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Shoveling snow
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Normandy, Missouri, police issued a warning to a boy for shoveling snow from his grandmother's home without a permit. Police say they have gotten calls about teens pretending to offer snow shoveling services and note that it only takes a few minutes to get a permit.

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  1. I think this is a snow job!

    1. What they’re NOT telling us, is that even WITH snow-shoveling permits, Government Almighty is FALLING DOWN ON THE JOB of protecting us!!!

      If Government Almighty was REALLY doing its job (of loving us more than we love ourselves), then a mere “permit” would be understood to be the cosmetic band-aid that it is. We’d have in place, snow-shoveling degrees-credentials-licenses, AND board certification, kinda like with physicians, before people get HURT here!

      If just ONE life is saved, it would all be worth it!!!!

      1. I get the sarcasm. Sadly a lot of Government worshiping ninnies and diploma focused idiots wouldn’t, entirely.

        Also, since I doubt like hell you have to get a permit to shovel your own family’s property (yet!) wouldn’t it be nice to run into a governent stooge with the class to say “We fucked up”? This “Well it looks really stupid, but we didn’t actually make a mistake” doesn’t help peoples’ opinion of the government in question, and it bothers me whenever some authoritarian pillock doesn’t realize that.

      2. We need snow shoveling instruction to be taught in schools, and for medical certifications of all snow shovelers.

        1. And health care of course. You can’t expect them to shovel snow without a comprehensive health care plan that covers the basics, like contraceptives and mental health care.

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    1. But do you have a permit to do that in all states?

  3. You now need a permit for childhood?

    1. Did you apply for a permit before posting?

      1. No permit to reply, huh? There should be a knock at your door soon.

        1. Make sure you check for proper credentials. Some of those fake knockers can be nasty.

          1. Fake knockers can be fun to stare at.

            1. Wait, were you able to get a looking permit?

  4. Pretty typical for that area (I used to live a few blocks from Normandy in a town that contracted its police “protection” from their department).

    It’s hyperbureaucracy typical of a long-time Democratic Party stronghold area, combined with the kleptocratism of same — you may have read about the “write lots of tickets, dismiss them if the victims agree to pay ‘court costs’ scam with regard to towns around Ferguson, which is maybe three miles north of there — combined with a police attitude of “if they’re young, black, and male, they may have drugs on them, which means we can confiscate their stuff or their families’ stuff for the department.”

  5. I feel like there are other ordinances that are more important that should be addressed verses some young man shoveling snow…

    If bureaucrats pick and choose which power to wield against what subject, it would be tyranny.

  6. She says over the weekend, they received a number of calls from residents concerned about groups of teens pretending to offer shoveling services.

    Home surveillance cameras from residents caught teens casing home and vehicles over the weekend.

    Casing, eh? So they didn’t shovel the snow?

    1. You could tell they were no-goodniks up to no good by their MAGA hats.

  7. Do they have to have a photo ID to get a permit?


    1. Probably need a permit to get a photo ID.

  8. I would recommend telling the cops to fuck off and continue shoveling and going about his business. I’d enjoy this going all the way up the jurisprudential chain until the city gets it’s ass handed to it in pieces for being such an unconstitutional fiefdom of stupidity.

  9. That’s ludicrous! I’ve never heard that you needed a permit to shovel a relative’s driveway or that the police would be meddling enough to notice!

  10. Something something free country. I suppose they justify this crap because money changes hands. Just say the kid offered to shovel the driveway and you offered to donate to his college fund so the payment is not technically for the snow shoveling.

    1. Interstate commerce! So this should be taken up by Congress.

  11. Soooo…….

    …..even shoveling snow isn’t a shovel-ready project?

  12. Oi, you gotta loicense for that shovel?

    Damn. I wonder if shoveling snow is mandatory and you also have to get a permit. That would be gloriously evil.

    1. Shoveling may not be mandatory, but if you shovel and someone is injured in a fall, you are liable. If you don’t shovel, no liability.

      From an actual case.

  13. What a bunch of worthless cunts.

  14. Don’t meth with Missouri.

    1. Missouri: The Misery State.

      1. Missouri: the Show Me Your Permit state

  15. Democrats gotta be socialists.
    You can’t do work not assigned by the state.

  16. You don’t like being called pigs? Stop being pigs.

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  19. The idea is that permits will help you distinguish legitimate snow shovelers from thieves?

    What about simply watching them shovel snow?

    1. Yeah, the fact that he was actually shoveling snow kind of undermines the scam theory.

      Oh, and did you get a squirrel permit?

  20. The idea is that permits will help you distinguish legitimate snow shovelers from thieves?

    What about simply watching them shovel snow?

  21. I keep wishing these were headlines from The Onion…remember when they actually were?

    It is the nature of the administrative state to expand, and never contract or even reach a point of stasis. The most abused meme of regulatory expansion is “for the kids” of course, as used by every tin pot bureaucrat who ever looked to extend his reach [and budget]. Such efforts will never cease, and if not vociferously halted will continue to increasingly intrude into every aspect of our lives. Until one day you wake up and realize on your way to the toilet that you did not complete your mandatory CEUs for taking a shit.

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  23. Simple solution; move to where it does not snow.

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