Reason Roundup

Happy 50th Birthday to Us: Reason Roundup

Join Reason in celebrating its 50th anniversary! Also: changes to Title IX, the fiscal impact of ballot initiatives, and the resurrection of an awful neocon meme.



Not fade away… If this magazine were a person, it would now be eligible to join the AARP (not that it would, obviously). This week we celebrate "50 Years of Free Minds and Free Markets" with a spate of Los Angeles events and the release of our December 2018 issue. How did we get here?

Reason was founded in 1968 by Boston University student Lanny Friedlander. (Read more about Reason's origin story here.) Here's an excerpt from Friedlander's first editor's note:

When REASON speaks of poverty, racism, the draft, the war, student power, politics, and other vital issues, it shall be reasons, not slogans, it gives for conclusions… Proof, not belligerent assertion. Logic, not legends. Coherence, not contradictions. This is our promise: This is the reason for REASON.

Then an "irregularly published mimeographed 'zine," it wasn't long before Reason was purchased by Robert Poole, Manny Klausner, and Tibor Michan, and professionalized. In 1978, they started the Reason Foundation, the nonprofit now behind Reason magazine.


When Katherine Mangu-Ward took over as editor-in-chief in 2016, she heard a lot about how Reason "finally" had a female lead. But Reason had a woman editor-in-chief as early as 1984, when Marty Zupan took over. Zupan was succeeded by Virginia Postrel in 1989, who held the position until Nick Gillespie took the reins in 2000, followed by Matt Welch in 2008.

These different periods of Reason history saw some major aesthetic shifts as well as the striking of different tones—from mostly manifesto- and policy-focused to a more balanced blend of policy, politics, polemics, and pop culture; from a publication that aimed to bring libertarians together, to one that also strives to spread libertarian ideals and "logic, not legends" to the broader world.

What does it mean, these days, to be a libertarian and to spread libertarianism? In the latest issue, libertarian icons, from Cato Institute executive vice president David Boaz to former ACLU head Nadine Strossen, give their answers. You'll also find Postrel looking back on predictions from Reason's 25th birthday to see how they panned out, Mangu-Ward on "zombie statistics"—those bad bits of baseless received wisdom that, with any luck, Reason will still be debunking decades from now—and Damon Root on the five worst legal decisions of the past five decades. (See the whole December issue's lineup here.)


But Reason's core passions since 1968—free speech, free trade, less militarism, more personal freedom—have been steady, and often quite ahead of the time. As Jonathan Rauch points out, Reason supported things like the decriminalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage decades before most Republicans or Democrats did.

Reason carried an editorial in 1975 supporting gay marriage. Even more impressively, the following year the Libertarian Party endorsed the idea. As for marijuana legalization, Reason has been on that case since at least 1969.

In the past few years, "dramatic reversals of long-established public opinion" on both issues "broke through at the same moment"—a good reminder that while being libertarian can seem like a Sisyphean battle against authoritarians on the left and right, a lot of significant and positive changes have happened. And while it can seem like major public opinion and policy changes like these swelled up almost overnight, the reality is that pioneers of liberty have been patiently pushing their fellow Americans along for decades.

Here's to 50 more years of placing liberty for all above all else.


Good news on Title IX trials. New guidelines from Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos are slated to change the way schools handle sexual assault and misconduct cases under Title IX. "Under the revised Title IX guidelines, universities must afford accused students the right to question their accuser," reports National Review, "though the questions can be communicated through a neutral third party and the two parties never have to face each other in the same room."


On the fiscal impact of ballot initiatives:


Correction: This post previously stated that David Boaz is president of the Cato Institute, when in fact he is executive vice president.

Correction: This post incorrectly credited Jacob Sullum, rather than Jonathan Rauch, with writing an article about legalization of marijuana and gay marriage.

NEXT: Zombie Statistics

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    1. Hello.

      Cheers to Reason.

      1. Yes! Congratulations Reason! Half a century is a long fucking time in this business.

    2. 50th Birthday of Summit Racing, too. $50 off a $500+ order with the “Summit50” code, for anyone else who happens to be a libertarian and a petrolhead. 😀

  1. I would celebrate, if I didn’t want to cry seeing what this place has devolved into.

    1. Socialists, Commies and Authoritarians need to eat too!

    2. We still celebrate my sister’s birthday even though she’s been dead for years because regardless of what she is now we’re grateful for what she once was. But you go ahead and shit all over someone carrying fond memories if you want to, it’s a very libertarian ethos.

      Me, I’ll just offer Reason a salute and a “Thank You” for all they’ve done to further the cause of liberty for half a century.

