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Can Cory Booker Be Our First Vegan Bachelor President?: Reason Roundup

Plus: Congress defends unauthorized war and a genetic-testing company is opening up its records to the federal government.



Another day, another Democrat running for president. New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker announced this morning that he'll be competing for the Democrats' 2020 presidential nod. So what do we know about Booker? "Is he a vegan? Is he really Spartacus? Did he really save a guy from a fire?"

Those last three questions come courtesy of, and the answers are yes, no, and yes. The paper also notes that Booker is a bachelor, and that he would be our first unmarried president since Glover Cleveland in the 1880s.

Booker was mayor of Newark, New Jersey, before being elected to the U.S. Senate in a special election in 2013. He won a full six-year Senate term the following November. Black, relatively young, and a gifted orator, Booker quickly drew comparisons to Barack Obama.

In Congress, he's prioritized criminal justice reform (good) and grandstanding against Republican colleagues (not so good). He also introduced legislation to decriminalize weed at the federal level (good) and was "the only current or potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to sign onto legislation preventing American companies from supporting a boycott of Israel" (not so good).

As mayor of Newark, he was on the board of the Alliance for School Choice.

Another thing we know about Booker is that he likes the spotlight. The senator is a frequent guest on TV, and he spoke on the Senate floor 31 different days during the 2017–18 Congressional session. notes that this is less than potential Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren (88 days) and Benie Sanders (56 days), but more than Kirsten Gillibrand (28 days) or Kamala Harris (11 days).

In other 2020-related matters…


A genetic-testing company is opening up its records to the federal government. Law enforcement has already been using publicly available DNA test results in investigations, including one high-profile murder case where a family match led to the killer. But Family Tree DNA is the first company to willingly open up all of its data to the FBI.

"While the FBI does not have the ability to freely browse genetic profiles in the library, the move is sure to raise privacy concerns about law enforcement gaining the ability to look for DNA matches, or more likely, relatives linked by uploaded user data," writes Buzzfeed's Salvador Hernandez.


Soda warnings are out in San Francisco.


Congress defends unauthorized war. The Senate voted to condemn President Donald Trump for moving to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Syria. I'll leave the commentary to Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.) on this one:

More info here.


• The FDA's almond-milk fussing could be a First Amendment violation.

• France's Supreme Court just upheld the country's ban on paying for sex.

• The U.K. is finally ditching its antiquated obscenity law.

Meet the man behind one third of Wikipedia.

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  1. “Is he a vegan? Is he really Spartacus? Did he really save a guy from a fire?”

    Any one of those things qualifies him for president.

    1. Hello.

      McAfee may be a nut but I don’t see what’s the difference with any of the DNC candidates running for the top job.

      1. or RNC?

        1. rear naked choke?

          1. Only if it’s Ronda Rousey. She’s yummy.

            1. She has nothing on The Man – Becky is going to kick her ass at ‘Mania.

      2. None of the other candidates are living on a boat.

        1. Somehow “living on a boat” seems like better credentials for president than “made millions while working as a career politician”, like the Clintons and Obama.

    2. No, only the Spartacus one. Sorry, Corey.

      1. Hmm.
        Spartacus led his people to crucifixion.
        Might not be the best leadership model.

        1. Hillary was leading us to nuclear annihilation and that didn’t stop the media from pushing her.

        2. Could be a solution to political divisiveness. Assuming his people are the ones who agree with him, not all of us.

          1. Yea, that’s some good social justice

        3. “While 30,000 of the rebel slaves were killed on the battlefield, some 6,000 survivors were captured by the legions of Crassus, and 5,000 by Pompey. All 11,000 were crucified.”

          No problem for a champ like Cory.

          “Spartacus dissappeared during the battle and his body was never found.”

          He really IS Spartacus.

  2. The Senate voted to condemn President Donald Trump for moving to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

    There’s your de facto war authorization vote. Count it, boners!

    1. He’s battling the entire establishment to end wars, and all these progressive clowns who call themselves libertarians will shit all over him anyway

      1. You ain’t cool and rebellious unless you get fully on board with the popular groupthink

        1. I want the old man in the leather jacket to wake up!

          1. That leather jacket can only hold in so much wokeness at one time.

      2. It’s not that they’re pro-war, it’s that they’re either entrenched supporters of the status quo with regard to China or they firmly believe that the various third world people deserve access to our healthcare and welfare systems as a basic human right and Trump doesn’t believe either of those things.

        1. They aren’t both?

          But clearly Trump is neither.

        2. More likely their strategy book reads:

          1. Wake up.

          2. See what Trump has said or done.

          3. Oppose it.

          1. You’ve reversed the order of #2 and #3

            1. And included a clearly unnecessary #1

  3. What we don’t really know about Cory Booker is how he’ll propose taking all the money from those evil billionaires… yet.

    1. He’ll use a Brinkers armored car like anyone else.

  4. The FDA’s almond-milk fussing could be a First Amendment violation.

    I swear, if I accidentally ingest fake dairy… THE CONSTITUTION ISN’T A SUICIDE PACT.

