Native Americans

The Complex, Childish Identity Politics of Elizabeth Warren's Native Heritage

There's nothing wrong with a little self-mythologizing when you're young, but there comes a time to set aside childish things.


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There's a party trick my ex-husband, a member of the Creek Nation, told me about: The next time a white-looking person tells you they have Native American blood, look at them thoughtfully, maybe tilt their chin this way and that, and say, "I bet you're part Cherokee."

Nine times out of 10, the person will light up and say, "How did you know?"

At which point you can keep the trick going ("I see it in your profile…"), or chalk them up to being another member of the Wannabe tribe.

Non-Natives who "self-identify" as Native American, as Elizabeth Warren has done on paper as early as 1989, is something American Indians who come into contact with white people deal with constantly. (According to the Department of Health and Human Services, this is the majority of the 2.5 million Native Americans living in the U.S., only 22 percent of whom live on reservations.)

Warren's political opponents claim she appropriated Native status for professional gain. In response, Warren yesterday trotted out the "Elizabeth Warren Family Story," a hodgepodge of umbrage-taking family and colleagues and one DNA expert to counter any claims that she was faking her heritage, which she says came directly from her grandmother. If this was Warren's attempt to stop Trump's schoolyard taunts (as if) and tip opinion in her favor, it was a spectacular failure.

In Warren's defense, there is a good possibility she could have Native blood, as do many people who came to Oklahoma in the 19th century. It was the territory to which the so-named Five Civilized tribes—Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole—were forcibly relocated in 1838–1839, from the southeastern United States, via the death march that came to be known as the Trail of Tears. Those who made it to Oklahoma intermarried, the Cherokee primarily with whites (which is why the party trick works; alternately, the Choctaw often married freed and runaway slaves, though I have yet to meet a black person claiming Native blood; go figure).

Because it just really could have been, I believe Warren believes herself to be part Native, that she is one of the millions of Americans who have been told they have Native blood (though often don't); who, while wishcasting for identity, alight on Native American because #motherearth and #nicehair and because Natives tend to put up with white people parachuting in for a perceived spiritual hit.

In my experience, as a 100 percent white person who's spent three decades around Native people—who, also in my experience, usually refer to themselves as American Indians, or simply 'skins—Natives are amazingly tolerant of the wannabes. The woman who comes to Okmulgee, Oklahoma, every year from Germany to visit Grandma for a month but brings with her money and gifts and steaks for the barbecue? She can stay. The little orange-haired girl dancing at the powwow who, when my former brother-in-law asked, "What tribe are you?" answered, "I don't know but Mama knows," forever bequeathed us the "Mamaknows" tribe. My half-Native daughter's classmates who, during the 1997 drought in Los Angeles, suggested she lead them in a rain dance? They were second graders, in thrall to Pocahontas! They danced! And that was fine!

If we self-mythologize when we're young, most of us (who are not politicians) would be too ashamed, or would not see enough benefit, to keep the lies going. (I stopped telling people the Osmonds were my cousins around age 11, about the time a friend said he stopped talking about his "Aunt Raquel.") We don't need little lies anymore to feel special; we develop identities based on accomplishments, on facts, not feelings.

Warren's accomplishments, including her initial employment at Harvard, do not seem to be in doubt. What is, and should be, is why in her 30s she changed her racial designation from "white" to "Native American," claiming affiliation with the Cherokee and Delaware tribes. As anyone following this political football learned yesterday, no DNA test can prove you're Native American. Further, the Cherokee Nation secretary of state stated that Warren's gambit at "proving" her heritage, "makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses, while dishonoring legitimate tribal governments, whose ancestors are well-documented and whose heritage is well proven."

No amount of plaintive claiming from Warren that to question her Native roots is to "call my mother a liar," is going to change the fact that saying you are Native American does not make it so.

What qualifies you for Native status is tribal membership. Tribes, which are sovereign nations, set their own standards of blood quantum required to get a Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card. Within four hours of my daughter being born in California, her aunties in Oklahoma had gone to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Council and applied for her CDIB card. It is the only official document that makes her a legal citizen of the Creek Nation. Warren's 1/1054th, or whatever it is today, would certainly not allow her on the Cherokee Nation tribal rolls, which she has acknowledged.

Warren's grandmother did not apply for her CDIB, either because she did not see the need, or because she did not qualify, or because being a Native at that time was not a propitious thing to be. That was her choice. And then times changed and her granddaughter saw some benefit, which she now couches in terms of identity politics as a personal choice, and says that no matter what anyone says, her Native heritage will "always be etched on my heart."

Let's keep it there, shall we?

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  1. The report of the researcher indicates that Warren is part SOUTH American Indian, no?

    Does it matter? It is not like this woman who is detached from reality and science is going to run for president or anything.

    1. It does not. She’s South American or Mexican. They tested against Peruvians, Colombian, and Mexican.

      1. “There’s nothing wrong with a little self-mythologizing when you’re young”

        Does this include self-mythologizing yourself as being purely descended from white anglo-saxons who went from nothing to conquering the world post WWII (US, British, Canada, Australia coalition)?

        Or is it only OK if you self-mythologize yourself as a victim POC class? Just checking because Reason seems to have a problem with the former but not the later.

  2. I find it amusing that the same conservative minds who invented the One Drop Rule are so quick to condemn this opportunistic woman.

    Conservatives are no doubt hypocrites though.

    1. One drop rule was a progressive thing,

      Still is.

      1. Bullshit, you idiot.

        1. Conservatives have never championed it. Progressives STILL do.

        2. Sorry dude – Democrats are the party that originate the ‘one drop rule’ and the party of anti-miscegenation.

          1. Those Democrats were the conservatives back then, stupid.

            1. LOL

              Still trying to rewrite history.

        3. Nope, it is in fact a progressive thing–the eugenics movement was part of the nearly-century-back iteration of the progressive movement and before then how you were counted actually tended to go off a mix of how you looked, how you acted, and how you identified. Then you got the rise of scientific racism and the eugenics movement, and well progressivism has always been for science or rather whatever we’re calling science currently.

          One of its leaders actually managed to ensure that the normal/traditional levels of documentation for Native American tribes weren’t possible for those tribes in Virginia because he managed (along with writing the model for the Nuremberg laws) to get the state to agree to only record you as White or Black because he didn’t believe Native Americans existed anymore. (He outright said so; as far as I know, he did not make any such clear statement on his beliefs regarding the existence of Asians though he apparently thought them mythical.)

          It doesn’t help that the One Drop Rule was then coopted by the African-American Civil Rights Movement in order to let them claim greater numbers.

          But hey, the Mixed/Other option has finally come back and it only took most of a century! That’s good, right?

          1. PBS is running a program on Eugenics. I believe is it part of their ongoing “American Experience” series I believe.

            I haven’t watched any of it but since it is PBS I seriously doubt the program ever pointed out that the movement was tied to the people who called themselves “progressives” of that era.

