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With the Saudis, Trump Shows Timidity

The president's math on Saudi deals doesn't add up.


If a foreign journalist living in America and writing about the Iranian government's noxious policies were murdered by agents of Tehran, the president of the United States would take it as evidence of the need for tough action. Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, however, was a Saudi writing about the Saudi government, which is a U.S. ally.

After Khashoggi disappeared while visiting Riyadh's consulate in Istanbul, Donald Trump was a portrait in timidity. "We want to find out what happened," he bleated more than a week later. "He went in, and it doesn't look like he came out." What happened is pretty clear. Since Khashoggi entered the building October 2, he has not been seen or heard from.

The evidence is that his disappearance was no random event. "The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, ordered an operation to lure Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia from his home in Virginia and then detain him, according to U.S. intelligence intercepts of Saudi officials discussing the plan," reported The Washington Post. The Turks have told U.S. officials they have audio and video recordings of Khashoggi being tortured and killed inside the consulate.

Trump responded with the limp evasions he reserves for tyrants who have seduced him. "We don't like it, and we don't like it even a little bit," he ventured. If it turns out that the Riyadh regime murdered Khashoggi, he said, "it would be a very sad thing." But he also proclaimed that our relationship with the Saudi government is "excellent."

No doubt. Trump is not about to let a trifle like the premeditated murder of a journalist who had applied for permanent residence in the United States get in the way of his own priorities. The president intimated that those in favor of cutting off weapons sales to Saudi Arabia—a group that includes members of Congress from both parties—fail to grasp the value of those shipments.

"We have a country that's doing probably better economically than it's ever done before," he asserted with his usual inattention to factual accuracy. "Part of that is what we're doing with our defense systems and everybody's wanting them, and frankly, I think that that would be a very, very tough pill to swallow for our country."

Leave aside for the moment Trump's heartfelt conviction that we should indulge assassins as long as they are loyal customers. He also managed to showcase his bottomless store of ignorance and deceit.

The supposed arms deal he reached with the Saudis last year amounted to $110 billion. But as Brookings Institution analyst Bruce Riedel points out, the announced agreement "was fake news then and it's still fake news today. The Saudis have not concluded a single major arms deal with Washington on Trump's watch." The transaction was aspirational, not actual.

Even if the vapor of Trump's claims were to solidify, his deal would stretch over 10 years, making it worth an average of $11 billion annually. That is a huge amount for a military contractor's bottom line but a tiny amount for a $20 trillion economy such as ours.

It's less, in fact, than the amount Trump plans to pay out to American farmers who have suffered from his trade war with China. It's far less than the cost of his threatened tariffs to our economy —a "tough pill" he has been eager to force down our throats.

We might also want to count a notable cost that is easy to ignore because it falls on innocent people far away. A U.N. report in August concluded that the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen has killed thousands of civilians, citing airstrikes that "have hit residential areas, markets, funerals, weddings, detention facilities, civilian boats and even medical facilities." Such attacks, the panel found, "may amount to war crimes."

Much of the weaponry used by the Saudis comes from the United States. Trump could blame Barack Obama for many of those shipments. Instead, Trump lifted one of the few curbs imposed on the Saudis, letting them buy "smart bomb" components that Obama had blocked.

What have we learned about Trump from his handling of the apparent hit job on Khashoggi? That he is amoral, mendacious, weak, and deaf to matters of humanity. Those are qualities we have seen in him many times before. But sometimes, he exhibits them in a way that retains the power to shock.

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  1. I love this outrage against the Saudi regime. They are evil and in addition to atrocities in Yemen execute more ‘blasphemers’ than ISIS. As for Trump, I’m not sure anyone was looking to him for moral leadership on this issue. Instead I think it’s worth investigating the defenders of MBS, like Tom Friedman. How did they get it so wrong and have they changed their opinion?

    1. Saudis are friendly with us. I do not understand the moral outrage train.

      1. Is that a joke? The Saudis would head chop every one of us if they had the power. You excuse these cancerous regimes at your own peril. They hate you.

