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Christian Group Clarifies That Trump Is Not Jesus

A perplexing billboard made their views on the matter unclear.


President Donald Trump is not Jesus Christ.

He's not the savior of the world who came to Earth to atone for the human race's wrongs. He was not crucified. Bankruptcies aside, he has never come back from the dead. Trump is a man, nothing more.

Or is he? It seemed like that was the question residents of St. Louis County, Missouri, were supposed to ask when they looked up at a large billboard featuring a picture of Trump along with the phrases: "The Word Became Flesh…" and "Make the Gospel Great Again:"

The ad, which has been taken down, appeared on an electronic billboard owned by DDI Media. The company wouldn't say who had paid for it, but an organization called "Make the Gospel Great again" has claimed credit.

"The Word became flesh" is a reference to the Book of John. Chapter 1, Verse 14 says that the Word (Jesus) took human form and "dwelt among us" on Earth.

So was the ad claiming that Trump and Jesus are one in the same? Some people weren't sure. "I didn't know what to make of it," local resident Sherri Chisholim told KMOV. "I didn't know what message it was trying to send but I felt like it was somewhat offensive, I didn't know if they were trying to equate Donald Trump to Jesus."

Make the Gospel Great Again

In a Facebook post today, Make the Gospel Great Again clarified that the "billboard IS NOT equating Jesus with" Trump. But the group does consider Trump to be a messenger sent from God:

[J]ust as King David liberated the faithful in his day, President Trump is doing this today through his protection of the unborn, defense of our land against foreign invaders and standing up for Israel. He surrounds himself with champions for Christian Rights –Mike Pence, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh. Compared to the disaster of a president we had in Obama, how is this not the "word become flesh" for Americans? As Christians we must not stand against God's will despite the persecution we face for doing so.

It's safe to say they probably could have been a bit clearer.

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  1. I believe the State is God in the interpretation of the “bake the cake” variety of libertarianism.

    1. I can confirm that Trump is not Jesus. In his original incarnation or any of his subsequent twelve regenerations.

      1. GAWD is the new God, I know that much… Is GAWD = Trump? Not sure, I am stewing on it…

        Scienfoology Song? GAWD = Government Almighty’s Wrath Delivers

        Government loves me, This I know,
        For the Government tells me so,
        Little ones to GAWD belong,
        We are weak, but GAWD is strong!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        My Nannies tell me so!

        GAWD does love me, yes indeed,
        Keeps me safe, and gives me feed,
        Shelters me from bad drugs and weed,
        And gives me all that I might need!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        My Nannies tell me so!

        DEA, CIA, KGB,
        Our protectors, they will be,
        FBI, TSA, and FDA,
        With us, astride us, in every way!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        My Nannies tell me so!

        1. That’s like singing the teapot dwarf pardon song in front of chicks who play WoW. Just embarrassing.

          1. That’s Pally (short for Paladin) not pardon. Heretic! 🙂

            1. Boss level squirrels hijacked that comment.

      2. Was Jesus a pussy-grabber?

        1. Died a 33-year-old virgin.
          Apparently has a young fianc?e named “Ekklis?a” though, and has been waiting almost 2000 years for her.

  2. I’d like to know (assuming the group is serious) how many actual members and major donors they have.

    1. Are you accusing Joe of just picking on some minor organization that ran a single billboard in a single location? Why, that would be too typical

      1. Catholic school boy Joe is doing his part to stamp out heresy. We see now how far astray Protestantism can lead us without the guidance of the authority of the store of tradition and ongoing active guidance of the Apostolic succession. If Trump was truly Jesus he would not have pulled out of the Paris Accords.

    2. I’d like to know (assuming the group is serious) how many actual members and major donors they have.

      Pandering to superstitious dumbasses can be lucrative, as plenty of televangelists, faith healers, pyramid scheme operator, and Republican elected officials demonstrate.

      1. So, you’re saying you don’t know either?

      2. Wow, and just the other day you were saying how your guide was reason and introspection and suggesting that others follow suit. But today it is back to name calling. Or maybe that is your idea of reason and introspection?

      3. Pandering to superstitious dumbasses can be lucrative
        Kirkland and his pals are okay with acupuncture, naturopathy, chakras, ancient astronauts, Lysenkoism, astrology, crop circles, Wind turbine syndrome, healing crystals, magnet therapy, ESP, biodynamic agriculture, primal therapy, dianetics, ley lines, colon cleanses and Feng Shui, BUT NO RELIGION. THAT’S SUPERSTITIOUS.

