Brickbat: That’s Some Mighty Fine Police Work, Boys


Police and kid
Kelly Boreson Charland /

A Chicago Police Department inspector general recommended possible dismissal for a commander found to have ordered on-duty officers to pick up his special-needs son from school and babysit him. But Superintendent Eddie Johnson gave him a seven-day suspension instead. Anthony Escamilla told investigators his son was actually working as a volunteer in the police department as part of a "secret study."

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19 responses to “Brickbat: That’s Some Mighty Fine Police Work, Boys

  1. Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket. Secret study.

    1. Ha. I had the same exact thought.

      1. Hey wait! They and their secret study may be on to something here! Special-needs children very well COULD do a much better job than the cops can, when it comes to NOT shooting innocent dogs and NOT busting down the wrong doors in the middle of the night, and so on!!!

        Think about it now! For these kinds of services, do you prefer the regular cops, or a special-needs child?

        Me personally, especially when it comes to lung-flute law enforcement, , AKA cheap-plastic-flute police, I would clearly prefer the child…

        To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see ? This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

  2. Stop! Or My Spectrum Son Will Shoot

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  4. Mental notes aside
    Not a good liar

  5. Honestly, I can’t get that upset over this. Is it an abuse of power, yeah? But it’s not being an asshole to some innocent person. Instead it’s being a bad boss in order to take care of special needs son.

    1. It’s a good outcome when no one gets tasered in the balls.

    2. So you’re okay accepting responsibility for a supervisor who thinks this is the right way to spend your money?

      Yes, bad boss. And yes, bad bosses are at some level routine. But this particular bad boss reports to you. Both his salary and the salaries of the other employees that he wasted are paid by you.

      Granted, you shouldn’t be as outraged as at the guy who shoots someone or flagrantly violates the Constitution. But you’re allowed to be a little upset that your money is being frittered away like this.

  6. That guy is a fucking hero.

  7. nothing will happen he’s part 2 protected classes.

  8. So now we are doing a secret study on how armed babysitters affect the special needs community?

    Absolutely no way this can go wrong.

  9. I’m pretty unoffended by this.

  10. I am confident that Commander Escamilla’s special needs son has brought less disgrace to the force than most adult, functioning, policemen.

    Maybe that’s the secret project? “Could a moron be a better cop than the ones we’ve got?”

  11. It’s theft. No different than skimming the register to pay for a babysitter.

    1. Except that the register is the taxpayers, and the time / overtime counts to inflate pensions

  12. The kid’s a Kindergarten Cop!

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