasn't stymied.

Many have not taken well to the recent news:

But already, new narratives among Democrats, left-leaning media, and the big anti-Trump personalities online are converging. Jake Tapper insists that we spare no time for reflection before plowing right ahead with the new Cold War:

Mother Jones' David Corn, co-author of the book Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, wrote yesterday that focusing on direct dealings between Putin's people and Trump wasn't the point:

[T]he hyper-focus on this sort of collusion—as if Trump instructed Russian hackers on how to penetrate the computer network of the Democratic National Committee—has always diverted attention from a basic and important element of the scandal that was proven long before Mueller drafted his final report: Trump and his lieutenants interacted with Russia while Putin was attacking the 2016 election and provided encouraging signals to the Kremlin as it sought to subvert American democracy. They aided and abetted Moscow's attempt to cover up its assault on the United States (which aimed to help Trump win the White House). And they lied about all this.

And, yes, there were instances of collusion—not on the specifics of the attack, but secret scheming between Trumpworld and Russia.

None of the evidence underlying this is in dispute. No matter what Mueller report contains, a harsh verdict remains: Trump and his gang betrayed the United States in the greatest scandal in American history.

Other lefty writers aren't so sure. "Nobody wants to hear this, but news that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is headed home without issuing new charges is a death-blow for the reputation of the American news media," writes Matt Taibbi. "Worse, in a brutal irony everyone should have seen coming, the press has now handed Trump the mother of campaign issues heading into 2020."

The reporting on Mueller's investigation was "the saddest media spectacle I've ever seen," Glenn Greenwald tells Democracy Now, adding:

What makes it even sadder is to watch all of the people who vested their journalistic credibility into what proved to be a complete and total fraud and scam continue to try to cling to some vestige of credibility by continuing to spin conspiracy theories that are even more reckless and even more unhinged than the ones to which we've been subjected for three years.

For the lawyer takes on this, Eugene Volokh recommends this this Volokh Conspiracy post as well as pieces by Ken White, David French, Noah Feldman, Cass Sunstein, Benjamin Wittes, and Marty Lederman.

Meanwhile, with the inevitable "this just proves we live in healthy democracy" take, here's Brett Stephens of The New York Times:


City Council bans Chick-fil-A. San Antonio authorities would only approve an agreement with the city's main airport if it excluded Chick-fil-A from having a branch in the airport.

"With this decision, the City Council reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion. San Antonio is a city full of compassion, and we do not have room in our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior," said Citycouncilman Roberto Treviño said in a statement. "Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport. I look forward to the announcement of a suitable replacement by Paradies."


The Stranger's Katie Herzog apologizes:

Jezebel and the entire Gizmodo empire is built on internecine, media-industry navel-gazing. They are mean girls disguised as media critics, and there is no New York media figure too small to be the subject of their takedowns, from Jack Smith IV to Jesse Singal (never heard of them? Maybe because they're also not famous!). I know I'm not in New York, but I'm also not famous, so in light of this trend, I'd like to get a few things off my chest before Jezebel decides to do it first.

More here.


The Libertarian Party crowdsources a convention slogan. The Libertarian Party "has celebrated a 92 percent rise in its membership in the last decade, plus increased ballot access and some significant local victories," writes Jennifer Harper in The Washington Times. "The Libertarians are also busy planning their 2020 presidential convention, and have asked members to come up with a theme for the big event." The results so far?

Over 60 suggestions have rolled in, including such mottos as "Don't mess with anyone" and "Taxation is theft."

The Libertarians are now voting on their favorite. So far, the winner by far is the acronym "TANSTAAFL" — which has trounced such phrases as "Building bridges, not walls," "End our wars" and "Keep the Libertarian Party weird" — all in the top 10 at the moment. For the uninitiated, "TANSTAAFL" stands for "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" — essentially a caution that you can't get something for nothing.


• Robert Kraft apologizes for without quite saying what warrants the apology.

• I think this is a compliment?

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415 responses to “The President Isn't a Russian Spy. Resistance Media Will Keep Freaking Out Anyway

  1. And Mueller has said he is not planning to indict anyone else as part of the investigation.

    A truly dark day for our country.

    1. I know, such a quitter.

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    2. Hello.


    3. It’s SO obvious what happened. Putin came over here, kidnapped Mueller, and brainwashed him.

      1. That’s the thing about old Soviet technology, it’s hit-and-miss on whether it works for Manchurian Candidates.

      2. Nah, Mueller was recruited in the 80s and has been a sleeping asset since then.

    4. OBL hardest hit.

      1. Nah, hardest hit will be Rev. Arty.

    5. James Comey and John Brennan should be right at the top of the indictment list – for being criminally incompetent at their jobs. Forget how bad the media are, our “intelligence” services aren’t worth a shit and that should concern everybody. “Security theater” isn’t something the TSA invented, the CIA and the NSA couldn’t find a clue in a Scooby Doo marathon and the FBI can’t catch a crook they didn’t first hire.

  2. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow cries after Special Counsel Robert Mueller ended his investigation and did not charge anyone
    ? Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) March 23, 2019

    She really thought the science was settled.

    1. …but, remember, FNC has the hacks.

    2. Don’t you just wanna give her a hug?

      1. ….with a long knife.

      2. Is that what the kids call manual strangulation these days?

        1. Manual strangulation virtually always occurs in the context of rape. Just a heads up.

    3. Really? She fucking cried? It’s just bizarre how invested people are in this whole silly mess.

      Isn’t it good news that the president isn’t a criminal? I suppose not if your only desire is to see Trump out of office.

      1. If more people like Trump (who have no criminal skeletons) run and win political positions, how are we ever going to keep unpopular incremental Socialism going?

    4. She should be fired immediately. She has no place in journalism anymore, if she ever did.

      1. She isn’t in journalism. MSNBC is in no way involved in the practice of journalism. They are a Marxist propaganda media network.

  3. San Antonio City Council bans Chick-fil-A

    I smell a lawsuit. Zoning laws have been struck down for being de facto bans on businesses.

    1. I smell a lawsuit.

      Does it smell like chicken?

      1. The best chicken you eva tasted from a fast food place, mutherfucker!

        Best customer service to boot.

        If only LBQTGTRS food places didnt fight with customers and kick people out, they might have 50 people in line at any one time for chicken sandwiches.

        1. Why do the same wingnuts who target Planned Parenthood for government discrimination get so cranky when an airport might omit Bigot Chicken from the menu?

          Get some principles, clingers, or the American future will be especially harsh for you.

          1. Get some principles, clingers

            Fuckin’ LOL at an 85 IQ hicklib talking about principles.

            or the American future will be especially harsh for you.

            Not nearly as harsh as genetics has been to you or your cloven-hoofed spawn.

          2. San Antonio has at least 3 Planned Parenthood clinics.

            Delicious chicken is banned at the airport but 3 abortion clinics are just fine.

            Makes sense.

          3. Haha, Bigot Chicken. Why am I not surprised lovecon89 loves that sorry excuse for a meal? I had Chick Fillet once, years ago, before anyone knew their politics. It tasted like a catcher’s mitt fried in possum grease. Not a fan.

            1. Their chicken is okay. Not outstanding, just okay. Then again it is fast food.
              The customer service is quite good though. That part is true.
              The milkshakes aren’t bad either.

              1. Get the Peach one if you ever have a chance. It’s seasonal, and it’s great.

              2. The main part is that the owners are stale-thinking bigots from America’s lesser third.

            2. You don’t have to try so hard to lie Chipper Morning Hood.

              We know that you only eat possum anus.

          4. I think there might be a little problem with banning certain businesses because their owners hold some pretty common beliefs that some people don’t like.

            What was the supposed problem with Chick Fila anyway? The guy didn’t like gay marriage? Well we have gay marriage and it isn’t going away. So who the fuck cares what some old Christian dude thinks?

            1. Well, Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges are going away soon but abortions and gay unions wont disappear.

              Chick-Fil-A owners represent successful dissent from the Lefty Narrative that cannot be tolerated.

              1. Well, Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges are going away soon

                Proving, once again, that you live in a different reality than the rest of us.

                1. Yeah, the real one.

              2. Members of Faux Libertarians For Statist Womb Management And Big-Government Micromanagement Of Ladyparts Clinics are among my favorite no-count right-wingers.

                Adults do not believe fairy tales are true.

            2. He supported Prop 8 in CA (traditional marriage). Of course, California approved it and Obama/Clinton had the exact same stance at the time, but………can’t attack the voters or the elites, so….

              1. Yeah, progtards have to walk on eggshells over that vote, since Latinos and blacks voted overwhelmingly for it. Progs can’t say shit about them though.

            3. What was the supposed problem with Chick Fila anyway?

              Donations to anti-gay groups that promoted sodomy laws abroad, including Uganda who was considering the death penalty.

              Oh, and the company claimed they weren’t doing that anymore… which was a lie. They toned down the size of their donations, but continue to do so.

              1. “Donations to anti-gay groups that promoted sodomy laws abroad
                Except those allegations against said groups were largely smears by American LGBTQ activists who needed the presence of sinister foreign actors to craft their narrative.
                Most of the smeared groups had absolutely nothing to to with being “anti-gay” or promoting sodomy laws. Don’t be so gullible.

                1. Don’t be a superstitious, bigoted rube.

                  Or, at least, try to be a decent person.

                  Who’s kidding who? I have little hope you can overcome your disaffected, stale, loser attitude.

                  1. “try to be a decent person.”

                    We are. You however, are in no way a decent person.

          5. The government doesn’t give Planned Parenthood half a billion dollars every year, who then turn around and donate tens of millions of dollars to those same politicians giving them money.

          6. Rev- PP takes tax subsidies, CFA does not. Some people don’t want to be forced at the barrel of a gun to pay for other people’s abortions.

            1. I don’t want to pay for slack-jawed superstition, backwater religious education, or abusive indoctrination of children, but Republicans have rights, too.

              1. But the stuff you just mentioned are all progressive things. Why are you bringing up republicans, who are all your betters?

          7. “Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome ..”