            The “progressives” want that bit of history stuffed down the memory hole.

          2. So, group identity is the most important thing in proving that group identity is unimportant. Got it. Go libtards! Go Rethuglicans! Go Party of Lincoln! Know Hope!

    2. the (D)s who invented One Drop are all long dead

      1. Except for the ones who changed registrations to Republicans after the Democrats were insufficiently attentive to racist preferences and Republicans embraced the bigotry.

        1. Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms…and who?

          The rest remained Dems to the end, son.

        2. Cite please.

          The ‘Great Switcheroo’, eh?

        3. LOL, the Democrat defense: We supported slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK for hundreds of years, but those people are now Republicans!

          New York Times: Demographic Delusions of the Democrats

          The accepted wisdom is that the Democrats hamstrung themselves many years ago, when they passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and thereby lost the Solid South forever. It’s a story that allows everyone to feel good: liberal Democrats, who would like to believe their party was martyred in as noble a cause as there could be, and Clinton-Obama Democrats, who say that the party needs to move to the right and start appealing to conservative Southern whites again.

          The only trouble is, it’s not true.

          Going into the 1994 elections [30 years after the Civil Rights Act], Democrats still held 16 of the 30 United States Senate seats from the 15 Southern states, and nearly two-thirds of the Southern seats in the House. Democrats held 12 of the 15 Southern governorships, and 29 of the 30 state legislative chambers.

          It’s only in the last two decades that these numbers flipped…

          Democrats did lose the South, but they didn’t lose it because of the Civil Rights Act. Instead of waiting for all those mean old Southern white men to die, Democrats might be better off asking themselves why so many of them were still voting Democratic just 22 years ago.

          1. The south was not republican into the the late 1970s. The south went for jimmy carter in 1976.

            In fact Georgia was one of the few states to go against Reagan in 1980.

            Democrats are liars.

            1. 1970s? Try 90s.

              1. Depends on what part of the south we’re talking about. Sean Trende has demonstrated pretty conclusively that some parts of the south started moving as early as the 1950s, and that prosperity was the catalyst. Southerners entered the middle class and became Republicans.

          2. KevinP, the answer to your speculations may be simpler than you suppose. Are you a southerner, older than 70-years-old? If so, you will probably remember folks older than you who would still get red-in-the-face furious over the mention of Abraham Lincoln?as in party of Lincoln. It took a long time to change that reflex, but change it did.

            1. Lots of spending at military bases, F-15 flyovers at football games, and public schooling fixed that right up.

        4. You are dumb

    3. Calling you on your bullshit you dirty piece of crap. From Wikipedia: “The one-drop rule was made law, though primarily in the U.S. South, also in other states, in the 20th century?decades after the Civil War, emancipation, and the Reconstruction era. It followed restoration of white supremacy in the South and the passage of Jim Crow racial segregation laws. … From the late 1870s on, white Democrats regained political power in the former Confederate states and passed racial segregation laws controlling public facilities, and laws and constitutions from 1890 to 1910 to achieve disfranchisement of most blacks. “

      Are you about to pull that sophomoric “everyone switched parties in the 60’s so the racists became Republicans” out of your ass? Because if you are, you can jam it back in, assuming you can fit it around Tony’s head.

      1. The actual truth is that as the South became less racist, it became more Republican.

        1. The young boomers and old gen Xers voted in 1980 for reagan in the south. They were not like their democrat parents.

          1. Even old gen-xers couldn’t vote in 1980.

        2. I agree, the one drop rule (initially implemented in Virginia as the Racial Integrity Act – remember Virginia was part of the Confederacy) was Democrat, as was slavery, segregation and Jim Crow. It was even the GOP that supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

          It’s continual amusement that Democrats continue to claim the GOP are racists. And yet today, it’s still Democrats who support laws such as affirmative action, which gives certain races government preference at the expense of others. Which shows that the Democrats are really all about government enforced preferences rather than a society where one’s race/color provides no government favors.

      2. You’re a fucking ignoramus.

        The Racial Integrity Act required that a racial description of every person be recorded at birth and divided society into only two classifications: white and colored (essentially all other, which included numerous American Indians). It defined race by the “one-drop rule”, defining as “colored” persons with any African or Native American ancestry. It also expanded the scope of Virginia’s ban on interracial marriage (anti-miscegenation law) by criminalizing all marriages between white persons and non-white persons. In 1967 the law was overturned by the United States Supreme Court in its ruling on Loving v. Virginia

        It is the very essence of conservatism to preserve racial heritage and tradition. Thus such laws as bans on interracial marriage.

        It is the very essence of liberalism to not care.

        You’re goddamn right the One Drop Rule is conservative. To its core.

        1. It was a progressive law passed by Dem.

          You can keep trying, but you OWN all of this nonsense.

        2. I’m sorry, what was that, you’re saying Democrats are conservative? Who else was running the South all that time?

          1. George Wallace and Lester Maddox Democrats were conservative.

            Face the facts.

            They would be Jesse Helms (former Democrat) Republicans today.

            The racists switched parties wholesale after the Voting Rights Act.

            1. Can you list the segregationists went Republican?

              I can. Less than 10%.

              But keep on believing it.

              1. As the South became less racist, it became more Republican. Plain and simple.

            2. Whelp, he went and did it anyway. Predictable little worm, isn’t he?

              The racists stayed where they were. To this day they continue to insist that everyone stay on their assigned plantation with everyone else in their racial group. (Ask Clarence Thomas about that.)

              1. You’re a poorly informed, half-educated bigot, Freddy, and a good little disaffected Republican authoritarian.

                1. I bow to the complex logic, voluminous citations, and character insight contained in your response, and hereby renounce my original post. You, sir, are a master of nuance and are obviously my intellectual superior.

                  Having relieved you of the burden of further enlightening me, I believe you still have time to post something today on Slate regarding that uppity Negro Kanye’s outrageous audacity in having a somewhat nice thing to say about Trump.

            3. It wasn’t until after the Republicans took control of the NC state legislature in 2010-for the first time since 1870-that any action was taken to restore the reputation of Governor William Woods Holden, who became the first Governor of any U.S. state to be impeached and removed from office, essentially for fighting the Klan in the so-called “Kirk-Holden War” just after the Civil War.

              Now, I wonder why the supposedly racist Republicans would care so much about restoring the reputation of this long dead politician, but maybe you can attribute that to partisan politics, but that doesn’t answer the question of why the supposedly newly racially just Democrats did nothing for him while they held power (to their credit when the issue of pardoning him came before the state senate it passed unanimously).

            4. The south went entirely for carter in 1976. Georgia went against reagan in 1980.

              Youre a liar buttplugger.

              1. The Deep South was solid for Goldwater in ’64. SC,GA, AL,MS and LA.

            5. “The racists switched parties wholesale after the Voting Rights Act.”

