Green New Deal

The Co-Sponsor of the Green New Deal Thinks Mitch McConnell's Plan to Hold a Vote on It Is 'Sabotage' and a 'Republican Trick'

Ed Markey believes the time to vote on urgently necessary climate change legislation is...later.


Alex Edelman—CNP / MEGA / Newscom

Last week, when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) introduced the Green New Deal, a resolution calling for a massive, government-driven overhaul of the U.S. economy in order to address climate change, Markey tweeted that the plan's "transformative legislative goals are what is needed to address the generational challenge of climate change." In an accompanying press release, he said climate change should be "the highest of Congressional priorities," and he stressed that time was of the essence, saying "we need bold action to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, and we may have as few as 12 years to achieve it."

Apparently, however, such action can wait a little longer.

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) indicated that he would soon hold a vote on the plan, which has been endorsed by a number of the Democrats' 2020 presidential contenders in the Senate, including Sens. Kamala Harris (Ca.), Cory Booker (N.J.), and Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.). The idea, McConnell said, would be to "give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the Green New Deal."

In response, Markey—who is, again, one of the two lead sponsors of the resolution—accused McConnell of attempting to "sabotage" the plan by "rushing a vote" on the Green New Deal. McConnell's plan to ask Markey and his fellow senators to vote on the resolution they endorsed was a "Republican trick."

One might counter that putting forth a wildly over-ambitious resolution that you don't want to vote on, presumably because you believe doing so would harm both your party's political fortunes and your political goals, is itself a form of self-sabotage. This does not appear to have occurred to Markey.

The various reactions to the Green New Deal have been deeply revealing, at least insofar as the politics are concerned.

On the one hand, the resolution—which attaches a slew of largely unrelated progressive policy priorities related to health care, education, and welfare programs to the putative central goal of eliminating carbon emissions—has been embraced by much of the Democrats' 2020 presidential field. It is indicative of the race's leftward tilt, in which multiple candidates are moving aggressively to appeal to the party's emboldened progressive wing.

On the other hand, seasoned political pros like McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.), who last week dismissed the Green New Deal as "the green dream or whatever," appear to view the plan as a poison pill for Democrats, who, by voting for it, would be asked to defend the plan's least popular, most outlandish ideas.

McConnell and Pelosi are arguably the most savvy political tactitions for each party, and they both appear to believe that the Green New Deal, and the all-encompassing progressive policy agenda it represents, is a clear misstep. The reaction from Markey, who now opposes a vote on a resolution he cast as urgently necessary just last week, suggests he may be belatedly coming around to the view that they are right.

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  1. BA HA HA HA!

    1. And after the vote, AOC, Markey, etc. will all be taken into federal custody and detained indefinitely at GitMo. Where all the traitor democrats belong.

      1. They should be locked in an insane asylum.

    2. This is brilliant. Sometimes political theater overcomes it tawdry roots and makes you want to applaud the audacity instead of just rolling your eyes.

      I did not think Mitch McConnell had it in him. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi was consulted ever so informally.

      1. I didn’t think he did either. I think Reid going nuclear over the judicial appointments finally convinced the Senate Republicans that there is no use trying to be reasonable with Democrats or trying to play nice. That is the only thing I can think of that could account for this change.

        1. It seems like an easy decision to me, especially since the leading Dem Presidential hopefuls are mostly in the Senate. Good move, Mitch. Good move.

          1. Easy decisions are a high bar for Congressional Republicans.

            1. That’s true. I’m actually slightly fearful that there are enough incompetent Republicans to somehow misvote “yes” for this thing and it passes.

        2. and the behavior of Dems since Reid went nuclear only further shows the need to not play nice with Dems

        3. Don’t discount that McConnell could be listening to Trump, this seems more his style to me.

        4. Funny how the DEMs were in such a hurry to get a vote on ObummyCare without debate & granting time for the Congress Critters to actually read & absorb the 2,00 pages…As a matter of fact, they broke several Parliamentary procedures to force the vote!…Now, when they have a Bill straight out of Commie-Ville & many of them know it, & know this is all for show, so now they want to take their time & debate it now!

          America is in quite a sad state when Lefty Pols know all they have to do is spew forth an ideology that sounds good & plucks the emotional heartstrings, but, many times has no basis in truth or facts & is unworkable, or may even make things worse & then the MSM will have their back by demonizing those who oppose it & thus, the Liberal/Progressive Charade continues & time & energy is wasted on nonsense, but more & more activist morons like AOC will game the system & get elected & make a fortune by the time they are done!

