Brickbat: That's Not a Man, Baby


Woman in prison
Korn Vitthayanukarun /

A federal appeals court has reinstated a lawsuit filed by Fior Pichardo de Veloz agaisnt the Miami-Dade County, Florida, jail doctor and nurse. The two insisted that Pichardo, who had been arrested on drug charges, be booked into the jail as a man, declaring she was transgender, even though a strip search had shown she was a woman. The officer who did the strip search protested to her supervisors, but they said they had no choice but to go with what the doctor said. Pichardo was held in a cell with about 40 men until her relatives found out where she was and demanded another exam, which showed she was a woman.

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  1. Gender is so fluid you may not know your own. We have doctors who can help. No examination required.

    1. not even a “short arm” inspection?

      1. While helpful in detecting STDs, they are not reliable for determining gender.

  2. How can a strip search show whether you are a man or a woman or any other gender? That’s just somebody else’s assumption of your gender and that’s wrong. If your gender changes day by day or hour by hour, the jailers must switch you from facility to facility to accommodate your feelings.

  3. I am feeling species fluid today… What will they do to accommodate MEEEEE!?!?!?!

    1. Put you in a kennel.

      1. Well, as long as they throw me a bone, and I can see a veterinarian instead of a human-doctor of doctorology, and get a YUUUUGE discount to go along with it, as the vet charges a butt-load less… Then dog-gone it, I am OK with the kennel!!!

        Am I a GOOD Boy now?!?! (Wags tail).

        1. That’s just beggin’ for an insipid response.

        2. You’ll get free spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, deworming, and possibly an RFID chip.

          1. What about Dennis Avner, what does HE get? AKA, Stalking Cat…

            He and I used to fight like cats and dogs, after he got his species change operation… I would be tremendously jealous-envious of him if he got a better deal than I am getting…

  4. She said she was a woman and the strip search agreed. I don’t see where any transgender idea comes into this at all. The only person who mentioned that is the doctor.

    Seems to me that it is now PC to call any female who is just not pretty “trans,” or at least that’s what this doctor wants to think.

    1. She said she was a woman and the strip search agreed. I don’t see where any transgender idea comes into this at all.

      I was trying to figure out the same thing. At no point in the article do they claim that she was really a man. It specifically states that she’s biologically a woman, and she’s suing over them putting her in with the men, so it’s pretty clear she doesn’t self identify as a man either.

      They didn’t include a picture so who knows why the doctor insisted she was a tranny. She must be really fugly.

      1. The doctor put on the form that she was transgender with male sex characteristics and female mannerisms, or something silly like that. It seems they were saying she had a dick but identified as a woman but should be treated as a man because of her dick, which doesn’t actually exist, as confirmed by the strip search.

        If I got confused by the above, forgive me, but it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

        1. From reading the article, it seems everyone was treating her as a woman right up until the nurse in question decided she was “really” a man on the basis of her taking hormone pills (for her menopause). The nurse and doctor who said she was a man never searched or examined her, and per policy the guards and officers after that point were required to treat her as a man.

          So basically, we have two bad actors or decided she was a man on faulty reasoning and refused to take the time to verify their erroneous conclusion, even when it was directly contradicted by everything else that was going on.

    2. ” I don’t see where any transgender idea comes into this at all. The only person who mentioned that is the doctor.”

      The doctor noticed that she was taking hormone pills. Many M->F transgenders take synthetic female hormones to give themselves natural breasts.

      He marked her as M->F transgender purely on the basis of the Hormone pills.

      Of course many older women take female hormones to treat issue related to menopause. It’s called Hormone Replacement Therapy.

  5. What happened to the idea that segregation by sex was an antiquated notion?

    1. I don’t think it’s caught on too much when it comes to jails.

      1. Probably because prisoners aren’t know for giving many fucks about what orifice they fuck, which becomes a problem when the dude you’re fucking can conceive a child.

  6. If you have a hole instead of a dick, you dont want to be locked up with men in a jail cell.

    1. The ones you have to look out for don’t care about either, you’re just fresh meat. It’s Ancient Rome in there.

      1. carpe diem — 3 holes are better than 2.

        1. carpe diem

          Don’t you mean carpe pussy?