        1. …not to mention Al Gore’s Current TV (before he sold it to oil barons), socialized medicine, socialism in general, and Democrat elected officials. A really slick “prosperity gospel” preacher type might be able to make a very comfortable living fleecing his befuddled flock of a few million bucks, but a high priest of any of the left’s cults (be it Al Gore with his climate cult or Fidel Castro with his cult of personality) can loot billions of dollars from his victims, a hefty percentage of whom aren’t even members of his cult.

      4. “Pandering to superstitious dumbasses can be lucrative, as plenty of televangelists, faith healers, pyramid scheme operator, and Republican elected officials demonstrate.”

        So you scoff at the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Jimmy Carter, etc.?

        Face it Arty, you’re just a hardcore bigot with a stunted mind.

  3. Who knows what “the word” is an English translation of, with regards to the Bible? Or what “the word” references?

    1. Because clearly this “Christian” group doesn’t know the answer to either question

      1. The Protestant Bible is just a little different is all.

        1. See? This is what happens without the guidance of both 1 and 2 Maccabees.

          1. Protestant bibles are an abomination

            1. I will admit Esther, one of my favorite books, is much better literature without the deuterocanonical additions.

              1. You’re dead to me

    2. Who knows what “the word” is an English translation of, with regards to the Bible?

      Logos, the ancient Greek concept of the mind/logic/reason. But it can also mean a representation of that, ie the written word.

      1. But not the same way in which we would think of as a “word”

        1. Not exactly. I think that’s why it’s called “the” word.

          1. True. What I mean is while it’s literally translated as “the Word” the ancient understanding of the phrase is different from our current understanding

            1. Logos is translated as “word”, but our definition of “word” is not the same understanding as what the Stoics understood that phrase to mean

              1. For example

            2. To paraphrase Vanilla Ice:
              Logos to your mother.

  4. Duh … Jesus grew up in Africa and had a killer tan by the time he returned to his roots.

  5. “I like your Christ. But your Christians suck ass”


    1. This is the same Ghandi that took his faith so seriously that he refused to allow his wife to take antibiotics (which caused her death), but then willingly took antibiotics when he himself got sick?

      1. Hey, Isaac Newton was clearly a genius but also a moronic simpleton in many ways.

        1. The first thing that Newton did when becoming the head honcho of the Royal Society was to remove Hooke’s portrait from the lobby. Dude was petty AF.

          1. You could say he sprung into action.

      2. “…he refused to allow his wife to take antibiotics…”

        Is that for real? Got any cites handy?

        I did once read that Ghandi slept naked next to young wild babes (w/o having sex with them) to prove his self-control. I also read that when Ghandi was jet-setting all over and had a small army of handlers, he’d still make a show of “eating and dressing plainly like the poor people”, even when it cost extra money to do this. One of his handlers once commented that “We have to spend a lot of money to keep Ghandi poor”, or some such.

        Anyway, cite(s) please if you have one or a few…

        1. Gandhi – king of the virtue-signallers!

          Or was he trying to set an example?

          Like Trump, he had the common touch. And they like it!

      3. He also got off on enemas and womens’ bowel movements. Hell, he even disowned his own son because he didn’t take up pure asceticism. He was a racist, too. Fucking HATED blacks. Yeah, he was flawed to say the least, LOL.

      4. Who’s your hero, Just Sayin’? Let’s take him or her and demonstrate he or she was just a non-perfect human with flaws like everyone else.

        1. Sure. Let’s begin with all Christians since that was the broad generalization that I was responding to

        2. I know what yer sayin’ about that them thar flawed heroes… Despite his flaws, Ghandi is a bit of a hero to me…

          Ditto Jimmy Carter, for having some more humility and self-restraint than some other POTUSes that we have known since then! But a “flawed Jimmy Carter” story that I have heard, is that he’d make a show (in sight of the cameras) of lugging his own luggage up the ramp of his Air Force One on-ramp. As soon as he’d be on the plane and out of the sight of the news media cameras, he’d pass his luggage to his flunkies for handling from there on in! (Similar to Ghandi; making a show of one’s own lowly status, AKA humility).

          The only UN-flawed heroes I have ever known are MEEEEE, and the Dick Solomon character of the old comedy “Third Rock from the Sun”!!!!

      5. most people that follow some silly set of superstitious rules are willing to violate them. Like all those bible thumpers getting abortions for their little mistresses.

    2. Ghandi was himself a bit of a prick. So there is that.

    3. “I like your Christ. But your Christians suck ass”


      When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, an old man (who I liked and respected) says to me,
      “SQRLSY One, I believe in God, but I don’t believe in His Little Helpers”.