    1. It’s easy to tell if you are drinking nut milk. It tastes like crap.

      1. That’s what *she* said!

        1. never go ass to mouth

          1. See above comment about Ronda Rousey.

      2. Can you be more descriptive? I haven’t tasted enough crap to really know.

        1. It smells a little like chlorine but usually is pretty salty, unless he drinks a lot of pineapple juice.

          1. weird flex but ok

      3. Sounds like your wiping wrong.

      4. not only that its label says its 30% milk i call false advertising

      5. The unsweetened nut milk, sure.

      6. And it comes in a big straw

    2. Almond milk labeling is a First Amendment right. On the other hand, “Bake the cake”.

  5. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    How can Trump who gets skew low in polls be nearly equal to Obama who got skewed high in the polls?


    1. But they keep telling me Trump is at historic lows!

    1. That explains a lot. A ton, actually.

    2. He was quoted as saying, “Goo goo g’joob.”

    3. He looks like a true libertarian.

      1. Except he somehow made it out of his mom’s basement

    4. Damn that dude is fat.

    5. Wow. I thought Weigel still looked like this. He’s certainly let himself go.

      Now, he looks like Jon Favreau (Elf director, not Obama fanboy) by way of Mark Twain.

      1. Fruit sushi is surprisingly high in calories

        1. It is when you eat the chick the fruit sushi lays on and the plates.

      2. That is his doppelg?nger.

    6. Jesus Christ, asswipe looks like he ate whatever part of the book proceeds didn’t go towards the D.C. apartment.

      Maybe he no longer posts because he sent himself away to a fat farm that doesn’t have computers or cell phone access?

      1. The Auschwitz Diet Camp slogan is “Arbeit Macht Fett Frei’

    1. Apparently a variation of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. 8-(

      1. That’s pretty much what these “my child is transgender!” cases are.

        1. I don’t like any of the parents who encourage their small children to be transgender, but this mom brings it to a new level of psychotic

          “monsters only eat little boys”

      2. All of progressivism is munchausen by proxy

        1. Munchausen by proxy as political force

    2. That’s fucked up.

    3. This bitch and her supporters are as bad as the pray-the-gay-away types. Maybe worse.

      But good TV.

  6. U.S. charges 19 in Chinese ‘birth tourism’ scheme in California

    No! We have been told that immigration is purely honorable and people come here to work not scam our immigration system.

    1. Birth tourism… sounds like a free market solution to that pesky trade deficit. You should be all for owning China on this one. #MAGA

      1. Confucius say: It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

    2. Ancient Chinese secret.

    3. Jokes on them. The US will try to collect income tax from those kids no matter where they live.

      1. I was thinking that too. Is it a terrible thing to have more rich Chinese people paying taxes in the US?

        1. Sure. Let’s import 500 million Chinese people and put them in your area.

          The more taxes the better, ammirite?

          1. I grew up in Flushing, there are worse things.

      2. Try being the operative word.

    4. I’m pretty sure everyone already knew this was a thing.
      Is there a law saying you can’t come here when you are close to giving birth? I guess if they lie about their intentions when getting their visas that’s enough. And conspiracy to get people to lie.

      1. LC1789 is just upset that the Constitution he loves long time allows for this to happen.

        1. The 14th has been willfully misinterpreted.
          “Subject to the jurisdiction thereof” means political jurisdiction, exclusive allegiance to the US. NOT simply being on US soil and having to abide by US law.
          Turnbull, one of the amendments writers, specifically says this

          1. The common interpretation is hardly a stretch, though. It’s a pretty plain reading of the text. If they meant what you say, they should have been more clear in the actual text, which is what is actually law. I don’t see how you get exclusive allegiance from “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. Subject to jurisdiction means that the laws apply to you. Which is clearly true in the case of immigrants.

            In any case, how are you supposed to determine whether and immigrant’s child is eligible under your standard? It would be fairly clear in cases like this where they are obviously just here so their kid can have a US passport. But I think most cases are going to be hard if not impossible to judge.

            1. “The Fourteenth Amendment’s citizenship clause differed from the common law rule in that it required owing complete allegiance only to the United States in advance rather than automatically bestowed by place of birth, i.e., only children born to parents who owed no foreign allegiance were to be citizens of the United States ? that is to say ? not only must a child be born but born within the complete allegiance of the United States politically and not merely within its limits. Under the common law rule it did not matter if one was born within the allegiance of another nation.

              Under Sec. 1992 of U.S. Revised Statutes the same Congress who had adopted the Fourteenth Amendment had enacted into law, confirmed this principle: “All persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are declared to be citizens of the United States.””

              1. “Who are the subjects of a foreign power? Thomas Jefferson said “Aliens are the subjects of a foreign power.” Thus, the statute can be read as All persons born in the United States who are not alien, excluding Indians not taxed, are declared to be citizens of the United States.

                Sen. Trumbull stated during the drafting of the above national birthright law debates that it was the goal to “make citizens of everybody born in the United States who owe allegiance to the United States,” and if “the negro or white man belonged to a foreign Government he would not be a citizen.”

                Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (39th Congress), James F. Wilson of Iowa, confirmed on March 1, 1866 that children under this class of aliens would not be citizens: “We must depend on the general law relating to subjects and citizens recognized by all nations for a definition, and that must lead us to the conclusion that every person born in the United States is a natural-born citizen of such States, except that of children born on our soil to temporary sojourners or representatives of foreign Governments.””

                1. “Framer of the Fourteenth Amendments first section, John Bingham, said Sec. 1992 of U.S. Revised Statutes meant “every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen.” If this statute merely reaffirmed the old common law rule of citizenship by birth then the condition of the parents would be entirely irrelevant.