          “The whole point of modern Liberalism is for Liberals to fell good about themselves”
          -George Will, 2013

      2. I loathe McConnell, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Even Pelosi seems too rational for the lunacy they’ve harbored in their party these days, and that is quite a feat.

        1. Rational? Maybe…

          Politically savvy? Definitely.

          1. A fair enough point, either way it’s a super low bar.

        2. I loathe McConnell
          Not Cocaine Mitch, really?

          1. I may not agree with him on much, but the political landscape would be sorely lacking in his absence. His dark-turtle visage, coupled with his political acumen and occasional knifing of someone add much-needed humor to this carnival of horrors.

        3. Twice a day? What about when the battery goes dead?

      3. We’ve seen this tactic and counter-tactic before, back under Bush; some idiot Democrat sponsored a bill to introduce a Draft, and the Republicans promptly called for a vote, effectively killing the issue.

        Which doesn’t take away from McConnell’s sagacity.

      4. Yeah.
        Mitch tricked them into writing it
        Mitch tricked them into co-sponsoring it
        Mitch tricked them into making it public
        and now Mitch is tricking them into voting on it
        I, for one, seriously underestimated Mitch.

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  2. How dare those evil Republicans make me vote for the bill I just publiclly endorsed.

    1. Maybe someone will have the nerve to claim it will ‘pay for itself’, like the socialist twit did.

      1. If civilization will collapse in 10 years without the New Green Deal, then it will pay for itself by keeping trillions flowing into government coffers that woudn’t have been collected if we were all dead.

    2. How dare those evil Republicans make me vote for the bill I just publiclly endorsed.

      Hey! No fair calling a resolution for a vote. You tricked me!

    3. Voting on legislation? Those tricky Republicans.

  3. God I love me some Cocaine Mitch

  4. After they finish laughing the New Green Deal out of Congress, they should introduce Medicare for all so we can laugh down that one, too.

    1. Be careful what you wish for — that one might actually pass.

  5. The best possible bang for our entertainment buck would be the Democrats filibustering the vote.

    1. Oh that would be delicious!

      1. Then, within 24 hours, DeBlasio announces he’s running in 2020 and his campaign slogan “there’s enough money in the U.S., it just in the wrong hands”.

    2. Nah, the ones that intend to run for president will just skip the vote.

    3. Or maybe another shut down?

    4. Not by cloture though. Make them talk it to death, like in the olden days.

  6. “Come on, guys. Partisan hackery can’t keep going if we start voting on the dumb ideas we propose. YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN EVERYTHING!”

    /Ed Markey

  7. This is really, really hilarious. Hopefully this is a wake up call to voters about the total unseriousness of this “legislation” (it probably won’t be but a man can hope).

    1. This is really, really hilarious.

      I’d suggest catching some stand-up specials on Netflix, but on second thought it must be actually better being so easily entertained.

      1. So you are saying that these plans are so stupid it doesn’t take much mental effort to find the humor in this situation? I can agree with you there.

        1. Well some people find farts endlessly entertaining.

          Actually, Republicans are literally turning this into a fart joke.

          1. The Green New Deal is a fart in the wind. And it is hilarious.

          2. The Green Leap Forward sends bovines to the gulag to end their flatulence…

          3. AOC was the one who referred (mistakingly) to cow farts as a major contributor to Climate Change. The science states that is not the case and she stupidly used the very words cow fart, so she deserves every bit of ridicule she gets. In fact, from a science point of view she was wrong on quite a bit of her assertions.

          4. You mean “cow fart” joke right?! Right?!

            I thought aoc brought that stinker up?

            She really is plopping the knowledge.

            Her verbal diarrhea makes her look so dumbp.

            I turd on the grapevine she’s a moron.

  8. The reason the good people of MA keep sending Mr. Markey back to DC is that when he’s back in the state our collective IQ drops by 30 points…dump as a bag of hair, and that’s being unfair to hair…

    1. Markey manages to make the Kennedys seem bright.

  9. We have to avoid passing this bill to see what’s in it.

    1. It might be empty!

      1. Or full of enough hot air to warm the globe catastrophically!

    2. Schrodinger’s bill?

  10. Mitch McConnell is Anansi imho

    1. It is rude to kiss and tell Crusty.

  11. >>>avoid a true national debate & kill our efforts to organize

    twitter not fast enough to get ahead of common sense for once

  12. democracy is great as long as you don’t let the people vote…

    1. hey, that could be the new slogan for the EU!