              Funny you should say that, given the fact that Republicans supported this bill more than Democrats did.

              The funny being Democrats continuing to say Democrats are the ones without a history of racism, and also claiming the Republicans are racist. LOL

              I guess it’s a result of liberal’s mental deficit in not understanding conservatives (so they ascribe bad motivations to them). A problem conservatives don’t have. See the “Born This Way” article by Dr. Jonathan Haidt here in Reason. Ascribing evil motivations to others because of stuff in your head is the same sin as bearing false witness, and while I might get a laugh out of it, it’s not really funny.

            6. “The racists switched parties wholesale after the Voting Rights Act.”

              George Wallace became a Republican? Uh no, that never happened.

              Al Gore, Sr. became a Republican? Sorry, not true either.

              Robert Byrd became a Republican? Nope. Not only was he was a lifelong Democrat, but a KKK member to boot.

              And neither did Bull Connor, Orval Faubus, John Sparkman, Joseph Hill, James Fulbright, John McClellan, Spessard Holland, George Smathers, Richard Russell, Herman Talmadge, Allen Ellender, Russell Long, James Eastland, John Stennis, Sam Ervin, Benjamin Jordan, Olin Johnston, Herbert Walters, Harry Byrd, or Absalom Robertson.

              None of them “switched parties wholesale”. They were all lifelong racist Democrats.

              So you own them, not us.

              Nice try, though.

        3. And yet it was the Democrats championing that preservation.

        4. So an absurdly extremist interpretation of the basic conservative philosophy made a horrible rule. That means precisely zero in today’s world. Knock off the nonsense, y’all.

        5. “It is the very essence of liberalism to not care.”

          WTF? I thought the essence of modern woke liberalism is to care about EVERYTHING!

          And especially to care about race, culture, gender, and all the other identity groups that define progressive thinking.

          Piss off.

        6. Eugenics (The Virginia 1924 Racial Integrity Act and its sister the Sterilization Act) was based on evolution. It was capital-p Progressive and based on science.

          The textbook objected to in the Scopes Monkey Trial stated people were evolved from monkeys and that blacks were less evolved than whites.

    4. It was never was codified into law and it’s difficult to ascertain which ‘side’ came up with it but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Democrat-Progressive side of the aisle embraced it more.

      “The one-drop rule was made law, though primarily in the U.S. South, also in other states, in the 20th century?decades after the Civil War, emancipation, and the Reconstruction era. It followed restoration of white supremacy in the South and the passage of Jim Crow racial segregation laws. In the 20th century, it was also associated with the rise of eugenics and ideas of racial purity.[citation needed] From the late 1870s on, white Democrats regained political power in the former Confederate states and passed racial segregation laws controlling public facilities, and laws and constitutions from 1890 to 1910 to achieve disfranchisement of most blacks. Many poor whites were also disfranchised in these years, by changes to voter registration rules that worked against them, such as literacy tests, longer residency requirements and poll taxes.”


      1. It followed restoration of white supremacy in the South and the passage of Jim Crow racial segregation laws.,/I>

        You can’t get more right-wing than that in the USA.

        1. If your ability for intellectual contortion could be expressed into a Cirque du Soleil act you’d make a killing.

        2. Except it was passed and enforced by Progressive Dems.

          FDR worked hard to prevent Republican anti lynching laws in the 30s and 40s. Why?

          1. I guess FDR must have had a deep and abiding faith in States Rights. /sarc

        3. One drop was used against interracial couples and babies in the democrat south.

        4. God youre a retarded racist idiot. You’re no better than an Evangelical blaming everything on Satan. The left has always owned racial politics. First with the KKK and then worth race based identity politics. You’re a good damn moron buttplug.

      2. “It was never was codified into law and it’s difficult to ascertain which ‘side’ came up with it ”

        I’m pretty sure it was the white side that came up with Jim Crow. It was inimical to the interests of the black side.

        1. mtrueman|10.16.18 @ 8:52PM|#
          “It was never was codified into law and it’s difficult to ascertain which ‘side’ came up with it ”
          “I’m pretty sure it was the white side that came up with Jim Crow. It was inimical to the interests of the black side”

          I’m pretty sure it’s no great surprise you didn’t even figure out the issue in question; you’re pretty stupid that way.

          1. Don’t “I’m pretty sure” me. You haven’t earned the right.

    5. The same conservative minds from the 1800s? And of course all conservative minds are a uniform same.

    6. No one has cared about the one drop rule for at least five decades. Why are “progressives” stuck in the 50s and 60s?

  3. Why would it make her special? Aren’t we all equal?
    When will all our origins and races get so diluted than this will no longer be a thing?

    1. Judging by Latin America, the answer is probably “never,” since I hear they still have racial issues.

  4. Why should we “keep it there”?

    She lied. Point blank.

    Her grandmother was not remotely native. At all.

    Nor her great grandma,

    Nor great, great grandma.

    Harvard was quite proud of Elizabeth Warren, their woman of color hire. Why is it assumed her professed minority ststus is irrelevant to her job? Harvard boasted about it for a reason.

    1. And we wouldn’t want a liar as president.

      1. I think affirmative action is a bad and destructive policy. Progs seem to like it.

        1. A white kid not getting into Harvard is not “destructive” to that person (as much as I was pained to be that white kid once).

          I definitely lost out on a job because of AA once, at least unofficially. Guess what? I didn’t whine about that either. Because just because you’re white doesn’t mean you’re fucking entitled to everything you want, you pissy pants baby.

          And there is no evidence whatsoever Liz Warren got anywhere because of AA. But I suppose you’d respect her if she inherited a half a billion dollars and sold bad steak and university scams.

          1. Serves that white kid right for the crime of…being white.

            Which is NOT racist. At all. Just “fairness” for things the kid did not do and could not stop.

            But, yeah, punishing people by skin color is not a problem. But nice racism of you to assume darker skinned folks will fall apart if they dont get everything they want.

            Tony…Harvard BRAGGED about hiring a “woman of color” in Warren (apparently, whiter than porcelain IS a color). I bet the color part was just a lucky accident.

          2. Dude, you lost a job not due to your abilities but because of bull shit and you think that’s a good thing? Hey, good on you you didn’t whine but it’s still discriminatory.

          3. So a black kid not getting into harvard is not harmful to them either.

            1. While an unprepared minority is actually harmed by getting into Harvard. The ultimate irony.

            2. What black kid is whining about it?

        2. I think affirmative action is a bad and destructive policy.

          Except when right-wingers are pushing to have strong liberal-libertarian schools emulate our weakest educational institutions by hiring more conservatives.

          1. I noticed that nobody here has actually offered a defense of racial preferences on their own merits.

            Apparently, team cheerleading is enough to prove that racial preferences are A-OK.

