The Women's March Distracts From America's More Pressing Injustices

The worst oppression is not by gender and feminists who pretend otherwise are a problem.


Earlier this month in India, close to five million women literally joined hands in Kerala, a state in the southern part of the country, to form a 385-mile

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human chain to demand gender equality. They were protesting right-wing Hindu hotheads who, in defiance of a recent ruling by the country's Supreme Court, were preventing two women from entering an ancient Hindu temple that banned menstruating-age, meaning sexual, women because, as per its lore, they are considered "impure."

Meanwhile, back here in the good old U.S. of A, the third annual Women's March planned for tomorrow is in serious trouble, thanks to irreconcilable political disagreements.

This suggests perhaps that, in contrast to India, the felt oppression of American women may no longer be strong enough to sustain a mass feminist movement. The sooner American feminists realize this, the easier it might be for the left to identify an authentic social justice movement focused on eliminating real oppression faced by genuinely marginalized groups, not relatively marginal concerns of powerful ones.

In the wake of Trump's victory, a collective "yuck" gave the Women's March a spectacular turnout for its first event in 2017, when about one million women showed up just in Washington, D.C., making it the largest single-day protest in history. However, as I noted at the time, this was clearly unsustainable. If you cut through the hype, it was evident even then that the march was a "feel good exercise in search of a cause" that would run into problems for the simple reason that the fear and loathing of Trump isn't a sufficiently strong glue to keep the movement together.

People set aside their political differences of caste, creed, and class and come together when they are being oppressed along one dimension more than others.

That is the case for women in Kerala and in other repressive traditional societies. However, that's arguably not the case in America where, thanks to the progress made in the last half a century, women don't confront as much discrimination—at least not by virtue of being women. This does not mean that American women don't face serious issues. They do. But it does mean that these issues aren't the stuff of a mass movement.

The Kerala temple's ban in and of itself wasn't a big deal. After all, it was just one eccentric temple out of literally thousands that Indian women are free to visit without restrictions. Still, it symbolized the galling discrimination that Indian women confront in every sphere, every day of their lives: They can't use public transportation without being teased and harassed and worse; their parents can't get them married without coughing up large dowries and courting penury; with modernity, they have faced added pressures to hold jobs without any relief from domestic responsibilities even as their husbands, thanks to entrenched gender-role norms, are absolved of any quid pro quo; they face Mad Men-style objectification at work but pay a price if they "stray."

Under such circumstances, it's hardly surprising that enraged Indian women of all stations and walks of life would show up in droves when their sisters were faced with the ignominy of being banned from a place of worship of their choice for their normal bodily functions.

That is in stark contrast to the Women's March where in-fighting has reached a fevered pitch.

Despite a carefully curated rainbow of organizers that include a black, white, Hispanic and a Palestinian Muslim woman, the outfit has been accused of all kinds of "isms," starting with anti-Semitism. It initially raised eyebrows when not only did it oust the Jewish co-organizers who'd been instrumental in getting the first march off the ground, but also issued a statement of Unity Principles that listed support for "Black women, Native women, poor women, immigrant women, Muslim women, and queer and trans women" but conspicuously omitted Jewish women. Any doubt that this was a mere oversight was put to rest by Tablet, a magazine devoted to Jewish issues, whose recent expose revealed that three organizers—Carmen Perez, a Hispanic civil rights advocate, Tamika Mallory, a black single mom and activist, and Linda Sarsour, a controversial Palestinian firebrand who had earned ire (some totally justified and some not) for her outspoken slams against Zionism and Israel—openly expressed their discomfort with white women, especially Jewish ones. At one meeting early on, they reportedly told their Jewish colleagues that their "people" had engaged in the black slave trade, a lie that historians have repeatedly debunked.

But what triggered the latest round of outrage was that, last spring, Mallory and Sarsour attended an annual Nation of Islam event where Minister Louis Farrakhan told the black gathering that the Jewish people are "Satanic" because they hold "the door to anything you want." And nor is blatant anti-Semitism the only problematic aspect of Farrakhan's message. He's a misogynist who rails against women who know how to "make babies" but are too lazy to cook for them. He told Jay-Z to cover up Beyonce. And he's a notorious homophobe who believes that homosexuality is a government conspiracy to castrate black men.

But even as accusations of anti-Semitism roil the organization, minority women are upset that its predominantly white membership, especially at the local level, does not reflect their concerns. Meanwhile, many progressive white women can't understand how their skin color can make them part of a privileged class when every woman is a "second class citizen."

