We Found a Perfect Metaphor for Government

The city admitted its mistake after collecting the fines.


Nicole LaVeglia of Queens parked her car in a legal spot on January 2. Less than an hour later, the city's Department of Transportation showed up, drilled a hole, and installed a "No Parking" sign near the vehicle. With the car suddenly in violation of the sign, the New York Police Department then towed the car and LeVeglia was slapped with $185 in fines.

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    1. The story itself is the metaphor. Let me explain it. Woman parks her car legally. Gub’ment shows up and installs a new parking sign. Gub’ment then does the car for being parked illegally. Get it now? It’s a metaphor for government. Sigh.

    2. What’s the metaphor?

      It’s like rain on your wedding day.

      1. It’s like rain on your wedding day.

        But it is decidedly not like a free ride when you already paid.

      2. I’m afraid that’s a simile.

    3. What’s the metaphor?

      Government being “shut down”.

    4. Boot stomping on your face forever. I know you usually have to pay extra for that.

      1. Rest assured that “true progressives” are dedicated to providing the boot-stomping as an entitlement.

  1. It’s a good metaphor, but not perfect. Perfect would be taking several days to install the sign, adding tickets all the while, then booting it and towing it, and losing it in the system so long that the impound company sells it to a junk yard, and then sending the bill to the owner, then foreclosing on her house for unpaid fines, and throwing her in jail for resisting arrest.

    1. How about we change the ending to kills her for resisting arrest because that would be the ultimate outcome of taken as far as it could go.

      1. It seems just a s likely that they’d shoot her dog then call CPS on her because her kids were unsupervised while they were talking to her.

  2. The driver is planning to fight the ticket.

    Is the city planning to fight her back?

    1. No need; it won’t be much of a fight. Settled law is that ignorance is no excuse.
      She should have left a go pro camera monitoring her car in case a no parking sign was installed.

  3. “”LeVeglia was slapped with $185 in fines.”‘

    I think that’s just the parking ticket, not the tow and storage fees.

  4. The city needs to do this because Amazon needs a new location.

  5. Nicole LaVeglia of Queens is not guilty of illegally parking per se.
    She is guilty of being a selfish, insensitive capitalist pig for daring to owning a car in the first place.
    None of the little people should own anything, much less an ugly and repugnant status symbol like a car.
    The NYC Department of Transportation was right to put the sign up after she parked there and confiscate her car.
    Hopefully, she will learn her lesson that public transportation is the politically correct form of getting around town after her beatings, torture and starving in the local gulag.
    Then, and only, then will she learn the joys of living in a country where The State is always right, and you’re always wrong.

    1. Taking care of the homeless is expensive in NYC. How dare her try to take food out of their mouths.

  6. Things are legal until they’re not.

  7. That happened to me in Chicago. My car was zoned for parking, then, without notice, they rezoned it because of a one-day movie shoot. No prior notice at all, but a bunch of cars were towed and impounded. I asked one of my professors about it, and he said that it was totally illegal, welcome to Chicago.

    1. Same thing happened to me in California. I was parked outside my girlfriend’s apartment overnight, and at 6 in the morning city workers started putting portable No Parking signs along the street. They started towing at 7. I got to my car before the tow truck did, but a cop tried to stop me from driving down the street to get to where I could park until the tow truck driver told him to let me go because he had enough to do.

      1. This pisses me off to no end.

      2. This is why people cheer when a cop stops a bullet.

    2. Me too, Chicago. Ticket, no tow. They put up a paper sign ‘no parking for street cleaning.’

  8. That’s . . that’s not a metaphor.

    “a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.”

    That just is government.

    1. And no, that’s not even an analogy. It just really is government.

      1. After a review lasting over 240 years, I am not so sure about taxation WITH representation – – – – –

      2. “And no, that’s not even an analogy. It just really is government.”

        No equivalence need be drawn; this is the government in action.

    2. Would you accept “a perfect example”?

  9. Onion is shooting vid now?

  10. My favorite moment from the Rockford Files, after getting an unjust parking ticket:

    “You know I try, I really try Jim, but damnit I hate cops” *Jim plants one on the lips*

    (at the very end)

  11. I found a perfect metaphor for government.
    Its called, “Fuck you very much.”

  12. I think this is more of a brickbat than a metaphor… and Charles Oliver is fixin to be pissed you steppin on his turf.

  13. The government erred, acknowledged the error, and corrected the problem.

    If only the some Americans would do the same with respect to their mistakes.

    1. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|1.10.19 @ 6:40PM|#
      “The government erred, acknowledged the error, and corrected the problem.”

      No, asshole, the government did nothing of the sort.

  14. Was there a similar report by Reason when government invaded the wrong country, tortured innocents, and imposed endless detention without trial?

    Does racially targeted voter suppression ever precipitate a Brickbat? What about silly, statist micromanagement of certain clinics?

    Would Reason prefer that its comments not be dominated by intolerant, disaffected right-wingers prancing about in unconvincing libertarian drag? Or is just happy to have the readership, even if it involves stale-thinking, bigoted authoritarians?

    1. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|1.10.19 @ 6:44PM|#
      “Was there a similar report by Reason when government invaded the wrong country, tortured innocents, and imposed endless detention without trial?”

      Yes, Reason did run stories on that lying piece of shit Obama, you stale-thinking, bigoted authoritarian asshole.

      1. Open wider, Sevo.

        It’s for your own good.

        Or not.

        Doesn’t matter to me whether your compliance occurs the easy way or the hard way.

        1. Rev, there’s a search feature on Reason. Insert the word “torture” and get stuff like this:

          Clarifying Torture
          Mr. President, what part of prohibiting “cruel treatment and torture” don’t you understand?
          Ronald Bailey | September 18, 2006

          All Torture is Criminal Under All Circumstances
          If the allegations in the CIA torture report are true, we have war criminals, perjurers, computer hackers and thugs on the government payroll.
          Andrew Napolitano | December 11, 2014

          But that last one was published under Obama, so it would blow your logic circuits if you had any, which you don’t.

          1. And you’d love Reason on abortion – they put scare quotes around “unborn child” and want to deny these unborn children even the right to a hearing before being killed. But again, figuring out their stance on abortion would have required you to do about 30 seconds of research, and that’s 30 seconds which is better spent making shit up, right?

            ACLU Challenges Alabama Law That Pits Abortion-Seeking Teens Against State-Appointed Attorney for ‘Unborn Child’
            Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Oct. 3, 2014 4:35 pm

            1. I like you, Eddy. It’s nice to know at least one person cares about setting the record straight here.

              Rev is always over in the comments on Volokh, and it’s like the people/person running that account have never even read anything on this website. I honestly think they heard a story stereotyping Libertarians and then decided to start trolling Reason without actually finding out what positions are/are not supported here.

        2. “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.”

          So, the only issue at hand is do you simply enjoy the disruption because you are a miserable POS who begs company, or do you play with yourself while reading emotional responses?

          I suspect the latter, you sick fuck.

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