            1. He’s a product of ThnkProgress. Whaddyagondo?

            2. I am a strong supporter of affirmative action. If colleges did not practice it, they’d end up with an unacceptably small number of black and brown bodies in their classes. And scientific studies prove that racially diverse learning environments improve everybody’s education. Which means that white people and Asian Americans who oppose affirmative action are voting against their own self-interest.

              Furthermore, another reason for affirmative action is that standardized tests are clearly biased. For example, on SAT Math, African Americans on average do worse than whites, who do worse than Asian Americans. This can only be the result of a racist bias in the test itself, or in the way high schools prepare students for the test. (If you think genetics play any role at all in these racial gaps, you’re a science-denying member of the alt-right.)


              1. And the parodist offers a better argument than the real supporters.

              2. Well done, touched all the bases

              3. Bonus points for throwing in the “voting against their own self-interest” bit.

                Nothing says progressive more than the arrogant affectation that they know what’s best for everyone else far better than those people do themselves.

                Nicely done.

          2. You are dumb

      2. Did you supply the crabs for her POW WOW Chow recipe?

    2. Yes, Harvard boasted about it. She didn’t.

      1. Any clue how Harvard knew she was one?

        She certainly doesnt look it.

      2. This warren non AmeriIndian shit is hilarious.

        She will gtet run out of the senate now. Shes useless to the Lefties.

      3. Dan… She marked herself down as a minority in her UPenn directory. Harvard didn’t get the idea from nowhere you dummy. Why are you defending a 99% white person for claiming to be a minority? She used to be against the 1% but now she cheers it on in regards to her dna.

  5. >>something American Indians who come into contact with white people deal with constantly


    1. We definitely got the better end of the deal with VD and nicotine dependency .

      1. Europeans and the rest of the world had STIs before any contract w/ Amerinds. Historical documentation of STIs date back to at least the Ebers papyrus around 1550 BC and the Old Testament.

      2. Wait, what? You mean we should sue the indians for tobacco impacts?

  6. Trump administration wants to force companies to disclose list prices in TV ads

    The proposed rule, announced by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar Monday, is the next step in the administration’s efforts to bring down drug prices.

    Every drug that costs more than $35 would be subject to the requirement.

    “Patients deserve to know what a given drug will cost when they’re being told about the benefits and risks it may have,” Azar said during a speech Monday in Washington, D.C.

    (The Hill)

    And the Peanut Gallery keeps saying that The Dotard is cutting regulations.

    1. There was an article about this yesterday I believe if you want to have this conversation.

    2. “And the Peanut Gallery keeps saying that The Dotard is cutting regulations.”

      And turd keeps hoping his cherry-picked bullshit means something to someone other than himself.
      Fuck off, turd.

  7. Many people claim to have Indian blood.

    That PBS show with HL Gates was interesting watching the notables who claimed Indian ancestry only to be shot down.

    The show stated that only 3% of Americans have Indians in their bloodline.

    Hoka hey!

    1. I loved whenever white liberals melt down when they found out their ancestors owned slaves.

      Affleck and Connick jr. in particular.

      Why they took it personally is beyond me. But their short sighted and emotions reaction was still fun viewing.

      1. But Indians owned slaves, even before the white-eyes arrived. Conundrum: proggy proves Indian ancestor, but tribal history proves he owned slaves.

      2. Because it creates an umcomfortable dissonance from their own distorted self-image as great white liberators. Benevolent, omnipotent, altruistic and supremely virtuous (distortion) vs. one of tens of thousands of Americans who have direct ties to our racial and ethnic history which had violent, oppressive chapters (Reality). Which reality do you think feels better?

  8. Let’s keep it there, shall we?

    As long as she keeps herself out of my business that’s fine.

    My children are somewhere between 1/4 and 1/8 ‘skins (my wife twice that) and it never crosses their minds to go after something they haven’t earned. It crosses my mind. I would love to get my hands on some of that sweet, sweet Seminole casino rake.

  9. In Warren defense, there is a good possibility she could have Native blood

    And, to be fair, no one can deny the possibility that one of her ancestors fucked sheep.

    1. She was from Oklahoma. She escaped and wound up on the right end of bright flight, but it seems strongly likely she had some shambling relatives.

      1. Literal horseshit.

  10. and says that no matter what anyone says, her Native heritage will “always be etched on my heart”

    And etched in 1/1054th of it.

    1. Peruvian, columbian, or mexican heart.

  11. I am one of the greatest self-mythologizers in the world, maybe the greatest in human history.

    1. dude you’re so much better than even that

  12. >>>In Warren defense, there is a good possibility she could have Native blood,


    >>>In my experience, as a 100 percent white person

    can’t begin to comprehend wtf that means. you Casper?

    1. A Wonder Bread and mayo sandwich.

  13. Kinda funny to compare Elizabeth Warren’s response to Trump to Stormy Daniels.

    Trump calls her ‘Horseface’. And she tweets back – Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present your president. In addition to his…umm…shortcomings, he has demonstrated his incompetence, hatred of women and lack of self control on Twitter AGAIN! And perhaps a penchant for bestiality. Game on, Tiny.

    1. did he drop a line about the prostitute having to pay *him* yet?

      1. Troll level would be grandmaster.

    2. Game on, Tiny.

      If anyone knows the presidential pecker it is Stormy. After all she rode it bareback.

      1. Let’s just cut to the part where she says the obvious — that Trump has a two-inch pecker and told her that Melania is a lousy lay.

        1. Could have something to do with that sorry-ass dick the Con Man is slipping into her.

          1. Your and the asshole’s jealousy is palpable, turd.

      2. Trump fucked her in the ass and she accepted money for it.

        One time.

        Then he banged some other chick.

        Then he banged some other chick.

        1. Which leaves asshole jealous since with that personality, he’s not likely to get a piece of anything, and leaves turd jealous, ’cause he keeps hoping to screw something other than is daddy.

        2. Trump fucked her in the ass and she accepted money for it.


          She fucked Trump.


          It was NOT a transaction.

          The cash came later–when Trump wanted her to be quiet about fucking him–because she was bragging about it.

          It’s not hard for billionaires to get laid.

          No matter what they look like.

  14. At this point she should slap on a helmet and putter around in a tank.

    1. And avoid the Saudi embassy.

  15. Warren’s 1/1054th, or whatever it is today, would certainly not allow her on the Cherokee Nation tribal rolls, which she has acknowledged.

    The Cherokee Nation has no minimum blood quantum. 1/1054 or whatever is sufficient to get tribal membership, provided documented proof of direct descent from someone who was listed on the Dawes Rolls.

  16. She deserves all the scorn and mockery she gets.

    I personally find these reviews about that Native recipe book she plagiarized howlers priceless:

    She’s perfect for progressives.

    1. Thanks, Rufus! Good stuff! 😎

    2. +1

  17. “The next time a white-looking person tells you they have Native American blood, look at them thoughtfully, maybe tilt their chin this way and that, and say, “I bet you’re part Cherokee.”
    Nine times out of 10, the person will light up and say, “How did you know?””