  13. Of course it’s a Republican ploy and possibly a moderate Democrat ploy as well. It’s called Politics. The liberals are pandering to their radical progressive base behind their safety screen of not having to commit to anything. By forcing an up/down vote of whether to pursue these policies or not, it puts everyone on record of where they really stand. Those that position themselves with the fringe may find themselves voted out of office by the more mainstream and moderate Democrat voters.

    1. “more mainstream and moderate Democrat voters.”

      All two dozen of them nationwide

      1. I saw all kinds of Jewish Democrats on Twitter defending the nut from Minnisota yesterday. The woman is a first class antisemitic nutcase. And there seems to be tons of ordinary Jewish Democrats who are not only fine with her but are angry that Trump attacked her.

        It is not that there are not moderate Demcorats, there are. It is that they will support the party no matter how far left it goes up to and including embracing hatred of themselves. So, the fact that all things being equal they would prefer moderate policies really doesn’t matter.

        1. But thankfully, there are also plenty that are #walkingaway

          Like conventional ultra-lib Howard Schultz

        2. American Jews have one foot in the intersectional coalition and one foot in racist, white America. If they don’t tow the line they’ll be kicked the rest of the way out the door.

      2. there are millions of moderate Dem voters in California. unfortunately there are no moderate Dem politicians here.

  14. “which attaches a slew of largely unrelated progressive policy priorities related to health care, education, and welfare programs to the putative central goal of eliminating carbon emissions”

    That’s something strange to me. If you truly believe that the world is in peril with a little over a decade to stop it, why attach all those poison pills? It only ensures those already skeptical to your ideas and even some moderates have less reason to believe you’re not simply using this as a Trojan horse.

    1. “…If you truly believe that the world is in peril with a little over a decade to stop it, why attach all those poison pills?…”

      If those who claim this is a major crisis really believed it to be so, all those H’wood libs would be shorting their sea-side homes in Malibu.
      They aren’t.

      1. Wait, can you really short a home?

        1. A wire in the power socket will do nicely.

        2. There are reverse mortgages and contracts to sell and lease back. Or if you think the house will soon be literally underwater, you could just sell it ASAP.

    2. Some of them genuinely believe these issues are inseparable. I don’t think the people in that group have really thought about it much, but they still believe it.

      Others honestly think that climate change is so urgent that action is inevitable, and don’t think that hitching a bunch of other socialist policies to that horse will slow it down.

    3. Come on. To truly woke progressives, there is nothing that a big dose of socialism cannot fix.

  15. So talking about it will stop people from talking about it. Um, sure. Great argument. Go with that.

  16. I think Booker, Harris and Warren all enthusiastically endorsed the Green Dream, or whatever… LOL

    I’m sure the GOP campaign commercials are already in production.

    I have no confidence that the GOP is smart enough to capitalize on the Dem’s stupidity, but my guess is that the array of present Dem candidates will give them many chances between now and 2020.

    1. They’re already capitalizing on it. The Dems have gone so wild they even make Trump look better, relative to where he was before.

  17. “We’re having the first national conversation on climate change in a decade”

    so what has all the other crap thats been in the media been? a national lecture?

    1. Per Democratic terminology, it’s not a “conversation” until people agree with them.

      1. I thought deathocrats want to ban conversation from anyone that disagrees with them on climate change

        1. When we’re in climate change Aushwitz we can hold a debate between the barbed wire.

    2. “We’re having the first national conversation on climate change in a decade”
      So for 8 years of Obama there was no conversation? I really figured he’d blame Trump.

  18. leftward tilt

    When you’ve lost Nancy Pelosi, you’ve gone from tilting to capsizing. At least I hope so.

    1. What do you think, that the Democrat party is Guam?

    2. I would not be surprised if Schumer and Pelosi gave McConnell a little wink and a nudge. Pelosi seems to be trying to pump the brakes a little on the leftward lurch of the Democratic party.

