Justin Amash

Rep. Justin Amash Slams 'Repugnant' Trump Statement on Khashoggi Killing

"It could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event-maybe he did and maybe he didn't!" Trump said earlier.


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Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.) today had a blistering response to President Donald Trump's statement on the death of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi last month.

Khashoggi, who moved to the U.S. earlier this year, disappeared during a visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October. The Saudi government admits he was killed but claims it was not a government-sanctioned assassination. However, The Washington Post reported Friday that it was in fact Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who ordered Khashoggi's killing.

In a statement titled "America First," Trump called Khashoggi's killing "an unacceptable and horrible crime." But the president also pointed to the Saudi government's claims. "Our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information, but it could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event—maybe he did and maybe he didn't!" Trump wrote, adding that "we may never know all of the facts surrounding" Khashoggi's death. The president also touted the Saudi government's plans to invest in the U.S., particularly via "the purchase of military equipment from" American defense contractors.

That wasn't enough for Amash, who blasted Trump's statement on Twittter as "repugnant":

For more than a month, Amash has been pushing to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for Khashoggi's murder. In October, the congressman announced he was co-sponsoring legislation that would block U.S. military assistance and arms sales to Saudi Arabia unless the kingdom was found to have had no involvement in Khashoggi's disappearance.

Even before Khashoggi vanished, Amash repeatedly called for the U.S. to halt arms sales to the Saudis, in part due to the Saudi government's involvement in the Yemeni Civil War. In fiscal year 2017, the U.S. sold $5.5 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, according to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

Amash wasn't the only libertarian-leaning Republican to criticize Trump today. In a series of tweets, Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) also slammed the president's statement. "I'm pretty sure this statement is Saudi Arabia First, not America First. I'm also pretty sure John Bolton wrote it," Paul wrote, referring to Trump's national security adviser.

Trump, for his part, appears to be sticking to his guns. "It's a very complex situation. It's a shame, but it is what it is," he told reporters today. "It's America first."

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182 responses to “Rep. Justin Amash Slams 'Repugnant' Trump Statement on Khashoggi Killing

  1. “I’m pretty sure this statement is Saudi Arabia First, not America First.

    How can we spin this into racism?

    1. I dunno, but in before Just Sayin’ complains that Amash only did this to please his Kochtopus overlord.

      1. God, me, just sayin’… You just cannot stop whining about people who make you look stupid.

    2. Amash’s racism?

      1. Rep Amash is Arab-Americam, of Syrian-Palestinian extraction, so “racism” wouldn’t come into it. It might be more like a Ukranian-American being suspicious of the Russians, and wanting folks back in the “old country” to have the same rights we are supposed to enjoy here. Or at least to not have the USA complicit in suppressing those rights.

  2. Khashoogi was an Islamist a-hole who never should have been allowed entry to the US.

    He was a bad guy who was going to have a bad end sometime somewhere. It happened in a Saudi embassy in Turkey. The fact that he was friends with and a supporter of the arch-conservatives the prince is fighting with gives the prince all of the reason he needs to kill this guy off. This is an ultimate monarchy we are talking about. What the big man says goes.

    Can someone please explain to me why anyone in the US should care?

    I know the lefty media is in the tank for the mullahs in Tehran, but since the Saudis are breaking their bank fighting the Iranians for everyone else right now…I question the utility in throwing that Nazis vs Soviets style eastern front slaughterhouse down the toilet. Bad guys killing badder guys. Who loses in this one?

    1. The American taxpayer providing arms (oops, foreign aid used to buy arms) and military support – like our “air raids for ISIS” campaign.

      1. We don’t give money to Saudi Arabia.

        1. SIV, look at this disgusting Florida man.

          1. I’m totally unsurprised that happened in Citra…

    2. You want to know why we should care that the federal govt is giving tons of money to a regime that murders journalists?

      1. Why – are journalists sacred?
        Killing anyone else is ok, but can’t touch journalists!

        You, baculum, are a useless clump of cells and no one will ever love you.

        1. Wedding parties seem to be an ok target. I don’t see people condemning attacks on those.

        2. “Why – are journalists sacred?”

          That’s really what this is all about.

          One of the globalist Enemies of the People got offed.
          This hits too close to home for the other Enemies of the People.

      2. What money are you referring to exactly? We sell them a lot. Nobody is calling for defunding Palestine for paying people to stab Jews and launch rockets…

        Iran, Cuba… Both were applauded for being opened. Or are you really mad about something else?