      2. The media lavishly cheered Obama for opening relations with Cuba. They have a much worse and more well documented history of political suppression of reporters and political opponents. They continued to cheer on Venezuela who had the same issues. Google is assisstinf china who also has a record of jailing journalists.

        Yet the moral outrage is for Saudi Arabia and trump… It’s very strange.

  2. The Saudis supposedly kill one of their own citizens in Turkey, and it’s up to the US to right this wrong, why?

    Is it news that the Saudis kill their citizens?
    That people get murdered in Turkey?

    The new post modern marxist Reason wants the US to be the policeman of the world.

    “Libertarian Moment”

    1. I’m a little confused by your comment, ending the funding of and propping up of Saudi Arabia military is “policing the world?” I don’t recall Chapman claiming we should we should “police” them, just not prop them up.

      1. I admire the optimism you exhibit in attempting to reason with a morality-deprived, half-educated, gullible, authoritarian right-wing bigot, but I question the practical value.

        1. He wasn’t talking to you.

        2. Arty, the humans are talking, go away since you don’t qualify.

          Better yet, commit suicide. No one could ever love you.

          1. Would it be suicide, or just a very late-term abortion?

  3. “Trump is amoral, mendacious, weak, and deaf to matters of humanity.”

    With a lead like that who can doubt the author will speak in a REASONable tone and not one filled with emotional bullshit?

    *not me*

    Anyways, A+ to Chapman to tying in tariffs, Yemen, arms sales, and Kashoogi. It is a nice melange.

    Last point: why does anyone believe anything Turkey says? They are lying bunch of bullshitters led by a leader even more of an egomaniacal, deluded jackass than Trump that have had very public disagreements with the Saudis in recent memory. Let Turkey and the Saudis have their little hissy fit. Not our problem.

  4. Libertarians for foreign intervention since 2016.

    1. We’re engaging in weapons sales to Saudis, who use the weapons to slaughter innocents and poor civilians in Yemen. That sounds like foreign intervention to me. We’re propping up a murderous and repressive regime here, and it’s time we stopped!

      1. I remember these comments in the lead up to ww2. Isolationism is the way to go.

        1. I agree, isolationism is the way to go!

          Even the so-called “good war” (WW II), we should have stayed out of, in Europe at least. What was the long-term result in Europe? We propped up the murderous regime of Stalin, and left half of Europe enslaved to Stalin!

          In mainland Asia, Communist enslavement also followed rather quickly! Being attacked by Japan left us no realistic peaceful choice though…

          “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” logic props up war after war after war… After we align with despotic nation “A” to defeat despotic nation “B”, we pause for a few months or years, then near-immediately, we fight despotic nation “A”, and align with despotic nation C” to get ‘er done, and on and on…

  5. Much of the weaponry used by the Saudis comes from the United States. Trump could blame Barack Obama for many of those shipments.

    Put the blame where it belongs. Stark Industries.

  6. What have we learned about Chapman from his handling of the apparent hit job on Trump? That he is amoral, mendacious, weak, and deaf to matters of humanity.

  7. When faggots (stringer together!) like Chapman start bleating in unison for some hostile foreign action based on little/no evidence (always glossed over), like the “Syria gas attacks” and “Skripal poisoning”, I’m immediately a bit suspicious.

    But even if we take this narrative, so neat and prepackaged, at face value – so what?
    Are we to dictate and get involved with all foreign internal power struggles (Khashoggi was more political operative than “journalist” – an agent of MBS’s chief political rival)?
    Maybe we could have interpol investigate… I guess after they find a new director to replace the one recently imprisoned in China.
    Does anyone even know that Khashoggi is… dead?
    Fuck it, let’s just go to war with everybody.
    Maybe we can drone Assange while we’re at it.

    1. There is a lot of middle ground in between going to war and doing nothing.

      For example the government could rescind the approval of arms sales to the Saudis.

      I’m not saying I agree with Chapman. Just that your straw man is, well, stupid.

