House Democrats Plan to Use Their New Majority to Target Trump. Let's Hope It Keeps Them Too Busy to Legislate: Reason Roundup

Plus: menthol cigarettes may be banned, Big Tech warms to new regulation, and NYC building raided over illegal Airbnb listings.


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What's a subpoena cannon? We're about to find out… Democrats are prepping to weaponize the House of Representatives against President Donald Trump—stockpiling potential subpoenas, readying the proverbial Pelosi boxing gloves, etc. "House Democrats plan to probe every aspect of President Trump's life and work, from family business dealings to the Space Force to his tax returns to possible 'leverage' by Russia," reports Mike Allen at Axios. He adds:

One senior Democratic source said the new majority, which takes power in January, is preparing a "subpoena cannon," like an arena T-shirt cannon.

I cannot tell if this is a joke. It's hard to tell when Allen is joking, and the same goes for #Resistance Democrats. In any case, a "subpoena cannon" would be gauche and ridiculous and I really hope it happens. We all know 2019 can only get more absurd than this year, so why not kick things off in a befitting fashion?

The Axios folks have put together a list of 85 potential investigations that House Democrats want to launch. "We have our boxing gloves on," incoming House Appropriations Chair Nita Lowey told the publication. "I'm ready. And so is Nancy [Pelosi]."

Incoming House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D–Calif.) says that Trump is likely to resist requests and subpoenas from the committee and that he foresees the fight going all the way to the Supreme Court. If that's the case, Brett Kavanaugh could wind up deciding Trump's fate. Fun!

ABC News reports that Democrats are homing in especially on Trump arranging payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, both of whom allege former trysts with Trump.

"Since the payments were not campaign contributions based on the [Federal Election Commission] rulings it would be as useless as Mueller's absurd investigation of Russian collusion which has established that the only Russian involvement was collusion with Hillary and DNC to produce fraudulent Steele dossier," Trump counsel Rudy Giuliani said in a statement.


Jonesing for GDPR. So far, the European Union's General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) has been bad news that promises only to get worse. Naturally, powerful Americans are eyeing it enviously.

For a while, big tech companies were resistant. But now that they already have to comply in European markets or face major fines, and with meddling of some sort all but certain in the U.S., many have started pushing for Congress to adopt the same rules as in the E.U.

Both the tech companies and the politicians are trying to sell this to the public under the ruse that it will protect their privacy. But the few consumer privacy protections are 1) debatable in their effects and 2) interspersed with all sorts of anti-competitive and pro-censorship mandates. If it's consumer privacy protection people seek, we don't need all this extra baggage imported too.

Read more on GDPR woes from Reason columnist Andrea O'Sullivan.


What police state? New York City police swarmed and raided a fancy Midtown apartment building in October. The hardened criminals inside? Residents sharing their extra rooms or renting out apartments on Airbnb without the permission of city bureaucrats. Police passed out 27 violation notices at the Atelier condo—and that could be just the beginning.

"The raid…may be a sign of what's to come. New York and other cities are seeking to limit short-term rentals that can run afoul of local laws designed to limit hotel-style stays in residential buildings," suggests Josh Barbanel at The Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, a

new city law due to take effect in February could lead to a surge in the number of summonses issued. The law requires booking sites to transmit information about every short-term rental to the city. A lawsuit filed by the industry to stop the new law is pending in federal court in Manhattan.

FDA thinks we need more black markets. It's not just flavored e-cigarettes that are drawing the ire of Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who wants to keep flavored vaping products relegated to tobacco and vape shop sales. According to The Wall Street Journal, Gottlieb also wants a total ban on menthol cigarette sales.

Rich millennials still sold on cryptocurrency. Despite this year's drops in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices, "affluent millennials"—defined by pollsters as folks ages 24 through 38 with at least $100,000 in household income or $50,000 in investable assets—are still sticking with them. A new survey finds that 25 percent say they currently hold some cryptocurrency.

Old habits die hard. "General Motors has recharged since being bailed out by the government in bankruptcy nearly a decade ago," writes the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal. "But now Government Motors is back: The largest U.S. automaker wants the Trump Administration to juice its bottom line with a truckload of electric-car mandates and subsidies."


Checking in on some of the still-contested midterm races from last week. Democrat Kirsten Sinema is still narrowly beating Republican Martha McSally in Arizona…Florida Republican Rick Scott is doing everything in his power to prevent all valid ballots from being counted, as he tops Democrat Bill Nelson by about 0.15 percentage points…Democrat Stacey Abrams is still trying to force a runoff election in the Georgia governor's race.


  • The Woolsey Fire continues to claim land—and lives—in California. By Sunday, the fire had ravaged 85,550 acres of land and destroyed at last 177 buildings, including the homes of Miley Cyrus and other celebrities. "Wildfires across California have scorched nearly 200,000 acres and killed at least 31 people in total in recent days," the Los Angeles Times reports.
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement is detaining more people than ever.
  • After 15 terms, California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher won't be returning to Congress next year. The Associated Press called his race on Saturday for Democrat Harley Rouda.

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  1. ENB isn’t afraid to go out on Veterans Day, rain or not!

    1. Hello.

      Democrats are such assholes.

      Notice no one is taking to the streets ‘resisting’ the Dems taking the House?

      Losers abound.

      1. Also not Democrat talk of a stolen election by Rooosians.

        Anyone who falls for Lefty propaganda is a rube.

    2. Technically, this is Veteran’s Day Observed. Sunday was Veteran’s Day.

        1. In the USA, Its called Veteran’s Day. It used to be called Armistice Day but that mainly symbolized those that served in WWI.

          Veteran’s Day symbolizes a day for all US Military veterans from every era.

          1. To be distinguished from Memorial Day, which symbolizes a day of remembrance for all those who died serving in the military of the United States of America.

  2. After 15 terms, California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher won’t be returning to Congress next year.

    how you feel about this is a rohrabach test

    1. The Rohrbacher blot will take the shape of a lobbyist, for certain.

  3. Democrats are prepping to weaponize the House of Representatives against President Donald Trump…

    That will get him! 2020, here we come!

    1. And Dems cheer as the USA wastes tons of money chasing threads to an old man paying $100,000 to a stripper. At least go after him for classified info, then we can have yet another laugh as democrats continue their streak of most hypocritical morons on the planet

  4. Gottlieb also wants a total ban on menthol cigarette sales.


    1. Women, children and minorities hardest hit?

    2. Dear God, what’s next? Malt liquor and fried chicken?

  5. …including the homes of Miley Cyrus and other celebrities.

    Way to bury the lede.

  6. Residents sharing their extra rooms or renting out apartments on Airbnb without the permission of city bureaucrats.

    just call them leasing overnight instagram photo shoot locations.

    1. Sounds dirty. Is it?

  7. A new survey finds that 25 percent say they currently hold some cryptocurrency.

    The others say it dropped between the cushions.

  8. Democrats are prepping to weaponize the House of Representatives against President Donald Trump

    do they really lack this much confidence they can beat him in 2 years?

    1. If they stop demonizing him they’ll have to talk policy

    2. I’d much prefer that they pass some meaningless piece of legislation about 70 times like their predecessors. Maybe 70 impeachments?

    3. “do they really lack this much confidence they can beat him in 2 years?”

      Yes. Look at the shit they pulled when Hillary was 95% certain to win.

  9. The largest U.S. automaker wants the Trump Administration to juice its bottom line with a truckload of electric-car mandates and subsidies.

    The federal teat is addictive.

  10. One senior Democratic source said the new majority, which takes power in January, is preparing a “subpoena cannon,” like an arena T-shirt cannon.

    a canwhat? oh, now i get it.

