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Fox News Reporter Literally Hides in Bushes To Stop Women and Children Entering U.S. Illegally

Griff Jenkins engages in the douchiest possible form of Gonzo journalism


The 7,000-person strong caravan of Central American immigrants snaking through Mexico on its way into the United States is causing right-wing media to lose its damn mind. Witness this shocking display from Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins, who spent the latter half of a segment on the caravan literally hiding in the bushes along the U.S.-Mexico border in hopes of stopping illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

"Were you trying to cross into America illegally?" shouts Jenkins when he spots one family that had been trying to paddle across the Rio Grande.

Next we see the same family on the American side of the river, being escorted by a Border Patrol agent. The tactful Jenkins uses this opportunity to shout a few more questions at the family before they disappear into a detention facility.

"Can you tell me why you came illegally?" he asks one woman.

"The situation of Honduras," she eventually responds. When asked by Jenkins what the conditions are like in Honduras, she says "you can not have work there because the criminals will always get your money."

Fortunately, Jenkins was able to stop this woman from entering the United States, where she might have been able to find employment and refuge from criminal gangs.

And lest one take the wrong message from the segment, Jenkins closes by reminding those watching at home that "they're not all women and children," mentioning that a murder suspect was also caught at the border two days before.

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  1. Shouldn’t have used such little boats.

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  2. Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins

    You have to admit that’s an awesome field reporter’s name.

    1. I would RP with that name.

      1. Griff Jenkins, level 1 half-orc rogue?

          1. Is that rouge going to use the mascara talent spec?

  3. >>>”you can not have work there because the criminals will always get your money.”

    they get it here too, hon

    1. Came to say the same thing. At least in the land of the free you get to keep one whole arm and leg.

      1. Yes, “…she says “you can not have work there because the criminals will always get your money.” ”

        And all the criminal gangs down there learned their job skills of coercive violence, from the USA’s criminal war on drugs, in USA gulags! THAT really IS where these thugs learned their thuggish ways!!! We brutalize them, for selling what (drugs) people want to buy, in USA prisons, then send them back, and, after brutalizing them, we are surprised when… They turn into brutes!!! And it is THE biggest contribution to the waves of refugees coming our way!!!

        Karma bros and bro-esses!!! “What comes around, goes around”!!!! And the likes of “John” sneer at my mystical, superstitious ways, when I talk of “karma”. Shall we call it “blow-back” instead maybe?

        1. Oh Most Righteous Feelz, I beseech thee to take in Barrry Manilow’s version of “I Don’t Want to Walk Without You Baby.”

          Most euphonious – at least for LM.

          You know that Irving Berlin said that of all the works of other composers, this is the tune of which he would have been most proud if he had written it himself.

        2. Everything is the fault of the USA to indoctrinated leftist lemmings. You’re mental defectives & just plain full of BS

        3. Are you 4 sirius brah? That’s retarded.

          Yes, drugs should be legal. NO, it is not the USAs fault that every single criminal in the entire universe exists. Most of the gang members down there have probably never set foot in the USA.

        4. Yeast Sqrsly, you soak,Ed that shit in the Shinkansen article too. Now fuck off you unpatriotic counter tribalist.

  4. Unless he actually alerted the authorities, it sounds like he was just trying some good old fashioned ambush journalism.

    You guys should try it too. Maybe hide in the bushes outside congress and when you see a politician, jump out and ask them why they passed a 4.8Trillion dollar budget.

    1. I’m so disappointed. I was picturing a reporter with a giant butterfly net or something. But he’s just yelling at them and being obnoxious like every other journalist in existence. Lame.

      1. In this day and age, what kind of reporter doesn’t tweet questions (well, commentary) at his mark?

        1. “But it’s okay when we do it”.

      2. That would have been awesome! I can’t think of any particular reason you couldn’t do a citizens arrest. Even crossing the border without checking in is illegal, so even if they had the right to be here, they were still committing a crime. Seems pretty fool proof… Would be good times!

        1. Those illegals got Griffed hard.

  5. “you can not have work there because the criminals will always get your money.”

    Won’t she be surprised when she sees her first American pay stub!*

    (* after her earnings rise enough to disqualify her for welfare benefits and the Earned Income Tax Credit)

  6. I’m glad somebody is trying to keep illegal migrants out of the country.

  7. You don’t really explain how exactly he stops them from entering.

    1. He built a little wall… right there in the river… but only racists can see it or something.

    2. “You don’t really explain how exactly he stops them from entering.”

      It’s right there in the headline! He’s a FOX reporter. They are so incredibly icky that their mere presence drives away the good hearted and peaceful. It’s like garlic to a vampire.

  8. “7,000-person strong caravan”

    It’s incredibly unwoke to assume they can’t be an invading force just because they are women and children. How patriarchal can you be Britches?

