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English Woman Reportedly Arrested, Partly for "Misgendering" Trans Activist, Ordered by Court to Stop

A judge "issued an interim injunction that bans [Kate Scottow] from posting any personal information about [Stephanie] Hayden on social media, 'referencing her as a man' or linking her to her 'former male identity.'"

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The Daily Mail (UK) (Martin Beckford) reports on Scottow's arrest:

High Court papers obtained by The Mail on Sunday detail how Mrs Scottow is accused of a 'campaign of targeted harassment' against Miss Hayden, allegedly motivated by her 'status as a transgender woman'.

The papers claim that, as a 'toxic' debate raged online over plans to allow people to 'self-ID' as another gender, Mrs Scottow tweeted 'defamatory' messages about Miss Hayden.

She is also alleged to have used accounts in two names to 'harass, defame, and publish derogatory and defamatory tweets' about Miss Hayden, including referring to her as male, stating she was 'racist, xenophobic and a crook' and mocking her as a 'fake lawyer'.

Thanks to Hans Bader for the pointer.


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  1. Leftism is a totalitarian ideology that seeks the subservience of all people to the state, in order to further the left’s goal of one-world government and global communism.

  2. This is basically what Orwell was writing about with “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”

    More and more I worry that Western civilization is headed somewhere very dark, and faster than I would have credited just a few years ago.

    1. How come you guys haven’t started a revolution yet?

      1. How come you guys won’t stop eating vegan food and having gay sex?

      2. “How come you guys haven’t started a revolution yet?”

        We did. Trump is the first step.

        1. I would say the Tea Party was, but it failed; Trump is the second attempt to do it nicely. We’re not ready for a Revolution yet.

          Let me quote for apedad a document he should know: “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

          1. There’s also: “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.”

            1. I’ll admit, I had to search that up. Beatles are so over-rated.

              1. Sacrilege! But you may be right.

          2. Love it mad! And basically I was asking Brett and TrueAmericanParrot if they’ve suffered enough evils.

            1. Came off as too trollish, rather than a semi-serious question.

        2. If only.

          Trump, rather, is a minor delaying action.

      3. History teaches that almost all revolutions are 360 degrees. The American Revolutionary war wasn’t so much an exception, as not a real revolution: The colonies were already effectively independent, and King George was attempting to undo that.

        The civilization that’s going down the tubes was a complex, low entropy state, and revolution increases entropy. Revolution can sweep out the old, but it basically never replaces it with anything significantly better working. Putting together a working civilization is a long, hard, complex slog, not to be accomplished by lining people up and shooting them.

        You’re being oppressed, you want to arrive at a state where you’re not being oppressed, but you have to start out using violence. This advantages people who are willing to use violence, they get control of the movement, and then they don’t let it go after the old oppressors are gone.

        The real hope, I think, is space colonization. Get the heck away from here, out from under the thumb of the left, and just keep them from taking over again. Then we can come back and recolonize Earth after the left has reduced it to a dark age.

        1. The American Revolution was really a civil war between two groups of Englishmen.

          1. The American Revolution was really a civil war between two groups of Englishmen.

            Not if you ask the Founders. Or the denizens of England at the time.

            1. If Confederates had won, would it have been a Civil War still, or a Southern Revolution?

            2. But, still, if you contrast it with subsequent, and far less successful revolutions, you can see the difference.

              The US and the Czech “Velvet” revolution were conspicuously more successful than most revolutions, and the common factor was the presence of local governing institutions already in place that didn’t have to be destroyed and replaced on the fly. The Communist government of Czechoslovakia was just a disguised Russian government of occupation, with the details handled locally by the Czechs, and once the Russians weren’t backing it up, the Czechs were able to revert to full local control. The boot came off their necks, and they stood back up.

              In revolutions where the local governing institutions have to be destroyed in detail, results have been far less pleasant. Because of the dynamic I mentioned above: You pass through a period where violent people are in charge and ruling by pure coercion, and they are very unlikely to voluntarily relinquish control.

              A second American revolution is unlikely to turn out as well as the first, because it won’t be a matter of rejecting foreign control, but instead destroying local governing institutions that have been internally subverted by a faction representing a considerable portion of the population, and in control of most of the media and communications infrastructure.

              Under such circumstances you might be able to make a country ungovernable, but you won’t be able to peacefully govern it.

              1. I agree the America Revolution was a rare conservative revolution, but that’s completely separate from whether it was between two groups that were essentially identical.

                As for your larger thesis about the good/bad upshot of some future American civil conflict, I honestly have no idea, but I do like my status quo.