      1. It’s called ‘hyperbole’ – though you might explain how launching missiles and economic embargoes are inconsistent with a push for war.
        Are you now arguing for economic central planning to interfere with “free” trade?

        1. I’m not arguing for anything. Just calling you out for being a dumbass.

          1. Sarc, you make similar statements all the time. Hypocrite much?

        2. No where in the article does Chapman even allude to hostile action. You’re arguing against something he never said. Textbook straw man fallacy.

          1. Keep trying, sarc.
            I can lead you to water, but I can’t make you wash the sand of of your vagina.

            1. Alright Tony.

              1. …good one?

                1. Sarcasmic has had a tough year.

                  He gets upset when people bring up that he is anarchist and calls it “name calling”

                  But, boy, does he love calling others ‘names’.

                  1. Yeah, he turns into a total Bitchy McBitch sometimes.

    2. There’s a ton of evidence linking Russia to those murders. You’re just ignorant.

      1. If by evidence you mean prescripted talking points, then sure.

        1. Please motherfucker. Putin confessed to it you stupid fuck.

          1. Ah, tried and “true” media matters strategy:

            1. Throw out empty assertion
            2. Call target “stupid” or “ignorant”
            3. Attempt to inflame via vulgarity
            4. Completely make something up and pretend it’s accepted fact
            5. Repeat

            Underlying all is the fundamental refusal to stay outside of the hive mind’s fantasy

            1. I think Ordinary Person owes you an apology.

  8. With the Saudis, Trump Shows Timidity

    LOL – Chapman’s such a dumbass, doesn’t even know how to spell “obsequious”. Sad!

    1. Why would Trump get upset about this guy getting offed? He was a journalist.

  9. “The evidence is that his disappearance was no random event”

    Uh, I have not seen any actual named, reliable, cited sources. The proof is unnamed sources; a sources said a sources says; it is reported; etc. No explanation of how this guy got a green card in less than a year. No background on his relationship with Osama bin Laden. All of the unfounded rumors come from Turkey. Any chance at all that this is middle east politics?
    And citing the Washington Post is a big flag that there is some hanky-panky going on.

    1. Trump is the same type authoritarian scumbag that the Saudi royals are.

      So defend them you must.

      1. “Trump is the same type authoritarian scumbag that the Saudi royals are.”

        Damn right he is. All of those public beheadings on the Mall in D.C. have resulted in a huuuuuge reduction in crime in Washington.

        And his decision to start snatching journalists who criticize him off the streets and have them killed has resulted in a serious reduction in public criticism of the Trump Admin…?…oh, wait.

        1. Hey, we live in a true republic here. With due process.

          You know that The Dotard and his “Lock her Up” mob would tar and feather dissidents if they legally could.

          1. There are plenty of Trump sycophants right here in the comments who would cheerfully string up his critics if given a chance.

            1. When they start actually stringing them to, then you can use the word “same.”. Until then you’re just a histrionic child. Apparently you didn’t hear about scalise getting shot or a conservative California candidate attempted to get stabbed. White powder to the White House, etc. No it’s the scary Republicans you need to be aware of. Fucking moron.

              1. Notice the word “legally” in SPB’s post.

                1. Notice the words “stop being a stupid melodramatic asshole” in mine.

                  1. Notice the words “stop being a stupid melodramatic asshole” in mine.

                    I’m sorry. What was that? I wasn’t paying attention.

                2. Tyrants allow legalities to slow them down?

                  Doesnt seem too tyrannical.

            2. I would be happy with a replacement AG who will prosecute democrats for actual crimes. There is so much low hanging fruit there. Some republicans too.

          2. You’re mad about lock her up chants while liberals actually call for FBI investigations of their opponents? Perry in Texas. New York AG against trump. Stevens. You’re either blind or just fucking stupid. No party has criminalized politics in this country like the left has.