      1. ” But you go ahead and shit all over someone carrying fond memories if you want to”


        *pfffft PLOP*

        That’s for you and this awful rag. Here’s to seeing it go out of business forever.

    3. Yeah, strange that they seem unaware that the use of the word Sisyphean is extremely pretentious when applied to yourself.

  2. Under the revised Title IX guidelines, universities must afford accused students the right to question their accuser…

    And further traumatize them? Is this justice? I ask you.


    Trump declares first national monument to honor black troops. He is such a white nationalist. The bastard.

    1. I only want to know two things: When BLM and SJWs will tear this monument down?


      Who will write the Reason article praising the late night removal of the monument?

      1. Shackleford is the lead advocate for vandalism and desecration here.

        1. He won the slap fight with Soave for that title.

          1. How would the Reason cosmos rank in a cagefight? Speculative to be sure, but fun.

            1. I think one of the women would win. My money would be on Nolan Brown, she has just enough crazy cat lady in her to take care of the rest of them.

              1. This could be the weirdest thread ever. At least if you only count ones without STEVE SMITH or other exotic characters.

                I’m not going to encourage this sort of thing. But if you allow weapons, definitely ENB. Not even close. If you allow frequent guests… there’s a drunk from Boston who really enjoys fighting, so he might be the one to beat.

                1. Let me get up on that.

    2. So now we will have a monument that separates out certain minorities that is not a good thing for the military to pit some people above others.

      1. Yeah but the military was segregated until 1950.

        1. and now we are returning to that. by allowing sikhs to wear beards and hats now this as a form of separating out people as special thats not how a military is run

          1. by allowing sikhs to wear beards … this as a form of separating out people as special thats not how a military is run

            When I was in the Navy, sailors had beards. I saw some lifers get out when they got rid of them.

            1. I remember that. I was getting short when the order came down, so I was unhappy but I was leaving anyway. I remember the lifers snorting “oh, so you think I’m unprofessional, after 25 years of busting my hump for you? Fine, I’m gone”.

              1. I got out shortly after that.. it was funny as hell to see some of the Chiefs’ baby faces. lol.

    3. It’s just a ruse to get upper middle class whites to like him.

    4. A white phallic symbol? Interesting choice.

  4. Andrew Gillum and the Mystery of 311 East Jennings Street

    Among the many questions about an FBI corruption probe that is nagging Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum ? one that could follow the Democrat uptown to the governor’s mansion if he wins election next week ? is something few people outside Florida are asking: What does his political rise have to do with 311 E. Jennings St.?

    An arcane question, perhaps. Yet the Tallahassee address offers a window into how politics is done in Florida’s capital, and may say a lot about how Bernie Sanders-endorsed leftist has mastered the game.

    It starts with money. In the first three months after Gillum announced his bid for mayor in April 2013, the decade-serving city commissioner received $8,000 from a host of companies using that address. And businesses there have received a number of financial favors from the city and the mayor, who, as a member of the Community Redevelopment Agency Board, voted for the subsidies.

    1. Those dealings are receiving heightened scrutiny since the FBI last year issued subpoenas to 38 individuals and companies, more than a dozen of which are connected to the Jennings Street address. Among the names on the subpoenas is Adam Corey, Gillum’s former campaign treasurer. Corey is a local lobbyist, developer and Gillum’s friend since college. Gillum, as part of the redevelopment agency, voted in 2013 to give a Corey-affiliated group $1.3 million in taxpayer money to develop a restaurant.

      Typical, standard-issue democratic party/shell corporation corruption. Will Florida really elect a governor who may be charged with federal crimes in the near future? I kind of doubt it.

      1. The issue is getting surprisingly little coverage.

        And Gillum has a much bigger TV footprint. I haven’t seen numbers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is outspending DeSantis by a wide margin. And he’s playing the race card every way from Sunday, including lots of Warhol-Obama inspired “elect our first African-American Governor” advertising.

        And a really odd thing…

        I was at the early polling place earlier in the week. The polling place is in a mostly black area. But the crowd was exclusively white. Very odd. And there was a (very expensive) pickup truck with two big dudes riding standing up in the bed holding on to the roof driving by – one black, one maybe black, maybe hispanic – shouting obscenities at the crowd.

        “F**k Trump!! F**k White People!!!”

        I was just taking my daughter to dance class and saying hi to a couple of the local candidates who were out shaking hands, so I didn’t hang around long…. but my first reaction was “I wonder if some RNC group is paying those guys.”

        It was really weird, and certainly not likely to convince whitey to pull the lever for team D.

        This is a heavily democrat part of the state. You know, the kind of place where candidates are all tolerant and what-not. So it was a bit weird, to say the least.

