Suspicious Devices Sent to Clintons, Obamas, CNN, Soros Spark Bomb Scares

Another device was reportedly sent to the office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


ABC News/Screenshot

Authorities are investigating multiple reports of explosive packages sent to the offices or homes of several public figures, as well as the news outlet CNN.

WABC reports an explosive device was discovered in the middle of the night near the home of former President Bill Clinton and former first lady Hillary Clinton. The device, which was screened by the Secret Service, was addressed to Hillary Clinton, who was not at the couple's home in Chappaqua, New York, at the time. A source familiar with Bill Clinton's location told CNN the former president was home, though the device never made it there.

Also this morning, the Secret Service said it intercepted an explosive device addressed to former President Barack Obama. He was probably never in danger, as the Secret Service screens his packages from a facility in Washington, D.C., according to The New York Times.

Another suspicious package with an explosive device in it was sent to CNN's offices at the Time Warner Center in New York City. A police bomb squad was deployed to the scene, and the newsroom had to be evacuated, according to the Associated Press. CNN reported that the package was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan. The network's president, Jeff Zucker, said in a statement that employees should "refrain from sharing any images or geo tags that would reveal" their locations. "We have no particular reason to be concerned, but just think it would be the most cautious approach," he said.

Police were soon able to remove the device from the area. Later, New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill said the package in question contained what "appeared to be a live explosive device" and "an envelope containing white powder."

Florida police, meanwhile, are investigating a suspicious package sent to the Sunrise, Florida, office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D–Fla.), former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

The cluster of bomb threats comes one day after another explosive device was found outside the compound of liberal megadonor George Soros in Westchester County, New York.

According to CNN, which cited a law enforcement official, the devices sent to the media outlet, the Clintons, the Obamas, and Soros are similar to each other. Also, Wasserman Schultz was named on the return address for the Clinton and Obama packages. The package sent to Wasserman Schultz's Sunrise office was supposed to go to former Attorney General Eric Holder. But the address was wrong, and since the Florida congresswoman's name was on the return address, it ended going to her office.

Moreover, Capitol Police were able to identify a package addressed to Rep. Maxine Waters (D–Calif.), ABC's Tara Palmeri reported this afternoon, citing three sources.

The San Diego Union-Tribune also said several suspicious packages were found the newspaper's offices, leading to an evacuation of the building. The packages turned out to be harmless, police said.

There were initial reports that additional explosive devices had been found that were addressed to the White House and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Both reports appear to have been untrue. At a press conference, though, Cuomo confirmed that a suspicious package was indeed sent to his Manhattan office. According to Rich Azzopardi, the governor's senior deputy communications director, the initial report was in fact false, but a suspicious package was discovered later on. That package, however, reportedly contained campaign literature, not a bomb.

This post has been updated.

This post originally identified Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as a Republican, when in fact she is a Democrat.

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  1. Maybe it is the families or friends of someone Obama drone striked?

    1. John wins the internet today.

    2. Maybe it was Imran Awan

      1. More likely, the door is closing on the right-wing bigots’ last, stale gasp after losing the culture war, and the half-educated goobers turn out to be sentient enough to know it.

        1. Same tedious bullshit. Most of our local retards at least change up their talking points from time to time.

        2. Have you considered becoming a climate change fanatic? You have the blind zealotry down and pretty much all progressive policy preferences can be shoehorned into that issue.

        3. Was thinking that it seems exactly like something you would do, Artie

          1. I don’t know – it lacks that personal touch of ramming things down orifices.

        4. NPC Hicklib burps out another bot response.

        5. More likely, yet another Lefty false flag.

        6. More than likely this is a lefty move to help the Democrats win the elections as they blame the right for these incidents.

          1. They’re assuming that people would be upset about Democrats getting blown up. Yet another miscalculation

        7. I swear. You could be an ad for how to NPC, Artie.

    3. oh shit dude. ftw.

    4. No it’s gonna turn out to be a loony alt-right breitbart/infowars subscriber. I wonder if Alex Jones’ wonder vitamins damaged this dude’s brain.

      1. Nope. False flag operation by some lefty idiots.

        1. Wasserman Schultz’s office was the return address for the packages that went to the Clintons and Obama, the one that was delivered to Wasserman Schultz’s office was supposed to go to Eric Holder, but the address was wrong so it got delivered to the return address.

          1. So…
            Debbie did it

            1. Debbie has been known to do things.

              1. Dallas?

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  2. So, I guess we should all vote for Democrats then.

    1. It depends.

      Do you have a strong education, marketable skills, a good career? Do you prefer reason, tolerance, science, liberty, and modernity? Do you like the most recent five or six decades of American progress? Do you reside in an educated, modern, successful community? If so, you should vote for Democrats?

      If you are poorly educated, unskilled, unaccomplished, bigoted, disaffected, authoritarian, and backward, residing in the depleted, can’t-keep-up backwaters, you should vote for Republicans.

      1. I like the fact that even Kirkland questions whether people should vote for Democrats.

        1. He has a lot of contempt for the less fortunate, which is very odd for someone of his profession and political party

          1. My contempt is for right-wingers.

            When the rubes went hard for intolerance and ignorance, I became less sympathetic. A politically correct person might choose euphemisms and appeasement. I prefer accuracy and accountability.

            1. Lefty hatred on display

          2. Kirkland has contempt for all non-trolls.

            1. Kirkland has nothing to offer the less fortunate, except for eugenics.

              1. Exactly!
                Kirkland is the prime example of a low-income hating classism narcissistic eugenicist. The irony of a black eugenics supporter.

      2. Weird how you got it exactly backwards….

      3. Modernity rejects reason dude. They are mutually exclusive.

        But I do like that even Kirkland admits that the disaffected and poor and poorly educated are represented by the Republicans, not the Democrats…

        1. The inner-city votes Republican ? Who knew .

      4. Are you a white male, who likes being hated and feared and demonized as the root of all evil?

        1. “Whitey is the Devil!”

      5. Rev, do you mean those educated, modern, successful communities like Detroit, Newark, or East St. Louis? All have voted at least 90% Democrat for decades and are also run by Democrats. Or how about another prized Democrat stronghold, San Francisco, with its feces maps/patrols, as well as used needles and junkies littering the downtown streets? Just another shining example of how well citizens fare under Democrat rule.

        1. For what it’s worth, ALL cites vote Democratic. The mayor of notoriously left-wing Salt Lake City is a gay Democrat. Suburbs and rural areas vote Republican. (And rural areas are the equals of Detroit or Albuquerque for non-functional.) The point is that partisan alignment does not appear to bear on whether a city ‘functions’ or not.

      6. Have you applauded while your personal wealthy demographic’s income has increased exponentially, appropriating the property and authority of working class communities via public-sector cronyism and public-private partnerships nationwide? Vote Democratic!
        Have you tried to make your own way honestly, working for a living without asking for handouts or government favors? Vote Republican!
        The funny thing is,the concentration of wealth and political influence has become so acute in the bicoastal elite communities that the folks disaffected by Kirkland’s first paragraph and represented by his second paragraph now enjoy an electoral college majority! Surfing the red wave, cowabunga!!

      7. Kirkland thinks the democrat base has “strong education, marketable skills and a good career”.

        The irony of Kirkland is that he has a fetish on characterizing the other side as a bunch of rubes and hicks, and yet his worldview is limited to whatever the DNC newsletter feeds him. If America adopted lefty central planning scheme, we would be somewhere in between Canada and Japan in terms of economic stability.

        The democrat party represents the elite (mostly white) 1% of the nation. They get all their funding from tech, Hollywood and finance ran by white male progressive. Meanwhile the rest of their base is stuck on nowhere land. If you see some impoverished black person living in a blue zone, that’s a person who’s been voting democrat 30,40 years despite reaping no benefits out of their loyalty.

    2. i’m convinced.

  3. My vote is on them being Mooninites.

  4. False flags.

    Everyone knows that the biggest bombers are Lefties.

    Timothy McVeigh
    Ted Kaczynski
    Symbionese Liberation Army
    Students for a Democratic Society
    KKK (i.e. 16th Street Baptist Church bombing)

    1. Obama too if drone strikes against Americans count.

      1. Wasn’t Obama’s close friend from the weatherunderground.

        1. Obama attended multiple fundraising events courtesy of Bill Ayers (‘former’ leader of Weather Underground) near Chicago.

          Another fun fact, Bill Ayers still is still a distinguished professor at University of Illinois, Chicago. He says that he is retired in his biography but they never stripped him of being a top educator in his field even, after he admitted being part of an organization that plotted to blow up women and children.

          1. Well, Bernardine Dohrn was seen heading east yesterday!

            1. Boy, her and Ayers sure did escape any real prosecution for multiple attempted murders.

    2. If your definition of “lefties” includes the KKK and Timothy McVeigh, then you need a new dictionary.

      1. McVeigh, the anti-US government revolutionary? His main reason for blowing up kids and federal employees was to avenge Waco. Where a cult of Mormon Socialists were ruthlessly murdered by federal agents.

        KKK, the racist and bigoted movement to deny Americans their civil rights and institute a Socialist regime here in the USA that people like them control?

        These types of people do not want a Constitutional Democratic Republic. They want a government that rules using terror, violence, and bigotry. They know they are an unconvincing minority of revolutionaries who want to take over control.

        Conservatives agree to change once there is overwhelming support for said change. Conservatives dont start revolutions.

        1. “His main reason for blowing up kids and federal employees was to avenge Waco. Where a cult of Mormon Socialists were ruthlessly murdered by federal agents.”

          You really need to stop pulling “facts” straight from your ass. David Koresh and his followers were Branch Davidians that separated from 7th day Adventists and have really nothing in common with the Mormons….but I guess that’s what it takes for you to shoehorn them into your narrative.

          1. Notice that I used the word ‘cult’.

            Those new age American religions out of New York State really are apple and oranges aren’t they.

            Cult of Socialist 7th day Adventists.

            1. Well you’re still pulling things out of your ass. There’s no indication that the Davidians had any aspirations to control government or implement a “socialist” order on the country. Everybody else in the world, except you, agrees that McVeigh was a right-wing terrorist avenging a the government killing of mostly peaceful religious people that believed in the second amendment. But, hey, if the definition doesn’t fit your narrative, change the definition.