    3. Thank You

      People who should know better are falling all over themselves at the chance to Virtue Signal

      Just like Carter in ’79. And Obama did Egypt in the Arab Spring. And everyone who wanted Chile to become a Marxist outpos

      1. As opposed to the Scumbag Signaling we get so often from you filthy fucks.

        1. Or the Retard Signaling we always get from you.

      2. The chance to fake Virtue Signaling.

        If it was really about virtues, principles would be greater than principals and not the other way around.

      3. The chance to fake Virtue Signaling.

        If it was really about virtues, principles would be greater than principals and not the other way around.

    4. So it’s cool to murder people rooting for women’s rights in islamist countries?

      1. Right. Those holy Muslims are great defenders of women. That’s why they treat them to protective medical help.


      2. The Crown Prince is actually, slowly, LETTING women have some rights

        The Journo was Muslim Brotherhood

    5. You’ve obviously never licked a boot that you didn’t find delicious.

    6. This has never made any sense to me. Every Iranian I have ever met is much more western in temperament than every Saudi I have ever met. Tehran is a much more enjoyable/civilized place than anywhere in Saudi.

      It appears the only reason that Iran is the ‘scary enemy’ is that it is a much more civilized/advanced/educated society – obviously making them much more of a threat to develop their own weaponry.

      But if you step back and look at the big picture, it is clear that it would be much, much easier to bring Iran into the fold of relatively friendly WTO countries than it would be for Saudi.

      1. Well Star1988, I can see your line of logic. I had similar experience in Russia where everyone I met was warm and welcoming and pleased as punch to chat with an American.

        The thing we need to keep in mind is, much like Russia, those wonderful people you met from Iran have exactly zero influence on the actions of the Iranian government. Those people you met being civilized and western, is a leftover from the Shah who was working to westernize Iran, not and artifact of the current government run by Islamic clerics.

        Your point about the big picture might well be accurate, if you killed off those clerics and the Revolutionary Guards first. So long as those clerics run things, you are not going to “bring Iran into the fold of relatively friendly WTO countries”.

        On the other hand, the current Saudi prince is aimed at westernizing Saudi society (and the “journalist” that was killed was opposed to that exact goal).

        1. Specifically about Trump’s speech though, I loved it. The policy involved would be exactly the same under Clinton, Bush, or Obama, but only under Trump would he tell the truth about it.

          Short and sweet of it, We don’t like what they did but we can’t afford to make a big deal of it because of these other issues.

        2. MBS isn’t trying to “westernize” Saudi society. What he’s actually trying to do is pull a Chi-com: diversify and liberalize the economy, while maintaining a broad monopoly of political power. The CCP managed to pull this off for a while, partly because they vested power in an institution instead of a single individual. But that shows signs of breaking down with Pres.-for-life Xi, so who knows what’s coming next. Since MBS is trying to draw all power directly to himself, with no institutional underpinning, I’d give him little chance of long term success.

      2. The Saudis buy our worthless bonds that keep the Welfare/Warfare state going & they take our dollars for their oil, thus, helping to keep the US dollar the world’s reserve currency, so they always get a free pass!….The USA always needs Bogeymen to keep the perpetual Middle East/N. African wars, coups, drones, etc going.. & the Bullshit Nation-Building going for the Military-Industrial Complex & the pols & bureaucrats in bed with them, thus Iran is that Bogeyman!

      3. The Iranian people are more compatible with the West than the Saudi people. But their “Death to America, the Great Satan” leadership is not.

        1. But I wouldn’t count on the Iranian people being more westernized forever.

          Always ask, “who is having more babies?” It’s not the westernized urbanites, it’s the rural fundamentalist theocrats.

          The people of Turkey went Islamist and will stay that way. Probably the same trend plays out in Iran.

  3. The Saudis could have hired some cut-out to knife the guy in an alley somewhere and then kill the cut-out and it would not have become this huge thing. But no, they thought they could get away with this plan.

    All that oil money has made them stupid and arrogant.

    1. I’m pretty sure they were stupid and arrogant long before they got rich….

    2. “Go big or go home.”

      Isn’t that their motto, or something?

    3. They should have made it look like a fake robbery.

      1. Yeah…They should’ve called the Clintons & asked how they did it to Seth Rich!

  4. Knowing I could get away with murder, I would want everyone to know I could get away with murder. Kinda badass when you think about it.

    1. Being a murderous dictator is fun!

      1. Worked for obama. He had Americans muredered via drone attack.

    2. Maybe, but doing this in their own embassy, with guys tied directly to MBS, was stupid. The Mob gets away with murder, but any mobster will tell you, “Don’t shit where you eat.”

  5. Trump may be the Anti-Christ… Or maybe He isn’t!

    I am now as profoundly Deep and Decisive as Trump!

  6. I think Trump sees this an an embarrassing hiccup in US-Saudi relations. He’s probably trying to run out the clock with a series of Statements of Concern until the media find a new squirrel to chase.

