Title IX

True Liberals Would Support Betsy DeVos' Title IX Reforms

Due process for everyone is their cause.


Sex Couple
Ingram Publishing via Newscom

Apoplectic liberals are predicting an apocalypse of rape and mayhem against women on college campuses if Betsy DeVos' Title IX reforms are implemented.

But what is Devos suggesting that's so bad, I ask in my column at The Week this morning?

She wants to restore the due process rights of the accused so that innocents don't get nailed for something they didn't do. This means that they should have the right to see the evidence against them and question their accuser. In other words, we should end the opaque, Star Chamber–like proceedings in which the accused are nailed using secret evidence.

Liberals—correctly—decry this kind of thing when it is used to convict foreigners suspected of terrorism. Why are they so blind when it comes to sexual misconduct?

Go here to find out.

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  1. I refuse to ‘Go here’ and wholly expect Shikha to come to the right conclusion for the wrong, batshit insane, reasons. Purely guessing; I assume she wants to stop the star chamber proceedings so we can skip past the small fish and get back to finding the hardcore predators living the basements of frat houses that have plagued our university system, brutally raping 1 in 5 women, year over year.

    1. Nope. It’s actually pretty good.

      1. I appreciate your recommendation and acknowledge that I may be wrong, but I’m still not reading it.

  2. Liberals?correctly?decry this kind of thing when it is used to convict foreigners suspected of terrorism. Why are they so blind when it comes to sexual misconduct?

    Because most liberals (as well as most conservatives) aren’t about what is right or wrong, they are about what is Team Red or Team Blue. And not necessarily in terms of actual party affiliation but rather the various talking points of the day. And one of the talking points is that members of particular groups are never mistaken about particular kinds of accusations. Due process for the accused denies this and thus cannot be allowed. The Star Court proceedings are not to determine guilt or innocence, but to determine the punishment.

    1. Yeah, more than team colors these moral judgements are based on ideologies, which in turn derive from perceptions of status (hierarchies of authority for conservatives, hierarchies of victimhood for liberals).

  3. DeVos seems like one of the bright spots of the Trump administration. This needed to happen. It’s absolutely ridiculous that Title IX is used this way at all.

    1. DeVos seems like one of the bright spots of the Trump administration.

      ‘But DeVos’ is becoming the new ‘But Gorsuch’.

    2. Not according to my coworker. He keeps complaining that she’s aggressively trying to get him to pay back his student loan–a loan he voluntarily took out but doesn’t think he should be forced to pay back.

      1. So he did not learn the meaning of “loan” in college?

  4. Do you have a penis? Guilty!

    1. Transphobia! Women can have peni!

  5. As if all this wasn’t bad enough, the rules required universities to investigate all sexual misbehavior, big and small, even unwanted remarks or passes, not just actual assault or coercion.

    GASP! How dare this author minimize the trauma of getting hit on. If a rising tide lifts all boats, then the watering down of assault is bringing all dinghies to the level we deserve.

    1. Just wait-next they’ll broaden it to include not being hit on, because what could be worse for the female ego than being ignored? Make an unwanted pass at a woman-guilty! Fail to make a wanted pass at a woman-extra guilty!

  6. I sincerely commend Dalmia’s ability to troll folks from anywhere on the political spectrum.

  7. Once again, we are using the terminology of rights violators – “liberal” does not apply to the left leaning rights violators – in fact they are its opposite. Can’t we stop using that term to describe them?

    1. Sure. When progressives no longer feel comfortable in liberal spaces. When the mainstream liberals start shooting down the racist, socialist, marxist progressives on the national stage, you’ll get your term back.

      So never

  8. The upshot, predictably, has been a spate of wrongful convictions ? especially of innocent minority men involved in inter-racial encounters when a woman developed qualms after the fact…

    DOUBLE GASP! Consent can be withdrawn AT ANY TIME and, let’s face it, victimhood is a race to power that minority men can’t possibly hope to win against the ladies.