              1. Unfortunately for you Lefties, the internet lets people research for themselves and find out that the media have been lying and propagandists to incorrectly call people “right-wing” when they are in fact Left-Wing revolutionaries.

                People are scared of Left-Wing revolutionaries. The people being mislabeled are mostly dead and unable to defend themselves.

                1. …so you are saying that it is a good thing that the internet exists so you can find things, but the things that you find are actually lies perpetrated by the media? Man, aren’t you afraid to leave your house?

                  1. Poor troll cannot walk the straight line.

                  2. Look asshole, go spew your ‘mcgoo’ elsewhere. You appear to have shot your wad prematurely anyway.

                    1. There goes Shitlord again using profanity to try and get a point across. I wonder what new word fad it will come up with next!

                2. “People are scared of Left-Wing revolutionaries”

                  “People”, yes. “Rational people”, not so much.

            2. I have not seen this troll in a month.

              1. That’s because usually I’m quite comfortable under my bridge ….until you start twaddling on about patently false narratives. Trying to make black white and vice versa.

                1. No, you just come out to rave periodically.

              2. Another Hihn sock?

            3. At least you admit that youre a troll.

              1. So First of the Shitheads also thinks Timothy McVeigh was a leftist terrorist? You two guys are like peas in a pod.

                1. Ok – what makes McVeigh right-wing?
                  I really don’t know how to classify his politics, so guidance would be helpful.

                  1. Most people in the USA would say that because; he self-identified his beliefs as libertarian (obviously disregarding the NAP), registered as a Republican, was a member of the NRA, anbd was a proud veteran, it would make him right-wing. However, the argument was not if he was right-wing; he was accused of being a left-wing terrorist because of retribution against his fellow socialist, kool-aid drinking compatriots…which is completely asinine.

                    1. He cannot be a libertarian because he violated the civil rights of kids to not be blown up. Libertarians dont want slaves and dont want to hurt others who are law abiding US citizens.

                      No citation for the GOP registering lie.

                      All sorts of veterans are Democrats. Most non-lefty veterans never appear in the news as bombers though.

                      The NRA does not fully support the 2nd Amendment so fuck the NRA. Supporting th NRA does not make one a right-winger.

                    2. You also missed the “self-identified” part and he did vote for Harry Browne in 1996, as did I.

                    3. “He cannot be a libertarian because he violated the civil rights of kids to not be blown up.”

                      IIRC, he wasn’t aware of the daycare being present. But, yeah, massive violation of the NA principle anyway. His stated purpose was to teach the feds that they weren’t immune to blowback, so that they’d back off on the atrocities they were committing.

                      And they did. I really hate to think he might have been right about what it would take.

                      At the time I lived not far from Nichol’s farm, and could have ended up a neighbor if my attempt to buy a nice plot of land nearby hadn’t fallen through. How we laughed when the media breathlessly reported that “fertilizer residues” had been found in the barn…

                      He’d tried to join the Michigan Militia, and been shown the door. This was reported as his “having connections to” them. But the truth is, they hated his guts for having given the feds a pretext to go after them.

                    4. “Most non-lefty veterans never appear in the news as bombers though”

                      Just as an exercise, mind identifying some lefty veterans who appeared in the news as bombers? I can’t seem to think of any off the top of my head, but I’m sure you have a list.

        2. Lester Maddox, Bull Connor, and J.B. Stoner, socialists. LOL.

          And David Koresh, Socialist Mormon. I mean, what, was he was refraining from drinking tea and coffee between fucking the 12 year-olds?

          You have a very rich fantasy life.

          1. Lester Maddox, the Democrat from Georgia? The segregationist and racist who continued to use black people for Democrats to win election or get unemployment insurance from them?

            Bull Connor, the Democrat from Alabama? The segregationist who used police forces to attack citizens and violate the civil rights of people who had committed no constitutional crime?

            J.B. Stoner was not only a Democrat, KKK chapter founder, but a neo-Nazi. One thing Nazis like doing is controlling government and the means of production to suit their goals.

          2. I had a non-paying “client” who sued me for interfering with contractual relations with David Koresh.


            1. LibertyMike, you fascinating mutherfucker you.

      2. Maybe you didn’t get the memo. Everyone who disagrees with anything Trump says is a “lefty”.

        1. Poor Lefties will say anything to not be so desperate.

          1. If you actually knew the difference between left-wing and right-wing, I would be insulted.

            1. You dont know the difference, which is why you troll the way you do.

              1. That is true. At least I don’t go around throwing out pejoratives that I don’t really understand. I stand by my original statement that your definition of left-wing is anybody that doesn’t agree with Republican Trumpism, which is not the way the rest of the country defines it. You are an island.

                1. You trolls cant even get your commentor references right.

                  1. You Trump fanboys can’t even get your left and your right right.

                2. “your definition of left-wing is anybody that doesn’t agree with Republican Trumpism”

                  His definition of left-wing is “everybody”.

            2. Who’s Trump?

                1. I dont have a boss.

                  1. I forgot you’re still in high school.

      3. You *might* have a valid complaint about McVeigh, but the KKK were, like the Antifa today, the armed wing of the Democratic party.

        1. “but the KKK were, like the Antifa today, the armed wing of the Democratic party.”

          Yeah, they were Democrats, primarily because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

          But LC didn’t call them Democrats, he called them liberals and socialists. Southern Democrats back then were John Birchers. Staunchly anti-Communist and racist and anti-gay. These were the guys who passed the sodomy laws, for example. To call them liberals or socialist is laughable. Seriously, it’s fucking stupid beyond comprehension.

          1. Southern democrats controlled the means of production. They used the state to enslave people. They took socialism to a whole new level before it was even called socialism.

            Socialists are antigay. Socialists are racist. Liberals are not classic liberals nor anything resembling pro civil libertarians.

            1. “Southern democrats controlled the means of production.”

              That makes them capitalists. Literally, they possessed “capital”.
              The socialists are the ones who DON’T own the means of production, but think they should because they’re doing the work.

              “They used the state to enslave people.”
              The state was enslaving people before there was a Democratic Party. Literally, before there was a United States.

              “Socialists are antigay. Socialists are racist.”

              These two sentences are both missing the word “some” at the beginning.

          2. They were democrats before abraham was born let alone formed the Republican Party.

          3. You really need to pick up a history book.

            1. “You really need to pick up a history book.”

              You need to learn the difference between Socialism and Nationalism.

          4. Calling the KKK socialists and/or liberal is about as stupid as it gets. They were/are white nationalists.

            1. “Calling the KKK socialists and/or liberal is about as stupid as it gets”

              Your mistake is thinking that these words have meanings beyond “things LC89 doesn’t like”. Try using that definition of the words “socialist”, “liberal”, and “leftie”, instead of the ones everyone else uses, when reading that individual’s posts.

        2. “the KKK were, like the Antifa today, the armed wing of the Democratic party.”

          They were the defeated veterans of a defeated armed uprising. Later, they were the defeated opponents of efforts to implement the end of institutional racism in the state and local governments. Now, they’re mostly just racists who’ve noticed that being openly racist is frowned upon by decent folk.

          To which of these eras are you referring?

    3. When the KKK and Timothy McVeigh are to the left of you, you are WAY too far right.

  5. This is easy to solve. Who has a score to settle with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz?

    I expect the FBI to arrest Bernie Sanders any minute now.

    1. I dunno, i think the listc of people with grudges against them is rather lengthy

      1. True, but how many have grudges against all three of them?

    2. A bomb was sent to the White House and Soros, too, so you may be on to something.

      1. From what I’ve read so far you are incorrect about the White House part of your statement.

    3. This! Big score, Owl!

  6. Don’t shoot people on a baseball field. Don’t punch make believe Nazis. Don’t bomb people.

    Seems pretty simple

    1. But, but Trump!!!!

    2. Yeah, seems pretty simple to me. I was just thinking the other day that it’s been a while since the last Ted Kaczynski type.

      1. This wasn’t a Ted Kaczynski type, though; They were fake bombs, not real.

        I tend to think it was a left wing hoax to motivate the voters, based on the bombs being fake.

        1. Which idea came first… the one that the bombs were fake, or the one that this is a left-wing hoax?

  7. shame wolf has been cried so many times.

  8. Now for the most pressing issue – how to blame this on Trump

    1. So quick to play the victim.

      1. OMFG cry more.

      2. I’m not Donald Trump…

      3. Only trash like you sees everything as victim and oppresser OP.

        1. Well, isn’t that really what the world revolves around, victims and oppressors? I mean you always seem to play the victim by calling everyone a leftist who doesn’t see it your way!

    2. Business Insider is already on the case!

  9. But the Dems are so “from the heart”, they really care and know all about Fascism too…

  10. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (R?Fla.), former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

    I think I see the problem.

    1. Fact checking?

      1. When they kick you out of the DNC, they’re not kidding around.

        1. /The package sent to Wasserman Schultz’s Sunrise office was supposed to go to former Attorney General Eric Holder. But the address was wrong, and since the Florida congresswoman’s name was on the return address, it ended going to her office.


          1. She really is bitter at becoming the poodle haired scape goat of the DNC.

            1. Well, it IS all her fault Clinton lost.

              1. I put the blame squarely on all those Trump voters. The nerve of them, voting their own choice. It was HER turn!

  11. You have to be pretty stupid if you think sending a package to former presidents or first lady are not going to be screened, or that George Soros actually opens his own mail. My guess is this is a high school or college kid who somehow thinks that targeted these people will help the Democrats.

    1. I mean make Trump look worse

    2. Meh there is no shortage of retards on the right.

      1. I would think they would be more apt to make a working bomb though on the account of all the abortion bombings /sarc.

        1. I thought the abortion bombers were the retards on the right?

          1. Bomb-making is its own Darwin process.

          2. There can be religious zealots on the Left too.

            The Jews blew up Palestine buildings to get their way too.

            The Nazis likely blew up the Reichstag to get what they wanted.

            Listen to what people say. If they want their TOP MEN to rule and control everything, they are likely Lefties.

