Brickbat: Forget About It


Joseph Stalin
Evgeny Glyanenko /

Officials in Moscow, Russia, have withdrawn permission for a ceremony honoring those killed by the Soviet Union's government under Joseph Stalin. For the past 11 years, a group has held a public ceremony each October where hundreds of people read the names of Stalin's victims. But officials blocked this year's ceremony.

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  1. “Memorial said an alternative venue was proposed at a Moscow memorial to victims of Soviet-era political repressions unveiled by the president, Vladimir Putin, last year, but it viewed this as “unacceptable.”

    Memorial, which also speaks out about current human rights violations in Russia, has come under increasing pressure from the authorities in recent years. In 2016, Russian authorities labelled it a “foreign agent” under a 2012 law that obliges groups deemed to have “political” activities and international funding to submit documents every three months outlining their finances.”

    Seems familiar.

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  2. Well, at least this way the memory of one Russian gets honored.

    1. If you’re speaking of Stalin, he was Georgian not Russian – as Kruschev was also not Russian, but Ukrainian.
      USSR does not equal Russia, though Russia was both the largest predecessor and diplomatic successor state.

      1. If only I’d taken the time to think about all of those technicalities before posting.

  3. You know who else attacked Stalin, only to be stopped by armed personnel of the Russian government…?

    1. Trotsky?

    2. Woodrow Wilson? (technically attacked Lenin)

    3. Imperial Japanese forces in Manchuria?

  4. Russia, a country with an uncertain history.

  5. But officials blocked this year’s ceremony.

    That happened on Friday 19th, and the permission was allegedly denied because of nearby construction work, and an alternative location was suggested.

    After some outrage, on Saturday 20th mayor’s office called Memorial to inform they’ve changed their minds and would be “looking for a solution”.

    On 23th a permission was granted for the original location (link in Russian).

    Learn more languages, read less Grauniad.

    1. I didnt see the part where they were granted it anyway, in Reasons link, but I was just about to post the info stating they were denied due to ongoing construction work, and an alternative venue was offered.

      1. But that info doesn’t promote the “Russia bad!” narrative so popular in DC/coastal perspectives.
        Remember Reason’s primary mission: progress!

        1. Putin is making himself into the new Premier of the Soviet Union!!! Look, the City of Moscow refused to let a civil rights group host their yearly reading of the names of the dead from the Soviet Purge!

          Seriously, they’d have had a better run of it if they’d done an article on Putin involving himself in the current schism going among the Orthodox Catholics. It would have been just as wrong, but much more believable to the libertarian or even American reader

      2. Reason’s link is from Oct 19.

        Grauniad didn’t write a follow-up, and Charles didn’t spend 15 seconds to search for more recent news either.

        1. Yeah, I missed that until I read your comment which I responded to. I didn’t even check the date on his link. Glad someone did.

  6. So, a whiffle bat and a foam brick?
    This is not the brickbat you’re looking for.

  7. In Russia, government officials purge Stalin.

  8. The Guardian has a little bit of token Stalin bashing (subtle though it may be) to offset it’s lifelong adoration of the Soviet Union.

    Jk I didn’t read the article. Have at me.

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