                  During the debates of the Fourteenth Amendment’s citizenship clause, both its primary framers, Sen. Jacob Howard and Sen. Lyman Trumbull listened to concerns of including such persons as Chinese, Mongolians, and Gypsies to citizenship. Additionally, Sen. Fessenden (co-chairman of the Reconstruction Committee) raised the question of persons born of parents from abroad temporarily in this country ? an issue he would not have raised if Congress were merely reaffirming the common law doctrine ? and of course, the question of Indians.

                  1. “A common mischaracterization of the debates says Senators Trumbull, Cowan and Conness suggested both the Civil Rights Bill and the Fourteenth Amendment would make children born to Chinese or Mongolian parent’s citizens regardless of the condition of the parents. However, this is an erroneous conclusion because they were discussing concerns over whether “race” of the parents could play a role. They were not suggesting locality of birth alone was to be the sole requirement of citizenship under the Fourteenth Amendment. Additionally, this discussion appeared before the chief authors, Senators Lyman and Howard, provided the proper intended operation of the language.

                    Sen. Trumbull attempted to assure Senators that Indians were not “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States. Sen. Johnson argued that Sen. Trumbull was in error in regards to the Indian’s not being under the jurisdiction of the United States. This must have raised concerns with Howard because he strongly made it known that he had no intention whatsoever to confer citizenship upon the Indians under his amendment, no matter if born within or outside of their tribal lands.”

                    1. “In Steel Co. v. Citizens for a Better Environment (1998) the court said “jurisdiction is a word of many, too many, meanings.” Therefore, it is important to discover the operational meaning behind “subject to the jurisdiction” as employed under the Fourteenth Amendment rather than assuming its meaning from other usages of the word jurisdiction alone. Both Sen. Trumbull and Sen. Howard provide the answer, with Trumbull declaring:

                      The provision is, that ‘all persons born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens.’ That means ‘subject to the complete jurisdiction thereof.’ What do we mean by ‘complete jurisdiction thereof?’ Not owing allegiance to anybody else. That is what it means.

                      In other words, it isn’t local jurisdiction the Fourteenth Amendment recognizes but only the lack of owing allegiance to some other nation because the United States only recognizes those who are ‘true and faithful’ alone to the nation. As will be explained shortly, only acts under the laws of naturalization can remove an alien’s allegiance to some other country under United States law.”

                    2. “Sen. Trumbull further added, “It cannot be said of any Indian who owes allegiance, partial allegiance if you please, to some other Government that he is ‘subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.'” Sen. Jacob Howard agreed:

                      [I] concur entirely with the honorable Senator from Illinois [Trumbull], in holding that the word “jurisdiction,” as here employed, ought to be construed so as to imply a full and complete jurisdiction on the part of the United States, coextensive in all respects with the constitutional power of the United States, whether exercised by Congress, by the executive, or by the judicial department; that is to say, the same jurisdiction in extent and quality as applies to every citizen of the United States now.

                      This remark by Sen. Howard places this earlier comment of who is “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” into proper context: “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.””

                    3. “What Sen. Howard is saying here is citizenship by birth is established by the sovereign jurisdiction the United States already has over the parents of the child, and that required that they owe allegiance exclusively to the United States ? just as is required to become a naturalized citizen. It does not require a leap of faith to understand what persons, other than citizens themselves, under the Fourteenth Amendment are citizens of the United States by birth; those aliens who have come with the intent to become U.S. citizens, who had first complied with the laws of naturalization in declaring their intent and renounce all prior allegiances.

                      Sen. Trumbull further restates the goal of the language: “It is only those persons who come completely within our jurisdiction, who are subject to our laws, that we think of making citizens?” Note that Trumbull does not say temporarily within our jurisdiction, but “completely within our jurisdiction”.”

                    4. “He of course is talking about the laws of naturalization and consent to expatriation by the immigrant in order for him to come completely within the jurisdiction of the United States and its laws, i.e., he cannot be a subject of another nation. Without this full and complete jurisdiction, any foreign government can intervene on behalf of their own citizens while they visit or reside within the United States ? just as the United States is known to do on behalf of U.S. citizens within other countries.

                      Any citizen owe the same quality of allegiance to their nation of origin as does their country’s ambassador or foreign ministers while within the limits of another nation unless they freely decide to renounce their allegiance in accordance to law. In other words, it would be preposterous to consider under the meaning given to “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” that a French subject visiting the United States was not a subject of France, but a complete subject (politically) of the United States while within the limits of the nation without first consenting to expatriation.”

          2. Unfortunately for Zeb, Congress gets to regulate those immigrants and their entry into the USA.

        2. Leo is just upset that Article I, Section 9 of the US Constitution, allows Congress to regulate immigrants as of 1808.

          1. You should change your name to ‘livingconstitution2019’

            1. I might after you change your name to “hatetheconstitution Kovalensky III”

              1. For those that dont know, you weren’t always a “II”.

    5. Isn’t this baby trafficking?

      1. We don’t know what “gender” these Chinese babies are, so it can’t be “sex” trafficking.

  7. Black, relatively young, and a gifted orator, Booker quickly drew comparisons to Barack Obama.

    Don’t saddle him with that right out of the gate. (Does that count as a mixed metaphor?)

    1. If Booker had a son, he’d look like Barack.

    2. Not mixed. Harmonized.

    3. At least we get to see Obama again.

      I always care what ex-Presidents say.