            The conservative TOP MEN who used to control things were called kings and queens. The Pope is a right-wing Theocrat.

            1. Not many of the right-wing TOP MEN left anymore compared to all the Left-wing TOP MEN who want to steal your stuff and get your dogs pregnant.

            2. Being a progressive orthodox is its own religion.

      2. Nah-seems too amateur. The right tends to avoid high profile targets.

        1. Right wingers dont try to start revolutions. They tend to be the ones to protect Monarchies and Theocracies.

          Libertarians also dont tend to be bombers. Hurting people would infringe on their civil rights.

          Now defending yourself and your country, tends to get right-wingers and Libertarians into the fight. American Lefties used to become the pacifists because the USA was usually fighting Leftists.

          1. How can you write this babble without bursting into laughter? I’m starting to think that, perhaps, you are the ultimate parody account. Seriously, this is some quality denialism you are spouting. OBL should take notice.

      3. I can’t disagree with that, but when I ask the question cui bono? the answer “Democrats” seems more likely, especially since they’ve been getting a black eye from their spasms of public violence.

    3. >>>You have to be pretty stupid

      why likely fake news.

    4. You have to be pretty stupid if you

      The Republican base is not known for strong education, accomplishment, or smarts.

      1. “The Republican base is not known for strong education, accomplishment, or smarts.”

        As if you would have a clue.

        1. He needs a rectalcraniectomy.

      2. And yet they beat you.

        1. One election, and an improbable bankshot at that, against a half-century of crushing victory in the culture war?

          I’ve been winning throughout my life, you disaffected, inconsequential rube.

          1. One election? You haven’t been paying attention….

            “At the beginning of Obama’s term, Democrats controlled 59 percent of state legislatures, while now they control only 31 percent, the lowest percentage for the party since the turn of the 20th century. They held 29 governor’s offices and now have only 16, the party’s lowest number since 1920.”

          2. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland

            If you’re really a minister of the cloth your time would be better spent helping the less fortunate.

            I suspect you’re a charlatan, perhaps a ‘rube’ himself who thinks he’s better than others.

            1. Arty is a high school dropout who cleans up after wealthy conservatives for a living. Hence his hatred, and jealousy.

      3. The republican base is better educated than the democrat base. Proven fact.

    5. I wouldn’t be shocked if it is an angry lefty. History has shown that the right is far more effective when they engage in this behavior. The fact that every one of them was intercepted and none went off seems is indicative of that.

      Either way, thankfully they were all intercepted and none went off.

      1. It’s plausible that it’s a super-far lefty that’s pissed at the moderates in the party, but really it doesn’t matter if it’s left or right it’s a shitty thing to do.

        My question is who can be such a shitty bomb maker that not a single device has gone off. We’re not dealing with a genius here, or it really is a black flag op. Who knows though.

        1. *false flag, or something like that.

        2. they weren’t meant to go off, as a false flag they didn’t want anyone to get hurt but they did want people to be blamed for it.

          1. Yep. And this caper is beyond inept.

  12. This is just like the phony “threats” against blacks, gays, trans, etc. If anyone is ever caught, it will turn out that it was a lefty attempting to implicate Trumpsters.

  13. CNN reported that the package was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan. The network’s president, Jeff Zucker, said in a statement that employees should “refrain from sharing any images or geo tags that would reveal” their locations. “We have no particular reason to be concerned, but just think it would be the most cautious approach,”

    Wow. Their commitment to fake panic and do-somethingism is astounding. Really impressive. Did they warn Brennan not to Tweet his location too or were they only worried about the employees who weren’t targeted by a method dubiously associated with Twitter/geolocation?

  14. I give it 2:1 odds that in the end it will be determined that non-functioning devices were sent by democrats to stir up the base.

    1. Let’s check your judgment. When did you renounce birtherism? Are you superstitious, to the point of believing fairy tales are true? Did you believe Donald Trump would rework economic fundamentals to enable unskilled, half-educated rural white males to prosper at the expense of accomplished Americans residing in strong, modern communities?

      Thank you.

      1. “prosper at the expense of”

        There’s the flaw in lefty thinking. Prosperity isn’t a zero-sum game. Economic success can be shared by all.


        1. Trump was not only going to deliver prosperity to the losers, but he also was going to stick it to the elites.

      2. You okay, bro? Sounds like you have some emotional disturbances to work out. You know what, just keep posting. I’m sure it’s therapeutic.

        1. Just don’t say he was traumatized by Trump’s election.

      3. Are you superstitious, to the point of believing fairy tales are true?

        You mean, fairy tales like believing that expensive goods like healthcare and a university education can be gotten for free?

        1. Or fairy tales like human’s have irreversibly hurt Mother Gaia.

          1. “Mother” Gaia has not been irreversibly hurt, she doesn’t give a damn about humans, anymore than dinosaurs or dodos.

            You look back a few billion years, and most of the Earth’s surface was covered with molten lava and active volcanoes. Earth is far more powerful than any of the creatures squatting on it–humans included. It’s the height of hubris to think that only we can destroy the Earth and only we can possibly save it.

    2. “I give it 2:1 odds that in the end it will be determined that non-functioning device”

      Interesting how none of these “explosive devices” have been reported to have exploded.

  15. So which columnist is going to write the “this is due to Trump’s rhetoric” article before the facts are in and in complete contrast to the “Sanders has nothing to apologize for” article after the baseball shooting?

    1. Soros’ son already has one out. It was in the NYT hours after the story broke…

      1. They probably had it ready to go a few days ago and held off just long enough to make it look plausible.

  16. And Holder got one too.
    Everybody’s a victim!
    Weird that none of these “bombs” accidentally went off, isn’t it?
    My guess on who sent them: the migrants!

    1. Lol
      Cuomo got one too.
      #MeToo’s next frontier

      1. You get a package! And you get a package!

        1. Package was my middle name at the Post Office Christmas party.

          1. Large package was my middle name at the FedEx Christmas party.

            1. As large as that of Fred Smith’s?

              1. Does Fred Smith employ a midget to hold his large package to keep it from dragging?

                1. He can certainly afford to employ such a midget.

                  1. Me too.

                2. the first three were crushed. Fred went robot.

                  1. He better hope that they are not smarter than him.

      2. >>>Cuomo got one too.

        there’s the tell…nobody gives a fuck about Cuomo

        1. These are probably old AOL CDs

        2. I still can’t believe that Andrew Cuomo is the smarter of the Cuomo brothers. But, I guess it’s easy to be smarter when your brother’s IQ is barely above room temperature.

        3. If Cuomo got one, then Cuomo is behind it. Only Cuomo has the ego to think Cuomo is relevant.

          1. The initial report was wrong, Cuomo’s was just the flea bomb and nit comb he ordered on Amazon.

  17. Crab people?

    1. Yes, progressive democrats.

  18. OK; maybe we should return to being civil even BEFORE the democrats win some future election?

  19. Seems to early to make any judgments, but this does rather conveniently come at a time when the prevailing narrative was violent progressives…

    1. Yea since the media claiming videos of mobs attacking people were not violent mobs at all, didn’t work. they had to send fake bombs to themselves to make others look bad

      1. And were relatively mellow about a politically motivated assassination attempt on multiple GOP members of Congress.

  20. I guess Wasserman Schultz did not take well being forced out as head of the DNC.

    1. Yes, as the article says she apparently is a Republican now.

  21. Democrats are getting desperate. Now Soros is paying people to send him and his friends fake bombs to drum up anti-Trump sentiment?

    It must suck to be losing this badly. Poor RAK. How will he cope? Think of the children!

    1. Democrats are getting desperate

      ^This^ Especially since it looks like the blue wave is crashing early and they might not do so well in the midterms as they hoped, What better way to get out the vote than appear to be under attack? Soros isn’t behind it either, but it would make sense they would target him as a conservative bogeyman

      1. That you would pull the “Dems are desperate” out of a rightwing wacko comment trying to blame this all on Soros and not notice the irony is quite the reveal.

        1. OK-lets say that a bunch of prominent republicans were targeted along with the Koch Brothers. Would you say a crazy right wingnut did that too?

          1. Yes, because in this troll fuckers worldview, only the people on the right are capable of violence.

            1. My aunt is like this. Things are only good when democrats do them. No democrat is responsible for anything bad, unless the leadership has cast them out, like Weiner. Anything good that ever happens is only because of democrats, and republicans are responsible for 100% of all bad things.

              And so much more bullshit. She is also a retired english professor from southern CA. Big shock, right?

              1. Jesus. How do you not vomit in your mouth every time she talks?

    2. Yep. Someone is ginning up a Reichstag Fire event.

      1. I think it won’t do much for them. For the Reichstag Fire to actually have the intended result, the Reichstag had to burn. If there had been a failed attempt, it’s unlikely the public would’ve reacted quite as strong. Same here.

  22. In the name of being more civil to one another, I think the Reverend and LC should both say something nice about each other.

    1. What? Are you trying to break the internet?

      1. I think commentators need to have a pow wow here and take the vitriol down a notch. But, not toward Suderman. Suderman sucks.

        1. I dont know why you people even engage the trolls.

          Other than that, actual people on here can have some good jokes and good comments.

        2. Yeah! They can swap Pow Wow Chow recipes!

          1. *credibly accused* Native American

          2. Maybe they can go Korean, and swap bow wow chow recipes.

        3. ^love it^

      2. Break the internet? That would probably break the universe.

    2. I dont talk to Kirkland.

      Hes a troll. Why would I waste my time?

      1. LC, the other night you appeared to conflate sarcasmic with the terrorists of Narodnaya Volya. That was naughty of you.

        1. Sarcasmic says that he is an anarchist. Any bombings he would employ would likely be to further destruction of our Constitutional Democratic Republic to get Anarchy-Land.

          The Narodnaya Volya were mostly young revolutionary socialist intellectuals. The Tsar was about as right-wing as you can get, being a monarch and all.

          The Founders being revolutionaries were Classic Liberals. The main difference with Classic Liberal and Libertarianism is that Libertarians would have never been okay with slavery. Some Classic Liberals were. Classical Liberalism is left of Libertarianism.

          1. You know that he is not violent.

            The Narodnaya Volya were violent and they were responsible for offing Tsar Alexander II.