        1. I don’t think Florida is ready for a socialist governor just yet.

    2. Since the Democrats no longer own DOJ to cover up for him and he likely was stupid and arrogant thinking Hillary would win and they would, I bet he ends up indicted within a year.

  5. In Hungary, more than 500 media outlets “are now controlled by Mr. Orban and his friends; in 2015, only 23 of them were.”

    Orban is Hungarian for Sinclair.

    1. That guy has made quite a few friends.

  6. Way to wreck a Libertarian publication and turn it into a mouthpiece for Anarchists and Lefties. What a joke.

  7. How #MeToo is changing executive employment contracts.

    The lower-talent starlets are having more difficulty getting work because of them?

    1. naked-time as compensation now clause in contract.

  8. “You can’t fix Twitter without breaking Twitter.”

    just like major league baseball

  9. Caravan dreamers carrying Molotov Cocktails and weapons.…..ov-report/

    1. First you people wanted to take away their first amendment rights with the flag burning and now their second amendment right too?!? I just literally can’t even with you racists

    2. Don’t you dare imply that any of them are invaders or potentially violent though, or you’re a racist.

      Every single one of them is just an innocent, peaceful mope looking for a fair shake, just like our great-grandparents at Ellis Island.

      1. You can’t condemn a whole society just because it has the highest murder rate in the world. Old Mexican assures me of this.

    3. add to that the Caravan is now suing the U.S..

      You can sue for representation once inside but not from outside our constitution only protects those within its borders and they are not within our borders.

      1. Americans cant get standign to sue for obamacare until its implmentative negatively impacts all americans but non-Americans out US territory can get standing to sue for 100% constitutional discretion of a president relating to protecting against hordes of invaders.

  10. Our team @NTU has analyzed every ballot measure across the country with a fiscal impact, and here’s our 2018 ballot guide!

    if the next thing in this tweet isnt the dumpster on fire img then twitter really does need to be fixed.


    Economy adds robust 250,000 jobs in October in last employment report before election. “The unemployment rate was unchanged at a near 50-year low of 3.7 percent. Annual wage growth topped 3 percent for the first time in nine years.”

    Related: Is America Running Out Of Workers? “It’s fashionable in media circles to laugh at President Trump’s non-stop salesmanship about the performance of the U.S. economy on his watch. But there’s no doubt that workers are benefiting from a historically tight labor market. Companies are eager to hire.”

    Come on kids say it loud say it proud; TRADE WAR!!!

    1. Whatever. Don’t you read Palin’s Buttplug posts? Drumpf has destroyed the thriving economy he inherited from Obama.


        1. Mr. Buttplug informed me that Sam’s Club closed a bunch of stores. If that’s not an indicator of a terrible economy, I don’t know what is. Those stores would still be open if Hillary hadn’t been cheated out of the Presidency.


          1. He prefers Sarah Palin, Mr. Buttplug was his father’s name.

    2. No thanks. I actually have to pay for this ever day unlike you. Glad to see Republicans are still the stupid party!

      1. Stupid is as stupid does.

      2. Lefties callimg a person is a great compliment necause Lefties are so stupid they dont even use the term “stupid” correctly and misuse it on smart people.

  12. universities must afford accused students the right to question their accuser

    i mean, this is good, but i have to think better is for them to be less of a court of law, not more.

    1. It would be cool if we lived in a world where people were allowed to be human beings.

      You know, make mistakes. Make bad jokes. Be accidentally insulting, or even intentionally insulting… and not have everything pushed into “life altering Armageddon” mode.

      Who could have guessed that the “free love” of the 60’s and 70’s that celebrated a woman’s sexuality and loudly argued that she had the right to determine her own sexual destiny without shame or ostracism would morph into a world where mistaken hookups, hamhanded passes, even weeks-later regrets would be transformed into “just like rape… no, worse!” and become life-altering crimes that must be perpetually punished in all realms of life. Hester Prynne would be sad. Right at home, but sad.

      1. It’s due to the fundamental paradox of ‘civil rights’ movements. Those who lead them can never acknowledge that the goals have been achieved because then they’d be out of a job.

        It’s “Oh, shit – we’ve over-turned centuries of discrimination (both systemic and defacto) to enable women to pursue education and careers on an equal basis AND mostly eliminated social condemnation related to premarital relations and single motherhood – how do keep raking in those non-profit dollars?” The solution, brainwash young members of your identity group into believing that the patriarchy is so pervasive the poor, delicate, little things don’t even realize when they’ve been ‘raped.’

        I saw all this starting to happen as long ago as 1990 when I was in college. We are just now seeing what happens when the women who were first taught that are in a position to make the rules.

  13. The “Troika of Tyranny”?

    The Totalitarian Trinary.

    The Troubled Treble.

    The Deuce-Plus-One of Despotism.