            Except you; your’re not welcome. It’s not enough that anyone who doesn’t agree with your positions just doesn’t patronize your business as they are free to do or not, you can’t come here and serve anybody. Because we know what’s best for every body.

            Progressivism in a cutlet.

          8. We have principles. We believe that the US constitution is a tremendous statement of human liberty. It strictly prohibits the federal government from religious persecution. Along came 14A and that prohibition is also now applied to the states. Chic Filet’s owners have every right to exercise their religious beliefs, and petty bureaucrats, politicians and angry progressives have no right or authority to persecute those owners for their sincerely held religious beliefs.

            Liberals take great issue with the constitution. They want to invest power in the hands of venal politicians by destroying the constitution. Frankly, progressives are stupid, narrow minded, and short sighted.

            Unfortunately, there is no Chic Filet franchise near me. Though I am atheist, I would eat there often if I could.

            1. Your principles are appreciated. Your choice to be a believer or an atheist, to say what you believe [or not], and to patronize what businesses you desire. And in this country that is exactly as it should be, but it seems so hard for so many to get their minds around those simple concepts.

        2. Is the LBQTGTRS a new 911 variant from Porsche? Sounds like a racing hybrid that runs on sodomy and severely delusional body dysmorphia.

        3. Popeye’s chicken crushes Chick-fil-A. And KFC.

          1. Pollos Loco is pretty good.

    2. What’s fucking hilarious about Trevino’s prissy statement is that there are Chik-Fil-A’s ALL OVER San Antonio, including two in Trevino’s district. I guarantee you that he indulges in a chicken sandwich from time to time.

      1. I’ll bet he lies some beef deep inside him too, from time to time.

    3. El Pollo Loco greased the skids.

    4. “we do not have room in our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior”

      No Clinton, no O’bama, no Congresscritters of all stripes, no 75% of the public.

      It’s going to be a very lonely airport.

      Oh, and F San Antonio !!!


    PopeHat won’t give up hope. He’s a “civil libertarian” (lol) who is super duper concerned that people might construe a finding of no collusion just means they lacked the evidence to prosecute.

    Remember, if you didn’t trust the same people who sold the WMD lie (Kristol, Boot, Frum, etc.) when they spouted Russia Fever Dreams, you are a Trumpist, as we were told for the past two years.

    TDS is real and it makes people retarded

    1. Trump’s triumphant supporters notwithstanding, we don’t yet know what that means. When prosecutors say that an investigation “did not establish” something, that doesn’t mean that they concluded it didn’t happen, or even that they don’t believe it happened. It means that the investigation didn’t produce enough information to prove that it happened. Without seeing Mueller’s full report, we don’t know whether this is a firm conclusion about lack of coordination or a frank admission of insufficient evidence. The difference is meaningful, both as a matter of history and because it might determine how much further Democrats in Congress are willing to push committee investigations of the matter.

      So according to White, if the evidence against you is so weak that a prosecutor won’t even bring the case, you still “might be guilty” and should be treated as such. How “libertarian of him”

      And TDS didn’t make White retarded. He has been retarded for a very long time.

      1. His name is DOPEHAT!

        No, I am not happy that Robert Kraft apologized.

        1. Kraft is SOL. He is not going to win his suppression motion on the tape. When he can’t suppress the tape, he is left with two options. He can either plead guilty and have the tape perminently sealed from public view or go to trial and have the tape be introduced as evidence and open court and have a video of him getting a happy ending all over the internet. Neither one of those options is good. But, I don’t see how he could ever allow that tape to go public. So, I think he has to plead guilty. And when he does that, the league has to suspend him for at least a year.

          1. To be honest, I don’t know enough about Florida law to assess his chances on the motion to suppress. You might be right.

            Assume he loses the motion, what would you do? Assume he pleads guilty and moves to permanently seal the video, would you be confident that it would not be released?

            Nevertheless, from a f you philosophical position, he didn’t have to apologize. Yeah, its easy for me to say, but, the guy is 77 and worth billions. What is the downside? The league can suspend him with or without an adjudication of guilt. The #metoo mafia can vilify him all they want, so what?

            1. I don’t know Florida law either. But, I would think that if there were a good supression motion to be made, more than just Kraft would be making one. It is not impossible but pretty unlikely.

              As far as his chances of keeping it sealed, probably better than you think. But, whatever they are, it is better than the 100% chance of them going public if there is a trial.

              The league is going to hammer him. And the refs are going to hammer his team next year. You watch. They don’t want the Patriots and this story anywhere near the playoffs much less the Super Bowl. I wouldn’t be surprised if with Gronk’s retirement, the Patriots actually miss the playoffs next year. That is certainly what the league would want and the league usually gets what it wants.

              1. I’m with you on the league and what it wants; but what about Kraft personally? What would you do, in his situation?

                1. You have to take the plea deal Mike. You can’t let that tape go public.

              2. “. I wouldn’t be surprised if with Gronk’s retirement, the Patriots actually miss the playoffs next year. ”

                If Edelman retires you are correct and Brady should retire before he is exposed as a mediocrity. Like Montana being made by Rice, Brady owes 90% of his success the past decade to those two.

                1. Go look at Montana’s numbers before Rice. They were fantastic. The 49ers went 18-1 and had four or five best teams in history without Rice and with Roger Craid as their best reciever. Montana later went to Kansas City and put up great numbers with not a single reciever who was even above average.

                  Big T. you do not know what you speak when it comes to Montana.

                  1. The 49ers went 18-1 and had four or five best teams in history without Rice and with Roger Craid as their best reciever.

                    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, there’s no disputing Montana’s greatness, nor how awesome some of those 49er teams were before Rice got there. But 4 or 5 best in history? The 1984 team that you mentioned, I have no problem including them. But that list, to me, is predicated on transcendent performance throughout the season, culminating in a championship. Post-merger, I’d go with the following teams, in no particular order:

                    -1985 Bears
                    -1972 Dolphins
                    -1984 49ers
                    -1989 49ers
                    -1998 Broncos (I’ll admit to bias here as a Donkeys fan)

                    The only other 49ers team that won a Super Bowl during the pre-Rice era was the 1981 team, and they didn’t even have the best record in their conference that year. The Cowboys did.

                    *I’d put the 2007 Patriots with an asterisk because they didn’t win the Super Bowl, and to me, that’s a prerequisite for being named a Top 5 or even Top 10 all-time team. But they were such a wrecking ball through the year (I had Brady and Moss on my fantasy team and they nearly won the whole league for me on their own), and came within a David Tyree circus catch of winning the whole thing, that I’d understand if someone wanted to include them.

                    1. Red Rocks,

                      The 81 49ers went 13-3 and had homefield advantage in the playoffs. That is why the “catch” occurred at Candlestick. The NFL stopped alternating homefield in the playoffs in the mid 70s.

                      The 84 49ers were a late tipped interception against a medicore Pittsburgh team away from being 19-0. No other team except the Patriots in 07 has come that close to going 19-0. The 85 Bears got their asses handed to them in their one loss. I would also point out that at the time the 84 Bears defense was considered to be better than the 85 one. And statistically it was. The 49ers smoked the Bears in the playoffs that year 24-0.

                      The 84 team absolutely deserves to be in the top five. The 89 team might be a little bit better but that is very debatable. For my money, the 84 and 89 teams were the best teams I have ever seen play. I would take them over the Steelers and certainly the Dolphins or any team since, especially after the salary cap.

                2. Montana took the chiefs to the afc championship game. He never had amazing stats. He was known for playing well under pressure. Maybe more like Troy Aikman than Dan Marino. But how many championships did Marino win?

                  1. Bubba,

                    Montana won two Super Bowl MVPs before Rice ever got there. Brady and Aikman is a good comparison.

              3. The NFL is a shit organization anyway. They sided with subversives and shit on patriotic American customers. They deserve to go out of business, and they probably will eventually.

                Good riddance.

            2. He’s making the same mistake that Clippers Owner Donald Sterling made.

              Don’t apologize to these shit heals. If you apologize, they smell blood in the water. They want a pay day.

              In this case, a fire sale of a sports team.

              There is nothing wrong with an adult man paying to have sex with an adult woman.

              1. Every man pays for sex. It’s just a matter of when and in what fashion.

                Bitches be crazy.

      2. This isn’t like Hillary where the AG quashed any attempt to prosecute.

        1. I wonder how upset dems would be if they found out someone at the FBI made a change in the report to protect Trump against an indictment?

      3. #ItMeansItIsFinallyHerTurn

      4. When prosecutors say that an investigation “did not establish” something, that doesn’t mean that they concluded it didn’t happen, or even that they don’t believe it happened. It means that the investigation didn’t produce enough information to prove that it happened.

        This dumbshit actually thinks he’s speaking English here. You’d think a lawyer would understand that if there isn’t enough evidence to even bring an indictment, the odds are pretty high that nothing happened.

        Keep in mind that the counsel’s been doing this for two years, and brought charges against individuals for crimes that weren’t even related to the scope of the investigation. So for Shithat to make this type of claim shows just how deep his level of TDS goes.

        1. It just shows what an asshole he is. Dopehat is all about sucking up the media establishment and being accepted. He completely lacks the integrity to tell the truth if doing so means getting kicked out of the media club. I don’t think he believes a word of this crap. He just lacks the integrity and courage necessary to tell the truth. He is a truly sad and pathetic character at this point.

          1. It proves Trump is less guilty than a ham sandwich.

            Trump is still a ham, however.

      5. if the evidence against you is so weak that a prosecutor won’t even bring the case, you still “might be guilty”

        Well, that is true, isn’t it?

        That said, the whole thing seemed pretty ridiculous from the start and it would be good to see people drop it. Just seems desperate at this point.

        1. While technically true, it is very unlikely to be true. And if there isn’t enough evidence to even indict much less convict, how is it fair to conclude the person is guilty nonetheless?

