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  1. I also have a telegram bot that posts new articles to this channel:

    I’m happy to hand off the code if someone wants to make it an official feed.

  2. give me all the posts! Especially the ones I disagree with (maybe I will learn something).

    Honestly, I think social media makes it too easy for people to slice and dice information and stay warm and cozy inside their bubble. What if I only want the posts from 2nd amendment cultists who think machine guns should be mail order and think anything less is completely heretical? What if I want to avoid all the posts from those heretics willing to sacrifice a small pawn to prevent a much larger massacre? Those heretics like ahem, Duane Liptak, Do we have a special twitter feed for the tiny universe of things me and my 2 followers can agree on (ok, one follower is a just bot, but clearly an intelligent one – we know because it is retweeting my best posts).

    But as they say, right or wrong, supply will rise to meet demand.

  3. Expect to be banned soon, for some feigned “violation” of Twitter’s shrink-wrap Terms of Service.


    1. Yeah, I bet Twitter has some small, light-font comment that says, “We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time.”

      HOW DARE THEY!!!

      1. 1. It’s not just deleting Tweets, it’s locking accounts.

        1. ? 230 immunity does not turn on an ICS being a “mere platform,” so there’s no contradiction there at all.

  4. I have watched VC grow and expand, will it even fit into the Twitter Universe that is too small for me? Beware of Geeks bearing gifts.

    1. Be especially cautious around geeks who own guns. They have a strong grasp of facts and logic and are not susceptible to emotional appeals for prohibition.

  5. Is there a @VolokhBaseball?

  6. I finally dumped Twitter recently, and I fell much better for it. Not only is it a sewer of invective, but the company itself has sold out to radical ideologues. They’ll just have to make their money without my eyeballs helping them.

    Ditto for Gillette and Patreon.

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