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A new report from the British Parliament found that a man sentenced to life in prison for attempting to blow up a London subway station in 2017 had admitted to being trained by the Islamic State in a camp in Iraq when he applied for asylum. Ahmed Hassan entered the country in 2015 and was granted asylum despite his admission. British intelligence never investigated him before the bombing.

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  1. Never investigated him because he was in an 8,000 person caravan?

    1. Not the issue at all, here… The issue is, the data stares you in the face, and you ignore it! So don’t come bitching to me about how you need to probe and inspect my asshole every day, for “more data”.

      1. Precisely the issue here.

        1. So here we go again! An Islamofascist commits Islamofascism, yet again! AND he does it, despite the fact that our (Western-Civilization-type) Security Theater Actors and Actresses had ample data to work with, well before the atrocity or attempted atrocity. What are the results?

          ‘1) There will be yet more meaningless security theater for our amusement, in the name of collecting more “protective” data! The TSA will now probe your bladder for the presence of more than 4 ounces of fluids, lest you use your explosive-bladder contents to piss us all off!

          ‘2) Even though there are way-way-way more Islamofascists than there are Hispanifascists, to the extent that Hispanifascism hasn’t even entered our lexicon? Even though the worst things that the would-be Hispanifascists might do unto us, would be to mow our lawns for substandard prices, and PAY INTO our Social Security system, without letting them get any bennies from said payments? AKA, we the native-born are the shameless moochers off of the hard-working illegal sub-humans, in this particular case, to the tune of 10 to 12 billion dollars per year? (to be continued)?

          1. ‘2) continued? See “The Truth About Undocumented Immigrants and Taxes” (in quotes) in your Google search window will take you straight there, hit number one… AKA… For details about us natives mooching off of the taxes of the illegal sub-humans?
            Despite all of this, Islamofascism will still be used to punish innocent Hispanics!

      2. The data they collect isn’t to prevent crimes or incidents. Instead they use it to rack up innumerable offenses after a crime is committed and to enforce those crimes with indisputable’evidence’. More of the plead guilty so we don’t have to spend money that we’ve already spent collecting information.

  2. Did the Islamic State indoctrinate him all about how “Islam is THE Religion of Peace”?

    (And if you are not Islamic in the EXACTLY approved One Way, there will be NO peace for YOU!)

    (Sad to say, the same mentality exists elsewhere as well).

  3. Well, he was no Michael Savage.

  4. When did England become a shit hole country? Is this a recent development, or has it been a long slide since George III was on the throne?

    1. Well, rationing during the last numbered war, and all the other necessary at the time central controls kind of drifted into a leftward trend of election results. Then the inevitable result of left wing drifting led to nationalizing companies, and more central planning to correct the errors of central planning, and then the song remains the same.

      Sort of like a different country experimenting with fascism, starting with the 18% of the economy represented by healthcare and related insurance products. But it theoretically can be stopped here.

    2. When someone says “I wish we were more like Europe”, it’s a threat.

    3. I’ve lived in England and I have a few English friends.
      The English seem philosophically and morally adrift.
      That the only thing I’ve got that explains their slide.

      Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English Way.

      1. Someone in my immediate family spent time in Spain. The Spanish, too, have some sort of forlorn, downbeat and beaten-down, hopeless, adrift mind-set (according to family member). If the government is in charge of your life, and everything that you do, why should you give a hoot about anything? Percentage of your earnings taken by Government Almighty is probably a good general index of this whole thing…

        1. The Spaniards did spend decades under a fascist dictatorship. The Brits don’t even have that excuse.

          1. More than that. The fact that the Brits survived the 20th century, that tiny country should be a geyser of self-esteem and hope.

      2. Floyd the Pink likes this.

        1. Thought I’d something more to say.

  5. A chilling investigation into the MS-13 gang and its effect on a Long Atoll town. Some youths were recruited; those who refused to join be situated brutally attacked with axes as well and then inexplicably embattled for deportation by ICE.

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