      1. I agree. Pelosi is crazy, not stupid, and the GND was stupid for the DNC. It’s way too transparent, even for them.

      2. Making room for another Clinton Run? Perhaps.

        1. I doubt it, hit a more conventional candidate for sure.

  19. So much for the bullshit lie about not allowing a vote on anything the President would not sign.

    1. Lying has been central to politicians for hundreds of years.

      It’s what they do.

    2. Hahahahahahaha.
      Your so mad.

    3. As long as it makes you angry or hurts you, it’s justified.

  20. I’m just glad we’re finally having a national conversation about climate change, because it’s been dead, cold silence on this subject.

  21. I used to consider myself “green” but several things made me disillusioned with the movement. Prior to fracking being developed natural gas was touted as a “greener” alternative to oil and coal. Once fracking gave us huge reserves of natural gas the “green” movement turned against the fuel because they are invested in solar panels and wind turbines and it turns out they only touted natural gas when they believed it would continue to be expensive which would make their preferred technology economically viable.

    The same thing with high speed rail. The “green” movement supported the California high speed rail project because it was electrified and true high speed and funded by the government. The movement looked down upon the Florida project because it was privately funded and runs on diesel and is merely “higher” speed and not high speed rail. Now the reality is because of the density of West Palm Beach to Miami the speed limit would be capped at 79 mph regardless, but these nuts would prefer the government pay billions more for their preferred technology to save a few minutes on a trip.

    Bottom line the economic illiteracy that is now being brought to light with the absurd Green New Deal is now being seen by the entire country and not just a former member of the green movement that just happened to take economic classes in college.

  22. I understand the PV is being blamed on climate change; why to watermelons love nasty bugs?

    “Polar vortex may have killed a significant amount of harmful, invasive insect species”
    “According to Campbell, pests in regions of the country that typically do not experience extremely low temperatures will most likely be impacted the most.
    Pests in these areas are least equipped with physiological and behavioral adaptations to survive the cold….”

    1. They have an affinity for them, especially the blood-sucking parasitic ones

      1. Are they the “unwilling to worker bee” species?

    2. Isn’t it amazing how when climate change skeptics point out weather events climate change proponents scream “weather isn’t climate” (which is true) but then these same proponents blame every weather event on climate change. Hurricane hits New Orleans must be climate change. Historical low levels of hurricane hitting North America, must be climate change. Increase in hurricane must be climate change. Warm winters, must be climate change. Below average winter temperatures, must be climate change. Above average precipitation, climate change, drought, yep climate change…

      1. SF has gotten 2-1/4″ of rain over the last 16 hours or so, pushing us well above average, which (annual) average, BTW, has increased by ~12% in the last ten years. Last year was at ~90%; a shortage blamed on C/C in spite of it being entirely within expected ranges.
        This three years after moonbeam bemoaned the CA ‘PERMANENT DROUGHT CAUSED BY CLIMATE CHANGE!!!! WE MUST DO SOMETHING – CHOO-CHOO!!!!’
        It was only a year after that bone-headed proclamation that the Oroville Dam spillway failed as a result of discharging volumes of water which had not been foreseen.
        No, he has not apologized; he continues to see himself as the savior of the planet, calling for a world-wide conference held in SF last year, attended by, oh, several hundred people. Maybe. They wore polar bear costumes and had fun marching around.
        He was raised Jesuit, so he’s well equipped to see himself and issues in religious terms.

        1. Libs are like Orcs, they just keep coming, wave upon wave. Feels like they’ll eventually have their way, in spite of all facts and figures running contrary to their message. A sea of unwashed rabble, thirsting for billionaire blood.

      2. ^ this… all the time. I literally just had a conversation/ranted to my wife about this very hypocrisy.

  23. Trump should have said he’d agree to the GND if the Democrats agree to the full requested wall funding. Of course they wouldn’t and then he’d get to accuse them of hating the environment along with not wanting secure borders.

  24. He straigt up admitted on twitter that this was an effort to organize, not legislate. In other words, they put forward a moronic plan to label Republicans as ‘climate deniers’ by putting forward such aa terrible plan that it would be certain to not see the light of an actual vote. In short, politics as usual, only with far dumber players.

    1. *sigh* I need to learn not to post off my phone…

  25. He straigt up admitted on twitter that this was an effort to organize, not legislate. In other words, they put forward a moronic plan to label Republicans as ‘climate deniers’ by putting forward such aa terrible plan that it would be certain to not see the light of an actual vote. In short, politics as usual, only with far dumber players.

