New Low: Beto O'Rourke Apologizes for Denouncing T&A in College Theater Review

Eventually we'll have exposés of politicians stealing juiceboxes in kindergarten.


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I have no dog in the Texas senate race (if I lived there, I guess I'd vote for the Libertarian candidate, Neal Dikeman), but the latest turn between Democrat Beto O'Rourke and incumbent Republican Ted Cruz is truly nauseating. This, folks, is why libertarians want politics to matter as little as possible in everyday life.

Tipped off by the Cruz campaign, Politico dug up a 1991 theater review that O'Rourke penned on The Will Rogers Follies while he was a student at Columbia University. It was a popular show back in the day, built around the folksy antics of the title character, but young O'Rourke was moved to "disgust," writing that

one cannot help feeling disgusted throughout the show. Keith Carradine in the lead role is surrounded by perma-smile actresses whose only qualifications seem to be their phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks.

Note to O'Rourke: It's called a chorus. Anyway, at the close of his pan, O'Rourke notes that he "was the youngest person in the crowd by about 60 years. Though I found it revolting, most people from that long-ago, faraway generation really enjoyed the show, and were very pleased by the performances."

So what did O'Rourke do when the Cruz campaign pushed his politically correct, ultra-sensitive review into the light?

"I am ashamed of what I wrote and I apologize. There is no excuse for making disrespectful and demeaning comments about women."

This is where we're at, folks. There is no goddamn way this 1991 review is in any way newsworthy or offensive, and O'Rourke's apology is completely unnecessary and pathetic. Does this make it a "win" for Ted Cruz and his campaign, then? No, it shows that in a political season which is historically awful, we've yet to reach bottom. I demand an investigation into Ted Cruz's high-school stint as a mime! Can we be sure that Dianne Feinstein or Charles Grassley never stole a juicebox in kindergarten, if kindergarten or juiceboxes were even things back then?

Because history is rapidly becoming a rerun of The Apprentice from which we cannot awaken, I'll leave you with a TV commercial featuring the second Mrs. Trump, Marla Maples, as one of those perma-smile actresses that so "disgusted" young Beto O'Rourke during his university days. Yes, she was in the chorus for a while.

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  1. I thought a new low was when Beto lied about running away from a drunk driving accident?

    1. “I have no dog in the Texas senate race”

      Also, this was cute, Gillespie

    2. function leaveSocialistsAlone(X : int) begin

      print(“How long ago did he lie? If longer than %d seconds, then get over it” % X);


      1. The big takeaway here is that Gillespie is not being nice to socialists by criticizing intersectionality. Be better to socialists. Seriously, it’s not right to bring up gulags and Venezuela. Get over it

        1. No kidding, like {leaveSocialistsAlone(10 ** 10)}.

          1. We got to DO BETTER. It’s not right. No one has any justification to slur socialists. It’s got to end now.

      2. You’re going to get a compile error on that I think.

        1. It’s my DSL, I can compile it however I want to.

          1. You tell him. Paul’s a bully

          2. Is that Democrat Specific Language?

    3. It comes down to a choice between that and the guy who’s dad murdered JFK.

      1. And he’s most likely the Zodiac killer

        1. Didn’t they find the Zodiac Killer?

          1. no, that was the Golden State Killer.

            California has a lot more killers to track down yet.

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        1. (The money ran out.)

          1. Well I drove up from Laredo I had the big eyes in my head
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            1. I love that song, or is it a poem?

              If it’s a song could you give us the chords?

              1. John Dee Graham. Laredo (Small Dark Something).

                F# mainly, with some B.

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                1. Interesting combo.

      3. Hey look! Tony agrees with Trump.

      4. Hey look! Tony agrees with Trump.

      5. Hey, what’s wrong with murdering JFK?

        From your perspective he was a lying, tax cutting, war mongering, womanizing bastard by todays standards.