    1. And when Trump ignores those subpoenas just like Obama ignored the ones from the Republicans?

      I can’t imagine a better way for Trump to get re-elected than by the House becoming a two year running campaign commercial reminding the country just how crazy and stupid the Democrats actually are. They can’t help but go full retard can they?

      1. Imagine if the FBI looks into Comey’s use of a private email server, and we get to re-litigate Hillary’s illegal email practices. The shrieking will last til 2024

        1. Can she still run for President from the Federal penitentiary?

          1. Some guy in Texas just got re-elected from jail.

            I’d rather have her run outside jail. She’d get sympathy vote, which is the only way she could win

            1. I’d rather have her run into a jail.

      2. “just like Obama ignored the ones from the Republicans… reminding the country just how crazy and stupid the Democrats actually are”

        So basically you’re saying the two parties are equally crazy and stupid? Finally we can agree on something, John.

        1. No. How could you possibly make that conclusion from what I said? I not the brightest guy on here but you are usually not sarcasmic stupid. Think a little harder and get back to me.

          1. Within the same post you claim that Republicans subpoenaed the Obama administration and it was meaningless to do so, and that the Democrats would be “crazy and stupid” to subpoena the Trump administration because it would be meaningless to do so.

            I don’t know how I could have possibly made a connection to those two things.

        2. No, Leo. It’s different when Republicans do it. Principals, not principles.

        3. Its certainly different when Anarchists do it. Principals, never principles.

    1. if everyone knows is it still fraud?

    2. Provisional Ballot Boxes Discovered Inside AVIS Rental Car At Ft. Lauderdale Airport
      The Broward Co Sheriff’s Office announced a “bomb threat”, then released the ballot box after being alone with it for several hours. Way to inspire confidence, guys.

      1. Sounds like some of these people need to start going to jail for their incompetence.

  11. …many have started pushing for Congress to adopt the same rules as in the E.U.

    Follow Europe’s lead? Not on this president’s watch!

    1. I am informed that you can’t make judgement about culture or groups of people. The fact that Germany now has a gang rape problem where it didn’t before, is just one of those things. To blame it on letting a million migrants into the country who are now committing those gang rapes is just being collectivist. One or two of those million migrants probably have started delicious food trucks. And that makes it worth while.

      1. Don’t forget the cheap nannies and lawn care.

        1. I don’t think you want these people taking care of your kids. So, strike the nannies from the list.

          1. Gang raped kids build more character.

    2. They’ll just adjust the definition of rape so they can go back to calling all men rapists. Anything to promote cultural relativism

  12. Tucker Carlson’s Daughter Harassed at Restaurant ? Michael Avenatti wants Tucker or others charged for defending her
    Man approached teenage daughter and said: “Are you Tucker’s whore? He then called her a ‘f***ing c**t.”

    1. I cannot lie — I am a bit surprised that Avenatti might be involved with somebody who is less than savory or reputable.

    2. Throwing wine in someone’s face is a type of assault. Throwing about “cunt” and “whore” to a young woman is also “fighting words”. Avenatti’s defending a crybully, who thinks he can get forgiveness for his crass behavior because he is a gay immigrant? You cannot parody these people, they are already too damn ridiculous.

      1. I’m willing to go as far as evil. By evil, I mean misplaced faux self-righteousness.

        My daughter was called a ‘whore’ by an ELEMENTARY school friend and found out about it last year. She cried for a day.

        That guy deserves a fucken beating and same with Avenatti.

        1. Yet you’re a Trumptard – the man who physically assaults women.

          We all knew you were a duplicitous little cocksucker but you just admitted it yourself.

          1. I’m a Trump supporter?

            Who knew?

            No. I’m just calling out the stupid bull shit. That doesn’t mean I ‘support’ or care for the guy.

            It’s just that self-assured twits like you are worse and force people into being defensive.

            1. I’m a Trump supporter?

              Who knew?

              Buttplug knows all.

              No, wait. I got that backwards. Buttplug knows nothing.

            2. Remember when the left thought bullying was wrong?

              1. No, but I remember when they said they did.

      2. In Georgia, if you call someone’s daughter a whore to their face a male in the area will beat your face in.

        If you cannot respect the rule of civility in public, the public does not owe you any protection.

        If you attack a kid, some adult is going to fuck you up.
        If you use a gun to hurt people without cause, some adult is going to shoot you.

        1. Are you saying speech is violence?

          1. Nope. Just saying it will happen.

            Frontier justice, I guess.

          2. I’d love it if we had a way to define “harassment” that wasn’t subjective. There are some examples which are indisputable, but they are qualitatively similar to many situations that should not be considered harassment.

            If someone walks up to a stranger and says offensive and hateful things, and refuses to stop, violence may be an appropriate response as a LAST resort. This is very different from someone having a discussion to which you are not a party in which they say something you find disagreeable.

            1. People cannot block you from leaving- Its called false imprisonment.

              People cannot threaten to hurt you- Its called assault or terroristic threats.

              People cannot touch you without your permission- Its called battery.

              In many places, yelling at someone within spitting distance gets spit on the person’s face and you can refer to the above.

        2. Not gonna lie, I kinda wish the daughter had just punched the stupid maricon in the throat.

        3. That may be true. But if you beat someone up over shit they said, you also have it coming when you are put in jail for assault and battery.

          1. Jury nullification might be a factor too. Nothing like a person defending his daughter’s honor by beating the shit out of a loudmouth, who wants to put every dissident in a gulag, getting acquitted.

            If you demand the protections of the Constitution, you might want to see where the loopholes are.

      3. Deport him. America doesn’t need gay-latino-immigrant bullies, we have plenty of our own native born gay latino bullies.

        1. But we need THEIR gay latino bullies to bully the girls OUR latino gay bullies won’t bully.

          1. …And to demand the baking of tres leches gay wedding cakes.

      4. I’m pretty sure that accosting a total stranger and subjecting her to gratuitous verbal abuse is considered assault in most of the Anglo-American judicial world. Assault need not actually include physical contact. The use of exceptionally offensive and insulting language is simply icing on the cake of aggravation.

    3. something something vicious attacks on the press something something

  13. As a libertarian, I’m ecstatic that the #BlueTsunami produced a Democratic House, just as I had been predicting for months. Since almost the entire GOP has sold out to Russia, Democrats are the only ones willing to investigate the Kremlin asset who stole the 2016 election. Bring on the subpoena cannon, I say.

    And although #TrumpRussia is the biggest political scandal in world history, Democrats are also promising to make time for common sense gun safety legislation. 2019 is going to be great for the progressive / libertarian alliance.

    1. Fortunately, no one wants to ban or confiscate guns. Ever! It’s a crazy and paranoid idea!

      Dem. Congressman Eric Swalwell: Ban “assault weapons”, buy them back, go after resisters

      1. I have been quite open about my desire to ban deadly assault weapons like the AR-15. A killing machine of that magnitude is clearly not protected by the Second Amendment.

        1. The second amendment was created to allow the people, to keep and bear a firearm that could be used in war. Otherwise why mention militia in the amendment.

          1. “Militia” is mentioned to emphasize that gun ownership is a collective right, not an individual one.


        2. >>>killing machine

          misspelled “fun” … fun machine

      2. What we need is common sense subpoena cannon control.

  14. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is detaining more people than ever.

    Wants more government, gets more government.

    1. Yes, Fist, but this is the “good” kind of government, or at least so I’ve been told.

      1. Enforcing immigration laws sounds like mandated government function to me.

        We would instantly need far less ICE agents if all the illegals left the USA.

        Its like there is a solution right there ready for the problem people to finally accept that Americans want to decide who lives in the USA.

        1. Though my guess is if all the illegals left, ICE would not shrink at all. If it did, it would be a damn suprising result.

