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Mark Cuban Still Thinking About Running for President as an Independent

Voters "still want someone who is not a politician," the billionaire tells the Daily News. "And you're not getting that from anyone in the Democratic Party."


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Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire/Newscom

Mark Cuban, the billionaire tech entrepreneur, reality TV star, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, told the New York Daily News in a long interview last night that he's still thinking about running for president in 2020.

"I haven't decided anything yet," Cuban told the paper. "We'll see what happens. It all comes down to how things play out….It's not something I feel like I have to do. There's a lot of uncertainty with what's going on with the Mueller report, there's a lot of things that have to be figured out before we know how 2020 is going to play out. But it's something that if circumstances were right I would do."

Cuban has been publicly mulling a run since at least South by Southwest in March 2017, at which he also said "at heart I'm a libertarian." But consistent with his comments since then, he rejected the notion of running as the nominee of any third party in this most recent interview.

"They're all going to have their own internal politics," he said. "So the idea of just starting a third party, that has been tried time and time [again] for 200 years, and so that defeats the purpose and actually makes things worse and not better." (Cuban was asked in 2016 by a Libertarian Party acquaintance to compete for the party's presidential nomination, and responded: "My wife and kids would run away if I did. But I'm flattered.")

In the new interview, Cuban criticized the Democratic primary field for tacking left ("they're doing nothing to try to bring independent and Republican voters aboard"), and for failing to tap into the anti-political mood of the country.

"People weren't voting for [Trump in 2016] because he was calling people names, they were voting for him because he was not a politician, and he was demonstrating to everyone that he wasn't a politician," he said. "A big chunk of voters, Republican voters, still want someone who is not a politician. And you're not getting that from anyone in the Democratic Party."

Cuban was light on policy specifics, aside from saying, "You have to show people how they can have an upside and how problems are solvable, but you can't just say 'the government will figure it out.'" He has unusual if strongly held opinions about health care policy, has praised some of Trump's deregulatory record, and declared two months ago that he's a "big fan" of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.).

Compared to potential independent presidential candidate Howard Schultz (a fellow former NBA franchise owner!), Cuban has a very clear advantage: He's famous outside the world of politics and can get media attention any time he wants. Schultz also comes across like an eat-your-Wheaties scold, whereas the Mavericks owner is more of a rakish rhetorical bombthrower, though this approach has also earned him his fair share of non-fans.

On the flip side, importantly, Schultz has been preparing and financing his run for quite some time now, while his counterpart has shown no visible signs other than occasionally flapping his gums. The former Starbucks CEO has polled between 7 and 12 percent in various three-way matchups thus far, but 1) it's sooooo early that Stephanie Slade will get mad at you for taking polls seriously; 2) he's the only third option presented in these surveys, though the Libertarian Party will likely be on all 50 state ballots and may just have a comparatively attractive and well-known nominee; and 3) third-party poll numbers almost always start high then collapse.

Read Reason on Mark Cuban here.

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54 responses to “Mark Cuban Still Thinking About Running for President as an Independent

  1. “So how did you let the Mavericks harassment happen?”


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  2. Reason “libertarianism” circa 2019: “If you disagree with me, you deserve to be shot through the eye with an arrow.”

    1. Oh no, Mikey has been severely triggered! My hearts and prayers are with the small animals in his neighborhood.

      Godspeed, little ones.

      1. I would ask you if you agree with his sentiment, but I don’t have to because we both know the answer is “yes”.

        1. Welchie is just providing cover for his pizza-gate pals, right Mikey?

          1. The two of you should go take some archery lessons and see how many people you can murder together!

            1. My archery name is Peena Anus.

      2. I love how Mikey, who has in the past repeatedly threatened other commenters with violence, is suddenly bothered by an obvious joke that references violence.

    1. He’d fit right in in the democratic primary then.

      1. I’d extend that to the republicans but I mean who would want to go through the embarrassing soul crushing task of trying primary a sitting president.

        1. Then I guess you have never head of John Kasich, America’s next great President!

          1. Kasich is pretty much a punchline to a bad joke anymore.

          2. Or Bill Weld

  3. He’s in favor of a Brit-style NHS and a big fan of that socialist scumbag from NY, and still says he’s a libertarian?
    He seems confused.