    The Brute-muda Triangle.

    1. “US official calls socialist dictatorships tyrannies, Libertarians outraged” is not really a headline I ever expected to read. Yet, here we are. These really are crazy times.

      1. Bolton’s mustache is triggering.

        1. I thought he was scrubbing his teeth and left the brush there by mistake.

      2. You’ve mistaken the writers of Reason for libertarians, I see.

        1. The writers of Reason have done that as well.

          1. Based on that anarchy article, we should all know which reason writers are anarchists and not libertarians.

    2. The Trinity of Troglodytes

      The Terrible Trio

      The Triad Scheduled for Termination

      The 3 Trash Tricksters

      1. Crooked Cuba, No-good Nicaragua and Very Bad Venezuela. Headed by Rat-faced Raul, Dumb Daniel and Nasty Nicolas, respectively.

  14. oprah stumps for stacey abrams

    But will Stacey Abrams loss in Georgia result in the media disavowing socialism as popular? No way.

    1. BTW: Thank you Commifornia and NY for pumping so much money into Georgia with a loser candidate.

      We Georgians love outside money being spent here. It makes us richer and you still cannot influence the way Georgians vote.

    2. Oprah — your next President, if she can deal with the Gayle King allegations.

      Wait. Those’ll *help* her.

    3. Oprah says she’s earned the right to think for herself, implying that others haven’t earned that right and therefore must follow her dictates

      1. Also, clearly demonstrating her ability to think for herself by marching in lockstep to every political stereotype she’s beholden to.

  15. …Reason supported things like the decriminalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage decades before most Republicans or Democrats did.

    When will this publication finally turn the corner on public accommodation baked goods? It’s only a matter of time.

    1. We filed an amicus brief in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case siding with the baker. You think we should turn the corner and start siding with the state?

    1. Claiming that anyone is funding those caravans is just a racist dog whistle.

      1. Yep, those port-a-cans just appeared magically.

        1. One news-feed had shots of some folks eating and a caption regarding ‘volunteers helping with food’.
          I don’t doubt they are getting some donations, and it’s also likely that some of the donations are in the hopes of getting those folks the hell out of where they are now. But 7,000 people on a 30-day hike are NOT getting fed by the kindness of others. Not to mention the cans…
          It’s equally obvious that whoever is supplying the money does not want it known.
          You would think that at least one of the news orgs would be looking into that as opposed to whining about Trump. You would be wrong, AFAICT.

          1. I see the skwerlz were not given the day off for the B-day…

          2. You are lucky to cover 10 miles a day walking in a large group like that. If they walked, it would take them six months or more. They are not even walking. They are taking buses and then getting out and walking for photo ops with the media.

            1. The buses and drivers are all volunteers, right?

                1. Donated by Venezuela?


    Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s ties to radical anti-Israel groups are more extensive than previously reported, according to information obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

    Gillum, who is running in a hotly contested race against Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), has connections to several organizations that have sponsored anti-Israel events and promoted the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, or BDS, an anti-Semitic movement that wages economic warfare on the Jewish state.

    But it is the Republicans who have an antisemitism problem.

    1. Claiming that anyone is sponsoring anti-Israel events is just a racist dog whistle.

    2. For the first time ever, I think DeSantis might have a shot. Many Jews are exceedingly stupid and need to have it spelled out for them before they will ever let themselves believe that a minority progressive has it in for them. (Especially the sheltered ones. I’d like to see the Chocolate Mufti here try to pull that shit in Brooklyn.) But this is indeed spelling it out for them, for even the most retarded retards in the remedial class. Kiss South Florida goodbye you corrupt piece of shit.

      1. My wife and I go to South Florida every summer to the beach. I remember having a conversation with a Jewish guy from Boca Raton about Obama. He was absolutely convinced that the only reason Republicans didn’t like Obama was because he was black and thought that Obama was very pro Israel and pro Jewish. This was right about the time Obama was giving away the farm to Iran. It was like he lived in an alternative universe.

        1. Boca is an alternative universe.

  17. Happy birthday, Reason! Keep on keeping it real, no matter how much some may reject reality, eschew logic, and critique reason.

  18. Meanwhile, confronting Republicans on the street isn’t an implied threat at all.

    Tackle street harassment or burglary? The police shouldn’t have to choose
    Wolf-whistling does indeed sound harmless, but what women are really complaining about is street harassment with an implied threat of violence. Is this a crime or merely anti-social behaviour? If the police won’t take it seriously, who will?

    …An over-stretched service cannot deal with this new hate crime of misogyny, although no one is suggesting that attacks based on race, religion or disability should be decriminalised, are they? What is being said then, is that crimes against property are more important than crimes against women, which is how the law has operated for a long time. Common sense tells us this is just the way it is. If every case of child abuse were brought to court, there would be no time for anything else. In the justice system, it really is not a case of women and children first, but last.