          1. After WWII, the Department of Defense (War Department) shrunk by 95%+.

        2. Enforcing immigration laws sounds like mandated government function to me.

          And only you can find enumerated powers within a list of restrictions on Congressional power. But we’ve been down that rabbit hole too many times.

          We would need less DEA agents if people would stop using drugs too. Libertarians for prosecution of victimless crimes, unite!

          1. Yes you continue to believe that the Constitution doesn’t grant Congress the power to control the borders despite all evident, logic and expert opinion to the contrary. You have been down that rabbit hole and will continue to believe something that is manifestly untrue because you want it to be true.

          2. Yes we have Leo. You continue to ignore the 1808 date set by the Founders for Congress to regulate migration and slaves. Before that states regulated immigrants and slaves.

            1. US Const., Article I, Section 9, but I know you have not forgotten.

    1. It is always impressive how Democrats always seem to find surprise ballots but Republicans do not.

      1. It’s easier and quicker to count votes in precincts with more tobacco stores than people. Even the homeschooled can customarily make it to “that’s nineteen to thirteen” relatively rapidly.

        1. Do you really think a county with a population of 32 has the same election resources as a county with a population of a million and that’s why the large county is overwhelmed?

        2. And yet the “Bill Nelson got 10,000 undervotes in Broward County” and “Palm Beach County votes invalid because voters punched ballots for Pat Buchanan and Al Gore” always seem to come from counties that are run by Democrats. Yep, those democrats, such smart people.

        3. Hey bigot! Since you’re always railing against uneducated voters electing people who are not your preferred masters, would you get behind my idea of including a simple multiple-choice civics test on ballots? Something like “get less than 80% and your vote is silently discarded”? Wouldn’t that weed out all those white-trash votes you so despise?

          Come on, give my idea the coveted “Rev.” endorsement.

      2. because the Republicans lurk in the shadows of the voting booths in order to steal and hide the ballots before the Democrat-voting handicapped minorities can turn them in on time

      3. I’d love to know what KMW thinks about this obvious corruption, considering she says voting is pointless. She can add “democrats are fucking cheaters” to the list.

    2. Georgia requires the state certify the election results by tomorrow.

      AJC- Fulton County certifying election results Tuesday
      Fulton County is where Atlanta is located. Once this happens, all the other cheating counties trying to steal the election will fall in line. The Democrats had a week to produce evidence of voter fraud and they have not.

      The game is over for Democrats in Georgia.

  15. menthol cigarettes may be banned

    So they really are white supremacists after all.

    1. These pols care so much about black people that they are going to protect the black man from his own vices.

      1. Like with Eric Garner?

  16. Nothing like politicians openly stating that they are going to abuse their authority to pursue a personal vendetta against another politician.

  17. modified from KCS Presse / MEGA / Newscom

    can i get a photo or video that isnt doctored these days?


    This Gottlieb asshole is far, far worse than anything Obama ever appointed to that agency. He was hyped as “free market” or even “libertarian” and all the fucking Trump supporters here have been telling me to fucking calm down about it forever, not to pay attention to the rhetoric but to the actions. Well, it’s here. Trump is prouder of him than of any other appointee, and he’s pretty much Mike Fucking Bloomberg. We can only hope his judicial appointees have been good enough to find some excuse to put a stop to this nonsense. The courts blocked enhanced warning labels at the height of Obama’s administration; maybe they will come through here, or when Gottlieb bans nicotine. But I’m not holding my breath. FUCK YOU TRUMP!!!

    1. Banning menthol is racist.

    2. You also called a bunch of other shit that was totally wrong like Gillum crushing.

      So…yeah you pulled a Nate Silver get the fuck over yourself.

      1. That is not a rebuttal. Also I was better in my predictions than you chief.

        1. “That is not a rebuttal.”

          “You make an assload of predictions and fare no better than chance” IS in fact a rebuttal.

          “Also I was better in my predictions than you chief.”

          Since there is literally no way you could know that, one has to wonder why you think anyone would give a fuck about anything you ever say.

          No fuckhole, your stupid ass predictions were NOT more accurate than mine. You are a lying clown.

          What now Nate Silver?

    3. When the FDA’s tobacco group is staffed entirely by anti-smokers with a long history of hating everything to do with smoking & tobacco, when its only policy advisors are those who actively work in tobacco control (incl. orgs in other countries like Australia & England, as well as the World Health Organization), what else should we expect from puppets like Gottlieb? The menthol ban has been in the works here in the US for over a decade; it has already been banned elsewhere. Unlike first amendment rights issues used to block warning labels, there are no constitutional rights in respect of ingredients used in tobacco products or in any product for that matter. Indeed, we have no rights to even smoke tobacco.

      Reason once a damn about smokers. Then vaping came along & smokers were thrown under the bus as the quasi-religious vaping activists sided with tobacco control. This has nothing to do with Trump, apart from him picking Gottlieb as FDA chief. Tobacco prohibition has been creeping readily since the early 80s. And it is absolutely true that menthol ban is designed to affect black smokers and women. The argument that menthol is used to get children smoking is weak. Tobacco control has its earliest roots in racism, and now it is also a class issue, i.e. rich vs poor, dressed up as tackling inequities. Reason mostly stopped writing about smoking issues at least six years ago when born-again vapers demanded to save every smoker’s life. Smokers are a forgotten footnote.


    Illegal alien released by sanctuary city in New Jersey goes on to kill three people in Missouri. Where is Old Mexican and ChemJeff to tell us how it was his human right to come to the US and murder Americans? How dare ICE try and deport that guy. He has rights.

    1. Of course it’s not a human right to murder people. Immigrating to the US, however, is a human right. If any immigrant ? undocumented or not ? commits murder, he or she or they should be prosecuted just like anybody else.


      1. I am sure the three dead people feel so much better about that. They died so that Mexicans may roam free!!! And of course so open borders people can feel smug and that is the important thing here.

    2. Former Marine commits mass murder in a bar! All Marines should be locked up!

      1. If he was here illegally sure. If you want to open the borders, at least be honest about the effects of that. It was those people’s job to die, so you can feel smug. They are just eggs for the Libertarian omelet. We couldn’t deport that guy even though he was a criminal. That might keep people like you from feeling smug. So those people had to die as a result.

        And tell us more about how you don’t really care about immigration anymore, yet it still is 90% of your posts on here.

        1. When did I ever say I was for open borders? The current immigration process, and citizenship process especially, is a major pain in the ass. There is a lot of middle ground between that and open borders.

          The only smug person here is you. You’re sitting there all smug as you blame the actions of one individual on an entire group. You are smugly condemning all Mexican immigrants because of he actions of one person.

          My point isn’t about immigration. It’s about blaming those murders on a group of people, not the actual individual who did it. You’re smart enough to separate the two.

          1. If you are not for open borders, then why are you defending New Jersey not turning a criminal over to ICE?

            You really don’t have a position. You just waste everyone’s time by making some stupid statement, then running away claiming you are not really for open borders and don’t really care about immigration anyway, when called on it. It is tiresome as hell.

            1. I guess I was wrong when I thought you were smart enough to separate the two.

              My bad.

              1. You are not smart enough to make an honest argument and just need to shut the fuck up about this topic and stop wasting everyone’s time. If you are not for deporting criminals, then you are not for deporting anyone. This guy was a criminal and thanks to sanctuary cities was not deported when he should have been and wound up killing three people as a result. Either defend that or shut the fuck up and stop shitting all over the thread.

                1. Want a tissue?

                  1. Whatever little Tony. Now yell STRAWMAN. You haven’t done that. You need to do something new like yell strawman because God knows you never do that.

          2. *Narrator*

            John is not smart enough.

