Brickbat: Woman Trouble


Viktoriia Degtiarova /

The New York Police Department is investigating a claim that a sergeant tried to stuff her panties into another cop's mouth. When Detective Victor Falcon complained to Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra about her regularly leaving her underwear laying around the locker room at the 72nd Precinct, Guerra grabbed a pair of her panties and rubbed them in Falcon's face apparently attempting to force them into his mouth.

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  1. So far, Guerra hasn’t been hit with any departmental charges and remains on full duty.

    Why would she be hit with charges? It’s not like she shot an unarmed youth. (For which she also wouldn’t be hit with charges.)

  2. how much would that normally cost? asking for a friend. And does it depend on the age/funk factor of said panties?

    1. we also need pictures of Sgt Guerra…

      1. You might want to hit the link to that story. I think you’ll be surprised.

        1. in my defense it was early…that being said is there a waiting list or a sign up sheet?

      2. Yeah, click the link. Afterward, go to an ATM.

  3. Well, I’d say don’t get your panties in a bunch but it’s too late for that.

  4. The person who selected this report for publication should be working (and learning) at a junior high school newspaper, not an ostensibly adult publication.

    1. That might be true except for the LEO run prostitution ring and the $80K shakedown of a business. But hey, you just continue to be a cunt.

    2. Shouldn’t reports of panty assault be published in adult publications, think of the children.

    3. why do you write such shitty responses? congenital scrooge?

      1. He’s a puritan. The new variety of Leftwing Puritan, full of righteous indignation and intolerance towards unbelievers.

        1. not to mention being full of shit as well…

    4. Hey, at least he didn’t fuck up basic html.

      1. look, it’s DICK jr.!

  5. If only more women were in positions of power, this sort of thing would never happen. Not, I should hasten to add, that women are in any way different than men and would be any less hesitant to abuse their positions of power.

  6. Are the GOP aware of NYPD’s gender neutral locker rooms? Surely Dept of Homeland Security can throw money at this so no hero-leo has to suffer this humiliation.

    P.S. Smells like bacon.

    1. do they have to pay extra to use this locker room?

    2. Now that (“smells like bacon”) would have been the perfect response from Detective Falcon to Sergeant Guerra.

      1. …Matter of fact, fuck ’em if he didn’t say that; I have nothing but contempt for people who blow that kind of line opportunity. He doesn’t deserve action on this!

  7. Slam dunk sexual harassment; supervisor using position of power, and brute force, to perform a (slightly) perverted sexual act upon a subordinate.

    Men get fired just for talking about a woman’s underwear if a woman is around.

    1. “Slam dunk sexual harassment;”

      LOL, she’s female. The rules are different.

      1. band name?

    2. Yeah I can’t see how she isn’t fired outright if they find she did this. The difference in rank should seal her fate airtight. And it’s cop versus cop, not versus civilian so the union may not even have her back. (No ethnic difference either, judging from the last names, which you always got to take into account in NYC. If “Falcon” had an e on the end there might have been some slightly tricky waters to navigate for the powers that be.)

  8. Aren’t there vending machines for this in Japan?

    1. Those are for schoolgirl panties, at least according to American urban legend, not cop panties. (Don’t know if their cops are hotter than ours, but it seems incredibly likely.) Not sure if they’re only overage schoolgirl panties, but I wouldn’t put it past them if it wasn’t; we’re talking about a country that only recently became the last to ban actual kiddie porn–and even then, it was a half-assed ’70s-’80s-municipal-statute-style law–like, if we catch you selling CP we might confiscate it or something.

      I do know it ain’t no myth that those weird bastards like having vending machines for everything.

  9. Guerra grabbed a pair of her panties and rubbed them in Falcon’s face apparently attempting to force them into his mouth.

    Hawt – does the article have her phone number?

    1. I smell bacon-wrapped boiled bunny on this one. Best wait until she’s kicked off the force. (Hopefully she saves a spare uniform.)

  10. Well, I think the amount of comeback material on this outweighs any need to file a complaint.

    I mean its unlimited.

    1. If the guy fails to file a harassment complaint, any comeback will itself will result in a complaint from the female officer.

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