Election 2018

Trumpism Hastens Orange County's Shift From Red to Blue

By careening towards populism, the GOP handed over to the Democrats modern, growing, diverse and prosperous suburbs such as Orange County.


During a 2012 magazine interview, actress Michelle Pfeiffer explained that "being from Orange County is in a lot of ways very much like being from the Midwest." She was born in Santa Ana in 1958 and, as strange as her remarks might first seem, she has a point. The attitudes, culture and politics of the place, home to Richard Nixon and birthplace of the Ronald Reagan revolution, did indeed have a Midwestern feel, at least for many years.

So many Midwesterners moved to Orange County that when I got there in 1998, having just arrived from a small city in Ohio, I heard about get-togethers of people from different Midwestern burgs. I couldn't imagine why anyone in a land of palm trees and beaches wanted to even think about, say, Cedar Rapids or Dayton. But I remember instructing my wife, who was petrified of driving in Southern California traffic, to pretend for a while that nothing existed outside of our new hometown of Fullerton. That lovely city feels comfortably Midwestern, although she soon was driving on freeways and exploring everything the county has to offer.

It was obvious even 20 years ago that the nationally known Orange County I had read about was becoming a thing of the past. The politics were changing as the OC moved from being a predominantly white suburban county into a bustling, ethnically diverse urban region with a population larger than 22 states. In 1996, I heard Orange County's controversial Republican congressman "B-1" Bob Dornan give a talk to GOP activists in Des Moines, as he was running for president. That perhaps was the height of OC-style conservative hubris.

Dornan apparently spent too much time in Iowa and not enough in Garden Grove glad-handing voters, as he lost his re-election bid to Loretta Sanchez by 1,000 votes. Sanchez became an Orange County fixture herself. She remained in Congress until she lost the race for U.S. senator to Kamala Harris in 2016, but these days she wouldn't have to claim to be a "blue dog," which is group of Democrats who—unlike those who would do anything the party wanted, even vote for a "yellow dog"—are willing to buck leadership and occasionally side with Republicans. This year, any sort of Democrat would do.

It's clear that the Democrats' modest blue wave turned into a "double overhead" by the time it crashed into OC's beaches. The registrar of voters is still tabulating the final totals, but it's possible none of Orange County's congressional districts will be held by Republicans. Democrats went into the election already controlling three area districts, including the 46th, held by Rep. Lou Correa. It was quite a thing when he ousted a Republican to take a state Assembly seat in 1998, and now he chalked up a congressional re-election with a landslide margin.

Then Democrat Harley Rouda defeated outspoken Trump ally Dana Rohrabacher in the Huntington Beach area's 48th district, which was the heart of OC Republicanism. Darrell Issa's 49th district, which includes parts of San Diego County and southern Orange County, is going for Democrat Mike Levin rather than Republican Diane Harkey. Democrat Katie Porter has pulled ahead of Republican Rep. Mimi Walters in inland South Orange County's 45th district. At this writing, Republican Young Kim is holding a 122-vote lead over Democrat Gil Cisneros in the 39th district centered in Fullerton. Late ballots trend Democratic, however, and there are thousands more to count.

Republicans lost other congressional races outside of the county, were shut out in statewide races and allowed Democrats to grab supermajorities in the Legislature. OC Republicans held their own in state legislative races, but Republican Assemblyman Matt Harper is on the verge of losing his seat. This has sparked a few eulogies. Columnist Gustavo Arellano wrote "an obituary for old Orange County," given that the once rock-ribbed Republican county is now "more purple than Barney the dinosaur."

And former Assembly Republican leader Kristen Olsen, of Modesto, declared the entire California GOP to be dead after Tuesday's drubbing. She blamed the party "partly because it has failed to separate itself from today's toxic, national brand of Republican politics." I largely agree with Olsen's sentiments, although Trump has only hastened trends that have been obvious since before I had moved to the county.

