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Fox News Reporter Literally Hides in Bushes To Stop Women and Children Entering U.S. Illegally

Griff Jenkins engages in the douchiest possible form of Gonzo journalism


The 7,000-person strong caravan of Central American immigrants snaking through Mexico on its way into the United States is causing right-wing media to lose its damn mind. Witness this shocking display from Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins, who spent the latter half of a segment on the caravan literally hiding in the bushes along the U.S.-Mexico border in hopes of stopping illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

"Were you trying to cross into America illegally?" shouts Jenkins when he spots one family that had been trying to paddle across the Rio Grande.

Next we see the same family on the American side of the river, being escorted by a Border Patrol agent. The tactful Jenkins uses this opportunity to shout a few more questions at the family before they disappear into a detention facility.

"Can you tell me why you came illegally?" he asks one woman.

"The situation of Honduras," she eventually responds. When asked by Jenkins what the conditions are like in Honduras, she says "you can not have work there because the criminals will always get your money."

Fortunately, Jenkins was able to stop this woman from entering the United States, where she might have been able to find employment and refuge from criminal gangs.

And lest one take the wrong message from the segment, Jenkins closes by reminding those watching at home that "they're not all women and children," mentioning that a murder suspect was also caught at the border two days before.