  9. “Can you tell me why you came illegally?” he asks one woman.

    “The situation of Honduras,” she eventually responds. When asked by Jenkins what the conditions are like in Honduras, she says “you can not have work there because the criminals will always get your money.

    Wait til you get taxed lady and then your tune will be the Tax Man.

  10. The situation that’s causing the caravan has slipped past me, so I’ve been doing some reading about it.

    He adds that “if Hern?ndez loses the election, the United States will have no effective partners in the region, the effectiveness of our billions of dollars would be at risk, and more people might be tempted to come to the United States.”

    So did… Hernandez lose the election?

    1. Huh, I guess he won but some are disputing the results.

    2. Wait, is this some kind of shakedown?

  11. The 7,000-person strong caravan of Central American immigrants snaking through Mexico on its way into the United States is causing right-wing media to lose its damn mind.

    It may be the minor leagues but you do realize you work for the “right-wing media” don’t you Britches?

    1. Libertarianism, properly understood, is neither right-wing nor left-wing.

      1. On a more serious note, Libertarianism, properly understood, appears to be both left wing and right wing, depending on the beholder.

        1. It pisses off both the left-wing and the right-wing, which means it’s perfect!

          1. This. At its core, libertarianism is as apolitical as possible.

        2. Democrats say that libertarians are just Republicans who smoke pot; Republicans say that libertarians are just Democrats who own guns.

          Well, that’s how it used to be, anyway. Lately I’ve been told by Democrats that I’m a Nazi, and by Republicans that I’m the “battering ram of Socialism”.

          When you get right down to it, it means the Democrats and Republicans have more in common with each other than we have with either of them.

          1. Well, in all fairness, libertarianism has its enormous flaws in terms of practical application… I am a right libertarian, and when I diverge from purist libertarian ideals, I tend to agree with the right wing idea of how said issue should be handled.

            The truth is pure libertarianism is as much a fantasy as pure communism… Neither will actually function well in the real world. Purist libertarians are just as delusional about this fact as purist communists. It’s kinda lol really.

            It amazes me that people who can be so rational about almost any topic, can somehow completely turn off their brains on some subjects… Immigration being perhaps the biggest issue in the world right now.

            My angle is this: You can’t argue with the correctness of libertarianism in terms of being morally right. However, some things just don’t work out well in the real world.

            REAL open borders in the world as it exists today would destroy any 1st world country in short order. It’s such an obvious outcome, it’s inescapable. Open borders may be MORAL, but they’re STUPID for anybody who lives in a 1st world nation. Hence I say screw the morals, and give me a 1st world nation.

            But many won’t even just admit that it would be awful in practice, but is morally correct… They just bury their heads, and emote. So strange…

            1. Saying libertarianism won’t ever work because it won’t currently work is absurd.

              1. As vek says, idealistic Libertarianism will not work when there is a large disparity in living standards between neighboring countries and only the relatively wealthy country has generous welfare and health care benefits for indigents. It doesn’t take an Einstein to guess which direction the flow of immigrants will overwhelmingly take.

            2. IceTrey, I dunno man.

              I think some of the blind spots are simply because of human nature… Which means unless we re-engineer the human brain via genetic engineering or something… It will never work.

              I think we could have a 10,000 times MORE libertarian society than we do now, in the world as it exists. But there are some aspects that just won’t work.

              As far as open borders… If everybody in the world was equally wealthy, that would help. But that will probably never happen, for various reasons. But even if it did, you would still have language issues, cultural issues, and political issues. People DO NOT LIKE people coming into THEIR country, and then having a bunch of foreigners bitching at THEM about THEIR traditions/laws/culture. That part will NEVER go away.

              There are plenty of other issues on different subjects too. Humans just aren’t wired to be PURIST libertarians… But I think we’re wired sufficiently well to be saaay Ron Paul level libertarians, which is pretty damn libertarian.

      2. In other words, wishy washy

        1. Standing on the sidelines, pretending it’s the high ground.

          1. Exactly. Liberty is a pipe dream. We need a dictatorship of the right

            1. At least you guys are starting to be more honest about what you really want.

              1. Heads up. Mark Question is a joke account

          2. Exactly. Liberty is a pipe dream. We need a dictatorship of the right

            1. Heil Mark! Heil Mark!

              (Can I send you an adoring Heil-Mark card? Whut is yer address? Whut is yer favorite color?)

              1. Whut is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

                1. What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

      3. And yet, everyone on the left calls them right wing.

        And a whole lot of people on the right call them ‘my Congressman’ or ‘my Senator’.

        Properly understood, libertarianism is to the right of Republicanism.

        The Libertarian Party, however, is a cesspool of leftist hangers on.

        1. lol, no, it’s not.

          1. Wow. What a brilliant refutation.

            My facts and reality are crushed by your brilliance.