In 2009 after Republicans had run a lousy national election that featured Sarah Palin as the vice presidential nominee, I finally gave up on the GOP and predicted that its move toward populism would cost it elections. Trumpism won in 2016, but in appealing so directly to the concerns of working-class voters in struggling heartland towns, the party handed over to the Democrats modern, growing, diverse and prosperous suburbs such as Orange County. This isn't Ronald Reagan's Midwestern-like OC anymore, which means the GOP has a long road ahead if it hopes to recover from its losses.

This column was first published in the Orange County Register.

Steven Greenhut is Western region director for the R Street Institute. He was a Register editorial writer from 1998-2009. Write to him at sgreenhut@rstreet.org.

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  1. Amazing how often the elections that turn on those not-yet-counted votes end up in favor of Democrats.

    Are elections in predominantly Democrat districts using outdated equipment or something?

    1. [citation needed]

      1. This election cycle… Do you not get news at home? Virtually every delayed counting effort increased democratic vote counts. Are late votes like their casters? Lazy and unmotivated? It didn’t always cause a win for democrats, but couldn’t find a single race where GOP votes increased after polls had closed… Despite the fact that military absentee votes are generally counted last.

        1. Maybe the so-called biased media find it more exciting to report elections where the Democrats crawl back from near-defeat to ones where Republicans do the same.

        2. very odd, because vote by mail types are usually Repubs

        3. You must be lazy and unmotivated. There were two recounts here in Florida – both very close elections – and both went to Republicans. Rick Scott’s vote count increased after the recount.

    2. Your Republicans have repeatedly failed to create a platform that has any appeal to the deceased. As long as the GOP pursues it’s anti-cadaverous policies, the dead will continue to vote Democrat.

      1. When will the dead 1% pay their fair share?

      2. In Arizona we have video evidence of ballot harvesting at senior centers by known liberal activists despite a law that allows a single person to only help one person.

      3. That’s okay, Ivan helps them correct the results.

  2. The problem with voting for Democrats, is that you then have to live with their terrible, regressive policies.

    Have fun with your Democrat supermajority, CA. You asked for it…

    1. Left – Right = Zero = Gomers

      1. Fuck off, asshole.

      2. Piss off Hihn.

        1. I thought Hihn was always pissed off.

          When he’s not me, that is.

      3. David Nolan – Sock Puppet = Hihn

  3. I love seeing a Reason writer claim that Sarah Palin was the issue with the GOP 2008 ticket. Not the least Libertarian-supportive candidate in history, John McCain.

    1. hahahaha. You think less than 5% of the population determines the main issues? Or anything?
      Right-wingers know nothing about libertarianism

      1. You think less than 5% of the population determines the main issues? Or anything?

        Yeah, actually. They’re called ‘swing voters.’

        1. “David Nolan” is one of Hihn’s ban evading sockpuppet accounts. Don’t assume he’ll understand a valid point made against his wild claims.

    2. If the GOP electorate wanted a most libertarian they would have nominated Ron Paul, idiot. The GOP doesn’t give a fuck about libertarians.

      1. The Democrats on the other hand are well known for their free-market, anti-regulation, free-speech, presumption of innocence platform…
        Vote Beto/Ocasio-Cortez 2020!

        1. Vs. Trump/Palin.

          We might as well get it over with, and induce the end of the USA, one way or another.

        2. Cortez isn’t old enough to be Prez. Wait til 2024.

      2. More regular GOP voters vote libertarian than Democrat voters. What was your point?

    3. who flew back to DC to stand with Obama in passing TARP, instead of offering an alternative

    4. John McCain is hardly the “least Libertarian-supportive candidate” in history. Trump and Bush are far less Libertarian, and McCain’s pick of Palin certainly didn’t help his campaign (although he probably would have lost anyway due to the state of the economy). Indeed, I know several registered Republicans who refused to vote for McCain simply because of Palin. But hey, the knuckledraggers in the Bible Belt sure love her, so it must have been worth it.