            1. The surest sign that LC is not a libertarian is that he thinks “anarchist” is an insult that offends libertarians

              1. Well, my anarcho-free enterprise-race realist-individualism does offend some libertarians.

                1. You lost me at “race realist”.

                  1. Well, one manifestation of my race realism is that you would never hear me ask, “Where all the negro women at?”

                2. See, Libertymike embraces that he is not a Libertarian.

                  Libertarians are okay with tiny limited government. Anarchists are not.

                  1. Sure, a lot of us here are not fully libertarian. I consider myself more conservative/libertarian hybrid. Kind of like a ideological Spock.

                    1. If you own it, who really cares.

                      I just refuse to let non-libertarians act like they are libertarians and then proceed to lie about libertarian positions.

                  2. Not necessarily true. Anarchists are not blind to the fact that there may be milestones along the way to a larger goal, especially when that goal is an ideal.

                    I know I would be ecstatic to see tiny limited government in my lifetime. Of course it’s not the same as no government, but it would still be a hell of a lot better than the incredibly bloated and fraudulent rule by busybodies in place now.

                    1. Anarchists dont tend to say how tiny government is a milestone to anarchy-land. Americans will utterly reject that and dont want to help some anarchist burn the USA down.

                      As a Libertarian, I honestly dont even want your help, if your end goal is to burn the USA down. No thanks. Libertarians dont sell out. If we cannot convince a majority to be Libertarian-ish, then we deserve to fail.

              2. Anarchist is not an insulting term.

                The surest sign that Just Say’n is not a Libertarian is that he is okay with Anarchists saying that they are Libertarians.

                1. “The surest sign that Just Say’n is not a Libertarian is that he is okay with Anarchists saying that they are Libertarians.”

                  Yeah, that could be it. Or it could be that some very prominent people within libertarian literature have identified as anarchists. Including: Lysander Spooner and Murray Rothbard

                  1. Fundamental flaw with the anarchist-Libertarian connection.

                    Libertarians are okay with tiny limited government under rule of law.
                    Anarchists are not.

                    I get what you are saying but that glaring counterpoint is there. I surmise that Anarchists have long been deemed too fringe to be taken seriously. Libertarianism was a new term and movement.

                    All of a sudden, Libertarians started demanding that Libertarian moral high ground not be tainted by Anarchists.

                    I find it suspect that Anarchists dont stand on their own and be proud of their ideology.

                    1. Don’t try to parse anarchists opinions, if they were correct the last 8000 years of human history would be quite different.

                      I don’t dispute that anarchy has a certain appeal, but mostly it’s just an in-between phase of governments that certain people have mistaken as a stable position.

                      That said, it’s absolutely true that there are people who are both libertarian and anarchists. It’s a wide net. Perhaps even too wide to be a useful term at all.

                    2. I still dont see how you can be a libertarian and be okay with tiny limited government under rule of law AND an anarchist who is against all societal law that is codified by a democratic government.

                      It would seem to me that a Libertarian-Anarchist is not being honest.

                    3. Or is deeply confused.

                    4. Would seem so.

      2. Repeat after me: “I would never mail a fake bomb to the Rev.”

        1. The Rev. Isn’t significant enough to employ that kind of violence against him. Now following him into a mens room and leaving him beaten senseless in one of the bathroom stalls after listening to his disrespectful shit at a Reason convention? Maybe.

          Although I would be careful to ensure Tony wasn’t skulking about, waiting to take advantage of his condition afterwords. I’m too decent for that.

  23. Sending that number of packages means there doesn’t have to be too much evidence from each one to figure it out.

    1. And they were sent extremely close together, which means they were likely mailed as a group.

      1. And you’d have to go to a PO to do so; pretty much a “how to get caught” primer.
        I give it until the end of the week before someone is ID’d.

        1. And the one pic I’ve seen of the package(s), they’re basically screaming to be screened.
          It is no accident that nothing happened

  24. The San Diego Union-Tribune said several suspicious packages were found the newspaper’s offices, leaiding to an evacuation of the building. The packages turned out to be harmless, police said.

    The San Diego Union-Tribune: the Julie Swetnick of the Great 2018 Mid-Terms Bomb Panic.

  25. I am curious, were they actual explosive devices, or were they more of the bomb-clock kid style of devices? It’s awful strange that none actually detonated…

    1. All he did was mail them alarm clocks to symbolize that they should not be late to standing up for justice! Why is everyone misinterpreting this?

    2. I am curious as to why you stopped posting as Cathy.

      1. I enjoy your commentary, Tulpa, and you’re usually pretty spot on when you go after someone.
        But it confuses the hell out of me when you assert that Kivlor and Cathy are the same person.
        I mean, their perspectives seem to be pretty opposed…

        1. And yet it is true.

          1. Why are you sharing your diagnosis?

            1. Tony clearly “suffers” from narcissistic personality disorder, not paranoia. “Suffers” in quotes since, of course, it’s not the narcissists, but the people around them who actually suffer.

              1. That would be true if I weren’t such a magnificent host.

                1. That would be true if I weren’t such a magnificent host.

                  Wow, you sure showed Square who’s not a narcissist…it’s simply a coincidence that we’re all laughing right now.

                  1. Way to get a joke.

        2. It confused me too. I took a couple months off, and when i came back Tulpa was accusing me of being Cathy. When i asked, he said that because Cathy and I have both used the “my dudes” meme we must be the same person.

          Tony is probably right about the paranoid personality disorder.

      2. Does Cathy not still post here? Huh. Well, good riddance I suppose. Xe was kind of annoying, and pretty dumb.

        So, how many handles do you run these days tuIpa? I’ve never really understood, perhaps the master of sockpuppets could explain why even run more than one? What’s the point in creating fake opposition or fake support?

        1. No, you busted the Cathy sockpuppet today, just now!

          How exciting, I get to kick you around!!!

  26. When they find the bomb maker please shoot him in the face so the tax payer doesn’t have to pay for this piece of shit. k thx.

    1. Since the bomb maker is probably either a kid, mentally disturbed, or a dem insider, that’s not likely to happen…

      1. Are these even actual bombs? What the hell is a “suspicious package” anyway? The amount of panic and baseless assertions over this is amazing.

        1. Road flares, wires, and an iphone.

          1. That is not a bomb.

            1. contents to make a ‘suspicious package’?

            2. When I checked the links earlier, the most firm of statements from the actual authorities was “looks like an explosive device”.

              Kind of strange. Is it explosives, or is it just a prop?

              1. Yeah, no one has yet confirmed if they were actually explosives. Sort of weird.

                1. I heard them referred to as pipe bombs, but who knows? It does seem odd that not a single one went off. Assuming the bomber had the basic formula down but made mistakes along the way, you would think that just plain chance would mean one out of several was close enough to work as intended.

                  I’m glad none did, but it leads it me to wonder if they weren’t perhaps meant to be more symbolic than practical.

                  1. Pipe bombs are not rocket science.

                    It gun powder in a pipe with pipe caps and a burn fuse.

                    If youre hot shit, you substitute the burn fuse with a detonator to ignite the gunpowder. Still, most pipes are small and pretty much make grenades not good bombs.

              2. The CNN photo looks like a prop to me. Not even a terribly convincing prop, either.

              3. The other thing is, if they were real bombs wouldn’t we have heard more of them being control detonated or disarmed? Bomb squad robots, hurt locker suits, etc. I haven’t been able to catch much on tv the past few days but was any of that kind of activity shown?

        2. Panic and baseless assertions are what progs do best

        3. What the hell is a “suspicious package” anyway

          Warty could not be reached for comment

        4. its a lot like the cartoon bombs that teh coyotee tries to get the road runner with

          1. On that note, has anyone checked to see if Wile E. Coyote has an alibi?

        5. “suspicious package” was my nickname in college

          1. Due, in part, because you sported a rolled up wash clothe in your undies.

  27. Somehow this will receive 100x the media coverage of, say, the ricin that was sent to Trump. And 100x the “analysis” extrapolating political points out of it. Same for the deranged Democrat who shot up Republican Congressmen. And more.

    Left-Wing Hate ‘Rap Sheet’ Reaches 600 Incidents of Violence, Harassment

    1. Violence and harassment on the part of Democrats is a good thing. They’re expressing tolerance by not tolerating intolerance.

      1. Fight intolerance with violence.

        1. Or jello wrestling. I think our national elections should be settled with a jello wrestling match between Nikki Haley and Kamala Harris.

          1. Meh. But okay.
            As long as we get the queen of Jordan to referee

            1. Oh man, elections are going to be so awesome and arousing

              1. I can lend y’all barrels to collect the Left tears.

                I just hope that I have enough barrels.

                I might have to borrow someone’s child laborers to make more in time.

                Which monocle wearing pip hitting bitch around here has the most child laborers?

            2. I was hoping to see Ocasio-Cortez in some jello. Oh well.

              1. Although Kamala has some experience wrestling Willie’s jello.

                1. well played sir!

  28. So the same media people who when some guy from Somalia yells “Allah Akbar” and runs over a bunch of people with a truck tell us “his motives will never be known” are today 100% sure this is the dark night of rightwing violence descending on America.

    And the same people who call their political enemies Nazis on an hourly basis and claim every issue from global warming to immigration is a matter of life and death and openly brag about the rightousness of “punch a Nazi” and have violent public fantasies about killing and maming their enemies, are today claiming that everyone to the right of Chuck Schummer is an accessory to murder.

    1. The way things are going, Chuck Schumer is going to be a victim of murder – at the hands of antifa or the like.

      1. It wouldn’t shock me.

      2. After election 2018 goes horribly for Democrats, the Democratic Party will likely be shifting completely to a race angry, lacking in smarts, non-white leadership type deal.

      3. Yep-just like the Red Brigade in Italy in the 1970s targeted socialist politicians to make the right look bad.

        1. +1

  29. I suggest we wait until the Antifa National Committee wades in on this to denounce violence and blame rednecks, although I see that the good Reverend is already making that case above.

  30. If the Democrats don’t take the house in a couple of weeks, the “incivility” will ratchet up, just as Hillary has called for.