            Good job, 4973

        2. Left and right don’t mean much any more if you are paying attention. Republicans and Libertarians don’t have much in common anymore.

    2. “Right Wing Means Not Progressive”, I assume?

      (I mean, Reason is losing its mind, true, but for different … reasons.)

  12. Confronting Griff Jenkins’ circumstance, what would Jesus do?

    Bigoted, authoritarian right-wingers should fervently hope the judgment day they claim to expect never occurs and they consequently never learn the answer to that one.

    Carry on, clingers.

    1. “When, O Lord, did I ask Thee annoying questions?”

      “So far as ye did it to the Honduran migrants ye did it to me. Depart, therefore, into the realm of Phil the Prince of Insufficient Light where ye shall suffer in Heck for your snarkiness.”

      1. Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light and Ruler of Heck:

        1. Phil had a fork originally? I’ve only ever seen him with a giant spoon.

            1. Or search the Dilbert archives for “Phil”


    2. Carry on, clingers.
      Man, I need this on a shirt.

      1. It should have Captain Kirk saying “Carry on, Klingons”.

        1. Good shit to wear during the yearly Libertarian-Trek conference.

          1. For some reason, those conferences tend to be held in the same time and venue.

            1. And thus more proof that Libertarians are proto-Ferengi.

        2. “It should have Captain Kirk saying “Carry on, Klingons”.”

          How is the Starship Enter-Thighs like a roll of toilet paper?

          They both circle around Uranus looking for Klingons!

      2. “Keep calm and carry on, clingers”

        1. “Don’t panic!”

          ‘Cause there’s nothing to panic about! REALLY now!!!

      3. Don’t you mean you need that on your underwear?

    3. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland saith – Bigoted, authoritarian right-wingers should fervently hope the judgment day they claim to expect never occurs and they consequently never learn the answer to that one.


      Matthew 7:1-3 King James Version (KJV)

      7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

      2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

      3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

      The Charlatan Kirkland claims to be so pure and all knowing that he can look into your very heart and soul and see your very ‘being’ and judge you accordingly

      1. Ayn Rand wrote that “Judge not lest ye be judged” is morally repugnant and bankrupt. It’s asking for a moral blank check for your bad behavior as long as you give someone else a moral blank check for theirs.

        1. Ayn Rand said a lot of silly things.

          With some exceptions, most denominations of Christians don’t object to doing justice when people’s rights are at stake. But they tend to frown at justice tainted by bias or rancor, or the suggestion that a wrongdoer should be cut off from the human community or given no chance to repent.

      2. Matthew 7:1-3 King James Version (KJV)

        If we’re sharing favorite fairy tales, here are some sacred and blessed words from The Right Rev. A.D. Clay:

        Old Mother Hubbard,
        Went to the cupboard,
        To fetch her poor doggie a bone.
        When she bent over,
        Rover took over,
        And gave her a bone of his own.

        Little Boy Blew.
        Hey! He needed the money.

        Jack and Jill went up the hill
        Both with a buck and a quarter
        Jill came down with two-fifty

        Littly Miss Muffet
        Sat on a tuffet
        Eating her curds and whey
        Along came a spider,
        Sat down beside her, And said, “Hey, what’s in the bowl, bitch?”

        Three blind mice, see how they run
        Where the fuck are they going?

    4. Why is Kirkland quoting Jesus? If Arty had his druthers he’d be stuffing Christians into ovens.

      1. Wrong. Gullible, superstitious hypocrites have rights, too.

    5. I’m an atheist you’re an AH0LE. I don’t give a ratsass what some SJW schl0m0 from 1500 years ago would do.
      If u want to live w/ these poor 3rd world dregs so bad move to Guatemala. The rest of us don’t want the USA turned into Brazil.

      1. Spot on, cosmicjester. It’s pretty rich how the left hates religion in general, unless they can use it to shame the right into accepting their way. Straight out of “Rules for Radicals”.

    6. Who cares what Jesus would do? He was a pussy proto hippie who got himself crucified… Not exactly the kind of guy I want to emulate!

      If I were a Christian, I’d be ALL about the old testament. That’s where all the good shit is at. Killing your enemies, stoning people, and generally gettin’ shit done! I guess that means if I ever become religious I might as well just become a Jew! LOL

      1. Jesus was only like that in his first two incarnations. After he regenerated a few time and repelled a few dozen alen invasions up and down the time stream he became much less merciful. Especially after he battled Hilary a few times.

    7. GFY.

      (Clingers? What, they’re Democrats, now?

      Because that’s who the Bitter Clingers were – Democrats who backed the Wrong Candidate, remember?)

    8. Rev Kirkland, since you are obviously a self-sacrificing Christian, perhaps you would be willing to house ten of these “refugees” in your home and legally sign to support and provide health care for them. Now, if we can only locate about 1000 of your like-minded buddies and have them legally sign up to the same terms, much of the problem could be solved.