          1. No, it’s not really fair. People were waiting for the big bombshell and nothing came. So they’re desperate.

            I just don’t give a fuck. Already built into my worldview is the assumption that politicians are all dirty in some way or other, Russia and other foreign actors do and will continue to influence American public opinion, including about elections. All the hacking stuff shows is that political parties really don’t have their shit together when it comes to data security. It’s all a lot of nothing unless you imagine that the world is a whole different sort of place than it is.

    2. Ken White is just another resistance grifter.

  5. Over 60 suggestions have rolled in, including such mottos as “Don’t mess with anyone” and “Taxation is theft.”

    The Libertarians are now voting on their favorite. So far, the winner by far is the acronym “TANSTAAFL” ? which has trounced such phrases as “Building bridges, not walls,” “End our wars” and “Keep the Libertarian Party weird” ? all in the top 10 at the moment. For the uninitiated, “TANSTAAFL” stands for “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” ? essentially a caution that you can’t get something for nothing.

    LINOs and Anarchists hiding as Libertarians, hardest hit!

    1. It’s not free lunch that progressives and socialists want. They are perfectly content to have overpriced lunch that was paid for by someone else.

      1. And you have to eat lunch locally.

        Company run cafeterias are banned!

    2. Good God, those are terribly stupid mottos (for a political party)!

      “Dont mess with anyone” is okay

      1. Even that is kind of dumb, especially when the more obvious “Don’t tread on anyone” is at least a call out to disaffected tea partiers.

        1. Ooooh, that’s good.

          1. What’s wrong with “Ass sex, drugs, and Mexican hookers”?

            1. Too honest. Then people wouldn’t be as shocked (and hence less publicity) when they endorse baking Nazi cakes.

            2. Come on, man, it’s “Pot, Mexicans and Ass Sex”.

      2. Matt Kibbe had: “Don’t hurt anyone, and don’t take their stuff,” which I think is decent.

    3. There were 200,000 votes for Left – Right = 0, but they were tossed out when discovered they all came from the same IP address.

      1. And on the same day.

        1. No, they were all typed in manually. So it actually covers many hours. Particularly sincemany of them were bolded, italicized, etc.

          1. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
            Al work and no play maakes Jack a dull boy.
            All work nd no play makes jack a dull boy.
            all Work and no piay makes JAck a dull boy.

    4. We’re crazy…for freedom!

      1. Vote LP – you’ll have a whale of a time!


    5. LINOs and Anarchists hiding as Libertarians, hardest hit!

      IDK, I bet they’re getting a fair amount of “Fuck you, cut spending.” and just dismissing it because, you know, politics and culture and all that.

      1. I would vote for a simple “Cut Spending” motto.

    6. What? No “Fuck off, slaver!”?

    7. Libertarians – So Anti-Socialist We Won’t Even Leave Mom’s Basement

  6. “And Mueller has said he is not planning to indict anyone else as part of the investigation.”

    One minor quibble – federal prosecutors don’t indict anyone, federal grand juries do. If you think grand juries are rubber stamps like the old Soviet Parliament, then so indicate, as you would with the old Soviet Parliament (“following orders from the Communist Party, the Soviet Parliament enacted…”).

    1. Hey! My ham sandwich is innocent!

      1. Mama Cass’s ham sandwich got away Scot free.

  7. Now they will move on to claim that Trump criticizing DOJ during an investigation accusing him of something he was innocent of amounts to “obstruction of justice”. Think about that for a moment. They are now claiming that DOJ can investigate you for something you are innocent of and if you complain about this or criticize DOJ you are guilty of obstruction of justice. It is frankly terrifying that people could be depraved enough to believe that.

    Jonathan Chait was claiming last night “If you refuse to cooperate with the investigation, you can’t claim to be cleared. That is how obstruction of justice works”.

    That is weaponized stupid.

    1. Jonathan Chait was claiming last night “If you refuse to cooperate with the investigation, you can’t claim to be cleared. That is how obstruction of justice works”.

      Has the Left finally turned on the Fifth Amendment as they have on the First and Second?

      1. Dude,that happened years ago. Have you completely missed the rape tribunals?

        1. ‘Tribunals’ still implies a notion of fairness to an accused.

          #MeToo didn’t want any of that.

      2. My guess is that they still support the 3rd amendment. But the rest are too wordy and complicate things.

    2. It’s particularly egregious in the case of Trump because he was fully and non-reviewably empowered to stop or start the investigation, fire any subordinate members of the executive branch, or pardon any of the parties involved. He could have terminated the Mueller investigation at any time (as we were hysterically reminded by CNN whenever there was an otherwise slow news day), but didn’t.

      The idea that any inferior member of the executive branch has the authority to prosecute the President is absurd on its face. We would not be getting these idiotic arguments of, say, some AUSA in the Eastern District of Tennessee decided to bring charges against Barry.

      1. Trump had all of that power, didn’t use any of it and let the investigation run its course but somehow is stil guilty of refusing to cooperate. yeah, that makes sense.

        1. So Trump is guilty of allowing an investigation into him as means of 22 dimensional chess to obstruct. i see he hid in plain sight

          1. Meuhller was his bag man all along.

      2. In the 1996 elections the Chinese government was caught illegally funneling millions of dollars into Democrat campaign coffers. Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, with the help of congressional Democrats, stonewalled any substantial investigation and refused to allow an independent counsel, despite the demands for one by the director of the FBI, whom Clinton himself appointed.

        That is far worse than anything Trump has done with Russia.

        1. +100

        2. Al “no controlling legal authority” Gore

          1. Al Gore would have been a worse president than Bush, and there’s a pretty good chance we’d still wind up with a military intervention to oust Saddam at some point. He and Bill were ramping up to one their entire second term, and they spewed out bullshit based on the same bad intelligence Bush did.

            1. The Deep State was going to have a war and more Military Industrial Complex money if it killed us.

              Think about how much the CIA, NSA, etc expanded intelligence gathering at the start of the 21st Century.

        3. and they actually have video of Chinese handing money over in public. but thats not evidence

    3. Why not? Cops do it all the time with the oh so wonderful “Resisting Arrest” charge, when said person wasn’t in the process of being arrested for some other crime. Just resisting arrest.

      1. +1 knife that may or may not have been illegal, in his pocket, from across the street.

    4. Prosecutors rarely clear anyone of anything. It’s not in their nature to say they were wrong.

      They almost always believe a person found not guilty is only so because of the jury.

  8. If there’s any group we can say “beyond a reasonable doubt” acted badly, it’s certain #Resistance grifters and segments of the media, particularly folks at MSNBC.

    They were filling a need. The marketplace of ideas is big enough to include snake oil.

    1. The demand for Trump crimes has far outstripped the supply.

  9. And Mueller gets to spend the next few years being subpoenaed by various House committees to explain why he couldn’t charge Trump with SOMETHING.

    1. Great now the shoe will be on the other foot, Muller can see how all the people he went after felt now and he can spend all his life savings on lawyers to defend himself from false allegations

  10. Not an unimportant emphasis ? the Russians tried and they were, per Mueller, behind the hacks and serious campaigns of election interference. What more will US leaders do to prevent that from happening again?

    Good point. And it provides another reason why all patriotic Americans must vote Democrat ? we need leaders who will get tough with Russia.

    1. #WhereisOBL’sMuellerpraise?

      1. It’s dawning on me that a lot of you don’t realize OBL is a parody account. This place really has gone retarded since the Rexit.

        1. Derp, I have established a dialogue with our friend OBL. If you must color me as having gone retard for so doing, I confess.

        2. As it happens, I’m increasingly of the opinion that Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland is actually a parody, and somewhat afraid that the smart kids figured that out a long time ago.

      2. Isn’t it obvious? Mueller was OBL. Now that the investigation is over so is OBL.

        1. So, pay no attention to new posts by OBL. Because they are no longer the real thing.

          Those aren’t a parody of proggs, they are parodies of parodies of proggs.

          1. Remember that Blake Edwards film from 1982, Victor/Victoria? About a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. We are living that film on many levels.

    2. Have you considered that Mueller is a Putin puppet as well?

      Also, if we’re going to continue this chain of thought… What does Putin have on Putin?

      1. If Putin knew what he had on himself, he’d have to arrange a little “radiation poisoning accident.”

  11. With this decision, the City Council reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion.

    This decision screams inclusion. It practically shrieks it.

    1. Everyone is included, (unless you are not).

      1. The chickens will not come home to roost in SA.

    2. They cannot include a company run by people who have demonstrated infidelity to the LGTBQ creed.

    3. “Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport.”

      This reminds me of Cambridge University’s “we won’t hire Peterson because we include everyone” statement – do they even do irony?

      Anyway, are they afraid that Chik Fil A would refuse service to an LGBLT customer? They might refuse to cater hir wedding, but I don’t think they do weddings anyway.

  12. Hollywood Digs In on Russia Conspiracies: ‘Fight for Our Democracy Is About to Intensify’

    Poor Lefties. This is a preview of the utter heartache coming election 2020 after Trump gets re-elected.

    1. We need more Robert Downey Jr videos encouraging us to vote Democrat! Another moving rendition of Celebratory “Fight Song” karaoke!

      1. Robert Downey was put in prison in Democrat run Commifornia for drug use.

        He now shills for the Democratic Party. Useful Idiot.

        1. He said once that his time in prison made him more conservative. But he probably had to weigh that against wanting to work ever again.

          1. You might be right.

            He made an awesome comeback, you have to admit. As you commented, he might not have been given that second shot if he got out of prison and bashed Lefties every chance he got.

          2. Even Ronald Reagan played relatively coy about his true political leanings while working in Hollywood. He was even a registered Democrat.

            Part of that was the time and many people did not discuss politics to strangers.

            Part of that was not wanting to upset Lefties who controlled who got movie parts.

            1. No, Reagan believed in union solidarity and group actions as Pres of the Actors Guild. He learned first hand how corrupt it was, and converted to conservative views. He was a Dem for real.

          3. I doubt Hollywood could do much about RDJ’s career at this point. His films make enough money that they will not fuck with him. Kind of like Clint Eastwood.