            1. POTUS-candidate-at-the-time Trump threatened a federal judge who was hearing the case against Trump’s high-sales-pressure, fake, lying “real estate school”, and how Trump ripped these poor folks off. Trump is currently GOP-istic, not leftist, supposedly. This is just one case of Trump dragging politics into criminal matters… Also, he wants to sue the heck out of folks who DARE to criticize him…

              1. Can you provide a link to the “threat”?

                And I’m sure he’d like to sue folks who falsely criticize him. It seems to happen an awful lot. How long did the press SWEAR he was under investigation when he was not?


                  ” Trump’s attacks on Judge Curiel are still jarring to read “

                  1. I am not seeing a THREAT.

                    Can you cite the threat that you were referencing?

            2. Trump’s redneck base wants her locked up because she is a Democrat, you idiot.

              By the way, the FBI investigating all politicians would be okay with me. Not a formal investigation like Mueller is doing but a check under the rug every now and then.

              1. No retard, people want her locked up for any of a number criminal actions. You just can’t conceive of hokdong a democrat accountable for criminal actions.

          3. “Hey, we live in a true republic here. With due process.”

            I seem to recall that according to our Nobel-Peace-Prize Winning Constitutional Scholar Former President and his Highly Respected Attorney General Eric Holder, “due process” means the president secretly deciding, based on secret evidence that only he sees, that an American citizen is an “imminent threat” who needs to die, preferably by drone.

            Perhaps the Saudis decided that these two respected legal scholars were right, and decided to apply the same standards in this case.

            1. Senate Republicans backed the military execution of that enemy combatant too.

              1. At leaat you admitted Obama did it, that’s something from you.

            2. They dont give out medals for “Obama the American citizen murderer via drone”, for some reason.

              1. If you guys are going to blather on about this “American citizen murder” stuff you should at least call the scumbag who was offed by his name, Anwar al-Awlaki, a grade-A fucking scumbag. I am not saying what was done was necessarily right but lets stop carrying water for one of the worst human beings to grace this planet this millenium and pretending he is some normal “American citizen.”

                1. Jeffrey dahmer was a grade A psycho. He was american, so he got due process and all the other things that the constitution requires.

                  Americans dont assinate other americans and get away with it.

            3. Just spitballin’ here, but somehow I don’t think the Saudis needed any encouragement from getting the law interpreted for them by Obama, Holder and then Lynch.

      2. Notice the Lefty propaganda.

        First, you target a non-Lefty: Trump
        Second, use an unreliable testimonial:Trump is the same type authoritarian scumbag that the Saudi royals are
        Third, use snob appeal: So defend them you must.

  10. With the Saudis, Trump Shows Timidity.

    Well duh – – they have said some really really nice things about Trump. When you do that, you kind of expect a pass the first time around.

  11. Why is this any business of the US?

    I thought Reason didn’t want the US to butt into every foreign issue. Apparently complaining about Trump and going along with news media groupthink are missions #1 and #2 for some Reason writers.

  12. “Trump is amoral, mendacious, weak, and deaf to matters of humanity.”

    This is news?

    Seriously though, it’s way too early to judge his handling of this issue. And our coddling of the odious Saudi regime (not demonstrably better than ISIS) well predates Trump.

    1. It has a lot to do with why Bush 43 went to full-bore “Islam is a religion of peace” just months after 9/11. A Saudi prince farts and the American diplomat busts out the Febreze.

  13. Yep. After Obama stood up to the Saudis’ human rights abuses and murders by denying them military aid and trade for eight years, it’s disappointing that Trump wouldn’t leap into action over a possible murder that happened in Turkey, rather than let the Turks handle it.

    1. The guy was an American resident on his way to permanent residency and citizenship. He was one of ours.

      1. He wasnt a US Citizen, right?

        No such thing as half way crooks.

      2. There’s a certain us citizen drone striked who is aghast at your statement.

        1. Anwar al-Awlaki. Not just a US citizen, but Anwar al-Awlaki, a gigantic douche.

          1. Yup, an american terrorist. A traitor perhaps. Either way, he was guaranteed constitutional protections anywhere the USA government can operate.