    1. Wow, metaphor overload there. But my point remains.

      1. Metaphor Overload was my sobriquet in Euphemism College.

        1. Take yer fancy book lernin n git

  7. “What the fuck you lookin’ at?” Saudis got that New York Values thing down pat.

    New Yorkers like Trump go out of their way to show you they don’t care what you think, but look, if you’re gonna get drunk and do a strip tease dancing on a table at your daughter’s wedding reception, you’re maybe a little bracingly unselfconscious but when you do it at your grandma’s funeral you’re just being rude, asshole.

    1. If you got it, flaunt it.

    2. What if you are the grandma?

  8. Amash does understand the only thing keeping the dollar afloat thus the world economy is the fact it is required to buy oil? Nixon sold our soul for the petrodollar and there’s nothing any POTUS can do about it.

    1. Well, they could propose balanced budgets and scale back our presence in 3rd world shitholes, but that’s just crazy talk.

      1. How is that going to end the petrodollar?

        1. In short, if we were financially responsible, we wouldn’t HAVE to be the worlds reserve currency in order to not have our BS fiat currency collapse. Note every other stable nation on earth that ALSO has a BS fiat currency and isn’t the global reserve currency. They work. At least as well as any BS fiat currency can.

      2. Most of our budget is on “entitlements” like social security and medicare.

      3. And peg the dollar to the value of Gold too!

    2. You are exactly right. Fuck with the Saudis, they switch to the Yuan and U.S. Treasuries become worthless.

    3. “Amash does understand the only thing keeping the dollar afloat thus the world economy is the fact it is required to buy oil?”

      B-b-but muh feelz!
      And muh sacred journalists/Muslim Brotherhood spies!

    4. When Gaddaffi in Libya threatened the petrodollar with his Gold Dinars, we just went in and killed him, and set up a new Libyan government (which now controls less than half the country) whose first act was to create a new central bank. I don’t think we can do that to Saudi Arabia. But do we really have to publicly “stand by” them while they slaughter not only one of their own journalists, but thousands of people in Yemen? What would really happen if the USD ceased to be the world’s undisputed “reserve currency”?

      1. “But do we really have to publicly “stand by” them while they slaughter not only one of their own journalists, but thousands of people in Yemen?”

        Short answer: Yes.

  9. Foreign journalist killed in a foreign embassy. This is our problem, why?

    1. He had a green card.

      1. “They’re not sending us their best people”

      2. Is that supposed to be a legit answer?

        1. I’d guess tongue firmly in cheek

        2. Every American should be asking him or herself what the President’s actions here suggest he’d do if it were a bona fide American citizen‘s life on the line. Russia, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia have all recently conducted high profile assassinations on foreign soil. China is using its own techniques to pressure critics outside its territory. And what Trump is saying about all this is, y’know, he doesn’t care that much about it. He might wave some Magnitsky Act and wonder why that isn’t good enough. But, bottom line, if the geopolitics don’t line up with Trump’s desired agenda and narrative, then you’re just SOL. If you’re a prisoner of North Korea, maybe you get Pompeo to usher you back. But if you’re an assassinated journalist? Lulz.

          What’s extremely concerning about this is that Trump isn’t even capitulating without looking like a goddamn chump. Like, he’d already painted himself into a corner by withdrawing from the Iran agreement. He needs Saudi Arabia’s support in order to avoid an oil shock as the Iranian sanctions go back into place. So Saudi Arabia is acting with more swagger, and Trump can’t do a damn thing about it. And so now the entire western intelligence community has concluded the MBS pulled the strings here, and Trump is like, Well, he told me he didn’t, so…

          1. “Every American should be asking him or herself what the President’s actions here suggest he’d do if it were a bona fide American citizen’s life on the line.”

            No they shouldn’t and the suggestion to do so is moronic.

            1. Simon is a moron.

              On June 12, 2017, Rex Tillerson, the United States Secretary of State, announced that North Korea had released Warmbier. Tillerson also announced that the U.S. State Department secured Warmbier’s release at the direction of President Donald Trump.[42][43] Tillerson said that the State Department would continue discussing three other detained Americans with North Korea.[44]

          2. Bona fide citizens life… Like the one ibama droned without a warrant in a foreign country?

            1. Ouch.

              That’s what the kid said after getting drone murdered.

            2. Funny you only bring it up now as an attempt to discredit criticism of an even more ghastly act than killing a terrorist at war with us. You’re trash.

              1. As his a foreign nation killing one of their own citizens, who was actively working against the activities of his government, worse than killing one of our own citizens who was actively working against the activities of our government?

