Title IX

True Liberals Would Support Betsy DeVos' Title IX Reforms

Due process for everyone is their cause.


Sex Couple
Ingram Publishing via Newscom

Apoplectic liberals are predicting an apocalypse of rape and mayhem against women on college campuses if Betsy DeVos' Title IX reforms are implemented.

But what is Devos suggesting that's so bad, I ask in my column at The Week this morning?

She wants to restore the due process rights of the accused so that innocents don't get nailed for something they didn't do. This means that they should have the right to see the evidence against them and question their accuser. In other words, we should end the opaque, Star Chamber–like proceedings in which the accused are nailed using secret evidence.

Liberals—correctly—decry this kind of thing when it is used to convict foreigners suspected of terrorism. Why are they so blind when it comes to sexual misconduct?

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