  4. By careening towards populism, the GOP handed over to the Democrats modern, growing, diverse and prosperous suburbs such as Orange County.

    And now we know whose sock the Rev is.

    1. And we see you still suffer severe denial of obvious facts.
      (The mindless ones always talk about socks. Like trained parrots)

      1. You’re talking about them too Hihn.

      2. Hey, if the sock fits…

      3. the sock AI is getting better every day

    2. … I was sure Kirkland was Shikha .

    3. “By careening towards populism, the GOP handed over to the Democrats modern, growing, diverse and prosperous suburbs such as Orange County.”

      By careening towards Open Borders, the Kochs and Reason helped hand over CA to the Dems.

  5. Two more years of The Dotard and 5% more of the electorate will shift Blue putting it at 58% anti-Dotard.

    Dems didn’t suddenly start winning because people like their policies.

    1. Dems didn’t suddenly start winning because people like their policies.

      I think your perspective on this is skewed by living in Georgia. Where I live, practically everyone I know agrees with Democrats on their most important policy goals ? unrestricted abortion access in all 3 trimesters, common sense gun safety legislation, robust affirmative action programs, getting tough on Russia, and reversing Drumpf’s draconian anti-immigrant regime.

      In fact, the Democratic platform is extremely popular as long as you don’t overcount people brainwashed by Russian propaganda.

      1. The American public already does support by enormous margins “common sense” measures like No Fly No Buy, even in its most extreme, Feinstein-and-Bloomberg (and Trump-) supported form, “gun show loophole closing” that would ban giving your 20-year-old son Great-Grandpa’s old revolver, and so forth. Gun ownership, and its culture, is becoming more and more limited in this country. (The one bright spot is that the normal enormous leftist edge with Millennials does not seem to appear on this particular issue for some reason. Nor does it appear with abortion.)
        More broadly, the writing is on the wall. This article is shit but the L.A. Times one is better. Soccer-mom style suburban Republicanism is moribund. Only suburbs with a powerful ideological conservative culture are surviving the incoming realignment of the soccer moms. And even they are threatened in most prosperous places by the incoming tsunamis of Latinos if the GOP cannot find a way to do much better (better than Trump, who does a little better than average) with them. Does anyone think the GOP (now also greatly impoverished, because completely out of line with the sociocultural values of corporate management in this country) can be anything more than a regional party if it has to fight tooth and nail to win Texas (not to mention Georgia, Arizona, etc.)? It must reinvigorate movement conservatism among the young, and find the key to the Latino vote, fast.

        1. (Latinos and young people are now finally voting in huge numbers, as opposed to before being extremely unenthusiastic. So there is even less time than once thought.)

          1. Maybe you noticed the minority vote percent shifting to center then? Or are you just ignorant? Miorities by large percentages support voter ID, individual gun rights, school choice, etc. Latinos support regulations on abortion. Blacks support increased border enforcement. But you keep believing the ignorant talking point that they will never leave the liberal plantation. The rich white trust fund democrats keep shifting left, taking he party with them. Good luck with that.

            1. Not to mention the minorities who were courted with anti white rhetoric from the rich white democrats are now demanding that old white democrats give up their power and leave.

            2. Maybe you noticed the minority vote percent shifting to center then?

              No, I have not. Please enlighten me, O wise one. What I have noticed is blacks continuing to be the most Democratic race in America and going nowhere over the decades, Cubans becoming more and more Democratic, Latinos bouncing between 60 and 70 percent over the last 40 years (and for the smaller but wealthier races, Jews stubbornly Democratic, Asians and Muslims once strongly Republican and now strongly Democratic).