                Fairly comparable things really… I mean we should hold ourselves to higher standards than an absolute monarchy and stuff to be sure, but it’s not like these are orders of magnitude worse than each other.

              2. Funny you only bring it up now

                Now? It’s brought up here all the time, you stupid shitlib.

              3. Funny you don’t get the point.

                Where were all these concerns when it was actually the President (Obama) ordering a hit on a US citizen? Now you are all up in arms when a Saudi prince (allegedly) orders a hit on a Saudi citizen?

          3. SimonP|11.20.18 @ 9:20PM|#
            “Every American should be asking him or herself what the President’s actions here suggest he’d do if it were a bona fide American citizen’s life on the line.”
            You lefty piece of shit, you mean like the American citizen who Obama killed in the near east?

            “Trump isn’t even capitulating without looking like a goddamn chump.”
            Isn’t it wonderful when lefty scumbags tell us what we should think of others?
            Oh, and BTW, the rest of that screed is one made-up lefty dream after another lefty fantasy.
            Fuck off.

          4. He’d drone-kill him, just like O’Bama did.

          5. “Every American should be asking him or herself what the President’s actions here suggest he’d do if it were a bona fide American citizen’s life on the line. ”

            I’d expect Trump to do more than any other President in my lifetime, for an *American*. Trump got what was left of Warmbier back. Barack couldn’t have cared less.

            I’m more worried that Trump might do too much.

        3. “As a permanent resident (green card holder), you have the right to:
          Be protected by all laws of the United States, your state of residence and local jurisdictions” (www.uscis.gov)

          So, yes, this is a legit answer.

          1. Local jurisdictions include Saudi embassies in Turkey?

            Learn something new every day.

          2. US law is sovereign over the entire world, apparently.

            1. Well, the government seems to think it is. At least in some cases.

      3. Green card just gives him the right to live here on good behavior, no consular protection, or even a right to come back if he stays overseas too long.

      4. He was not a US citizen. He was entitled to protection by his own country, not ours.

        1. They’re the ones who killed him.

        2. Poor Trump. If he had been a Christian like Asia Bibi, instead of a Muslim Brotherhood rep, Western journalists would have smothered this story right from the start.

      5. And he wrote for the Wash. Post so he is supposed to be untouchable & enlightened!

    2. An even better question is why is Jeff Bezos hiring terrorists who are our sworn enemies?

      1. Common values?

  10. I wish he would run against Trump in the primaries. I really think he could win. He should pick Susan Collins or another moderate Republican as VP. Otherwise we might end up with Trump vs “everyone gets a good job guaranteed by the government” and other USSR-style platforms.


      I like him as a congressman… But just like Ron Paul, who I love to death, I just don’t think he has what it takes to sit in the big seat. And Susan Collins is a horrible, vile, disgusting, piece of shit human being. She’s a useless squish on all fronts. There is nothing admirable about her or the other so called moderate Republicans like her. They’re for all the worst parts of the Republican platform, and squish on most of the best parts.

      1. Susan gave a nice speech recently, as I recall. But otherwise a statist.

      2. If Ron Paul became prez & tried to do what he said he would, he would be killed within 6 months….Trump’s best move would be to hire Rand Paul or Mike Lee or Thomas Massie as his top advisor!

        Trump is no dummy…He knows if he tries to change too much, he will end up like JFK!

        1. Oh yeah. The powers that be would NEVER allow all the good stuff Ron Paul knows needs to be done to actually happen. Pulling out of all our bases world wide? LOLz, the military contractors NEED those contracts, and we just HAVE to subsidize defense for the world because… Reasons! Having a sound currency? But how could the central bankers control the economy then? Etc.

          I honestly was expecting an assassination attempt on Trump anyway… Even though he’s only screwing around on the edges, some of the things he’s doing are big enough to where they obviously don’t like it much at all… I mean look at the freakout fest and coordinated effort to stop him from getting ANYTHING done. Unlimited mass immigration and trying to get more reasonable trade deals signed are two things the powers that be REALLY don’t want to happen. I still wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to whack him at some point, even though he’s not touching on a lot of the major things we should change like the Fed, truly ending foreign intervention, etc.

          1. Perhaps that is why he hired so many Deep State/Swamp creatures at first?….To confuse them & give him time!

  11. Amash the do-nothing quitter?

    Fuck what he thinks.

    1. Do-nothing quitters are the backbone of the Trump electoral coalition. Suddenly you don’t like them?

      1. I has no idea you considered yourself the backbone of Trump’s coalition.

        And no, no one has ever liked you.

        1. I would be surprised if the Rev, was a quitter. Before you quit, you have to actually start.

      2. Has anyone ever seen the Reverend do anything besides express his hatred of Americans?

  12. Trade wars are bad, but destroying the world economy by attacking one of the greatest producers over something pretty much every country does from time to time is good?