    1. If you’ve ever annoyed a Puerto Rican woman you’d be more chill about this. I wouldn’t make too much of a big deal; let’s not get all prissy as a society here. Not you but probably a lot of folks who don’t mind leading us into a “Ah but by your standards…” spiral. Pretty clear what our Wise Latina friend means–probably nothing everyone else on there thought at him from time to time. They probably all loved him to death though; he was such a sweetheart with a warm sense of humor. RIP big guy.

      1. Scalia was Italian, I am sure the feeling was mutual. Hey, what happens in the Supreme Court deliberation room stays in the deliberation room. The EMTs who serve the Court have an omerta of silence.

    2. Well, I’m sure she’s thought about a lot of things she’d never actually do. So why bring *this* up?

      1. Competing with RBG for the title of favorite leftie justice?

    3. The woman made a joke. Let’s make a big deal out of it.

      1. All allegations must be taken as fact and deserving of swift outrage.

        /every lefty pushing lefty agendas.


    The most savage tweet in the history of Twitter.


    During the past 22 months, not one person caught or identified as the aggressor in an anti-Semitic hate crime has been associated with a far right-wing group, Mark Molinari, commanding officer of the police department’s Hate Crimes Task Force, told me.

    Within the course of a few days this month, a swastika showed up on an Upper West Side corner and two ultra-Orthodox men were attacked on the street in Hasidic neighborhoods in Brooklyn in separate incidents. In one of them, according to the police and prosecutors, a Muslim livery driver jumped out of a car and started beating up his victim, seemingly at random, yelling ‘Allah.’

    It is just a mystery who who or what is behind these attacks.

    1. Everyone who does these crimes are right-wing, by definition. Those who do hate crimes are right-wing, because left-wing people wouldn’t do it. Thus those people are right wing.

    2. Yes I saw that! All praise due to the NYT, a rare honest piece from them if you read the whole thing. Truly “speaking truth to power,” as their demographic certainly does not want to hear the ugly facts about themselves.

    1. The funny thing is that if there is a big Democratic field, and it looks like there will be, she would win the nomination with 20% of the vote. And 20% of not out of the question for her.

      1. I keep trying to figure out who her core remaining demographic is. Because, indeed as you point out, the vast majority of Democrats by now (if they were not even before the election) are gritting their teeth with her every word and want nothing more than for her to go the fuck away; and every time she indulges her ego instead they become even more infuriated. But there are still those who adore her for some mysterious reason, and I’m trying to figure out who the fuck it is.

        But, as I’ve said repeatedly, I can’t even begin to explain how Elizabeth Warren or even Obama seems inspiring to anyone of any ideological persuasion whatsoever, let alone most or damn near all of the mainstream Left respectively. So I don’t have a fucking prayer figuring Hillary out.

        1. Here demographic is a certain type of over 40 white woman who sees her as one of them and her being President as their personal triumph. Think crazy cat ladies, bitter divorcees and nasty mother in laws with emasculated husbands who drive Prius or Suburus with a lot of bumper stickers on them. They may not be a huge demographic in the country at large but they still hold a lot of power in the Democratic Party.

        2. It’s HER turn!

          Yeah, for some of them I don’t think it goes any deeper than that.

          1. I’m thinking they deliberately picked the worst candidate possible for the sick thrill of shoving her down our throats.

          2. It was her turn. 2020 should be the turn of one of the other women whose qualification for the Presidency is that they were fucked by Bill.

    2. I’m conflicted about that remark…..I don’t think someone should be raked over the coals for telling a joke. But on the other hand, Hillary? Sense of humor? It doesn’t compute

      1. Would you get raked over the coals for telling that joke? Then don’t feel bad doing it to her.

        1. I only tell racist jokes about my black dog

      2. Like every other politician*, she has speechwriters and handlers. Many never review speeches before they read them. One of the writers thought the joke was a good idea and none of the handlers vetoed it. So she read the speech.

        *every public figure for that matter.

        1. One of the writers thought the joke was a good idea and none of the handlers vetoed it. So she read the speech.

          It wasn’t a speech. Her “speechwriters” didn’t write a joke solely on the off-chance that the interviewer would confuse Booker with Holder.

          1. Sorry, I assumed it was a speech and the link was vague as to where it was. I assumed it was in a speech, I was mistaken.

            Since I don’t know the circumstances of the remark I withdraw the whole comment.

            I still agree that if Hillary Clinton has a sense of humor she has hidden it well.