          1. Hmm, carpe diem is Latin. What are the Latin terms for the female genitals?

            1. Carpe per naturale eius debent

  7. If you don’t want to be booked with the wrong gender then don’t break the oh so necessary drug laws. Right?

    1. She didn’t break any drug laws. I clicked through and read the arrest was on some charge from many ears ago that she thought had been resolved.

      And that’s just the start. Reading the article gives enough material for several brickbats.

      1. Court clerk errors 101.

        Because if the clerks make errors, the defendant gets zero benefit of the doubt.

  8. “biological female”

    This is an outdated concept, no longer embraced by right thinking, progressive individuals.
    The only viable issue here is who gets to determine gender? Is it only the person themselves? That seems unfair, because the consequences of an incorrect identification falls only on everyone else but the individual. Rationally, gender SHOULD be based on what others observe and determine, not on the opinion of just one person. Aren’t we supposed to be a democracy?

    1. Jailhouse gender segregated populations resolve the bullshit claim that women can be men and men can be women at the drop of a hat.

      After a period of time, any person with a vagina stuck with men will likely get some unwanted attention.

      After a period of time, any person with a penis stuck with women will likely get some unwanted/wanted attention.

      1. “In the Female prison
        There are 72 women
        And among them I wish I did dwell”

        1. Uh, I’m not sure you’ve seen many female convicts.

          I suspect most of them look more like Rosie O’Donnel if she didn’t shave or even shower for several months than they look like swimsuit models.

          1. It is a verse from “The Auld Triangle” about a man in prison. I suppose he thought the female convicts were preferable to the makes.

          2. Try watching some prison shows. There are some doable chicks. Woman in prison are a lot nicer and there is a lot of sex although you would be competing with bull dykes for the pretty girls. If I had to go to prison, womens facilities would be the way to go.

          3. I suspect most of them look more like Rosie O’Donnel if she didn’t shave or even shower for several months


  9. I think we could save a lot of time and trouble if we just redefined boy to girl and girl to boy.…..hemselves/

    1. Over time, an even more audacious line of thinking emerged in some gender-studies and sociology departments, in which everything, including sexed bodies, is discursively constructed and there is no objective reality.

      H/t Don Juan!

  10. Brickbat: That’s Not a Man, Baby

    Man baby or baby man?

  11. Sounds like he/she just got a paycheck.

    1. I would say that putting a women in with men after seeing a vagina is cruel and unusual punishment inflicted, in violation of the 8th Amendment.

      1. This.

        There is no transgender angle to this story. The medical staff learned a 50-year-old woman was taking estrogen pills for menopause symptoms (like that’s unusual) and let their imaginations run away with them. The medical staff wasn’t being PC, they were just being incredibly idiotic.

  12. I’ve met and worked with a few prison doctors in my time. Usually not at the top of their careers, they seemed prone to questionable decisions.

    1. Unlike doctors in private practice or working with medical systems, doctors that are state employees or contractors can get qualified immunity to protect their horrible decisions.

      It does seem to attract a certain kind of doctor.

      1. Hi everybody!

  13. In the future, the 2010s will be remembered as a very, very silly time.


  15. Seems almost like a possible answer to the question:

    “Why should the government be involved with gender on a driver’s license or birth certificate?”

    Obviously not in this particular case… but if correct M/F biological gender at birth was used, things like this would be less likely to happen in the future.

    As it is in some states now with a “gender X” option on driver’s licenses, the non-binaries shouldn’t bitch when they’re thrown into the wrong prison.

    1. Obviously not in this particular case… but if correct M/F biological gender at birth was used, things like this would be less likely to happen in the future.

      That’s not an issue in this case. The woman was a biological female from birth, and “identified” as female. The only people in this story who thought otherwise was the idiotic prison doc and nurse.

      1. That’s not an issue in this case.

        Heh. Isn’t that what I said, and you even quoted?

        “Obviously not in this particular case”

  16. This one would be a tough one to defend, as would the lower court ruling to toss the suit.

  17. Of course, all this could become a moot point if prisons were safe enough for all convicts such that there were no concerns over being sent to the “wrong” prison.

    The fact that prison is dangerous for people, and more dangerous for specific people, is an underlying problem.

    That being sent to the “wrong” prison can be cruel and unusual punishment is a symptom of that.

  18. From linked story….”Her shame was compounded when a federal judge threw out her lawsuit, saying the jail staffers were protected from a trial for negligence”

    So quacks and nurses get Qualified Immunity now?

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