              AS STATED, Trump did slightly better than Republicans of late with blacks and Latinos at least. (Ditto Republicans this midterm.) He will probably do still better in two years with them and Jews. Will it be good enough to overcome the tsunami of upper middle class whites going hard Democratic, which you yourself acknowledge? Not unless he does a fuckload better STILL, and the next Republican does too. You think just insulting me is going to help the Republicans when they lose Arizona’s senate seat, they go against a drunken far-left buffoon in Texas and can barely keep that one, and so forth? Cruz himself says Texas is going purple fast. Abbott was the anomaly this year, not him. But yes please keep sticking your head in the sand about the political normalization of the Sun Belt suburbs, and the tsunami of soccer moms and virtue signalling young people flooding to the new firmly bourgeois Democratic party, and what that means for the GOP’s chances around the country.

              1. I never claimed to be particularly good at predicting (I mostly just freak out) or even smart. So don’t take my word for it. Just look at the facts, and ask yourself: Do they bear out what I want them to believe, or is this just wishful thinking? (You know, like what the Democrats keep tripping over. I might also add that their talent pool is HORRIBLE, which might keep the GOP alive as a national party longer than it “deserves” to be. Remember that Hillary herself was a very, very weak candidate, and still barely lost.)

                As for the rest of that business about the minorities believing this or that on this or that issue, DID I FUCKING SAY OTHERWISE? Yet they continue to vote for Democrats, don’t they? Isn’t that the fucking bottom line? Maybe complain to Republicans why they continue to be so incompetent that they keep losing these votes anyway. Not me. Don’t kill the messenger. (I’m a Democrat anyway, so I can’t really do much.)

                1. (Incidentally, I do not think the GOP should chase after the suburban bougies and become a sort of UK Conservative Party. They are the natural governing party of the Midwest and South outside of Texas and the Eastern seaboard, and of the white working class and to a far lesser extent the Latino. Far from being a disastrous candidate, Trump was able to push the GOP fully embracing their natural niche and with the aid of the Democrats’ lack of talent and self-sabotaging stupidity, saved their asses one–perhaps final–time. The GOP must solve whatever problem they are having with the blacks and especially Latinos–the very problem that you have inadvertently actually laid out–but fast. And promote movement conservatism among young people but that is a lesser element.)

                  Again don’t trust me, because I don’t deserve it. Just look at the numbers. It never served anyone’s interest to put their heads in the sand.

                  1. Further clarification: I don’t actually believe gun control is a particularly winning issue for Democrats at the present by any means. I do think the public’s position on certain “common sense” restrictions is potentially ominous, as is the enormous amount of $ that Bloomberg and so forth is pouring into the cause, and the gains Democrats are making with an unapologetic gun-grabbing agenda this time (very much unlike 2006). Support for gun rights is pretty much holding, even (shockingly) among the young as I pointed out. But these things have a slow cultural burn, and folks become acculturated to the positions of their “tribe” especially in these repolarizing times. This is not something to take for granted in the long term.

        2. “incoming realignment of the soccer moms”
          Soccer mom’s vote for their masturbation fantasies. We saw it up here in Canada with the election of Prime Minister Zoolander. He lost men by 69%, but married women switched parties and overwhelmingly voted for him. Something similar happened with Obama.
          If Beto gets the nomination, he’ll win white married women in a landslide. They find Trump hard to schlick to.

          1. Canadian broads vote for pretty little fags with fake eyebrows? Fucking sad.

        3. I love the energy you out into denying rights for random citizens based on a non procedural list developed by elected officials and political appointees. My god man, stop praying for the authoritarian regime you yearn for.

          1. Where did I ever say I “yearned” for it you dolt? And assuming you meant “put” in your first sentence, how much energy does it take to shitpost on some random comment section? How the fuck would I be the one implementing No Fly No Buy, which isn’t even in existence in any case (therefore no one is putting any energy into it), even if I did favor it?