      2. I’d prefer more SNL openings with sad songs featuring people dressed like Hillary

        1. Maybe a Madcow look alike this week?

      3. Now that Captain Marvel is out, I’m sure Brie will make an impact on the next “You must vote Democrat or our life as we know it as over” Avenger video.

    2. Just not enough bigots and slackjaws to reelect Trump. After four years of the American electorate becoming less white, bigoted, backward, religious, and rural, another longshot at the Electoral College won’t occur.

      Look at the bright side for Trump: He’ll have more time to deal with the investigations, prosecutions, civil litigation, and appeals.

      1. Looks like someone is really butt hurt and angry today. It must really be hard going through life with a low IQ and lacking the ability to understand the world around you.

      2. Rev., less white necessarily means more backward, more bigoted, more social dysfunction, and a lot less civilized and prosperous.

        1. Hong Kong disagrees.

    1. #Changingthesubject

      1. It would have been hilarious if OBL had actually listed that.

    2. The treasury yield curve is inverting. Mark my words – we will be in recession before November 2020.

  13. When I was in college, Nick Gillespie was for me what Aerosmith was for Slash. I’m not at all embarrassed to say that, and no, I won’t explain.

    Gillespie’s offspring was in the third greatest movie of all times, Armageddon?

    1. How can Armegeddon be the third-greatest movie, when there were more than two *Ernest* movies? Does not compute…

  14. New Zealand mosque killings spark debate over free speech

    Who would have thought that an Australian, where Australia is hostile to free speech and guns, could get New Zealanders to be hostile to free speech and guns.

    1. It’s hard to kick that “subject” habit.

  15. The Libertarian Party crowdsources a convention slogan.

    A Vote For Us Is A Vote For Regret

    1. Where Republican Losers Go to Die

    2. Some pot in every pot and an incel in every basement.

    3. Two wrongs violate your Constitutional rights

    4. I have never met a single person who voted third party in 2016 and regretted it. If anything, they all couldn’t be happier. I sure the hell am glad I did.

      1. I got to vote for Libertarianism getting on the ballot and Trump won (who turned out to be very Libertarian-ish).

        I might have regretted it if Georgia had gone Hillary by 1 vote and Hillary won the Presidential election.

      2. Your proposed slogan is too long.

        I have never met a single person who voted third party in 2016 and regretted it.

        Yes, but did you talk to both of the others?

        1. 6 million people voted for Gary or Jill. In a two-person national popular vote election, I think Trump still might have won.

    5. LP: The Party for Anarchists and disinfranchised Democrats who still want to destroy the USA.

    6. Why Do Libertarians Require Party?

  16. Mueller left open that he may have obstructed the investigation afterward by firing former FBI chief James Comey

    Except that would be factually inaccurate as Comey wasn’t investigating alone and, well, the investigation didn’t end until, well, LAST WEEK.

    If GM fires the CEO, it doesn’t mean that every car being produced isn’t being produced any longer.

  17. “Mueller left open that he may have obstructed the investigation afterward by firing former FBI chief James Comey, among other other actions.”

    Any thorough investigation of why Comey was fired must necessarily include:

    1) An explanation for why he used opposition research in a FISA warrant application to bug a presidential campaign.

    2) An explanation for why Comey used this information in said warrant application without telling the FISA court where the information originated.

    The fact is that the FISA court refused to grant a warrant letting the FBI wiretap a presidential campaign–twice–until the FBI included the information from the Steele Dossier–and Comey is on the record saying that he knew the provenance of the information that was added to the warrant application when it was submitted to the FISA court. Why should the president suffer an FBI Director who used opposition research to get a wiretap warrant against him?

    It would be an absurd investigation. There is no way the Democratic leadership wants to open up that can of worms.

    1. Oh, here’s Comey in his own words:

      “Comey said he was aware of who funded the report, which Steele compiled for Fusion GPS, a political research firm co-founded by former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson.

      “I was told at some point that it was ? the effort had originally been financed by a Republican source to develop material, opposition research on Donald Trump,” Comey told Stephanopoulos. “Then after the Republican nominating process ended, the effort was taken up and funded by a Democratic-aligned group trying to get opposition research on Trump. ? I never knew ? who the groups were, but I knew it started with Republicans paying for it and then Democrats were paying for it.”…..d=54488781

      Any proper investigation of the Comey firing would vindicate President Trump for firing him and might make people wonder why Comey isn’t in jail.

      1. To quote lc1789, +100.

      2. Recall that he also strategically leaked memos with the explicit intent of sparking calls for an independent counsel. (thereby validating Trump’s assent to Rosenstein’s recommendation that he fire Comey. It is *literally* the smoking gun that says Comey was out to get Trump)

        1. I think you’ve mixed up your literal and figurative.

          1. Fair point. It is literally the figurative smoking gun. I was metaphoring the weaponizing of independent counsels and special prosecutors by the firing of leaked memoranda and got Inceptioned by the layers of metaphorical rhetoric.

      3. Comey and Loretta Lynch should share a cell.

    2. If Hillary won the first thing she would have done is fire Comey. There would not been a peep out of any MSM outlet. In 1993, When she was co-president the Clintons ousted William Sessions as FBI director. There wasn’t an MSM peep then either.

  18. San Antonio is already lost in progtardville?

    For the love of God.

    1. Austin and El Paso too, IIRC.

      Funny thing about cities too. Evidently Gen Zers are not as Lefty as Millennials and Boomers. Quite a few of these Gen Zers grew up in cities, so the Blue shift in cities is not the sure thing anymore.

      States Where Each Generation of Americans Is Growing, Declining
      (They call Gen Zers “Post Millennials”)

      Census 2020 is going to shock the fuck out of Lefties. Georgia, Texas and other Red states are picking up House districts, while Blue states will be losing House districts.

    2. Most of the right-leaning military population doesn’t live in San Antonio, they live in the suburbs because San Antonio’s schools are the drizzling shit, especially on the south side.

      There’s been a huge amount of growth outside the 1604 loop the last 15 years as families try to get their kids into decent schools.

      1. The center cities of Texas have always been left. The burbs and the rural areas are where the political power is and they still lean strongly right.

        1. Remember, it was an Austin D.A who started this whole political prosecution mess by repeatedly (and somewhat dererangedly) going after Tom DeLay on extremely tenuous money laundering charges based on campaign contributions to state candidates from national Republican PACs).

      2. I saw firsthand last year, San Antonio’s crazy growth. Those 3 rings of highways circling San Antonio are very similar to Atlanta in that many people who work in the cities try to stay away from the city’s Lefty center.

  19. LOL ? Drumpf supporters and phony progressives are about to look pretty stupid after all their premature gloating this weekend!

    Watergate Figure John Dean Suspects Barr May Be Hiding Something ‘Fairly Ugly’


    1. He’s picking the wrong horse if he wants off of the “most corrupt administration in history” list. He should be targetting the people that we know used the IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ and other federal agencies to target their political opponents. Nixon was a piker next to these folks.

    2. fight the power.

  20. I think this is a compliment?

    When I was in college, Nick Gillespie was for me what Aerosmith was for Slash. I’m not at all embarrassed to say that, and no, I won’t explain.

    It might be true that only media types actually follow Twatter.

    1. Twitter is a media advertising platform and a political checkers board. Anything else going on there is an accident and subject to deletion.

  21. So.

    Imbecilic Democrats want to do away with the Electoral College because they lost. Will they want to eliminate law now since they lost here?

    Heck, burn the Constitution and burn it all down like Madonna wants!

    1. “Will they want to eliminate law now since they lost here?”

      That horse left the barn years ago. A two party legal system is what we have already.

    2. If they eliminate law, can we then just go & burn them out w flamethrowers?

  22. For the uninitiated, “TANSTAAFL” stands for “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” ? essentially a caution that you can’t get something for nothing.

    If you have to explain your campaign slogan it isn’t very good. Build the Wall and Drain the Swamp needed no explanation and Drain the Swamp was brilliant because the crowd defined the term Swamp based on their own definition leaving Trump in agreement with everyone in the audience.

    1. “Drain the Swamp” was Trump’s “Hope and Change”. Both slogans are ambiguous and allow the listener to project what they want to hear onto the terms.

      1. Yup totally brilliant. Libertarians top slogan doesn’t even come close. They should go with Drain that Change!

        1. Yeah, “your right to swing your fist ends at my nose” just doesn’t have that pithy ring to it.

          Plus, most folks on the left and right don’t agree with the sentiments. They want to swing their fists wherever they please, and want to be able to strictly control where other’s swing their fists, even if no nose happens to be there.

          1. How about, “Just do it!”

      2. Yup. As I’ve said before, Trump is a lot like Obama that way. Everyone projects what they want to see onto the man.

    2. Heinlein is clearly popular among libertarians. I’ve had a TANSTAAFL T-shirt for years!

    3. “Fuck You, Cut Spending”.

      Somehow I don’t think lack of a good slogan is the missing piece of the puzzle for teh LP.

      1. Yeah, maybe in the case of DC it should be “refill the swamp”.

  23. “Mueller left open that he may have obstructed the investigation afterward by firing former FBI chief James Comey, among other other actions.”

    Which is had a right to do, considering Comey was out to get him

    1. The President cannot be guilty of obstruction of justive for exercising his legal authority. Beyond that, the firing of Comey in no way hindered the investigation. How can someone who allowed an investigation to go on for two years and spend tens of millions of dollars all the while having it within his power to stop it be guilty of obstruction of justice?

      1. If anybody in the congressional leadership calls for a congressional investigation into the Comey firing, it’ll be the Republicans.

        The Democrat leadership is surely smart enough to leave that can of worms alone.

      2. But John, he tweeted mean things. Surely there was mischief afoot!

      3. Comey was fired on the recommendation of the acting attorney general responsible for the ‘Russia’ investigation.

        If this was obstruction then Rosenstein is also in jeopardy.

        Clearly he needs to appear before a grand jury on the matter…

        1. Another important but often overlooked point. The Comey firing was in part at the recommendation of Rosenstein. If Trump were somehow guilty for that firing, Rosenstein would be conflicted and couldn’t oversee the investigation.


    Anybody else watch “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”?

