Reason Is Hiring a Digital Advertising Director

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If you're a digital business guru who loves promoting freedom, we have the perfect job for you.

View the job description here and below. Email your resume to!

Reason is looking for an advertising and email marketing director to manage digital revenue generation and drive revenue growth. Location is flexible but applicant must be able to work effectively with a largely virtual team.

Digital Advertising and Revenue

Manage all functions of online advertising revenue generation, ad stack setup & strategy, demand partner selection & evaluation, and yield optimization at

  • Develop and implement strategies for maximizing advertising revenue on Reason's digital platforms including, YouTube, and email newsletters.
  • Continuously measure performance of Reason's ad networks and adjust delivery settings to optimize revenue from these networks.
  • Regularly identify opportunities to add new ad networks and implement them in system.
  • Provide ad sales support including media kit development, identification of prospects, preparation of proposals, traffic analysis for targeted campaigns, development of customized placements, etc.
  • Perform analyses to establish and update pricing for directly sold ads and coordinate with ad sales rep on inventory available for directly sold ads based on value of space.
  • Optimize affiliate program revenue from Amazon Associates and similar programs.
  • Implement and measure the performance of experimental revue generation programs of all kinds.
  • Create monthly advertising revenue reports and manage outstanding accounts.

Email Marketing Platform Management

Manage all aspects of Reason's customer email platform and email marketing vendor relationship.

  • Develop and implement strategies for email communications, including expanding the reach and effectiveness of existing and new editorial newsletters, as well as regular and targeted promotional communications with customers.
  • Work with development to develop and execute email communications with donors and subscribers (informational, fundraising, events, etc.)
  • Work with print circulation contractors in all aspects of Reason print and digital subscription email campaigns.
  • Analyze performance (opens, clicks, purchases) of email communications and work with colleagues to maximize performance
  • Identify and implement methods of growing the size of Reason's email lists, including purchasing or renting other lists and experimenting with alternative ways of capturing visitor email addresses.
  • Coordinate and execute day-to-day processes
  • Manage staff training of marketing platforms


  • Work with our website developer on building tools related to ad units, email subscription management, Amazon Associates promotions, and related issues.
  • Provide customer service for digital subscribers and registered users
  • Extensive involvement in web analytics
  • Implementation of other digital publishing initiatives that emerge.


  • Minimum of three years' experience in digital advertising and email marketing
  • Experience with major advertising platforms and email marketing platforms
  • Ability/willingness to implement ideas in a hands-on manner
  • Understanding of and commitment to our organizational mission and goals
  • Experience with WordPress, Excel, and Google Analytics.

If interested, please send your resume and salary requirements to

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  1. Provide customer service for digital subscribers and registered users

    Oh you’re going to hear from me. Oh yes you are.

  2. Reason is monetizing… no more hat tips…

    How long until the comments are shut down? They’re not woke enough to be sustainable.

    1. They just want their cocktail party invites, am I right?

    2. I wouldn’t even come here if it weren’t for the comments.

      1. Funny, I come here for the ads…

        1. I didn’t miss the rug humper until he was gone.

  3. If OBL would turn coat … s/he is pretty good at the parody business, might make for an interesting marketing campaign.

    1. s/he is pretty good at the parody business

      lol no

      1. Thanks for recognizing what I do here isn’t parody at all.

          1. Who are we saying OBL is? That was AmSoc or Buttplug?

    2. 1. I’m not a parody.

      2. I’m non-binary and use they / them pronouns: If OBL would turn coat … they are pretty good …

        1. What does that mean? When did I ever lose a bet? I predicted there would be a #BlueTsunami and I was right.

        2. No way he’s Tony.

        3. “Pay your bet.”
          It’s not turd; he was not banned until long after OBL showed up
          And given that OBL left the ‘tell’ when I commented on Viet Nam, it’s a good bet it’s that scumbag commenter the commie kid (can’t remember the self-promoting handle; the on bragging about bailing on his mortgage).
          Regardless, it ain’t turd. It’s long since lost any novelty. It’s a one-trick pony with a used-up act.
          Not funny, not anything other than a waste of pixels.