    2. We’ve heard this for four decades. Yet you keep repeating idiocy.

    3. The Dems started winning because they started importing voters.

  6. You’re either for Trump or against America. Those are your choices.

    1. They said the same thing about Dumbya.

      About how I hated America because I said the Iraq War was a costly mistaken clusterfuck. I was told by a family member that I couldn’t even be a good Christian since I opposed the Iraq War (he didn’t know about my atheism).

      1. I had to keep a tight lip while O’Bummer was president lest I be called racist for opposing his policies.

      2. I was told by a family member that I couldn’t even be a good Christian since I opposed the Iraq War
        I’ll bet a million dollars that never actually happened, you mendacious demagogue. I’ll bet another million you don’t even know an evangelical or a person living outside of the left coast.
        Your religious and working class anecdotes always involve cartoons and one-dimensional stereotypes.

        1. I don’t doubt it. There was a definite “Protect Israel” contingent among the Iraq War supporters who I could imagine believing it to be a Holy War that all Christians must support.

          1. It’s Buttplug, his worldview is composed entirely of parodies.

            1. I worked with a guy who was a creationist Christian who probably thought Iraq was a holy war. After all, the rapture ain’t gonna happen unless the chosen people occupy the promised land. However he hated Jews as individuals.

              1. a creationist Christian who probably thought Iraq was a holy war
                He “probably” thought, huh? So did you ask him?

                the rapture ain’t gonna happen unless the chosen people occupy the promised land
                Yeah, that condition is not doctrine in any protestant eschatology. Particularly Christian Americanism (misnomered as “Evangelical”, by you Yanks), which is what I assume you’re attacking by mentioning “creationist”.

                So you’re making shit up just like Buttplug. What the fuck is it with you guys?

              2. I had a Christian roommate who absolutely lived for a Holy Crusade against the Saracen Blackamoor!

    2. You’re either for America or against America.

      If you’re against the restrictions on tyranny written into the Constitution, then you are against America. It’s as simple as that.

      The modern Democratic Party is against those restrictions. The modern Libertarian Party is, sadly, against far too many of those restrictions as well.

      The person in the White House is irrelevant save how their enacted policy interacts with those restrictions. All of them have been for and against at times.

      Principles, sarc, not principals.

  7. But … but … Trump claims a massive victory!
    He has destroyed the GOP. And what little was left of conservatism.
    Pray for America.

    1. well, he was a lifelong Democrat

      1. Just because he supported Democrats, was pro-choice and pro-gun control doesn’t make him a Democrat. Well…maybe it does.

  8. Same thing happened in Pennsylvania where GOP lost three House seats in the suburban areas. One district hadn’t elected a Democrat since before the Civil War. A great communicator with the same policies as Trump may have been better received, but in these geographic areas, a great word-mangler spewing insults and acting like a punk with beer muscles does not go over well.

    1. How consistent has that district’s location and shape been since the Civil War? My impression is very few districts have had enough perdurance to make such extremely long-term comparisons meaningful. Pennsylvania in particular has had such a comprehensive redrawing of districts in this particular election cycle that people are not making a lot of comparisons between pre- and post-2018 district behavior in that state at all.

      1. Chester County has been the heart of the district since Civil War and is the most affluent county in Penna.. Yes, some rural areas were peeled off in redistricting, but the County itself has become more blue as it became suburban. GOP registration still tops the Dems but more and more voters are Independent and they’ve been tending to vote Democrat at top of ticket races. You can drill down to particular precincts – that don’t get redrawn very often – and see the trends: same number of registered voters but large increases in the votes for Obama, Clinton and now in mid-terms. Romney did better than McCain but Clinton clobbered the 2016 Trump and the latest votes for the Dem topped what Clinton had received.

        1. I worked in the OC registrar’s of voters this year. According to the voter registration stats they showed us in orientation (it might be from 2016) the GOP still has an edge of something like 2000 voters. But the amount of “no party preference” voters exploded within the last 10 years.

