Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Says He Wore Blackface, but Not for Yearbook Photo

State and local Democrats call for his resignation after bizarre non-apology apology.


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Just when you thought U.S. politics can't get any weirder, the website Big League Politics published a picture Friday from the medical school yearbook of Gov. Ralph Northam (D–Va.), who is is trained as a pediatric neurologist.

Big League Politics has obtained photos from Northam's time at the Eastern Virginia Medical School, from which he graduated in 1984.

Northam and a friend were photographed together—one in blackface, one in Klan robes.

Northam's quote: "There are more old drunks than old doctors in this world so I think I'll have another beer."

Northam immediately apologized for the image, although he didn't indicate whether he was the guy in blackface or the guy wearing the KKK robes. On Saturday, Northam said at a press conference that he wasn't actually in the picture at all and he wasn't sure how the image ended up on his page.

"I believe now and then that I am not either of the people in this photo," Northam said, denying that he had ever worn a KKK robe and hood or been drunk enough to forget a moment like this. "This was not me in that picture. That was not Ralph Northam."

But Northam did admit that he had donned blackface while participating in a "dance contest where he dressed as [Michael] Jackson, the legendary pop icon."

"I had the shoes, I had a glove, and I used just a little bit of shoe polish to put under my—or on my—cheeks," he said. "And the reason I used a very little bit is because, I don't know if anybody's ever tried that, but you cannot get shoe polish off."

He added: "I look back now and regret that I did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that."

At the press conference, he was asked whether he could still "Moonwalk" a la the Prince of Pop and he looked like he might be ready to bust a move until his wife stopped him.

Many high-ranking Democrats, including recent governors of Virginia and several national figures, have called on Northam to resign. So far, he is saying he will stay in office.

Early last week, Northam appeared on a radio show and endorsed legislation that would have relaxed restrictions on late-term abortions. Sources at Big League Politics, speaking anonymously to The Washington Post, claimed that the "revelations about Ralph Northam's racist past were absolutely driven by his medical school classmate's anger over his recent very public support for infanticide."

Republicans were quick to jump on the story, although with mixed results, given the recent comments in defense of "white nationalism" made by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa):

Where this story goes to die is anybody's guess.

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  1. Where this story goes to die is anybody’s guess.

    How the Lt. Gov. is in trouble – this story will never die!!

    1. Are we better off with:

      1. Seeing Northam run out of office now, and letting his harassment accused Dep. Gov. take over

      2. Letting Northam remain in office, embattled, crippled, and a sore spot for the democrats going forward.

      What sayeth the commentariat?

      1. Let him stay in. Let the Dems and leftists have to babble away explaining the rancidly racist history of the southern Democrats from now until oh, say, the twelfth of forever

  2. But he didn’t inhale.

  3. Somethign like this, you just apologize and move on. This sort of political hemhawing is what gets you in trouble. Sure the are those who will screech if you admit it, but ignore them as they are unpleasable regardless. This is something that happened almost forty years ago. By a high school student. A bit of slack is warranted.

    1. A bit of slack is warranted.

      Loosen the noose?

    2. He was 25 and graduating med school….

      1. So? It’s still fucking dumb. I went to a thing in drag one year with my girlfriend, we had basically matching outfits.

        If 20 years from now that is offensive for appropriating trans culture or some such nonsense, should I apologize? Fuck these people. I think under the right circumstances black face should STILL be fine… All these whiney bitches need to go fuck themselves.

        1. White Chicks is a movie of two black guys with white faces.

          With that being said, this guy in black face decided that he wanted a picture next to a guy in a KKK outfit.

          Draw what conclusions you want but two very historically racist themes are not a coincidence.

          1. Yeah, he might have done it because he thought it would be a funny picture to have? That doesn’t mean he burned any crosses on any lawns.

            And even if we WAS racist… So what? Being racist IS NOT actually the worst thing on earth. Especially if you don’t act on it by doing anything horrible. I mean we’re all prejudice against retarded progressives, and probably hate them as much or more than most racists hate whatever ethnic groups… So long as we’re not lynching them, what’s the big deal? There isn’t one.

            Racism should be about as big a crime as spitting on the sidewalk… Which is to say a non issue.

            1. Comrade vek, please join Megyn Kelly at the assembly point for the re-education camp.

            2. I tend to agree, but simply take the position that, until Democrats stop trying to destroy Republicans over things like this, Republicans have to try to destroy Democrats over it.

              A better standard would be much preferable, but only after we nail down that there’s only going to be ONE standard.

              At the moment, though, it’s mostly Democrats trying to destroy Democrats, and Republicans cheering them on.

              1. Yup. This is their petard. Let him be hoist upon it.

                They set the standard that making a joke when you are in high school should forever disqualify you from any job. The fact that they only created their BS standards because they wanted to hurt their political opponents, not because they actually care about the issue at hand, is irrelevant. They insisted on this standard.

                That being said, it is a dumb standard. It is clearly a halloween costume style joke. People who wear a devil’s costume for Halloween are not usually devil worshipers. Dressing up as a black caricature and a Klansman might not exactly be an endorsement for those views either. Also, People are able to evolve over their life. A 24 year old med student is not the same person as he will become 30 years later as a politician. We should probably grow up a bit.

              2. Reason and fairness are not options as long as totalitarian cultural marxists have a knife to our throats.

            3. Yeah, he might have done it because he thought it would be a funny picture to have?

              I had a Jewish roommate. For one halloween, we crossdressed genders and couples. My then girlfriend went as him and I went as his girlfriend, his girlfriend went as me and he went as my girlfriend. It was probably offensive to crossdressers and jews.

              If a black friend had brought up one of us going in black face and him going as a Klansman, we totally would’ve done it. The glasses, jacket, and bow tie, almost give the impression of a black nationalist like Louis Farrakhan or Malcolm X. A photo of a white guy playing Malcolm X drinking with a black guy dressed as a Klansman is a pretty epic halloween/costume party photo.

              1. Mad.Casual – my undergraduate roommate and I totally would have done that. This would have been in the early 80’s and it would have been funny as hell. We were pretty big fans of “Blazing Saddles”, and in situations where he was (one of) the only black guys there, we’d joke about it using Blazing Saddles references. (“how many times have I told you to wash up after our weekly cross burnin’?”)

                And when we went to events where I was the only white guy there, we’d joke about it with Animal House references (“Do you mind if we dance wif yo dates?”)

                This whole notion of pulling a joke out of context and into a courtroom atmosphere is anathema to having a civilized and free society. And we need to get rid of the entire idea that some minor offense from 30 or 40 years ago should forever define you.

                But Team D will need to put down the gun first. They drew First Blood, not team R. So there’s no reason to expect Team R to just ignore it when team D fails to live up to their own (pretend) standards.

                (Meanwhile team L will be over in the corner by the Group W bench, complaining that the other guys are all evil and incompetent for obscure reasons that nobody bothers to listen to.)

                1. Maybe they’ll destroy each other and the rest of us can move on with our lives without the D’s and R’s?

                  Anyone up for making a great movie about the future?

            4. Vek, you’re preaching to the choir here.

              Dude wants to be a racist, so what? Dude wants to burn crosses, so what?

              As long as he is not violating the property rights of people or hurting them, I don’t really care. You cannot force people to like other people.

              With that being said, he is a politician and politicians need public opinion on his side. Americans are really that racist since being American has no single race. Yeah, we have some racists assholes and we had some racist slavery policies but we have bigger racial variety of rich Americans than any other nation has.

              1. Americans *aren’t* really that racist…

                1. Not compared with about 90% of the planet.

            5. The irony with this is thick.

              Hard to feel any sympathy since the Progressives have been using much milder stuff that this be drive people they don’t like out of public office and indeed public life.

              Now his presumed successor, the Lt. Gov. is dealing with sexual harassment charges.

              1. If the alt. gov. Has problems, then all the better. I was becoming somewhat torn about Northam. Since it occurred to me that if he stayed on he would be so crippled that he would lose all effectiveness and act as a weight around the necks of the democrats in the upcoming election cycle.

            6. You are perpetuating what I call the Minstrel Cycle

              1. Mad and Cyto, thank god! I’m glad more people who aren’t all incensed about this kind of shit showed up… I was a teenager in the late 90s/2000s, and even then me and my friends did some sicked non PC shit. After a few older cats were preaching about how horrible this is, I was beginning to feel like Winston Smith!

                As for the other point, I understand the utility of holding them to their own standards… And I am 100% on board on certain issues. On other issues though, I just don’t know if that is the good LONG TERM strategy. If something gets you a win today, but costs you 10 wins next year, is it worth it?

                I’m not getting my way anytime soon anyway, so I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with burning Dems as witches along with Rs for now!

          2. Why do I feel like if he had a (D) after his name you’d be ranting like a hysterical wombat?

            1. He is a Democrat dipshit.

              1. Excuse me, but I think you mean “Republican.”

                All racists became Republican during and after the Southern Strategy, so if he’s racist, he must be Republican.

                That’s just history.

                1. That’s certainly the way CNN sees it:

                  1. This isn’t the first time they’ve done that.

                    1. True, I be,ieve they amd a few newspapers purposely midintified Senator Melendez as republican during his criminal trial. That was of course when they were barely covering it at all.

                2. No. That’s “politicist”.

                  I invented a new word.

                3. Right. All racists became Republican after the Republicans were primarily responsible for passage of the two most significant pieces of civil rights legislation since the end of the Civil War. I’ve always appreciated the logical clarity of that line of thinking.

    3. Actually he is following the Obama method for dealing with scandal. You initially accept the premise that something awful happened, demand a ‘full investigation,’ then quickly segue into full defense, eventually denying that anything of any significance ever occurred.

      c.f. The IRS and the TEA Parties, Benghazi, etc.

      1. That strategy might have worked temporarily but Obama’s legacy is forever tarnished by the stupid shit he did in office. Obama is definitely one of the top ten worst Presidents.

        1. It’s a strategy that works wonderfully, so long as the media is in your corner – when you have a media willing to make the story into “Republicans pounce…” as opposed to “Democrat screws up.”

          Gillespie may not be Exhibit A. He’s more like Exhibit N-443.

      2. Voluntarily taking photos and associating with Louie Farrakan…..

        Patronizing a colored church the pastor of which preached hatred of the white man…

        Referring to your grandmother as a “typical white woman….”

        Obama, the racial healer….

        1. Point. Game. Match!

      3. Actually, it’s somewhat Clntonian: “a lot of things happened in those days and this may have been one of them but I have no specific memory of it, Senator”

    4. I’d agree that a bit of slack is warranted, were in not for the fact that Northam and his people would never cut anyone on the Right a millimeter of slack. So as Comrade Alinsky would say, make ’em live up to their own rulebook.

      This is the world the Left made. I hope they enjoy living in it.

      1. Hell, a big part of his campaign was “Look at how racist my opponent is!”. Fuck him. He deserves this.

        1. Plus, the Democratic Party has spent almost a Century using propaganda to explain away how the Democratic Party was the Party of slavery.

          The GOP was literally created to fight the enslavement of Black folks in America.

          How the Democratic Party managed to flip that for decades is a propaganda coup. Luckily, more and more Americans are fleeing the Democratic Party for that reason among many reasons.

  4. The Republicans really missed an opportunity here… And went for the cheap and easy shot.

    If they’d have been smart, they would have said “So fucking what? He was a dumb kid, this was decades ago, times were different, nothing to see here.”