            1. From the dumbest man in the universe. Stop showing up so Sarcasmic can look smart.

        2. Your logic is no different than that of those who support gun control. Only you don’t want gun control, you want immigrant control.

          A gun owner immigrant committed a crime! We must go after all gun owner immigrants before it is too late! To save the children! Why do you hate the children?

          1. But you are not really for open borders. You just think that the police department should not turn over guys they arrest for deportation. You are not for open borders. There is someone out there you would deport. You just can’t ever seem to name them.

            You can’t even be honest about your position. Stop wasting everyone’s time.

            1. I sincerely apologize for over estimating your intelligence.

              1. Yes sarcasmic, you can’t make an honest argument or stick with a position. But don’t worry, if you call me stupid I am sure no one reading this will notice.

                1. I really thought you could, especially as a lawyer, see the logic in your own position.

                  1. I know my own position you dumb fuck. And your dishonest arguments have officially worn out my patience.

                    1. And your dishonest arguments have officially worn out my patience.

                      Translation: I have neither, so I am pounding the table.

              2. But you did succeed in shitting all over the thread and making sure that no one could have an intelligent conversation about this. Way to go there open borders tony. You can’t win an argument or even defend your position, but you can shit all over a thread with a point you don’t like to do your best to obscure it. Has Tony been giving you lessons about how to be a dishonest piece of shit and troll the board? If so, he should be proud.

                1. I’m not making an argument or defending a position.

                  I’m trying to show you that you are using the very same logic as those who you know to be illogical.

                  You are condemning millions based upon the actions of a few.

                  If that makes you emotional, then that just means I’m right.

                  1. No sarc, you’re just reflexively pro-immigrant and it makes you say amazingly stupid shit.

                    1. I’m not for or against immigrants.

                      I have a problem with people using atrocities committed by individuals as an excuse to demonize groups, which is something John does on a regular basis. Illegal immigrant commits crime – all illegals bad. Refugee commits crime – all refugees bad. Muslim commits crime – all Muslims bad.

        3. So without ad hominems, I’d like to discuss your position.

          It really is no different than the gun control advocates, who exploit tragedy committed by people who abuse their rights to commit atrocities. Please explain why you think it’s different.

          Another point that I’ll make… why would you want to deport a murderer rather than actually locking him up in the criminal justice system? It seems that merely deporting him leaves open an opportunity for him to sneak back into the country. Legal or illegal he should be locked up for murder if he’s guilty.

          1. He wasn’t guilty of murder at the point at which he was supposed to be deported.

            The process should have been: Arrested for whatever offense he was in jail for, discovered to be illegal; Handed over to ICE at the end of his jail stay there; Deportation.

            Instead we got: Arrested for whatever offense he was in jail for, discovered to be illegal; Released in defiance of the ICE detainer order; Committed triple homicide in MO.

            I’m not going to try and argue John’s side of things about dealing with all illegal immigrants, that’s up to him, but deporting the ones that we’ve already had to put in jail for something other than simply being illegal immigrants doesn’t seem like an unreasonable position to me.

            1. Seems sensible so it must be racist!

            2. I don’t know the particulars of this case. Looks like he was charged with domestic battery, but then released. If those were credible charges, and he had a history of violent behavior then I’m not going to argue that he shouldn’t have been deported.

              But it is blatantly hypocritical to argue that a whole class of people should be kept from being here because individuals commit crimes, and NOT also be for gun control.

              1. But it is blatantly hypocritical to argue that a whole class of people should be kept from being here because individuals commit crimes, and NOT also be for gun control.

                Nowhere in this thread does John do that. sarc brought up the gun analogy.

                In this thread and with the link posted, John is only pointing out that a criminal was released and went on to commit murder.

                1. Not in this thread. But he has a long history of demonizing all immigrants, refugees and Muslims based upon the actions of a few.

                  1. Not in this thread. But he has a long history of demonizing all immigrants, refugees and Muslims based upon the actions of a few.

                    Yes, they are sacred. Virtue signal harder dipshit.

              2. But it is blatantly hypocritical to argue that a whole class of people should be kept from being here because individuals commit crimes, and NOT also be for gun control.

                Only if you think people outside the country have a right to be here on par with the right to own a gun. That is the question retards like you forever beg. You don’t even understand you own fucking position and the assumptions behind it. It is pathetic.

                And yes he should have been deported. But he wasn’t because of sanctuary cities. I have never once come out against sanctuary cities. If you are coming out against them here, then do so. But my guess is you will change your position and never be honest about ever taking this one.

                1. Only if you think people outside the country have a right to be here on par with the right to own a gun. That is the question retards like you forever beg.

                  So if there was no 2A it would be OK to blame all gun owners when an individual commits a crime with a gun?

                  1. If there was not a 2nd Amendment, the argument of whether legal gun ownership was beneficial on the whole would be relevant.

                    You don’t even understand your own arguments. You just emote. Stop wasting everyone’s time.

                    1. I’m the one emoting? Thanks for the laugh!

                      Still, you didn’t answer my question. You say it’s OK to blame all illegals when one illegal commits a crime because illegals have no right to be here, but it’s not OK to blame all gun owners when one gun owner commits a crime because they have a right to keep and bear arms.

                      So, absent the 2A, would it be OK to blame all gun owners for the actions of the few?

    1. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing Johnny. Just because every found ballot benefits losing Democrats and makes them winning candidates is just one of those things. You are a racist and a conspiracy theorist for even mentioning this

      The Reason Staff.

      1. This is evil because it makes people question the legitimacy of government. Also, Russia stole the 2016 election.

        1. Questioning the legitimacy of government is a public good.
          We need much, much more of it.

      2. It does happen and it’s usually the left who do it because they’re degenerates.

        Reason doesn’t need to mean naive.

        1. You didn’t use the French words for “left” and “degenerates.” You are Quebecois, n’est-ce pas? Well, respect the French language. At least talk like Pepe Le Pew.

          1. In general, I think I’m in favor of letting Quebec go its own way, except that kinda fucks Newfoundland and Labrador. Although, I mean, I guess that’s realistically only like 27 people, so it’s probably a lot better than most ways in which government fucks people over, on a scale thing.

            1. What did you say about fucking labradors?

              1. Black Labs Matter.

            2. What about New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island?

              1. I don’t know enough about Canadian geography to comment on that, honestly. I just looked at Google Maps. It looked like there was still a land route (that didn’t require going through America) but maybe I’m wrong. And if so, then, OK, I guess it screws those guys too.

                Maybe we could just offer to make those guys all a part of Maine? 😀 (I’m just being extra silly, now.)

        2. I still don’t understand why Canada doesn’t let just Quebec go, with an option to come crawling back once they go down the tubes. Kinda like a rent with an option to buy.

          God knows, we’d let South Florida go if we could.

    2. Fake news wingnut site – you should warn.

      1. Hey NPC Weigel. How is the problem acne?

      2. C:\> cd \mywork Fake news wingnut site – you should warn.

    3. Another major voting change that needs to happen is that all cast ballots need to have a total by the end of voting day and arrive by the end of voting day.

      This way corrupt jurisdictions cannot create the required amounts of ballots to win.

      All other ballots will be rejected.

      1. “Accountability? Sounds racist” – Democrats

  20. I bet they won’t like allowing Obama to ignore subpoenas for his entire administration.

    I remember when a AG being held in contempt by Congress would’ve been viewed as bad. Those days have ended.

    They will not like the rules they established.

  21. Florida Republican Rick Scott is doing everything everything in his power to prevent all valid ballots from being counted

    Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s mask slips for just a second…

    1. Seriously. None of this smells to the Reason staff? Does The Atlantic really pay that much more?

      1. They didn’t figure out the Kavanaugh hearings until the dude was wearing the robe

    2. Come on Kevin, you don’t trust the Broward County government to conduct an honest count? You racist!!

      1. I love citing the HuffPo and not mentioning the YEARS of issues with Snipe. Including that she blames old, antiquated machines that they have had funding for FOR YEARS to replace and declined to do so.