    The last vignette in the film is about some people on a stage coach. They’re arguing about various issues of prestige, wealth, morality, etc. when they begin their journey, but ass they go further down the road, they slowly come to realize that their destination was all pretense. They’re actually dead, and they’re on their way to the underworld–and all the shit they used to care about doesn’t matter anymore.

    That’s like what’s happening to the media right now.

    Somehow, they survived Trump’s election with their delusions intact, but now the realization that they’re dead in the water is just starting to sink in. Everything they thought was so important just a few days ago doesn’t matter anymore–and the truth is that it never mattered one bit.

    1. That is a good analogy. The media was dead the moment Trump won the election. If the media couldn’t keep Trump from winning election after putting forth the most concerted determined effort to prevent it possible, who could they keep from winning? And if they no longer can prevent candidates from winning, then they no longer matter.

      The last two years have been mostly the media dreaming up various excuses for why that isn’t true and they really are not dead. But like the people in the stage coach, they are dead and there is nothing they can do about it.

      1. The implications of the truth are just too painful for them. The Democratic party and the news media are both dominated by radical environmentalists, feminists, illegal immigrant advocacy, BLM, LGBTQI+ advocacy, and now self-described socialists–people who still can’t understand they the flyover voters they hate on won’t vote for them.

        The truth is that all the news media can do ahead of 2020, now, is try to make Medicare for All, reparations for slavery, and eliminating all cows by way of the Green New Deal seem like it’s not completely fucking crazy–since all the leading Democrat candidates are in favor of all that shit. How are they gonna do that?

        This could turn into a cake walk for Trump.

        1. Trump is going to be able to run on being the only thing standing between the US and full on socialism. I think absent a war or a financial crash that overshadows everything, Trump stands a pretty good chance with that position.

        2. Their Lefty World is coming down around them.

          1. The walls are closing in!

        3. The big lie worked for goebbels, why do you think it won’t work here? The nonstop narrative from the DNC prop wing, aka MSM, certainly helped in the midterms.

          Surely you don’t think there will be any introspection, do you? And the same useful idiots will be there to carry the water forward.

    2. there not dead in the water, they are promising multiple investigations into the investigations. they will carry that bucket of water all the way till 2020 where they will find their bucket had leak.

    3. I just wish all the people in the media were real,y dead and on their way to the underworld.

  25. If Miami’s experience is representative, ICE may now be targeting hundreds of U.S. citizens each year in states like Florida. #flapol #sayfie
    ? ACLU of Florida (@ACLUFL) March 24, 2019

    Look, why should they get special treatment? The federal government harasses everyone eventually.

  26. The Chron headline had it that ‘Findings Generally Favor Trump’.
    I’m sure it took HOURS to come up with something which wasdn’t quite a lie, but sure tried to be.

    1. What I don’t understand is how the media thought that Mueller had something that was never leaked. You knew there wasn’t anything on Trump or it would have been leaked by the various partisans in the office long age. It certainly would have been leaked before last November’s midterms. Yet, they all seem geniunely suprised this cam out in Trump’s favor.

      1. There’s another at least hippo in the room which has been ignored for at least a year:
        If Mueller had the smoking gun, he MUST inform the proper agencies RIGHT NOW! If the Russkis had really caused the election to be a fraud, that’s serious business, and you don’t wait another year or so to see if there’s one more unpaid parking ticket.
        Hell, I figured he might at least come up with ‘the smoking pea-shooter’, and he didn’t even do that. 2-1/2 years: ‘Oh, well, uh, gee…’

        1. Yeah, any rational observer should have realized by month 2 at the absolute latest that there was nothing coming. If the President of the United States were in the thrall of an adversarial power, immediate and decisive action would be imperative. I’d like to think rusty would take priority over troll farms and unfiled FBARs.

      2. When I talked to prog friends about this, their hypothesis was that “Mueller just runs a tight ship”. They rejected the idea that there was simply nothing to leak.

        1. They really are dellusional. Think about that for a moment. Let’s say that Mueller had found that Trump was working for Putin. They are claiming that he had this evidence and decided not to tell the public about it before the midterm elections? I don’t like Muehler but even I don’t think he is that big of a dirt bag. That would be border line treason to withhold such evidence from the public until after an election.

          1. Prosecutors that hold indictments or info for political reasons are just viewed with skepticism.

            Its why New York’s indictment of Manafort is a joke. NY publicly said it was because they were afraid Trump would pardon him and he would not serve out his full sentence.

            Prosecutors have a lot of power and most Americans give prosecutors some slack to do their jobs. There is a line where Americans turn on prosecutors.

  27. “If Miami’s experience is representative, ICE may now be targeting hundreds of U.S. citizens each year in states like Florida.”

    The “now” in that statement is horseshit, because anybody who reads Reason knows that this shit has been happening for a long time before Trump even ran for president. The ACLU is just a sad arm of the Democrat Party now.

  28. Oh, and The Bern was in SF over the weekend, claiming that the same tired, socialist, shit pile he offered in 2016 is now ‘mainstream’.
    A crowd of lefties wanting free shit cheered him on.

  29. This changes nothing!

    Like with Kavanaugh, Covington, Smolett, etc. The lying leftist media pushing a narrative over facts will learn absolutely nothing and continue to be just as horrible and dishonest as they have always been.

    1. The article itself is just complete horseshit.

      Between February 2017 and February 2019, ICE issued detainers for 420 people listed in Miami-Dade County jail records as U.S. citizens, according to the ACLU report. ICE rescinded its request in at least 83 of these cases ? a strong indication that it had wrongly identified dozens of U.S. citizens as being undocumented, the civil liberties group said.

      Notice it doesn’t say they are actually citizens. It says they are listed by Dade county as such. How does Dade County know? They don’t. All that means is the person told Dade County they were citizens. Gee, someone here illegally and in jail lied about being a citizen? Never. Then in 83 of those cases ICE dropped its detainer. So, when ICE figured out the people were citizens, it dropped the detainer. That is how its supposed to work. T

      1. “So, when ICE figured out the people were citizens, it dropped the detainer. That is how its supposed to work. T”

        Aren’t we only supposed to detain people after we’ve found that they aren’t citizens and haven’t immigrated legally?

        I’m no fan of what the ACLU has become, but you seem backwards on this, John.

        1. Aren’t we only supposed to detain people after we’ve found that they aren’t citizens and haven’t immigrated legally?

          Sure and ICE thought they had found that. And sometimes they are wrong. Every human activity is sometimes.

          1. I suppose your argument of “mistakes happen” is acceptable.

            1. Do you real,y have an expectation that ICE should be completely error free?

    2. hen there is this

      According to an August Cato Institute report, ICE issued 814 detainers for people listed as U.S. citizens between 2005 and 2017 in Travis County, Texas. The agency eventually canceled about one-quarter of those requests.

      Note, it is the same pattern. People claim to be citizens when arrested and CATO and the ACLU assume they must be telling the truth. No, it looks to me like only about a quarter of them are telling the truth.

      Then note the two actual examples they give. One guy is suing the sheriffs departement because they threatened to deport him. ICE had nothing to do with it or he would presumably be suing ICE as well. The other guy was detained for an extra two days before ICE realized its mistake and dropped the detainer. Two days is the best they can come up with.

      1. Though the sentiment is well taken, can you say unequivocally that were you misidentified as a someone wanted for a crime and detained (read: in jail) for 2 days, you’d be okay with that because ultimately the system got it right?

        1. I am not okay with it, but in the scheme of injustices that is pretty far down the list. And it sure as hell doesn’t rise to the level of injustice Cato and the ACLU are claiming.

          1. And it is not systematic and intentional… like something like asset forfeiture.

            In this case we have at least 10 million people living here illegally. So if you were to make a serious effort to deport even 10% of those people, that means a million arrests.

            And if you were amazingly precise in your investigations and you got it right 99% of the time, that’s still a thousand people you wrongly arrested.

            Given that we are talking about arrests and not actual deportations, making a mistake 10% of the time wouldn’t be amazingly incompetent. What are the percentages of arrests or detentions for robbery that don’t result in a conviction? Or even charges for that matter?

            Still, it would suck to be locked up for even an afternoon on a bogus immigration charge, even though that should be a pretty easy rap for most of us to beat, having been born in a hospital.

        2. “can you say unequivocally that were you misidentified as a someone wanted for a crime and detained (read: in jail) for 2 days, you’d be okay with that because ultimately the system got it right?”

          How long was OJ in jail for murders of which he was not convicted? It happens.

        3. These people were jailed for something else. ICE delays are the least of their problems.

      2. What percentage of arrested individuals being citizens having their rights violated is high enough to not continue the practice? 5%? 15%? 50%?

        1. I don’t know. It is greater than zero because every system will have injustice and be imperfect. So what is your point?

          1. I suppose we should have no law and order ever because someone will make a mistake at some point.

  30. “Antitrust actions against big tech are now palatable”
    “A decade ago, when the greed and carelessness of the financial industry came close to destroying the economy, the overwhelming response by politicians and the public was: Meh. Almost instantly, all was forgiven and forgotten.
    Now the tech industry ? which, among other impressive innovations, provides the world’s knowledge on demand, lets people freely broadcast their diverse opinions and has made shopping as easy as pushing a button ? has made some mistakes of its own. It has abused privacy, squeezed the competition and casually spread hate. And that’s just the beginning of the list….”…..710264.php

    Yep, twitter is just like a bank. If you’re a j-school grad working at NYT, that is.

    1. Here is the bottom line to the social media platforms and how Libertarians should see the issue. Normally, if you publish something, you are responsible if it is libelous or violates someone’s copyright. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t know. You as a publisher have a duty to ensure your publication doesn’t violate copyright or slander someone.

      The social media companies were given immunity from such liability as long as they promptly took such material down when informed of its existence. The reason for that was that the platforms claimed to just be modes of communication. So, holding them liable for what is on their platform is like holding the phone company liable for me slandering someone in a phone call.