    Instead they played along thinking they’d get a quick win… Which will accomplish nothing, as I’m sure his replacement will also be a Dem right?

    People need to stop giving these kind of stories any importance at all… Otherwise this shit will never stop.

    Bringing slaves to America was the worse decision in American history… But not for the reasons many of you think… Just look at all the fucking trouble we’ve brought on ourselves by having them around? Not worth the free labor! LOL

    1. I know Democrats think you’re a child until 25… but normal people dont.

      1. Whatever, I haven’t followed this dumb story closely. I thought he was a few years younger. But either way, he’s still a dumbass dude in his mid 20s. There IS a difference between a 25 year old and a 50 year old in terms of behavior typically. 25 year olds tend to still be down for doing silly shit to have fun or get a rise out of people.

        1. Personally, at 60 I’m probably more down with doing silly shit; At 25 I was pretty straight laced, I’ve loosened up a bit.

          1. At 61, I still marvel of some of my stupidity in my 20’s.

            The latest rounds of sexual misconduct in the workplace has really brought this to the forefront of my thoughts.

            In the early 80s, in entreprenuerial firms that I worked for (the equivalent of today’s tech startups), all of us were doing some pretty brazen things in terms of workplace Tomfoolery. Men and Women! Sometimes, I’ll remember me hitting on a coworker and I just shutter at what we both said.

            And, I too was more straight laced then then I am now.

            The times were just different and people weren’t afraid to have some fun or make fun of themselves. This whole tribal mentality and over sensitivity just keeps getting worse. Where it ends, is anyone’s guess. But, I’m starting to think it won’t be pretty.

          2. I get you guys. I think it can go both ways for sure… But I also think there’s different kinds of stupid younger people might do versus older. Young people do outright retarded shit ALL THE TIME. Older folks might decide to do something silly or dumb once in awhile, but the difference is it is a willful act, done knowingly, and just not giving a shit about the consequences… The youngin’s are too dumb to even think through the consequences! At least in my experience it seems that way with most people.

      2. To be fair, most Democrats are children until age 25. And quite a few of them remain children throughout their lives.

        1. “If you’re not Liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not Conservative when you’re 35, you have no brain.”

          No matter who may have said or not said this.

          1. I am proud to say I had no heart! And I never will. Lazy hippie bastards tryin’ to take my tax money!

            1. Although, the funny thing is, I was more or less a purist right-libertarian on most fronts back then… As I have got older, I’ve realized purist libertarian thinking is not workable in the real world in many instances. It’s the general principle you want to start from, but then you need to make concessions for how the real world works, human nature, etc and come up with the most libertarian solution that will actually function IRL. So I guess I have become MORE conservative.

    2. The GOP clearly was not aware of this photo until after the 2017 election for Virginia Governor.

      Had it got dropped before the election, Ralph Northam likely would have lost.

      1. Yup. Too bad. But it’s over now… So might as well try to use it to fight the PC madness!

        1. If the Gov and Lt. Gov, it will be Virginia Governor Election 2.0

          This is the left cannibalizing their own and it’s hilarious.

          1. Yeah. I’m all for the left going after their own… I just think it’s a bad idea for the right to accept the premise of the left, which is “BURN THE WITCH!” basically.

            1. One thing that I have learned since Trump has been President is that when the Lefties attack, they tend to switch gears after they are forced to attack their own.

              In other words, Lefties will more quickly limit their PC attacks when they keep attacking other Lefties.

              The strategy is to destroy non-Lefties to gain more power. So if they keep attacking Lefties for PC behavior, there will be nobody left to attack the non-Lefties.

              Plus, really the only people that this PC bullshit works on anymore are Lefties. Its kind of self-correcting.

              1. This used to be the case.

                Proxmire going down for dictating his (racy) memoirs to his secretary while Bill Clinton was vigourously defended despite credible allegations not only of sexual harassment (banging an intern was pretty much defacto harassment at the time, and many D-Feminists would have described that power imbalance as rape), for example.

                But #MeToo changed things for a bit. The left started eating their own. It seems to have died down a bit, but there is an element of the left that will actually go after lesser D-politicians for violations of the code. Somehow I doubt that they’d hold one of their darlings to the same standards (can you imagine them running down Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton over a racist or sexist joke or comment? Yeah, me neither.

                1. Well they HAVE let the Clinton’s slide on a bunch of read-between-the-lines racist stuff over the years… Like the famed super predator line. Not to mention their anti-gay stance that they had up until a few years ago.

                  I agree they will throw lesser Ds under the bus, but still have a double standard for their Chosen Ones.

    3. LOL. If any Republican had replied ” “So fucking what?” The story would have immediately become “Republicans Are Just Fine With Overt Racism.” With reporters rushing to get in the face of any and every GOP politician demanding them to accept or refute their latent racist tendencies.

      1. So?

        The whole POINT is that we NEED to have that fight. This shit is getting out of hand. Next they’ll be dredging up pictures of every guy who happened to have a Polaroid taken of him playing cowboys and indians when they were 5, and calling for their resignation.

        We MUST have it out over this bullshit, and soon. I think we’re already too late and we’re heading for some serious conflict in this country… But if it is to be avoided, crap like this has to stop. The only way that happens is to man up, tell them to fuck off, and not back down. People have caved to ridiculous demands of the progs for decades… All in the name of looking good and being polite… Look where THAT shit got us.

        NO MORE.

        1. The bright side is that politicians are getting to serve less than 1 term in office.

          1. There’s always a silver lining I suppose! 🙂

        2. “Until one of us risks the ultimate destruction of our factions in order to change things, we’ll just go further down the rabbit hole on this.”

          “OK, you go first.”

          1. Yeah… But sometimes you have to man up. Oh sorry, was that not PC? Man, and all that, very sexist!

            Who cares. This is a fight that MUST happen… Because if it doesn’t, we’re doomed. Also, I think the vast majority of normal people, including many people who vote Dem, are tired of this shit. I live in Seattle, and all I keep meeting are more and more people who are disgusted by the level of crazy coming from the left lately. In the last few days alone I’ve randomly met 3 people who ranted on the subject of how the left has got too nuts, and they were all lifelong Democrats.

            I think this is an easy win if the Rs have the balls to do it.

            1. I’m not sure that the Rs could do it. Any republican would be accused (right or wrong) of sweeping the issue of racism under the rug. The most realistic scenario is a “Sista Soulja” moment from a prominent D with impeccable racial credentials. Most Democrats aren’t socialists or SJWs, and from my anecdotal experience are disgusted with how far PC is being taken. (Just like most Republicans aren’t racists or true free-marketers). At some point the pendulum is going to swing too far and society as a whole will correct this crap.

            2. The GOP manned up, sexist, and held firm for a decade at the media continued to use the PC attacks as moral arguments against the right. You see what happens, RINO as common instead of unique; capitulation at the soonest hint of news media attacks (McCain, flake, romney, etc) sometimes the only solution is mutually assured destruction.

            3. Dont interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.
              Let the progressives (continue to) go full retard.
              They have become the party of full on socialism, intersectionality overload, and straight up infanticide.
              Dont try to stop the meltdown; rather, provoke it further. Keep needling them until they either recover from their psychotic breakdown with a new philosophy, or until they commit suicide (collectively and/or individually).

              The time to resist is when they come after us. They call you a racist, tell them to fuck off.
              That’s pretty much what sane people have come to already

              1. Yes and the Republican house minority leader in Virginia is playing it smart by disavowing removing Norhram through impeachment while saying he hopes Northram does the right thing and resigns.

                1. Whether he stays or goes, this needs to hurt democrats as much as possible going forward. Maybe even making them act more ridiculous during the forthcoming election cycle.

                  I’m certain if they take any real losses, especially losing to Trump again, that it will make their raging in 2016 look like a church picnic.

        3. “Next they’ll be dredging up pictures of every guy who happened to have a Polaroid taken of him playing cowboys and indians when they were 5, and calling for their resignation.”

          Yes, that is where this is all heading if it doesn’t stop.

          You make it stop by making it work both ways. Tit for tat is a proven strategy.

          Reason and the Volokhs of this world will largely tell you don’t play tit for tat, which means you always take the hit, while they always get a pass.

          1. There is even a yearly AI competition where tit for tat continues to be the winning strategy.

            1. Tit for twat?

              1. I thought it was dick for twat? Or is this a lesbian thing? :O

          2. I get your meaning. But I see “This is stupid, and I’m going to ignore your nonsense” as being fundamentally different from kowtowing to their pressure, which is what many Rs have been doing in recent decades.

            Both strategies should be employed, depending on what the issue at hand is, and the particulars of the situation. I am all for playing dirty. Not playing dirty, while the left has, has cost the USA so much freedom it isn’t even funny.

        4. We need to have the fight over what the standard is going to be, just as soon as we establish that there’s only going to be one standard.

          But, again, it’s Democrats on Democrats action here, Republicans aren’t doing much more than enjoying the spectacle.

        5. Willie Brown meets Kamala Harris……….oh, wait!

        6. It’ll be over when Liam Neeson says it’s over

    4. The Republicans really missed an opportunity here… And went for the cheap and easy shot.

      In their pathetic desire to always fight back, the whiny right became social justice warriors, and cucked us all.

      1. Kind of. I actually agree that the right should start using more underhanded tactics like the left… You have to fight fire with fire. However it needs to be the RIGHT tactics at the RIGHT time. This was not the kind of thing they should have gone all SJW on, especially since there was nothing to be gained… Replacing one shit Dem with another shit Dem is not a victory.

        1. Of course, it may not play that way now that the LT. Gov. is fighting sexual harassment charges. Be nice to see them both run out.

        2. How old are you? If you want an example of the right acting like the current left, I invite you to look back a couple of decades. . The Christian Coalition was a virtual mirror of the current SJW movement. The amount of hypocrisy from the right was delicious. Just about every month some holier-than-thou, stone-casting conservative went down for various sins of the flesh.

          1. True, but it also wasn’t taken seriously. The Religious Right was regularly lampooned for their behavior. It’s different today in that SJW’s aren’t lampooned by most of the media.

          2. To be fair many on the left sided with consrvatice Christians over issues such as video game violence, cusswords on TV, pornography etc. Tipper Gore anyone Gloria Steinem? Etc.

            1. There was some cross-pollination, but none of it ever really gained much traction. Tipper Gore was made a laughing stock for her campaign against lewd rock ‘n roll, and Gloria Steinem was pretty much playing the old philosopher. At its most virulent nothing the so-called religious right had anything like the knee-jerk toxic impact of what the left-wing SJWs can come up with today. I mean, the Oscars won’t have a host (not that I really care) because LBGITQ (whatever that alphabet soup is these days) can’t forgive Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres notwithstanding.

          3. Oh yeah, I know all about preachers with 5 mistresses and whatnot!

            As Jwatts says though, a big part of it is that this whole PC/SJW agenda is SUPPORTED by basically the whole of the establishment. That is what makes all this madness so dangerous. When you have a media that is 90% biased in one direction, and that direction is a horrible one… Shit can get dicey. Not to mention the educational system, the deep state employees, etc.

