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In October 2007, we launched Reason TV, which publishes interviews, documentaries, parodies, and other online videos. Reason TV was the brainchild of TV legend and The Price Is Right host Drew Carey, who sits on the board of trustees of Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this website. Drew had taken an interest in documentary filmmaking and, in a world of ever-cheaper cameras and editing software and burgeoning online distribution, urged us to get into video years before most other publications considered "pivoting" in that direction. In all, we released over a dozen documentaries with Drew, including the award-winning, hour-long Reason Saves Cleveland: How to Fix the Mistake on the Lake and Other Once-Great American Cities.

Reason's videos are now watched over 2 million times a month at YouTube and even more often at Facebook. Part of Drew's original vision was that documentaries in particular would allow us to dramatize our points more effectively and more immediately. To that end, I'd like to point your attention to a doc we released in October. Produced by Jim Epstein and boasting nearly 500,000 views, it looks at the negative impact that a $15 minimum wage is causing for workers in New York City's car wash industry. This is exactly the sort of work that wins hearts and minds to a libertarian point of view. And this is exactly the kind of work that your tax-deductible donations fund.

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