    2. “Yep. After Obama stood up to the Saudis’ human rights abuses and murders by denying them military aid and trade for eight years,…”

      And I seem to recall lefty rejoicing at Obo opening trade with that worker’s paradise 90 miles south of Florida.
      The left is nothing if not hypocritical.

    3. It is a shame nobody catches your sarcasm, you probably needed to name drop Yemen to tip them off.

  14. I grew up thinking that the Saudis had to be kowtowed to because they had so much oil they could call the shots. Then I started hearing that the top two suppliers of oil to the US are actually Canada and Mexico. The Kingdom just barely breaks into the top 5.

    Even leaving aside the absolutely atrocious human rights record of the Saudis, it’s been a long established fact that they are the government that funds and promoted most of the batshit crazy madrasas that churn out young recruits for al queda and isis.

    Given that we don’t really need their oil and they love to start shit everywhere in the world, usually focused on hating on the US, they are probably the worst “allies” since Stalin “helped” defeat the Nazis. (As If repelling an invasion was doing us a favor.) It’s high time to tell the Saudis to kiss our asses.

    1. OPEC can accept the US dollar in exchange for their oil or they may decide to accept some other currency. The US would like them to keep using the dollar. The US doesn’t need Saudi oil, but it does need the world to pay them in dollars for it.

    2. You’re aware that oil is fingible, aside from a few grades that certain refineries can’t Handel, right? Without the Saudis other would be bidding up the oil from Mexico and Canada.

    3. Commodities are fungible to a large extent, but the Middle East supplies our allies in Europe and Asia with oil. To an extent, our interests in the Mid East are too keep some stability there so they do not overly effect worldwide prices, and to keep our allies afloat. There is very little that directly effects the USA.

  15. Yes, the Saudis are the most evil scum of the earth, but it’s a little revolting that the JournoList only gives a fuck because it was one of their own.

    They certainly don’t give a fuck about 9/11 or about the Las Vegas Massacre (deliberately flushed down the memory hole in about a week and something we’re not supposed to ask any questions about).

    1. People are like that. You of all people should understand tribalism.

  16. Trump Hangs ‘Tacky’ Fantasy Painting of Himself With GOP Presidents in White House


    1. Trump is like school on Saturday… no class

      1. You think you so slick you punkass, blasphemous, dope fiend bitch! I had my jimmy whacked seven times last week! I bust a cap in your n*gga ass, shithead!

    2. Why isn’t Coolidge busting up that speakeasy?

  17. ” “We want to find out what happened,” he bleated more than a week later. ”

    Is there some imminent danger from Saudi Arabia that requires the President to take extreme action in one week or less?

    Very slowly, over the 20 months of his Presidency, Trump has become less impulsive. This is a good thing.

  18. One problem, i do not trust anything out of Erdogan EITHER. Both the Sauds and Turkey dont have track records of believability. And while bad if true, how is it our issue?

  19. Suddenly, Lefties like Chapman want Trump to do something.

    Amazing how that works.

  20. Look at the balls on Chapman trying to tie some Saudi reporter who entered the Saudi embassy in Turkey to Saudi arms sales without any evidence.

    Thanks for the propaganda Chapman.

  21. Famously, “Diplomacy is the art of saying “Nice doggy!” while groping around for a stick.”

    But every time Trump plays nice with some dictator, instead of lunging across the room and attempting to strangle them, he gets attacked.

    Sure, the Saudis are horrible. Israel is the only civilized country in the region. But the Saudis are a horrible regime which has the capacity to crash the global economy, and they’re a horrible regime which is at least somewhat cooperative with some of our regional aims. They’re only crazy, not batshit crazy, and by Middle Eastern standards, that makes them worth dealing with.

    Until we can get their energy hands of the global economy’s collective throat, of course.

  22. It might be in the best interests of the United States to work with Stalin. It might be in the best interests of the United States to incinerate two large cities with nuclear bombs. It might be in our best interests to invade the southern United States, burn huge swaths of it to the ground, and kill any of our fellow Americans who get in the way–all on moral grounds.