  13. What’s the big deal? He’s just asking questions.

  14. I was going to taunt him for asking questions in English but she gave a good answer.

    1. Well… An answer.

  15. “Griff Jenkins” is just Dana Carvey doing some sort of Dorkman impersonation. Fox and Friends is a parody show.

  16. “You can not have work there because the criminals will always get your money.”

    You said it, lady! Spoken like a true libertarian: TAXATION IS THEFT!

    1. American Socialist spoiler votes got the communist income tax into the Constitution by 1913. The poison didn’t soak into much of South America until 1922, and then only gradually. All they need do is abolish that and papal Comsock laws and we’ll be Marching Across Guatemala as refugees.

      1. Why are you obsessed with things that happened a century ago, dude? It’s not just this, it’s that every comment you post links to something that happened between 1900 and 1940, and the most recent time period you’ve mentioned is the 1970s. On top of this, your insults are stuck in some imagined 1920s hellscape. Seriously, are you a time traveler like me, or are you just kinda nuts?

        1. Well, in all fairness, the USA really did start to go to shit around that time period.

          You can surely trace much of it back to Lincoln and his constitution shredding ways during the Civil War, or some things even earlier… But that turn of the 20th century, boy howdy did we start passing some horrible laws after that! FDR really put the final nails in the coffin, everything since then has just been the casket being lowered into the ground nice and slow…

  17. Only reason magazine could find this offensive. Libertarian cucks.

    That woman was a parasite. Her children were parasites. Honduras is a shithole because it’s full of Hondurans, and now she has the arrogant nerve to believe she’s entitled to come here for a better life?!?

    What is it going to take for you people to realize that if they are brown and can’t speak unaccented American English, they don’t deserve anything from America or Americans.

    1. Except maybe a boot to the face

      1. We should have some way of identifying these nasty people coming here for a better life, some way of making sure everybody knows who they are. Like maybe a gold star sewn onto their clothing or a tattoo on their forearm or something.

        1. Ummm…. we already have a way. They’re brown and speak terrible to nonexistent English.

          1. You mean like Puerto Ricans? Or Texans.

    2. Well, I will say one thing for Honduras: at least criminals there take your money honestly, in the sense they admit they’re bad guys and you are their victim.

      Here, the criminals take your money all the same, while lying to your face that it is for your own good, because they are better and smarter than you so you need to trust them to make decisions for you because they care.

      1. It must be tough to be a disaffected, stale-thinking, anti-social, conservative malcontent in a diversifying country that has been progressing and improving against your wishes for more than a half-century.

        Looking forward to more decades of liberal-libertarian progress making America great, I am content.

        1. Not as bad as knowing your best efforts couldn’t stop Trump or even really slow him down.

          Knowing that reality has declared you irrelevant, must make you question whether you can go on living.

          1. 6 more years!

            Can’t wait to see the Supreme Court rulings with 5 constitutionalists. The Leftist howls of impotent rage will be exquisite!

            1. Trump won’t win in 2020, I don’t know what planet you’re coming from but Americans won’t be that stupid a second time.

              1. Watching these goobers try to understand how the tenth and eleventh justices could be installed on the Supreme Court might be as entertaining as Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, or The Wire.

                1. They will be. By President Trump.

        2. Hey Rev if I’m substituting your tears for soy sauce, what’s the proper ratio?

        3. LOL you crack me up!

          I suppose I am disaffected: I have had it with the major parties’ crap. So you’ve got me there.

          As for the rest, you’ve confused me with someone else on here. I’m not a conservative in any shape or form.

          I’m also not anti-social, and my friends are about as diverse as you can get. But that’s because I choose friends based on shared interests rather than outward appearance.

          Stale-thinking? Well, I generally self-censor a bit in real life because I shock people when I tell them I believe in anarchy and free love. I guess that might be perceived as stale in some quarters.

          You do know that not everyone is either left or right, correct? Google “Nolan chart.”

          1. Pay no mind! He doesn’t seem to know or remember anything about any of the posters on here. He repeatedly tries to insult me with things about bible thumper so-con issues, which I most decidedly give no fucks about. I am fully unashamed about breaking with libertarian orthodoxy on stuff like immigration, but to think I care if some slut wants to get an abortion… Pshhh, DON’T CARE!

        4. Again I’m an atheist classic liberal that looks forward to the day when all u commie fascist far left loony lemmings, your SJW schl0m0 bolshevik leaders are rounded up for sedition & orderly shot.

      2. You think the Hoduran government isn’t a bunch of crooks and criminal? LMGFAO comparing them to the US government is like comparing shoplifting to a rapist-murderer. You really have no sense of relativity do you?