    1. He’s a Wantreprelibertarian, not an Entreprelibertarian.

      And for those reasons, I’m out

    2. It’s a big tent party, lots of leaky holes but a big big tent.

      1. The glory holes are the leakiest.

    3. “and a big fan of that socialist scumbag from NY”

      Sevo, you are gong to have to be a LOT more specific. I think your statement covers at least 60% of the NY State population.

  4. Is this the Libertarian moment we’ve been waiting for? Or did I miss it with the GayJay/Weld ticket?

  5. I thought independents had to run on the democrats ticket – – – –

    1. lol.

  6. declared two months ago that he’s a “big fan” of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D?N.Y.)

    Great news. This is exactly what I’ve been advocating ? an alliance between democratic socialists and libertarians. Because we agree on the most important issues, specifically #AbolishICE.


    1. Health Care is only 1/6 of the economy, and doesn’t affect real people like Immigration does, at least not until they are over 40. Or get sick, hurt, or pregnant.

      1. Whereas, THEY could take anyone’s job. YOU might be next!

    2. “I think it’s great that she wants to be radical. That she wants to be different. That she wants to change the game,” Cuban said. “What we have today is certainly not effective and not working. I was encouraging her be a change leader and innovate. Our country needs it.”

      He likes radical game changers?

      Good for him.

      1. He must also be a fan of Charlie Manson, Hitler, Ted Bundy, Jim Jones, Satan, etc..

      2. Apparently he isn’t too sharp at studying the past, or predicting the future. Because game-changers like AOC start out talking about “the people” and end up stealing so much stuff from the productive sector that the people end up starving and rioting.

    3. The only reason to support that bimbo is if you’re already a billionaire that can hide your money from said bimbo, and you want to make sure you can stay on top. So good for Cuban for admitted as much.

  7. Mark, as president, you can have 10% of my company. Anything above that, I’ll have to decline your offer.

  8. “at heart I’m a libertarian.”

    Cuban is a hell of a lot more libertarian than Trump-Nazis are.

    I’m sure he is a free-trader and opposed to the trillion dollar Trump deficits.

    1. Do you think a President Cuban would be able to recreate the amazing Obama economy? Or has Drumpf damaged it beyond repair?

      1. The Great Bull Market of March 2009 – Sept 2019 has ended.

        Trumptards think he is responsible for it even though he only became POTUS in 2017.

        1. Sep 2018 rather

          1. Two lame trolls, sitting in a tree, s-u-c-k-i-n-g

            1. Excuse me, moneyshot and I are having an important discussion on the state of the economy. Take your childish insults elsewhere.

              1. So Trump is single-handedly responsible for the currently good state of the economy. I guess central planning works after all!

        2. Good thing you could go for a couple of months or so without eating. You’ve gotten so morbidly obese in the last few years Welch could use you as a backstop for his target practice and I don’t think you’d even feel anything!

    2. Yea libertarians love the new green deal and bread lines. It’s a shame they didn’t give you the full lobotomy

    3. No, he’s not.

      Now go kill yourself PB, you fucking pedophile.

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        You and Trump deserve to suck each other off for eternity.

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  9. What Trump’s election ‘normalized’ is the desire in every billionaires heart to run the world. They no longer need to pay the pols to do kind of what they want.

    Bloomberg, Schultz, Cuban. Calling Oprah— where are you?

  10. “So the idea of just starting a third party, that has been tried time and time [again] for 200 years, and so that defeats the purpose and actually makes things worse and not better.”

    “Indeed, to make things perfect we really should have just one party.”

    1. And call it the Friend Party. Because everyone wants a friend.

  11. Death to communism !!!!

    1. death from communism, more likely

      1. Everyone should kill a commie for mommy.

  12. For a billionaire…he’s kinda dumb.

  13. Why not. The democrat short buss is full and the independant clown car currently has only one person

  14. I’m officially running for president of the USA on the new party called “Mind Your own Business.”

    If elected, I promise to cut the size of the federal government by 96%, abolish the IRS, end all foreign welfare, and end the un Constitution war on our right to keep and bear arms and the un Constitutional war on drugs.

    On the above, I do swear to Our Founders, who gave birth to Our Nation Conceived in Liberty.

  15. The race for president should be decided by a basketball game.

    I hereby declare my candidacy for president as a member of the Globetrotter party.

  16. Chris Sacca (occasional fellow Shark) said in a radio interview that he’s 100 percent certain Mark Cuban will run for President eventually.

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