    The question isn’t whether Trump is timid, weak, or amoral. The question isn’t whether Khashoggi was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The question is whether our relationship with Saudi Arabia is in the best interests of U.S. security. You might even make the case on moral grounds–that the downside of doing something immoral doesn’t justify the upside of our continuing relationship with Saudi Arabia.

    If you can’t directly address the question of what’s in our best interests, you’re just bloviating.

    Israel, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia were our three checks on Iran, going back to the Cold War. The Bush administration foolishly handed Iraq over to Iran’s sphere of influence–making Saudi Arabia even more important than before. The Saudi royal family now has more than 15,000 members. There is no reason why the clique in power must be friendly to the United States. The government could just as easily favor terrorist groups that are openly hostile to the United States. One death is tragic, but the strategic interests of the United States are more than just a statistic.

    1. Reducing American dependence on oil is probably the most consequential action we could take, and it would make Saudi irrelevant. The problem is not a lack of options, it’s your fucking idiocy.

      1. Are you saying that reducing our dependence on oil will prevent us from having to worry about Saudi Arabia murdering journalists in the future?

        Are you saying that reducing our dependence on oil will make Iran less of a threat and, hence, reduce the importance of Saudi Arabia as a strategic counter to that threat?

        How much will it cost us to reduce our dependence on oil?

        What benefit are you saying this will have in regards to Saudi Arabia’s strategic importance as a counterweight to Iran or in regards to journalists being murdered by Saudi intelligence?

        Are you talking out of your ass, again?

        1. I’m not sure what makes Saudi superior to Iran as an ally except for our long history of being their oil whore. Saudi is certainly a more repressive country and supports more terrorists who kill Americans, including the ones who perpetrated 9/11. It’s a bipartisan embarrassment that can be eliminated with cutting off the clutches of oil, and would have the “side” benefit of not destroying the habitable environment of planet earth.

          As far as Saudi Arabia getting away with murdering journalists and other things with impunity from America, I think the solution to that is folded in.

          1. How much oil do we import from Saudi Arabia?
            How does that figure compare to oil we import from other countries, and oil we produce domestically?

            Our “dependance” on oil, Saudi or otherwise, has nothing to do with it.
            Our desire for the Saudis/OPEC to peg oil prices to the US dollar is the significant factor.

          2. These comments were so dumb I am not sure how you managed to type them. Congrats on being able to use a keyboard at the very least because it appears you do not know how to use your brain.

            1. That was for Tony.

        2. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil would reduce the constraints on how we can afford to respond to those things. Although not hugely so long as our allies are still dependent on Saudi oil.

    2. “One death is tragic, but the strategic interests of the United States are more than just a statistic.”

      I suggest everyone at least wikipedia Kenneth Waltz and realism. Ken Shultz wrote one of the few rational comments on here and perhaps if you read about Waltz you can do the same!

    3. Um, the Saudi government does favor terrorist groups (e.g., the Wahhabi, ISIS) that are openly hostile to the United States. Put another way, they play both sides of the table. The simple reality is that we are scared shitless of the Saudis given the extent of their “street level” influence throughout the Mideast and therefore let them get away with just about anything they want.

  23. It would not matter if Trump ignored the issue entirely or nuked downtown Riyadh, Chapman would be pissed. What a tiresome waste of pixels.
    Hey, Chapman! You lost, loser! No, that hag is not going to be POTUS, and take your sorry ass to a clinic, stat:
    “Treating the Six Known Symptoms of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome'”

  24. One of the more fascinating aspects of the Trump shitshow is how he bows to foreign powers (mostly the worst ones), believes everything they say, does absolutely nothing to counter their efforts against America, indeed practically encourages them to undermine us, and expects to be seen as strong for it–and he is by his mouth-breathing fanatics!

