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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that ads for junk food and sugary beverages will be banned from Transport for London buses, trains and stations. Khan says the move is aimed at reducing obesity in children.

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  1. It’s clear that advertising plays a huge part in the choices we make, whether we realise it or not, and Londoners have shown overwhelming support for a ban on adverts for junk food and drink on our transport network.

    They advertised the ban as something good and the Londoners ate it up.

    1. “It’s clear that advertising plays a huge part in the choices we make, whether we realise it or not…”

      and if not, then we realized it for you.

    2. They advertised the ban as something good and the Londoners ate it up.

      At UK levels of government fat, that may be the most unhealthful effect of all.

    3. Advertising never fails. That’s why we’re all washing down our Arch Deluxes with New Coke.

      1. It’s also why Hillary won.

  2. It seems the British read 1984 as an instruction manual.

    1. Just because of the posters on their metro? Why on Earth would you say such a thing?

      1. WTF is that shit?

        1. Incredibly creepy, for starters.

      2. Real or parody? Honestly I can’t tell the difference between CNN and The Onion any more.

  3. Quelle douche!

  4. I very much like how the linked Sky News story was in actuality a completely uncritical press release. No wonder the Limeys love their big government. Brainwashing.

  5. Some of the worst tyrants are local.

    I wouldn’t doubt that, in a private moment, Khan would admit he feels he is a world leader and is more important than many. He is probably helping to “save millions” through his bullying. Ugh. Gag me with a spoon!

  6. Khan says the move is aimed at reducing obesity in children.

    Just ban fat kids from the transit system and make the little buggers walk.

    1. Even better idea: ban “leaders” from leaving their homes and communicating with others. Cut off the little buggers from ruling.

      1. I support adopting the Fourecks model: all politicians are thrown in prison as soon as they’re elected, on the basis that it saves time later.

  7. (clenches fist; starts shaking with rage)
    (looks embarrassed; washes down mouth full of pork rinds with gulp of Jolt Cola)

    1. Ah I see I was already beaten to that low-hanging joke by quite a bit.

  8. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but Ayatollah Sadiq recently came to SXSW to give a speech denouncing the United States for its lack of speech censorship and received a rapturous ovation.

    Our 1A and friendly judges will protect us for quite a bit, but everything you see in UK (and it is sliding alarmingly into dystopia) shows you what is–not “might be”–coming soon to our gates, whether or not we can hold them off for quite a bit. Hey didn’t the Brits invent modern liberalism? Precisely. I can’t get over everyone’s confidence that the US will never allow to pass the most dystopian plans of the progs. Cultures can be changed. Compare us to 100 years ago; what would they think of us?

    The state hosting SXSW will turn majority Latino in four years. Have the Republicans finally realized they are out of time in formulating a plan, that all they have been getting is a reprieve this whole time? I have never seen such stupidity. OK, you have 20 more years than we thought to figure out how to win over the Latins. What’s that you say? It was alarmism and we’ll never have to do it at all? Okey Doke!

    1. I agree that the primary [and very cynical] reason Democrats are so pro immigration is to garner more votes and of course power; but it is completely predictable that their faithful emigres will always support them? I believe that is largely predicated on the experience of African Americans and the guarantee of “getting the n—– vote for a hundred years” [LBJ, of course].

      Of course by any such time that any group of people recognize themselves as individuals and think and vote for accordingly, it will likely by a done deal and a very uphill battle.

      1. Individuals who think already vote Libertarian. If the Fisher-Pry logistics substitution curve is any indication, the law-changing clout of LP spoiler votes is dawning on people at a pretty steep angle.

  9. The Star Trek joke was already taken, so how about…

    Yes, We Khan!

    1. How about this one:

      Realizing every politician is a con artist anyway, Londoners decided they might as well elect a Khan man.

      1. Oh no you can’t! Oh yes I Kahn!

  10. What is it with the squirrels today? Did I insult their mothers or something?

  11. England should ban political propaganda, since the move is aimed at reducing stupidity in adults.

  12. to help tackle childhood obesity, Sadiq Khan has announced …, promotions for unhealthy food and soft drinks will be stripped from trains, buses, boats and trams across the capital.

    After they do that, those fat kids can jolly well sweep the streets for a few months.

    1. Don’t laugh. Equality 7-2521 was a street sweeper in youth.

    2. Clean chimneys

  13. Point guns and ban stuff! To hell with Jersey barriers to enable kids to survive using bike lanes and getting some exercise.

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