  31. If they don’t identify who sent these and it turns out they are not actual bombs, I think it is fair to assume there is a good chance this whole thing was a false flag operation. If the bombs are real, then I don’t think so. Real bombs have a habit of going off and I don’t think they would risk that in a false flag operation. If they find the person who did it, then clearly it wasn’t. But if they were fake bombs and law enforcement mysterously can’t find who sent them, then there is a good chance this is all bullshit designed to take the heat off of Democrats for being the party of the mob.

    1. Of course you think that. Of course you do.

      1. Remember when you mocked Rand Paul’s assaults, including almost being killed on a baseball field?

        1. Remember how you’re bringing up Rand Paul right now?

          But… fucking pumpkins?

          1. Ron Paul was attacked and hospitalized by a nutcase liberal pissed off over his politics. So far all we have is a few fake bombs sent by God knows who. Paul is a much more serious case than this and one that we know is about poltitics.

            1. All you’re saying is that FOX News addicted fucktards can’t make a bomb work.

              1. It was a fake bomb. If you don’t like the facts in this universe, go live in another one. But stop expecting everyone else to go along with your fantasies.

                1. Is that what they’re saying on FOX News?

                  1. That is what they are saying everywhere you half wit. Do you have any evidence it was a real bomb? Surely even you are not so retarded that you think “Fox News” is a sensible response.

                    Look, I understand how disapointed you are this didn’t result in real bombs going off that killed people and allowed you to justify your hatred towards anyone who disagrees with you. But you need to grow up a little bit and stop throwing a temper tantrum about it, which is all you are doing right now.

                    1. I’ve said it before, John, your brain needs to be studied in labs when your diabeetus catches up to you. Jesus Christ. You’re a joke right? You are doing this all as a joke?

                    2. All you are doing Tony and throwing a temper tantrum and calling people names. You haven’t made a single rational point. You are so clearly angry and bitter that this hasn’t turned out the way you want it to and no one is buying it or particularly cares about it. You really are not handling this well.

                    3. I haven’t been opposing the retard Nazis running your political party because I needed a hobby, John. I actually don’t like what they’re doing and what they could potentially do. You’re stupid, you’re dangerous, and you need to be stopped.

                      You’re much happier anyway when you have Democrats in power to oppose instead of Republicans who embarrass themselves with their every failure and lack of English language skill, so just go with it.

                    4. I haven’t been opposing the retard Nazis running your political party because I needed a hobby,

                      No Tony, you have been “doing it” because you are a hateful moron who thinks they exist. And thanks to the fact that the Democratic party no longer is smart enough to keep hateful lunatics like you in the closet, I seriously doubt I will have many Democrats in power to worry about any time soon.

                    5. Tony, no one thinks that about John except you and the other douchebags here like Arty and PB. And the thing that connects you with them is your evil, stupidity, and depravity.

            2. Poor Tony is so dumb that he does not know that actual bombs explode and fake bombs are blow up by police.

              Either way, bombs are blown up.

              1. Tony does have some experience in blowing things. Like young teenage boys.

          2. “But… fucking pumpkins?”

            Whatever floats your boat, fella.

            1. Tony’s actually a girl. And yes, now imagine the act with pumpkins. It’s gone that far.

      2. And of course you think that it is someone whose politics you hate. The difference is that I am a rational person who is open to the possibility of it being a lot of things until the facts show just what it is and you are a fanatical idiot who is convinced it is whatever you sick politics dictate it should be regardless of reality.

        Doesn’t being angry, hateful and stupid ever get old? Is complete irrationality and and constanly being pissed off that appealing?

          1. Are you not 100% convinced this was done by the right wing? This despite the fact that there is no evidence at all who did it or why?

            You are who you are Tony. And you are likely never going to change or ever get any better. You really are the NPC meme.

            1. Not this 4chan dickless bullshit from you too. Do you have any original thoughts? Have you ever had one?

              I am comfortable reserving judgment until facts come in (something you’ve never done), but I don’t have to reserve judgment on the verifiable fact that the president of the United States, whom you support, and his propaganda networks, which have poisoned your brain, have been inciting irrational mob hatred of various liberal figures for cynical political ends, each of whom was sent a bomb today.

              1. You guys should hug and make-up. Too much vitriol. Can’t we all just agree to hate Suderman, rather than each other?

                1. Fuck you Just Say’n!

                2. If hating Suderman can’t bring us alltogether, nothing will. Tony is just really angry and bitter that the death and destruction that he has so long hope and prayed would come and allow him to rationalize his bitter hatred and desire to do harm to others didn’t pan out today. It is a tough day for Tony and he unsurprisingly is not hanlding it well.

              2. “I don’t have to reserve judgment on the verifiable fact that the president of the United States, whom you support, and his propaganda networks, which have poisoned your brain, have been inciting irrational mob hatred of various liberal figures for cynical political ends, each of whom was sent a bomb today.”

                Thank you for making the case for a hoax so succinctly.

                1. What exactly do you think was going to happen by all this “Rahh! Soros! Clintons! CNN is the enemy of the people! Maxine Waters!” crap? Calm, enlightened discourse?

                  1. The same thing that happens when people call Trump and his supporters Nazis and say that they are in the “Resistence” and the country is now a fascist dictatorship.

                    But it is different when you do it. You are so stupid Tony, it is almost not fun to torture you.

              3. I am comfortable reserving judgment until facts come in (something you’ve never done), but I don’t have to reserve judgment

                But you of course are free to blame this on all of your political enemies before you know anything about what actually happened.

                Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? Clearly you don’t or if you do you really are a troll sent here to make all liberals look utterly irrational and ignorant.

              4. “have been inciting irrational mob hatred”

                Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I can’t believe you actually wrote that.

                As you proved with your own words years ago Tony, you and yours have no compunctions about putting your political rivals against the wall.

              5. Gosh Tony, then for the last two years has 100% of the violence come from the left? And in massive amounts and with great frequency?

            2. He needs to be convinced it was done by the right wing because if a leftist did it he would be forced to think that it was for the greater good. And that is a bit embarrassing to admit.

              1. Tony is incapable of being embarassed. If this turns out to be the work of some leftwinger, that won’t bother Tony at all. He will either pretend it didn’t happen, pretend it was actually done by the right, or pretend it is the right’s fault anyway.

                It is no wonder the NPC meme has made these people so angry. It is exactly what they are.

                1. Just like the people who commit fake ‘hate crimes’ in order to draw attention to how much racism there is in the world, somebody had to send fake bombs to Obama and company to show how dangerous Trump’s rhetoric is.

                  This actually makes sense to a ‘progressive’.

                  1. “Just like the people who commit fake ‘hate crimes’ in order to draw attention to how much racism there is in the world, somebody had to send fake bombs to Obama and company to show how dangerous Trump’s rhetoric is.

                    This actually makes sense to a ‘progressive’.”

                    That is because the psychological condition of progressivism is [fantasy > reality], so much so that it supersedes it.
                    If reality looks like it is inconsistent with fantasy, it is reality, not fantasy, that must have its appearance altered

                  2. “…people who commit fake ‘hate crimes’ in order to draw attention to how much racism there is in the world…”

                    Of course there is still racism, but the notion that anyone needs to fake hate crimes in order to raise awareness sort of undermines their whole argument. If there was still plenty of racism, you wouldn’t have to fake anything.

                    It’s like that Ohio University girl who apparently sent homophobic death threats to herself. Sure, there are some people who don’t like gays, period. Why? Maybe because they are backwater-dwelling uneducated types, as the Rev would say. But, for the most part, those sorts of people will just shake their heads disapprovingly when they see a same-sex couple holding hands in public. They can’t be bothered threatening some student council dweeb. Nobody cares if the student council is gay, straight, or still undecided.

              2. Why is assuming this was done by a rightwinger beyond belief? Is it because you yourself are a stupid fucking braindead righting moron? Is that it?

                1. Why is assuming this was done by a rightwinger beyond belief?

                  No one is assuming that Tony. You are the one assuming everything. At some point you probably need to see someone about the voices that appearently operate in your head. You must have them because otherwise why are you so incapable of understanding what anyone says?

                  1. I am totally convinced that this conversation is all about reserving judgment until the facts are in. Totally. Just exactly as you behaved when Hillary Clinton send work emails on a private account.

                    1. When the FBI came out and said they found multiple Emails that contained classied information on her server, I was convinced. You got me Tony.

                      Again, changing the subject doesn’t make you look less ridiculous here.

                    2. The facts were already in you fucking hack.

                      It wasn’t a private account, it was private SERVER. Set up to avoid either internal scrutiny or FOIA requests.

                      As laid out by Comey, intent is not part of the statute that she most definitely violated.

                    3. Tony, HRC’s did do that. Proven fact. And it was a crime, also easily proven by a cursory reading of the appropriate US Code. Please note that intent is NOT a component of said crime.

                      So no, not the same.

                2. “Why is assuming this was done by a rightwinger beyond belief?”
                  Literally the only evidence you have for accusing the right wing on this is equivocating the scary words of “bomb scare” that the media uses with scary words that Trump and Trump voters use. This isn’t a mystery novel with “right winger” playing the part of broke heiress to murdered wealthy industrialist

                  1. Bombs were sent to the top Democratic figures (and thus rightwing conspiracy theory fixations) in the country. But I’m just spitballing. Reserving judgment. The return address was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, so it was prolly her. She’s pissed about being canned from the DNC.

                    1. Yeah Tony because only evil Right wingers hate the Democrats. The radical left doesn’t and there is no such thing as a lunatic who would do so for his own reasons. Nope. This must have come on orders for the Oval Office. Right? Or maybe someone read a tweet by Trump and knew what his orders were.

                      It would be bad enough if you were this idiotic and applied it evenly. But, in the same breath that you are cetain everyone you disagree with is to blame for this, you totally ignore the fact that some Bernie Bro tried to murder 8 Republican Congressman. Trump says mean things about the media and therefore is responsible for this. You and your ilk call Republicans Nazis and claim to be in teh Resistence, but are somehow pure as the driven snow when some nut takes you seriously and tries to murder a bunch of Republicans.

                      It is astounding that someone could be as dumb and utterly unware of it as you are. It would be funny if it wasn’t so horrifying and sad.