        2. Look at that reflexive defense from Isaac here.
          He’s with her, I guess.
          It was her writer’s fault!
          What a jackass

          1. Ummm since when is stating the truth a defense.

            Did you even read the comment I was responding to.

            Seriously, what the fuck? Who is not a Hillary lover in your eyes. If all the people you’ve accused of being for Hillary voted for her Trump would not have had a chance.

  21. What does it mean, these days, to be a libertarian and to spread libertarianism?

    Above all else, it means arguing for unlimited, unrestricted immigration into the US, and calling anybody who disagrees an “alt-right white nationalist.” That’s the main thing that convinced me to make Reason (as opposed to, say, Huffington Post) my top online source for current events. Keep up the good work!


    1. Boo! A rare total whiff (unless this is meant to be like the episode where you wink at the fourth wall). One of the few posts you’ve made that is unlikely to convince anyone that you’re sincere. And you do still have quite a few people here still going, hard as it is to believe.

      1. Yet he’s 100% accurately described Reason’s approach

    1. And to think they will probably deport that guy now. Outrageous.

      1. Not until after he has served a long prison sentence.

    2. “You’re a racist nativist.”
      -Scott Shackturd

  22. I have been critical of Bernie Sanders in the past, but he’s absolutely right here.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that lives are at stake in this election. This is about whether tens of millions of Americans will keep their health care or whether Republicans will take it away.

    Everybody needs to vote Democrat. This is the most important midterm election of our lifetimes.


    1. This is the most important election of our lifetime … until the next one rolls around

      1. I have a feeling the Democrats are going take a small majority in the House because Justice demands they have the experience of the President telling them to fuck off and ignoring all of their requests and subpoenas like the Republicans experienced with Obama after they took the House in 2010.

        1. If we do end up with a split congress next year, at least we might get an honest-to-goodness government shutdown out of the deal as a result, because I don’t think Trump and McConnell are going to allow Nancy Pelosi to dictate everything.

          Seeing MacAdoodle Suderweigel bitch, moan, and cry every week during an eight month long government shutdown would be about the greatest thing ever.

          1. I have a feeling they will not take the House. But if they do, it will give them two years of Pelosi and Maxine Waters being the most powerful elected officials and pretty much the face of the Democratic Party. As the kids say these days, good luck with that.

            Seriously, what are they going to do with control of the House other than remind the country of how batshit crazy they all are?

            1. What are they going to do with control of the House?
              Launch investigation after investigation into every aspect of the Trump administration

              1. So, basically – you’re saying they will annoy the country to the point where his approval ratings will go up?

                After Bill Clinton, why does any party think trying to impeach a President in a way guaranteed to exhaust any reasonable person’s ability to care about it anymore is a winning strategy?

      2. When the President is a white nationalist Russian intelligence asset who’s turning the country into The Handmaid’s Tale, of course the stakes are higher than ever.

        I mean, I wasn’t old enough to vote in 2012, but I wouldn’t have been this concerned about the Obama vs. Romney election. It’s not like Romney was some terrifying monster. He was just a politician I happen to disagree with on many issues. I want the Republican Party to once again be controlled by responsible people like him, and David Frum, and the late John McCain.

  23. “Tough on crime means tough on work,” explains Jared Meyer in the Wall Street Journal.

    Even for those in the ever-growing Criminal Justice Industrial Complex?

  24. Happy 50th!

    reason has it’s problems, of course, but as far as I’m concerned it still hasn’t burned through all the good will it gained when it refused to sell out the commentariat during the whole Woodchipper Incident.

    The Mulch of Justice must be refreshed from time to time with the chips of crooked, power-mad federal employees. Cheers!

    1. Longtorso is merely “alt-lite” so he limits himself to only one set of parentheses.

      1. I put the parens around it because it was my addition to the tweet I was quoting. Brackets would have been more correct, but that was all I intended.

        Just shows that if you hear the dog whistle, you’re the dog.

        1. No, I think parens were the perfect choice here. Brackets best saved for escaping direct quotations, no?

        2. if you hear the dog whistle, you’re the dog

          That is certainly true! The world would be a much saner place if more people would remember that. In other words, don’t count on it.

    2. Highlighting or retweeting George Soros blue-checkmark verified tweets means you’re an anti-Semite, or something.

      1. To be fair, I didn’t see anyone saying anything like that in his feed. He must only be on the radar of Twitter’s handful of sane people.


    I don’t care what your opinion on abortion is, this is fucked up.

    1. Now that is ghoulish. If that is a Halloween costume pic it is the most effective I have ever seen. (Or All Souls’ Day “D?a de los Muertos,” since he kind of looks Mexican.)

      And it is, because the fact is that gentleman is only cosplaying as a Christian no matter what the story is.