    1. Slightly more agency than women. That’s science.

    2. “”Consent can be withdrawn AT ANY TIME “‘

      Not after the fact.

      1. Have you not been following these cases?

  9. What’s unfortunate is that feminists and their supporters have become so obsessively focused on their narrow agenda that they have lost sight of their broader principles.

    Why, it’s almost like modern feminists don’t have any core principles at all.

    1. They are totalitarian leftists. You are guilty by virtue of who you are not what you did in their view. So facts and due process and all of that are not necessary. What is necessary is a determination of who you are and where you and your accusor fit on the intersectionality ladder.

      1. Yes they are. Therefore we rational libertarians should have no problem convincing the majority of fair-minded, reasonable and educated people that totalitarian leftists are full of shit. And yet, we do fail most of the time.

  10. I’m guessing it’s not liberals who are opposing it.

  11. A decent book review, one that people on the right won’t read and will just take personal shots. Followed by an article that will surely get you harassed by progressives.

    Sounds like a very libertarian kinda day for Shikha

    1. As long as they keep her under adult supervision and away from writing about immigration…

      1. I want more articles, with facts, about how inviting 100 million people (# of people who would if they could), mostly from socialist countries, will fit into American culture and fight for individual rights and smaller government. And it would be great if she wrote it, considering she insists that will be totally fine.

        How does more socialists = less socialism?

        1. If you want to hit me on the word socialist, fine. Let’s call it something fancy like democratic socialist, or big government populists.

    2. A decent book review, one that people on the right won’t read and will just take personal shots.

      Keep in mind when you say ‘the right’ that, for the longest time, Shikha described herself as a conservative.

      The only time I’ve ever taken personal shots at Shikha was when she mentioned using her husband as a token white guy to get into Canada and blamed racist US immigration policy for making her do it.

      The rest were professional shots because the overwhelming majority of stuff she writes for Reason and at least some of the stuff she writes elsewhere nothing short of terrible.

      1. This is one of the first non-immigration articles I’ve seen. If she wants to metaphorically beat progressives with the due process stick, I’ll cheer all day long.

        I’ll have to catch up on that hubby situation. I can’t wait for feminism to reach the point where marring a white guy makes you racist. Whatever it takes for left libertarians to realize their utopia is not progressive utopia

    3. Indeed. Sadly for Reason’s webathon, it is too little, too late to change some of our minds. I’ll take it into consideration for next year.

  12. See! Happy, everyone? Give our friend credit where credit is due before she goes and starts a war with Bangladesh over Reihan Salam’s xenophobia.

  13. I think it should be pretty clear from the last USSC nomination that a presumption of guilt, regarding certain genders and classes, is perfectly fine with a significant portion of our population.

  14. what happens when a guy who identifies as chick cries rape on a chick who identifies as guy?

    1. AHEM, you mean when a transwoman is victimized by a transman?

      Believe all women, including transwomen, you *&^%$%^&&.

      1. Check your privilege, sir; you are quite behind the times. Omitting the space between “trans” and “woman” is no longer considered respectful. It suggests that “transwoman” is a sort of person in some way to be contrasted with a just plain “woman,” rather than simply a woman who happens to be trans. (As one would refer to a “thin man,” a “tall woman,” a “rich man,” etc.) So unless you are Shahrazad Ali visiting us from the ’90s after reacquiring what I assume is your slave name, I suggest you stick to the standard, nondehumanizing orthography.

        1. I should know better than to try and out-SJW anyone.

      2. >>>Believe all women

        okay but i’m still calling them chicks. singularly they like it.

  15. No talk at all about how stupid it is to have schools involved in determining criminal guilt?

  16. “Liberals?correctly?decry this kind of thing when it is used to convict foreigners suspected of terrorism. Why are they so blind when it comes to sexual misconduct?”

    Do you really want to know the answer?

  17. I just came here to see how the asshole ‘rev’ was going to hang this on ‘slack-jawed, flyover country degenerates’. Seems there’s even limits to his imbecility.

    1. No Tony, either. They don’t want to call out their own side.

  18. Go Shikha!

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