          1. Honestly, though OBL may be one trick, they’re more coherent than Buttplug. I honestly don’t think he is capable of doing a different voice here.

            So that Magatrumpertarian guy, whatever it was called, that was parodying OBL was clearly Buttplug. He was incapable of putting together a barely coherent parody.

      1. I’m non-binary and use they / them pronouns

        If you’re a singular being, why should you use plural pronouns? Only symbiotic life forms and people with dissociated alternate personalities should use “they/them”.

        1. OBL is the voice of a new generation!

  4. Understanding of and commitment to our organizational mission and goals

    Pot, ass-sex and Mexicans?

    Leftist outreach?

    Market Progressivism?

    Grifting billionaires to dissemble center-right propaganda?

    One World Government?

    Libertarian-Democrat Jackalope ranching?

    1. I see you’re a long suffering visitor too.

  5. Hire someone who will get rid of the annoying popups at the bottom of the page.

    1. You should get an ad blocker.

      1. “You should get an ad blocker.”
        This is an “org” which depends on contributions. You would think they would make commenting very easy.
        They don’t, in fact, they make it among the worst experience compared to any site I visit, including expecting the commenter to ‘tinyURL’ an addy.
        Reason at one time got a ‘sizable’ annual contribution from me; it now gets a contribution just big enough to make it clear that the site sucks. Like leaving a $1 tip.
        No, neither I nor anyone else should get anything to post here. And until Reason cleans up its act, they will get $1, annually.

  6. I’m more of a beer guy than a cocktail guy.

    1. Are you talking about Natty Lite, hold the can with one hand while scratching your nuts with the other type of beer, or a locally-sourced microbrew craft beer sipped from a glass?

      1. Can’t a person enjoy beer without being a hick or a hipster douche?

        1. Sure, but stereotypes are more fun – or annoying depending on your definition.

      2. I’m enjoying a local IPA at a Doom metal convert in Denver, as. We. Speak.

        1. Perhaps enjoying is a strong word. Drinking is probably the correct term.

  7. OT:
    “The Era Of Easy Recycling May Be Coming To An End”
    “For those of us who spent most of our lives painstakingly separating plastic, glass, paper and metal, single-stream recycling is easy to love. No longer must we labor. Gone is the struggle to store two, three, four or even five different bags under the kitchen sink. Just throw everything into one dumpster, season liberally with hopes and dreams, and serve it up to your local trash collector. What better way to save the planet?”

    FFS, a better way to ‘save the planet’ is for you and every one of your pathetic accomplices to commit suicide right now and leave ‘the planet’ to those who can read.

  8. Hmm,
    let us try this once more.

    I will say this. I already pay money to get a recycling bin. People might act like someone is a jackass for not doing it. But I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to spend money, so they can put forth more effort to sort their trash. So the city can, supposedly sell the trash.

    We really have to ask the question, if they’re not actually profiting or even breaking even on the reclyling, is this actually a worthwhile endeavor?

    1. It doesn’t have to profitable to be worthwhile in the long run. Solid waste disposal companies need someplace to put the trash. Landfills eventually fill up and can’t take any more. Opening a new landfill is a tortuous, decades-long nightmare as regulators, politicians, and NIMBYs mau-mau the plan screaming NO! The less stuff the companies have to landfill, the longer the landfill lasts, and the longer they can stay in business, or at least avoid the clusterfuck of trying to get a new landfill approved. If they can keep significant amounts of recyclable material from going into their landfill and extend its life, that can be a smart decision even if they’re taking a loss on the recycling.

      1. You’re referring to a political problem, not a physical one.
        I’d rather avoid paying for snowflake sensibilities if I can; stuff it down their throats.

        1. It’s not just snowflakes. NO ONE wants a landfill in their neighborhood. Anywhere you propose to site it, 100% of the locals will rise up in opposition.

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  10. I’ll do it. It’s got to be a step up from posting all this MeSalary spam for 10 cents an hour.

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