          Trump is persona non grata in most suburbs. Mitt Romney cruised to an easy win in Utah and the Doug Ducey got more votes in AZ than McSally. Voters actually like clean cut white bread figures and political dynasties. Mccain would have won some political office in AZ as long as he was alive.

    2. Women’s movement is already falling a part as the liberal media can’t continuebhiding the anti semetism and bigotry of it’s leaders, as democrats keep beating their girlfriends, and as the party protects Muslims from states passing laws outlawing female genital mutilation. Had a fun convo with wife’s mom and sister yesterday at the shock of the anti semetism they just found out about.. thanks Alyssa Milano, you finally did something decent!

  9. tl;dr version:

    Orange County has fewer wypipo, votes more blue.

    This is surprising?

    1. Shhh! It’s a secret!

      Import Not Americans. Become Not America.

  10. So the Dems are counting the ballots in the OC now?

    1. It’s their primary system used to suppress non majority votes, the top two primary results.

      1. Ah.

        Voting schemes.

        Open primaries, non-partisan ballots, IRV, NPV, top two.

        Anything and everything they can do to make your vote be whatever they need.

        Do you know that there are Ohio Dems crowing because non-partisan ballots helped them get two Dems onto the Ohio Supreme Court? Crowing.

  11. And, say, could anyone tell us who was winning on Election Day?

    Because no one wins two weeks out if they weren’t also winning on Election Day.

    They ‘win’.

    For “‘win'” read ‘are the recipient of manufactured votes’

  12. It is very unlikely that people have converted from free market capitalism to socialism because of Trump. There is no way a true Republican would vote for a Marxist Democrat just because Trump is uncouth.

    1. Which Democrat is a Marxist? Or perhaps I should back up – do you know what Marxism is? OC is turning blue because Republicans are moving away and moderate OC Republicans don’t like Trump (or the theocratic Republicans that have assumed control of the party). A Republican party that was more Libertarian oriented would get some of those votes back.

  13. Yes and my midwestern house is 1/3 the price and I have the same income.

    Go for it OC.

  14. It’s all Trump’s fault, of course. California’s demographics have nothing to do with the state’s leftward death march that was going on long before Trump. Long live Open Borders.

  15. The GOP did almost nothing to defend Orange County. I saw virtually no TV ads from their house incumbents or promising candidates like Young Kim. The democrats set up offices in the area and blasted the airwaves with ads for Cisneros, Rouda and Katie Hill. Trump didn’t make appearances there, although that might have actually hurt the GOP in OC.

    I’m sure Trumpism isn’t a winning message in the OC suburbs, but most of the OC democrats running in that district avoided maligning Trump on tv. Instead they attacked Steve Knight and Rohrabacher for criticizing social security or refusing to support cap and trade, which is standard fiscal conservative and libertarian position. They artfully portrayed Katie Hill as a veteran’s daughter.

    The GOP is either incompetent or realistic. The entire state may very well resemble San Francisco within the next 20 years. Maybe they thought they shouldn’t waste money on short term gains. But the gas tax repeal was popular in the OC and they even helped recalled one of its authors. You can’t expect to gain something without fighting for it.

    1. The Dems promised a communist carbon tax and to do their best to make electricity illegal. They lost. That was the ONE deliverable difference in the two kleptocracy platforms. Votes went exactly 50:50 with half going to two pro energy parties and half going to several anti-energy parties. To the Dems, banning electricity and taxing carbon is more important than women having individual rights. Pseudoscience cost them the election; face it!

  16. This is not a good piece because it does almost nothing to analyze the loss of Orange County, since no Republican elsewhere is going to be interested in the decline of the California GOP (already moribund and beyond any national interest in rescue well before Trump) for its own sake. Some old party hack expresses some opinion on state strategy, “[the Cali GOP] has failed to separate itself from today’s toxic, national brand of Republican politics”; who cares? No one anywhere else is per se interested in the California GOP, except insofar as it can be analyzed for general lessons to apply elsewhere.