The upshot is that the movement is fissuring along many different fault lines. A sister organization of the Women's March in Humboldt County, California, has cancelled its march this year because of insufficient representation from women of color. It is planning instead a separate event in March to celebrate International Women's Day.

Meanwhile, the Washington chapter of the Women's March has called off its participation because of the organization's anti-Semitism and the Denver chapter has expressed major concern as well. The New York march has split into two, one being led by women of color and the other stressing the denunciation of anti-Semitism. The national event is having its own difficulties with prominent celebrities such as Alyssa Milano, a vocal leader of the #MeToo movement, refusing to participate so long as Sarsour and Mallory don't quit.

The baffling thing about the duo's embrace of the Nation of Islam of course is that Farrakhan disses not just Jews but many of the causes they themselves enshrined in their own Unity Principles. They finally issued a mealy-mouthed statement distancing the Women's March from the Nation of Islam after widespread outrage, but never condemned Farrakhan himself or recanted their previous lavish praise.

But there might be reasons why not every feminist—and progressive—bone in Sarsour's and Mallory's body revolted against the minister.

In Sarsour's case, it might be because, as a Muslim, she finds strength from him in pushing back against Islamophobia — not to mention her Palestinian advocacy against the Jewish state. Meanwhile, as a black mom who has raised her son alone after his dad was murdered, Mallory finds it easy to disregard his reactionary side because he speaks to the broader concerns of her community. Indeed, she repeatedly praises what Farrakhan has done to uplift black lives. In both cases, their other identities trump their identities as women.

Women who take their identities as women most seriously are relatively well off white women who don't experience much discrimination along other dimensions. Their primary concerns, therefore, revolve around advancing their careers while raising children and balancing a family. It is no wonder that Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg's message of Lean In sisterhood on how to break through male-dominated workplace hierarchies speaks more to them and less to minority women — which is why former first lady Michelle Obama criticized it, noting "sometimes that shit doesn't work."

Given this discord, unsurprisingly, the Women's March has deferred announcing a revised agenda until after the march. But if its track record is any indication, the new agenda will revolve around removing the wage gap, #MeTooism, and reproductive rights, all of which, except for the last, are big concerns of professional, working women who tend to be white rather than others whose big problems are different.

To be sure, progressive feminists are aware that the simple majoritarian math means that there's a built in bias in the movement toward the concerns of white women. They pledge to address that by going more "intersectional." Intersectionality is the notion that the march toward social justice requires prioritizing the concerns of groups that are oppressed along more dimensions rather than fewer. So, for example, elevating the concerns of a poor, black, lesbian woman because she experiences injustice on three counts over white women.

But intersectionality will slice and dice feminism further, making it far more difficult to craft a cohesive message that unifies rather than divides women. Indeed, the very need for intersectionality shows the relative irrelevance of feminism in today's America where the major injustices aren't felt by women writ large but immigrants, inner city minorities who bear the brunt of, say, onerous sentencing laws enforced by a draconian justice system, and cultural "others."

Feminism will be relevant again once these injustices are addressed and discrimination by sex becomes the major remaining injustice—or if a resurgent Farrakhan-style patriarchy once again returns women to the kitchen, bare-foot and pregnant. Until then, American feminists will serve the cause of social justice better by disbanding the Women's March and joining other fights rather than trying to herd everyone under its umbrella.

If they are looking for an authentic women's movement, they should join hands with their Kerala sisters.

This column originally appeared in The Week

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  1. “Has the Women’s March Outlived Its Usefulness?”

    Was is ever useful for other than signalling?

    1. What really happened is the media couldnt cover for their anti semetism anymore.

      1. And anti-semenism.

      2. Most of the media is run by Jews (like literally. Look up CEOs of major media companies sometime…), so they’re not very anti-semetic… Except for all the NON Jewish semites. They sure as hell don’t stick up for them much. That is a grass roots lefty thing, since killing non Jewish semites is obviously not a very progressive thing to do.

    2. Feminism needs feminist marches (of today’s variety) as much as a fish needs a bicycle!

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    3. It was organized before Trump event entered office, and happened before he’d actually had a chance to do anything. Given that, I’d say it was pretty useful as a demonstration of how much a certain segment of the population hates democracy.

      1. “…happened before he’d actually had a chance to do anything….”

        Well, he was already Trump, and he’d kept that miserable hag out of office, either of which was good enough for them.

      2. happened before he’d actually had a chance to do anything
        He deserves a prize.

