Police Detained a College Student Over Terminator Costume

University Police issued a warning even after admitting that the student did nothing wrong.



An incident on the University of Central Florida's campus is a reminder that not everyone is willing to suspend their fear and paranoia for the sake of Halloween.

The campus was put on alert Tuesday when unnamed student decided dress up like the Terminator. The student decided to take his costume to the next level by pairing his dark clothing with a bandolier containing real ammunition. According to a police statement, someone made a call to 911 to report the student as suspicious. Police arrived "swiftly," detained the student, and questioned him. University police determined that he was not a threat and decided against making an arrest.

University police shared a picture of the student's costume, warning that real ammunition and weapons "scares others" and "puts safety at risk."

According to university policy, the possession of weapons and firearms is prohibited. This includes obvious items like swords, knives, chemical devices, and the like. Not mentioned on the list, however, is ammo. University police acknowledged that while possessing ammo was not against the rules, using it for Halloween props was discouraged.

Bonus links: Alarmists will likely spend the remainder of what should be a super fun holiday worrying about sex offenders, cultural appropriation, and drugged candies.

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  1. And somehow while the cops are getting blamed, the share of blame that gunbanners deserve isn’t discussed.

    1. Well, their share is 100%.

      Fun fact: Way back in pre-history (1966 – 1970) members of the rifle and pistol club at VPI (yes, a recognized campus organization, member of the university council) routinely went openly armed on campus each Saturday. Saturday was our range day, using the field of a helpful farmer for target shooting. Since it was easier to carry our firearms slung (rifles), or in holsters (pistols), that is what we did. No one had a heart attack, no one died, pretty much no one cared.

      1. I can beat that – I lived a little outside of Pittsburgh in the mid 70’s and walked to school down the same path as hunters with guns who were heading into the woods. No mass panic by anyone.

  2. Appropriation of cybernetic culture is not okay. Just because somebody dresses up like a partially organic killing machine bent on destroying the human race everybody automatically treats him like he’s some kind of second class citizen. It ought to be a hate crime.

    1. Those Terminators are not cyborgs nor cybernetic organisms. They are culturally appropriating robots who do foul and insulting ‘skin face’ routines that play up the worst stereotypes of humanity as killers.

  3. The only person who should have been scared is Sarah Conner.

    1. That was the T2 costume – the rest of us were in danger of him having a ‘teenage Edward Furlong’s acting’ accessory.

  4. My Halloween costume this year is an AmerIndian in blackface, dressed as Bruce Jenner, with a bandolier of real ammo, carry real pistols on each hip, and a rape whistle in case I come across Tony.

    1. but the real question is whether your costume came into the country illegally or not

      1. Yeah. Did you pay the tariffs?

      2. 100% made in America!

    2. That’s some appropriation.

    3. I did not have to use my rape whistle.

  5. So it would have been in poor taste to have dressed as a Mass Shooter for Halloween?

    1. You cant “dress” as a mass shooter. You either live the part or curl in a ball and beg for mercy.

  6. Someone scared someone on Halloween. Call the cops…oh they did.

  7. Regarding this police detention, amazingly no actual arrest, no harm done it appears, one wonders as to when this call the cops idiocy will end, and whether the next episode will have an equally harmless ending.

  8. I think its really cool, I dont see that it could harm anyone in anyway

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