      That was all well and good, until the social media companies started to claim the power to kick anyone off of their platform for any reason other than doing something illegal. The moment they did that and claimed the freedom to control the content of what is on their platform, they necessarily should have to assume the responsibility for what is there. So, if they want to censor based on viewpoint or any other criteria, they can but they lose their immunity. If they want the immunity, they have to give up the freedom to censor based on viewpoint.

      1. +10

      2. This is a solid take.

        Want to “edit” the content? Deal with the laws that all editing publications have to deal with. You can’t edit your site, then claim immunity because, “well, it wasn’t us that put it up there.”

        1. It drives me crazy when Libertarians say “its their platform” like that is the final answer. Yeah, its their platform. If they want the freedom to run it however they want, then they should have the corresponding responsibility for what goes on it.

          1. The deal was pretty explicit at the time.

            Now, much less so. It was 20 years ago, so I suppose our collective memory doesn’t run that deep.

            Heck, our collective memory rarely runs more than 24 hours these days, so I suppose 20 years is asking way too much.

          2. Well it’s not pure libel like pizzagate or mean words by the orange man. Those two are direct threats to our democracy.

          3. “If they want the freedom to run it however they want, then they should have the corresponding responsibility for what goes on it.”

            No. The government cannot force them to run it in any way (except fraud, slander, etc that are banned everywhere), else they don’t own it. You are suggesting Stalinist tactics.

      3. This seems like a really solid argument. Well put, John.

      4. “The moment they did that and claimed the freedom to control the content of what is on their platform, they necessarily should have to assume the responsibility for what is there.”

        No. They own the platform and can run it as they see fit. End of discussion.

  31. Am I the only one in the entire universe disturbed that Donald J Trump is actually less shady than previously thought? They raided his fixers office and he only paid off two different women he had sex with and their was nothing leaked about his shady business practices. This news is making me rethink might vote for him in 2020.

    1. Nearly every political enemy of the GOP and Trump along with Deep State bureaucrats tried to get Trump and they couldn’t.

      Impressive for a never politician.

      1. Yeah, you’d think that the entire worldwide media institution, and governments everywhere out to get you would find something if they could, and they just can’t, and that gives them Teh Sadz.

        1. They’re just running at the level of their parentally-bribed qualifications.

          They’re nothing more than the inbred rot that inevitably comes with feudal “nobility.” Mis-substituting the word “meritocracy” doesn’t change that.

      2. Think of all the people Obama managed to force out of his way by essentially blackmailing them.

        One key difference is that Trump is impossible to embarrass.

    2. That storyline won’t come out til the end of Trump Season 3, when he battles with the SDNY. I’m thinking end of summer.

      The walls are closing in!

      1. It’s the beginning of the end!!

    3. You need to recognize the power of projection.

      Nobody gets to where Trump was (in real estate, casinos, television, etc.) by being a straight arrow. But, in comparison to national level politicians he was a straight arrow.

      The thing is, the politicians don’t know that. Mostly because they only know their own world. So they assume he’s at least as dirty as them. In their minds probably more dirty than them (because they assuage their sense of guilt by telling themselves they are serving a higher good.)

      The Democrats look at what the children of Biden and others did to line their pockets back when they were in power, and at what Obama and Clinton did, and they just know that Trump has to be doing even more and even worse.

      1. I think you are right Thomas. They knew the Russian collusion thing was bullshit. They are the ones who made it up. They figured that once they started investigating they would find something dirty on Trump because they assumed everyone is as dirty as they are. The irony of this whole thing is that Trump turns out to be the most honest man in Washington. You tell me another politician in Washington who could have withstood this amount of scrutiny and had it turn up so little. I can’t think of one.

        1. I suspect, as a matter of evidence, both Cruz and Rubio could have stood up to such an investigation. Jeb wouldn’t stand a chance – his own family would pull his plug long before anyone else. Whether Cruz or Rubio had the requisite spine is another question.

          1. I would love to discuss how GOP Presidential candidates like Rubio, Jeb Bush, Cruz would have stood up to Lefty attacks had they won the election.

            I have to admit that I never imagined that Trump had the balls to do what he has to the Lefties while standing up to them. Its very impressive.

            Trump might have given this Constitutional Democratic Republic a few more decades before Civil War 2.0

            1. I thought Trump would cave in and work closely with Schumer and Pelosi on tons of legislation. I don’t get why more people, when attacked, don’t decide to tell their attackers to go happily fuck themselves.

              1. Because the idiots think they are protecting their careers (they haven’t figured out yet that there is tremendous political power to be gained by standing your ground). Trump isn’t a career politician.

              2. I suspect that Trump would have, had he been approached — look at the policies he was in favor of in his 1999 book angling for the 2000 presidential campaign. But the Democratic base was so outraged over him being in office that Schumer and Pelosi couldn’t.

        2. And the doubly ironic part, John, is that several here will read your comment and claim you think Trump is not corrupt at all.

          The concept that Trump is dirty but far LESS so than his critics is just mind blowing to them.

          Democrats are used to the press covering up their crimes so thoroughly that they fool themselves into believing they didn’t commit any crimes. Trump, for all of his faults, has EVERY SINGLE SKELETON IN HIS CLOSET out in the open. Most Democrats know a fishing expedition like this done to them would obliterate them and make them look so much worse than their public persona. Trump, somehow, came out looking BETTER.

          1. Anyone who can have the public colonoscopy Trump had without finding shit is among the cleanest in our society, in legal issues. He’s just a damned bully, which is not criminal.

    4. Donald Trump is absolutely not as shady and corrupt as the Clintons. He is just incredibly bad at it. Even as a real estate developer, I would say he’s more successful and less shady than most other big real estate developers. The bars are just soooooooo low. So many things people are noticing because Trump is a moron are not unique to Trump or new to politics or real estate. I hope people realize this, otherwise they’ll go right back to ignoring it all when he’s gone.

      1. I think some people call him a ‘moron’ about things and what they mean is that he is not good at being a corrupt like the Clintons.

        I wish more politicians were ‘morons’ about politics and the systematic corruption.

        Additionally, Trump is a lot of things but all the good results he gets from his strategies are not random. Even the reactions he gets from Lefties are not random. You can easily predict that Lefties are violent, corrupt, liars, and will do nearly anything to be the authoritarians in power.

    5. They raided his fixers office and he only paid off two different women he had sex with and their was nothing leaked about his shady business practices.

      Was nothing leaked? I thought there was plenty of number mismatching and fake valuation, just that none of it was done by Russian accounting firms or when selling hotels to Moscow. If you went into the investigation thinking that Trump University was a bastion of higher learning, your illusions definitely got shattered. The problem is that, apparently, running a scam university wasn’t and isn’t seen as an impeachable offense by either side coming or going. Although, I can’t say I blame him for wanting to get in on the post-secondary education racket.

  32. I see OBL is here, but that’s a joke anyhow. Tony seems to have been ‘busy’ since Mueller dropped the dime. I’m sure he’ll return with some lame talking points and claim he never really meant Trump was ‘colluding’.

    1. He is in the process of grieving before he learns what the approved talking points are.

    2. He’s just waiting for ThinkProgress and MediaMatters to coordinate derping points

    3. Are the salty prog tears as abundant as Nov 9, 2016?

      Can’t be far off.

  33. Mueller left open that he may have obstructed the investigation afterward by firing former FBI chief James Comey, among other other actions.

    ^The Reasonstance^

    1. aka Bargaining

  34. “Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport”

    “, especially chickens!”

    1. San Antonio is very tolerant except for tolerance.

  35. Now Trump needs to go and pardon or severely reduce sentences for all the people those assholes charged on bunk things.

    I hope the Dems double down on their crazy though. Any sane person already lost respect for them long ago, but maybe if they double down even some of the loonies will cut and run!

  36. Easier to continue to blame Putin than admit Hillary was a shitty candidate with her own issues.

  37. “If there’s any group we can say “beyond a reasonable doubt” acted badly, it’s certain #Resistance grifters and segments of the media, particularly folks at MSNBC.”

    I don’t think these news outlets represent a market failure–so much as they’re about pursuing a different kind of profit.

    Buffet bought CapCities-ABC back before it was Disney, and a large part of that seems to have been about deflecting criticism from him as one of the movers and shakers of his era. He often defied the labor unions in his work–and profited by beating them. He was Bill Gates’ mentor, and Gates formed MSNBC in the wake of the antitrust suit against Microsoft. Bezos didn’t buy the Washington Post to pad the cash flow on his bottom line. He wants to deflect criticism away from himself, personally, and Amazon.

    Politicians who want to criticize these media moguls understand that do so at the risk of being subjected to the mogul’s big microphone. Even journalists who think they might want to work for Disney, NBCUniversal, the Washington Post or its associations through Amazon, know that they better not piss those guys off. That’s the measure of profit for the guys who buy into those news agencies.

    One of the things I’m loving about cord cutting and Sling is that I can buy a package that doesn’t include any of those news properties–except for CNN, and I wish they’d drop that one.

    1. When Trump called people like MSNBC the enemies of the American people, he was probably right! When think of MSNBC, it’s like tolerating a safe injection site for heroin addicts or something–MSNBC is like a disgrace that we tolerate on principle despite how disgusting it is.

      1. Most of the media are propagandists. They are absolutely the enemy of the people of the USA.

  38. Just as it is easier to blame “elites” and “globalization” for a no-count slackjaw’s deplorable, self-inflicted life in the desolate sticks?

    1. “Just as it is easier to blame “elites” and “globalization” for a no-count slackjaw’s deplorable, self-inflicted life in the desolate sticks?”

      It’s very easy to blame pathetic assholes like you.
      Fuck off, you tired piece of shit.

    2. Arthur L. Hicklib is certainly an expert on living a deplorable, self-inflicted life.

    3. Perhaps the greatest contradiction in the progressive mind is the heartfelt conviction that progressives represent average people–while simultaneously hating hating average people’s guts.

      You may not believe this, but if progressives hate on the white, blue collar, middle class of the rust belt year after year after year . . . they may start to suspect that you hate them!