    Reminiscent of an article regarding that flake Shirley MacLaine: How come all the re-incarnated folks are nobles instead of serfs? There were ‘way more of the later.

    1. The nobles were probably up to no good…how better for the cosmos to punish them then to reincarnate them in the body of some New Ager?

  18. “…saying you are Native American does not make it so.”

  19. If I understand the progressive faith correctly, a little white girl dressing as Pocahontas for Halloween is problematic. But, Sitting Pale Face claiming to be Native American, conveniently when she began her teaching career, is fine and you’re a bigot for calling out the white lady.

    Intersectionality is a stupid faith

    1. Have you heard of the new fad called ‘Indigenous Land Acknowledgements’. It’s where people – mostly white progressive retards – accept they’re ‘settlers’ and acknowledge the land belongs to whatever Tribe. It’s a serious trend.

      Corrupt band Chiefs are loving every second of it just like Al Sharpton does with his own racket.

      1. Sad part is that white progressives marginalize the actual crimes committed against natives by the government. Acknowledging the crimes committed hundreds of years ago does nothing for natives. Grant tribes legitimate sovereignty would be better than these empty gestures

        1. The Residential school scandals here were run….by the government.

          North America belongs to the Natives. But how will Natives deal with the illegal immigration problem?

          Europe belongs to everyone except….you know the Europeans.

          There’s no principle on any level. Just animus behaviour. See the resident nitwits here.

  20. Warren is about as Native as I’m Venetian.

    My family name traces back to Venice but my father was born in Calabria. Never did he ever claim to be Venetian. He didn’t speak the dialect nor was it part of his cultural identity. He just mentioned it as a point of interest.

    She’s just playing lose with family lore to gain an edge with the cool kids. Claiming minority status is all the rage they tell me.

    Not entirely off topic, guy hates McGill Redmen name (even though it was founded on the colors of the school and not in reference to Natives) and watch name change.

    A) Tell him to eat shit and go somewhere else snowflake.
    B) Do NOT give in because it won’t stop there. We already see it with statues in North America. It started with those damn Confederate statues and now we see up here Sir John A. MacDonald and Sir Wilfred Laurier attacked.

    The Redskins better damn stick to their guns.

    And for the love of God: NEVER APOLOGIZE.

    1. The fact is that every politician creates his own precursors.

  21. Some moons ago E Warren came to our Cherokee Tribe.

    She said she was a Cherokee squaw in search of her roots.

    Our Medicine Man, Flying Buffalo was present.

    He asked to her come to him so he could smell her hair. She did as was told.

    Flying Buffalo took her hair, smelled it, winced, and then spoke:
    “I do not smell Cherokee squaw, I smell white liberal guilt and Head and Shoulders shampoo! Begone Fakehonutus!!!”

    She turned bright red and fled.

    We all laughed at Flying Buffalo’s joke but also thanked him for his wisdom in identifying the white she devil

  22. “There’s a party trick my ex-husband, a member of the Creek Nation, told me about: The next time a white-looking person tells you they have Native American blood, look at them thoughtfully, maybe tilt their chin this way and that, and say, “I bet you’re part Cherokee.”

    Nine times out of 10, the person will light up and say, “How did you know?””


    That about sums it up nicely.

  23. “which is why the party trick works; alternately, the Choctaw often married freed and runaway slaves, though I have yet to meet a black person claiming Native blood; go figure”

    Because they don’t need to claim Native blood to claim minority/victim status.

  24. ‘ ? I have yet to meet a black person claiming Native blood.. ‘

    You must not know many Black people.


    Growing up, I was always told that I was 1/32 Cherokee (and yes, my family has long lived in Oklahoma). Over the last couple of decades, though, my aunt and uncle have been researching the genealogy of the family. Despite having a name and approximate date of death for the supposed Cherokee ancestor, they were unable to find any record of her with the Tribal Government in Tahlequah. If I remember correctly, though, they were told that her last name might be Chickasaw. I don’t think they found any records with the Chickasaw, either, but I’m not sure if they made a thorough search.

    So unless someone finds some real evidence, I’m just going to assume there’s no Cherokee in my ancestry. Just a bunch of boring English and Germans.

    But this sort of thing happens in a lot of families. I see no reason to believe Warren ever actually lied about her ancestry. She simply repeated what she’d always been told. It may or may not have been factually incorrect, but that doesn’t matter. She’d never had any reason to question it before, so she never did.

    1. Maybe. I think it was also a convenient family tale that she was willing to latch on to. Unless she had a sudden racial awakening in her 30’s

    2. Which doesn’t say much about her curiosity, critical thinking skills, and general overall common sense.

      At some point the little gerbil running around in her anus should have told her ‘maybe you should investigate this more if you plan to use it’.

      Instead of letting that slide, she decides to double down and it’s looking even worse for her.

      Her arrogance prevailed.

      But it’s okay. Her Senate seat is safe because Massachusetts. No one seems to mind.

    3. The English and Germans have long histories that are definitely not boring.

    4. The English and Germans have long histories that are definitely not boring.

    5. My mother swore until the day she died that she was 1/8th Cherokee and that my brother, sister and I were 1/16th. I recently got a DNA heredity test and guess what? Not a drop. When I told my brother and sister they said, practically in unison, “Good thing mom’s not alive. The news would have killed her.”

  25. She gamed the system because it was easy to do. Whateva. I’m more concerned about the fact that on policy she’s an idiot.

    1. ^^ this guy gets it
      Getting distracted by the Native American nonsense is foolhardy

  26. “I have yet to meet a black person claiming Native blood, go figure”

    Well, I’m guessing you haven’t met one because you’re a dumb racist cunt.

    1. It’s actually pretty common for black families to claim native american history. It’s a much more palpable excuse for certain physical traits than the much more obvious idea that they have European’s in their family line.

  27. “Natives are amazingly tolerant of the wannabes.”

    Hardly surprising. These are the same people who, unable to bear children because of the rugged bareback life on the plains, would kidnap any white kids they happened upon, and raise them as their own.

  28. Like I posted yesterday, my great grandfather’s grandmother was full-blood Cherokee. My mother, who has mapped both sides of the family back to the time before the American Revolution, has her birth certificate, or at least what passed for one back then.

    But nobody in my family has ever claimed to be Native American. Nobody has ever applied for membership to the tribe. Nobody has ever tried to use it to any advantage at all. It’s just an interesting piece of family history. Like my 4x great uncle that started a country church in the 1870s. Or the relative that died in Elmira prison during the civil war. That’s it.

    Warren can dance around it all she wants, but her using it to try to gain some advantage is dishonest as hell. And using the puny results from the DNA test to try to say “See, I was right!” is simply pathetic. I’ve got 10-fold more Cherokee in me that she has in her, and I’m…..well, I’m a white guy.