  8. US poised to withdraw from nuclear arms treaty with Russia

    The EU just took a collective shit in their pants.

    1. Time to buy some US military-industrial complex stocks.

  9. “I have already registered with the 2020 Vladivostok public dick measuring contest”

    You know, I’m starting to think McAfee’s not really serious about running for president.

    1. I don’t think that’s a real contest.

      1. Oh. Well, … OK, then.

      2. Not yet.

      3. What, the presidential election?

    2. Hell, I already early voted for him.

    3. Neither was Trump, yet here we are.

      1. I don’t think that is true. I think he was very serious. I don’t think he was confident he would win. But he was always serious about running.

        1. I bet it started as a publicity stunt, but then he gained traction and invested his ego in actually winning.

          the “accidental” president.

          1. He has turned out a lot better than the last few intentional Presidents we have had. Maybe we should make all of our Presidents accidental.

          2. If he had only run once, maybe. This wasn’t his first attempt, though.

      2. Maybe he needs a boost. Obama should get on stage and shit on McAfee in front of the entire country.

    4. I already deleted McAfee from my computer.

      1. Liar. Can’t be done.

        1. How To Completely Remove Norton Or McAfee From Your Computer

          Hand to God. I also can get rid of that fucker Norton.

  10. The U.K. is finally ditching its antiquated obscenity law.

    Stiff upper what, guv’nor?

    1. But “hate incident” looks worse on your “non-criminal” record than “directed coarse language at passing gentlefolk at ye olde footballe gayme”.

      1. “Pubblisshed an obscene image of Her Majestye Queen Elizabeth II depositing The Royal Stool on ye olde Royal Porcelain Throne.”

  11. Kamala Harris continues to impress me.

    Lynching is a dark and despicable part of our nation’s history, yet it is still not a federal hate crime. Passing a federal anti-lynching law must be a priority for this new Congress.

    It is absolutely unconscionable that there is still no federal anti-lynching law. Such a law is needed now more than ever since Drumpf’s election has emboldened hate groups. Black and brown bodies are in danger like never before.


    1. Well the fact that she hasn’t introduced a bill to make it a crime tells you where she stands.

      1. The federal government doesn’t have general criminal jurisdiction. You can’t pass a federal law outlawing theft or murder or anything else without a federal nexus. There are already federal laws and have been since Reconstruction that outlaw a murder done to deprive someone of their fedreal constitutional rights. That would cover lynchings by the meaning she is using the term. Lynchings are outlawed even under federal law. They are just not outlawed by name because legally the feds don’t have that authority.

        1. They are just not outlawed by name because legally the feds don’t have that authority.

          *** huffily ***

          Trump could do it by executive order, but he stubbornly refuses to!

        2. The federal nexus will be when the Lefty Bullshit stretches across state lines.

          *drops mic

    2. #JussieIsALibertarianMartyr

    3. The implied punchline being that murder is already illegal in all 50 states?

      1. But not in D.C.?

  12. Trump administration proposes big changes in how prescription drugs are priced

    Canadians will be coming on buses into the USA to get drugs now?

  13. France’s Supreme Court just upheld the country’s ban on paying for sex.

    Those cheap fucks.

    1. ISWYDT

    2. So,they banned marriage?

    3. So,they banned marriage?

      1. And dates where only one party pays for dinner.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up.

      1. You mean those hot chicks who keep trying to friend me on Facebook aren’t real? No way.

        1. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t thank God that there was no such thing as social media when I was in high school.

          1. No kidding. I don’t think at 14, there was any way I could have resisted accepting a friend request from a woman in a bikini I don’t care how absurd the possibility of such a woman even speaking to me much less sleeping with me was.

    2. So my “Thumbs Up” are not doing anything to pleasure them?

  14. “Bachelor”

    1. “Single gentleman”

      1. “Lindsey Graham”

    2. “Gay”.

      1. Our second terrible gay President.

    3. “Confirmed Bachelor” = Gay

      1. You are nothing if not subtle.

      2. NTTAWWT

    4. A “vegan” who enjoys the occasional hot beef injection, rumor has it.

      1. He don’t eat meat but sure likes the bone.

  15. China Vows to Buy More U.S. Goods, Sees Progress in Trade Talks

    Wait, so the Chinese Commies control what American products and services they purchase?

    Boehm will need another propaganda piece to explain away ‘progress’ in China-USA trade talks. Of course they would have happened if trade restrictions stayed as is in 2018.

    1. Are we at the point now that we’re just going to say that anything that happens is because of Trump?

        1. Kinda like global warming.

      1. Not quite. Anything bad is because of Trump. Anything good is because of Obama.

        1. You might have that backwards.

          1. No. This is still Obama’s economy.

            He was some kind of President.

            1. So you’re saying that this good thing that happened is because of Obama?

              1. Do you think I said that?

                1. You clearly did. And with nowhere to run you pull the same dumb act you always do.

                  1. Poor SparkY.

                    He hates it when people ignore his uninformative trolling.

                  2. $parkY can’t into sarcasm I guess.

      2. Are we at the point now that we’re just going to say that anything that the media says is true?

        1. So you’re saying that since this story was put out by the media we shouldn’t believe it?

          1. Do you think I said that?

            1. If what you said is entirely based on my interpretation of it, then yes that’s exactly what you said.

              I’m sure what you meant is that we should only believe news stories that praise Trump while ignoring news stories that are negative. Just like how we shouldn’t believe everything Trump says except when we should believe exactly what Trump says.