    We are glibly told in the end, “the party handed over to the Democrats modern, growing, diverse and prosperous suburbs such as Orange County”; whereas much of what preceded was dedicated to making the point of how OC is unique among suburban areas. Now all of a sudden it is supposed to be a generic suburb carrying generic “suburbia” lessons for all Republicans?

    1. To begin some analysis: OC is more ideological and hardline in its conservatism, wealthier, a bit less black, quite a bit more Asian, and so forth than the average suburban region. On the other hand working-class Latinos were absolutely pouring into the place in a way matched by few other suburban areas. My guess is that OC’s shifts have much more to do with Latinos (who are unusually Democratic in CA–again, there’s something that needs analysis) pouring demographic change in, than with may-I-speak-with-your-manager moms in minivans. But again, real analysis is needed. Not someone who starts with the conclusion he wants.

    2. I have a feeling CA turning hard blue has more to do with demographics and Democrats being the party appealing to minorities than anything else.

      CA School Demographics 1994-2016

      1. White people in California are increasingly sending their kids to private schools, charter schools, or homeschooling rather than have their kids share a classroom with the offspring of barely literate mestizos.

    3. maybe OC Repubs lost because they ran away from Trump….

  17. “Trumpism Hastens Orange County’s Shift From Red to Blue”

    Another “everything that happens is Trump’s fault” article from Reason.

    The transformation of CA from red to blue can be more accurately attributed to illegal immigration and CA’s ruling reptiles telling the peasants to go fuck themselves and their little Prop 187 too.

    Import Not Americans. Become Not America. This is not rocket science.

    1. or Republicans could try to appeal to Christian immigrants with pro-family, pro-life values who want to move here to work hard, even if they have darker skin

      1. Right, keep telling yourself that a demographic that’s favored Democrats since at least the Great Depression are natural libertarians.

    2. You mean illegals can vote? Trump did say there was a lot of voter fraud, and if he said it, it must be true. Actually it can be attributed to CA’s high taxes, which have caused many people to leave, along with Trump, whose anti-trade, borrow-and-spend economic policies are contrary to the beliefs of many of California’s Republicans.

  18. Orange County, like much of California, is becoming increasingly “progressive” (i.e., authoritarian, statist, pro-cronyism, anti-capitalist) as it gets wealthier. I’m glad at least one party is dumping those jerks. That’s not a bad thing. At all.

    1. Is that really what is happening? Or is it becoming increasingly “progressive” as California’s (unusually monolithically progressive, compared to other states) Latino population floods into the place?

      1. Probably both. As usual, the wealthy “progressives” run and finance the party and propaganda machines, and the poor minorities vote as they are told. The perfect Democratic plantation.

  19. The Dems seem to be taking over gradually. Like DiegoF says, the trends don’t look good.

    I often find myself wishing I could be a Democrat again, so I’d be on the winning side. I just can’t fit my head that far up my ass, but if I could I’d fit in so much better.

  20. The Trumpism as stated in this article is the hatred of Trump by the globalist for his putting this nation first. It is not that Trump wanted to hurt other nations but he did not want to help the rest of the world at the expense of the security, economy and the safety of our people. But that is not the only reason for them to hate Trump. To put it simple had Trump lost the election none of this would have happened. Since Trump won when almost all the Trump haters were sure Hillary was going to win. This was evidenced that right after the election there was a stunned silence for a day or two then the hate erupted and has been growing worse ever since in spite of improvement of just about all aspects of the economy. The increase in the economy is evidenced by the large increase in the (illegal) immigration to the US which had slowed to a small flow during the economic down turn that the country just went through. Now in part this increase of immigration (illegal) was also in part caused by the vocal support of the Trump haters encouraging these people to come and they would be allowed to stay no mater what.