    3. Wherever I go, I can’t escape /pol/.
      Why, Jesus, why?

      1. Because patriotism is spreading like a tumor.

        1. What a stupid thing for you to cry about.

      2. That’s because normal people are tired of stupid commie prog shit… And since most people aren’t intellectuals, that means they just become all hard nosed conservative.

        Hell, even I’m fine with going overboard in crushing progs, because they have infuriated me so much with their bullshit over the years that they deserve some payback.

        1. More and more people are starting to get it. Even when we win elections, there are still millions of lawless, violent, enraged progressives out there.

    4. “Honduras is a shithole because it’s full of Hondurans”

      So racist!

      Obviously it’s because they lack the Magic Dirt that the United States has!

    5. This account is WINNING!

      The horrible part, is half or better of the stuff written by it is actually true… If stated in the most offensive ways possible.

      Honduras IS a shithole because it is filled with Hondurans actually…

      If we traded the 9.2 million Hondurans for 9.2 million random Americans, and swapped places, Honduras would be a first world country inside of like a decade or so. South Korea only took a few decades mind you, and they started out with no educations or anything… So sending a random cross section of America, that already did have educations, and it would take far less time.

      Just sayin’.

    6. And yet here you are among the cucks. Go back to Breitbart and Infowars racist-idiot.

      1. Fuck off commie.

  18. “CNN’s Jim Acosta defends shouting questions at Trump: ‘If they want to send me to hell, I’ll still be shouting at the devil'”

    Doggone right-wing reporters shouting unwelcome questions!

      1. Those were the days my friends…

    1. Unwelcome questions or grandstanding have-you-stopped-beating-your-wife attempted gotchas?

      1. “I don’t understand the distinction you’re trying to draw.” /reporters

  19. I see this reporter has been studying me while I hunt for cute boys. But he’s got some studying to do because he’s neither wearing a beret nor naked.

  20. I leap out of the shrubbery and shout at passer-bys as well. Where’s the article about me?

    1. Waiting for the judge to review before issuing the injunction – – – – – – –

  21. “they’re not all women and children”

    No, they’re mostly young men traveling alone.

    1. So how many elderly grandpas or women with kids can walk hundreds of miles for days on end?

      1. Good question.
        In the pre industrial days, it was a feat most commonly associated with armies

    2. You’ll probably never see a count of how many women and kids as that would diminish their bleeding heart approach. I’m not saying they aren’t trying to get away from shitty circumstances but maybe some of those countries need to take up some phillipine tactics to get rid of the gangs there instead of assuming everyone can just move to the USA. Clearly they made a caravan to get past the crime gangs in Mexico it’s not just for appearances.

  22. Put them in camps.

    If they agree to go back, they get free transportation to their home country.

    Otherwise to get out of the camp they have to show some fluency in English, a knowledge of and a promise to abide by our cultural norms, the ability to safely drive a car, a signed contract stating that any sort of criminal offense gets them sent back, and a sponsor who has to put down a deposit and is willing to risk losing real money if the alien falters in some way.

    1. Eventually upgraded to 40 acres and a mule?

      1. Har.

        No upgrades, the camp is purposfully a hellhole. The upgrade is to jump through the hoops to be allowed to leave.

    2. Would this camp have a concentration of people in it?

      1. Finally! A solutions.

      2. would it make you feel better if it was a glamp?

      3. The thing is, all you whiners bitch about requiring what should be perfectly normal requirements… Speak the language, don’t be a criminal, don’t use welfare, and we can send you back if you fuck up… Nothing there is remotely unreasonable. Ellis Island kept people there for a time to verify shit too. ZOMG it was basically a camp, with a concentration of people!

        You guys are just too limp dicked to comprehend. I will never understand bleeding hearts.

      4. Why don’t you trade places wit of them Jeffy? Don’t you think one of these migrants is entitled to your place here?

        Only a racist will say no.

    3. My maternal grandparents came here in 1905. They were Germans whose families had migrated to Russia, and from there they sailed to Argentina. From Argentina to the US.

      Once in the US they DID get 20 prime acres of land from the government to homestead. They never did learn fluent English. But they made a good living and eventually sold the land for a nice price and retired.

      They weren’t desperate enough to walk from Argentina. They sailed.

      1. Well, other than not learning English, sounds okay to me.

        My great grandparents were the most recent fresh off the boat ones for me, some anyway. Some sides of my family go back before the Revolutionary War… But all of them born in Germany learned English, with the half exception of one of the great grandmothers who could only speak it badly. She was a stay at home mom, so didn’t NEED to learn it well. I will still give her negative marks for that though. It should be required stuff, no exceptions.

        If I moved to a foreign country, I would learn the damn language, because to NOT do so makes one an asshole. Period.

  23. What I want to know is this….did the Border Patrol shoot the dog?

    It’d be really un-American for a cop to have an excuse to shoot a dog and pass on it. Almost to the level of treason.