  26. He straigt up admitted on twitter that this was an effort to organize, not legislate. In other words, they put forward a moronic plan to label Republicans as ‘climate deniers’ by putting forward such aa terrible plan that it would be certain to not see the light of an actual vote. In short, politics as usual, only with far dumber players.

    1. The (nefarious) word they used was ‘mobilized’. Markey is being a useful idiot to AOC.

      Look up the ‘five year plan’ Eddie.

      What a towel. Same with the Democrats who stood behind and that illiberal jackass from the Bronx.

      Fricken neo-Jacobins these psychos.

      WE HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE. Let’s start by destroying!

  27. I believe it was one Mitch McConnell who said he has no intention of bringing any bill to the floor that can’t pass and be signed by the president.

    Of course that magical (R) next to his name makes his cynical bullshit totally acceptable to 95% of you.

    1. What do you think of this bill Tony? Do you support it?

      1. There is no bill yet. I do support vast, expensive changes to the energy, transportation, and industrial status quo in order to save the human species (and others, if possible) from massive disruption and possible extinction.

        Would have been nice if we had started earlier so that the changes would have been easier.

        1. Fuck the species. At least the ones eager to tell the rest of us what to do.

        2. We really don’t need massive changes, remove the regulations that keep nuclear from being competitive and we could be nearly carbon neutral in 10 years. Yet her resolution actually goes the other way and aims to phase out nuclear as a source of energy. This resolution will not only harm the economy but will have no discernable impact on climate change and may even hurt the environment.

        3. Yes, Tony, we all know you’re a Maoist piece of shit who’d strangle every last infant on Earth if it meant not having anyone around anymore to tell you how illogical and dishonest and totalitarian your bullshit is.

        4. Bye, bye, Miss American Pie

    2. McConnell is terrible, yet it seems to me it’s even more cynical to put forward legislation that you don’t want to pass.

      1. Yeah but the guy has a magical (D) next to his name *eyeroll*

        1. Not to mention it assumes Democrats think McConnell is trustworthy. Wut?

      2. Let them play their games. The voters get to judge eventually. Apparently Kentuckians are suckers for cynicism and hypocrisy.

        1. Indeed, that’s exactly why Trump is in the White House.

        2. Like Vermont (Sanders is the biggest hypocrite there is) or New York or Massachusettes? In fact just about every democratically controlled state tends to elect some of the biggest hypocrite there are.

        3. Tony: “The VOTERS will decide! And then we’ll have a Magic Obama Mandate to do whatever we want to whoever we wants!”


    3. it is not a bill, it is simply a resolution. but, it puts the country on notice.

      1. Well, this is the century of feelings. And a resolution could be legislation by feelings, right?

      2. Notice of what? That left-wing Democrats haven’t got the sense God gave a Pet Rock? Breaking news: we all know that already. That left-wingers will stomp, rage and hold their breath until they turn blue unless they get whatever they want? We know that already as well. Nothing to see here. Everybody move along.

    4. If they refused to hold a vote you’d be complaining about that too. Only a leftist could be such dishonest idiot to get upset that resolution they proposed was brought to a vote. “We didn’t mean it! It was just for the fundraising letter, come on! Who’d be so cynical as to actually vote on a resolution?”

    5. What a ridiculous statement. If the situation was reversed, would you throw away a golden opportunity to parade the far-left buck-naked before throngs of laughing constituents? Of course not. Sounds like you’re sore for being exposed. My advice: don’t bare your ass in public if you don’t want us to see it! Hahaha.

  28. The stupid is stupendous from these shallow Democrats. STUPENDOUS!

    Good move by Mitch.

  29. Shame on the republicans and McConnell for not supporting this most progressive idea.
    The Green Deal would cost trillions of dollars and accelerate the economic demise of our fascist, racist, homophobic, capitalist, misogynist, white-privileged, and meat-eating society in record time.
    It is indeed a tragedy such legislation is being sabotaged by a bunch of neanderthals in Congress who still cling bitterly to the archaic notions of freedom, independence from our ruling elitist turds oppressing us and the nefarious concepts of the US Constitution.
    Hopefully, come next year’s election, Congress will be rid of these unenlightened, knuckle-dragging illiterates and be replaced by more progressive, liberal and vicious thinkers who are wise enough to recognize the rewards and benefits of a socialist totalitarians state we all need so desperately.
    In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to suffer the indignities of capitalism, the Bill of Rights and economic freedom.

