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The Atlanta City Council has agreed to pay $1.2 million to settle a lawsuit brought by former fire chief Kelvin Cochran, who was fired after after writing a book in which he compared homosexuality to bestiality. Cochran said he was fired for his religious beliefs. Then-mayor Kasim Reed had questioned Cochran's ability to lead gay and lesbian firefighters. But a city investigation found no evidence Cochran had discriminated against anyone or that his religious beliefs affected the fire department.

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  1. There’s gonna be a lot of LGTBQA fires in the neighborhood tonight. With a lot of other letters self-combusting in solidarity too.

    1. No, they will merely self-identify as being on fire.

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  2. Cochran wrote a religious book titled “Who Told You That You Are Naked?” which described homosexuality as “unclean”…

    Only if you’re doing it right.

    1. The “bug-chasers” portion of the homo community appreciates your comment and your support.

    2. Look, there is a reason Abraham’s security guard had to redevelop Sodom and Gamora. A town like that needs to invest in a propper bath house. Thousands of years later, the Turks were famous for their bath houses.

    3. Look, there is a reason Abraham’s security guard had to redevelop Sodom and Gamora. A town like that needs to invest in a propper bath house. Thousands of years later, the Turks were famous for their bath houses.

  3. Bigots have rights, too.

    Character, no. Rights, yes.

    Carry on, clingers.

    1. much like you Rev., except you have your smug condescending asshole attitude in addition

      1. did I mention ignorant and uninformed?

  4. I wasn’t aware that it was a tenet of Christian faith that homosexuality was akin to bestiality. Who knew!

    1. Both are sins of unnatural sex. They are akin, especially to Catholics. Sex is intended to produce children, allowing us to participate in the act of Creation in imitation of our Creator, which makes homosexuality/beastiality perversions.

      It’s part of why we opposed normalizing faggotry. If you normalize one, you will inevitably normalize the other. It will continue to cascade.

      1. And in one paragraph Kivlor reveals his insanity for all the world to see. Do you see it? Or are you crazy too?

        1. never dip your dick in crazy, of any flavor…

      2. So if a post-menopausal woman has sex with her husband, that is considered “unnatural,” since it can’t result in procreation?

        How about if a man or woman who has tried unsuccessfully to have children and been diagnosed as infertile. According to this religion, they would need to refuse any sex going forward?

        This is what logic would dictate, but would even religious people agree to such restrictions?

        As for an end to the taboo around bestiality being an “inevitable,” this ignores the obvious lack of a possibility of a dog or cat voicing their consent. Gays and lesbians are capable of speaking and saying yes or no. Animals are not (well, I’ll grant that gorillas can learn some sign language).

        1. I provided a simple response to chemjeff, who seems to be unfamiliar with long-standing Christian doctrine on this. If you are looking for more in-depth discussion, I would point you to the Catechism, and your local Catholic Church.

          RE: Consent of animals, you don’t need a cow’s consent to milk it, a horse’s to ride it, a chicken’s to take it’s eggs… So yeah, stop being retarded.

          1. It’s all crazy though. There’s nothing to examine. You’re a lunatic.

            1. It is eminently reasonable. Your protests otherwise are a trained emotional reaction. You’re acting like Pavlov’s dog.

              “omg I dont like hearing that so it must be lunacy and cant be a reasoned response. ”

              You sound like a petulant child.

              1. I can see bullshit for what it is. You dress it up well but it’s built on pure bullshit.

          2. You hold that someone who has had ovarian cancer or a woman who has been in menopause must never again have sex for the rest of their lives, and I’m the one you call retarded?

            1. You put words in my mouth to suit your own argument. As I said, if you want a more in depth answer, read the Catechism and seek out your local Catholic church. They will help you understand the doctrine as it is, (and why it is) not as you wish to imagine it.

              1. Been there, done that, and got thoroughly fed up. But thanks.

                I was raised that way and the best I can say is the people who put themselves in charge are hypocrites. I am not even referring to the pope or cardinals, I mean the treatment of my own elderly father who had never missed a Sunday and who made major contributions right up until he was too ill to attend and was then dropped like a hot potato. Actions speak louder than words.

                Let’s just say they are the modem embodiment of the money-changers that Jesus drove out of the temple. I want no part of their venality.

                1. If you were raised it, then should you not know the answers to the questions you ask?

                  PS the Magisterium does not teach that it is sinful for a married man and woman to have sex post-menopause.

          3. Thanks for the simple explanation. Even an ordinary person could understand the viewpoint, you would think.

          4. I can tell from personal experience that letting your friend ride on your back is less painful then letting your friend ride inside your back.

            1. Think of it this way, that spot does not stretch as easily as a vaginia. If you want to tell a guy, “This is my spot!” you need to tread extra carefully and spring for a tube of anal lube, which is a diferent formula than vaginal lube, rather than laying with a man the way you lay with a woman.

      3. Perhaps you could point to the Biblical passage which equates homosexuality with bestiality?

        1. Would it even matter if those words were there?
          Don’t play their game.

        2. I’m not a Protestant chemjeff. I dont believe in sola scriptura, I don’t have to memorize every passage in the bible to justify your whimsy, and as I have stated already, check with the Catechism and your local Catholic Church.