      3. “…happened before he’d actually had a chance to do anything….”

        Kinda like 0blama’s Nobel.

    4. It’s useful for beta males who hope that by appearing “sensitive” and “supportive” they’ll get laid.

      1. Wonder what the success rate is for that strategy.

        1. Not very… But they do get the privilege of buying their female friends drinks, helping them move, and giving them advice about how they should find a “nicer guy” every time they end up getting railed by some “asshole” normal man who isn’t a mangina…

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                      They still made me change the name, but apologized all over themselves.

                      Sometimes I like to make my own fun. Especially at the expense xoense of progtards.

  3. >>>five million women literally joined hands in Kerala

    nothing in America is as discriminatory towards women. chicks got it easy here.

    1. A Pakastani coworker would tell me horror stories of her time growing up in India and then Pakastan. The sexism is deeply embedded into the culture in a way white affluent liberal women can’t even imagine.

      To me, the Gulabi Gang are modern super-heroes.

      1. That’s because most of the rest of the world still accepts human nature, and doesn’t deny there are differences between the sexes… And they realize that female nature, when given too much power, will literally destroy your entire civilization.

        Look at what is happening in the western world. You can legitimately blame probably 90% of the shit that’s going wrong in the modern world on women’s suffrage (feelz instead of thinkz for all their voting), and culture considering their irrational feelings too much when people try to make sensible decisions about how things should be done.

        IMO, men can be TOO big of assholes sometimes… Which is why we need to be nagged by our wives. “Oh, don’t be so mean! Can’t you do XYZ instead of ABC in this situation?” The problem is when we accept XYZ, which is almost universally something stupid and overly nice, instead of realizing HIJ is the fair thing to do.

        We’re TOO soft now, too weak. It is dragging everything down. Something as simple as “Fuck you, you can’t have any welfare money… Get a fucking job you slacker!” to an able bodied man in his prime is now COMPLETELY unacceptable in society… Because WOMEN don’t find it acceptable. Probably 80% of men would be totally down with no welfare for able bodied people in the prime of life, but because women feelz that’s wrong, we can’t be sensible.

        Equality doesn’t exist, and never will. People need to understand both sexes, and individuals within sexes, have pros, cons, and proper roles.

  4. Why overcomplicate things?

    Mallory and Sarsour support Farakhan because they are anti-semitic kooks, and they refuse to recant their support for the same reason.

  5. When was it useful?

    1. It was useful for the Democratic Party, and that’s the metric by which the media judges things. If it hadn’t been useful it wouldn’t have received coverage. Like those massive pro-life marches that received a media blackout.

      1. ^This x1000^ Ditto for the gun grabbers march

  6. Where are the articles about todays 46th March for life.. Feminist can’t organize three years in a row but the March for life continuous on with little if any mention from media outlets

    1. Pravda only covers pravda.

    2. It is shocking how the media just blatantly ignores it just like they ignored the new polling showing nearly 70% of Americans want to restrict abortion to the first trimester.

      1. The Party of Death supports partial birth abortion in viable fetuses. Do you really think their house organs are going to publish opposition to their platform?
        Sometimes I really hope there’s an afterlife or something, where those ghouls have to face the hundreds of millions of people they supported killing.

      2. But the media TOTALLY isn’t biased at all… Anyone who thinks it is is a nut job!

        Honestly though, first trimester is probably legit balancing of stuff and things… Maybe a touch after. Obviously killing a baby 1 day before it would have popped out on its own seems… Fucked up. Where the exact line is, I dunno. But I’m a fairly amoral asshole, so don’t really mind skanky whores killing babies they wouldn’t raise properly anyway, etc. But a baby that would survive on its own if it came out, that seems fucked even to me.

    3. An interesting article today in National Review on “The Selflessness of the Right to Life” march

  7. As long as the Drumpf regime is literally trying to turn this country into The Handmaid’s Tale, the Women’s March is needed.

    1. Well I for one am excited about the prospect of the country turning into a fanciful novel; how many maids will I be able to claim to use and exploit at will?

      1. I’d prefer the country to turn more into Oryx and Crake, an actually good Novel by Atwood.

      2. If we go fantasy fiction it has to be Star Trek, where else you can “Kirk a green chick”.

        1. Kirk William Shatner got his start in uniform announcing “God Bless the United States and its Tribunal” in “Judgment at Nuremberg” with Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Boit Lancaster and of course Spencer Tracy. Maximilian Schell, the “logical” Nazi lawyer, was replaced by Leonard Nimoy to make Star Trek. The war crimes trial movie is a Democratic party reaction against the Ike-Nixon “Renazification” of America–the Republican effort to make These States into a presentable German ally for continuing the Christian Struggle against Bolshevik atheism.