    1. And take away their lunch?

    2. I dunno… I mean it WAS a Mexican dog.

      Sure, American dogs are worth the bullet… But Mexican people themselves are hardly worth the expense of shooting… So for a Mexican DOG. I dunno… The obvious answer is to bayonet both the Mexicans and their dogs, it’s more cost effective.

  24. Someone should warn those refugees about Texas Border guards like Juan David Ortiz who rape and murder immigrants. Fox News subscribers and Bernie could pitch in with train and carfare so the refugees can instead cross into California and get some of that $15 minimum wage. It’s only 500 miles westward. Guatemalans could board Bernie Boats and cruise north up the Gulf of California and cross at Mexicali or go around Baja to SanDiego. There is a reasonably warm and fuzzy solution to the locust swarm problem Republican prohibitionist policies have caused.

    1. “Guatemalans could board Bernie Boats and cruise north up the Gulf of California and cross at Mexicali or go around Baja to SanDiego.”

      The Richelieu River could deliver them right to Bernie’s back door; cheap snow-shoveling!

    2. Bernie hates immigrants almost as much as LC1989.

      1. That’s because, despite being an idiot about economics, he actually cares about the working class IMO. More uneducated labor supply = suppressed wages for low skill workers. Supply and demand DOES work in the labor market, just like it does in every other part of the economy…

  25. “Griff Jenkins engages in the douchiest possible form of Gonzo journalism”

    Is this tagline really what Reason has come to?

    1. Well, you have to admit, when the words “douchiest” and “journalism” appear in the same sentence, Reason comes to mind as a likely suspect.

    2. The offices are in California, it was bound to catch up with them eventually.

  26. Nobody better do anything to this guy’s ear.

  27. Its pretty duchey to hide in bushes when youre a reporter.

    Its also pretty douchey hiding among migrants to further some propaganda narrative.

    Y’all are gonna shit when Trump intercepts the caravan at the US border with US military troops.

    This is such a desperate publicity stunt keep the Democrat bloodbath from happening election 2018.

    1. Air strikes; why has no one mentioned air strikes?

    2. After the public gets a look at 7000 migrants at the border demanding admittance, I have a feeling Trump is going to have a lot less trouble getting funding for his wall.

      1. +1

      2. Right?

        The mistakes the left has been making over and over again is expecting EVERYBODY to have the same pussy ass, bleeding heart, reaction to their bullshit stories they concoct as they do… Problem is some people are just plain assholes, and others might have nice inclinations personally (like I do) but still be able to think problems through logically, and decide altruism isn’t a good idea.

        Yet they keep doing it over and over, not realizing it’s pushing more people away than it is drawing them towards them.

    3. I agree that it’s a publicity stunt. Since about 20,000 immigrants enter the US every week, 7,000 isn’t going to flood the place or anything. They can process them like they do everybody else.

      1. No one’s worried about this one, but if they keep letting them in then 7000 becomes 70,000 becomes 700,000 . That’s what people are complaining about. Our courts can’t currently handle the current load let alone caravans of 700,000 people heading north within a couple of years.

    4. Trump should have them I,Italy hand out popsicles before turning them away. That will fuck with the proggie press.

  28. You keep encouraging an invasion and there is going to wind up being bloodshed.

    If you care so much about immigration — change the damn law.

  29. BTW, does anyone know how this got organized? Who is providing the food and toilet facilities?
    One guy and 6,999 of his closest friends don’t get together over a beer one evening and decide to start heading north.
    It’s not like the GDR TV announcement that the wall is open that night, when all those folks walked out the front door and stared freedom in the face; there is organization here, and no small measure of it.
    They should hit the US border a day or two before the mid-terms; the timing almost makes it look like a Trump false-flag op, but I don’t think Trump is any more capable of 5-D chess than Obo was.
    Who arranged this?

    1. I’m not saying there isn’t a central actor behind it, but it is odd to think that someone on a libertarian website doesn’t believe in the power of spontaneous organization. It is possible for people to act towards a common goal without a central authority.

      1. In this case, no fucking way, Jose.

      2. To magically show up at the border a few days before the US elections?

        1. “We were all assaulted by Kavanaugh!”

          1. That guy’s got the energy of three Supreme Court justices!

            1. Amd the strength of a dozen appellate court judges!

          2. #BelieveAllMigrantCaravans

          3. “They deserve to be heard!”

      3. “I’m not saying there isn’t a central actor behind it, but it is odd to think that someone on a libertarian website doesn’t believe in the power of spontaneous organization. It is possible for people to act towards a common goal without a central authority.”

        Strangely enough, that really is ‘an appeal to authority’; the ‘authority’ here being a libertarian website, as if questioning, on that site, how X came about removes any possibility that a group action might be centrally-planned.
        Now, I post here often enough, and I have questioned how Stalin’s de-kulackization was accomplished.
        I’d REALLY love to read your comments regarding that issue. Really! Please do post them! I’m looking forward to some amusement.

