Screening of Saint Judy at Emory Law School, Fri 2/22 at 7 p.m.

Come see the new movie about immigration attorney Judy Wood!

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Come see the movie Saint Judy, the true story of immigration/asylum attorney Judy Wood, at Emory Law School (in Atlanta, Georgia — 1301 Clifton Rd.). It's this Friday, February 22, at 7 p.m., in Gambrell Hall (the law building), room 5E. You should RSVP at this link.

After the movie, there will be a Q&A with director Sean Hanish and writer Dmitry Portnoy, moderated by Prof. Jeff Staton from Emory's political science department.

Here's a description from the movie's website:

SAINT JUDY tells the true story of Los Angeles immigration attorney Judy Wood, who single-handedly changed the United States law of asylum and saved countless lives in the process.

In a landmark case, one of her first as an immigration lawyer, Judy Wood represented an Afghan woman who fled her home country after being persecuted by the Taliban for opening a school for girls. After a tenacious battle both in and out of court, Judy's efforts culminated in arguments before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit where she fought to include women as a protected class.

The movie stars Michelle Monaghan as Judy Wood, as well as Alfre Woodard, Alfred Molina, and others.

Remember, please RSVP at this link. Loyal Volokh Conspiracy readers get to see it for half price ($0)!

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  1. Is this on Netflix?

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  2. Good grief.

    In a landmark case, one of her first as an immigration lawyer, Judy Wood represented an Afghan woman who fled her home country after being persecuted by the Taliban for opening a school for girls.

    Yup, there’s a woman who braves the Taliban to open a school for girls in the hellhole that is Afghanistan, and a woman who braves the rush hour traffic to lawyer for her in the hellhole that is LA.

    Spot the Saint.

    1. First Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg, and now this.
      Didn’t Moynihan warn us about “Defining Canonizability Down”?
      Is AOC next?

      1. Being offended about appropriation of the word ‘saint?’ Really?

        Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg

        ? Is this like a Limbaugh nickname?

        1. Guys, “Saint Judy” isn’t a statement that she’s a saint. It’s ironic: one of the characters in the movie apparently calls her that in exasperation at her self-righteousness.

          1. My bad.

            Though you have to admit that if your comment and the film’s marketing blurb contain subtle winks that it’s not a film glorifying a progressive female lawyer as a crusading* heroine, but really a tongue in cheek takedown of a self righteous prig, then the winks may be too subtle for some. Folk may get a bit of a shock when they actually see the movie.

            And I’m sorry to say that it’s very unlikely that the film will win any awards. Tongue in cheek takedowns of progressive “heroines” are not the stuff of the Academy Awards.

            Meanwhie how’s the movie about the actual heroine coming along ?

            * sorry, “crusading” is probably not a dead enough metaphor to be allowed here, but I can’t think of an appropriate alternative. But if we’re poking fun at progressive self righteousness, then maybe crusading will do just this once.

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