      (Very skeptical of organized religion). I have assimilated this saying…

      1. Oh, do you think of government officials as little elves, Satan’s little helpers?

        1. Yeah, ya NAILED it!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!!

  6. Just a bit about the David myth–

    “Archaeology instead shows that in the time of Solomon, the northern kingdom of Israel was quite small, too poor to be able to pay for a vast army, and with too little bureaucracy to be able to administer a kingdom, certainly not an empire; it only emerged later, around the beginning of the 9th century BCE, in the time of Omri. There is little to suggest that Jerusalem, called by the Bible David’s capital, was “perhaps not more than a typical hill country village” during the time of David and of Solomon.” –Wiki recap of The Bible Unearthed. The authors are Israel Finkelstein, Professor of Archaeology at Tel Aviv U, and Neil Asher Silberman, an archaeologist and historian.

    1. The authors are Israel Finkelstein, Professor of Archaeology at Tel Aviv U, and Neil Asher Silberman, an archaeologist and historian.

      You know; morons.

  7. The company wouldn’t say who had paid for it

    One BillBoard Outside Ebbing Missouri.

  8. WWJD? I’m not sure that “Grab ’em by the pussy” is the correct answer. And how can you compare Trump and Jesus? We know Trump would never let some Roman fags in bedsheets crucify his ass, he would have kicked the shit out of them and taken their olive oil is what Trump would have done. Trump ain’t no sad pathetic loser like that Jesus fella, all the power of God at his fingertips and he winds up nailed to a tree?

    Wait a second – “Jesus?” Dark skin, cuck dad, Bethlehem anchor baby, construction worker? Jesus was a fucking wetback!

    1. Yeah, The Dotard would send Sheriff Joe to imprison Jesus for not having his papers.

      1. Or better yet, throw your subversive ass in prison.

        1. I pictured you typing that while ironing your brown shirt.

          1. I’m sure you do. You’re the type to coddle the instrument of your own destruction, all the while condemning those who would try to prevent that. No matter what i say to you, you will still be unaccountably surprised when people like PB drag you to the gallows.

      2. You may want to re-read your Bible. Bethlehem was Roman territory

        1. Technically, Bethlehem was part of the Kingdom of Judea (this was the later kingdom founded by the Maccabees). A Roman vassal, but nominally independent. That’s why it was under the rule of King Herod (who had been installed by the Romans, but was officially in charge of internal affairs).

          By the time of Jesus’s adulthood, though, it had become a full Roman province, which is why it was under the authority of the Procurator Pontius Pilatus.

          1. Prefect Pontius Pilatus, actually; “Procurator” was a retroactive title.

      3. And we may as well mention the Flight Into Egypt, when the entire Holy Family became refugees.

        Of course it was from one part of the Roman Empire to another.

        And they returned to their homeland after the persecuting king was dead.

        But it’s totally a precedent for mass immigration by people who are making a permanent home in a new country!

        1. Like many Jesus stories, it is merely a fable meant to link him to Moses.

    2. Dark skin, cuck dad, Bethlehem anchor baby, construction worker? Jesus was a fucking wetback!

      Dicey. I like it.

    3. Jesus Trump would’ve sent the Visigoth caravans packing!

  9. We need sensible billboard control laws.

  10. “Compared to the disaster of a president we had in Obama, how is this not the ‘word become flesh’ for Americans?”

    “And speaking of ‘becoming flesh’, how about that Melania, especially compared to ….”

  11. Are you telling me Jesus would be dating Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Oprah instead of some Slovenian supermodel? PROOF.

  12. the group does consider Trump to be a messenger sent from God


  13. I’ll take strange billboards for $400, Alex.

  14. “The Kingdom of Heaven will be a great Kingdom. A big beautiful Kingdom. And Satan is going to pay for it.”

    “Whenever I see one of the other Gods they always tell Me ‘I just love your Salvation. It’s the greatest. I wish my Salvation was as good”.

    “There were more people at my Ascension than there were at Muhammad’s”.

    1. Whoa, awesome! Please try out for Saturday Night Live!!!! (Can I subscribe to your newsletter?)

  15. Choose reason. Every time.

    Especially over sacred ignorance and dogmatic intolerance.

    Most especially if you are older than 12 or so. By then, childhood indoctrination fades as an excuse for backwardness, gullibility, bigotry, superstition, and ignorance.

    By ostensible adulthood it is no excuse, not even in Alabama, Mississippi, or west Texas.

    Choose reason. And education, science, tolerance, modernity, liberty, and progress.

    Choose reason. Be an adult.

    Or, at least, try.

    1. Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage…

      1. My understanding is that the new litany for the sequel is lameass, as is the entire movie. I haven’t seen it except the only famous part. And of course that is a whole movie’s worth of awesomeness right there.