    1. So the Jews hate Trump because he’s so good for the economy.

    2. Globalists? LOL. Is that you, Alex Jones? I still don’t understand why so many Trumptards are posting on a Libertarian site, as Trump is anything but a Libertarian. And he isn’t putting anything first but himself.

  21. Orange Man Loses Orange County
    Fears Orange Soda May Be Next

  22. Sigh… another looter media pundit failing to grasp the meaning of “populist”. According to the Davenport Daily Republican of April 1, 1897, William Jennings Bryan, the People’s Party “mee-too” candidate AFTER 1892, advocated anarchism (which was then and is now is the same as communism). See the Suicide of Democracy political cartoon on page 1 in the Google News Archive of that Republican paper. The communists lost then because the income tax their spoiler votes enabled after 1892 completely destroyed the economy. Just now, after George Wehrmacht Bush faith-based asset-forfeiture again wrecked the economy, the communist-inspired Democrats took power, overreached with socialist medicine and the voodoo carbon tax. The seesaw between fascist altruism and communist altruism has been going on for the longest time in these States. Trump was simply hired to keep pushing the more conservative version.

  23. The article fails to really explain how Trumpism is responsible for this more than demographic change. In 1990 OC was 78.6% White (doesn’t give non-Hispanic White numbers), in 2010 it was 60.8% White only 44% non-Hispanic White. Meanwhile the Hispanic population has increased from 23.4% to 33.7% and the Asian population has increased from 10% to 17.9% Asian and it’s probably reasonable to think those trends have accelerated in the past 8 years.

    If you look at some of Audacious Epigone’s posts, Hispanics and Asians are very reliable Democratic voters. Of course a major increase in their population is going to flip elections.

    Trump’s appeal to Hispanics and Asians isn’t any worse than his predecessors. There are just many fewer Whites.

    Pretending that if you’re just reasonable enough and court them strongly enough it will overcome identity politics is pure fantasy.

    Trump’s policies, in general, would have been considered in the moderate mainstream back in 1990. If the only way you can get Asians and Hispanics to vote for you is to become leftist Democrats by another name, what’s the point?

  24. The republicans in the house and senate don’t have the balls to rein in that fucking moron Trump.

    It’s something I never considered before, but without some way of controlling him we’re fucked.

  25. Behold the fruits of Reagan’s amnesty. That is why OC is now Dem. It has nothing to do with Pres. Trump.

    Greenhut seems to be retarded with respect to propaganda. But you know, the Cock Bros. / Koch Bros. who fund Reason.com and push for open borders should be pleased with their idiocy.

    You can’t have a libertarian paradise until you have a country. And every country that exists only can exist with secure borders.

    Look at the savage Sentinelese. Even they know this. That is why they are the champs of border control.

  26. Populism wasn’t the problem.

    It was passing a taxcut that didn’t cut taxes for high income people in blue states who itemize a lot.

  27. Like in NJ we found the Republicans were singling out NJ, NY, CA, CN for destruction with the removal of the SALT deduction. CA is in the crosshairs and NJ also. Trump’s tax torpedos are in the water waiting for victims. Sure enough home sales were down 13% over the year before. Worse, everyone saw the change to the tax rate tables on their withholding, as I did. But, I know better and calculated what my tax actually was ($5000). Instead, I lowered my deductions to 0 and pay a lot more every month. Come March, April a lot of less savvy folks in those states will find that in their already precarious position they owe taxes and penalties on their new AGI! Time for another shock, just in time for Brexit and the tariffs. Time for a big implosion in the stock market.

    Trump is a disaster. As a former Reagan Republican this year I gave $800 to Democrats, never giving a nickel to anyone else before. But the most satisfying was the $50 to Doug Jones against the Republican pedophile Roy Moore. I won 50%, too bad for Beto. I will have to budget well for 2020. After all the Kochs do.

    1. As a former Reagan Republican…

      Cool story, bro.

  28. Ok, that started out weak, but the last two sentences brought it home. Not bad.

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