                1. A second American revolution would likely look like the Spanish Civil War, urban vs. rural.

                  1. With a whole lot of foreign intervention going on!

                2. “If you like your status quo, you can keep it.”

        2. Ugh, I’m so tired of people crowing about the threat to freedom on the left while ignoring the threat to freedom on the right. So many Republicans masquerading as libertarians I won’t even publicly associate myself with that label anymore.
          Even with the lefts abuses of free speech, sex crime due process, and gun rights, the right remains by far the greater threat to individual freedom.

          1. Yes, you can see that, by the roving bands of masked right-wingers who attack left wing political events. [/sarc]

            1. Maybe not the best day to talk about that, since yesterday the President got someone so riled up he attacked a cameraman covering his rally.

              Also maybe not on a thread where some idiots on the right are talking about the glorious revolution.

              I won’t pretend the left is free of violent yahoos, maybe you should check out your own side with a bit more care as well.

    2. I don’t worry, I relish it. We have to hit rock bottom first. A global calamity, followed by riots, famine, and warfare is just what we need to restore Western civilization.

      1. What makes you so sure that following the riots, famine, and warfare, Western civilization will be restored, rather than lost, or changed beyond all recognition.

        All that is needed to preserve Western civilization, anyway, is an end to the EU and/or the end of demographic replacement of it though limiting immigration from beyond its borders. Eastern Europe is already on it.

        1. It took a long time to replace the fallen western roman empire with something as civilized. close to a millennia and a half. I don’t want to wait that long.

          The deep state swamp managed to deflect the Tea Party, and have been doing a credible job on keeping Trump at bay.

          I hope the power of the deep state can be dramatically reduced without having some kind of shooting war. That would be bad. I don’t think you can eliminate the deep state entirely, and maybe we should not even try. It is best if everyone who has a stake in the country has at least some of the power. The deep state just has way too much power right now and it needs to be cut back.

        2. I think there are enough sober white men left to take charge after this happens.

          1. Wishful thinking ARWP. And why do you want a bloody affair when a mere three things will turn things around…..1) limited immigration 2) limited immigration and most importantly, # 3, limited immigration.

            1. Because it won’t. At this point, we have too many non-whites with high birth rates. Short of exterminating the entire low-IQ, non-white population, which even most nationalists and race realists won’t support, what is the solution?

              1. “…we have to many non-whites with high birth rates” .

                You don’t know that.

                Didn’t we talk about this before? Abortion is keeping the black population static at 12%, and hispanics will integrate like the Italians, Germans, and Irish before them, if we cut off the flow from the mother country like we did in 1924.

                1. No, they won’t. Most Hispanics don’t have the requisite abilities to integrate the way Italians, Germans, and Irish did. At least not the Mayan/Aztec ones.

                  1. For starters, WWI is the only thing that led Germans to really integrate, they formed their own separate enclaves and didn’t learn English. Even moving back in time, this was always the case for Germans. For example, since they weren’t hot on slavery, the Germans in Texas during the Civil War had to be put down by the Confederate military for rebelling against the rebellion when the South broke away.

                    So yea, your premise that a world wide reign of blood and horror is necessary to restore Western Civilization (which, btw, includes at its fringes South America that was conquered and settled by the European Spanish and Portuguese) hinges on the fact that you think that hispanics did to much inter-marriage with natives and former slaves. BTW, the avg IQ of South America is only a few points lower than many parts of Europe, including the unsullied portions of Eastern Europe that have fought off the EU’s efforts to flood them with Africans and Arabs.

                    You might want to re-think your premises.

  3. I realize the tagline for this place is “blogging on whatever we please” but perhaps there is something more interesting going on in world than this. Something that requires expert legal analysis, the kind you can’t get from the newspapers, which is the perfect kind of thing for this blog.

    1. A quick internet search reveals that Mr. ‘Hayden’ has a history of being a totalitarian who wields the power of the State as a sword.

      From the Times UK back in September 2018:

      “The creator of Father Ted is embroiled in a row with a transgender activist, who allegedly published online several addresses linked to his family in an attempt to “shut him up”. Graham Linehan, the Bafta award-winning comedy writer, said he would not stop voicing his concerns in the debate over transgender rights, after personal details and addresses linked to his wife’s company were tweeted by Stephanie Hayden, an activist with a history of threatening Twitter users with legal action, and reporting them to police if they disagree with [his] views on gender. Publishing such details online is known as doxxing.”

      This is what many lunatic activists and SJWs dream to push in the United States as well.

    2. While this blog is mostly on US stuff, freedom of speech issues in the EU have been blogged on before and seem reasonable to me.