        1. So you admit you’re going on a Snipe hunt?

        2. Weird how all the rednecks in the Panhandle can count votes without any issues but the richest and most liberal counties can’t.

          1. Lefties are supposed to be the group that values science and rational thought and if you ask them, much smarter than Flyover America.

            They cannot figure out how to vote on time.

  22. Gov. Rick Scott wants to block the state from counting ballots not tallied by the deadline for submitting unofficial results.

    This is from your link.

    If they were not in at the deadline — THEY ARE NOT VALID BALLOTS. Fucking idiot.

    No concerns about why 65 other counties, including larger ones, could do it? Nor that the person counting the ballots has a history of fraud and corruption?

    Yup, just mean ol’ Rick Scott being mean, right?

    1. Are these things counted by county or by congressional district? If district, aren’t all districts roughly the same size (determined by population)?

      1. Election administration occurs at the county level. Including how the ballot is laid out. Even if the county includes multiple congressional and state legislature districts.

        1. Thanks for clarification.

          One would assume (I would, at least), that a ‘large’ county containing many congressional districts (larger population) would have correspondingly more resources available to perform election day tasks.

    2. Counties hit by the last hurricane got their ballots in on time.

      1. Why should votes not count because of arbitrary deadlines and govt ineptitude?

        1. Because we have rules about these things. Why have an election day? Just let people vote whenever they like. Moreover, why do you assume these votes are valid when all evidence indicates they are fraudulent?

        2. “Why should votes not count because of arbitrary deadlines and govt ineptitude?”

          Because it creates an unplanned for and un-witnessed window of time for corruption to occur more easily.

        3. Is it ineptitude or obfuscating stupidity?

          Broward county’s election official’s incompetence seems to consistantly benefit her party. It is a feature, not a bug.

          1. You can only prove fraud by examining and accounting for every ballot.

            1. Which she doesn’t allow despite the rules.

            2. I guess they better get started then.

        4. why do football games have set time frames? shit i don’t know, don’t be so stupid

        5. Why have a vote? Why don’t we just let the elites decide? Maybe just the smarter people, our betters. They know what’s best.

          It’s already so difficult to vote anyway because those damn Republicans insist people be citizens, show up on time, and have identification, I’m lazy enough to just let anyone the media decides to win, win.

    3. Rick Scott is a known Medicare cheat and scumbag.

      Why does he not want all the votes counted?

      The FL SoS is a Republican.

      1. Rick Scott is a known Medicare cheat and scumbag.

        So its OK to cheat to keep him out of office, Weigel?

        1. To Lefties it a war.

          The sooner non-Lefty Americans realize this and fight back the better for America.

          1. War’s over. The right-wingers lost. Wake up and smell the tolerance, reason, education, liberty, science, and modernity.

            1. Poor Lefties trying to act like they are not super desperate.

              Winners of wars dont act like 5 year olds, like Lefties are acting.

              You Lefties are trying to steal elections because you know that you are losing on all fronts. Even Lefties dont accept that winning the House by 10 seats is a win. Hahaha.

              Trump replacing RBG is a win!

            2. Smells like a Trump presidency to me.

              1. So that’s what it is. I’ve been checking my shoes all morning. I thought I stepped in something.

      2. C:\> cd \mywork Rick Scott is a known Medicare cheat and scumbag. repeat loop

      3. Why does he not want all the votes counted?

        The apparent fraud, perhaps?

      4. Do you REALLY want to disqualify people for office on account of being cheats and scumbags, considering your party’s history?

    4. I never know how one might fix this, of improperly handled ballots, except to do one’s best to preclude fraud and incompetence in the first place. If you say, if you don’t handle them correctly then they simply don’t count, then you are exposed to fraud on that account. Like Palm Beach itself is all rich snobby country-club society Republicans; but Palm Beach County is overwhelmingly Democratic and so so are its election officials. (The county seat is actually West Palm Beach, which seems to be something of a shithole.) Election officials are not always handling “friendly” ballots.

      1. East Coast Florida tends to attract retirees from the Boston-NYC-DC megalopolis. The wealthy people there are not necessarily GOP stalwarts.

        1. The legendary Vanity Fair article, probably the best piece ever written about Trump, seems to suggest that they were not your typical New York snowbirds but the old-school “restricted club” society set. To give you an idea, until recently their long-serving mayor was Republican Paul Romanovsky Ilyinsky. Yes one of those ones, with him the only one ever elected to any office thus far; his old man was one of the few to survive because he was exiled to Iran after killing Rasputin.

          1. That’s impressive, killing Rasputin was tougher than killing Jason or Freddy.

          2. It’s important to keep in mind that the Town of Palm Beach is a different entity than Palm Beach County, Florida.

            The Town of Palm Beach is an enclave of the rich and famous, home to such as the Astors and the Kennedys, notorious for an attempt in the 1980s to require anyone not a resident to have an Identification Card to prove that they were in the town “legally”. This ended up failing not so much because it was an egregious violation of civil rights but simply because it imposed such a huge burden on the “lower orders” who had to come into the town to clean their houses and repair and maintain their stuff that it was called off.

            The wealth of the residents of the Town of Palm Beach is sufficient to make Palm Beach County the richest county in Florida but without it the residents of Palm Beach County are pretty much ordinary Americans.

      2. If the ballots are improperly handled then void them and charge the election judges and poll workers with one count of “depravation of civil rights” and “conspiracy to deprive civil rights” for every ballot that got tossed out. Multiple life sentences would deter the next fellow from screwing up their one job.

  23. “By Sunday, the fire had ravaged 85,550 acres of land and destroyed at last 177 buildings, including the homes of Miley Cyrus and other celebrities. “Wildfires across California have scorched nearly 200,000 acres and killed at least 31 people in total in recent days,” ”

    Including 31 people who are not famous enough to mention by name and are certainly not as important as Miley Cyrus’s home.

    1. Including 125,000 acres, 23 dead, and 6700 structures from the Camp fire; Miley’s house outweighs all that.

      1. well she is important and will probably have to live in one of her other houses while 6700 families have no other homes to go to

  24. The humanity! People in govt will be subpoenaed and compelled to tell the truth.

    1. You mean like Eric Holder? The guy who committed perjury before Congress multiple times and was held in contempt of Congress. Since that is the standard, I am sure you are going to be fine with Trump’s people lying to Congress or just generally telling them to fuck off. Right?

      1. Will he be cool with Pompeo et al directly lying to Congress?

      2. I was thinking more along the lines of Clapper. Will tell you the least untruthful answer he can.

  25. Get Cynical, Get Angry, And Stay Free
    When is the last time one of these “The Republican won oh wait looky here it’s a whole bunch of new votes that Lou found in the basement” scenarios ever turned out with a Republican gaining votes? Defying the laws of probability and common sense, never. If it wasn’t a fraud, once in a while the Republican would win. But he never, ever does. Hmmmm.

    …They are not even trying to pretend this isn’t a giant plot to steal elections ? they’re just defaulting to “Well, you’re racist for wanting fair elections.” The law says you have to announce the total number of votes you received shortly after the polls close? Rule of law, schmool of law, who cares what some judge says? That law makes it hard for new votes to be “found,” so it’s racist somehow.

    1. Is this Ann Coulter?

      1. Oops, no, it’s some other dude, never mind.

    2. Growing up, I remember some kids played games with only one rule: it’s not cheating if you’re not caught. They must be Democrat poll workers now.