          1. Ya know, I always liked Shatner. I figured he was some stereotypical crappy, line towing, leftist, Hollywood Jewish type (he’s a quarter Jewish IIRC), but he’s actually said some pretty decent things on social media over the years about politics. I think he’s at least a moderate centrist sort. It’s always nice to find out actors you like AREN’T completely insane communists who want to take your guns, money, and freedom.

            Weird thing is most of my favorite actors have ended up being libertarians, conservatives, or at least moderates. There are very few actors I liked who ended up being shit libs. It must be something in the way they carry themselves that makes me like them!

      3. Yeah. How many broads do I get?

    2. Jesus, we would BE so luck if we turned into The Handmaid’s Tale. We’re just going to end up turning into one giant, endless, episode of Queer As Folk most likely…

      1. Yes, the fagification of America continues, unabated.

  8. No wonder shikha sticks to open border preaching with such sophomoric writing style such as “In the wake of Trump’s victory, a collective “yuck” gave the Women’s March a spectacular turnout for its first event in 2017, “. Read the whole thing to see if Shikha could write something informative… she does not. Glosses over many of the related topics such as the cover the media gave the women’s March on contrast to pro life marches or the 2010 tea party marches. Just a worthless article overall. Says really nothing.

    1. It’s also pretty clear from the first paragraph that she doesn’t give two fucks about religion or libertarianism.

      A temple said that women may not enter. Not let women in and then beat them, not threw stones at them as they passed by on a public street, simply didn’t let them in. The two women who snuck in were escorted out. The government ruled that illegal. The temple, not owned by the government, refused to comply. Shikha’s implicit stance is that this an unacceptable state of affairs. Fuck property rights, fuck religious beliefs, women want… something… and the government is supposed to give it to them damnit!

      1. I thought it was pretty clear from the byline.

        1. It’s a geometry problem. You can only suspect so much of lack of dimensionality if you view her in the immigration plane. 2D? 1D? 0D? Seeing from the feminism and religious rights planes you realize you’ve been ignoring fractals and negative dimensions.

      2. Freedom of association means EXTRA SUPER BONUS LESS when it’s ALSO religious apparently. It’s like double-plus bad or something.

    2. It is just vapid crap! Even a quick calculation shows that the women’s marches in the US constitute a larger portion of the population than the protest in India. The gesture and specific oppression they’re protesting against is just as meaningless and arguably even more insignificant (the SCOTUS ruled in their favor!).

      It’s like a two-page long racist/nationalist “*My* women’s march has more steam than *your* women’s march!” pissing contest!

      1. Your quick calculation must use common core math – – – – – –

        1. Your quick calculation must use common core math – – – – – –

          Between 3,267,134 and 5,246,670 people participated in the marches in the U.S.,[25]

          I freely admit to number fuzziness but 5,246,670 is absolutely greater than ‘close to 5 million’ and India’s total population is absolutely greater as well.

          Regardless, still a pissing match.

      2. As I stated in the roundup, 1.5% of the population of India is currently enslaved. That’s more than both marches combined. Why any marches are focused solely on women is beyond me. I’m just an asshole who prefers western civilization.

        1. No doubt you’ll get yours

        2. Come on, they’re mostly just Untouchables anyway! Who cares about that lot? The fancy, cool, Indian programmer bros are mostly from higher castes anyway, so pretentious yuppies in the US can’t be concerned about the equivalent of trailer trash being literal slaves in India!

  9. “…might suggest that their collective feeling of oppression is not the stuff of a mass movement.”

    I find that remark titillating.

    1. In a game of competition on who is the highest on the victim totem pole (sorry for the appropriation), can there actually be a mass movement?

      1. Intersectionality will prove to be a lot like the Shaker cult; it will die off by design.

      2. Intersectionality is a bowel movement with a great deal of mass.

      3. If we’re all playing that game, I think I’ll just opt out and take on my traditional role as white male Oppressor instead! Victims are all pussies who can’t actually EARN their freedom by my reckoning, which means by Darwinian logic they don’t deserve it. Losers. As a white male, I don’t LET people oppress me, nor shall I ever.