            Not that there weren’t bible thumpers in some of those situations, but nowhere near the level we see today. Also, not a huge fan of those bible thumpers either… But at least in general bible thumpers pushed things that WERE good for individuals as far as ways to live a good and happy life, as opposed to pushing stuff that basically destroys civilization and doesn’t do much for individual life outcomes either…

      2. meh I live in the state pretty much everyone I’ve talked to who is a republican just want to point out the hypocrisy. I don’t really know to many people that think he should resign over this, actually the people who are really pushing his resignation seem to be the democrats.

        1. I don’t deny the hypocrisy, but acting like what is obviously a stupid stunt that happened thirty-five years ago is meaningful is pathetic.

          1. sure I guess but our entire political media is driven by twitter which makes it impossible for anything to not be retarded.

            1. our entire political media is driven by twitter which makes it impossible for anything to not be retarded.


          2. Right.

            Pathetic is also an Afro who claims to be hurt over a 35 year old photo of a white man in shoe-polish.

            1. Mary Poppins is now racist. Pictures of coal miners with soot on their face is now racist. Two recent actual controversies from the left.

              Crusty juggler is just a partisan asshole who only calls out the right for some reason even though the left is the one building tactical nukes with PC on the side. He has been absent from every thread that has the left attacking the right over this crap. Crusty is just a dishonest piece of shit.

              1. This is not new.

                The year I entered college, the movie “Superman” starring Christopher Reeves had come out as a big hit.

                The civil rights movements of the 50’s and 60’s had come to fruition at that point. Even though here in California much of what was being faught for was irrelevent; we weren’t the segregated south.

                It was also the year that an “alternative” student newspaper had been started at my college, supported by our student body fees, because the regular student newspaper didn’t fairly represent the “underrepresented”.

                The name of the paper was “The Third World Forum”. Their first front page article was an expose on the Superman movie and how racist it was because it was symbolic of white power over everybody else.

                So, I was paying to support a paper that attacked my “race”.

                Things have only gone further off the rails since then. The civil rights movement was coopted into many, flagrantly racist sects, all bent on “getting theirs”. It was just and interracial (ethnic, religous, etc.) version of Lord of the Flies.

        2. actually the people who are really pushing his resignation seem to be the democrats.

          That’s how they will attempt to keep their precious moral high ground. Much like the brouhaha in 2013 right before the SCOTUS decision about gay marriage when the D’s were all clamoring to say into whatever camera was rolling that they were for it, had always been for it, and the R’s are bad people. That’s their tactic.

        3. That makes sense. People like Northam are too embarrassing for the Dems to want to keep around. Kind of like the batty old uncle everyone locks in the bedroom when guests come over for dinner.

      3. The Republicans aren’t the ones calling for his resignation for the most part, it’s Democrats who have been screaming the loudest

    5. “If they’d have been smart, they would have said “So fucking what? He was a dumb kid, this was decades ago, times were different, nothing to see here.”


      1. There isn’t a Democrat in the country with the cojones to say anything like that. More’s the pity

  5. At the press conference, he was asked whether he could still “Moonwalk” a la the Prince of Pop and he looked like he might be ready to bust a move until his wife stopped him.

    Can’t Moonwalk with the old ball and chain around your ankle.

  6. The lt. Governor is now under fire for sexual misconduct at a DNC convention 8 years ago. Good job with picking your leaders democrats!

    1. This will be interesting. If the Governor is out and the Lt. Governor is out, then I guess a new election for both positions will need to be held immediately.

      Unless Virginia provides for some contingency plan when the head of the state Executive is gone.

      Watch No. Virginia still vote for any Democrat put forth as a new gubernatorial candidate.

      The Democratic Party is not toxic…. /s

      1. The Attorney General is the next in line.

        1. Virginia Attorney General, Mark Rankin Herring… another Democrat.

          Man, Virginia really is not a Red state at all with No. Virginia controlling what it does.

        2. For governor? I thought the senate leader became acting lt governor if the gov is forced out. Not sure what happens if both get ousted. Anyways, Mark Herring (Va AG) is another progtard

          1. In the case of the removal of the Governor from office or in the case of his disqualification, death, or resignation, the Lieutenant Governor shall become Governor.

            If a vacancy exists in the office of Lieutenant Governor when the Lieutenant Governor is to succeed to the office of Governor or to serve as Acting Governor, the Attorney General, if he is eligible to serve as Governor, shall succeed to the office of Governor for the unexpired term or serve as Acting Governor. If the Attorney General is ineligible to serve as Governor, the Speaker of the House of Delegates, if he is eligible to serve as Governor, shall succeed to the office of Governor for the unexpired term or serve as Acting Governor. If a vacancy exists in the office of the Speaker of the House of Delegates or if the Speaker of the House of Delegates is ineligible to serve as Governor, the House of Delegates shall convene and fill the vacancy.
            Virginia Constitution, Article V, Section 16 Succession to the office of Governor.

            1. Looks like Ra on a Train was right.

            2. So we just need to unearth the dirt on Mark Herring and Republicans can take over the governorship!

    2. The non-racist, pro-woman party’s finest!

  7. Early last week, Northam appeared on a radio show and endorsed legislation that would have relaxed restrictions on late-term abortions. Sources at Big League Politics, speaking anonymously to The Washington Post, claimed that the “revelations about Ralph Northam’s racist past were absolutely driven by his medical school classmate’s anger over his recent very public support for infanticide.”

    Several thoughts, one Northam didn’t endorse the legislation he was explaining the law as it currently stands in Va. In fact he dodged the question of whether he supported the legislation and said he thought you should have to consult multiple doctors and endorsing the current law as it stands. The legislation proposed would only require one doctor and relaxed the burden of it from being an absolute medical necessity of the mothers to being able to have a third term abortion for pretty much any reason including mental stress. Secondly the intentions of who/why someone leaked the picture are totally irrelevant imho. Thirdly I am against him resigning for what basically amounts to a tasteless joke he made at a Halloween party in fucking 1984. Fourthly I find the whole fucking thing hilarious and this episode has made it abundantly clear we live in simulation and the creators have an awesome sense of humor.

    1. Additionally it came out today that the Washington post and a local news channels sat on a story about an alleged sexual assault committed by the lt gov. in 2004 at the dnc convention.

      1. At least wapo was honest for once and chided the lt Gov for falselu claiming that wapo refuted the allegations. Wapo found no evidence for or against the allegations so didnt report it. Weird that they changed this standard for kavanaugh.

        1. Not so weird when you consider the political affiliations of the persons in questions

    2. “In fact he dodged the question of whether he supported the legislation ”

      And in doing so, revealed his feelings about it.

  8. As a Koch / Reason libertarian, I support access to abortion care throughout all 3 trimesters. And I encourage more Democratic politicians to be unapologetic about their commitment to reproductive rights. So it’s unfortunate I have to say this, but Northam must resign. He could have spent his medical career performing late term abortions himself, and it still wouldn’t be enough to make me overlook his racist past.

    1. OBL, you are entitled to your opinions, but you are not a libertarian of ANY sort. You are a Progressive, as your constant shilling for them clearly shows.

      I would point out that your constant misrepresentation of being a libertarian makes you a liar as well, but that is probably redundant with being a progressive.

      1. It’s a sarcasm-bot, meant to imitate the new age Reason way. Please don’t take it seriously.

    2. Northam should confess he was honoring Kermit Gosnell when the photo was taken. He’ll be forgiven, maybe win a few awards and possibly have his statue erected.

  9. Come on it was just black face. it is not like he was smirking or anything. And he is only the governor. It is not like he is a high school student from Kentucky and was wearing a MAGA hat.

    It is amazing. Radley Balko, to give one example, spent an entire week obsessing over old films of Covington Catholic High School basketball games looking for signs of white supremacy. The governor of Virginia shows up in his medical school yearbook dressed in blackface next to a guy in a Klan outfit and Balko just doesn’t think it is worth his time.

    David Frum after being one of the first to pile on the Covington students, informs the world this weekend he is ambivilent about all of this and is just tired of seeing people ruined because of mistakes made in their youth.

    That there could be a story that brings light to the hypocrisy and double standards of the media so shortly after the Covington fiasco shows that yes God does have a sense of humor and he does appearently enjoy watching journalists degrade themselves.

    1. Well, it wouldn’t be a double standard if they applied it to themselves too now would it???

      1. Why should he resign?

        Its high time to give the middle finger to Afro-dysfunction.

        1. I hope he stays in office. His continued service in office will just be an open sore for Democrats and be thrown in their face every time they try and claim a Republican is a racist. It is beautiful.

          1. That’s why he’ll end up stepping down. Will Trump step down for his unchristian behavior?

            1. Is Christianity a requirement now?

        2. I hope he stays in office. His continued service in office will just be an open sore for Democrats and be thrown in their face every time they try and claim a Republican is a racist. It is beautiful.

          1. Wonder what former Bushie, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace is saying now? A couple of weeks ago she declared that the “left has none” of this (racism) in the wake of the Steve King contratemps.

            1. Its like all of the Never Trump right who called Gillespie a racist and were so proud to support Northam.

  10. “Republicans were quick to jump on the story”

    So cute to see Nick earning his daily Journolist Brownnose Point. Gotta maintain his standing with the in crowd.

    1. Doesn’t that say bad things about Democrats? Shouldn’t Democrats been quick as well?

      1. Actually the Democrats were quick to jump on the story.

        Yes, Big League Politics is largely a Republican outfit, and they were spreading dirt on a Democrat. But it’s only ‘dirt’ to the extent that Democrats have claimed to be upset by such imagery. In that sense, BLP was merely using Alinksyite tactics – making the Democrats live up to their own words.

        And they were caught by it – with plenty of big names, and big organizations calling for Northam to resign. Gillespie blandly characterizes this as “Many high-ranking Democrats, including recent governors of Virginia and several national figures, have called on Northam to resign. So far, he is saying he will stay in office.” Saving the “pounce” verbiage for the Republicans.

        Because that’s what people looking to signal their allegiance do.

        1. It is significant dirt. This is a big deal like it or not. And the media was negligent for having not found it during the election.

          1. The media only finds what they want to find. Look at how many people were sent to dig dirt on Palin, meanwhile Tom Brokaw, on election night, has the audacity to say ‘we really don’t know too much about this Obama feller…’

            They will tell you the truth, if you know how to listen.

          2. the media was negligent for having not found it during the election.

            If only Gillespie had an oppo research team…

            1. Gillespie was negligent or just a loser as well.

              1. It’s not the media’s job to do the work of the Gillespie campaign.

                1. It is the media’s job to vet the candidates. They certainly find and pubish such things about Republicans. The fact that they don’t even look for such things in Democrats is an indictment of their integrity.

                  1. Wait, you’re not trying to say that the media might be in the tank for a certain political party are you??? *GASP*

                    People who still deny this fact are out of their minds. Anybody even an inch to the right of Mao should be able to see it clear as day.

          3. Who says they didn’t find it? They just didn’t run it.

            1. The WaPo was quite aware of the Lt. Gov’s sexual assault claims and didn’t run with those. It’s not implausible that they kept shit quiet.

        2. Plus, it does smell of a brutal coup to get him out of office in order to avoid the abortion comment controversy.

          This single Democrat is not match with the narrative protection for abortion.

    2. It takes some strength of character to think independently and not fall in line with your profession’s groupthink. Too bad Gillespie is weak willed.

  11. This – and the stories like it – is soooo fucken stupid and retarded.

    1. other stories like it.


