Conspiracy Theories

New Yorkers: See Jesse Walker Speak at the Met Fifth Avenue Friday Night

The topic: art and conspiracy


Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is currently hosting an exhibition called Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy, and I'll be speaking at the Met Fifth Avenue tomorrow night as part of the program. The organizers asked me to be there because I wrote a book in 2013 called The United States of Paranoia; I'll be sharing the stage with Jack Bratich, author of 2008's Conspiracy Panics.

My talk will be a history-rich look at the intersection between conspiracy stories created as works of fiction and conspiracy stories that people actually believe in, and what happens when a story crosses over from the first category to the second. I don't know what Bratich plans to say, but I was impressed the last time I saw him speak and so I expect to enjoy his remarks tomorrow too.

The event starts at 6:30, and it's free. For more details, go here.

(On a related note: I have a cameo in this podcast on the Ong's Hat hoax/game/art project/conspiracy theory.)