Thank You Readers! We've Met Our First Donation Match!

We're grateful for your dollars and your witty, profane notes.


Take a look over to your right at that Reason "r" filling up and you'll see that earlier today we added a whopping $25,000 donation!

That's the first of two $25,000 matching grants…which we reached in only 36 hours, thanks to all of you amazing Reason readers and viewers and listeners who have already generously given to our annual Webathon.

We are so grateful to everyone who helped us get this far already. Below, a few notes from you awesome givers:

Thank you for all your hard work. It's kept me sane in this insane world.

You betcha, pal!

First time donor. Politically, I don't always align with many of Reason's positions. I lean very much to the left. Regardless of my political inclination, I value objective, balanced, honest, lucid reporting whatever the political slant. I believe Reason provides this level of reporting. I have always valued well-reasoned (no pun intended) points of view that differ from mine because they force one to challenge their beliefs and assumptions on the issues. Thank you for doing what you do.

Or this punchy note:

From Hell's heart, I donate to thee.

Check out this person, who found some pennies for Reason in the sofa cushions:

I'm fairly poor but still very much value your insight, so here's a paltry $25.

And my personal fave, a donation for $100 that came it with the simple annotation:

Fuck it!

But we still have a long way to go to reach our goal so the rest of you: Please donate now so we can keep publishing the best libertarian news and commentary on the web.

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