      4. jasno|10.23.18 @ 9:09PM|#
        “I’m not saying there isn’t a central actor behind it, but it is odd to think that someone on a libertarian website doesn’t believe in the power of spontaneous organization.”

        Oh, and I guess you somehow missed the comment regarding the GDR residents response to the TV announcement.
        Do you need a primer? A councilor to help you? Perhaps some help in reading comprehension?

    2. If you don’t have food or toilet facilities in Honduras or Guatemala, you’re not going to worry about them when you’re walking. In the US, everything has to be funded. In the third world, not so much.

    3. I didn’t bother to look into it much, but a YouTube vid talked about this in passing. Supposedly there are several lefty organizations providing food and other assistance… They rattled off 4 names IIRC. Anyway, 3 of the 4 are organizations George Soros funds, sooooo… I imagine Google could verify, but I’m too lazy, and assume it is probably true.

  30. Thank goodness Fox News is on the job saving the nation from penniless Guatemalans!

    1. And thank goodness you are here to tank the comments ! Things were getting a little chummy around here.

      1. Oh I’m not the one tanking the comments around here.

      2. Who the fook is this guy?

    2. Too bad he couldn’t save Guatemala from Guatemalans.

      Countries are people. Venezuela voted in their socialist starvation.

      1. People are individuals. Plenty of Venezuelans did not vote for socialism and don’t deserve to be punished along with all of those who did. Plenty of Guatemalans did not vote for their corrupt government, perhaps never even had a chance to vote for the repression over them, and certainly didn’t vote for any of the gangs and criminals that plague their neighborhoods. They don’t deserve to be punished by them either.

        If you go to a foreign country, would you want to be treated as the unique individual that you are, or would you prefer to be treated as “oh, that ugly American” stereotype? So why not extend the same level of courtesy to others?

        1. This.

          I have several Venezuelan friends and acquaintances. They did not vote for Chavez or his successor.

          I’m told much of the original Chavez support base came from uneducated poor who thought they’d get free handouts. Now, even much of that support has eroded. Besides that living conditions there are getting worse by the day, Maduro never inspired the poor like Chavez had. Maduro is seen as both incompetent and a nutcase who believes he can talk to ghosts.

        2. People may be individuals… But all I’ve ever advocated for IS TREATING THEM LIKE INDIVIDUALS.

          You’re the one who wants to let in ANY COMER. I want to give all immigrants a once over, and make sure they’re not going to end up welfare cases, or have criminal records, and can speak the language… And if they seem like they won’t be a drag on all current residents, let ’em in.

          THAT is treating them like individuals Jeff… You’re the one assuming they’re all awesome, when in fact the vast majority of them will end up being minimum wage workers who pay less into the system than they use.

          1. Individual is just a word to Jeff. One he has no understanding of.
            Notice his posts – he is, BY FAR, the most collectivist minded person who posts here. Every single idea he has and statement he makes is from a collectivist perspective.
            Jeff is but a typical progressive, who’s chosen “libertarianism” as his specific mode of denial- that is, the lie which he must constantly convince himself of in order to avoid truly facing himself

    3. Fuck the penniless Guatemalans. If we’re going to take in any of these fucks, it had better be one of the 17 doctors they have in that shithole, or the 23 engineers! NO MORE DISH WASHERS NEEDED.

    4. The nerve of that reporter, asking QUESTIONS!!!

  31. Reason: GOP must come up with a solution for health care…but Dems fix for immigration concerns is immaterial.

    1. It’s just a peasant levy of ~7,000. We should show them what good neighbors we are, and greet them with open arms…

  32. It seems like this is only the first wave as a second caravan is forming.

    Perhaps the cheapest solution is to bus them to Canada and let Trudeau welcome them.

    1. It would be cruel not to send them to Canada. They have legal pot and nationalized Healthcare! Whereas we have a real life Handmaid’s Tale and Nazis in charge.

    2. DUDE, Trump should actually announce this as a REAL plan. I’m serious.

      How brilliant would it be? It would force Trudy to either take them all off our hands, OR actually grow a back bone and do what he should have done for his country already, which is stop taking in so many sketchy people.

      Trump can then say they’re all getting taken care of, and he’s keeping them out of America.

      KEEP IN MIND this is basically what Mexico has ended up doing. They were getting PISSED about central Americans moving there, because they’re even less educated and more fucked up than poor Mexicans are… They were literally shooting at people at their southern border not that many years ago. Then some genius had the idea to just let them in, but tell them to go to the USA, and that they couldn’t stay in Mexico.

      Stealing a page out of their own playbook would be EPIC.

  33. For the record, this clip IS AWESOME. Although I was hoping he was lassoing them or something more amazing.

    But seriously, the fact that this shit is this blatant is ridiculous. If any stupid person can just walk down to the border, and stop over a half dozen people from illegally entering in a day, or maybe even only a few hours… Da fuck.