    And amazingly, but not surprisingly, the secterians in the SJW movement are defending her on social media, because she’s wearing the right team jersey. Cultural appropriation indeed.

    1. “But nobody in my family has ever claimed to be Native American. ”

      An acquaintance of mine was legally entitled to the benefits of a full status Indian. He never claimed them because he thought they would make his life more difficult, making him a target of bigots. Good to see that native blood is no longer the shameful

      “well, I’m a white guy”

      Good enough for lumberjacking. You’d soon change your tune if it were a heap big teaching job at Harvard on the line.

      1. “You’d soon change your tune if it were a heap big teaching job at Harvard on the line.”

        No. No, I wouldn’t. Taking a benefit like that means that somebody who is a helluva a lot more entitled to it would not get it. So it would be unethical to do so and, unlike Warren, I’ve got ethics. If you tried to force them on her she’d self-combust.

        1. You’re dealing with an imbecile who never bothers to do other than bloviate. Ask for a cite for one of his laughable claims; well, uh, gee, you must be a bad person!

        2. “No. No, I wouldn’t.”

          Come come. Not even Sevo believes this malarkey,

  29. I call her Loony Lizzie, she belongs in the Loony bin. She’s also a Commie, a Con, and a Crook like Bernie.

  30. Open borders leads to a multicultural society which leads to identity politics. So what if most people thought the USA had magic dirt and everyone would become liberty loving libertarians or some other such nonsense. It’s now one group against the others for power. Welcome to 21st century America!

    1. Nope, magic parchment. As in the Bill of Rights. Don’t let it disintegrate.

    2. Funny, open borders in the 19th and first quarter or so of the 20th centuries led to the melting pot, not identity politics or ‘multiculturalism.’
      Yes, the rot was starting to set in by the late 19th century, but the conception of the US as stronger from the merging of folks from all over the world in a free country was a valued principle into the 1960s.

  31. I don’t know that Warren’s attempting to appropriate victim status by claiming Indian ancestry, she strikes me as the type who’s bought into the Noble Savage mythology and believes being an Indian makes her more spiritual and more “authentic”. I’m mostly of German extract as far as I know, I grew up around a lot of people of German, Polish and Irish ancestry but as far as I can tell there’s no difference between them. The third- and fourth-generation Irish didn’t drink and fight any more than the third- and fourth-generation Germans and there weren’t a whole slew of cavalry officers coming out of the Czenetski and Pulaski and Sulkowski families. Almost as if your ancestral heritage has fuck-all to do with who you are personally. But then again, I’m an individualist instead of a collectivist like Elizabeth Warren with her religion of immutable traits and characteristics that define “authentic” blacks and gays and womens and such.

    1. As I’ve pointed out before, it’s odd that the straight white males get sent to re-education camps sensitivity-training classes to learn about white privilege and the patriarchy and the like in order that they may learn to change their evil straight white male ways, whereas everybody else is taught pre-destination, that you’re born a certain way and that’s your nature and attempts to change your nature are false consciousness and inauthenticity. You can’t expect a dog or a deer or a shark to change its behavior and apparently neither can you expect blacks or gays or women to change theirs, it’s only straight white males that possess this unique power. But if straight white males are the only ones capable of changing our nature volitionally, doesn’t that make us a higher form of humans than the poor creatures who can only operate on instinct and traits inherent in their identity?

    2. But the suffering of your grandparents can become coded in your genes:



  32. I read my kids Dr. Seuss’s “The Sneetches” every chance I get… perhaps more for my own sanity than for their entertainment.

  33. Yup, being white is such a privilege that someone who is 99.99% white lies about being a Native American for career advancement.

  34. “I believe Warren believes herself to be part Native”

    If Warren really believed herself to be part Native, then why didn’t she take the DNA tests right away?

    If Warren really believed herself to be part Native, then why did she refuse to meet with members of the Cherokee who asked to meet with her to investigate her claim?

    If Warren really believed herself to be part Native, why did she focus on maintaining the legitimacy of her claim rather than simply defend affirmative action for Native Americans?

    I believe Warren was as surprised to find evidence of her Native ancestry as anyone.

    1. If Warren really believed herself to be part Native, then why didn’t she take the DNA tests right away?

      Probably for the same reason Trump never released his tax returns, or Obama never released his college grades.

      1. Does that speak to the question I asked in some way?

        1. You asked, essentially, “why didn’t Warren give in to the demands of her opponents right away?” I provided one possible answer.

          1. Your answer wouldn’t suggest that she honestly believed herself to be Native American.

            Your answer suggests that she didn’t really believe herself to be Native American.

            You are bizarrely locked into a partisan mindset. It’s like talking to a Moonie.

      2. “Probably for the same reason Trump never released his tax returns, or Obama never released his college grades.”

        Dim, even for you, and that’s a pretty low bar.

    2. And if the test had shown no NA genes, she wouldn’t have mentioned it to anyone.

      1. It does not show AmerIndian DNA.

        The report lists Peruvian, Columbian, Mexican, and European DNA markers.

    3. If Warren really believed herself to be part Native, then why didn’t she take the DNA tests right away?

      For the same reasons anyone doesn’t get a DNA test? “Meh”? “Don’t care enough about this to bother”?

      For your other questions, it’s most likely that she thought that the risk of bad press was worse than the possible gains of being found to have some NA blood in the past.

      1. She was being eviscerated in the press.

  35. Overall good article but the start is kind of stupid. Cherokee were by far the largest tribe and their territory included a huge portion of area where tons of settlers settled (I.e. florida, georgia, etc). So, the fact that most americans who claim native american ancestry claim cherokee is in line with the data.

    Now, to be fair, most of those people are doing precisely the same thing Warren did, which was to try to curry some sort of favor and/or victimhood status by claiming this.

    1. No, we just think it’s cool.

    2. Cherokee tribe members number about 300,000 today.

      1. And I haven’t checked lately, but the membership books for most of the major tribes and nations are closed to new members, so I assume the same is true for the Cherokee.

  36. “Warren’s grandmother did not apply for her CDIB, either because she did not see the need, or because she did not qualify, or because being a Native at that time was not a propitious thing to be. That was her choice.”

    If Warren is at most 1/64 Native American, doesn’t that mean that her grandmother couldn’t have been more than 1/16 Native American?

    1. Yep. However i’m not sure that would have been enough, most tribes want you to be at least 1/8 and have what amounts to a sponsor or proof that you were born into the tribe, sort of thing.

    2. Nope. I recently learned it doesn’t work that way. Her grandmother could have been 50%, but if her mother got most of her genes from the non native half (of her mother’s side), she could have had only 5%, for example, and Miss Lizzie almost none. On the other hand it’s possible the mother had more, and that Lizzie’s siblings have a higher percentage than she does. Full siblings have different ancestry results.