    The worst thing about the killing was how stupid it was.

    1. That’s why the Saudis keep us on retainer for serious large-scale killing.

  13. Amash is just another grandstander. NUTS with his hysterics. Let’s get to the truth first.

    1. Yeh good point.

    2. You figure Trump and his belligerently ignorant, gullible followers want to get to the truth? Like with former Pres. Obama’s birth certificate?

      1. Or Otto Warmbier…

        1. “Fred and Cindy Warmbier met with numerous Obama administration officials, including former Secretary of State John Kerry, and with the Swedish ambassador, who served as an interlocutor between the U.S. and North Korea.[40] In May 2017, Fred Warmbier said that the Obama administration had encouraged them to keep a low profile about their son’s situation”

          Talk about doing nothing.

          1. “Do-nothing quitters are the backbone of,,,”

            The Rev can fill in the blanks.

      2. “You figure Trump and his belligerently ignorant, gullible followers want to get to the truth? Like with former Pres. Obama’s birth certificate?”

        I figure most any post from an asshole like you is irrelevant.

      3. I figure 98% of government officials and a similar percentage of media members don’t care that much about the truth.

        I’m a libertarian, though, so in order to behave rationally, I prefer facts.

      4. You mean the Birth Certificate that used the term “African-American” for race, many years before the term actually started being used?

      5. Trump got Obama to release his birth certificate. Trump ended the birther movement. Obama was stretching it out as long as he could.

  14. Obama begins normalizing relations with Cuba… Who kills far more dissidents than SA… reason and liberals say it is about time…

    Obama signs the Iran treaty and sells planes to Iran… Reason and media ask who would be against this!

    Open up trade negotiations with china… Crickets under Obama and trump! All actual complaints are tarriffs trump puts in place based in trade behavior from China.

    SA kills a single journalist.. end all relations!

    Am I missing something here?

    1. Yep, that’s the only bad thing Saudi ever did. Way better than Cuba all around. And how generous of them, what with having so much more money they could be using to fund terrorism, wars, and social repression, which they generously whimsically spend mostly on swizzle sticks instead except this one time.

      1. Sure you could list the myriad of things SA has done worse than the countries I compared to. And of they’ve done way worse… Why no issues under Obama? The outrage started with the journalist.

        1. All modern presidents have had uncomfortably close relations with Saudi Arabia for realpolitik reasons. But it’s not like they have gone around killing journalists for American newspapers and that ignoring such is normal presidential behavior. At the same time we’ve had an equally condemnable relationship with Cuba, this time going in the other direction and punishing all of its citizens for stupid reasons. For some reason nominal communism is always worse than totalitarianism by itself.

          1. Tony|11.20.18 @ 9:37PM|#
            “All modern presidents have had uncomfortably close relations with Saudi Arabia for realpolitik reasons. But it’s not like they have gone around killing journalists for American newspapers and that ignoring such is normal presidential behavior.”
            Naah. Obama just had a drone murder an American citizen, and you seem to have had nothing to say.

            “For some reason nominal communism is always worse than totalitarianism by itself.”
            AMAZING! Yes, it is, and it is because it does what you propose and support,.

            1. How are you able to come up with all these witty comebacks what with the enormous amount of time you spend in carnal relations with blood relatives?

              1. Tony|11.20.18 @ 10:08PM|#
                “How are you able to come up with all these witty comebacks what with the enormous amount of time you spend in carnal relations with blood relatives?”
                How are you able to come up with the stupidity you post, gven the time you spend fucking your daddy, your brother and any other random guys who will tolerate the attentions of a fucking lefty ignoramus like you?

                1. I’m flattered that you think me so desirable. Thank you, Sevo.

                  1. I don’t think he was saying your were desirable Tony, I believe he was saying you were easy.

      2. Tony|11.20.18 @ 9:15PM|#
        “Yep, that’s the only bad thing Saudi ever did. Way better than Cuba all around. And how generous of them, what with having so much more money they could be using to fund terrorism, wars, and social repression, which they generously whimsically spend mostly on swizzle sticks instead except this one time.”

        So your answer is a word-salad of irrelevant bullshit and you expect, what?
        You do realize that nearly everyone here is fully aware that you have an IQ of embarrassingly low numbers? That your slimy and constant dishonesty is never well-hidden? That your constant whining since you and that scummy hag lost is well beyond pathetic?
        You know all that, and you post the pile of shit you did above…
        Fuck off.

        1. I don’t know who is more butt-hurt at this point, RAK, Tony or Hihn (or whatever these a-holes call their sockpuppets now). Just remember, Chocolate Nixon could do no wrong and ‘Orange Man Bad!’ and you’ll do fine.