      1. I should add.

        Here’s the thing I don’t get. Dude basically advocated for infanticide (eugenic by other means) and no one bats an eye but dress up like a Minstrel and ‘fine del mondo!’ Big shit he dressed up as one. Offended? Go fuck yourself. It happened 30 years ago. Grow up.

        Priorities are so messed up at the moment.

        1. +100

        2. “Dude basically advocated for infanticide”

          I seemed to have missed this. He advocated for infanticide?

    2. Agreed. Do not care

      1. I think this matters. He was 24 years old. And this wasn’t cool even in 1984. I would have some sympathy for him if he had not ran his entire election campaign around the theme that his opponent was a White Supremacist and done so much to exploit that poor woman’s death in Charlottesville.

        It takes a seriously deficient character to call Gillespie a white supremacist, something he knew wasn’t true, while knowing that he had done this kind of shit.

        1. “ran his entire election campaign around the theme that his opponent was a White Supremacist”

          Huh, I didn’t know this. Then he has the nerve to say he didn’t know that blackface wouldn’t be so bad. What an asshole

          1. Yes. He was elected in November of 2017 right after the Charlottesville. He rode that like a horse. And his supporters all said Gillespie was a racist, which he is not. Asshole is a good word for it.

            1. Its fairly certain that this asshole Northam is finished in politics, so Ed Gillespie gets the last laugh on that.

        2. I’m not saying it was okay and I agree that a Republican would be ripped apart for something like that. It’s pretty despicable that he ran accusing his opponent of racism. I just don’t care about this. He obviously went for a shock value costume and it’s biting him in the ass 35 years later. Everyone, even in 1985 or whatever, knows that’s a risk of doing something intentionally offensive. Again, i just don’t care enough

        3. Who says this wasn’t cool in 1984? I’m pretty sure in a largely white area most people wouldn’t have cared much. They would have gone “Oh, look at that guy! Tisk tisk. So risque.” and that woulda been it.

          Now running through Compton… Not so much. But in Virginia, probably not a biggie.

          1. I lived in a largely white area in 1984 and it wouldn’t have been okay where I was.

            1. “Come on, it was the 80’s! We all dressed up in blackface and had friends in the KKK….no?”

              1. Certainly true for any senators who were friendly with Sen. Byrd.

            2. Well, as with lots of things it’s all time and place… This probably wasn’t the kind of thing one did at a public function that was costume oriented… But I wouldn’t be surprised if thousands of people every Halloween still did this in the late 70s or 80s when they were going to friends houses.

              I can’t for the life of me remember who the hell it was, but I remember somebody being in black face at a party I went to in a small, mostly white town in the 2000s. These were just normal small town boys having fun, not actual nazis, or KKK people or whatever. Not to mention tons of other racially insensitive costumes, comments, etc. Shit that would all be BURN THE WITCH! stuff now.

              Shit, in the late 90s/early 2000s one of my best friends was a full blooded Mexican… His nickname all his best friends called him was simply “Beaner.” We even got his own MOTHER to start calling him that sometimes. LOL I’m pretty sure many progs heads would explode over that one nowadays…

              1. But I wouldn’t be surprised if thousands of people every Halloween still did this in the late 70s or 80s when they were going to friends houses.

                I would. I grew up in a working class white area and went to school with some pretty rough people. There were plenty of pretty big racists among the kids I grew up with. But, I never saw anything like this as a joke or anything else. If nothing else, there were enough black people around, you would have gotten your ass kicked even if you wanted to do it.

                Maybe this is something rich white kids who never saw a black person outside of driving by in a car in their life did. But it sure as hell wasn’t something anyone I ever knew did.

            3. I think you’re misremembering. It would have gone over nasically anywhere in 1984.

              1. I am not misremembering. It would not have gone over anywhere in the midwest at least in 1984. Part of that may be because the midwest wasn’t nearly as segregated as the South and the Northeast. Even in 1984, this shit would have caused a fight had it been done in the presence of black people.

                1. “Part of that may be because the midwest wasn’t nearly as segregated as the South and the Northeast.”

                  This part is laugable. I grew up in the South. I don’t think I ever had a class that didn’t have some black kids. It was always weird visiting Wisconsin or Michigan because of how segregated they were. I never saw a black face out in the boondocks of Wisconsin.

                  1. Despite me saying that, it was not acceptable for anyone to wear KKK robes in middle Tennessee in the 80’s. It might of happened, but it never occurred within my sight.

              2. I don’t think I saw anything like it in the 60’s even, when I was in my serious trick or treating years.

                1. Yeah Brett. The only example we have wehre it might have is Ken’s experience in Virginia below. And despite his denials, the people in his examples were racist assholes and were not doing anything ironically.

                  1. Well, John this WAS a very small town, with almost all white people. A few Mexicans. Literally like 6-8 black people in the whole area. So the fact that you lived somewhere that actually HAD black people might have been what triggered the fear of doing it. But I have seen it done for the LOLz, and in the 2000s. Also Hitler costumes. Is dressing in drag not acceptable anymore, like when doing it to make fun of trannies by having a beard while doing it? Because I’ve had a number of friends do that, and done it myself.

                    As I said, time and place. I would surely not expect somebody to do this at a public event, probably not even in the 80s… But at a private house party, with all your friends… I don’t think it’s THAT crazy a thing to happen. Especially not damn near 40 years ago.

          2. Who says this wasn’t cool in 1984?

            Soul Man came out in 1986 and was a box office hit.

            1. Yes it was. But it was making fun of white people just as much as it was black people. Beyond that, there were not any guys in Klan outfits in that movie as I remember.

              1. Yeah John, why consider that you’re wrong when you can just insist you aren’t, contra evidence.

            2. I attended a southern state university in the mid 80’s, and I’m telling you this was not cool. At least not if you had friends, classmates, or other close associates who were black.

              This was also the time frame when Eddie Murphy did his famous whiteface routine on SNL. And there was more than enough discussion to make it clear that there was a new double standard. Just like black people could say nigger, and you couldn’t it was the same with blackface – you didn’t go there.

              The Klan costume wasn’t even up for discussion.

              1. You raise a good point. Its like people who didn’t have friends of different backgrounds, thought shit like black face and KKK outfits were funny.

                If you had black friends, why would want to upset your friends by wearing a KKK outfit?

                A non-white person could potentially wear a KKK outfit because it didn’t make sense, so it can be for some other reason besides trying to be a racist asshole.

                Dave Chappelle doing Clayton Bigsby for example.
                Chappelle’s Show – “Frontline” – Clayton Bigsby Pt. 1 – Uncensored

                1. For all I can tell from the picture, it might BE his black friend in the KKK outfit. Which would make it a joke between them.

            3. I think the fact that movie existing could probably be used as evidence that race relations have actually gotten worse since the 80’s.

              1. Notice how Democrats in charge stir up tension among the races?

                It never lasts because its forced tension. Most Americans are not racist. Especially since being American is not one race. Americans are mutts of the World, race wise.

              2. “I think the fact that movie existing could probably be used as evidence that race relations have actually gotten worse since the 80’s.”

                Definitely since the early 2000s
                Undercover Brother was hilarious, and I went to see Bringing Down the House with 3 black girls in an almost all black theater.
                Everyone laughed at that shit.

                What went wrong?
                To be honest, I called it when Obama was elected in 08. All objection to anything he did politically or policy wise was labeled racist. Progressives had, and still have, this need to believe that everyone who isn’t part of their cult is racist, and Obama’s presidency was the perfect catalyst to confirm their own prejudice as now the entirety of their perspective

          3. It was not okay in the 1980s in Georgia.

            It was just deemed unfunny and mean by many people that I knew.

            PC has gotten out-of-control but trying to intentionally demean a group of people is just mean.

            Some people are fine with being assholes some are not.

          4. I lived in a fairly white area of the South in 1984.

            No, it was not cool. At all.

            1. Well, I think all you guys must have had the “Telling Nazi jokes in Germany ain’t funny” thing going on. Nobody blinks about a Nazi joke in the USA, but in Germany that shit DOES NOT FLY. Maybe the south was more sensitive about this stuff than other, whiter parts of the country BECAUSE they’d had the most racist laws etc.

        4. They’re all shitheads John. They all project. Digging up shit from the past like this is getting out of hand.

          The point is why are people losing it over this instead of the part where, you know, kill a baby?

          1. Why is the government shut down because immigration, but not because of abortion?

            1. Dead babies cannot vote?

            2. Because the feds don’t have the constitutional authority to regulate abortion mostly. But it is not shut down over funding to PP because most of the GOP in congress are lying when they claim to be opposed to abortion.

              1. That’s the rub here. Trump — who REALLY isn’t all that pro-life personally — is the most pro-life Republican since fucking Reagan. Neither Bush did shit. Congress won’t do shit. It’s quicker and easier to list the things the GOP hasn’t lied about for 20 years than trying to list their “core convictions” — which consists, primarily, of keeping themselves employed.

            3. Because keeping our country from being overrun by 3rd world hordes is more important than sluts killing babies? If we’d been on top of illegal immigration the last couple decades, the US murder rate would be about 30% lower as per FBI statistics… I’m part Mexican, and I still want every one of these fuckers deported, including all the DACA fuckers, AND if they could retroactively remove birthright citizenship, I’d be down for that shit too. Fuck ’em.

        5. “And this wasn’t cool even in 1984”


          I graduated HS in 1976 and this would have been not cool to the point anyone seeing you would have their mouth open in shock. The combination of the blackface with the KKK outfit is WAY the fuck over the top.

          I can’t imagine ANYONE wanting to, or being willing to, wear the KKK outfit in 1976. If it was the costume for a play, you would have had trouble getting someone to even play that part.

          This was outrageous behavior in 1984 for a 16 year old, in 1976 for a 17 year old, and damn sure outrageous in 1984 for a 24 year old.

        6. All this judgement here and everywhere else of what the picture represents, whether it’s tasteless or acceptable fails the underlying thesis of libertarianism or decent society: Facts and science matter.

          We have no context for the picture. We can’t say whether it’s racist, violent or harmless satire.

          In 1984, at a frat party with a theme of racial oppression this could be considered racist. At a Halloween party where a couple of guys decided to dress up as this while posing as freinds and pump people for a laugh, it’s pretty funny.

          My freinds and I were known to where Nazi outfits for costume events. We were fully aware of the Nazi atrocities but so far removed from them by 1984 that it didn’t stop us from using it as satire.

          I loved history and have taken many courses over the years, simply to learn more about what happened in the past. One of the things I learned early on was, when studying history, one cannot judge historical events by today’s standards.

          Context matters!

          1. Yeah, as I said elsewhere, for all anybody knows there could have been a costume party themed “Most offensive things ever” or something… In which case they might have been wearing them to point out bad things. We have no clue. Context is everything.

    3. Rufus get over it. This story is hilarious. The last two weeks have been hilarious the fact that this is coming up in the weeks after the covington kids and within the same year as the kavanaugh yearbook inquisition is such a cherry.

      1. I don’t disagree it’s hilarious. That picture is hilarious. But I didn’t want to go there.

        1. I meant get over it out of love.

          1. I figured that much. Lol.

  12. There were some great jokes about all of this. Governor Northam in “Partial Birth of a Nation” might be my favorite.

    1. That’s pretty funny.

      I think, tactically, though, tis might actually not be great for conservatives, or more specifically, the pro-life movement. Until Friday, the discussion was about ideas – the extremes to which the pro-abortion segment of the Left has taken things. Now, it’s just about how awful Northam is. They’ll get their scalp, sure, but the bigger issue has been pushed aside.