      4. How many little boys has your priest molested?

        1. Zero. Same number as all the priests in my area apparently. As it turns out, the stats on that are pretty low, thank heaven. It has remained pretty constant at an estimate of ~2% of priests–which is more than we would like–but much lower than the rates of such abuse in Protestant denominations and in the public at large. Of course, if you want to talk about the issue of sexual abuse in the Church, it would be helpful to realize that ~80% of the time the issue was not pedophilia but homosexuality…

          But don’t let truth get in the way of your hatred for the one true faith.

        2. depends, how many were available?

    2. Gays are to be killed, yes, but then again, EVERYONE is to be killed!

      God COMMANDS us to kill EVERYONE!

      Our that them thar VALUES of society outta come from that them thar HOLY BIBLE, and if ya read it right, it actually says that God wants us to KILL EVERYBODY!!! Follow me through now: No one is righteous, NONE (Romans 3:10). Therefore, ALL must have done at least one thing bad, since they’d be righteous, had they never done anything bad. Well, maybe they haven’t actually DONE evil, maybe they THOUGHT something bad (Matt. 5:28, thoughts can be sins). In any case, they must’ve broken SOME commandment, in thinking or acting, or else they’d be righteous. James 2:10 tells us that if we’ve broken ANY commandment, we broke them ALL. Now we can’t weasel out of this by saying that the New Testament has replaced the Old Testament, because Christ said that he’s come to fulfill the old law, not to destroy it (Matt. 5:17). So we MUST conclude that all are guilty of everything. And the Old Testament lists many capital offenses! There’s working on Sunday. There’s also making sacrifices to, or worshipping, the wrong God (Exodus 22:20, Deut. 17:2-5), or even showing contempt for the Lord’s priests or judges (Deut. 17:12). All are guilty of everything, including the capital offenses. OK, so now we’re finally there… God’s Word COMMANDS us such that we’ve got to kill EVERYBODY!!!

      1. please, can we start with you?

        1. SQRLSY is a living meme that proves why the Protestant Reformation was wrong.

  5. He was fired in January of 2015 so I imagine 1.2 million is like back pay for a fire chief. Georgia is an “at will” state, except for humble public servants.

    1. It is probably best that the state is not an at will employer, or else they would be able to run roughshod over their employees rights, something libertarians are usually opposed to.

    2. 1.2 million is a lot of money. Assuming he was at least mid-way in his career (there are not a lot of 20-year-old fire chiefs), I’d say he is now set up for a very comfortable retirement.

      But he better not be planning to have any fun time with his wife, unless she is much younger than him and capable of becoming a mother again.

  6. Then-mayor Kasim Reed had questioned Cochran’s ability to lead gay and lesbian firefighters.

    Not to mention his ability to lead Dalmatians.

    1. wait, I thought since homosexuality would lead to bestiality, we could at least fuck some Dalmatians…

  7. The fire chief has an absolute right to his religious beliefs, as do all of us. It is black letter law in 1A.

    Violating the constitution can be hazardous and expensive, and it should be.

    1. The problem is that the hazard and expense are completely bore out by someone other than the individuals who actually violated this guy’s rights. So long as that is the case the only lessons learned from the punishments will be perversions.

      1. True.

        That is our system.

  8. I checked the Amazon reviews of his book (Who Told You You Were Naked?), and apparently there’s a couple references to sodomy, but not particularly conspicuous compared to the whole. I guess you have to look if you’re determined to be outraged.

  9. Well this is the point where all those “libertarians” who are foursquare in favor of freedom of association, criticize the lawsuit and the settlement, because the employer should have an absolute right not to associate with an employee if the employer so chooses, for any reason whatsoever, even if that person makes offensive statements, right?

    I mean, can you imagine if this guy said “liberals are no different than people who have sex with animals” and he was fired for that offensive statement?

    But no, he says “gays are no different than people who have sex with animals”, and it’s totally wrong to fire him over that view.

    1. Freedom of association? It’s a public-sector job.

      1. He was fired over his religious beliefs as stated in a book he wrote. This had nothing to do with his job according to the brickbat post.

        He was fired because he said something that the PC left, and those fearful of the PC left considered offensive. Offending a sacrosanct group in our crazy world MUST BE PUNISHED.

    2. How the hell are libertarians going to get gays to join the club if they don’t support treating sexual preference as a protected class?

      1. Well, now that the gayz got their “freedom” they really have no reason to ally with the libertarians when their “identity” is their primary motivation for political activity.

      2. Libertarians can reach out to the straight men who watch my performances, bisexual folks, bicurious folks, and open minded folks. They outnumber gays unless we have a parade that day.

      3. Libertarians can reach out to the straight men who watch my performances, bisexual folks, bicurious folks, and open minded folks. They outnumber gays unless we have a parade that day.

  10. In all fairness, New Jersey secular law used to treat same-sex relationships the way we treated bestiality, but we changed the law after a prosecutor could not convince a New Jersey judge that the cow in the video disapproved of the activity.

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