              1. Hypotheticals are so much fun.

                1. Get a room.

  16. People say I would be tough on the Russians. Nonsense. I long to have a drinking contest with Putin, and I have already registered with the 2020 Vladivostok public dick measuring contest, where, due to an extremely rare genetic deformity, I will, unquestionably win
    ? John McAfee (@officialmcafee) February 1, 2019

    After four years of relentless Twitter braggadocio, McAfee may have miscalculated the population’s continued taste for it in its president.

  17. BREAKING: Federal appeals court blocks San Francisco law requiring health warnings on soda advertisements.
    ? The Associated Press (@AP) January 31, 2019

    That fizzled out.

    1. Sweet!

  18. Super Bowl security: 33 arrested on sex-trafficking charges

    With the Super Bowl just days away, federal law enforcement officials announced Wednesday they have arrested 33 people in metro Atlanta on sex-trafficking charges. Authorities said they had also rescued four victims as part of the operation.

    More than 40 local and state law enforcement agencies, along with 25 federal agencies, are assisting with security for the Super Bowl. Officers and security members have been visible throughout downtown Atlanta where events have been held, and those efforts will continue until hours after the big game. So far, all of the months of planning for keeping fans safe in Atlanta has paid off. And those efforts will ramp up as the game gets closer and more visitors arrive.

    On Jan. 23 and 24, Homeland Security assisted in a joint operation in Douglas County using undercover officers, social media sites and local hotel rooms, the Douglasville Police Department said Wednesday. Sixteen people were arrested, according to police, and the youngest person involved was 17. The timing of the crackdown was related to the Super Bowl, police said.

    Fake News sites like would have you believe that there is no such thing as sex trafficking, but apparently our law enforcement has proof otherwise.

    1. Look Crusty, everyone knows Atlanta is a city that is entirely free of strip clubs and hookers until the Super Bowl showed up and ruined it.

    2. So is that 37 victims?

    3. The Cheeta in ATL is so crowded it’s standing room only.

      1. I went there for the first day of March Madness last year.
        They replicated the tournament with each girl representing a school.
        All 64.
        It was fun.

        1. That place is Montreal-level quality. Simply awesome.

          1. Club Super Sexe in Montreal is pretty great too.

  19. “If a consumer is confused about the source of a product labeled ‘almond milk,’ then he has bigger problems than being confused about which milk to buy”

    “If a viewer is confused about the source of a product labeled ‘news,’ then he has bigger problems than being confused about which milk to buy”

    “If a voter is confused about the difference between ‘debt’ and ‘deficit,’ then he has bigger problems than being confused about which milk to buy”

    1. Racist!

  20. Bill Ney sets the early pace for most idiotic statement of 2019.

    Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball” this week to contradict President Donald Trump’s claims that the Polar Vortex is evidence that “global warming” is a hoax, but ended up making some outlandish claims himself, including that climate change would force Canada to begin engaging in agriculture.

    “The agriculture in North America is going to have to move north into what would nominally be Canada and we don’t have the infrastructure,” Nye told host Chris Matthews, apparently under the assumption that Canada does not already do a significant percentage of North America’s farming.

    “We don’t have the railroads and roads to get food from that area to where we need it around the world,” Nye added.

    1. Hey! Bill meant *banana farming* and you know it!

      1. If suddenly the entire Northwest Territories developed a climate similar to Kansas and Iowa, no one would ever build a railroad or any infurstructure and expoit the possibilities of it becoming the new breadbasket to the world. Nope, they would just all starve and die as penance for their sins.

        What a fucking dope.

        1. Hey! Bill meant the Canadian hurricanes would make it impossible to build infrastructure and you know it!

          1. Great opportunity for giant windmills to harness the wind energy from those hurricanes!

            *drops mic

      2. I, for one, eagerly await the day I can see monkeys swinging from the branches of Ottawa’s flourishing banana plantations.

        1. So racist!

    2. Nye is such an idiot. First off, that was one of the first things Canadians joked about when the global warming complex took off. Finally some good weather! Even my daughter back when she was 10 joked about it so there’s nothing original in what he’s saying because….well idiot. Two, is he calling for the annexation of Canada? Three, re the polar vortex. More pointless jargon. These temps when I was growing up in Montreal were basically normal. We used to go play midnight shinny in -25c weather. Why? Because. It was so cold the sky would act as natural light. So excuse me if I think all this PV talk is gay.

      1. And the Canadian Artic is full of oil fields mines and so forth. But it would never be full of farms if anything woudl grow there. Nye is basically saying Canadians are too stupid to grow their own food. I guess he has never been to Alberta. How can anyone be that stupid?

      2. “We used to go play midnight shinny in -25c weather.”

        You Canucks and your euphemisms.

    3. Bill Nye is in trouble with the Lefties now!

      Bill Nye Does Not Speak for Us and He Does Not Speak for Science

      Lefties have mentioned that his scientific resume is weak but they gave him a show as long as he passed out the Global Warming Kool-Aid.

      Now that he is attending the SOTU as a GOP invitee, the Lefty is going to go for the throat.

      1. Nothing worse than an apostate.

      2. Bill Nye “The Science Denier Guy”

      3. As women and scientists, we refuse to separate science from everyday life. We refuse to keep our heads down and our mouths shut.