      1. The bill died in committee and the governor who pushed it career is ruined. Sure, it is because of this. But this only came out because a former med school classmate was pissed about his abortion statement ratted him out.

        I see your point. It would be cleaner if he were done in for his horrible position on abortion, but he will stand as a warning to others regardless.

        1. The gov. didn’t actually push the legislation in the video he was describing the law as it currently is in VA. Which probably makes it worse but I think it’s important that the basic facts are reported correctly which seems to be lost in the whole kerfuffle as per usual.

          1. I believe he was trying to describe how it would work under the proposed law while botching what the proposed law eliminates and accidentally humanizing the clump of cells by calling it an infant throughout his hypothetical. It was a massive own goal on several different levels.

            1. no i don’t believe so. The current law in VA allows for third term abortions as he described on the show. The new law relaxed the wordage for when it would be allowed and that there wouldn’t need to be three doctors(only one) to agree it was necessary or permit-able. In fact if you listen he goes onto say he supports having multiple doctors give there opinion on it which would seem to me to point to him leaning towards no on the new bill or at least not openly supporting it. He never actually says he supports the new legislation in the clip I listened to or when I recall listening to it live. He dodges the question.

              1. The operative part is where he says that parents and the doctors will discuss about what to do with the infant. Secondly, he was asked to discuss Tran’s comments on what she expected to be legal under the proposed bill, not what the current law was.

              2. The current law does NOT allow murder of babies AFTER birth. The proposed law does.

          2. If you go too far in undermining the pro-abortion narrative, the Lefties will destroy you.

            After Northam spoke, public opinion must have shifted because the warriors of the Left pounced immediately.

            As John said, it was likely someone who knew Northam well.

        2. It died in committee but I believe three people voted for it?


    2. The jokes write themselves.

      1. Northam’s political career is being kept comfortable while the public decides if it is viable or not.

        1. Pith it and sell the parts for research.

        2. The difference between Michael Jackson and Ralph Northam is that when Michael Jackson dangles babies over the balcony he pulls them back to safety.

          1. What is the umbilical cord if not a bungee cord to pull infants back to safety?

    3. I liked the quip when Planned Parenthood called for him to resign — “They don’t want anything to go full-term”

      1. +1000

  13. It isn’t that progressives can’t tell the difference between being racially insensitive and actually discriminating against someone on the basis of race; it’s that they think racial insensitivity is as bad or worse than actual discrimination.

    It speaks to their true mission. They don’t want to change policy. They want to change people’s hearts, and they want to do it through intimidation and public humiliation as well as through education and media. They don’t just want to do it to public figures either.

    They want to make an example of people who are insensitive, and that’s why progressives concentrate their wrath on public figures. This has nothing to do with actual discrimination by the governor, little if anything to do with public policy, and everything to do with humiliating a public figure in order to intimidate the rest of us for fear of being called out as insensitive.

    It’s understandable if some people react to such intimidation with obnoxious insensitivity. It may not be defensible, but it’s understandable.

    1. If you like Northam and agree with his policies, why should you turn on him and demand a new governor who might not be as good?

      But, screw the Democrats on this. If he were a Republican, his continued presence in office would be evidence of Republican racism. They can live by their own rules.

      1. “If you like Northam and agree with his policies, why should you turn on him and demand a new governor who might not be as good?”

        Because progressives don’t care about policy anywhere near as much as they care about redefining social norms–especially as it pertains to identifiers like race, sex, and orientation.

        To borrow and butcher a Gillespie quote, “Racial insensitivity is the Democrats’ clitoris”.

        1. Incidentally, Gillespie’s quote, during Reason’s coverage of the 2016 convention AIR, went something like, “Immigration is the Republicans’ clitoris”.

          1. God you’re a shitty poster.

    2. This is racially insensitive but pretty obviously done for comedic effect. Whether it was successful is a matter of taste. Judging it now, 35 years later and outside of the group and context in which he initially did it, is stupid and pointless. He was an idiot for dressing like that, moreso for letting himself be photographed doing so, and further still for not objecting to its being in his yearbook. But no one was harmed. Does anyone honestly believe Northam is pro-Klan? Hell, even when the local news was showing it to randos in the street, most were obviously trying not to laugh.

      1. I grew up in the 1980s. And I did not grow up in anything close to a PC environment. And I can honestly say I never have been in a group or been in a party where dressing in black face or in Klan outfits ever came up much less was considered cool.

        1. You went to lame parties!

          I can’t even remember who it was… But somebody I went to high school with did black face once in the early 2000s! And tons of other offensive outfits.

          It’s called having fun. Uptight people can shove it. There’s a time and place for things like this, but people are taking it all waaaaay too far nowadays.

        2. The klan were still pretty active in the south, including Virginia, in the 1980s, so it’s not like the costume could then have been considered a quaint anachronism

          1. I grew up in the Midwest. It was plenty un PC, but nothing like that. I really have zero sympathy for all of this. Maybe I just don’t get the culture but I can’t imagine ever thinking it was cool even at my adolescent worst let alone when I was in grad school.

            1. I am with you John.

          2. This. They were ridiculously small, mainly just old guys who hadn’t died off yet. but in the late 70’s and early 80s the Klan was still very real. Northam was old enough to know this at the time. What the picture says is that he just didn’t give a shit.

          3. I get that it’s SUPER edgy… But to me it’s all context. For all anybody knows, the theme of the party was “Most offensive things ever” and there was a Hitler, Stalin, and Mao 20 feet to their left. I don’t get why people are so uptight about this stuff. There are times and places where dressing up as Hitler would be TOTALLY unacceptable… And there are times where it wouldn’t be. A friend of mine, somebody completely NOT racist, dressed up as Hitler in high school once. It was fine. Had he gone to a Jewish organizations Fancy Dress Ball in the outfit, it would have been not cool.

            1. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao are not part of American culture. Slavery is.

              It upsets people. Some people refuse to be demeaned and will fight back. Some people are PC warriors who get triggered on little shit.

              I am not saying everyone needs to be coddled from hurtful history. I am saying that if you intentionally try and upset people, expect some blowback.

              Wear a Hitler outfit in Germany, Poland, Russia, or Israel and see what happens.

              Go to China, Korea, the Philippines, or Japan and wear an Emperor Hirohito outfit.

              1. Or Viet Nam.

                Back in 2005 I was at an open air market in Nha Trang. The public restroom was cash only and I didn’t have any Dong. The only cash I had was some Japanese Yen coins. I offered the restroom lady an amount significantly over the required payment, figuring she could handle the exchange and pocket the difference.

                She about ripped my head off. Seriously, I though I was about to get my ass kicked, because hitting a 4’2″ grandma in public was going to be much worse. Hard to run fast in a crowd when you have a belly full of beer & chili crab, and bladder at the bursting point.

                Some memories are long, even if they aren’t your memories.

                1. Definitely ThomasD. There are just some historical events that have lifelong effects on people.

                  Being a little “sensitive” to their plight can go along way. On the other hand, PC has taken being a bit “sensitive” and targeted people with it.

                  I understand that the Vietnamese don’t really hate Americans but still hate the Japanese. The USA bombed the living shit out of Vietnam. The Japanese occupation was so horrible that its memory still lingers with Koreans, Filipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

                  I think for the USA things got better after all the Civil War racists died. Things will likely be better once all the Boomers die off.

                  1. Now this boomer is offended. You want me to die? To what end?

            2. I’m not uptight about it. If I were rolling my eyes any harder I’d sprain them.

              I just enjoy watching Democrats engage in fratricide instead of infanticide.

            3. Yeah, well like I said, context. It’s everything.

          4. I’ve lived in the South the vast majority of my life.

            I didn’t meet anybody who was ever in the KKK until about 2007 or so. No, they were not active in any way, shape, or form.

            The Klan has been more active in places like Montana than in the South for a long time now.

            1. The Klan was always biggest in Indiana and Ohio. The Klan was enormous in the upper midwest back in the day. It was post reconstruction never as big in the South as it is made out to be.

              1. Yep, remember Senator Robert Bird, Democrat West Virgina was big in the Klan. The Grand Wizard for decades was in Pennsylvania.

        3. I was in boarding school in central Virginia back then, and I saw things like this happen and end up in the yearbook–because people thought it was funny.

          The Klan get up was considered especially funny because he was introduced as the “Redneck Relations Officer”. There was a lot of tension in rural Virginia between preppies at the school and the local kids, who were proud rednecks. When the Redneck Relations Officer took off his hood, he was a black student at the school. The point of the joke was to make fun of the local rednecks for being so racist that the only way a black student might be able to communicate with them was if they didn’t know he was black and he were dressed up like a Klan member. If a photo of him dressed up like that had made it into the yearbook, the context would have been lost. You wouldn’t even have known the guy under the hood was black, much less than everyone was disgusted by him–until the moment he took off his hood and everyone got the joke.

          1. Thank god! I’ve been the only one here to actually admit to having seen things comparably “ZOMG racist!” up until this point. As I’ve been saying, the context matters. It’s not like this is polite society stuff, but it’s not THAT crazy either. It’s just stupid kids being edgy.

          2. Also, LOLOLOL about a black dude wearing a KKK outfit. That’s the kind of stuff that defuses all this racial tension, not getting upset about non issues.

            1. Even Dave Chappelle who played Clayton Bigsby, a black KKK member, had some Black community issues to work through.

              A Black guy as a KKK member was impossible, so some interesting discussions about race relations came out of it.

          3. “And for my next impression . . . Jesse Owens.”


        4. One of the photos that made it into the yearbook was a group of girls who were mocking a group of recruiters from a largely black college in Washington DC that came to our prep school. The chances of these recruiters getting these white preppy girls was a stretch, and they dressed up in black face as these recruiters for Halloween. Within the context of Halloween, what normally would have been considered disgusting became somehow acceptable to a lot of people. I wouldn’t defend making fun of anybody at any time because of their race, but there may be legitimate arguments other people would make about whether Halloween can justify blackface in certain contexts. I understand Megyn Kelly lost her job over making such a case.

          Was that photo taken on Halloween?

          1. So what you are saying is that prep school white kids in the 80s in Virginia were still racist assholes. I won’t question your knowledge of the subject but I don’t see how Northam now being known to be one of them helps his cause.

            1. No, I’m not saying that prep school white kids in the 80s in Virginia were racist assholes.

              I said that prep school white kids in the 80s in Virginia thought it was hilarious to make fun of the local rednecks for being racists.

              I said that the context of Halloween can make some people, like Megyn Kelly, see the rules as becoming more complicated, and I’m saying that the context of those photos is lost.

              1. If you make fun of recruiters from an HBC because you consider such a place beneath you, you are a racist asshole.

                One of the photos that made it into the yearbook was a group of girls who were mocking a group of recruiters from a largely black college in Washington DC that came to our prep school.

                I am sorry, those girls were racists. I don’t see how you could square their actions with any other conclusion.

                1. They were being snobs. Not racists.

                  Get over yourself.

              2. “I said that prep school white kids in the 80s in Virginia thought it was hilarious to make fun of the local rednecks for being racists.”