                    2. I didn’t realize the internet had a rule against jumping to conclusions. You’re jumping to your own, the only difference being the level of ridiculousness and desperate, pathetic self-serving.

                      Every victim of today’s terrorist attack was a top fixation of rightwing media and its most prominent adherent, the president of the united states. That’s a fact. When we find out the culprit, and it’s some Caravan Carlos, I’ll stand corrected. You fucking ridiculous lunatic.

                    3. And we found the culprit who tried to murder 8 Republican House members. He was an angry progressive. So if you think that the fact that some angry right winger sending bombs reflects on every right winger in the world, then you should also think the same about the Scalia shooter.

                      But you don’t do that ultimately because you think what the Scalia shooter did was a good thing. You see it as reflective upon the left and don’t mind. You are a violent idiot who projects that anger and violence on your opponents as a way to rationalize it.

                      Fortuneately, people like you are just hateful freaks and not the norm.

                    4. Steve Scalise is I’m sure comforted by the fact that he now serves as the symbol of forgiveness for every rightwing terrorist till the end of time.

                    5. Tony you really are stupid. It doens’t mean anyone is forgiven. It means that you either need to apply the same standards to your side you are trying to apply to the other or you need to stop applying those standards.

                      Are you that stupid such that you can’t understand that? Or are you just that dishonest and unwilling to admit how badly you have lost this argument.

                    6. What has “my side” done today? Do you think I think the guy who shot Scalise should have been let off the hook?

                    7. Your side has done a lot over the years. No apply the same logic you are using here to your own side or shut the fuck up.

                    8. This is how lunatic Lefties like Tony think.

                    9. None of those people were victims and this wasn’t a terrorist attack.

                      Stop using words to fit however you want to feel.

                    10. It would be to you if the victims were Republicans.

                    11. No one else here except you fucking leftist colostomy bags has ‘jumped to conclusions’. The rest of us merely make room for a number of possible outcomes, including a ‘right wing nutjob’. In progtarded fashion, you of course bristle at any ideas outside of your groupthink.

                      That’s you Tomy. That’s how you roll.

      3. John’s take is actually really generous to the Ds.
        He’s restricted his suspicion to a very narrow set of factors.
        There are many ways that things falling outside his criteria could be entirely consistent with a false flag type hoax.

        1. Liberals have never been that organized.

          1. Progressives aren’t liberal, my friend, though they may be currently known as “Liberals”

            And Liberals/progressives are known for being organized.
            Didn’t the previous president make his name as a community ORGANIZER?

            1. You can’t spell diction without dic!

              1. “You can’t spell diction without dic!”

                That all you got bitch?

          2. never Tony. They just have an organization called Antifa that riots all over the country and has had multiple members arrested for serious terrorism plots. And liberals have no history of political violence in this country as long as you don’t count the SLA, Weatherman and about a dozen other terrorist organizations that operated in the 1960s and 70s.

            1. What was Oklahoma City, chopped liver?

              1. It was the work of two doofuses who had no connection to anyone. And Tim McVeigh was an athiest angry about US actions in the Middle East. He blew up a federal building because he was pissed off Janet Reno burned a bunch of people alive on national TV. I am not really sure what that has to do with the right wing. Is objecting to burning people alive what makes you right wing?

                1. Doofuses?

                  No I’m pretty sure they were bozos.

            2. I have family in Homeland Security. They have expressed great concern about antifa’s antics.

              Progtards were always the bad guys.

        2. Remember that Charles Manson tried to start a race war by having cult members murder multiple innocent people and a fetus?

          History just repeats itself over and over.

  32. I hope you rightwing fucktards are pleased with yourselves.

    1. LOL. This guy

      1. If you had murdered Soros my paychecks would have stopped, and you wouldn’t like me when I’m poor.

        1. I don’t promote political violence. Nor do I want to see you impoverished

          1. Congratulations, you’re better presidential material than the president.

            1. Congratulations Tony, you’re still dumb as a rock.

            2. And the former secretary of State

              1. Fine people on both sides.

  33. Lefties must really be getting desperate to resort to false flag operations like this.

    1. Yep. But at least unlike the Reichstag Fire (which was a real fire), these fake “bomb packages” don’t have bombs or anything else remotely dangerous in them.

      It is really pathetic though that this is the level the mofos have to sink to in order to try to gin up support for themselves.

      1. +1

  34. So why should Democrats and their friends (antifa, muslim extremists, ms-13) have a monopoly on domestic violence and terror? At least the threats against Democrats are fake and don’t actually amount anything!

  35. Doesn’t “bomb scare” usually mean “no bomb”?

    1. It was a *credibly accused* bomb

    2. Yes it does. Someone sent some fake bombs. That is not good, but until they figure out who did it or until whoever is responsible starts sending real bombs, hardly a big deal.

      1. John, where are you reading that the bombs were fake? I don’t see where that’s been reported.

        1. NYT pipe bombs story

          Pipe bombs use a fuse. Someone has to light the fuse. Since they are unlit in a ‘suspicious package’, you figure it out.

          While you can make bombs that remotely detonate using pipes filled with gunpowder, pipe bombs are not as effective as other type of homemade shrapnel bombs.

          Pipe bombs are more like hand grenades with fuses. Small area of effect.

          1. Sending fake bombs to political figures is still, literally, terrorism.

            1. So is calling someone on the phone and threatening them with great bodily injury. Terroristic threats.

              If you build a bomb and dont kill someone with it, you are either an idiot or did not want to kill someone.

              Did you hear about the powder in envelopes sent to Secretary of Defense that made a naval Chief Petty Officer sick? That is terrorism too.

              You Lefties are not fooling anyone and it is driving you crazy.

              1. When bombs fail to kill people, normal people react with relief, not pathetic defenses of their political party.

                1. To people like myself who are readers of history, we know that sometimes the real danger is not the bomb itself.

                  In this case, the real danger is Lefties signalling that they are trying to steal another election. They are trying to scare voters into voting for Democrats.

                  You Lefties are not fooling anyone.

                  1. You are so cute.

                    1. Oh Tony, Americans are not falling for your Lefty bullshit anymore.

                      Its terrifying for you. We get it.

                    2. Terrifying like how you feel when you solicit BJs in the mall bathroom? Like kind of half terrifying half exciting?

                    3. It’s pretty fucked up for you to use any kind of homosexual behavior as a slam against someone. Totes unwoke and muy muy homophobic.

            2. Then the question “sent by whom” becomes rather important.

            3. Poor Tony.

              1. Not a word for the poor mall janitors?

                1. Tony, just ask to suck my dick.

                  I would politely tell you no. That’s the way Southern gentlemen act.

                  1. Your mouth says no but your eyes say “Let’s go to the handicapped stall.”

          2. Was there a note instructing the recipient to light the fuse?

            1. Exactly.

            2. The one sent to Clinton was actually a bundle of cigars. And a match.

          3. Considering this person sent a package to John Brennan at CNN even though Brennan is a MSNBC commentator, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that they are too stupid to make a functioning device rather than that they didn’t try.

            1. Pipe bombs are easy to construct.

              Making quality detonators that can remotely detonate explosives is the skill.

            2. I wouldn’t either. But the news seems to imply that the bombs were built but not connected.

        2. I thought that was the consenus up thread. Appearently some were fake but some were not according to ABC right now. So I stand corrected. They were appearently real bombs. I think that rules out this being any kind of a false flag. You don’t use real bombs in false flag operations.

          That said, it is curious none of these things went off.

          1. They were real explosive devices but not necessarily bombs set to explode.

            While dangerous, they were literally designed to not hurt anyone.

            Why would a bomber not want to blow up their intended target? That is the $2.0 Billion dollar Mega Millions question.

            1. That is a hell of a question. If you just wanted to scare people, you don’t make it a real bomb.

              1. There are two types of “real bombs”. Bombs that destroy their intended target, dangerous bombs that are designed for other purposes, and bombs that look like bombs but are inert.

                All 3 types can be used for terrorism.

                The second two types are typically used by bomb creators who dont want actual dead people (higher penalties etc).

                The first type is the only way to physically injure your target person. Which indicates a resolve to get rid of that person quickly not through an election defeat.

                1. *three types

          2. Your willingness to believe ABC may be your downfall.

    3. Yep. Who would ever actually call in a bomb threat when there is actually no bomb? And if you are going to bomb anyone, why warn them?

      In the eighties, there were a slew of bomb threats to high schools in my town. Every one of them was during midterms or finals.

  36. Whoever did this sounds like a real jerk !

    1. Democrats are real jerks alright.

  37. This is going to turn out to be a Soros-funded false flag against the “deplorables.”

    1. And it looks like whoever is perpetrating this Reichstag Fire type event may be trying to frame Gavin McInness and his “Proud Boys” group.

      Whatever you think of McIness and his gang, it strains all credulity to think they would actually put a letter in one of the packages giving themselves “credit” for it!

      1. No way in hell did that happen. If there is a letter saying that, it is almost certainly fake.

      2. I don’t get it. These people believe that Hillary Clinton, George Soros, CNN, and co. are all mortal threats to humanity, but we’re supposed to assume they will never act on that belief? Why, because it’s assumed that they’re all pussies?

        1. Proudly gay pussies, yes.

      3. “Reichstag Fire”


        Gotta say, as someone who’s not on the Trump train and only recognised him as the least worst of two choices, and thinks conspiracy theorists are basement-dwelling nut jobs, that this event has occurred at this time under these conditions when Republicans appear to be doing far better in the midterm lead up than anyone predicted, the ham-fisted nature of this attempt, and that it can only do damage to Republicans, well, it requires a great deal of credulity.

  38. According to Rich Azzopardi, the governor’s senior deputy communications director, the initial report was in fact false, but a suspicious package was discovered later on. That package, however, reportedly contained campaign literature, not a bomb.

    I don’t get this. What is a politician’s idea of a “suspicious package”? Doesn’t contain money?

    1. Cuomo was just angry someone didn’t use the special paypal account for a bribe.

  39. And every liberal media outlet is already, in unison, condemning the “false flag” theory as conspiracy theory. Since we know next to nothing at this point, I’m calling BS. Given their track record of lies, gaslighting, and projection, I’m actually more inclined to believe that explanation than I previously was.