  10. You don’t get it, Shikha. Indian women are fighting just for themselves. American women, on the other hand, are fighting for the least amongst us: gays, blacks, immigrants, latinos, disabled, etc. Mostly though they are fighting against Trump and fascism. A few years ago they prevented Trump’s abominable travel bans, and now they oppose the stupid wall. They are saying that America will not stand for it. If it were up to you, they would ‘compromise’ and give Trump his stupid wall and then watch as immigrants are rounded up and detained indefinitely because “We can’t send them back – the wall isn’t built yet you silly woman.” The reason that the Jews oppose the Women’s March is because if Trump’s wall fails, then the apartheid wall in Israel will fall too. #nobannowallnocompromise #allwallsfall

    1. I wonder how Shikha feels about the support Indian women have for the wall between India and Pakistan.

      1. What ever happened to religious freedom?
        Maybe those chicks should start their own cult?

    2. There was a pretty decent analysis of affirmative action in the early 2000’s that showed the greatest benefactors -by far- were white women (often at the expense of minorities/other women). That they are being called out on it now is hardly surprising. You might want to recalibrate who is using whom. Hell, even Zizek (for what its worth) did an editorial calling out #MeToo, pointing out how it has been a shield for limousine liberals to further their agendas at the expense of minorities they claim to be fighting for (recall the greatest advancements in the legal standing for gays has come at the hands of …gasp… republicans).

      If I had to hazard a guess, women’s movements in other countries are still relatively young, and haven’t had the opportunities to engage in fratricide. The feminist movement in America has had to reinvent itself so many times now, looking more ridiculous with each iteration (Pink Tax? Really?) that the only means of credibility for suburbanite wine moms is to claim they are fighting for the differently-abled-midget-lesibians and the like.

      It is far easier to make a naked power grab if you are reluctantly doing it on the behalf of others.

      Trump is just a useful vehicle to further that goal.

      1. Remember the “war on women” bullshit campaign?

      2. Affirmative action is bullshit. All it does is put incompetent people into positions they aren’t qualified for, which screws everything up for everybody. Not everybody is cut out for every job. Women and men especially have radically different interests and skills on average… This explains 99% of the gaps. Trying to force women to be interested in engineering instead of nursing or being a doctor will never work, AND it’s dumb to even try.

    3. This is hilarious. The American women’s movement is about as self-centered as anything gets. Do yourself a favor and research the history of #MeToo; it didn’t begin with oppressed Hollywood starlets.

  11. Earlier this month in India, close to five million women literally joined hands in Kerala, a state in the southern part of the country, to form a 385-mile Feminists human chain to demand gender equality. They were protesting right-wing Hindu hotheads who, in defiance of a recent ruling by the country’s Supreme Court, were preventing two women from entering an ancient Hindu temple that banned menstruating-age, meaning sexual, women because, as per its lore, they are considered “impure.”

    Nothing says ‘clear libertarian win’ like a mob of people engaging in a pointless gesture to in support of a secular government’s ruling against the non-aggressive whims of an apparent religious minority.

    1. This article is a fine example of my oft-repeated assertion that modern libertarians, or at least the Reason types, are little more than upper-class progressives who once had to replace a lost Social Security card for their elderly uncle (trust me, it is every bit a hellacious an experience as it sounds).

      Their contempt for religious liberty often slips out in columns such as this.

      1. Upper class??? I think not.

        These people are upper middle class strivers at best.

      2. My favorite short hand way of describing Cosmotarians is “Progressives who understand economics a little bit.” Because REALLY that’s about the only thing Reason types are even REMOTELY decent on anymore. Pretty much everything else is just standard Prog-Derp with a paper thin veneer of libertarianism thrown in once in a blue moon.

  12. “However, as I noted at the time, this was clearly unsustainable. If you cut through the hype, it was evident even then that the march was a “feel good exercise in search of a cause””

    Actually the turnout was inflated by the Hillary supporters who had booked the trip to D.C. expecting to see Her Majesty coronated because it was Her Turn, and instead of losing the money they had paid, decided to turn the trip into nationally televised Temper Tantrum.

    As I recall, the thrust of the protest was Trump’s horrible treatment of women. Remind me again how many of the Hollywood celebrities who joined in that protest mentioned the even more horrible treatment of women that was going on in their own industry.

    1. “Temper Tantrum”

      You rang?

    2. IIRC Harvey Weinstein was a supporter of the original Women’s March. Cruisin’ for babes, I guess.

  13. I had always heard that the cows in India were sacred and that, due to their religious fanaticism and a failure to separate church and state, individuals and minorities were punished and their rights were violated for infringing on the cattle’s ordained right to amble about wherever please.