                And doing so by employing a tremendously offensive racial stereotype.

                I think your scenario is quite possible, but I also think that, even at that time, it also represented a degree of racial insensitivity that crossed well over the line into overt racism. Anyone who grew up in the south in that era surely had contact with and a clear understanding of the good hearted racist, and how not to be that person.

                1. What Thomas said. And sorry, redneck racists don’t make fun of college recruiters. They don’t care about college recruiters. They were making fun of HBCs and saying blacks were stupid and any school that was made up of them a joke. That is racist and that is how they meant it.

                  Ken, your defense of these girls sounds like the defense that idiot Korean woman who works for the New York Times now put up in defense of her racist Tweets. She was just being ironic. No she wasn’t. And neither were these kids.

                  1. “Ken, your defense of these girls sounds like the defense . . .

                    My defense of these girls? That didn’t happen.

                    “Within the context of Halloween, what normally would have been considered disgusting became somehow acceptable to a lot of people. I wouldn’t defend making fun of anybody at any time because of their race, but there may be legitimate arguments other people would make about whether Halloween can justify blackface in certain contexts.”

                    —-Ken Shultz

                    If all you saw was a Klansman in our yearbook, you wouldn’t have the context that the guy wearing the robes and the hood was black and making fun of local racists. You’d just see a Klansman in the yearbook. The point was that we don’t know the context of the photos that are the subject of this controversy.

                    The black Klansman joke was differentiated from the girls making fun of black college representatives for being black. Again, it’s about the context. The context of a black man donning Klansman robes in order to make fun of racists is not racist. The context of girls making fun of black for being black probably is racist. Because I was pointing out the context for the girls doesn’t mean I was defending them. In fact, you can tell I wasn’t defending them because I said that I would not defend them.

                2. “And doing so by employing a tremendously offensive racial stereotype.”

                  You’re saying that a black student making fun of local racists is racist?

                  Does not compute. Did you really read what I wrote?

                  “I think your scenario is quite possible”

                  I’m supposed to ignore what I saw with my own eyes and believe something based on whether you think it’s possible?

              3. That’s because it CAN be hilarious. When my friend dressed up as Hitler… It was fucking hilarious. Because this was going on 20 years ago, our JEWISH FRIEND didn’t end up whining like a bitch about it either, as somebody might do today.

                Being able to make these insensitive jokes about each other defuses tension more than anything. I had the nick name Beaner-Schnitzel because I’m mostly German, but part Mexican. Also Buffalo Fucking Nazi, because I’m also part native. Our Jewish buddy dealt with all kinds of Jew jokes (Get in the oven!), our Scottish friend got Scottish jokes (kilts, being cheap, etc), our gay friend dished and received lots of gay jokes, etc… The funny thing is we were all fine. People took it all in stride, and had fun with it. We dished and received. We weren’t a bunch of whiney bitches.

                I think the way my friends and I dealt with this is a LOT more constructive and healthy than the way the left wants it do be dealt with now.

                1. What is funny about saying black colleges, which are often very old and distinguished schools are bad schools and no place an upper class white girl would ever go?

                  Dressing up as Hitler is mocking Hitler. It is okay to mock bad people even if you are mean about it. These girls were mocking black people who made the mistake of thinking a black college might be a good institution. That is racist.

                2. Lenny Bruce.

                  1. George Carlin.

            2. How is it racist to mock particular black people? Which is what he said they did, BTW. It was an inside joke, but still. Is it racist to mock particular white people? Being racist against whites seems to be totally fine nowadays anyway…

              See, I think it should be fine for people to mock each other as they see fit.

              What if a white guy and his black friend decided to do white face and black face together, and dress like each other normally did, to be an edgy/funny/inside joke costume pair? Is that racist?

              1. What were they mocking about the HBC recruiters other than that they were black and dared think that self respecting white people would ever attend an HBC? If they just wanted to make fun of schools they thought were beneath them, why not a community college? What is so special about an HBC?

                Fuck those girls, They were racists

                1. Maybe because THOSE particular recruiters had come and gone after them specifically? If somebody from the local community college had done the same, and been a fat ugly white woman, they may well have decided to dress up in a fat suit and mock her instead.

                  1. So the only schools they thought were beneath them was HBCs? The fact that they were HBC’s had nothing to do with the joke?

                    Bullshit. That is absurd and you know it. Why is it so difficult for you to admit they were racist? It is what it is. If you think it is funny to mock HBCs as inferior schools and beneath you, you are a fucking racist. It is that simple.

              2. It racist if you think that your race is superior than other races.

                That manifests itself in many forms. Slavery was one of those forms. Not all slavery was racist. Some slavery was the result of lost battles. Race had nothing to with it.

                A Black guy in White face and a White guy in Black face, would not seem racist to me. You do however need to remain together during the entire night or there might some drama.

              3. Vek, the best way of a hole, starts by ceasing to dig.

                So far, your dedicated defense of behavior that can’t be defended is leading me to believe YOU are a racist.

                You might want to stop digging.

                1. Blackface ain’t cool.
                  There are ways it can be acceptable, but you better be spot on and know your crowd.
                  A black guy dressing up as his white friend while his white friend dresses up as him can be ok, as both are making statements about the other individually and in conjunction. Still risky.
                  A toddler dressing up as a black superhero for Halloween – can be ok, only because the child is too young and innocent to understand different skin colors.
                  In college, a couple middle eastern students went to a Halloween party as Run DMC, and did blackface. It wasn’t meant to be offensive, but they were made to understand that it wasn’t cool – even for brown folks who were not malicious but simply ignorant of the history.
                  Northams photo was nothing like that. There is no possible context in which that costume isn’t a racist caricature of black people.
                  Whether or not being a racist ass 30 years ago should doom him now is a separate matter, but he was undoubtedly being a racist ass in that picture.
                  As it is, I’m just enjoying watching the shitshow of progressive cannibalism, especially after they went after that kid from Kentucky

                2. So, why isn’t it racist for those black HBC recruiters to target those prep school white girls?

                  1. MJBinAL, well I’m sure by YOUR definitions I AM racist. And frankly I don’t care. I don’t hate all people from any ethnicity. I have had and continue to have friends of all races. I’m a decent chunk “dirty brown person” myself genetically! But I also believe in facts, which means I accept many inconvenient facts that happen to go along racial lines.

                    I do not believe all people are exactly the same, because all scientific evidence runs contrary to this thinking. This doesn’t mean I hate anybody… Merely that I accept that reality is not as I would wish it to be.

                    As far as on this kind of shit, I’m just sick and tired of all the PC garbage. I’ve had enough of it. I think people need to thicken their skins up and stop being such a bunch of whiney pussies. If you don’t like it, that’s cool… Agree to disagree. But I’m not changing my mind.

        5. I grew up in a town that is today 99% white was in high school in the 70’s and no one ever did anything like this not even black face but maybe since there were none in our town we didn’t care. You don’t bother mocking what you don’t know.

      2. Does anyone honestly believe Northam is pro-Klan?

        No, but we have to pretend so that we can pass moral judgement on a thirty-five year old photo to own the libs and win.

        1. I have no idea what he thinks of the Klan. Whatever it is, I think it is safe to say that he thinks the Klan is no big deal and nothing to take seriously. I could see where people would find that offensive.

        2. owning the libs is fun for the whole family.

    3. “They don’t want to change policy. They want to change people’s hearts, and they want to do it through intimidation and public humiliation as well as through education and media.”

      A thousand times this.

      Saving you from yourself is their religion.

      1. Yup. This is it 100%

        And I say they can go fuck themselves. I have opinions on things for reasons. Some of them don’t fit into the nice PC fantasy land they have in their heads… Because the WORLD as it actually exists doesn’t fit into their PC fantasy land. That ain’t my problem.

        The right needs to start shaming these people back for being kill joys and fucking morons. All the sane people being polite when the crazies made their demands is why we’re having this problem today. It’s time for humoring crazies to end.

    4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hitler youth.

  14. Interesting take at Quillette…..ilitation/

    1. That was pretty good. The quillette does put out quite a few interestingly angled pieces.

    2. That is an excellent take. But it is also subtle, nuanced, and long. Any politician who attempted to make the same argument could expect it to be twisted all out of context, and broadcast nation wide before he was even finished speaking.

  15. Northman’s greatest crime is that he is an idiot who doesn’t know when to STFU, and hasn’t mastered the Trump/Clinton art of turning negative news about him to his advantage. He is a lousy politician in other words. The profs who voted for him have helped to create this hypersensitive identity politics era, so they may now have to sacrifice one of their own. If the Lt governor was not from their own party and rather Obamaeaque, I have no doubt they would be dismissing the blackface/ kkk photo.

    1. I meant progs who voted for him

      1. Northam and the evil Dragon Lady from Fairfax are quite a pair. It is remarkable that of all the things the Virginia Democratic Party could have spent political capital trying to accomplish, they choose legalizing post birth infanticide.

        1. It’s sickening, but there seem to be some women who have a fetish for abortion and infanticide and they all came out to vote for Northam, and McAuliffe in 2013.

          1. It really is a fetish. There is no way that you can say that in a world where birth control is everywhere and where you can get an abortion for any reason up to the third trimester than banning abortions in the third trimester is any kind of denial of women’s rights or in anyway forcing women to have children.

            There is no reason to support such a thing. If you really want to go down the rabit hole, put the obsession with the legalization of third term abortions with the videos of Planned Parenthood officials admitting they sell body parts for profit. They want these things legal because murdering and dismembering children and selling their organs is profitable. That is so sick it is hard to believe it could be true but the facts as they are known make it appear that it is.

          2. So NoVaNick, what do you think will happen with VA Governor, Lt. Governor, and potential elections to replace those positions?

  16. Funny though how before the Left turned a blind eye on that, while coming after conservatives for far less offensive things….

  17. “At the press conference, he was asked whether he could still “Moonwalk” a la the Prince of Pop and he looked like he might be ready to bust a move until his wife stopped him”

    Why oh why did she have to stop him?

    Seriously though, I need a wife like that

    1. “I need a wife like that”

      No, you really don’t.

  18. So I’ve been meaning to do this for years, ever since the outrage mobs really started getting crazy… Keep in mind I live in Seattle too, so it’ll have extra effect here.

    I want to dress up like a walking stereotype of a Mexican. Big fake mustache, sombrero, poncho, make my face all dirty… Maybe walk around with a bottle of tequila or something. Perhaps have some sort of funny sign that plays to a stereotype or something?

    Anyway, as all the white progs get COMPLETELY OUTRAGED and proceed to tell me how racist I am, how horrible I am for appropriating Mexican culture, for portraying stereotypes etc… I’ll let them go on for a bit. Maybe even argue with them some…

    Then after they’re GOOD and riled up, I’ll tell them that I am part Mexican. And they can go fuck themselves. I’m soooo tired of all this crap. I can’t even stand it anymore. These people are sucking all the fun out of the universe.

    1. I have Mexican friends that are as light skinned as anyone. I gaurantee you the typical brain dead Seattle SJW would ever think they were Mexican by just seeing them. And these people were from the bigger cities of Mexico and consider Tejano culture to be hillbilly culture and ridiculed it mercilessly. I think the NPC’s in Seattle would have a brain anyerism if they ever met an actual Mexican.