  26. Democrat Kirsten Sinema is still narrowly beating Republican Martha McSally in Arizona..

    But John guaranteed a McSally win?

    1. C:\> cd \mywork Take line “Democrat Kirsten Sinema is still narrowly beating Republican Martha McSally in Arizona..” and add

      But John guaranteed a McSally win?

    2. Hey mister sole-libertarian-here. You seem curiously incurious about the election corruption going on.

      1. His programmers are still working on a script for that. Right now he just screams WINGNUT!! It is all they have right now.

      2. You seem curiously incurious about the election corruption going on.

        since the Norm Coleman election where the judges were all GOP and every ballot was meticulously counted yet WingNuts STILL declared FRAUD!!!! I don’t listen to idiot wingnut sites on “fraud”.

        1. C:\> cd \mywork Election =Norm Coleman!! Norm Coleman~!!

        2. Sarah Palin’s Buttplug|11.12.18 @ 10:13AM|#
          “…I don’t listen to idiot wingnut sites on “fraud”.”

          Just lefty ignoramuses screaming “RUSSKIS!!!”
          We’ve noticed.

    3. Kirsten Sinema

      She may be a c-u-n-t. But she is also a total milf.

      1. Would.

        Between her and AOC, the Dems have really upped their game this election.

      2. AZ is electing the first hot bisexual atheist to the Senate.

        So we have that going for us.

        1. Thats some Governor mansion action that I could get behind/on top of/underneath…whatever.

  27. “Democrats pledge to safeguard probe of Russian meddling”

    Ya think they ought to find some to ‘probe’ it?
    Maybe they could also look into where Obo was born to waste some more time and money.

    1. Notice no MSM claims of foreign agents tampering with this election.

      When Democrats do bad- some other nation’s intervention cause it.
      When Democrats win House- no foreign intervention happened.

  28. I cannot tell if this is a joke. It’s hard to tell when Allen is joking, and the same goes for #Resistance Democrats

    So all that “Hitler, Racist, White Supremacy, grab ’em by the pussy” stuff is a joke? That makes me feel better. I guess I can laugh with them instead of at them.

    1. Progs are such tough guys. Fighting for the RESISTANCE by taking on 100 lbs girls.

      1. If a bigoted baker can send a cakeless customer out of an establishment, citizens with First Amendment rights should be entitled to express peaceful opposition to lousy people.

        1. That doesn’t even make any sense. I know you are dumb as a post, but even Shreek makes more sense than this. Take your backwoods bullshit somewhere else.

        2. That would be an excellent argument if bakers were allowed to do that.

        3. peaceful opposition

          Berating someone and chasing them out is not “peaceful”. But you know that. You are an evil person.

        4. Where are the real lefties? You’re already drunk and making nonsensical arguments and it’s only noon

    2. I am disappointed that Timpf was not armed. Also, would.

  29. House Democrats Plan to Use Their New Majority to Target Trump. Let’s Hope It Keeps Them Too Busy to Legislate:

    And by this, ENB means- to busy to roll back more government, Trump replace RBG, Trump replace Thomas, Trump replace Breyer, and any more tax cuts.

    1. We all know that RINOs and Democrats will work together to pass huge spending bills.

      Hopefully, Trump does not sign them this time.

      1. Yeah, hope in one hand, shit in the other, see which one you are still holding.
        The more ‘uge the spending bill is, the more likely Trump will sign it. Sad.

        1. He can politically veto the spending bills now that the Democrats control the House.

          Although, bi-partisan Congress has pretty much had veto proof votes so far on massive spending bills. A Trump veto wont matter in the end.

    2. Working with Democrats does NOT guarantee reelection for Republicans and they should remember that.

      I also hope Republicans fully repeal ObamaCare before Democrats take over in January.

    3. ENB can’t bring herself to condemn a massive conspiracy to overthrow the 2016 Presidential election?

  30. “Women sing supposed love songs with dark twist in light of #MeToo”
    “The Police’s hit single “Every Breath You Take” was lauded as a love song in the ’80s. Sung by Sting, it won Grammy Awards and is ranked among the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.
    But since then, as local singer Laurie Lewis’ rendition emphasized, the lyrics ? “Every move you make/ Every bond you break /Every step you take/ I’ll be watching you” ? have taken on a whole new meaning.
    “It felt like she was singing that she’d be watching me,” audience member Eirik Johnson said with an uncomfortable shrug.
    Johnson’s experience was just one effect of “Romantic Songs of the Patriarchy,” an immersive exhibition that featured 30 female Bay Area artists singing songs about women for three hours on end over three days.”

    Betting the scalping market is pretty small for the tickets

    1. I remember “Every Breath You Take” as always being a creepy stalker song.

      1. It is. Though I’m partial to this Bon Jovi video. Check out a young Keri Russell! Also note that the dude, the awesomely named Jack Noseworthy, turned out to be a total gay so maybe he should have calmed down a bit.

        Every year I keep waiting for “Baby It’s Cold Outside” to be banished. I have a feeling ’tis the season. Or at the very most we’ve got two more tops.

    2. As I recall, that song was about Sting’s divorce at the time. It was never really meant to be a straightforward love song.

      1. Yes. Also:

        ‘When asked why he appears angry in the music video, Sting told BBC Radio 2, “I think the song is very, very sinister and ugly and people have actually misinterpreted it as being a gentle little love song, when it’s quite the opposite.” ‘

        1. Probably because he sung it in a gentle voice.

          1. Plus he’s super dreamy.

    1. If we cannot have fair elections, there is no need to continue this experiment.

      Give all Lefties a choice: Leave the USA or be forced out. We’re taking the United States of America back.

      Lefties can demand that Syria and the Middle Eastern countries have open borders and move there.. Its a human right after all.

    2. or

      Registered Voters: 1,174,851
      Ballots Cast: 714,859
      Voter Turnout: 60.85%

    1. Seems like it should be easier to bring officers to forcibly remove Bucher.

    2. You know these shenanigans would be covered wall to wall in national and local news if it were Republicans pulling them.

  31. From the link to the Huffington Post article:

    “In suing to seize ballots and impound voting machines, Rick Scott is doing his best to impersonate Latin American dictators who have overthrown Democracies in Venezuela and Cuba,” Pe?alosa said.

    When was the last time Cuba had a democracy? Batista took over in 1933. The party that fucking loves science fucking hates history.

  32. Pakistani Christian woman denied UK asylum ‘because it may stir civil unrest’
    In a truly disgusting state of affairs, it has been claimed that persecuted Christian Pakistani Asia Bibi won’t be given asylum in Britain because of concerns for her safety if she came to the country.

    Bibi has been released from death row after 8 years for blasphemy after the Supreme Court overturned the conviction. Her supposed crime? ‘Insulting the Prophet Mohammed’.

    Her husband Ashiq Masih now fears for his family’s safety and has said: “I am requesting the Prime Minister of the UK help us and as far as possible grant us freedom.”

    The Huffington Post have been told that her request for asylum in the UK has been turned down because of possible security concerns and civil unrest. If true, we’re in a dark place as a country.

    1. Has reason said a word about this? They find the time to write about some mayor in Africa asking everyone to report gays but they can’t seem to notice this. I thought they were all about asylum and refugees? It is almost like they are just assholes who don’t give a fuck about anything that doesn’t push whatever culture war they are fighting or something.

      1. Food trucks, John. Food. Trucks.

        1. If she was only interested in starting a food truck or an organic pot farm, reason might be interested in her case.

        2. Food trucks are an contemptibly frivolous matter for libertarians to be fixated upon. Unlike menthol cigarettes, which are the cornerstone of our republic.