    4. Dems seem to have a “get away with DUI free” card, especially if they have an Irish last name…

      1. How many women drowned in this incident?

      2. It only works for thin young attractive Irishmen with light features and boyish charm.

        See how well it works when you look like Brian Dennehy, Carol O’Connor, or John C. Reilly…

    5. Beta is the proper name for a guy that doesn’t appreciate phenomenally large breasts and tight asses on women.

      1. How about for a guy who appreciates smaller breasts, tight asses, and glasses on women?

        1. Alpha, Inigo. You are a straight up alpha.

        2. The goal is to get one of each, then get them together successfully.

      2. What would you think of a guy who figurately fellates someone who called the guy’s wife a hideous pig and the guy’s father a murderous traitor?

        If you’re the average disaffected, anti-social, right-wing bigot, you call that guy a libertarian and a fine candidate for senator from Texas.

        Ted Cruz may not have a friend in the Senate (because the other senators have had a chance to get to know him), but he is A-OK among the Reason’s right-wing fans (who also lack friends in real life, so they empathize with Ted).

        Carry on, clingers. So long as your betters permit.

        1. I almost pity the Royal Arse Kisser.

        2. I’m somewhat surprised that the Dems haven’t gone after Cruz for being such a spineless pushover. To my mind the adverts almost write themselves: “He couldn’t even defend his wife’s honour; how is he going to stand up for Texans”…

  2. Some at Reason are a bit upset that Beto is not going win the Senate seat.

    He was never going to win the Senate seat but its clear to Lefties that he is not going to win.

    1. I was ambivalent until the debate. But Beto is a fucking idiot, he can’t string two sentences together. It made me wonder how many takes he needs for all those vacuous commercials of him talking about listening to people and never discussing a single actual policy or principle.

  3. Prog lunacy is getting to the point you need to have a scorecard to keep track of it. I thought objectivizing women for entertainment was all sexist and stuff. How did O’Rourke run afoul of the SJW mob by being offended by it? Is there a reason why this is wrong or does the mob not even bother to have a reason anymore?

    I am legitimately puzzled by this.

    1. He mentioned allegedly untalented chorus girls with big tits and butts.

      He should have said they were being exploited or something.

      1. I wish his response to this was “fuck off and if you don’t like it go vote for Cruz”. That would have been so awesome. He could have gotten away with it. What are the idiots offended by this going to do other than show up and vote for him? Nothing.

        1. There are two types of Democrat politicians: the ones who unapologetically sexually harass and disrespect women, and the ones who cower at an accusation having disrespected a woman in some way.

      2. Evidence of the male gaze.

    2. Being offended by it implied noticing the “phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks.” This indicates he’s got a Y chromosome, or something evil like that.

      He’s apologizing for being the sort of person who’d notice such things.

      Incidentally, I assume the illustration above was from a different run of the play?

      1. I figured he was apologizing for downplaying the performance of the chorus. They probably need to sing very well and possibly dance in tight formation, but he didn’t comment on that at all, good or bad?only on their appearance.

        If he really is apologizing for the description of their appearance, assuming it was accurate, then that’s just dumb.

  4. Cruz’ campaign-runners should be flogged they have run childish embarrassing ads making him look petty.

    1. Doesn’t Cruz himself have to be in the ad and say he approved the message?

      Wait, let me look…

      1. Don’t see a link, too lazy to Google.

      2. i mean “I’m Ted Cruz and I approve this message” I have no idea whether there is literal input.

        he chose the wrong pill in the presidential race too – sided w/Bushies

        i thought he was smarter when he was taking down Kay Bailey H

        1. Trump was too bigoted and dumb for Ted . . . until Ted remembered that Texas Republicans are nothing but bigoted dullards.

  5. “Can we be sure that Dianne Feinstein or Charles Grassley never stole a juicebox in kindergarten, if kindergarten or juiceboxes were even things back then?”

    Was fire even a thing back then?

    1. I’m certainly not old and juice boxes weren’t introduced to the US until I was in elementary school. And I don’t think I saw my first one until I was in about 5th grade. I saw Capri Sun pouches before then though, IIRC.