        The jokes practically write themselves.

        1. Judging from this thread they don’t.

        2. Lisa Meitner was an Austrian physicists in the first half of the 20th Century. She is one of the giants of the era. She along with a collegue created the first nuclear fission in history. When she was working at the Kaiser’ Whilhelm Institute in Pottsdam around 1910 she could only work in the labs alone because it would have been scandalous for a single woman to be in the same lab with the male students or faculty there.

          I can’t imagine the amount of disdain a woman like her would have towards these spoiled snowflakes if she were alive to see it. Women like Meitner worked their asses off and paved the way for these women and they have taken that opportunity to confrirm every negative stereotype about women and every negative prediction made about allowing women into scientific fields.

      4. So basically they think that you have to be an asshole to everyone who disagrees with you. Somehow I don’t think that’s a good way to change anyone’s mind.

        1. Come on, look how well it works around here.

          1. SparkY is the expert on that.

        2. Thanks for unleashing a yellow stream of reality all over my commenting style, Zeb.

          1. Did Zeb spill his adult beverage again?

    4. At least Bill recognizes that Canada is “nominally” an independent country. If the climate shifts that much, don’t we have some automatic annexation right?

  21. St. Louis police chief angered over prosecutor allegations

    The St. Louis prosecutor’s criticism of how police investigated a male officer’s alleged Russian roulette-style fatal shooting of a female colleague drew an angry response Thursday from Police Chief John Hayden.

    Hayden, speaking at a news conference, raised his voice and pounded his fist in responding to a letter Monday from Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. In it, she questioned whether police tried to block drug and alcohol testing of two male officers after the shooting, and said police were too quick to initially characterize it as an accident.

    He was particularly angered by Gardner’s accusation that officers tried to obstruct drug and alcohol testing of the male officers, calling the claim “unwarranted, certainly untimely and absolutely irresponsible.”

    Gardner responded in a statement that stood by her concerns.

    “It is time to focus our efforts on working together to seek the truth of this matter, so we can get justice for Katlyn Alix and the community,” Gardner said.

    1. Gardner and Hayden have had a testy relationship for several months. Last year, she developed an “exclusion list” of 28 officers who won’t be permitted as primary witnesses in criminal cases. She has cited credibility concerns but hasn’t said specifically what prompted the list.

      After Alix’s death, Gardner immediately enlisted the Missouri State Highway Patrol to perform an investigation simultaneous to the police investigation. A day later, Hendren was charged.

      And on Wednesday, Gardner charged two officers in the shooting of a bar patron that occurred in April. Police had sought charges against the patron in May, but Gardner declined.

      Many questions remain unanswered in Alix’s death. Why were the on-duty officers at the apartment? How did Hendren get the black eye he’s pictured with in his mug shot? How could two military veterans with vast firearms training allegedly be so careless with a gun?

      How fun!

      1. If there is a more ludacris alabi for murdering someone than “we were playing Russian Roulet and they lost”, I can’t think of it. Sorry, unless there is a video that shows it happening, it is first degree murder.

        1. It’s only first degree if you can prove that he wasn’t trying to let her win.

          1. It is first degree murder if it is not reasonable to believe it happened in any other way than the defendent murdering her. And it is not reasonable to believe they were even playing it much less that she happened to lose.

          2. If you’re reduced to playing Russian Roulette, who really is the winner – the guy who lives or the guy who dies?

        2. Ludacris Alabi dropped some sick beats back in the day.

        3. ludacris

          You capitalize that L John. Show some respect.

        4. “If there is a more ludacris


      2. Maybe… he tried to rape her. She fought back and then he eliminated the witness.

    2. He was particularly angered by Gardner’s accusation that officers tried to obstruct drug and alcohol testing of the male officers, calling the claim “unwarranted, certainly untimely and absolutely irresponsible.”

      Calm down, Chief. Now, would you call the claim “true”?

  22. Is that code?

    1. Apparently JB needs to: learn to code.


      1. Don’t fuck with him. He means is that Hamurabi’s Code?

        You don’t want Hamurabi’s Codes coming all over you.

        1. So do I need the Rosetta Stone to decipher ‘vegan bachelor’?

          1. “Vegan bachelor”.. you lit the Incel Soy Boyz signal.

            1. This is an ENB post, they were the first ones here.

              1. 🙂

  23. “France’s Supreme Court just upheld the country’s ban on paying for sex.”

    Wives and girlfriends hardest hit.

    1. Oh Mon Dieu!

    2. Free love!

    3. Free love!

    4. Free love!

      1. Settle down, Mickey.

        1. I guess he had no takers.

  24. Can Cory Booker Be Our First Vegan Bachelor President?

    No. Its a woman’s turn to be President.

    1. Cory emotes like a woman, so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

    1. Putin ordered Trump to do that to make everyone think he isn’t a Russian agent.

      1. Yes; when is the John Birch Society (now the DNC) going to really expose this TREASON?

      2. But little does Putin know that Trump is a Double Reverse Quadruple Agent playing 33 dimensional chess.

        1. Trump is really working for the Indians.

          1. Which Casino?

            I got $69 burning a hole in my pocket.

            1. Sounds like a good day to start doing narcotics.

    2. Swedish King Charles XII?

    3. A horse?

    4. Patton?

  25. I generally find Steven Miller to be a douche bag but he has a point here…..3278374912

    If you want a textbook example of why we revel in millennial media layoffs, the subterfuge deployed over Tram & Northam’s comments which are recorded for everyone to see with their own eyes & ears couldn’t be any clearer.