    1. One of the not-fascinating aspects of your shtick is your constant lying, slobbering asshole.

    2. Explains sending out Pompeo in spite of Saud claims.

    3. Kind of like Obama, eh what?

  25. Still waiting to see Trump bow to the Saudi King.

  26. No one should be surprised by Trump’s reaction. The right has been pushing for an amoral foreign policy for years. And even under Democrats the US has pushed for an American first foreign policy, despite the propaganda Trump and the GOP spews in order to win elections. Trump has consistently said that he will put American interests above all else. This entails that he does not mind human rights atrocities. His political style is purely transactional. He goes into every deal asking, “what’s in it for me”. And by extension, he views every foreign relationship under the same view. He and the GOP have a might-makes-right philosophy that is dangerous as heck. It works well when you have the might, but on this planet that is foolish. China could scale up its factories to produce plenty of arms the way we did during World War II. We may spend more money on defense now but that sense of superiority is false. If anything, we should be pushing harder for moral international norms because when we no longer have the might we will hope that the citizens of other countries will be outraged when their leaders commit atrocities. If we shun those norms now the citizens of other countries will care less if we get our butts handed to us.

    1. What did you have to say when Obo opened trade with Cuba?

      1. What has Cuba done recently that’s worst than Russia or Saudi Arabia?

        Oh I get it, he has a (D) after his name, and you’re super super smart.

    2. And:
      “The right has been pushing for an amoral foreign policy for years.”
      Please tell us how the left has been pushing for the Muslim world to treat women as if they were human.

      ” China could scale up its factories to produce plenty of arms the way we did during World War II.”

      A hypocrite and a lair; in short, a lefty.

    3. “Heraclitus”, your feelings are stupid.

  27. Of course he is. The entire American ne world economy relies on the petrodollar. The fact that oil is only sold for dollars is the only thing that makes dollars valuable. Nixon’s deal with the Saudis in ’71 that we would defend them in exchange for them selling oil only in dollars has sent us down the path to hell.

  28. >>>What have we learned about Trump from his handling of the apparent hit job on Khashoggi?

    You (collective article-whiners) haven’t learned *anything* about T. You misfire every time.

  29. What’s not surprising here, is the visceral venom Steve Chapman reserves for his betters. What’s shocking, is that an adult college graduate (which Chapman presumes to be) appears utterly unaware of the economic benefits to the US of the Saudi regime.

    When Nixon took the US off the international gold standard, he was worried that the market value of the dollar would plummet. So he made a deal with the Saudis, to protect them militarily, in exchange they would require all oil transactions be conducted with US dollars. This requires those wishing to purchase Saudi (and most other) oil, to also purchase US dollars. This means, the US dollar gets the benefit of the float.

    Without this float, vast quantities of US dollars would come back to America to roost, and hyperinflation would instantly ensue.

    If the US were to sanction all countries where people die unjustly, our trading partners would be few and far between. Trump is not wise to threaten tariffs if we don’t get free trade for US-made goods, that tactic worked with S. Korea, Canada, Mexico, and probably the EU. It hasn’t worked with China.

    I’d prefer a different technique to force trade into balance. The US should stop borrowing money and flooding the market with US dollars, which in turn are used to purchase cheap consumer goods from China.

  30. What’s not surprising here, is Chapman’s visceral venom dished out to one of his betters. What’s shocking, is that an adult college graduate (which Chapman presumes to be) is not aware of the economic benefits to the US of the Saudi regime.

    When Nixon took the US off the international gold standard, he was correctly worried about a precipitous loss of value in the US dollar. So, he made a deal with the Saudis: the US would protect them militarily, and in return they would require their oil transactions to be done in US dollars. This means, the US benefits from the float.

    Without the float, many billions of US dollars would come home to roost, quickly causing massive inflation.

  31. Hey, Steve, when Donald Trump told Leslie that “I’m President, and you’re not”, he was speaking to all of you presumptuous butt-heads in the media.

  32. For reality-based articles on foreign policy, please “like” our Libertarian Party Defense Caucus (Facebook page).

    1. Your comments were very good, definately will check out your page.

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