  6. I’ll leave you with a TV commercial featuring the second Mrs. Trump, Marla Maples, as one of those perma-smile actresses that so “disgusted” young Beto O’Rourke during his university days

    I vote for Marla as the hottest of Trump’s trophy wives.

  7. My hypothesis is that one reason why politicians have stooped to such low levels, is because on the big issues, there really isn’t that much disagreement between them. There is only so much mileage one of the teams can get in emphasizing the few issues where they do disagree. So in order to create artificial controversy, they wind up attacking each other on the little crap. Like reviews of college plays. Or bigfoot porn. Or whatever.

    1. I think it’s also that these have become the big issues. I think Cruz and Beto disagree on rather serious issues, but people care less about that.

    2. Bigfoot porn is a thing?

      Aaah! My eyes! Get it off! Get it off!

      1. Someone’s never heard of Steve Smith.

        1. That’s the way STEVE SMITH likes it



      2. Get it off! Get it off!


    3. Nah, it’s just a risk-rewards kinda thing. It’s easy and doesn’t impact you very much if you tip off the media to relatively mild infractions by your opponent for a little bad attention. It’s hard and risky to state your actual positions and have supporters finding they disagree with you while giving your opponent the same attention: it’s just a wash, on average.

    4. There’s something to that; Our self-perpetuating political class do agree on most things, and disagree with the voters. That does sort of limit the potential for issue based campaigning.

  8. So what did O’Rourke do when the Cruz campaign pushed his politically correct, ultra-sensitive review into the light?

    “I am ashamed of what I wrote and I apologize. There is no excuse for making disrespectful and demeaning comments about women.”

    Nick, they’re doing it BECAUSE IT WORKS.

    This is why everyone needs to go back to their corners and shut the fuck up. If I’m paid oppo-research for a candidate (regardless of party), and I’m living in a world where the most innocuous off-hand remarks get you murdered by the Tweetsphere, you think I’m going to pass over a nugget like this? No, you apply Saul Alinsky’s rules: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

    You may not like it, I certainly don’t like it, but until someone calls a truce, or this whole fucking thing just burns itself out, this is where we are and I’m not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel… and if I did, I’m told it’s New Jersey, so not a whole lot of optimism here.

    1. I have no love for Beto and honestly like Cruz alot. That said, this review being an issue is really stupid. He was trying to give the “woke” perspective.

  9. Speaking of tits for tats, FBI claims to be wrapping up their investigation early, inside sources saying they got bupkis, guess who’s crying foul? No, go ahead, guess?

    1. >>>Speaking of tits for tats

      saw a nice pic of Buffy the Vampire Slayer telling #metoo to fuck itself

      1. Original Buffy or less old Buffy?

      1. Bad people. Who did bad things.

        1. No seriously. The Kavanaugh thing, the O’Rourke thing, Lady Di. What do you mean?

          1. The FBI investigation of Kavanaugh and the Ford accusations. They actually wrapping up early. So either they found a video of the event, or there was so little meat there, they were able to finish the meal in just a few bites.

            1. So either they found a video of the event, or there was so little meat there, they were able to finish the meal in just a few bites.

              Get an education.

    2. The irony of the whole thing is that the Democrats actually had some rational and compelling arguments to make against Kavanaugh. First, Mr. Conservative himself Antone Scalia admitted that the Court suffered from being entirely composed of Ivy League Law school graduates from elite backgrounds. The Senate Democrats could have argued that someone from different background and with a different set of experience and skills should be appointed rather than the usual Ivy League to Supreme Court to DOJ to the Federal Bench member of the SCOTUS priesthood that Kavanaugh is.

      Kavanaugh also while at the Bush DOJ was associated with some of the biggest legal blunders of the last fifty years in the Torture Memos and the various idiocy that came out of the Bush DOJ regarding enemy combatants. Democrats could have grilled the hell out of Kavanaugh regarding his opinions and role in those matters and forcefully argued that someone associated with such blunders shouldn’t be elevated to the Supreme Court.