      If you hate them for being racist because they’re white, homophobic because they’re Christian, xenophobic because they don’t want illegal immigration, pro-rape culture because they’re heterosexual, stupid because they won’t sacrifice their standard of living for global warming . . . yeah, they may start to think you hate them for being white, heterosexual, wanting a decent standard of living–for being average people!

      After a while, the white, blue collar, middle class may stop buying what progressives are selling come an election year. You’re not fighting for average people. You hate average people, and average people know it because progressives can hardly open their mouths without hate against average people falling out. Those people you hate are the voters you need to win, dumbass!

      Never change.

      1. No, progressives know how average people must live. Why won’t these serfs just do as they’re told?

    4. Yes, the same slack-jawed, racist, deplorable yokels in PA, MI, and WI who voted for Obama twice. I have a hard time believing that you really are that dumb, Rev.

      1. Nothing more racist than voting for a black man twice but not voting for a corrupt old white woman, amirite?

      2. I’m increasingly suspecting that he’s an OBL-type parody.

    5. Funny how those hicks don’t have to bribe their kids into college.

  39. My stupid left-wing jerkoff supervisor came in so unusually early for work this morning that I suspect he was up all night long crying. He’s going around with a sullen, angry look on his face not saying a word. It’s taking all the effort I can muster to not laugh in his face!

    1. Whisper MAGA around him.

      Hahaha. I have been doing that to Lefties for days.

      1. That actually sounds kind of fun. Like white noise machine that mutters sounds which are just low decibel enough to sense but not loud enough to hear clearly. It should never say MAGA, it should just utter word sounds that are close enough to be perceived that way.

        1. I send plastic straws and styrofoam to politicians that love banning shit like that.

          I considered sending and leaving reams of paper with MAGA written on them, just like White Rose did to the Nazis but I haven’t gotten around to it.

        2. “Ain’t it great!”

          Things are great again!

          These are great times!

  40. Hahahahhahhaaaaahah x infinity

  41. Did they release the report? No. Barr says there wasn’t enough evidence to prove criminal conspiracy between anyone in Trump world and Russia. That doesn’t Trump world didn’t secretly interact with representatives from the Russian govt to discuss future cooperation for dirt on Hillary. That’s a scandal. There’s no fucking shame in raising the alarm about Trump and Russia the way Ms. Brown paints. There was enough suspicion for Republican appointees to appoint a Republican investigator to check it out. Thats a scandal right there. Your own justice department appointee thinks you sold out to Putin. We haven’t seen the facts from Mueller’s report. Here’s what y’all wouldn’t know otherwise without this investigation, just off the top of my head: Flynn was lying about his interactions with the Kremlin, Trump was doing business with Putin during the campaign, Trump Jr met with representatives of the Russian govt for dirt on Hillary. Whether you realize it or not Trump invited Putin’s attack on us wittingly or unwittingly. Fuck your stupidity. It’s such a dangerous thing.

    1. Hahaha.

      MAGA! Thanks Trump!

    2. Fuck your stupidity. It’s such a dangerous thing.

      Libertarian slogan?

    3. Buy a bullet, rent a gun, and kill yourself.

      1. Look at you. That garbage that comes out of your mouth. You’re trash man.

        1. Hey, RRWP is just suggesting you make the world a better and more intelligent place.

          1. This is a good example of how twisted you are. It’s no wonder we disagree so much.

            1. “This is a good example of how twisted you are.”

              So you’d rather not make the world measurably more intelligent? What a shame.
              And the reason we disagree is simple: you’re a fucking lefty ignoramus.

              1. The funny thing is I’ve voted for more Republicans in my life than you have apparently.

                1. This shouldn’t be something one brags about.

        2. You’d be saving the planet by using less oxygen. Look it up, it’s all part of the plan in the Green New Deal

        3. Look at you. That garbage that comes out of your mouth. You’re trash man.

          And your a fucking lunatic that can’t get over the fact that he was wrong, and keep making excuse for why you are wrong.

          Stop projecting your trash worldview on others.

    4. “Fuck your stupidity. It’s such a dangerous thing.”

      Yep, OP, 2-1/2 years of looking for something, ANYTHING, and they come up empty. And still fucking lefty ignoramuses like you are hoping that there’s a straw somewhere to grasp.
      It is quite enjoyable to laugh at you spittle-flecked posts.

    5. Keep clinging on.

      “”That doesn’t Trump world didn’t secretly interact with representatives from the Russian govt to discuss future cooperation for dirt on Hillary””

      You don’t really care about a candidate getting dirt from Russia, else you be would calling for an indictment against Hillary too. We have actual evidence of her campaign paying a british ex-spy to get Russian dirt. Steele has already testified that he was paid by Hillary For America and that the purpose of the dossier was to, in Steele’s own words “contest the election”.

      1. My issue is with Trump making common cause with Putin and Russia while he’s trying to score a real estate deal. My issue is the fucking lie after lie from these Trump, Don Jr, Manafort, Flynn, etc. M
        Let’s see the facts from the investigation not just a conclusion that “Trump et al did not directly coordinate with the Russian govt efforts”. I never expected to see evidence of Trump asking for criminal favors from Russia. You heard Trimp’s own lawyer tell you how Trump works. It won’t make since for Russia to directly coordinate with Trump. We’re talking about the mafia when we discuss the Russians. Trump may it clear enough he was down with Russia. There’s no shame in calling it out. It’s dirty. Trump had Russian shit all over him.

        1. Trump had by opening up US oil production and walking away from the Paris accords done more damage to Putin and Russia than Obama did in 8 years.

          1. That’s true John about the oil. It’s a comforting fact.

            1. Trump’s forcing of Europe to spend more on its defense is also the last thing Putin wants. Its basically a call to arms against Russia.

              1. Spending record amounts on our military puts pressure on Russia to keep up.

                1. Spending record amounts on our military puts pressure on Russia to keep up.

                  No wonder you’re so emotionally invested in a narrative that’s fallen apart like wet tissue paper in the span of a weekend. You’ve grown senile and still think we’re fighting the Cold War.

                  1. RRWP we are fighting a new Cold War ON 2 FRONTS – Russia and China. It just hasn’t been formalized as such by the lame stream media.

              2. Great points, John.

        2. “My issue is with Trump making common cause with Putin and Russia while he’s trying to score a real estate deal.”

          Bullshit. Your only issue is your raging case of TDS. Seek help and fuck off.

        3. “”My issue is with Trump making common cause with Putin and Russia while he’s trying to score a real estate deal.

          Why does this bother you but a candidate conspiring with the FBI and a ex-british agent to create a dossier using Russian information for the purpose of contesting a legit election being used in a secret court doesn’t phase you at all? I expect all kinds of dirty play in the name opposition research to be used in campaign strategy. But what the Hillary camp did with the FBI and FISA is much bigger deal.

          “‘My issue is the fucking lie after lie from these Trump, Don Jr, Manafort, Flynn, etc. M””””

          That the team you hate is lying. When the team you like lies, you give them a pass. That’s partisan politics and why team Trump will give a pass to his lies. It’s two sides of the same coin.

          1. Now that Mueller has spoken, Trump should decimate the treasonous FBI.

            1. The interesting thing is that this was somewhat investigated by the FBI’s IG and already aired out in Congressional testimony. The IG report was pretty damning of FBI behavior. Very few seem to care.

    6. Look everybody–the crackpot conspiracy theorist is back!

      1. Yep, there you are.

        1. Oh, how…………….

      2. I’m pretty sure that “Ordinary Person” is just another one of Mary Stack’s many troll accounts. The psychopath just can’t help herself.

    7. Is OP a sock OBL is trying out? Just as outrageously stupid and hilarious at the same time. Or is OP life imitating OBL’s art?

  42. Will the dems move on, or will they become the party of petty?

    Becoming the party of petty and watch Trump win in 2020.

    1. Without a steady supply of illegals to support the dwindling numbers in the Democratic Party, that Party will soon be the Party of “What’s a Democrat”

      1. “Oh, you mean *Demonrat*!”

      2. Well, they still will have the hipsters living in their parents basements, the non-binary, and vagina voters. That could carry them for a while until they bankrupt the country paying for favors for these groups.

          1. Someone who will vote for a female candidate simply because she is female.

  43. Local Reverend Found Guilty
    Eunice Today
    By Joyce Billings
    March 3, 1996

    Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland told his parishioners they could benefit themselves while doing God’s work if they invested in his ‘Progressive Christian’-based company, which lent small amounts of money to entrepreneurs in developing countries.
    Instead, a jury in Lafayette, LA agreed that Kirkland defrauded his friends and flock out of thousands of dollars.
    Kirkland told investors they would make their money back with profit, all while fueling growth in developing countries. But that never happened.

    Kirkland’s crime was brought to light by a parishioner, whose name is being withheld because she is a minor.

    Sentencing is to be announced.

    1. And that was posted in 2017!

  44. The President Isn’t a Russian Spy.

    “He’s a *North Korean* spy!”

  45. >>>Resistance Media

    fucking whiners. *real* resistance media on line 3, says “1A, assholes. enjoy not being lined up and shot.”

  46. Some of you are saying that the the lefty media will keep this thing going until November 2020, but I think that gets it wrong.

    People are already tired of this. The Mueller investigation was a TV series that was cancelled last week. The last episode has already been broadcast. They can keep showing old episodes, but the ratings are gonna fall flat.

    Every Monday, a new news cycle begins, and everything that happened the week before is old news. Every Monday, new news stories start emerging–and it makes it hard for the old stories to compete. This story will taper off and die.

    By next Monday, even if there’s a House committee investigation, even MSNBC will be hard pressed to devote air time to it. It’s over, Johnny! The story is over. It’s an ex-story. By next Monday, we’ll hardly hear about it anymore, and by the Monday after that, this story will be all but forgotten.

    1. Russia was the only thing that mattered. If it had been shown that Trump worked with the Russians to help his re-election campaign, I think people would have cared enough to at least end his re-election chances. But without that, the public isn’t going to care. They are not going to care about “obstruction of justice” where there is no underlying crime and they sure as hell are not going to care about Turmp paying off porn stars.