    At least 3 of those looked to be under 18, maybe 4 or 5 of them, it was hard to tell in the video… The 3 kids alone is $36,000 a year of taxpayer money for school.

    Paying a border patrol guy all of a hundred something or two hundred something bucks that day to prevent $36,000 in spending… Seems like a good deal to me.

    1. If any stupid person can just walk down to the border, and stop over a half dozen people from illegally entering in a day, or maybe even only a few hours… Da fuck.

      Yeah, that’s the bottom line. If a supposed numbskull like Jenkins–a goofy reporter sans all that wicked-cool border agent training–can go on a nature walk to find Juan, Jose and Maria fresh in from Ciudad Loco, well, nothing to see here, folks. This isn’t the problem you’re looking for. Move along, move along.

  34. One thing I’ve never heard from unlimited immigration proponents is how do we take in all the people from Central America? Is 100 million people heading for our border okay in their books given that we have a social network to help “poor” people. We can’t afford healthcare and the safety net for our real citizens, so how the fuck does 100 million new people work?

    1. Oh, Wise Old Fool, don’t feel so unwise, you’re just not one of the woke anarchist types who advocate open borders.

      Don’t you see that in a “country” with no government, and therefore no expensive, tax-funded services, that all these folks will have to fend for themselves. They won’t be a drain on your bank account.

      [Gilbert Gottfried voice] Eh, but this doesn’t seem right to me.

      And Gilbert is correct. What we have is a massive state where everyone has their hand in everyone else’s pockets, and where immigrants tend to vote for Democrats who wish to perpetuate the state, so you’d think open borders would only exacerbate the situation.

      But no, again, we’re just not woke enough. What’ll really happen is that immigrants will vote in droves for Libertarian types who will eradicate the state and make it all right. Except immigrants–annoyingly–don’t vote LP, and there’s a surprising lack of LP material or copies of Reason found on those apprehended.

  35. reason: taxation is theft

    also reason: if your taxes go up because parasites come illegally to your country to suck off welfare and lower wages that’s good because feelings.

    Christian Britschgi, how many illegal immigrants from the caravan are you going to let move into your house?

  36. Dear Headline Writer

    The ‘Literally’ is redundant and reeks of clickbait. Clickbait is bad.

    Your Friend

  37. Criminals steal your money? Just wait until you find out about our Congress. Theives hiding in plain sight.. . . And we vote the bastards into office! Go figure!

  38. Fill in the blank. Treating desperate people as scapegoats for the purpose of getting idiots to support a certain political party is ____.

  39. Pot. Kettle. Black.

    If Jenkins’ behavior is comically furtive–and it is–then this piece is equally dumb.

    Did you notice that while he’s off in the weeds, the fucking camera is fully exposed on the path? That ain’t what I call “hiding”. It is redolent of Reality TV; poor Reality TV if that’s not an oxymoron. And at no time does Jenkins try to stop anyone. Nor does he dial 911, throw a big net over people, fire a flare gun, or call in an air strike.

    The only freaking out and losing of minds is from Reason bloggers hiding in their own metaphorical bushes looking for any opportunity to grind the open borders axe.

  40. It’s my lying eyes at work again. What FNCs Jenkins says about ‘busting’ these foreigners attempting to enter the US illegally is confusing terminology. The video clearly shows him hiding in the bushes, but there is no indication he participated in any action to affect their situation. While FNC provided audio that was imprecise, this Reason article criticizes something the attached video demonstrates this author is providing opinions on ‘alternative facts’. I am at a loss for the justification to mock the mix of the mob as well; I hear from multiple media sources that roughly 80% are males 20-35 yo.

    I have come to expect more from Reason. Please leave the attitude at home, or clearly label such verbiage ‘inspired by a true story’!

  41. The idea that Mexico is not a suitable place for people from Honduras to live and work seems odd to me. Only racists would assume it isn’t, in my opinion.

  42. Cry me a damn river. Borders should actually mean something.

  43. Yeah, I generally self-censor a bit in real life because I shock people when I tell them I believe in anarchy and free love.

  44. When an adult arrives with a child accompanying them and no reliable documentation for either of them, authorities by laws governing child trafficking may NOT assume that there is any type of relationship between adult and child. To quickly release the children and the adults together would be wrong, to hold them in custody together provides the adults the time to solidify and reinforce whatever story the children are supposed to be going along with.

    Then there is the problem of the single parent traveling with a child, nothing at all known about the correct identity of either. Is this parent the custodial parent? It might be mama, but the courts gave custody to papa. If the adult is both birth parent and custodial parent but is wanted for felony drug-related murders in Ecuador under other names, shouldn’t our immigration authorities do due diligence before releasing them to the streets of America never to be seen again?

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