      1. The only thing that would make it better would be if he were dressed as a priest.

        1. One of the guys in the picture has a clerical collar shirt

    2. Abortion Clinic Blessing was going to be the name of my Death Metal band but we decided it was too extreme

      1. You made a mistake. That is a great name for a Death Metal band.

      2. Sounds more like a hardcore band. Would have to be NYHC because we are the only place where socon/apolitical is the dominant ideology. That said, Jody Foster’s Army is not only the greatest punk name but one of the greatest group names of any genre of all time.

        1. >>>Jody Foster’s Army is not only the greatest punk name…


      3. Seems more like a Grind band to me.


    More news from the Religion of Peace

  27. Caravan sues U.S. government claiming their, get this, constitutional rights are being violated.

    1. Called it! See my comment above

      1. It truly boggles the mind to think that someone who has had no interaction with the United States in any way and is neither in their home country nor in the US would be objecting to how the US is …. uh… I’m at a loss for words here…. not treating them?

        1. process us duly!

    2. This brings up an interesting point. Do noncitizens on foreign soil ever have standing to sue over irregularities in the handling of their immigration application? It seems someone should be able to sue over such a thing; the Executive Branch should not have any area where they are Constitutionally supposed to enforce Congressional directives but cannot be policed by the Judiciary in doing so. But what is the actual law regarding this sort of situation? I am talking generally as described above, not this caravan specifically.

      1. I think in those cases If you’ve applied and are not getting results you could probably sue but until you apply you have no cause, much like for U.S. citizens you can’t sue over a law unless it directly affects you. any other issue I would think you would have to take it up with the world court which we proudly ignore. I may be full of BS here so maybe John can pitch in

    3. It’s kind of hilarious that they’re complaining about not getting due process to hear their asylum claims, when everybody knows damn well few if any of them intend to actually show up for said asylum hearings. They’re just going to burrow into some “sanctuary city” somewhere.

    4. Yet americans could not get standing to sue for obamacare until is took effect.

      It was law but had to take effect.

  28. What is it with this bleeping, mothefriggin, flippin #*(^(@@# squirrels?

    1. Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking squirrels on this motherfucking comment section!

  29. You know I didn’t even see the zine/samizdat pic when I first saw the post. Very cool! I should read up more on the history of Reason; I know almost nothing about it and it certainly is an institution.

  30. “Here’s to 50 more years of placing liberty for all above all else”

    ENB is obviously too young to remember the Cold War, when Reason thought all military spending was bad and confronting the Soviet Union would only provoke them.

    Similar to how they think confronting Iran now is bad.

    They were on the wrong side of history then, and they’re on the wrong side now.

    1. Libertarianism and non-interventionism go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Or maybe white and rice. I dunno… there’s got to be an apt analogy in there somewhere.

      Suffice it to say there’s a long history of libertarian types who don’t approve of any defense spending or military action that is not directly related to repelling invaders.

      1. Thats a nice goal — live and let live is the basic principle of libertarianism — but the world is not always full of nice people, and sometimes you have to abandon your Fluffy Bunny Utopianism and kill them and destroy lots of their shit in order that everyone can be free and safe.

        Otherwise, you end up taking the Non-Aggression Principle to its ridiculous extreme a la Jeanette Rankin, who thought that a wrecked fleet and 2,000 dead Americans were not enough justification for a declaration of war.

        1. I ain’t endorsing it…. just acknowledging it as a definite block in the libertarian universe. A similar block exists (existed?) in the conservatives as well…. before the neocons anyway. Just a general isolationist streak some folks have. They bring it with them to the “leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone” tent.

          1. Didn’t mean to imply you supported that policy, just pointing out the fallacies of it.

            And yes, Paleocons were isolationist before isolationism was cool. NATO is still looked upon with suspicion by some Bircher types.

        2. So, how do you “kill them and destroy lots of their shit” without creating blowback that ultimately comes back to harm US?

          This is the pragmatic problem with an interventionist foreign policy – when the US military goes and breaks shit in foreign countries, those left behind have legitimate grievances against those who broke their shit, and will pursue remedies appropriately.

          1. By doing something Reason hates even more: nation-building.

            Germany, Japan, and South Korea are all stable, free societies because the US kept millions of troops there to ensure the didn’t revert to their old ways.

            I will acknowledge the problem with Congress and the American people today is that they like using our Brave Heroes to slap around repressive tinpot dictators, but quickly grow tired of spending the money and to make sure another one doesn’t rise up in their stead.