    1. The fact that they were real bombs and appearently not set to explode is very odd. I can see sending fake bombs as a way to terrorize people. I can see sending real bombs that are set to explode and kill people. But if you don’t want the bombs to explode, why bother to make a real one when a fake one will do the same thing? The only reason i can see to send real bombs not set to explode is because you want the public to see it was a real bomb but want to ensure the targets are not hurt. And the only reason you would want that is because it is a false flag.

      If it is true that one of them contained a “letter” from the Proud Boys taking responsibilty for it, then I would say it is almost certainly a false flag. That explanation fits better than any other.

      1. Man charged in ricin attacks

        Its like the media was scared to report on this story much in case it was a Lefty.

      2. If they sent fake bombs it could be considered a test run or a warning or a false flag. Sending real bombs that can’t explode is cause for false flag considerations. Considering if a person was so incapable of making a real bomb would have more than likely killed or injured themselves while trying to make a real bomb. It takes an expert to make a real bomb that won’t explode so I’m pinning this false flag on a lefty hollywood special effects person.

        1. It takes a lot of effort to make a real bomb. Making a fake one is easy. I can’t see why you would make a real bomb and then set it not to explode. That makes no sense. If you just want to terrorize people, you can do that with a fake one and save yourself the trouble and danger of making a real one.

          1. If its fake they can’t prove intent or that it wasn’t a false flag. A bomb that won’t go off is easy to blame on those dumb deplorables

            1. Its coming up on crunch time with election 2018 just 13 days away.

              Things in the USA will really change for the better once Democrats lose their asses off.

              The Lefties know its going to happen too. Hence the desperation moves, like sending unexploding bombs to Democrats to garner sympathy.

            2. I don’t think it’s all that hard, or dangerous, to fill a metal pipe with a bunch of gunpowder and then tape some inert wires to it.
              Just a guess though

      3. But if you don’t want the bombs to explode, why bother to make a real one when a fake one will do the same thing?

        I would posit to make sure that they are found, and to make them as legitimate as possible. It’s what I would do, if I were a psy-ops person.

        That said, I put my money on wing nut. Same as the congressional shooter.

  40. Trump has another rally tonight. Think he’s going to refer to Hillary Clinton, George Soros, CNN, Maxine Waters, and Barack Obama as evil threats to humanity again?

    1. And about a million leftists are going to refer to Republicans as Nazis and fantasize about killing and maming them and make any number of statements about the threat of the evil Right Wing that if taken to their logical conclusion would not only justify but neccistate violence against them. And they will also call for no Republican to be safe in public without being harrassed and attacked and say how the country must take retribution agianst all who are associated with Trump.

      And you will think it is fabulous. But somehow Trump calling Hillary a crook and calling out Soros for spending millions to influence our elections might as well be murdering people.

      Jesus Christ Tony, you are making too easy. This is stupid even for you.

      1. No bombs were sent to Republicans today, were they?

        1. But Ricen was just recently.


          Is this okay? Is it diferent when your side does it?

          1. Yes it is okay and I only wish he’d been able to kill them…

            Oh is that what you expect me to say? What is your point? You know what Obama never did? Incite this crap. If anything he erred on the side of comity. You vomit paranoid deranged crap about Democrats every single day. Own your shit. If I believed what you believe about Soros and the Clintons, I might feel like sending bombs might be doing humanity a favor. What’s wrong with you, are you a pussy?

            1. My pooint is that you are no more responsible for that than I or Donald Trump am for this bombing, assuming it was even done by someone on the right for political reasons. You cannot sit here and claim that Trump is somehow culpable for the things he says and then pretend that your side is not equally culpable for this and the other leftwing violence given the insanely over the top things they say about the right.

              So either just shut up and admit that these things are the responsibility of the people who commit them or hold yourself and all of the idiots who run around claiming everyone is a Nazi just as responsible for as you are trying to claim Trump is responsible.

              1. How is my side equally culpable? Because you’re a deranged lunatic pussy?

                1. I just explained to you how they were. They engage in horrible invenctive against Republicans. If Donald Trump is responsible for this because he said bad things about Hillary Clinton, then the entire left is responsible for the Ricin attacks because they have said bad and worse things about Republicans.

                  Are you really so stupid that you can’t understand logic that basic or are you just so dishonest that you are incapable of ceding a point you have so thoroughly lost?

            2. >You know what Obama never did? Incite this crap.

              of course he did. obama did more to hurt race relations more than any political figure since george wallace.

              1. and it was absolutely intentional. have to keep blacks on the plantation somehow.

              2. Obama made national stories out of Trayvon Martin and the shooting in Ferguson specifically to incite racial discord for his advantage. Tony is always dishonest.

              3. Because he had the audacity to be president while black?

                1. Yes Tony, change the subject away from the one you have lost so badly. You are nothing if not transparently dishonest and stupid.

                2. Obama said that Travon could have been his son.

                  Obama does not have a son, but whatever soothes your Lefty heart while you lose bad in election 2018.

            3. “Yes it is okay and I only wish he’d been able to kill them…”

              I don’t know if you would say it, but you certainly believe it. You’re a vicious sociopath, and a member of the progtarded hive mind, so you would probably squeal with glee to see prominent republicans dead or badly injured.

              1. I don’t even have the energy to type out all the rebuttals to the stupid shit Tony has said in the last few posts… Obama didn’t cause division? LOL Democrats are being civil, and this is all Trumps fault. LOL Cuz Rs have gone shooting up Democrats congressional baseball team right…

                Ugh. No more energy to fight the derp…

    2. Authorities have found two additional letters a Navy veteran in Utah sent to members of President Donald Trump’s administration containing the substance from which the poison ricin is derived, federal prosecutors said in an indictment unsealed Thursday.…..53711.html

      So are all of the people who call Trump a Nazi and his supporters white nationalists responsible for this Tony? If not, then why is anyone but the person who did this today, whoever it is, responsible for this?

    3. pretty sure trump just treats them as the irrelevant punch lines they are at this point. they aren’t a threat to anyone and never will be again. evil though, absolutely.

  41. MAGA!

  42. Where was Jimmy Dore during all this?

  43. this is probably a progressive. why would a conservative with an gripe attack people that never will hold power again? why not chuck schumer the head of the resistance, the most powerful democrat in america, and the man who almost managed to sink the conservative supreme court nominee?

    a progressive however would attack them because they are the biggest stars of the democrat party and it would draw the maximum news coverage.

    the only other thing this makes sense is maybe some of the family of clinton’s/obama’s millions of innocent victims in syria/libya/yemen/afganistan. they murdered so many people over there.

    1. Just because Trump’s daily vulgarity distracts the media from his ramped-up civilian killing in these places doesn’t mean he’s not doing it.

      1. OBama killed civilians all over the world. And also assasinated an American citizen. I see no evidence Trump is any worse and in fact seems to be doing it less.

        Get back to me when Trump launches an illegal war like Obama did against Libya. As with all things, illegal wars and murdering American citizens are different when your side does it.

        1. It’s the ‘R’ after Trump’s name. That makes it worse.

      2. let me know just as soon as trump destroys two nations and destabilizes europe, causing brexit, like obama and hillary did with syria and libya.

        1. Well, causing the corrupt as EU to fall apart sooner, and Brexit are both silver linings to the disaster anyway… Better to have that shit fall apart now rather than later.

      3. Nah, Tony, that’s no longer a valid media hobby horse. Obama killed that and even the media isn’t craven enough to reignite that because they know everyone would call bullshit. At least not for a while.

        1. I think you mean Russia, which also made Trump president.

          1. Funny, Obama was the one caught on a hot mic asking asking Vladimir to be patient until after the election so he could be his obedient pet.

  44. Conveniently timed “right-winged extremism” is conveniently timed.

    Bullshit detected.

    1. Why would you go to the considerable trouble and danger of making a real bomb and then not set it to explode? The only reason I can see is that you want it to be a real bomb that can be blamed on the other side but don’t want it to go off and hurt anyone on your side.

      1. I am leaning toward that too.

      2. I’ve been avoiding the “false flag” claim, but honestly that does appear to be the most likely scenario from the info available.

        It also allows the media the leeway to spin this as a true threat, since there were explosive materials apparently, even if they weren’t rigged to blow.

        1. According to latest reports, none of the “bombs” contained explosives. Combined with the cartoonishly-fake appearance, this seems like it was designed to be obvious and attention getting, rather than do harm.

          At this time, we just don’t know if this was a political opponent (maybe in revenge for the early October ricin attacks) or another false ‘hate crime’ October Surprise. Considering the number of stupid people out there that take politics way too seriously, either is possible.

  45. “Already you have members of your Cabinet that are being booed out of restaurants … protesters taking up at their house saying ‘no peace, no sleep . . . . If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere”

    Maxine Waters

    June 2018…..ah-sanders

    “A suspicious package intended for California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’s office in Washington was intercepted at a congressional mail facility in Maryland, the lawmaker said Wednesday.”


  46. Over at Breitbart, comments are unanimous that all these mysterious packages are a sinister plot by Democrats to deflect attention from the Central American refugee caravan.

    Also, the earth is flat, the moon landings never happened, and we never put any landers on Mars.

    1. Boomer urbanite shitlib spotted.

    2. One of those things is different than the others. I’m sure your retarded ass can’t figure out which one it is.

    3. Is Deemer a new shitposter? Or a sock for one of our current shitposters?

  47. “None of the devices harmed anyone; it was not immediately clear whether any of them could have exploded. One law enforcement official said investigators were examining the possibility that they were hoax devices.”

    hoax pipebombs. progressives at it again. /clinton-obama-explosive-device.html

  48. From the twatters:

    19.5K tweets

    126K tweets

  49. No one was at the residences, the packages were intercepted at delivery to a clearing station. none blew up. That strikes me as an attempt to place blame on the Republicans by a zealot leftist. We shall see if the culprit is identified.