  37. My wife was half Cheyenne and half Arapahoe. I thought it was hilarious when her and her siblings called it the “slap-a-hoe” tribe.

    1. +1 House of Pain

  38. I heard my great grandmother was half Indian. She was French-Canadian and you know how the French and Indians were.

  39. French-Canadian and you know how the French and Indians were.

    reply to this report spam

  40. I would not trust these companies.

    At best they can offer you probabilities based on these markers of geographic distribution.

    People need to know that when uncertainty adds up it is not linear.

    Family story as we each remember it does the same thing and works fine for most people.

    It is interesting that people will pay for this. Grandma didn’t tell you everything.

    If you listen to her it was a story which becomes yours.

    1. Works well enough for curiosity purposes. A friend of a friend’s found out he had a daughter he’d never known about -99% match.

      1. On that front, I’m almost afraid to get around to doing my DNA test… My dad was quite the man whore back in the 80s, I don’t know if I REALLY want to find out I have 15 half siblings running around out there! LOL

        1. That is one downside. The other is that they can give your DNA profile to insurance companies and anyone else.

          Some day soon, insurance companies will base rates on your DNA.

          People tend to live in the short term rather than be skeptical of some tech that has minimal benefit but definitely has negatives.

          1. Oh yeah. I’ve said for years that Gattica is going to be reality at some point.

            The truth is MOST things about people are likely genetic. The more testing and studies they do the more this has been proved.

            Your personality type, how smart you are, your political views, your health, all of it is largely genetic. Twin studies even showed that the genre of music people like may be genetic, because twins separated at birth, raised in totally separate environments had a crazy high chance of liking the same genres of music, and even having the same favorite bands! Creepy.

            We are really a LOT more scripted biologically than people like to think.

    2. Ehhh. It’s not perfect, but the genetic testing they can do nowadays is pretty solid. Even the commercial stuff. The stuff that fancy universities can do in their labs when they REALLY want to figure stuff out is even more so.

      There are some populations that are really mixed up genetically, think areas that have been conquered back and forth 100 times just in written history, by wildly different ethnic groups. But many areas are also pretty damn stable. They can pick out an Irishman from an Englishman with round abouts 100% certainty, including if any admixture has happened in the last several+ generations. Almost 100% of native Britons have the majority of their DNA tracing back as being related to that Cheddar Man body that was what, ~10,000 years old? Scandinavia is another region where the genes are overwhelmingly VERY old European, not even cut with as much of the Middle Eastern Farmer genetics that swept in after the advent of agriculture, or even as much Indo European DNA as mainland Europe.

      There’s a lot of interesting stuff to be had by DNA testing. It’s mostly not SUPER important, but I find it to be interesting.

  41. So I wasn’t doing it because of this nonsense, but it randomly came up when talking to my mom tonight. I was reminded of ONE of the tribes I am on her dads side. Chickasaw apparently. And the Aztec which I had already known and remembered. I’m something around 1/8 native JUST from her side (not sure how much Aztec there was in that great-great-grandma as she was already cut with Spanish also, AKA a Mexican.. Or possibly not. The story varies.), and I’m Seminole on my dads side to boot.

    I could almost certainly qualify for getting magical Indian benefits, or at least semi legitimately check off Native on applications for things, but since I’m not a dunce who needs affirmative action to get ahead in life, I’ll leave that kind of stuff for Warren to do.

    1. Dude, you are so getting a job at Harvard, or at least a discount at the casino.

      1. Discounts at the casino eh… Weeell, I don’t need to get a job at Harvard, who wants to deal with all them spoiled brats? But I could be down for a discount at the casino!

    2. I know what a vek was in Siberia in the 1930s, whence Native Ams are reputed to have originated. Incidentally, I once was a drug and alcohol counselor on the Northern Cheyenne and Sioux reservation in Ashland, Montana, 20 miles from the Custer National battlefield. I grew fat (ter) on Indian fry bread.

  42. And we can thank places like Harvard for encouraging this kind of shit by touting her instead of looking at her NA check on her application and responding with So What!

  43. Many in the US have a drop,of natove heritage. My own family lore says that my great great grandfather, a german immigrant, married a Lenape woman to ‘strengthen the bloodline’. It is probably true as that side of the family tree tends to be of brown hair, brown eyes, darker skinned with minimal body hair. But so what? Its family lore, not much differnt than Warren’s.

    This issue isnt the dna. It isnt the stories that we like to share about our heritage.

    The issue is that she used it for personal gain. Nowhere did she work to become part of or align herself with the Nation. She only self-identified when it gained her things….never in support of her heritage. Its the worst kind of self serving, self aggrandizing behavior that we see from our political class. And she is so unaware of it that she continues with meaningless dna tests. She should be shamed.

  44. My Grandpa has always said that his grandma was half Navajo, which, of course, would make me 100% African just like everyone else if you carry things back far enough.

    1. You poor victim!

  45. re “I have yet to meet a black person claiming Native blood; go figure” — try doing some research next time. The Cherokee Freedmen are descendants of African slaves who were owned by members of the Cherokee Tribe. A treaty signed in 1866 gave the Freedmen citizenship in the Cherokee Nation. An amendment in 2007 to the Cherokee Nation Constitution stripped that citizenship from the Freedmen. The Freedmen sued, and won in federal court in 2017. The Cherokee Nation’s Attorney General accepted the ruling, they did not appeal, and the Nation began processing their citizenship applications.

    1. Don’t forget all the runaway slaves that became the black Seminole! Since that is one of the tribes my family comes from, I might be part negro :0. Imagine your chances of getting a gig at Harvard if you’re Native American AND Black!

  46. “Choctaw often married freed and runaway slaves, though I have yet to meet a black person claiming Native blood; go figure).”

    In many parts of the American black community the line “It’s from the Indian blood in my family” was common to hear. It usually referred to physical traits ? hair, cheekbones, ‘reddish-brown’ skin color, etc, but not much beyond that. Certainly not as claim to the historical, social legacy or tribal rights (or rites) of any of the various nations.
    My black mother is from Oklahoma and was raised around a reasonably sized population of Indians who, as the writer stated did mix with some American blacks. That said my cheekbones, hair, Indian looking cousins and my mother and her family being Okies makes me about as Indian as Gwyneth Paltrow. But still probably more than Senator Warren. Beyond her ‘family lore’ this public ‘minority’ claiming was, is, and always will be about political power.

  47. Stories like this are why I hope Israel considers me Jewish if I ever move there, but I won’t mind if they consider my conversion or my mom’s conversion invalid. No American would have sympathy for someone converted to a Native American tribe through a ceremony conducted by a group that isn’t the official representative of that tribe and then demanded the right to move to the reservation and be recognized as a member of that tribe on the grounds that “Native American is a religion, not a race.”