  15. Hello, I’m here for toadstool polishing services. Did I come to the right place? Looking for some real top-of-the-line sucking action.

    1. All the usual knob polishers are hard at it.

      1. You two seem to be busy in the corner with yourselves.

      2. Why are you talking to yourself?

    2. So you thought this article was about Obama?

      1. More of an imposing obelisk, I’d guess.

          1. You are about as entertaining to talk to as the corpses in your crawlspace.

            1. No one cares what your dates tell you.

              1. They tell me, “What an imposing obelisk!”

                1. Tony|11.20.18 @ 11:35PM|#
                  “They tell me, “What an imposing obelisk!””

                  Yeah, Tony, post some irrelevant bullshit hoping someone will see you as a harmless idiot, you pathetic piece of lying lefty bullshit.
                  No, I do not wish you a happy holiday. You stand for and promote every position which hopes to steal what I and many others have worked for, so allow me to wish you the worst possible holiday season which could occur to a slimy piece of shit like you. I am not a hypocrite.

                  1. Hypocrite is certainly not the first adjective I’d apply to you.

                    1. Hypocrite is certainly not the first adjective I’d apply to you.

                      For you, it’s front and center.

  16. Isn’t Ivanka Trump’s e-mail thing more important than this?

    1. My email provider has a news feed, and even today there was a claim the “Ivanka pulled a Hillary”. Checked the link, and CNN is STILL peddling that obvious lie.
      And I’m sure it will keep getting reported as a case where Trump claimed ‘fake news’ and it wasn’t.
      Pure mendacity.

      1. Does that mean we can pull a CNN and ignore it?

        1. “Does that mean we can pull a CNN and ignore it?”
          I can. You can. But twits like Tony seem to buy it.

        2. “”Does that mean we can pull a CNN and ignore it?”‘

          Or we can wait for the softball FBI investigation by a biased agent that will change any wording in the report to keep her from the threat of an indictment.

  17. I’m not condoning the Saudis murdering him, but wasn’t it only about 10 years ago we were using the Saudis, Moroccans, Romanians to torture our prisoners for us?

    And now people are advocating distancing ourselves from the Saudis when Iran is still hanging and stoning women for adultery, and gays for having sex, and all the while Pakistan is putting people on trial for their lives for blasphemy, and china is putting 100’s of 1000’s into re-education camps based on their religion.

    Nothing wrong with a little tut tutting over human rights but let’s be realistic.

    1. Well put. We also all know how this would be playing out were Hillary president. No matter how she responded, it would be the right thing to do and any criticism would be lunacy of the highest order. By the same token, if Trump did anything substantive in response, it would be being portrayed as recklessness and a failure to appreciate the gravity of nation-level politics.

    2. The overclass doesn’t actually give a flying fuck about dissected Muslim Brotherhood journos, stoned women, hung homosexuals or blasphemy trials.
      It’s all about whether or not the issue helps them in their pursuit of power.

      1. Yup.

        No matter what Trump had said or done, they would have been against it. Frankly, I think he’s taking the right approach. Compared to LOTS of countries we have to deal with, whacking a single asshole journalist is not REALLY that big a deal. Not compared to the military and economic ties we have with the Saudis. I’d be happy to cut all entanglements with all these fuckers around the world, and stop meddling… But until that happens, we have to at least meddle intelligently.

    3. Iran is holding an American Journalist RIGHT NOW

    4. I think you left some zeros out on China, but other than that, well said.

  18. On top of reconsidering sticking our noses everywhere, perhaps we should also reconsider our role as arms dealer.

    1. But…it’s almost Black Friday, when Crazy Uncle Sam’s arms prices are so low you’ll think he’s INSANE!

      Some say arms are for hugging, but Crazy Uncle Sam says…arms are FOR SALE!

      (SQRLSY isn’t here right now so I thought I’d fill in for him)

    2. why?

      A libertarians, should we not feel free to sell arms to anyone who wants them and can pay for them? 😉

      1. ” Needz moar free trade! “

  19. Blah, blah, blah, we won’t give the mujahedin more money to fight people we thing we won’t agree with tomorrow even if we did agree with them a week ago Tuesday. Fuck them, weir going with the proper monarchy as was selected by Britain so many years ago. Damn it, that’s true at least until next Friday because there’s a holiday in there somewhere!

  20. Trump sanctioned 17 individuals who apparently participated in the murder.

    And….. that’s about the only thing Trump can do. We were never going to have some new “cold war” with Saudi Arabia. Trump is a motor mouth who just says whatever’s on his mind. In reality, the sentiments he expressed without waxing poetics is essentially the official position of the United States. We’re not going to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia or buy oil from the region.

