Brickbat: What an Ash


Ash Wednesday
Fotoarena/Sipa USA/Newscom

Utah's Davis School District says it is investigating a fourth-grade teacher who forced a student to wipe an Ash Wednesday cross from his forehead, telling him it was inappropriate in the school. The boy's grandmother says she spoke to the teacher after the incident. "I asked her if she read the Constitution with the First Amendment, and she said, no," the grandmother said. The teacher and the school district have apologized to the boy.

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  1. William said he received a handwritten apology from his teacher and a piece of candy.

    Candy, which he gave up for Lent. Insidious!

    1. I would’ve given up handwriting.

  2. Also blackface.

    1. Ashface is almost as bad!

  3. The thing is, I can completely imagine the teacher being sarcastic when she said she’d never read the first amendment, and then have it bite her in the ass because Grandma didn’t give her a pass on being a dick.

  4. This teacher should lose her certification permanently.

    The principal and the school district should cough up for failure to train and supervise.

  5. And, just think, what if this had been a bindi? Or marks of ritualistic [Muslin] self flagellation? Oh boy, social media outrage would have come down on this teacher like a ton of bricks!

    1. Yes, but Christians aren’t quaint coloured people, with exotic spiritualities That We Can All Learn From.
      They’re icky suburbanites and white trash who believe All the Wrong Sort of Beliefs and invented slavery and homophobia and Hitler.
      Of course, there are Black Churches, but that’s different because they are simple folk who don’t understand that they’re perpetrating they’re own oppression.

  6. My copy of the constitution doesn’t list every sect’s weird little peccadillos. I’d like to see granny’s copy. This is Utah. In Boston, teachers might have a similar problem with Mormon temple garments or something.

    1. Do Mormons wear their temple garments to school?

    2. “teachers might have a similar problem with”

      Maybe they should stop being such nannies then. Leave those kids alone.

      1. We don’t need that kind of education.

    3. You mean Utah, the state that at last census had 17% Catholics, making it the second-most common religion in the state?

      That would be like Bostonian Catholics being ignorant not of Mormons but of all Protestants put together.

      And, by the way, the fact that the teacher objected to the ash as “inappropriate in the school” clearly demonstrates that she knew it was a religious expression. Your attempt to grant her the excuse of ignorance is contradicted by her own behavior.

    4. “My copy of the constitution doesn’t list every sect’s weird little peccadillos.”
      Edited it to suit yourself, huh?
      From Granny’s copy – “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

    5. Why would *anyone* have a problem with the special underwear? How would you know it was even being worn?

      And you need to re-read the Constitution. Because the last time I checked, the Constitution doesn’t tell you what you’re allowed to do, only what you’re not allowed to do.

  7. As long as she is just abusing and bullying Christians, all is well.

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  9. What an Ash-hole.

  10. Kid’s not doing it right. He’s supposed to show up with a pentagram on his forehead.

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