  48. In related news, Israel does not grant the Abayudaya the right to repatriate. From the article:

    The Uganda community, also called the Abayudaya, numbers approximately 2,000 and traces its roots to the early 20th century, when a former leader read the Bible and embraced Judaism. Most members were converted under the auspices of U.S. Conservative rabbis and thus are not recognized as Jewish by Israel’s mostly ultra-Orthodox Chief Rabbinate.

    There is more to the story than this. The Abayudaya stayed true to their faith even when the genocidal Idi Amin was providing refuge to anti-Zionist plane hijackers. It is complicated.

  49. “I bet you’re part Cherokee.”

    Yup. That one is as old that white folk on the continent. No idea where that meme comes from but I remember back in the 1970s when $50 was proposed to go anyone of Indian ancestry, every other kid in school was suddenly 1/64th Cherokee.

    It’s always Cherokee. And it’s always one sixty-fourth.

    1. I had someone try the “I bet you’re 1/64th Cherokee” thing on me once. I replied with “Actually, its Shawnee, and closer to 1/32nd, but even then its so little there’s no way you could tell by looking at me” We then proceeded to talk about the Cherokee man who went around the country with his pet wolf, the both of them impregnating everywhere they went. Which is why everyone is part Cherokee and everyone’s dog is part wolf

  50. I love Indian food. Gimme extra curry please.

  51. Hmm… Carrie Underwood is also a citizen of the Creek Nation. People can make fun all they want, but there are pale people who are Creeks and probably just about every other tribe. It’s like telling a mulatto “I’ve never seen a white person that looks like you.” or a Jew that they need to stop pretending to be European just because one of their great grandparents was German.

    Perhaps it would be better if she said something like “some of my ancestors were citizens of the Cherokee Nation”.

    1. If you want to meet some genuine blond, blue-eyed Indians go to the Citizen Pottawattamie tribe in Oklahoma.

  52. She fell right into Trump’s trap:

    1) Either ignore his ridiculous, childish mudslinging, in which case he’ll keep bringing it up and taunt you that you’re avoiding the issue because you’re wrong/guilty, or….

    2) Respond, in which case he’s already moved on, and doesn’t really care at all whether your response factually reputes his allegations against you or not.

    It’s an old game from the Snake Oil Salesman’s handbook, and people keep falling for it while he chuckles and moves on to the next distraction that will keep the headlines buzzing and people’s heads exploding. Circuses have a way of sucking people in, even if every car in the parking lot is being ripped off at the same time….

  53. What does it take to be native american?
    I was born here, as were my parents, and parent’s parents, and parent’s parent’s parents…going back as far as any living person can remember. So native american, right?

  54. Just FWIW, in my years as a parents’ attorney in dependency court I met and worked with several black people who had American Indian heritage, particularly but not exclusively Choctaw and Blackfeet (no pun intended). It was a bit unusual but by no means an anomaly.

    And all this pretension only underscores my contempt for the term “Native American”. Our original peoples are “American” only because they were subjugated, robbed, raped and murdered for decades by a ruthless and oppressive American government; left to their own devices most would prefer their own cultures and governments. We do not cure any of our disgraceful history by bestowing the status of “Native American” on them. And in fact, in my several years of handling Indian Child Welfare Act cases in the dependency courts I never, not once, ever, heard any Indian tribe refer to themselves as “Native American”. Their most common self-reference other than “Indian”? “The People”, which referred to themselves and other tribes generally.

  55. I had just slogged through “A BRIEF HISTORY OF EVERYONE WHO EVER LIVED” by distinguished DNA scientist Adam Rutherford when Lizzy Warren’s latest claim surfaced.

    One point Rutherford repeatedly makes is that DNA markers as racial identifiers are extremely problematic. He has nothing but scorn and criticism for companies like 23andMe that purport to tell customers anything very meaningful about their specific ethnicity.

    You can get into the weeds quickly explaining this stuff, but for just one example Rutherford (who was highly involved with the Human Genome Project) points out that we all have about 2% pure Neanderthal genes that had to arrive through sexual intercourse somewhere in our extreme distant past.

    1. Which make us more Neanderthal than Warren is native American.

      We should start putting Neanderthal on government ethnicity forms

    2. What’s your point?

      The fact is that DNA can very easily break down certain peoples along ethnic lines. It is super easy to tell if somebody is Japanese, or Somali. Modern genetics can also very easily break down if one is Norwegian, or German.

      The differences can be small in terms of %s of difference, but have very large end results. Hearing ONLY 4% genetic difference sounds like nothing… But that’s the difference between us and Chimps. MAJOR difference in outcomes. The fraction of a percent difference between an African Pygmy and a Dane yields huge differences in physical differences too.

      Anybody who says you CAN’T break stuff down is full of shit. Sure, if some Frenchman moved to Denmark 200 years ago, and assimilated, before they came to the US 75 years ago, you may culturally be pure Dane… With some French genes in there, does it make much of a practical difference? No. But it’s interesting, and fairly reliable, and that’s why 23andMe are neato.

      If anything cases of semi-recent admixture, and results being TOO accurate in noting the random French genes seemingly out of nowhere, are your main complaint? Yes, people mixed in the old world too. But that doesn’t mean genes don’t mostly have “home bases” so to speak still too.

  56. Maybe she descended from one of the Lewis & Clark explorers. Fun fact they don’t teach in history class: they hiked across the continent leaving a trail of blue-eyed natives along the way.

    1. Another rarely-mentioned fact: Sacajawea took them directly to her tribal homeland, which in actuality was not at all the direct route to the Columbia River headlands. Cost the expedition about 6 weeks and they missed their boat ride home.

  57. Yeah, Nancy, she wasn’t the one making a thing of it. Just like with Obama’s birth certificate, the Troll-in-Chief made such an issue of it that Obama finally had to track down his birth certificate, just to get him to shut up about at least one thing. Likewise with Warren, who harmlessly claimed to be white AND native on a college application. She derived no benefit from it, but of course the oppo researchers dug it up, and Trump ran with it. Finally, after months of childish name-calling from the President of the United States, for god’s sake, she made an effort to shut him up, at least about this one thing. Not that any of this matters to Trump. The lie trumps the truth.

    Jesus, we all talk about our heritage in this country. She’s proud to have had, or at least had been told she had, a native ancestor. This is the thing that bothers you? Not Trump using the name of Pocahontas as a slur?

    1. “harmlessly claimed to be white AND native on a college application. She derived no benefit from it”

      BULLSHIT. She was talked up as being the first “woman of color” who held such a position at Harvard. She got an undeserved affirmative action boost from her claiming that MASSIVE 1/1024th native blood.

      Personally, I think everybody is too touchy about this nonsense… But as someone who has double digit FULL percentage points of native blood, skating your way into a position you don’t deserve, when you REALLY aren’t even from that minority group in any meaningful way, is just total BS. I don’t believe in affirmative action in any forms, but it’s especially shitty to do what she did, since rich white girls don’t need to be taking advantage of the stuff intended for actual minorities.

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