    Clinton, Romney, Obama and other more “presidential” candidates would have put up the standard boilerplate spin on the issues, stressing international community input and defending human rights and yada yada yada.

    How many journalists mysteriously disappear in place like China? That place is allegedly herding Muslims to brainwashing camp and you don’t hear ANYTHING from the media. Khashoggi is just a useful pawn in the resistance, who can frame Trump’s volatile response as some deadly attack on free press.

    1. How many journalists mysteriously disappear in place like China?
      The head of fucking Interpol of all things was disappeared in China, and everyone just shrugs. The world’s top cop vanishes and you hear nothing but crickets from the media, because it doesn’t further the narrative.

      1. You obviously learned about China’s scumbag practices from the media.

        1. And what consequences did China suffer?

    2. Most transparent Pres ever! That’s what the press wanted. And now they bitch.

      1. True, he told the truth, and they HATE it.

  21. I do like the way Amash votes most of the time… And if congress were filled with people like him, we’d have a far better country…

    But he has developed a serious case of TDS. And it’s getting tiring. That he doesn’t see that this is a perfectly reasonable realpolitik move here is ridiculous. Why in fucks name should we give up 450 billion dollars worth of investment over a shit bag, BAD person, who happens to shill for a shit bag newspaper and the Muslim Brotherhood?


    Who cares. Countries around the world unjustly kill their citizens every single day. This ass hat is not worth blowing one of our most important strategic partnerships in the world. Not that I like the Saudis, but until we withdraw from ALL stupid foreign entanglements, we’d be idiots to throw them under the bus over a nothing burger like this.

    1. Like so many others, Justin is virtue-signaling. It’s what drives TDS.

      1. Yup.

        You would THINK somebody who is willing to take as many unpopular positions as Amash would ALSO have the balls to not be beholden to group think on all these fluffy “PC” issues… But he’s either a true believer on a lot of proggie moralizing issues, or he’s too scared to say what he thinks out loud.

    2. He’s gotta be hearing it from the large jihadi constituency that elected him.

      1. Good point.

  22. People here are correct on Amash. At this point, antagonizing the president is indeed simply virtue signaling. You can get your point across without being a dick and maybe preserve an opportunity to work with Trump on a common goal some time in the future. People need to choose between efficacy and righteousness.

    Feel good or do good. Make a fucking choice.

  23. So fucking hilarious that the exact same asswipes who don’t give a fuck about the Saudi involvement in 9/11 and insist that there’s absolutely no way that Hillary Clinton could have had anything to do with Seth Rich’s murder also claim that they know with 100% certainty that the Crown Prince himself ordered this guy’s murder.

    In all likelihood he probably did, but the duplicity and hypocrisy of you progressive scumbags is breathtaking.

    1. I wouldn’t call postmodernists hypocritical, as they’ve come out and told us that they believe in nothing but power, and that all discourse is merely manipulation for power.

      “Truth is a social construct of the white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy used to oppress marginalized peoples”

  24. Well I am a bit surprised at the majority opinion of the post/comments here.
    I thought it would be an hysteria laden support of the article author’s equally unhinged tone.
    It is good to see cooler heads talking about this with a more independent POV than that of what the reporter would like.
    To be clear, I think the Saudi’s action was horrible, done in the most obvious way, and then with the gall to thumb their noses at the world with unbelievable excuses.
    And I believe there had better be official sanctions and responses to it.
    We hear that the CIA has ‘concluded’ that the crown prince ordered the hit, but we haven’t heard more about how or what they know. We have heard the CIA lie or been outrageously wrong before, and Trump has access to what they have, yet he is still saying Mohammed bin Salman is not definitively guilty.
    I would like to hear from the Saudi agents who have been charged with murder, hear their defense of ‘we were only following orders’ and of from who. I don’t know what kind of trials they have there, and how public they will be, but hearing the defense of people who are on death penalty charges might be enlightening.
    If it is shown that Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing, then he should be officially condemned as someone who has no place in international relations. He should also be charged criminally, but that may be an exclusive matter to the Saudis.

    1. Obama ordered a hit on an American but he used a missile so that makes it okay? or shouldn’t he be condemned on the world stage as well.

    2. There is a good point here. The CIA tends to tilt the “intelligence” to get the policy they prefer. Sometimes we find out about it later, sometimes not. I believe Trump is wise to take everything the CIA reports with 2 or 3 grains of salt.

      1. Yup. And isn’t it funny how the left now gives ZERO scrutiny to anything the CIA/FBI etc says when it doesn’t jive with what Trump wants to do? Weren’t they the ones who were wise enough to take their opinions with a grain of salt a decade or two ago?

