Where's Weed


Launched as a web guide in Denver in 2011, Where's Weed can now be accessed via smartphone app and connect you to local dispensaries and delivery services in states across the country where cannabis is decriminalized.

Entrepreneurs regularly post updates to what's on their "flower" menus, as well as any pre-rolled joints, edibles, or other products they're offering. Once users sign up and provide identification, they can pre-order from within the app, choosing pick-up (where applicable) or delivery and specifying a time.

In Washington, D.C., where marijuana was decriminalized for personal consumption and gifting but not commercial sales, businesses using Where's Weed stay semi-legal by stating that they're not selling pot per se. Rather, your pot is a "free gift" given with the purchase of some other object. So far, I've used the app to acquire cannabis via a cat postcard, a cannabis-leaf GIF file, a smiley-face wall hook, and an old Matchbox car.