          1. Everyone has their pony Diego.

      2. She might commit some horrible atrocity like complaining about men in the women’s restroom or declining to bake a gay wedding cake

      3. You cannot expect Reason to get behind a blatant islamophobe, John.

        1. I believe your comma was supposed to be a colon.

          1. John would be very unhappy indeed if Reason got behind his colon.

          2. Please do not include me in your and John’s petty feud.

    2. Being someone named “Bibi” who really gets in the craw of Muslim terrorists cannot be good for your case with the Left either.

  33. How the GOP Gave Up on Porn
    Once, the fight against pornography was the beating heart of the American culture war. Now porn is a ballooning industry ? and maybe a harmful one ?with no real opponents. What happened?

    By TIM ALBERTA November/December 2018


    Good read for you conservative Peanuts still enraged by our culture wars

    1. Mr. Buttplug is right. It‘s a decent article on an important subject, albeit from a position that’s rather sympathetic–and biased, to the point of misrepresenting science–to porn nannyism. (Also, rather unsurprisingly, do not look to it for an accurate–or more than a cursory–discussion of the increasingly prominent role of the rising schoolmarmish bougie Left.)

    2. Ummmmmm, what are you talking about? As you must be aware, Republicans are literally trying to turn this country into The Handmaid’s Tale. You expect legal pornography under a theocratic dictatorship? Of course not!

      That’s part of the sinister genius of having a President with an ex-model wife and a history of affairs with pornstars and Playmates. He’s the last person you’d expect to bring about a fundamentalist Christian government. But that’s exactly what will happen unless Democrats are back in the White House soon.

  34. The Woolsey Fire continues to claim land?and lives?in California. By Sunday, the fire had ravaged 85,550 acres of land and destroyed at last 177 buildings, including the homes of Miley Cyrus and other celebrities. “Wildfires across California have scorched nearly 200,000 acres and killed at least 31 people in total in recent days,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

    It came in like a wrecking ball!

  35. Damn, I just found out my parents voted Democrat down there in Broward County. They never would have done this when they were alive.

    1. People change.

      1. Classic decomposition of morals.

        1. For a while it actually looked like a stiffening of morals, then everything started to fall apart.

    2. “My Daddy came back from the grave just to vote in Florida, but the inconsiderate bastard never visited me during his break from the afterlife!”

      1. What a horrible T-shirt design idea. I expected far better from the likes of you, Eddie.

    1. “Only ones”.

    2. Typical liberal bias. Here’s what the cops actually say happened:

      “A Midlothian officer encountered a subject with a gun and was involved in an officer-involved shooting. The subject the officer shot was later pronounced deceased at an area hospital”

      Those backward Republican hicks in – where was this, Alabama or someplace?

      Oh, Chicago. Well, I think they have a few Republicans here and there.

      1. The officer was involved in an officer-involved shooting. Yeah, I’ll bet he was.

    3. Fuuuuuhhhhh …
      Thanks for the nutpunch.

  36. Haven’t you heard that Democrats in Congress can walk and chew gum at the same time? You have if you’ve been listening to any of them speak over the past week! Walk…. and chew gum. Pass symbolic legislation and investigate the fuck out the of dotard. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

    1. I have definitely never heard that any of them are capable of that.

      1. He’s right. We shouldn’t really care whether they pass the time passing meaningless legislation. It’s too bad the chance to do anything good for the next two years has passed but I’ll take gridlock; the incompetent House leadership and “centrist”-balanced tiny Senate majority didn’t get much done anyway except manage to make Obamacare popular.

    2. Exactly. Investigate #TrumpRussia. And Stormy Daniels. And the Playboy model. And the shady, still unexplained reason for Kennedy’s abrupt retirement. And Kavanaugh.

      And while they’re doing that, pass common sense gun violence prevention legislation. Heck, that’s the reason I voted straight ticket Democrat last week. I expect them to deliver in a major way in 2019.

      1. I think you expect to see more human brain matter on the walls of schools and bars and that you actively endorse it as the price to pay for securing a right of a tiny minority of Americans to indulge in their sick, stupid fetish.

        1. Good point. Someone should outlaw shooting people in schools and bars. That’ll fix it.

          1. Someone should consider the NRA a terrorist organization and treat its members accordingly.

            1. Good point. We wouldn’t want to have an organization dedicated to teaching people about firearm safety. No sir. That’s dangerous!

              1. It’s dedicated to selling guns. It can’t do that effectively by only selling to the well trained.

                1. I no longer buy all my guns from the NRA. Bunch of sellouts on NFNB, Fix NICS, and bump stocks if you ask me. GOA guns only from here on out.

                2. Do you know anything about the NRA other than what leftist media says about it?

                  I’m a member of a local gun club, and the NRA holds events there all the time. They teach firearm safety and marksmanship among other things. Funny thing is, the NRA doesn’t sell guns. They don’t make guns. They don’t own any gun companies or gun stores.

                  1. This narrative has really taken hold among the progs, that the NRA is the gun manufacturers’ lobby somehow. On the one hand, it’s been an incredibly successful PR campaign to get them to believe that. On the other, there are risks to having everyone on the hardcore anti-gun side in thrall to a baldfaced lie that leaves them so blinkered in their perspective.

                    In any case it’s a great microcosm of the current state of affairs, with damn near all the nation’s money behind the interests of the bougie center-left. All their groups are astroturf fronts for megadonor industrialists; they can’t conceive of an organization that really is a genuine membership-based grassroots organization. In truth there are hardly any around.

                  2. Do you know anything about the NRA other than what leftist media says about it?

                    It’s Tony, so… no.

                3. Sure, without the NRA where would the bad guys get their guns?

                4. It’s dedicated to selling guns.

                  Which they do, diabolically, by not selling guns.

            2. Terrorism has a definition. Since you are making the accusation, can you provide an example of the NRA committing violence instill fear and for political goals?

        2. OBL is on your side, Tony. Be more kind.

          1. Yes, that outburst was puzzling. As a left-libertarian, I agree with progressives like Tony on most important issues except economic inequality. (I like that some people have net worths in the tens of billions.)

        3. tiny minority of Americans

          I thought you were all about the rights of minorities.

          Also, 100 million of 330 million isn’t exactly “tiny”.

      2. OBL, have you abandoned being a Reasonoid and gone full Niskanenite? Bad news; they have abandoned the libertarian label altogether in a fit of honesty. I am telling the Kochs on you.

        1. Niskanenite

          I don’t know what that is. But I can’t see myself leaving Reason as long as they’re the premier Internet destination for open borders advocacy.

          1. I am saying your perspective on gun control is straining your liberal-tarian credibility. This is one thing even the wokest Kochtarian never “to be sure”s, to their enormous credit.

    3. I have yet to see evidence that Democrat pols have the mental capacity to breathe and chew gum at the same time.

      1. Not everyone can possess the singular genius of a Louie Gohmert.

    4. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

      Indeed. Keep the clown-show going. I need to buy more barrels for proggie tears when Team Blue’s histrionics cause them to be wiped out in 2020.

      1. Your president treated the 100th anniversary of WWI as an opportunity to bitch about the weather, and Democrats engage in histrionics?

        1. He’s not the president of any person, he’s the President of the United States.

        2. “Your president.” When people said that about Obama they were accused of racism. Principals, not principles.

        3. Your president

          Donald Trump is not my president. Donald Trump is not your president. Donald Trump is the president. Stop with your weird ownership/worship of politicians.

          bitch about the weather

          Unless I am mistaken, he was making a joke. Lighten up, Francis.

        4. Tony, a little bit of advice. When you make a big deal out of a speech with a little light-hearted humor in it, you really cheapen the message when you attack Trump for legitimate complaints. Much like how calling everyone who disagrees with you a racist, cheapens the effect of when you point out actually racism.

          Perhaps you should try some additional research into the subject.