    See Reason’s own “pro life” Stephanie Slade as a perfect example of the “don’t believe your lying eyes and ears” school of journalism.

  26. “BREAKING: Federal appeals court blocks San Francisco law requiring health warnings on soda advertisements.”

    According to the Chron, what is ‘blocked’ is merely a size requirement; has nothing to do with A1.

    1. Considering that we have this giant federal agency called the FDA and another called the USDA that between them regulate every aspect of the health and safety of food, I cannot see how the field is not occupied by the Feds such that the states much less a city has no authority to regulate this.

  27. Man heard a loud crack when his penis snapped in half during sex

    A randy man has told how he heard a loud crack while he was having sex when his penis snapped in half.

    Sean Marsden, 48, was getting frisky with girlfriend Louise Gray, 36, when he “slipped” and he heard his manhood snap.

    He writhed around in excruciating pain while his bent penis swelled up with blood until it was the “size of a bottle of wine.”

    Horrified Gray called for an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital where surgeons operated to repair the penile fracture and torn urethra.

    Bruised Marsden was sent home with strong painkillers after a night in the hospital, and told not to have sex until the end of the month.

    1. Your daily reminder that sex is evil and all should abstain, but if you are going to have sex always do it wearing a lug soled boot.

      1. Sometimes these chicks get a little carried away with cowgirl.

        1. I got a fever, and the only remedy is more cowgirl.

    2. When I worked in Indian Legal Aid my secret tribal name was “loud cracking penis”.

      1. Was that because it moved like a whip, pushed like a rope?

    3. The size of a bottle of wine you say? I don’t see the problem here.

      1. That’s why they call them magnums.

        1. The coolest thing about Champaign is that the bottles are named after figures from the Old Testiament.

          JEROBOAM // 3 Liters. …
          REHOBOAM // 4.5 Liters. …
          METHUSELAH // 6 liters. …
          SALMANAZAR // 9 Liters. …
          BALTHAZAR or BELSHAZZAR // 12 Liters. …
          NEBUCHADNEZZAR // 15 liters. …
          MELCHIOR // 18 liters. …
          SOLOMON // 18 or 20 liters.

          Just once in my life I want to order a “Balthazar of Champaign”.

          1. You want 12L of Champaign, IL? I don’t think anyone should be subjected that.

            1. If it is good Champaign, your damn right. Good Champaign, not the crap people stick in momossas is fantastic.

              1. Perhaps you mean champagne

                1. and “you’re”
                  and “mimosas”

          2. I did not know that. I guess that’s my lesson of the day:)

          3. Those are all great penis names.

      2. John McAfee envious.

      3. “Honey, put the wine glasses away. Tonight, you drink straight from the bottle.”

  28. Britain is getting rid of its obscenity law and replacing it with hate crime law. I do not think those balance out.

    1. Those who like both laws yet hate obscenity are probably really confused on what to do next.

      1. They can probably justify prosecuting obscenity as hate crime.

    2. When you are beating someone outside a pub, make sure you avoid calling them a racial slur. Just say things like fucking asshole cunt, and you are safe.

    3. I hate that Britain is doing that.


    SPLC hires well known defimation lawyer to defend it in RICO suit. Oddly, they didn’t hire Ken Dopehat White, despite the fact that he informs us he is the world’s most important First Amendment Laywer.

    1. +100

    2. perhaps you meant “defamation”
      and “lawyer”

  30. Booker is a joke, like the rest of the Democratic candidates. Next

  31. I remember a Bill Maher episode with Booker on it. They were talking about gun registration to reduce crime. Booker says hey we did a study and found that almost all of the criminal gun violence is done using stolen guns so registration won’t stop that. Just when I was ready to give him some credit for not being an uninformed idiot, he goes on to say, but we should do it anyways. No reason other than FYTW.

    1. He was just being honest. He just didn’t mention the reason. The reason has nothing to do with crime. The reason is that Booker wants the public unarmed so they can be terrorized into submission.

      1. We have nothing to fear. In Booker’s home state, New Jersey, the Mafia controls a shocking amount of the political machine.

        I am almost 100% positive that New England politics had almost nothing to do with it.

    2. I remember a Bill Maher episode with Booker on it.

      JB watches Bill Maher! LOL. What a libtard.

      1. Hey I only watch when Ann Coulter is on. I dress up like her when I watch.

        1. Word is Ann Coulter has broken with Trump. How long before all of the tires are slashed on White House limo? I hope Baron Trump doesn’t own a bunny.

          1. She’s nothing if not fickle.

        2. A libtard who likes Ann Coulter?

          My God.

          1. I didn’t say I liked her. I just dress up like her, then I’ll have my wife put on a burka and it’s on.

        3. I’m dressed like her, now.

          1. But do you have the eyelashes on?

            Those fucking eye lashes could sweep 1st Avenue in NYC.

          2. You gotta have the wig for it to work.

        4. Like a scarecrow? I hope she finds what she is looking for.


    The economy added 304,000 jobs in January. That is a shit ton of jobs for a month.

    Say it again kids TRADE WAR!!