    I guess just always just assumed that ‘cows’ meant ‘bovine’.

    India used to to be such a backwards country. Fortunately, they seemed to have turned it around 360 degrees.

    1. Another one who doesn’t understand basic geometry

  14. Here’s hoping the colored peoples marchers will attack the white womyn march.

    1. Here’s hoping the colored peoples womyn’s marchers will attack the white womyn march.

      With pillows, wearing nighties.

      1. Remember, it is impossible to un-see a thing once it has been seen.
        Take a look at the average member of that ‘march’ and reconsider your proposal.

        1. Weren’t a bunch of actresses like Natalie Portman, Scarlet Johansen, Ashley Judd, Emma Watson, etc., etc. at the march?

          Also, WTF century is this? I have to physically *be somewhere* to see Freida Pinto and Zoe Saldana go at it over who’s browner and more oppressed? Fuck No! I’ll just download the pics like everybody else. Let those rubes in the city worry about what to do with all the blood and feather covered whale carcasses.

  15. One thing I have noticed since the women’s march is that there seem to be a lot more hot chicks wearing glasses

    1. The glasses are not prescription; simply fashion statements. A 6 can turn into a 7 or 8 with glasses, and it obfuscates facial asymmetries.

  16. Women now make up more than 60% off college grads and earn more advanced degrees than men. Where I live, many women earn more than their husbands (including me). Yet men still constitute the vast majority of the homeless and prison populations, live shorter lives and are much more likely to die violently or by suicide.
    Could somebody please remind me what the problem is again?

    1. The APA and the left wing women’s marchers who believe being male is “toxic” and men are socially constructed and can therefor be socialized to be “kinder, gentler” beings. You know, soy boys and manginas who act more like women.

    2. The problem is mental. Women are on average less happy than men until their 80s. It’s why women initiate divorce 75% of the time.

      When you add progressive victimhood into the mix, women get even more unhappy, creating a never ending loop.

      1. Yup. My favorite part is that since feminism has taken over the west, women have actually become LESS happy, and men have remained about the same.

        It is of course because riding the cock carousel in your 20s, then realizing you need to sucker a guy into marrying you in your mid 30s, but not being able to find one because all the good ones are already married, doesn’t work out well… On the upshot, you DO get to own lots of cats!

  17. So Dalmia thinks a government dictating to a religion what its doctrines should be is a good thing. Separation of church and state only works in one direction.

    1. Statists gonna state. Feminism is an offshore of communism, after all.

      Not sure why this was cross linked on a (soft ) libertarian site

  18. In India men are literally being killed due to honor killings due to their dowry system. False allegations of rape and sexual assault result in them being captured by mobs and stoned, lynched, or beaten to death. The ruling party assaults and kills minority party members, the vast majority men. Worldwide men are 97% of war deaths and over 95% of workplace death’s, the vast majority of homicide victims and political persecution and incarceration are men, the majority of homeless, suicides, …

    American women have the highest standard of living of any class of people throughout time, but it’s a man’s patriarchal world. And menstruating women are persecuted! You go girl, fight that oppression. Perhaps you could wuminsplain the how women are downtrodden?

    1. The reason western women have it so good is because of what the white patriarchy created… It’s all coming apart at the seams and devolving into a disaster as we erode all of those institutions that made society function well, and kept it stable. I don’t see this shit going on for much longer. The rest of the world outside the west has NEVER bought into this bullshit, and it’s crumbling in the west too. It defies human nature and our biology, therefore it cannot last.

  19. It really breaks my heart to see the fascist brownskirts turning against one another.

    1. Feminism is better comedy than anything Louis CK could even imagine

  20. I’m looking at the picture and I see white people, one of whom appears possibly not be a woman. Did they not get the memo?

    1. The one who doesn’t appear to be a woman is probably more of a woman than the other women.

    2. Womxn’s March. Article title has what I assume to be a typo.

  21. Has the Women’s March Outlived Its Usefulness?: New at Reason


  22. TIL forcing private temples to accomodate judicial activists’ interventionism is the new libertarian.

    1. I thought orange was the new libertarian.

      1. Close. “Orange Man Bad” is the New Libertarianism.

        1. I thought it was alt-right. That’s what the feminists have been saying anyway, probably because “alt-right” is more demonizing than libertarian as a label. One is practically synonymous with ‘Nazi’, the other is a harmless if mostly unworkable* political philosophy.