      1. Fair enough, but unless I missed it, I would like a post on the EU’s Article 13 if we are going to talk about Europe’s free speech issues.

  4. Sounds like somebody needed a vpn and an email alias.

  5. The Daily Mail article still refers to the trans man as “Mrs.” I suppose if I were the editor of the paper, I wouldn’t want to be arrested either.

  6. Interesting. I guess I am not at all surprised. It is just a matter of time until this kind of thing starts to happen in the US.

    1. They can’t get away with it in general, but NY, at least, is working on rules if you refuse to use a preferred pronoun in housing, you are guilty of something.

      The spirit of censorship is there. How easily it comes to politicians in restricted arenas like business and education.

  7. “Partly” is doing a lot of work here. Even the Daily Mail story (which leans left), notes that the harassment she was arrested over included lots of other stuff.

    “She is also alleged to have used accounts in two names to ‘harass, defame, and publish derogatory and defamatory tweets’ about Miss Hayden, including referring to her as male, stating she was ‘racist, xenophobic and a crook’ and mocking her as a ‘fake lawyer’.”

    This seems to be another in a series of anti-LGBT clickbaity stories that you are posting lately. It’s troubling.

    The headline could have easily said “English Woman Reportedly Arrested Partly for Calling Someone a Fake Lawyer.”

    1. I wonder if she is a real lawyer. I also wonder what it takes to be called a lawyer in the UK. I know about Solicitors and Barristers, but not what constitutes a “lawyer” in the UK.

      1. According to some very cursory internet research, it appears that the term “lawyer” is not legally protected in the UK, so anyone can hold themselves out of a lawyer (as opposed to a “barrister” or “solicitor” or “advocate”).

        (When I say my research is “cursory”, I mean that it took me less time than it took to write this comment, so rely on it at your peril. Fortunately, I live in a moderately free country, so I probably won’t be arrested for it.)

      2. According to some very cursory internet research, it appears that the term “lawyer” is not legally protected in the UK, so anyone can hold themselves out of a lawyer (as opposed to a “barrister” or “solicitor” or “advocate”).

        (When I say my research is “cursory”, I mean that it took me less time than it took to write this comment, so rely on it at your peril. Fortunately, I live in a moderately free country, so I probably won’t be arrested for it.)

    2. Ooooh, it looks like a poor turd burglar got his panties in a bunch. Instead of being a lying sack of crap, why don’t you look and see what actually occurred here. Mr. Hayden has a long history of going after anyone on Twitter who disagrees with him.

      He did it to Graham Linehan, the co-writer of Father Ted. He has a long history of this totalitarianism and the primary offense here was the made of offense of “misgendering.”

      Here are the facts, gender cannot be changed, no matter how many left wing lunatics and mentally ill idiots pretend otherwise or how many parts of your body that you cut off.

      Your DNA determines your gender, no matter how much you want to stomp your feet and cry like a spoiled brat. Those who would mutilate others or who would entertain the mental illness of those who are playing pretend are accomplices to the greatest fraud in human history.

    3. Certain commentors here will get the Death Penalty if having two aliases is a crime

    4. JPS: But note that the court also categorically ordered her to stop “referencing [Hayden] as a man” and “linking her to her ‘former male identity.'” Going forward, Scottow can be prosecuted for such statements entirely apart from whether she also calls Hayden a “fake lawyer.” That’s why I think the arrest being partly for such past statements is especially noteworthy.

      But beyond that, say that someone was arrested in the U.S. for a combination of (1) posting online that someone is a fake lawyer and (2) also posting that the person, who had also been in the U.S. military, a “baby-killer.” Wouldn’t it be noteworthy, and a serious threat to free speech, that this arrest would have been made partly based on an insult against veterans? Or would you fault such an observation on the grounds that here the insult was a combination of anti-veteran speech and the “fake lawyer” remark?

  8. I love the legal obligation to abide by somebody’s delusion.

  9. I love the legal obligation to abide by somebody’s delusion.

  10. And yet it moves.

  11. I feel sorry for the British, but they live in a shithole. There’s no other way to put it at this point. The police are afraid to enforce in sharia zones but they’ll come after you if you don’t bin that knife or you call a man a man.

    1. The police are afraid to enforce in sharia zones

      Seems legit.

    2. Nothing tops the UK authorities’ decades-long widespread cover-up and abetting of Muslim grooming gangs gang-raping countless British children across the UK.

  12. You knew their grand old island was done for when the tradition of riding to the hounds was quashed by trespassing demonstrators.

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