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A proposed Iowa law would require local school districts to perform quarterly health and welfare checks of all homeschooling families. If families don't consent to such visits, a court would be able to order them to submit to the visits. The bill also would require homeschooling families to have their educational plans approved by school districts and have their children take part in academic testing.

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  1. This is so cool. Finally those homeschooling idiots teaching their inbred kids about Jesus and the dinosaurs will have to answer to the system of equality and Science.

  2. If families don’t consent to such visits, a court would be able to order them to submit to the visits.

    And likewise homeschooling families can march into public schools under threat of violence to make there are no deficiencies.

    1. Deficiencies like “flipping their desk, throwing books, cussing, hitting teachers, hitting other students”…..discipline

      1. Assholes and jerks (including assholes and jerks who are young children) are not being assholes and jerks of their own free will, they are merely bags of biochemicals, where the biochemicals are the results of their upbringing environment and (maybe 2 or 3%) their genes.

        So we need to NOT stigmatize them or discriminate against them in any way!!! They need the tender mercies of medical professions (especially psychiatrists and talk therapists) who will, for billions of dollars per year, “destigmatize” these poor jerks and assholes, and then all will be well!

        Actually I’m probably not being very sensitive here, calling them jerks and assholes… They merely have “disordered personalities”.

      2. Huh, and I was figuring Chicago. Once upon a time, I had an ex-girlfriend teaching high school in Tampa area, she sent a kid to the principal’s office because the student threatened “to have her brother come to school and stick her* if her skinny white ass dinna give her a pass” in english class. The principal’s office returned her right to class, saying they couldn’t suspend her because the student’s mother needed to work.

        You say homeschool, I say keep my kids out of the prison factories.

        [* 90s slang for stabbing, regardless of what it means to the hippity hop hoodlums of today.]

        1. The kids can threaten to “stick” teacher, and nothing happens.

          Just you see what happens to YOU if YOU threaten to “stick” the POTUS!!!

          “We are all equal, but some are more equal than others”.

          Same old same old…

          1. Whoa, another thing occurs to me!!!

            Mom’s spoiled little terrorist can NOT be kicked out of school, you say, because Mom has to WORK… She is poor, and cannot stay home and take care of spoiled little terrorist brat.

            If Mom is RICH and CAN afford to stay home and take care of spoiled little terrorist brat, then rich brat will be held to higher standards of behavior!

            Once again, the tyranny of low expectations, and so forth… No fixes in sight, if this kind of crap always go on and on…

            1. Simple solution. Get rid of public schools.

    2. “march into public schools under threat of violence” — ha! You can’t even walk into the school where your own kid is taking classes, these days.

  3. You do not escape the clutches of the teacher’s union that easily!

    1. +1

      This reeks of a teachers’ union.

      1. Lead sponsor of the bill was a teacher

        1. Of course it is. The schools are funded on an attendance level basis so the more butts in seats they can get the bigger their funding.

          1. Yup. Its why many school jurisdictions go after truant kids. They don’t get as much money or none at all for absent kids.

            Some schools take this to an extreme by having bullshit study halls so they get paid for kids in seats but little to no resources used to teach them anything useful.

  4. Hey Iowa, here’s an idea. You know all those people who have “cut the cord” and disconnected their cable TV or satellite service because they are fed up with paying a small fortune for 100 channels of crap?

    Comcast and Dish Network representatives should visit their homes on a quarterly basis to monitor what they are doing for evening entertainment instead of watching endless reruns of sitcoms, game shows, or brain-rotting cable news.

    How ironic that even evil kkkorporashuns get it and reluctantly accept it when people displeased with their performance vote with their wallets, yet government just can’t accept no for answer.

  5. “proposed laws” are great clickbait, but wake me up when there’s a danger of them passing.

    1. WAKE UP!!!

      asset forfeiture
      gun control
      speech permits
      post birth ‘abortion’

    2. California recently tried something similar and only backed down when the home school associations rallied in Sacramento. Since CA has one of the largest home school populations in the country, they are naturally periodically the target of Sacramento because of all those juicy juicy attendance dollars they could become for the local public schools.

  6. Iowa… as more and more farmers leave the state, quit, or get too old to vote, the cities take over state policy and implement Socialist laws.

    Here is an example of that.

    1. You don’t know a damn thing about farmers if you think it’s the urbanites that are instituting socialist policies. Farmers were the original socialists, they’re all welfare queens living off of government price controls, subsidies, quotas, the Food Stamp program, the ethanol mandate, etc. Direct and indirect government handouts account for about 130% of the profits made off of commodity crop production in the US – in other words, most farms operate at a loss and would be put out of business if the market were able to function properly because we’ve got too many farmers producing too much shit we don’t need. But those farmers vote and spend millions on lobbyists and Iowa has the first primaries so Presidential candidates have to show up in Iowa and bend the knee to King Corn if they expect to make it past the second or third primary.

      1. Read your history – one of the first things FDR did to ease the effects of the Great Depression, when you had an unprecedented number of unemployed poor people who couldn’t afford a crust of bread, was to impose quotas and price floors on agricultural production deliberately designed to restrict the supply of food in order to raise the price of food. Millions of pigs were slaughtered and buried, millions of gallons of milk were dumped on the ground, millions of tons of food were left rotting in the fields and orchards, in a country where millions of people were hungry – just to make sure the farmers got theirs first. There’s your socialist policies – we don’t care if people are starving, we take care of our own.

      2. Farmers are mostly on board with Socialist policies that help their business. We tend to call that crony capitalism. Interstate commerce is in the Constitution, so Congress regulating farmers is not some out-in-left-field regulation scheme.

        Urbanites ALSO push a new breed of Socialist laws and this is an example of that. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution about government education and certainly nothing about the government controlling what private persons teach their kids.

        1. Off the top of my head, isn’t Congress tasked with providing for the general welfare?

          1. Of course, the Founders meant for “General Welfare” to mean anything the government wants.

            Stupid Founders. We should have just had a two word Constitution:

            General Welfare

      3. “they’re all welfare queens…”

        Not in my family. Not one of them has ever taken a subsidy. I’ve known other farmers who are the same way.

        Please don’t color all with the same brush.

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  9. The Yahoo, one of the most trusted name in progressive propaganda reports —–

    Walmart Santa’s Children Found Buried in Yard Were Homeschooled, Never Reported Missing !!!

  10. So I think I have it now – a woman can kill a child based on her choice, but she cannot choose to keep the state out of her house?

  11. This story may make you cry, “if he can, why can’t I?”

    Transgender man who gave birth opens up about his pregnancy: ‘I don’t see myself as any less of a man’

    I wish I could get pregnant, so my male friends can give me a baby shower and present me some nice gifts like a handgun.

    1. Wouldn’t a life insurance policy be more practical?

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