    1. Whatever happened to the supposed right-winger that tried to “SWAT” David Hogg while he was out of town?

  50. Funeral procession for fallen Georgia police officer

    So this officer got shot by an 18 year old punk in Georgia where the officer was approaching a suspicious vehicle. The cop was from California and worked here for 3 years. His funeral procession was today and was attended by thousands of people standing along the route. His procession took 30 minutes to go by.

    He happened to be a black man.

    1. No no, shriek has repeatedly assured everyone that Georgia is irredeemably racist.

      1. Unless Georgia votes for Stacey Adams. Then only some of Georgians are irredeemably racist.

    2. The late alleged shooter looked to be the exact same color. News blather studiously avoids any mention of why a man with a gun was sent to the “suspicious car.” Sending men with guns to sniff at vehicles just recently stopped leading to deaths in godless Canada. There might be a lesson in that for politicians struggling to deal with initiation-of-force issues. Georgians are lucky to have Ted Metz running for Governor with as much as 4% of the vote intentions. A vote for Metz is a vote against gunfights and vendettas between cops and teenagers. At least in Georgia, with its $4billion hemp industry, the Libertarian candidate is allowed to debate the looters.

      1. What?

  51. I am guessing they were sent by someone on the left so the Democrats can blame it on the right, just too convenient that it happens right before the elections.

  52. See? The Kleptocracy is determined to reverse time to the age of Comstock Law mercantilism and bomb-hurling People’s Party communists. The mutual recriminations hurled by Colleftivist and Christianofascist looters are the same as in the 1890s, and their tactics haven’t even changed! Every vote for a candidate backed by a party that endorses and practices the initiation of force is a vote for mad bombers, saracen berserkers, entangling alliances, murderous meddling and all the retaliation such things can be counted on to attract toward the teevee-addled mobs that gave them the sanction of the victim. An additional 4 million Libertarian votes, on the other hand, would give pause to even the most irresponsible manipulator watching the mailbox for that next government paycheck. Think about that.

  53. Gavrilo Princip approves this message.

  54. Meh. I feel as concerned as most of the people in the stock photo look.

  55. I’m guessing the packages contained nothing more than vibrating Dildo’s, lol!

  56. Fake news CNN was all about the recipients being disliked by Trump and how Trump must apologize for disliking them. It’s Trumps fault.

    But if they really want to find the culprits they’ll need to do some real detectiving. Did they all like avocados?

  57. USA Today has a vid; woman says ‘this should tell people to vote’.
    Uh, OK then…

  58. Good Lord. What a pile of derp.

    So to make things simpler for future events, perhaps we could just set down some ground rules:

    If a ‘suspicious package’ is sent to a Democrat, then we should assume that it is a false flag operation, unless proven otherwise.

    If a ‘suspicious package’ is sent to a Republican, then we should assume that it is a real terroristic threat, unless proven otherwise.

    Does that about cover it?

    1. Yes.


      In all fairness it is possible this is some right wing loon… But right wing loons usually get shit handled, because they’re not inept pussies like leftists. That not a single bomb went off really makes me think it was a staged event meant for PR purposes only… And nobody on the right would want to do something that helped the left.

      That said, stuff being sent to right wing politicians could just as easily be false flag PR moves by a right wing guy to bolster support. We’re potentially on the edge of having REAL bombs being used against people, but not quite there yet. The shooting war starting will require something big and shiny to set it all off.

      1. Yeah, if any of them had detonated, or even been set up to detonate, I’d be saying “oh shit, that was a right-wing loon” but I’m a lot more circumspect with the info available. With the endless list of false claims from leftists ranging from rape to racist death threats, I’m not convinced. The right doesn’t have a list of similar fake claims to generate support, so they get the benefit of the doubt.

    2. Basically, yeah, because fake hate crimes have become a routine tactic on the left, while right-wingers usually do the real thing rather than sending fakes.

      So, that’s my default assumption, subject to revision as soon as actual evidence is available.

      I’m assuming this guy will be caught fairly soon, given the number of packages sent out. Then we’ll know.

  59. FALSE FLAG, FALSE FLAG, FALSE FLAG, and that’s all I have to say ’bout that.

    1. +1

  60. And just reading through these comments..

    How many people here at Reason are there who is NOT either a Republican, alt-righter, “race realist”, conservative, Trump voter, or just plain 4-chan/pol/ troll? I’m guessing it has to be less than 10.

    Why are there so many people who come here, who are not libertarians, have next to zero interest in supporting libertarian views, and just comment to shit on Reason? (Other than the trolls of course. Their reasoning is self-evident.) Do people like John think that by commenting here, he will change Robby’s mind or ENB’s mind on anything?

    1. Youre not a Libertarian and hate Libertarian posititons, so theres that.

    2. I, for one, come here for the articles. I then scroll through the comments to watch our Republic disappear into nothing!

    3. I was here before the staff went pomo and commies like you started showing up.

    4. I am libertarian on 99% of issues. Are you saying I can’t consider myself a conservative leaning libertarian because I am not for open borders? And because I am okay with twisting arms to expand free trade around the world?

      I’m for next to zero government. I don’t give a fuck about abortions, or gay people pounding each other in the ass. I like gun rights! I think crack should be legal. Whores too! Public schools suck, but I might accept vouchers as a compromise position. What else… Privatize the roads maybe? It’d probably work better.

      I mean WTF do you want from me. I hold overwhelmingly libertarian positions… But because I can read statistics, and do not favor low skilled immigration… I am all of a sudden NOT libertarian at all? How about the shit YOU diverge on Jeffy?

      1. And as far as race realism… Sorry, I can read statistics, and comprehend the implications of studies.

        It is unfortunate that evolution did not decide to be PC, I wish it had been… But until a SINGLE STUDY can be done that has some way of disproving the 100% of evidence gathered up until this point, which all points to genetics playing a large role in the gaps, I have to lean towards genetics playing a decent part in the IQ gap. No such study has even been done. They have tried, and failed dozens of times to explain the gaps via environmental variables. It just ain’t so.

        It all fits too perfectly with real world results, and all data sets, for it to be incorrect. There’s a reason South Korea became an economic juggernaut in a few decades, and South America, which had European technology introduced 5 centuries ago, is still a backwater. I even have the balls to say this WHILE being part Hispanic. Deal with it.

        None of this means I hate anybody or anything like that. It simply means that I can accept not all ethnic groups have IDENTICAL trait distributions. Just as I can accept the same fact between men and women. We all have our strong suits, and weak suits. You’re the one assuming evolution just HAD TO be moral about the way we evolved, despite all evidence being to the contrary… Mainly because it’s the trendy opinion to have right now. Whatevs.

    5. Jeff, how the hell could you judge this?

      You, like everyone here, define libertarianism or Liobertarianism through a prism that includes you and your beliefs as a matter of course.

      And excludes a lot of people in the same fashion.

      Most of the people you see as ‘not-libertarians’ who come here to shit on reason are long time commenters–many who’ve been here MUCH longer than you who are bemoaning what they see as a decline.

      You don’t see it as a decline because it’s falling more in line with your version of ‘libertarian’ now.

      But, because there are things lurking in that definition that, to pretty much all of the rest of the commenters save Tony, Shrike, Hihn and the like, are decidedly not in favor of liberty, you bemoan their commenting at all.

      Sadly, a trope that reveals you for what you actually are.

      A left-leaning libertarian.

      1. More like a leftist who leans libertarian.

  61. I’ll bet Bill Ayers knows how to build bombs that don’t explode

    1. After several failures including one that blew up a cell of his buddies building bombs it does appear he and the survivors figured it out.

  62. since none of these ‘explosive’ devices have perhaps they are not explosive devices?

    Has anybody looked into the possibility that maybe they are actually homemade clocks sent by enterprising Muslim school children to their democratic heroes in the same vein as clock boy?

  63. Democrats are the enemy of anyone who values Liberty, freedom, and civil liberties.

    1. Which is why you think they should be blown up?

      1. Not yet. That’s bad strategy. Let them fire the first shots in the civil war, so we can have the moral high ground… Then we can fire the LAST shots in the civil war 🙂

  64. the idea that this will work in the dems favor is simply a pipe dream

  65. I find it telling that those who have seen a Ruskies behind every voting booth, don’t even whisper a foreign entity could be behind this. Obviously these ‘devisive times’ are at fault. Meanwhile these fakes look so amateurish that it would appear to be professionals. Meaning no one will be caught before Election Day…

  66. One rather important thing isn’t being reported – are they actual, working bombs containing explosives, or just showy fakes?

    The obviously misspelled on purpose names on the package (I mean, whoever knows who John Brennan actually is knows how to spell his name) and the Larry the Cable Guy sticker seem to indicate that it’s someone pretending to be a redneck

    1. Right? The whole thing seems too janky to be real. I doubt any of these even had explosives. I’m gonna LOL my ass off if this was some ANTIFA moron who thought this would stir up sympathy for the Dems, and they end up getting caught before the election.

    2. From what I’ve read they are not working bombs but they do in fact contain explosives. Which makes them VERY showy fakes.

  67. What about the pictures floating around purportedly showing the package of one of the bombs, and it has no post mark?

    I haven’t seen whether that was confirmed or fake.

    1. Looks like the picture was posted by CNN, which claims to have got it from the police. So, presumably not stock photos.

  68. Loudmouths need to be more circumspect.

  69. Surprised that the bomber hasn’t been caught already this morning. They have announced that the packages were mailed from within the impact zone of that last major hurricane in Florida, so maybe he can claim storm PTSD or something.

    It also appears the “bombs” had no timers nor any switches to cause them to detonate on opening. There also appears to be some ambiguity about the nature of the explosive and its potency. It could be that the objective was to terrorize psychologically and make a political statement, not actually blow anyone up.

    1. Seems a 56-yr-old man with right wing stickers on his van has been arrested in Plantation, Florida. Even if the explosives themselves seems to have been feeble or impotent, the rest of his life will be in prison. Apparently he is no stranger to being arrested. He has made terror threats previously.

  70. Cesar Sayoc in custody over mail bomb spree.

    1. Cesar Sayoc, Jr., 56, 5’11”, 215 lbs, brown eyes, born in New York, living in Aventura, Florida, near Miami
      Florida criminal record dated to 1991
      _felony theft
      _prior threat to use a bomb
      _last arrest 2015

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