    1. Obama still gets credit for the gain.

      1. Obama did have some “special” Pen and Phone policies in place.

      2. And the latest shut down?

        1. The shutdown is ALL Trump’s fault even though he never had any budget bill presented to him to veto.

    2. I was assured by Boehm, Suderman, Zuri, and others that the End is Nigh.

    1. Also, Weigel calls himself a “centrist,” offering further proof that one can only be a libertarian at The Washington Post if one renounces his libertarian ways.

      1. Dave Weigel is a dimwit who is just smart enough to uderstand that he needs to say whatever the Party tells him to say in order to have a job.

      2. He is a centrist in the world of mediocre political reporters, which he is and always has been. Just because he worked at Reason doesn’t make him interesting in any way.

        1. That is a great point Crusty. More than anything, Weigal is just boring.

          1. As are the vast majority of political reporters and opinion writers, but that doesn’t stop even more boring non-writers from obsessively checking the reporters uninteresting Twitter accounts.

            1. Usually it is a vice. Checking some MSM political reporter’s Twitter account is the intellectual equivilent of going to a circus sideshow. You shouldn’t look or throw peanuts at the freaks but sometimes you can’t help yourself.

    2. Have you read the legislation and reached the conclusion that it advocates infanticide?

      1. I saw its author saying it does. That is pretty conclusive proof it does isn’t it?

        1. Do you have a link handy so I can check it out?

          1. Her name is Tram. The video is all over the internet. Go look yourself. If you are too dumb to find it, you likely won’t understand it anyway.

            1. If you are too dumb to find it, you likely won’t understand it anyway.

              This is a much cooler response than “No, but if you search something like Tram infanticide you should find the video”.

            2. Being unable to find a single unbiased source, for I guess I’ll just go back to not giving a shit about it.

              1. Watch the video. Judge what she says for yourself. Why is that so difficult for you to do?

                1. It’s right there in the name, sparky is the worst. They demand spoon feeding.

              2. “Being unable to find a single unbiased source”

      2. abortion legislation self-authenticating.

  33. Cory Booker’s masculinities are very toxic

    1. He does have the Jesus on the Cross look.

    2. does he have masculinities?


    It is a shame that Reason hasn’t jumped all over this. Max Boot shows the world that there really is such a thing as a no shit war monger. It doesn’t matter if we can’t win in Syria or Afghanistan, according to Boot we should stay anyway. War Monger is a slander that is used enirely too much. But in this case it fits. Boot argues for war for its own sake here. If that is not being a war monger nothing is.

    It is also noteworthy that Boot, a toad of a man who has never heard a shot fired in anger in his life and would wet himself if he did, dismisses the complaints of the people he expects to fight these endless wars because “they are not that risky.” It is their job to leave their families and fight and possibly die not even for their country (Boot admits that staying in these nations doesn’t benefit US interests) but for sake of the “liberal order”.

    Boot has always been a dimwitted intellectual. But, with this article he shows himself to be a depraved human being as well.

    1. If the USA cannot define what is “winning” in a war and reasonably achieve that goal, America should not be fighting there.

    2. Guys like this believe in a Pax Americana. The only purpose of American women is to breed cannon fodder for their empire. They’re like real life Sith.

      1. Hillary does like to strap on her red lightsaber to punish Bill for messing up her Coronation.

    3. The last two presidents ran on putting an end to these conflicts. It puts the lie to Boot’s idea that the public will put up with no foreseeable endgame as long as casualties are low.

    4. That’s some fucked up in-through-the-out-door shit coming from America’s Greatest Telling-Truth-to-Power Newspaper.

    5. It’s a position straight out of Henry Kissinger’s PhD dissertation. America requires, for her health and security, that there always be wars going on. Elsewhere.
      It’s not about American women only being valued as producers of new soldiers.
      It’s about everyone except Americans having no value or reason for being other than as support for American exceptionalism.

      Not that we see any of that kind of thinking here. Goodness no.

      1. (((Henry Kissinger’s)))

        So Jews are destroying everything?

    6. max boot is still a thing?

  35. “People say I would be tough on the Russians. Nonsense. I long to have a drinking contest with Putin.”

    Putin is a teetotaler. Putin doesn’t drink.

    1. I’d suppose ex-KGB dictators need to be pretty alert for assassins or what have you.

  36. Can Cory Booker Be Our First Vegan Bachelor President?

    Hopefully he will never be any kind of president.

    1. Oh, come on. Let him be president of vegan bachelors.

  37. The paper also notes that Booker is a bachelor, and that he would be our first unmarried president since Glover Cleveland in the 1880s.

    I’d suggest that he should hire Elizabeth Nolan Brown to be his beard, but some idiot in the media already beat him to the punch on that front.

  38. Vice Media is cutting 10% of its staff, or 250 people, as revenue slows

    This chick will be popular among her nerdy coder peers.

  39. >>>The Senate voted to condemn President Donald Trump for moving to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

    Blood for Orange!

  40. He likely would be our first vegan president if elected, but James Buchanan was a bachelor (as is Donald Trump, by the ‘you’re a bachelor if she isn’t sleeping with you’ standard).

  41. Skilled federal workers face a critical shutdown choice: Stay or quit?

    This next government shutdown should do the trick. Resulting in tens of thousands of federal employees that quit.

    1. Excepted employees say shutdown did irreparable damage to morale

      Good riddance to tens of thousands of federal workers.

  42. “The government does not have the power to change the dictionary.”

    That’s what I said about “marriage”.

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