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Handing over money
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Members of the Oakland, Calif., city council have agreed to pay $295,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by Charles Vose, a former deputy city attorney. Vose, who is white, claimed he was passed over for promotions in favor of minorities with less experience. City Attorney Barbara Parker denied any discrimination against Vose, saying "mere competency and years of experience" aren't enough to qualify someone for a supervisory position and other candidates had more of the qualities she was seeking than Vose did. She also noted half the supervisors she appointed were white.

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  1. Not their money

  2. They are right…. being a good worker bee and having years on the job does not automatically qualify you as a supervisor. I’ve hired many an older, highly trained, highly competent, very intelligent worker who I would not have placed in a supervisory position. Not everyone is cut out for it.

    Also true – figuring that out is very subjective. I doubt you could design a test to give to applicants that would allow for objective measurement of management qualifications.

    Also, also true – promoting white workers to 50% of your leadership positions would be prima-facia evidence of racial discrimination if only 30% of the qualified workforce were white. I’m not entirely sure why only promoting 50% of those positions isn’t similarly evidence of discrimination if 80% of the qualified workforce is white. None of that was included in the article, but it seems to be the salient point in this era of quotas and NLRB and EEOC actions.

    1. In the link:

      In his more than 26 years in the city attorney’s office, Vose twice served as general counsel for the Oakland Police Department but never got higher supervisory positions, according to his complaint.

      “In several instances, the successful ? though less-qualified ? candidates have been personal friends or acquaintances of City Attorney Barbara Parker,” the complaint said.


  3. If you don’t want to be subject to the whims of political hacks, don’t take a job in politics. No, wait, you’re going to be subject to the whims of political hacks no matter what you do.

  4. Hey, nobody else sued over being not getting promoted – maybe they didn’t promote this guy based on the fact that he’s the sort of person who’d sue over not getting promoted. It’s the same reason some people avoid hiring women and blacks and gays and handicapped and other members of the grievance classes, you can then never fire them because they’ll sue for discrimination no matter how bad they are. Now that the white males are getting in on the victim racket, they won’t be able to hire anybody at all.

    1. At the place where I work, when Black employees are dismissed they ALWAYS file a complaint with the state civil rights commission. Every time.

  5. OT:

    Brady needs one more SB appearance and win to tie for most all-time appearances and wins in the season’s final game.

    1. Can’t call the record that. The Pro Bowl and the Superbowl switched positions. The Pro Bowl used to be the last game of the season.

  6. Who has more appearances and rings?

    1. Liberace?

    2. The record for most appearances in the football championship game is by Otto Graham, whose team, the Cleveland Browns were in every championship game of his career, 10 years from 1946 thru 1955. The Browns won 7 of those, 1946-1950, 1954-1955.

      1946-1949 were as part of the AAFC that merged with the NFL in 1950.

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