          *Unworkable in the sense that in a true libertarian system you wouldn’t be able to get guys fired for the slightest perceived infraction under the guise of sexual harassment because you don’t like the looks of them.

  23. In summary, feminism is a middle school lunchroom and the girls are all jealous of the pretty ones

  24. Shikha should read the work of immigrant American women, like Ayn Rand. Ivy Starnes, one of the heirs of the failed factory in Atlas Shrugged is into mystical collectivism. But it strains credulity that any rational being would want to set foot in a temple of superstition–especially one that cultivates fear or hatred of women. American women are beset since 1972 by ku-klux Dixiecrats and Moral Majority Republicans united in their lust to force women to reproduce against their will. That communist and other collectivist ideologues infiltrate their plight and cloud the issue alters nothing. Ireland just now quit singling women out for coercion as Canada did soon after the LP handed the Roe v Wade solution to the Supreme court. Back then women could repulse their aggressors and change bad laws by voting libertarian. But Republican infiltration into the LP platform committee since 1972 has by now robbed ladies of every alternative other than to seek to pass the ERA while voting for Democratic candidates endorsed by NARAL. Sadly, we are known by the company that crowds into our platform committee.

  25. Willing to bet that Indian women have a better grasp of the technology than elite white women of America

  26. The “Women’s March” is just an attempt to wrap socialism around more identity politics. It should be strongly opposed by anyone remotely libertarian.

  27. “she repeatedly praises what Farrakhan has done to uplift black lives”

    What has Farrakhan done to uplift black lives? I always thought he was too busy being an anti-semite to do any uplifting.

  28. To think any woman would band with anyone related the the Nation of Islam is amazing. They are the most hateful people I’ve ever interacted with. I was walking in Venice Beach last week and a guy with a microphone went out of his way to tell us all that Asians and Whites are evil and their women deserve to be raped and murdered because they are whores while I’m walking by with my 14 and 10 year old daughters (and son and husband that almost rolled on them).

    Seriously, WTF? You’ve got it so bad that you can sit on a beach in paradise with a microphone swearing at random strangers and you’re still alive. What a country!

  29. Shikha Dalmia doesn’t think Farrakhan calling whites devils for 40 years rises to the level of problematic. She’s certainly racist herself.

  30. Your statism is showing Shikha; so is your contempt for American women. “What about meeeeeeee?” Why doesn’t anyone support state intervention in my home country? Seriously, you’re a libertarian?

    1. She is actually a perfect example of why multiculturalism will never work. She STILL shows a very strong IN GROUP preference for her own people… She has had a number of articles where she shows this quite plainly.

      The fact that she will ALWAYS be an Indian-American is why this shit will never work. Hyphenated-Americans cannot create a functional country, as they are never one people. The problem is ALL ethnic/racial groups do this. Hence it is a failed premise from the get go that it is even possible.

  31. In each pair of statements below, one came from the web site of the Women’s March organizers and one came from the Communist Party USA. Can you tell the difference?

    * We believe in an economy powered by transparency, accountability, security and equity. All women should be paid equitably, with access to affordable childcare, sick days, healthcare, paid family leave, and healthy work environments. All workers ? including domestic and farm workers, undocumented and migrant workers – must have the right to organize and fight for a living minimum wage.
    * Women still face a considerable differential in wages for work of equal or comparable value. They confront barriers to promotion, physical and sexual abuse, continuing unequal workload in home and family life, and male supremacist ideology perpetuating unequal and often unsafe conditions. The constant attacks on social welfare programs severely impact single women, single mothers, nationally and racially oppressed women, and all working class women.

    * We must unite lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight people; professionals and intellectuals; seniors; and the disabled; and the mass peoples movements including the peace, environmental, health care, education, housing, and other movements.
    * We firmly declare that LGBTQIA Rights are Human Rights and that it is our obligation to uplift, expand and protect the rights of our gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans or gender non-conforming brothers, sisters and siblings.

  32. * We believe that every person and every community in our nation has the right to clean water, clean air, and access to and enjoyment of public lands. We believe that our environment and our climate must be protected, and that our land and natural resources cannot be exploited for corporate gain or greed – especially at the risk of public safety and health.
    * To build a better world, we must have a plentiful world to build on. We can’t have a healthy humanity without a healthy natural world, and that requires a healthy respect for the limitations required to reproduce the natural world on which we depend.

