The Andy Warhol Law of Food Science: In the future, every food will be health food for 15 minutes

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Thanks to Prof. Maciej Banach (Medical University, Lodz, Poland) for finding "consumption of cheese to be associated with an 8% lower total mortality risk," and to Prof. Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) for the pointer. Meantime, here in L.A., the death rate is remaining constant—one to a customer.

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  1. I dunno, there are those rare few who get to ride that bus more than once. After all medicine is advancin’ all the time.

  2. Yeah, I still remember when margarine made with trans fats was the healthy alternative being pushed by both the government and nutrition scolds like CSPI.

  3. Vaguely food related — New emoji release includes a juice box WITH STRAW! Good grief, people, get woke!

  4. I have to go with the diet direction in Sleeper, the Woody Allen Movie where he’s wrapped in foil and frozen for 100 years. For breakfast he asks for wheat germ, Tigers Milk and granola. The doctors look askance and ask; “Didn’t they know the health advantages of deep fat, steak, cream pies and chocolate?”

  5. The basic problem is that you can’t really run controlled studies on these things, just population studies. And population studies are only as good as your capacity to identify confounding variables.

    Which, realistically, sucks.

    What really annoys me is when a study gets corrected, and nobody pays attention. The guy who ran the study that identified gluten as a problem went on to do a more detailed study that cleared gluten. The original results were some kind of placebo effect, if you made sure the subjects didn’t know whether they were getting gluten, the correlation went away.

    But gluten free food is still a huge industry.

  6. Don’t like the nutritional advice you’re getting? Wait five years.

    1. Or, better yet, just ignore it. The government has been so wrong so many times on so many subjects that the only truly rational response is to ignore all of its advice and bitch like hell about the tax dollars spent in developing that bad advice.

  7. While in actuarial statistics, the death rate is a constant one to a costumer, one can justifiably rephrase the famous Shakespearean aphorism delivered by Julius Caesar in the eponymous play: ” Cowards die many times before their deaths…” to include Los Angelinos.

  8. Cheese, Grommit! Cheese!

  9. “Meantime, here in L.A., the death rate is remaining constant — one to a customer.”

    Ian Fleming says otherwise.

    1. Edgar Allan Poe got there way before him. Read “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.” And be sure your air conditioner is working this summer.

  10. My guess is, the government cheese in the warehouse is building up again, and they aren’t going to give it to poor hungry people this time around.

    1. Rebrand it as “artisanal” gov’t cheese.

  11. Cheese? The per capita consumption of mozzarella cheese correlates with civil engineering doctorates awarded. Correlation = 95.86%
    I am not making this up! See:

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