          1. Anyone who isn’t already convinced that he’s a psychologically damaged incompetent jackass is beyond help.

            1. Yeah Obama is a racist jackass. I agree.

    1. Now that SCOTUS’s “conservatives” gave the green light (the “liberals” voted against it) for the states to descend like vultures upon the nation’s consumers and small business owners, everyone will be paying Internet sales taxes soon. But only Chicago would go beyond that, and even “sin taxes,” to an undisguised “fun tax.” I am glad Polygon managed to say something about it in between calling everyone less woke than Teen Vogue “alt-right.”

  37. I remain convinced that the reason so many people in the white, blue collar, middle class of the Midwest started to identify with Trump was that hey saw him being excoriated by the elites in Washington and the media in the same terms that they themselves were excoriated. One example is seeing them embrace the word “deplorables” as a badge of honor. The association in their minds was that if the elites and the news media hate Trump even more than they hate us–and for all the same reasons–then he must be one of us. Gabba Gabba Hey!

    Watching the Democrats double down on that strategy in the House will almost certainly have the same effect come 2020, but I don’t know what else they can do to differentiate themselves–especially if the economy holds up.

    Trump has adopted progressive economic policies as his own, so they can’t differentiate themselves on that. What are they going to do–embrace free trade with China? Is illegal immigration so popular that the Democrats can win on that issue? Maybe they’ll run on using the government to force voters to make sacrifices in their standard of living to fight climate change?

    When you make everything about identity politics, I guess this is what happens: You’re left arguing that people should vote for your candidate because she’s a woman. I guess the Democrats will continue to throw bones to their base while continuing to alienate the deplorable voters in the Midwest they need to win. Maybe the economy will tank.

    1. The House popular vote was 6%+ for Democrats. What the fuck are you talking about? What’s alienating people is Trump’s severe psychological problems.

      1. >>>House popular vote

        not a thing.

        1. I’d love to see the “popular vote” for, say, the Prime Minister’s party in the UK or some other parliamentary democracy.

          1. I guess that’s what Tony is calling for. Since Peloisi is now the Speaker, he wants us to have a prime minister chosen by the House rather than a presidential system.

            I suppose it’s become a feature of progressives that they want to rewrite the Constitution in some say every time they win or would have won an election.

            Incidentally, our state legislatures picking senators was the lynchpin of federalism. Going to the popular election of senators destroyed that check on the federal government by the states, and America is worse off for it.

            I once toured Hearst Castle when a tour guide explained how the Senate was undemocratic before Hearst campaigned for the popular election of senators. My group was dominated by tourists from the UK. I asked them whether they thought their system of government was “undemocratic”. The answer was “no”.

            1. Incidentally, our state legislatures picking senators was the lynchpin of federalism. Going to the popular election of senators destroyed that check on the federal government by the states, and America is worse off for it.

              Exactly. The federal government forces states to pass legislation that the federal government couldn’t do on it’s own, not constitutionally anyway, as a condition of receiving federal money. Drinking age and speed limits come to mind, but I know there are tons more. There is no way that a Senate full of people representing state governments would have passed legislation to blackmail the governments they represent.

              1. No joke. Even worse than the income tax, direct popular election of Senators has fucked this country royally.

                1. +1

                  1. and damikesc too.

      2. You don’t have to demonstrate your utter ignorance at every turn, y’know.

      3. There is no such thing as a house popular vote. You are so stupid, you will literally repeat any talking point given to you. Doesn’t it ever get old being as stupid and gullible as you are?

        1. There is such a thing. It may not mean anything legally, but it still exists.

    2. Biden is their best chance by far I can see but most people seem convinced they’ll be too stupid to take him.

      1. He’s the shortest midget?

        1. Tallest midget. And with a meh economy even he may be able to dunk on Trump.

      2. Those polls are mostly about name recognition at this point.

        Remember positive Q-score is about being liked divided by being known.

        The better you’re known, the better your Q-score among Democrats, and that’s pretty much all those polls are measuring at this point.

        The further you get outside of California, the fewer people recognize the name, Kamala Harris. Is she that girl on American Horror Story?

        1. I wasn’t really talking about a poll so much as he’s the only one who can speak anything but urban-coastal prog. Running against an an urban-coastal prog. Yes things have gotten that bad for the Democrats’ talent.

          I think he’d be a formidable opponent for attacking any softness remaining in the demographic minority that is as inevitably the Republicans’ future core as the Democrats are destined to dominate the country as a whole.

          1. Biden is ranking high in polls that have come out. He’s up near the top of the candidates on the British betting sites.

            I have a hard time believing that anybody finds him appealing in pretty much any way. And other than shoving his foot in his mouth, what’s he known for?

            He’s famous for being famous. He’s like an old, white, male Kardashian. People know who he is. That’s about it.

            1. Don’t you think he has a bit of the vaunted blue collar cred? And not just because of all the time he spent sweating in the coal mines with Neil Kinnock.

              1. Maybe people know more about him than I thought. I certainly didn’t know that about him.

            2. I have a hard time believing that anybody finds him appealing in pretty much any way. And other than shoving his foot in his mouth, what’s he known for?

              Creepily touching young girls?

            3. >>>what’s he known for?

              plagiarism! … although he slid on it somehow.

  38. >>>all valid ballots

    you already destroyed “credible”. gonna do “valid” now too?

  39. Here’s a fascinating video from Reuters:…..oChannel=1

    “LGBT migrants face bullying at home and in caravan”

    LGBT migrants who fled Honduras after facing death threats in their home country say they’re now victims of bullying from within the caravan making its way to the U.S.

    I wonder if social justice warriors will continue to support these people’s entry into the U.S. once they find out that so many of them are homophobic bullies?

    1. No, silly, admitting them will add to the number of “anti-LGBT bias incidents” and allow more fundraising appeals from the “anti-bigotry” industry. Plus of course calling people racists who point to the national origins of the perpetrators in any given incident.

      1. In fact, “anti-gay hate crimes” committed by the immigrants will be an excellent excuse to promote more explicit “tolerance” training in schools.

        A win/win.

        1. So, I guess now they’ll be looking to admit some racist refugees from somewhere?

          1. They’ll be looking to actively ignore the problem, and since it short-circuits their programming to think there’s any conflict between liberalized immigration and non-liberal immigrants, they’ll simply scream xenophobia until the problem can’t be denied any longer, then they’ll set up citizenship classes to teach immigrants the wonders of hedonism, which as everyone knows makes everyone mellower.

    2. I’ve been told by lefties that migrants will all assimilate and find a job in accounting. I imagine that includes opinions of gay people

      1. Well, they probably will. Or their children will, at least.

        Maybe if righties spent more time trying to sell them on the ideas of hard work and self-reliance and less on talking about how some of them are probably bad people, they would assimilate in a more agreeable way.

  40. Why not investigate The Dotard?

    Just make up a fake scandal if you have to (like BENGHAZI!!!!)




    1. Just let an ambassador be murdered and then throw an innocent man in prison as a result. Great idea dipshit. You can’t even post the proper talking points. My god you are stupid.

      1. I love how they gloss over the part A) they lied about it being a terrorist attack, b) apparently did nothing to help Stevens, c) blamed it on a VIDEO and then cynically for good measure threw an innocent man in jail.


        1. Whoever feeds him talking points at Media Matters has the worst job in the world. Could you imagine trying to keep that delusional retard on point?

        2. All fucking lies. You people suck.

          1. Poor Tony. His side’s lies are being ignored more and more.

            The propagandists in media are being ignored more and more.

            Trump is president.

            RBG will be replaced soon.

            Its been a tough two years for Tony and his Lefty Useful Idiots.

            1. Tell us more about how the Republicans are going to win the House.

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