          2. You do like we did in WWII but no one has the stomach for that anymore. what we did was total distruction and when done we had re education camps for a few years. I am a believer if your not willing to go that route then you don’t bother at all but if we had teh U.S. would be surrounded by now with nothing but socialist nations intent on destroying us. oh wait we are anyway so whatever

            1. Or you could go old school…. total war or nothing. If you go to war, take everything for yourself, kill all who oppose you.

              I’m not saying it is a good answer, but it certainly fixes all those pesky blowback situations. Kinda like Starship Troopers “put your hand on that wall” moment. “If you disable your enemy’s hand, he cannot push a button.” Only in this case, if you eliminate your enemy, he cannot rise up in anger at his humiliation.

              Again, not my position, but there is an argument to be had that having this as your warfare policy would make war a rare last resort.

        3. libertarianism only works if you wed it to pragmatism instead of idealism. NAP is the goal, but the pragmatic approach should be a mix of ‘iterated prisoner’s dilemma using tit-for-tat with forgiveness’ and the Ender Principle of ‘make sure you end the fight so they don’t come after you again.’

  31. please let me break Twitter.

  32. also, bon anniversaire. and purple hair works.

  33. Happy Anniversary, Reason!

  34. The Google employees are making asses of themselves by walking out of their jobs in protest of the treatment of someone who doesn’t work at Google anymore. Paying someone to leave or buy their contract out is pretty standard if you want to get rid of somebody. That Google would rather pay someone to leave than tolerate sexual harassment is actually a feather in their cap–not something to protest.

    There’s been a lot of discussion internally about whether Google’s culture is too insulated from the rest of society to really understand and interface with the rest of society going forward, and this kind of bullshit protest just underscores the problem. Google should consider moving their headquarters to somewhere like Austin or Asheville–somewhere sufficiently hip and accessible but not so lost in the bubble that they can’t tell the difference between getting rid of a sexual harasser and supporting sexual harassment.

    1. someone who doesn’t work at Google anymore

      I vaguely heard of this walkout but was too bored to look closer. Is it James Damore?

      1. Andy Rubin, the “father of Android”, was paid $90 million.

        It was apparently a golden parachute to get him to go away quietly after he was accused by someone he was having a relationship with of . . . doing more than she wanted to do.…..ule=inline

        I don’t see why it matters who it was or what the guy did.

        What matters is what Google did–they got rid of him and they did it in a way that they thought was best for Google and for shareholders. If employees aren’t down with that, then they should quit–not disrupt operations.

        1. Meh, obviously I don’t agree with the cause but I can find nothing but applause for the tactics. This is the way you do mass employee action. No state-authored framework of employer-employee relations. No beating up of scabs. Whatever the employees want to do is fine with me (again, ignoring the fact that the cause is asinine); whatever the employer wants to do in return is fine too. If they were doing this over Damore I’d be pumping my fist and saying, “Fuck yeah!”

          Same goes for the fast food employees who picket McDonalds for not paying them $15 an hour. Hey, if you think you can get more that way be my guest. Play the game and see if you win. Using force against those who might want to work for less (or smashing the power looms–er, kiosks–that might replace you as well), whether it be with old-fashioned baseball bats or new-fashioned state legislators, is what is not “playing the game” but rather robbing people like a thug.

          1. What are they protesting?

            That someone was fired for sexual harassment? That’s not something to protest.

            They’re protesting that someone was paid out his contract to go away without needing to put his accuser or Google through the grinder? Why is that worthy of protest?

            They’re protesting that the victim of sexual harassment was mistreated by Google in some way? There’s no evidence I can see that the victim wasn’t believed or was mistreated by Google at all. Far as I know, she’s also been paid a nice settlement and still works at the company.

            What are they protesting? Do they even know?

            Are they protesting rape culture? Are they protesting Donald Trump?

            If I’m a Google shareholder, I don’t give a shit. Get back to work. And get the main campus the fuck out of Northern California. Those people are kooks, and they can go off at any time for no apparent reason.

            Who’s supervising these people? Who’s in charge here?

            1. Yeah that is pretty fucking asinine now that I hear about it. Colin Kaepernick is Norma Rae compared to these jokers.

              1. And to be clear, I certainly would be champing at the bit to find some way to crack the whip and teach these people a lesson were I, indeed, in charge. It is, in fact, a very spoiled instantiation of mass employee action. It just shows how spoiled and privileged these people are, since no ordinary lunchpail slob would ever dream of pulling some shit like this. It would indeed be my pleasure to teach them a lesson in reality!

      1. Was that a reply to me? I don’t think that does indicate that the recent walkout was in protest of Damore, since it seems to be from the time of his initial firing a year and a half ago.

        1. No, it was a reference to what I was saying. People have been questioning whether Google’s culture is too insular for a long time.

  35. Correction: The previous correction called Jacob Sullum “Jacob Sullumn”.

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