      1. Oh, totally.

        I’m mostly non Spanish white, mostly German, but some other stuff too. But I’m part native on one side, and then Mexican and MORE bonus native on the other. I don’t have a ton of Hispanic features, but I tan like crazy. I was lighter than a GOOD GRIP of “full blooded” Mexicans I grew up around in California.

        The thing most Anglos don’t know about Mexico, is it is still fairly racially divided. The overwhelmingly European upper class basically runs shit, and does look down on the “hillbillies,” which on average tend to be more native blooded than the upper class.

        There are of course plenty of successful people who are more mixed blood too, and it’s supposedly less bad in that way than even a few decades ago… But when you meet a super pale as Mexican, it’s because they’re probably 80-90%+ European blood, versus the 60-70% which is supposedly the average in Mexico.

        Any which way, I will have an AWESOME time trolling Progs when I get around to this!

        1. Derp, I meant darker above there!

        2. I pointed that out to Old Mexican on here once and he denied. He said there was no lighter skinned elite in Mexico and no racial divide between those who are more Spanish and those who are more Native American.

          He actually claimed that and called me a racist for saying otherwise.

          1. Puerto Ricans have skin color from the whitest of white to the blackest of black.

            I noticed a racial hierarchy immediately.

            Its not a definitive thing but sure are some white looking Puerto Ricans that run that place.

            1. True story. The Speedy Gonzalez cartoons are wildly popular in South America because it is so popular to look down upon and make fun of Mexicans down there. Calling a Puerto Rican or a Cuban much less an Argintine a “Mexican” is a good way to start a fist fight.

              1. Oh yeah. There’s a total racial hierarchy that largely persists to this day all throughout Latin America.

                South Americans from some countries look down on Mexico and some other countries because they’re… Less European! In Argentina the average genetic mix is 90%+ white. In Mexico studies have showed it to be 60-70%, with more European heritage in the north than the south.

                Of course there is a logical reason for this hierarchy… But quoting consistent IQ test scores along ethnic lines is VERY un PC. Even though technically one can claim it is all environmental causes, everybody loves to ignore the fact that IQ gaps explain literally every racial inequality in every nation that has mixed populations. Now that they’re decoding the genes that relate to intelligence I guess this one will get sorted sooner rather than later.

  19. And the reason I used a very little bit is because, I don’t know if anybody’s ever tried that, but you cannot get shoe polish off.

    In other words, this was not the first time he did this. If it’s not him in the picture, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who it was. Having said that, I think it’s a silly reason to resign. Times were different then and these kinds of antics were not yet verboten. In fact I was on my high school yearbook in the mid 80’s and we were warned not to pull offensive stunts any more.

  20. What I said in the roundup thread is important and bears repeating: the scumbags in the JournoList have known about this since before he got elected, but have been keeping it covered up because he’s a liberal democrat and they’re the absolute scum of the earth.

    1. There is no way they didn’t know about this and the fact that his nickname at VMI was “coonman”. Lets not forget too, he refused to shake the hand of his black opponent after a debate when he was running for Lt Governor. They never said a word about that either. And his campaign put out flyers that left off his black running mate in white areas. Northam does seem to have a bit of an issue with black people.

      1. Yep. Also, if this guy was a republican Gillespie, Welchie Boy, Soave, Lizzie, and all the rest of the frauds at Reason would be enraged and endlessly frothing at the mouth on an almost daily basis until he resigned.

        But because he’s s liberal democrat, they’re all like “I guess we have no choice but to mention this story, but really we don’t give a fuck.”

        1. Contrast Gillespie’s pox on both houses stance on this with the weeks long panic attack they had over Ron Paul’s newsletters. Ron Paul was an actual Libertarian who supported the things reason claims to believe him. And they happily destroyed him with shit they excuse from Democrats.

          1. Yep.. Hell, the last line here is an open admission that all he really wants is for this story to go away quickly.

            Fonzie and Welchie Boy are two of the biggest lying sack of shit con artists we’ll ever see in our lifetimes.

            1. I have less respect for them than I do for the worst leftist SJW. At least the SJWs are honest about who they are.

          2. Going after Ron Paul was some typical Lefty bullshit.

            Ron Paul gave medical care to non-white poor people for decades.

            — Ron Paul, during a CNN debate in Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 26, 2012
            “When I got out of medical school in 1961, I practiced for a couple years before there was Medicaid. I worked in a Catholic hospital and didn’t make hardly any money. Nobody was turned away, and people were treated. And back in those days, people weren’t laying in the street with no medical care. Doctors always charged the least. Now, with the government coming in, with these programs that aren’t ? you know, they’re totally bankrupt ? everybody charges the most, everybody from the doctors to the labs to the hospitals.”

  21. astonishingly quick how they tried to destroy him – 2 days from abortion comments –> “surprise! here’s photos” … wink-wink

    other than that I don’t care. Mary Poppins either.

    1. The Mary Poppins one is especially funny.

      I just ignore these stories now. The energy expunged getting *angry* is not worth it.

      Imagine how miserable you can become always looking at the past as if it has a future value.

      Fuck that.

  22. I looked up up that abortion law he endorsed, and it would allow third-term abortions if a doctor certified that giving birth would harm – even temporarily – the mother’s mental health. You can drive a truck through this loophole. Any doctor determined to do a third-term abortion would have no trouble making this sort of certification.

    Fortunately, the bill didn’t pass, but the gov endorsed this in the past couple weeks, not in the 80s.

    Fortunately, there’s nothing racist about making it easier to kill black babies. /sarc

    1. These pictures provide important context for his views on abortion and infanticide. The Progs are always yapping about how important context is and how it means you should not believe your lying eyes. Well, these pictures gave us some context.

      1. The people saying that there’s no connection between the racism and the abortion comments don’t understand the pro-life position.

        1. I think Northam is a total racist. Most white liberals are. They are benevolent racists in that they don’t mean to harm blacks. But they are absolute racists in the sense that they consider blacks to be inferior and in need of superior White people’s assistance if they are ever to succeed.

          1. Agreed, but what about all of the black people who subscribe to, feed off of, and benefit by, the same?

            To wit, any black person claiming to be hurt or jarred or injured by a 35 year old photo of a white man wearing shoe polish is a flagitious, rotten, spiritually flawed human being.

            1. While you are around Mike, let me give you my cynical theory as to why the Patriots are not going to another Super Bowl for a while after yesterday. I do not think that the NFL directly fixes games. I do, however, think that the NFL has an unwritten and unspoken understanding with its referees to favor teams that draw ratings. Teams that draw rating are teams from large markets, teams with large national followings (like the Steelers, Cowboys, and Packers) and teams with exciting star players who draw ratings.

              Whatever you think of the Patriots, they bring ratings. People love them or hate them and watch as a result. And until yesterday, the Patriots had always produced from an entertainment standpoint. All eight of the Patriots’ Super Bowls had been made for TV entertainment. And the run of great Super Bowls they produced was a huge tonic for the league who had suffered more than a decade of NFL blowouts in its biggest game.

              That was until yesterday. Yesterday was a dog of a game and especially after the horrible officiating in the NFC title game left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. If somehow, the Patriots were to make the Super Bowl again next year, the casual fan will have much less interest in watching than they have in watching previous Super Bowls.

              1. This missed PI call on the play just before the critical interception was entirely unsurprising.

                But it also made clear that the announcers were under orders not to make an issue of the (lousy) officiating.

                1. The PI call, whatever it was, was not “missed”. There are two referees standing right near the play looking right at the Rams player running over the Saints’ reciever right before the ball sailed by. There is no way they missed that call as in just didn’t see it. They saw it. And there is no way they misjudged it. It wasn’t a bang bang play like a reciever getting both feet down or a runner fumblign the ball just before hitting the ground that you can see but still miss. It was an obvious penalty that they looked right at. They choose not to call the penalty. They didn’t miss it. They saw it, knew what it was and decided not to call it. Why they did that is anyone’s guess. But that is what happened.

                  1. I wasn’t referring to the playoff game, I’m talking about the Superbowl. Watch the play just before NE made that interception. It was a pass into the end zone, and the replay clearly shows that the defender was pulling down the left arm of the receiver before the ball arrived.

                    The announcers sort of noticed it on the replay, but then dropped it entirely. It was pretty clear to me that they were under orders to not make officiating an issue in the game.

            2. For this reason, I am going to predict right now that the Patriots no longer get the benefit of any close calls especially in the playoffs. They might get one game or two to set up an AFC title game where a new team, hopefully the Chiefs, get to knock off the old champion but they will get screwed at every opportunity to keep them out of the Super Bowl again.

              1. Good theory. You may remember that I posted a lengthy comment after the AFC championship game regarding the Patriots and the officiating. We had exchanged some posts about the game and you probably had gone home by the time I penned my lengthy post.

                Let’s face it, most of the country, right or wrong, perceives the Patriots as having been the beneficiaries of favorable officiating since the Tuck Rule. Don’t forget Super Bowl 36 – the Pats were allowed to clutch, grab, hold, and pass interfere the Rams receivers.

                Same thing for the 2003 AFC championship game against the Colts. Remember, the Colts had scored 40 something against the Broncos and then scored 38 against the Chiefs, at Arrowhead, before going to Foxboro. Belichick’s defensive game plan was to beat up the Colts receivers and dare the refs to throw a flag. The Patriots were allowed to clutch, grab, hold, and pass interfere. Since then, Patriot nation has portrayed the Colts brass, particularly Bill Polian, as whiners who used their influence to get the NFL to change the rules. The truth is that the rules were changed in 1978 (the Mel Blount rules). The Colts bitched about the existing rules not being enforced.

                Last night, there were three calls / non-calls that helped the Pats, the most egregious of which was the phantom holding call on the Rams’ center. The Rams were moving and had picked up another first down on that play.

                1. Brady and the Patriots sell tickets. I think yesterday’s game being so boring will change that. If Mahomes has another huge year next year, he will become the most marketable star in the NFL. If that happens, and its a good bet it will, then the NFL will totally want to set up a rematch between the Patriots and the Chiefs in the AFC title game. It will be the new star against the old star.

                  But since the country is now tired of seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl and the last Patriots’ Super Bowl was a dud, the refs will screw the Patriots in that game every chance they get. The league will want the new star in the Super Bowl after they sell the story of him knocking off the greatest ever.

                  If it comes down to some team like the Ravens or the Texans that no one cares about, the Patriots still might get the benefit. But if it comes down to them and Mahomes, the league will finally ensure the Patriots get screwed for once.

                  1. Last night, the Rams appeared to have established some rhythm when Gurley picked up a first down on that run in the 4th quarter which was nullified by the phantom holding call. Some teams would have overcome that setback, but not the Rams, at least not last night.

                    Regarding your theory, last year’s AFC championship might apply. The Patriots were fortunate to beat the Jaguars, having been down 20-10 in the 4th quarter. There was a horrible pass interference call against the Jags that gave the Patriots life on one of their 2 fourth quarter scoring drives. No call, Patriots lose.

                    No doubt, the league preferred the Pats to the Jags, at least last year. This up-coming year? Yeah, I buy your point on Mahomes and the league’s most exciting player being afforded a shot at the Super Bowl.

                    If not Mahomes, why not Luck? Or Sam Darnold? What about a week 17 scenario, Pats playing the Jets for the division title, with the loser not making the playoffs. Perhaps we could see the Jets getting the calls?