      1. Lastly, Kavanaugh was one of the primary architects of the Patriot Act. If Kavanaugh thinks the 4th Amendment imposes any limit on government power as long as it is clothed in terms of “national security”, I have not seen it. That too would have made for a compelling argument against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

        I think those arguments would have been persuasive to a lot of people in the center and even some on the left. Had they made those arguments, the Democrats may well have convinced a few liberal Republicans to vote against Kavanaugh and denied him confirmation. And had they done that, they would have denied his confirmation for entirely legitimate reasons that no honest Republican could claim were illegitimate.

        Instead, they choose to embark on the most absurd and insidious public slander campaign in living memory. The Democrats and the media are so stupid and morally degraded, they are unable to make rational and legitimate arguments even when those arguments are persuasive.

        1. That’s because after back-to-back Bush and Obama, both parties are complicit in all of that shit, and don’t want it discussed.

          1. ^ THIS

            1. Yep.

              Excellent summation, John, but the problem with it is that the Dems agree with that stuff. As far as they’re concerned, it’s probably the only area where they and Kav would be on the same page.

          2. Yes. Had they gone after Kavanaugh for that stuff, the Republicans would have gone after Obama in return. And that is not something they want to talk about. So, as result we are deprived of any kind of rational debate about this guy being on the Court.

          3. Pretty much this, both of them betrayed their own voters.

        2. John, PATRIOT act is sooooo 2001. That got Cindy Sheehanned years ago.

          1. What a cunt she was. She really kept being anti-war even when it wasn’t convenient for the Democrats anymore. Like, what a bitch.

            1. Splitter.

            2. Seriously. She’s worse than Susan Sarandon who just opposed Clinton because she was an unrepentant warmonger. I mean, it was HER TURN.

              1. Yeah but she gets a pass for being Janet in Rocky Horror

                1. Yeah, she had awesome tits.

      2. Why would I care about dry policy stuff when you can tell me vague detail about a possible groping, or maybe it was a gang rape… or wait, was it “boofing”? I need to know what boofing is. Jurisprudence theory is like… fuck that shit. Who got groped?

        1. yea the IMPORTANT stuff

    3. I have it in credible authority that Kavanaugh once pooped his pants in preschool

      1. Although I find your claims credible, you must be remembering some other child pooping their pants. It certainly was not Brett Kavanaugh. He did not poop his pants until elementary school despite many mentions of pants pooping and poop code words used in his preschool yearbook.

        1. The FBI report revealed Diane Feinstein is a pantload.

    4. Heh heh. He said tits.

  10. I’d rather see an article on why Beto wants to ban AR15s and why he wants national conscription for work programs.

    Or would that make Reason feel queasy about supporting him?

  11. His head would asplode if he ever saw the original production of Hair….

    1. 60s hippy patriarchal bullshit.

  12. Kristy. Please no SF’d link


    1. great, link works but response in wrong place I suck

      for just say’n…

      1. Ah, original Buffy.

        1. preferred afaic

        2. The “original” Buffy was destroyed by Donald Sutherland. The TV show is 100% superior.

          1. You’ve been wrong a lot today

            1. Donald J. Trump
              Verified account


              Sarah Michelle Gellar was never really that hot. We know this because she ended up with Freddie Prince who is some type of Mexican or whatever. SAD

              1. I don’t condone it, but the president isn’t completely wrong on this one

              2. i mean who’s saying no to either really?

                1. Alright, good point

              3. I’m not talking about how “hot” the actress is. I’m talking about the quality of the writing. If the only criterion is “how hot is the actress,” there are at least 100,000 movies better than Buffy.

                And, that aside, while Gellar is very annoying, I’ll take your Kristy Swanson and raise you an Allyson Hannigan, a Charisma Carpenter, a Michelle Trachtenberg, and a Rachel Bilson.

                1. I see you went for the jugular in your rebuttal.

                  Well played

                  1. I favor rapid dispute resolution.

                2. I never got why people thought Gellar was anything more than cute. Swanson, at least when she made the movie, was a goddess. Gellar isn’t fit to play Swanson’s homely kid sister.