        The CIA has NEVER been worthy of trust. Even JFK knew that one!

    3. “and then with the gall to thumb their noses at the world with unbelievable excuses.”

      The point of an unbelievable excuse is to not be believed. “Yeah, we killed him. So what?”

      The Saudis were sending a message to their citizens. I heard China does the same with a lot of their foreign nationals abroad, though more with threats to those they’ve left behind.

      Lots of countries suck.

  25. A country that executes it’s citizens by chopping them up did so.

    And this is an international incident, why?

    Because we have the same relationship with them now that we had when they were chopping other people up?

    This person is more equaler to all the others because the WaPo bought his writing sometimes?

    Why is the left so mad about this when they applauded when Obama bowed so low he licked the floor before the Saudis? When Obama sold them arms to make war upon the Yemenis?

    It is interesting how quickly you all swing back and forth though–

    Bush hugged the Saudi Prince–evul!!!!
    Obama deep throated the Saudi Prince–HUZZAH!!!!1!!
    Trump….well, Trump can’t move without someone screaming ‘EVUL’, so it doesn’t really matter WHAT he does to or with the Saudi Prince.

    Back and forth, back and forth, zip zip zip.

    Back when you all controlled all the media, you could do that, but now, everyone can see that you’re hypocritical assholes.

    1. Principals, not principles.

    2. “This person is more equaler to all the others because the WaPo bought his writing sometimes?”

      That’s exactly it. He was part of the globalist ruling class. The globalist ruling class doesn’t like being treated like the hoi polloi.

  26. I don’t see what the difference is between what Saudi Arabia did to one of their citizens and what Obama did to an American citizen and if anything what Obama did was worse since he used a missile to kill an American in another country with lots of collateral deaths while the Saudi’s killed one of their own on their own soil without collateral deaths.. If people don’t see the similarity then they are willfully blind

  27. So FDR working with and helping Stalin was bad to the bone ? How ’bout Nixon and Mao ? Yep, Mao was a sweet heart !

  28. Saudis kill a journalist at the embassy and we should investigate and hold people responsible, but Libyans kill some Americans at the embassy and the investigation of it was considered bullshit and a waste of time and money by team blue.

  29. Justin Amash 2020!!!!

  30. If one was to hold to principles, one would stop selling the Saudis arms because they are bombing civilian targets in Yemen.

    I’m not saying that the U.S. has never bombed civilian targets either. But the Yemeni bombings are really outrageous.


    1. Except, as usual, Yemen is not as simple as that.

      Yemen is just the ground a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is being fought on. There is no way we are going to pull the rug out from under the Saudi’s to the benefit of Iran.

  31. “This is an utterly absurd, irresponsible, and repugnant statement from @POTUS. No amount of money justifies the betrayal of our principles and values as Americans. ”

    This is an utterly absurd, irresponsible, and repugnant statement from Justin Amash. Money is simply easily fungible value. And we’re using the Saudis for more than cash.

    Justin Amash he is a morally preening infant who, like too many self described libertarians, should never be let near actual power.

    Many governments murder their citizens. Certainly the Saudis. If Khashoggi was the *only* Saudi the Saudi government murdered that day, it was a slow day.

    Get over yourself.

  32. Back in 1996 my wife and I were on a cruise ship headed for Miami but within sight of the Cuban mainland when two small Cessna of the push-pull engine layout raced out from Cuba after having dropped pro-democracy leaflets on Havana.

    Within a minute a Mig 27 caught up to them and its cannon roared. Each plane crashed in flames. Each held two men, who died for overflying a dictatorship and dropping leaflets. My wife and I filled out FBI reports on what we witnessed.

    So, how many Democrats and mainstream media folks demanded Fidel Castro’s head for this atrocity? It seems to me their reaction was continue insisting that we IMPROVE relations we Cuba and they kept on wearing their groovy Che Guevara tee shirts.

  33. Gee, Justin, perhaps your committee can subpoena MbS and beat the truth out of him.

  34. No amount of money justifies the betrayal of our principles and values as Americans.

    Rep. Amash’s “values” may include imperialism and interference in the affairs of other nations, but those are not American values. If the Saudi government wants to kill Saudi citizens on Saudi soil, that’s none of our business.

    Furthermore, foreign governments murder people daily and neither Amash nor the other whiners say anything about it. The reason he and the Washington establishment are so upset about this guy is because he was a member of the Washington establishment. Amash’s value isn’t “we must sacrifice American tax dollars and lives because an authoritarian killed someone somewhere”, but “we must sacrifice American tax dollars and lives because someone attacked the privileged group I’m a member of”.

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