                2. My wife and I were at a game in Foxboro, October 4, 2009, between the Pats and the Ravens.

                  The Patriots won, but not without the help of three roughing the passer calls against the Ravens in the 4th quarter. Last week on This is the NFL, Ray Lewis cited that game as evidence of the proposition that the Patriots have been mighty lucky with the yellow flags.

                  Patriot fans of a certain vintage will tell you that the Tuck Rule was justice, delivered 25 years late, for the roughing the passer call against Ray “Sugar Bear” Hamilton in the 1976 divisional playoff game at Oakland. Every time I look at the play, I see Hamilton’s arm smashing Snake Stabler’s helmet. So does Ben Drieth.

                  1. The call in the 76 divisional round was legit. The last thing the league ever wanted to do was give the Raiders a break. It was roughing the passer.

                    The infuriating thing about the roughing the passer called on the Chiefs in the title game was not the call itself, the league makes BS calls like that all of the time. It was that the Patriots hit Mahomes all day and only got called for it once when they fell into his knees and there was no way to look the other way. The refs protect Brady in ways they will not other players.

                  2. If and when the NFL ever decides to stop going out of its way to protect Brady. his career will be over in less than a half of a season. He has played this well so long, though he was a pretty average QB this year, because the league makes sure he doens’t get hit. Had he been hit like QBs were even in the 1990s, he would have retired with concussion or back issues at least five years ago.

                    1. One thing that drives me nuts is the point you make: older Patriot fans just can’t seem to grok that the last thing the league wanted to do was give Al Davis and the Raiders a break. Plus, the Pats were up, 21-10, midway through the 4th quarter.

          2. Calvin: “Hobbes, do you think our morality is defined by our actions, or by what is in our hearts?”

            Hobbes: “I think our actions show what is in our hearts.”

            Calvin: “I resent that.”

          3. Maybe Democrats all secretly know about race realism and the consistently different average IQs across different ethnic groups?

            That would be quite the shocker if they actually knew the whole time! LOL

            1. Where is the Afro outrage with regard to the pervasive black dysfunction?

              Where is the Afro outrage with regard to the fact that black men are 10-12 times more likely to commit a crime of interracial violence than evil white men?

              Where is the Afro outrage concerning the fact that a black man is close to 100 times more likely to rape a white woman than a white man is to rape a black women?

              1. Thats the Democratic Party propaganda coverup deal.

                The media does not constantly hit on Black-on-Black crime stats and Blacks vote for Democrats.

                Why would any Black person in America vote for the Party of Slavery? No Black Americans run the Democratic Party. In fact, even when Obama was President he didnt run the Democratic Party. Hillary and her cronies did. White people.

                Its almost like Obama was a Token.

                1. Well it is certainly a cover up… I think it’s more to not enrage white people than to con blacks. If your average white American knew that blacks are 12% of the population, but commit half the murders… Well that just wouldn’t sit well with a lot of folks.

    2. “but the gov endorsed this in the past couple weeks, not in the 80s”

      That’s why he wasn’t dragged down by a howling mob and beaten to death. Forget the Overton window, back in the 80’s this sort of law wasn’t inside the Overton galactic cluster.

  23. When did Ralph Northam become a republican?

    1. The day he was revealed to be a RACIST. Only Republicans can be racist and if Norham is a racist, he must be a Republican, QED


      1. The Great Party Switch of 2018!

  24. I hope he doesn’t resign. Not that I like his politics, but it’s high time someone stood up to these pricks. A white man refusing to hand over his head on a platter on demand would be the shot heard round the world.

  25. A case of Democrats reap what they sow.

  26. I’ve heard a theory floated that there’s no way in hell an experienced pol like Gillespie didn’t have oppo research digging this pic up, but that he decided not to raise the issue because once upon a time, like about a month ago, raising this pic as an issue would have been seen as a low blow and an attempted smear a la Bret Kavanaugh and Gillespie just wouldn’t go there.

    And as far as the GOP adopting the same Alinskyite tactics as the left and leading to a “an eye for an eye leaves both sides blind” situation, unless you start accusing the witch hunters of witchcraft and burning a bunch of them at the stake, well, the witch hunters are winning the day right now, how you gonna stop them? It’s nice to say you won’t stoop to their level and adopt the same strict PC rules as them, but if they’re fighting dirty you’re going to lose fighting fair. You start fighting dirty back and maybe they’ll re-think their disregard for the old rules of civilized and rational debate.

    1. I find it hard to believe Gillespie didn’t know about this. And as far as Allinky tactics, had Northam never made an issue of race or called Gillespie a racist, I could understand why he didn’t use it. But once Northam started calling Gillespie a racist and a white supremacist, Gillespie had every right and a duty to his supporters to use that picture.

  27. Good thing that Virginia doesn’t have an Air Force, otherwise pill factories in sub-Sahara Africa would be in serious jeopardy.

  28. Jennifer Rubin, one of the few conservative writers worth reading, has a smart take on this.

    In the Democratic Party, unlike the Republican Party, racism gets no sanctuary. The Democratic Party of 2019 simply will not abide by a white governor’s racist play-acting, even accounting for the passage of 35 years.

    Again, Northam’s political career is over. Almost his entire party realizes he needs to resign. He cannot be an effective governor at this point.

    1. What about tolerance?

      Do the democrats want to be seen as the Afro-American apologist party? The party that caters to Afro dysfunction?


    2. The Democrats are certainly correct in their assessment of minorities and their ability (or lack thereof) to navigate public life.

  29. Hypothetical: The guy under the hood is Northam’s black friend. Is he still a racist who needs to resign?

    (Doubt that’s the case or he would have said sob of course)

    1. That would complicate things a bit for sure. But it is a hypothetical that is almost impossible to imagine. Isn’t the fact that a black person would have gone along with such a gag is almost impossible to imagine really happening, pretty good evidence that it is racist? If it is not racist, why wouldn’t black people or at least the more laid back ones, be willing to go along with such a gag?

      1. It would have been in poor taste, certainly, but I don’t recall society being quite so high strung about dark humor in the early eighties as it is today.

    2. (Doubt that’s the case or he would have said sob of course)

      I could see wanting to reach out to your friend, if he’s still a friend, to make sure it’s OK to possibly nudge him in front of the bus like that.

    3. The guy under the hood is Northam’s black friend.


  30. Not that I believe him, but isn’t it possible that someone put that photo in the yearbook erroneously? It would be a pretty malicious prank and I don’t know why someone wouldn’t have noticed it or complained when the yearbook was first made, but I’m surprised by the lack of investigation into this matter. Seems more like a political hit to me.

    1. Sure it is. But it was his personal page. If it was put there erroneously, why didn’t he say something at the time? Even if he didn’t, why didn’t he say that when first confronted with it? If it shouldn’t be there, he would have certainly noticed it at the time. Then when it shows up in the paper last week, would have said “yeah that got stuck in there as some kind of sick prank years ago.” Instead he got up and admitted it was him ony to later say well maybe it wasn’t.

      1. That’s why it’s so unusual. You can’t recant admitting to something so casually, yet he did. Bar insanity or terrible PR telling him to not to contest the photo, nothing makes sense.

        1. Its him. There is no other reasonable explanation for the facts as they are known.

      2. If someone played a prank on me like that and I was running for office, I would try to get out ahead of it and explain the situation.

        True Racists dont tend to deny that they are racists when they don’t have to.

  31. UPDATE: Northam is now yesterday’s tomatoes.

    Liam Neeson says he walked the streets hoping to ‘kill’ a black man after family member was raped

    . “I asked, did she know who it was? No. What color were they? She said it was a black person.”

    Neeson said he then “went up and down areas” with a baton “hoping I’d be approached by somebody.” Neeson admitted he is “ashamed” by his actions.

    “I’m ashamed to say that ? and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some [Neeson gestures air quotes with his fingers] ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could,” ? he paused again ? “kill him.”

    According to the interviewer, Neeson knows how “shocking” and “appalling” his story is.

    I’m ignoring that last night. LET’S GO!

    1. This is why you don’t kidnap Neeson’s daughter.

      1. He is just building street creed for his revenge movie franchises.

        1. Neeson is another anti-gunner movie tough guy who would probably pee his pants if someone actually came at him. plus he is getting old and probably wears depends on the set.

          1. He might not have been a pussy when he was younger. He’s a pretty big dude, so when fit and young might not have been afraid of a little street fight. Now after being a famous celeb for so long, and being old, I’m sure he’d crap his pants… And then his security would demolish anybody coming at him.

    2. Neeson said in a bizarre new interview that he once walked the streets armed with a club for a week in hopes of killing a black man after a family member told him she was raped by a black male.

      Well, thank goodness he didn’t do it in blackface.

    3. Honestly, I LOVE the fact that he felt this way… It is a NATURAL human reaction. The fact that he admitted it means he doesn’t get the modern outrage mob, and his career will probably be borked… But it also means he’s honest, which is something.

      The reality is that blacks rape people at rates vastly higher than whites or Asians do in every country where they live… Including in Africa. You can come up with whatever BS reasons you want to justify it, but black criminality is a major fucking problem, and the media and lefties just endlessly cover it up.

      They are far more likely to rape/murder white people than white men are to rape/murder blacks… But the thing is, they ultimately end up commit more rapes/murders against their own people. So the fact that all this shit just gets swept under the rug is bullshit from every single angle. Whites are disproportionately victims of black crime, but blacks are still the ones who suffer the most from black criminality.

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    1. Not everyone can learn to code.

  33. Start working at home with Google. It’s the most-financially rewarding I’ve ever done. On tuesday I got a gorgeous BMW after having earned $8699 this last month. I actually started five months/ago and practically straight away was bringin in at least $96, per-hour. visit this site right here……

  34. Governor Northam was conducting an undercover investigation of his own into white supremacy and the Klan. Now his cover has been blown.

    Happy now?

  35. “At the press conference, he was asked whether he could still “Moonwalk” a la the Prince of Pop and he looked like he might be ready to bust a move until his wife stopped him.”

    “Marry a doctor, they said – you’ll be on easy street, they said…”

  36. Just because the democratic party was the party of slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, etc. means they were racists.
    That’s all just a bunch of reactionary bullshit.
    We all know the democrats supported integration even though they sent their kids to private, white schools, live in guarded, gated, walled and lily white communities, ensure blacks live on Uncle Sam’s new and improved plantations via public housing, ensure minorities receive inferior education by making damn sure minority kids do not get to go to charter or private schools and receive the proper indoctrination in inferior public schools, make sure gun control measures are strictly enforced in the ‘hood so people there won’t be able to defend themselves or their families and have most of the abortion mills in black neighborhoods.
    The democrats are a lot of things, but racists they’re not…and if you believe that one, I’ll tell you another.

  37. Oh by the way, Obama, a man who is naturally predisposed to see white racism anywhere and everywhere (including his own grandmother for crying out loud), has yet to say one word about Governor Coonman, who he aggressively campaigned for and gave wonderful character testimonials to. Not even so much as a “Whoopsy-daisy” or a “My bad”.

    Think about just how much of a gutless, spineless, sorry-ass weasel motherfucker you have to be when you’ll attack your own dead grandmother but you won’t criticize Governor Coonman. Is he really that unwilling to admit he might actually have made a mistake? Pathetic.

    1. And let’s not forget that during the 2017 campaign, Governor Gosnell (Northam) called his Republican opponents racists.

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