    2. Ken, the problem revolves around a matter of faith. Like that idiot OP above, many in the media have invested quite a bit of their identities in the “Trump is GUILTY” meme, and you don’t give that sort of belief up overnight.
      Perhaps you’re right that cooler heads will prevail, but I can easily see Maddow and Matthews, for instance, beating this horse-corpse for quite a while.
      What else do they have to offer?

      1. But those people didn’t and never will vote for him anyway.

        1. Many of the swing voters will start to seriously question whether they can trust CNN et al. That’s the point.

          1. Exactly.
            CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, will all likely continue to sully their brands by giving platform to the TDS victims.
            I hope they keep it up until the YT vids are rife with images of tears and spittle-flaked shoutings regarding how ‘Trump got off scot-free!!!!!!!!!’
            It pretty much mirrors the narrative of how a ‘reasonable’ HRC is going to win, since ‘No one we know would ever vote for Trump’, right, asshole rev?

    3. “”Some of you are saying that the the lefty media will keep this thing going until November 2020, but I think that gets it wrong.”‘

      We will see. If the dems are smart they will let it go and try to govern. If they don’t let it go, they will become the party of pettiness and I don’t think that will play well with centrist and swing voters.

    4. What about re-runs and syndication?

      1. MSNBC will just keep repeating their last 2 years of content over and over.

    5. Well, I hope you are right. I’ve certainly had enough. I’m sure some people will try, though. There seems to be a lot trying to keep the “Russia stole the election” crap going at least.

    6. As a good libertarian you are obviously very concerned that we minimize investigation into potential wrongdoing by top government officials. They have (R)s after their names, after all.

      1. 2 years of investigations aren’t enough?

      2. Minimize fraudulently initiated, unsupported, biased, political investigations…YES

      3. There’s our butthurt schmuck. Guess a nearly two-and-a-half year investigation without anything substantial is a minimal investigation.

      4. “As a good libertarian you are obviously very concerned that we minimize investigation into potential wrongdoing by top government officials. They have (R)s after their names, after all.”

        Shitbag, most of us here would prefer further investigations into potential wrongdoing by top government officials. The ones which have not gotten proper scrutiny. The ones with (D) after their names.

  47. Is there a stock that tracks with spending on psychiatrists? I have a feeling they’re going to have a busy summer

    1. No doubt Pfizer and Eli Lily stock is going up

  48. What I find most fascinating about this process is the cognitive dissonance about corrupt individuals seeking out potential presidential candidates. With all these advisors and specialists coming and going, is anyone really surprised that people in the lobbying/political industry have skeletons in their closet?

    1. An astute point.

      There is a gobsmackingly huge pile of money waiting to be claimed in the lobbying/politicking business. It should be no wonder that cockroaches are crawling all over the place trying to leverage a way into that pile.

  49. TANSTAAFL makes for a terribly wide trucker hat.

    1. It’s much shorter than the first line of “Make America Great Again”.

  50. The Stranger’s Katie Herzog apologizes:

    So what I’m getting from this convoluted kerfuffle is the left-leaning media is getting sick of people getting dragged before the firing squads?

  51. So… what’s this about some reporting being released on Friday that has everyone at CNN and MSNBC in tears?

    1. They finally learned there is no Santa.

  52. Progs would not give a rats’ add about any Russian connection if the president issued an executive order for free abortion and sex change surgery on demand and a green new deal. They are about aesthetics not ethics.

  53. “Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome…now, Chick-fil-A, get the hell out.”

  54. Senator Graham just said something to the effect of:
    “I had my suspicions of Trump and I looked him in the eye and said to Trump, if you did this you’re finished. So I supported the Mueller investigation and it wasn’ta witch hunt.” There you go. Even Graham had his doubts about Trump enough to support an investigation.

    1. So he’s as pathetic a piece of shit as you? Good to know

    2. keyword: had

      Doubts are fine, doubling down is not

    3. You mean man who didn’t know a man very well didn’t assume he could no wrong?

      I mean, come on, Trump wasn’t Obama!

      That Trump didn’t, you know, do anything is going to be something you’ll have to eventually deal with.

  55. BTW, someone linked this above, but check at 4:36. Maher doesn’t need Mueller’s report; he “has a TV”. Yep, Maddow told him all he needs to know!
    There are people who ‘get their news’ from such self-referential twits.

    1. Living in the Bubble does that.

      its like these media and Hollywood jerk offs give themselves awards and all attend to show support.

      There is little objective criteria for the awards, which works perfectly so they can fluff each other.

      1. Whereas Tucker Carlson is an objective purveyor of harsh nonpartisan truth, despite his not being a Rhodes scholar.

        1. Defending Maddow today is a pretty brave position to take. It’s also idiotic, but yes, brave.

        2. Tony|3.25.19 @ 12:17PM|#
          “Whereas Tucker Carlson is an objective purveyor of harsh nonpartisan truth, despite his not being a Rhodes scholar.”

          Yep, ‘Hey! Look over there!’
          That’s the best our resident shitbag can do.

        3. Cecil Rhodes was responsible for some of the most horrific human rights abuses in the history of the African continent. Maddow should be ashamed of accepting such patronage.

        4. Saying that she’s no better than Tucker Carlson doesn’t seem like much of a defense.

          1. Except Tucker is actually entertaining…

    2. And one thing Rachel Maddow needs right now is for someone to suck her dick to completion to make her feel better.

      1. Tell her to call Robert Kraft!

    3. Maher who famously said that his side needed to stop calling people Nazis when they aren’t (November 5, 2016 quote).

      1. “Maher who famously said that his side needed to stop calling people Nazis when they aren’t (November 5, 2016 quote).”

        So he got one right?

  56. Watching your girl Molly complain to Comey today was one of the many highlights thus far

    I’m sure all your resistance feminazi friends will be delightful to be around the next couple weeks

  57. Democrat, media and Hollywood official response.

  58. “The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

    The point here is that Barr’s quote characterizing Mueller is misleading. Mueller did not say what Barr said. Mueller (according to Barr), said: [T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.

    See? Barr says more than Mueller’s report said. Barr’s lawyerly omission of “government” has fooled Elizabeth Nolan Brown, as it was intended to. It was intended to fool careless readers everywhere.

    1. I’m not sure what else “coordinating with Russia” means besides working with the Russian government.

      1. Exactly.

        The real point on display is nitpicking in bad faith as a defense against cognitive dissonance.

    2. If there were any more indictments to be made, the counsel would have already made them or recommended them.

      You sound pathetic, childish, and desperate for resorting to these silly mental gymnastics.

      1. When Roger Stone cracks, more indictments will follow.

        I am rooting for Stone to die in prison no matter how much he rats, though. In an ill-fitting, stained jumpsuit.

        1. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|3.25.19 @ 8:55PM|#
          “When Roger Stone cracks, more indictments will follow.”

          Asshole, does it take tiny hands to grasp straws that thin?
          You pathetic, partisan loser. You and that hag lost in November 2016, and you’re *STILL* trying to blame anything other than the fact shat she’s a human as fucking miserable as you.
          You LOST. Grow up.

  59. “In your heart, you know we’re right.”

    1. Extremism in the defense of liberty is way awesome.

  60. “Nick Gillespie is to X what Aerosmith is to Slash.”

    Put it on the SAT. Let’s see Lori McGiver (or whatever her name is) cheat on that one!

  61. Hey, I have changed my mind several times. In 1964 I was prez of our local teen Dems and we built a colored toilet paper parade float proclaiming “ALL THE WAY WITH LBJ.” That year Hillary, still under the wing of her parents, was a Goldwater Girl.

    Later on I cast my first vote for Jimmy Carter. Soon realized that error and never looked back.

    I feel bad for LBJ. He was one of those pragmatic high plains liberals who was patriotic to a fault but basically believed that anything he could get away with was a fine practice in politics. Lyndon did the absolute right thing punching the Civil Rights Act through and making it stick. He tried to do the right thing making as firm a line against communist expansion in SE Asia as we had drawn in Europe and Korea.

    That didn’t work in a muddy jungle with drafted soldiers. It didn’t work to bomb villages with napalm in order to save them. Overflying and bombing North Vietnam with self-defeating rules of engagement really didn’t work.

    LBJ was not a stupid man, but he was bushwhacked completely by the kind of profound clash of word view we suffer from today, only I think maybe the 2019 version has even become a bit worse, a bit deeper, and likely more dangerous.

  62. I get paid over $180 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I just got paid $ 8550 in my previous month It Sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it.

  63. What Mueller did was use an old prosecutor’s cheap shot. When a prosecutor loses a case they think they should win, it is common at the press conference to hear something such as ” Well although the jury found him to be not guilty, that does not mean he is innocent”. The intent is to keep the accused under a cloud of suspicion even though they were acquitted. Same premise here. Mueller was unable to find a shred of evidence but he wanted to leave the POTUS under a cloud of suspicion so he made his clever statement in the report about being unable to find evidence but that does not exonerate him. Actually, if you cannot find evidence, that is exactly what it does. How can he be guilty if you cannot find evidence to prove guilt? Mueller did not punt, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and how it would work.

  64. Now that the particulate matter in the air has been reduced, Mr. Barr is free to call a special investigator to release new polluting ions to mingle with the carbon dioxide. The most obvious foreign influence in the 2016 campaigns include British MP Nigel Farage, (Mr. Brexit) out of the closet stumping for Trump and even giving warm up speeches with a Queen’s accent to the unwashed rednecks of Georgia. In Hillary’s camp, it was Bibi Netanyahu and his fascist Likud Party with aid of AIPAC and Mossad and Prime Minister Merkel, et al. How many foreign leaders belied their personal biases, mostly pro-Clinton, to the public forum?

    Shocking!! Shocking the corruption and deceit over Uranium One and its contributons to the Clinton Foundation; and the fact that Trump influenced American Presidential elections by using his personal fortune! Which is unethical and illegal? What foreigners can be ordained to be commentators and fund PACS, possess dual citizenships or passports, and which ones beg to undergo two year Federal investigations?

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