    * We believe in accountability and justice in cases of police brutality and ending racial profiling and targeting of communities of color. It is our moral imperative to dismantle the gender and racial inequities within the criminal justice system.
    * Racism permeates the police, the courts and prison systems, perpetuating unequal sentencing, racial profiling, discriminatory enforcement, and police brutality.

  33. * Rooted in the promise of America’s call for huddled masses yearning to breathe free, we believe in immigrant and refugee rights regardless of status or country of origin. We believe migration is a human right and that no human being is illegal.
    * More than 11 million people who came in search of work and a better life have been blocked from legalization and a path to citizenship, and forced into substandard and life threatening working and living conditions. The constant fear of deportation and family separation is held over their heads as Homeland Security deports non-violent, non-criminal immigrants in record numbers…

  34. * Among the forms of oppression women experience are attacks on their reproductive rights; lack of quality, affordable day care; inequality in child rearing and household work; sexual harassment on the job; and domestic and sexual violence. The special oppression of women also cuts widely across class lines, affecting promotions for women in management and networking and contract opportunities for women small business owners. This provides the potential for a progressive role for women as a whole, as an ally of the working class and the nationally oppressed.
    * Generally, women are more politically advanced than men on many issues, including issues of war and peace and social welfare.
    Women deserve to live full and healthy lives, free of all forms of violence against our bodies. We believe in accountability and justice in cases of police brutality and ending racial profiling and targeting of communities of color. It is our moral imperative to dismantle the gender and racial inequities within the criminal justice system.

  35. * Without a broad and vigorous resistance from every conceivable sector on every conceivable front, descent further into authoritarianism or worse is possible. But with unity and mass pressure, the Trump agenda can be defeated.
    * In the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore.

    * The rhetoric of the past election cycle has insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us – immigrants of all statuses, Muslims and those of diverse religious faiths, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native people, Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault – and our communities are hurting and scared.
    * The majority of Americans reject Trump’s dystopia. His election immediately sparked protests and grassroots gatherings to organize communities of resistance. Hundreds of thousands are expected to demonstrate in Washington, D.C. and cities across the nation during the inauguration. Alarm is spreading over the wave of hate crimes in the wake of the Trump victory and open support of neo-Nazis and fascists.

    1. Who cares which is which… Can’t we just throw the whole lot of them in camps already??? 🙂

  36. Gender politics are even more emotional than race or sexual preference politics, so a much better distraction from real power politics. Get on the bandwagon, stop worrying about who has the guns and how they are using them, start worrying about your genitals!

  37. Better yet, why not go back to India and fight for women’s rights there? Instead of demanding the US does it for them (also while often saying that India is better than the US)

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  39. I just call these a convention of the lying worldviews. These are the “emperor has no clothes moments”, and when (usually) proggies see that they have confused educated with indoctrinated.

  40. You are so funny. The women’s marches have resulted in many diverse women being elected to Congress. We will keep doing this until real gender parity is achieved at all levels of society. Your claims that our actions are unimportant and we should stop make me laugh.

    1. LOL

      I don’t know if you’re serious or not, but women will never have equal power to men in the world, unless men hand it to them. Men are the naturally dominant sex, have more drive and ambition, and our greater standard deviant in IQ distribution means there are more men at the top of the intelligence spectrum. So good luck with that!

  41. “He’s a misogynist who rails against women who know how to “make babies” but are too lazy to cook for them.”

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day I guess… I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with scolding somebody for bringing a child into this world, and then being too big a piece of shit to properly care for it!

    As for the rest of this drivel.. Shitma articles almost always make a little puke come up into the back of my throat… This one made me literally vomit profusely all over the place. Well, not actually literally, but figuratively literally. Ya know what I mean?

    Anyway, such nonsense. No need to bitch more, it’s been covered above by everybody.

    PS Women will be back in the kitchen again barefoot and pregnant, making sandwiches in ~25-50 years. That is my prediction. Because women actually LIKE it better, really, and it is the natural order of things. You can only fight nature SO HARD, and eventually it will win in the end.

  42. I do enjoy that people like Linda Sarsour and Shikha Dalmia who have benefited from America’s relatively open immigration and subsequently spend most of their energies telling America how much we suck.

  43. Somehow, and I don’t know how exactly, this is mens’ fault.

  44. “or if a resurgent Farrakhan-style patriarchy once again returns women to the kitchen, bare-foot and pregnant”

    “or if a resurgent Farrakhan-style patriarchy once again returns women to the kitchen, sandal-ed and pregnant”

    Fixed it for you, Shikha.

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