  30. Theater of the absurd.

  31. There is that mantra “a national conversation on X”. Apparently Markey is pushed about having such a conversation on anyone’s terms but the Democrat’s.

  32. Although, AOC was twittering last night pro Green Leap Forward, opps, Green New Deal- – or whatever it is! Okay, its the Green Leap Forward.

    1. Green Leap Forward

      I’m sure there’s a tie-in with Pepe somehow.

    2. more like a Green Leap off the Cliff. McConnell is just letting the lemmings take credit.

  33. Get the name straight. It’s The Green Leap Forward…

    1. Or, since they object to an immediate vote, the Green Flea Hop Forward

  34. Markey’s all butthurt that McConnell is calling his bluff. Cry me a fucking river.


  35. obviously, it won’t pass and doesn’t that play into the Democrat’s hand? they would then beat the defeat to death in the lead up to the 2020 elections.

    kind of like the way the Republicans beat Obamacare drum to get majorities and then failed to repeal it.

    they’re all a bunch of idiots.

    1. Obamacare Repeal lost on ONE single vote – McCain. But; I think it might go anyways since a Federal Judge just recently ruled it UN-Constitutional.

    2. It won’t pass because it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous because it contains some of the worst ideas conceived by the left, all combined into one pile of shit. Forcing a vote allows all Republicans and moderates to point fingers and say “Hey, that dipshit voted to take away your planes, combustion engines, and steaks!” Whether literally or figuratively is a semantical game the electorate wouldn’t care about. Folks who vote in the affirmative are tying an anchor around their necks before jumping ship. At least as far as this would appear to most of the country.

  36. Morons gotta Maroon!

  37. I can’t stand this dolt Markey. One of the most prolific ‘present’ ballot-casters, he has been in the Senate since Ford was president and has not missed a single opportunity to be an asshole. This was one:…..nder-fire/

    TLDR: Then-college-student Christopher Soghoian discovered a security flaw in a major airline’s boarding pass software, and when they did not follow up on his multiple attempts to get them to fix it, he went public with a “boarding pass generator” in frustration, and Markey called for his prosecution and imprisonment on the Senate floor.

  38. I’ve come to the conclusion Democratic Voters don’t THINK or CONSIDER politics any more seriously than they think about Monday Night Football… It’s all about Rivalries, Winning and Competitive Power Plays.

    And I’m not sure how anyone can wonder why our Government has become a joke, Divided on Partisan lines, and plays on identity politics.. THIS ISN’T A GAME!!! Team “D” leading a mass after game genocide as been demonstrated in the past reliably isn’t a game.

    1. Markey and supporters of such legislation should be indicted for violating their SWORN OATH of office and given a fair trial and removed from office if convicted.

  39. For heaven’s sake grow up – grease the skids for modern nuclear generation and stop all this stupid silly, environmentally destructive windmill and solar panel idiocy.

  40. they built the trap for themselves. McConnel just activated it.

    But yeah, if we’re all doomed in 10 years without the Green New Deal, they should be ecstatic that it gets voted on early so they can say “I told you so” in 10 years when we’re all about to die.

  41. Socialism is a sign of a collapsing system.

    The Romans tried what we would call socialism in their collapse phase. It didn’t work. In fact it made things worse.

    The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph Tainter – pdf. The good stuff starts in Chapter 4. – about 3 minutes

    1. Tainter’s book is the most overlooked important work of the 20th Century.

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    Transcript or STFU.
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  44. AOC is further proof that public schools are failing our country.

  45. AOC and the Green Deal are signs that the current state of affairs, meaning the republic, is crumbling under the weight of pure idiocy and is now in full inertia toward a fiery crash. It cannot be stopped. No politician in the history of the world has ever fixed anything that they have worked so hard to destroy. And the Swamp has been chugging along at full speed, damn the people.

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  47. Naturally. The party that views facts as “mean” and opposition as “evil” would of course think that representatives doing their job and voting on something is sabotage. The tell is indicative: statesmen solve problems [or at least try], whereas politicians milk them. So… the green new deal is not ready for democrats: gotta get more special interest money and beat up on their alleged opposition to leverage up fundraising don’t you know.

  48. I believe them. If they actually got the power to completely control the economy then i think most of the GND goals would be completely forgotten.

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