Brickbat: Strict Limits


British police
Roman Zaremba /

In the United Kingdom, the West Midlands police department has paused applications for promotions after white male officers said the process discriminates against them. In seven of the last eight rounds of applications, half of all slots were reserved for women and racial minorities. The eighth round did not set aside a specific number of slots, but women and minorities were allowed to apply prior to white men, and many of the slots were filled before white men could even apply.

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  1. “It’s only racist when Whitey does it”
    “It’s only sexist when men do it”

  2. I suggest dressing as Indians and dumping your sperm into a harbor. It would be a great way to start a revolution.

    1. I’m guessing that in the UK, cultural appropriation is punished more severely than rape.

  3. Only the British need to spend that much money to discriminate.
    We rebelled for a reason. That is not a country to emulate in any way.

  4. Afaik the UK has a number of Pakistani enclaves that have a particular element among them who are very hostile toward non-Pakistanis. It is, of course, a minoroty of “bad actors”, but effectively Pakistani communities are generally quite insular, dealing with their own problems in their own ways, and in turn, the police have been apprehensive about intruding on this for fear of the dreaded accusations of racism. It’s probably more complicated than that, but the politics/narrative surrounding it all is so retarded. White nationalist identarians, although a small minority, get much of the attention and somehow represent any criticism of Islamic (often interchangeable with Pakistani in The Narrative of woke papers like The Guardian) communities, their practices, etc. Sound familiar?

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