    2. Choose reality every time.

      Especially over statist ignorance and leftard insanity.

      Most especially if you are older than 12 or so. By then, childhood brainwashing in government schools fades as an excuse for racism, socialism, misandry, political correctness, and all other aspects of being a leftard.

      Ostensible adulthood is no excuse either, not even in the urban $#!%holes of California, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

      Choose reality; rather than government schooling, climate cultism, Antifa, postmodernism, Marxism, and Shariah Law.

      Choose reality. Be normal.

      Or, at least, be sane.

  16. loveconstitution should be along any minute to dispute this article.

    1. I dispute it. The picture looks totally ‘shopped.

      1. I don’t dispute it. I much prefer the open display and subsequent public mockery of God King Trump over the slightly more muted display and more mainstream and earnest worship of God King Obama.

        At least I don’t have to explain or make my kids study a billboard. It seems that even when Trump is included in “textbooks”, the stories aren’t quoting him (his ghostwriter) and are more evenhanded.

        1. There’s a big difference between someone believing Trump is a messenger from God and people believing that Obama is actually for really reals God.

    2. LC1789 is too busy trying to figure out who took down his billboard to respond to you, Tony.

  17. Jesus is a raisin.

    1. No, the California Raisins are Jesus because they were the saviors of the PR of the state’s table grape industry. Until then the only thing coming to mind of every American was Cesar Chavez; they completely turned it around. Now their earthly mission is complete, and we have not heard from them for more than a generation; some are starting to lose faith but I am not.

    2. Poisonous to dogs?

      1. I thought that was chocolate.

        1. Maybe just like until Muhammad’s suppression the pagan Arabs worshipped among others both the Judeo-Christian God and Allat, “Mrs. God,” the subject of Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, Jesusette is a Raisinet.

          1. Yahweh was a desert god that Jews adopted as their own and later exalted as the sole God shortly after the Babylonian exile. Or so I understand

            1. I haven’t heard any stories of his adoption like that; my impression was that the extra-Biblical accounts of how the Jews came to worship God are pretty meager. I think the received account–and I don’t think Catholics see all that much theological reason to dispute–is that Jews did get a lot more zealous and strict about their monotheism as time passed. Of course both Christian and Jewish orthodoxy must hold that God wanted them to be monotheistic from the start. But while there’s no evidence in the Bible of the Jews worshipping any other gods, except for that which is characterized with clear disapproval and portrayed as a falling away over time, the actual written text seems to suggest a rather chill set of original instructions. For example God instructs the Jews on Sinai (1) that he is the god who led them out of Egypt; and (2) that they shall worship no other gods before him. Not only nothing about what any other people may worship (something the Jews barely care about even today), but he is not even precisely saying that he is the only god out there, or even the only god of the Jews, or the only one they should worship. And I think it is the general belief of historians that it took them a bit to get around to that strictness–to that truth, for historians of faith.

              Note that the Jews managed to fuck up even by that low standard. They make a calf and point to it and say, “This is the god that led us out of Egypt.”

              1. What would Jews have encountered in Babylon that would have made them so fervently monotheistic?

                1. Supposedly Zoroastrianism, is one version.

                2. Monotheism and governments came about at around the same time, when settlements grew into cities. Chew on that.

                  1. Polytheism grew with the state.

                  2. “Monotheism and governments came about at around the same time”

                    No. the first monotheistic religion of any major significance was most likely Zoroastrianism – circa 600 BCE, and governments, and cities of significant size existed long before then.

  18. “Christian Group Clarifies that Trump is not Jesus”

    Prove it.

  19. Given the state of retardedness that current politics is, I have decided to bring my cat with me to the polls tomorrow as my companion animal and demand a ballot for him too. If they say no, I will say that he is my personal deity, and they are infringing on my right to religious expression.

    1. Why a cat? Go all out and bring a therapy duck.

      Why a duck?

      Well, if viaducts were good enough for the ancient Romans, they’re good enough for anyone!

  20. Well, every time my wife sees Trump talking on TV, she says, “Oh, Jesus Christ.”

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  22. Will Joe be keeping us up to speed on any future doctrinal clarifications offered by this religious organization?

    Seems like a rather narrow beat for a Reason author.

    Must be some other angle at work here…

  23. Anybody want to contribute to putting up a billboard stating that Trump is a Rorschach test?

    1. Nah. But I’d gladly contribute towards any scientific study that puts Trump inside a locked steel box a la Schr?dinger’s thought experiment. Every day that boxed remains locked and unopened, I’ll give more money.

  24. Our popular conception of Jesus as a white dude may not be correct, but no matter what your position on that, no way was he as fat as Trump.

  25. He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy !

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