                  1. She’s great at weeping. She had a good run on All My Children for the same reason.

                  2. Kristy, while still hot, has a mouth breathing problem.

                    Thoroughly trumped by cute any day of the week, IMO.

                    1. Kristy, while still hot, has a mouth breathing problem.

                      Also, I’ve always kinda thought she had, man hands.

                      Again, still hot, just words like ‘goddess’ seem a bit far.

                  3. You’re thinking about it all wrong. Instead of it being a competition, I’m imagining Kristy Swanson in her prime going down on a teenage SMG, who is also wearing a cheerleading uniform.

                    Everybody wins.

                3. show better than movie sure. Kristy wins hot still. Penn & Teller won’t let Allyson change her dress on their show it’s strange.

                  1. show better than movie sure. Kristy wins hot still.

                    This is the correct position.

  13. Since we have forgotten what asshats the Dems were about Gorsuch

    On April 6, 2017, Democrats filibustered (prevented cloture of) the confirmation vote of Gorsuch. The Senate Republicans invoked the so-called nuclear option and changed the Senate rules to end filibusters for Supreme Court nominees. After the change to Senate rules, Senate Republicans along with four Senate Democrats (Joe Manchin (D-WV), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Michael Bennet (D-CO)) agreed to cloture.[5][59]

    The Senate confirmed Gorsuch on April 7, 2017, by a vote of 54?45. All Senate Republicans present, along with Democratic Senators Manchin (D-WV), Heitkamp (D-ND), and Donnelly (D-IN), voted to confirm Gorsuch.[60] Johnny Isakson (R-GA) was absent for the vote because he was recovering from back surgery.[61]

    So… let’s not pretend that libertarians have no reason to oppose Beto.

    1. Libertarians for Gorsuch?

      Carry on, clingers.

  14. There is no goddamn way this 1991 review is in any way newsworthy or offensive, and O’Rourke’s apology is completely unnecessary and pathetic. Does this make it a “win” for Ted Cruz and his campaign, then? No, it shows that in a political season which is historically awful, we’ve yet to reach bottom.

    I’m beginning to wonder if these apologies are unnecessary. We’ve seen what’s happened to people who were accused of either innocuous stuff or stuff that was flat out untrue or unsubstantiated. I’m guessing he felt his own school of piranhas starting to go into a frenzy so he threw himself on their mercy.

    And the media has some culpability in this culture. Maybe the next time someone points to an inoffensive remark and does that Invasion of the Bodysnatchers guttural scream, they might start ignoring them.

    1. I’m beginning to wonder if these apologies are unnecessary.

      “If anyone was offended by my apology, I am truly sorry.”

  15. O’Rourke is supposedly the cool candidate. It is amazing how quickly being a prudish scold has become cool.

    1. Church lady is the most popular costume this Halloween.

      1. Halloween is out. It’s too hurtful to too many people

      2. Dana Carveys Netflix special was actually really funny, which was a surprise to me. His Trump impression was terrific. I’ve missed guys like him in comedy.

        1. Back in the day he did Ross Perot . Now that’s funny.

          1. Correct, although Bush 1 was probably his best. Dana did them all except Clinton, and I suspect the reason there is just because Phil Hartman nailed it. Hell, maybe Dana did lampoon Clinton and I just don’t remember because of Phil.

            1. Dana was going to do Clinton, then decided, “wouldn’t be prudent.”

  16. actresses whose only qualifications seem to be their phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks.

    Ew! Right, Beto? Real men aren’t into that sort of thing.

    1. Modern men like Beto are above that

      1. Modern gay men like Beto are above that

  17. Heh…”Dikeman”…heheheh…

  18. Ted Cruz is Republicanism in its purest form. Utterly revolting, without a moral center, absolutely no redeeming qualities, merely that (R) after his name. A true test for Texas. I know you’ll fail us again, as you have at every other opportunity.

    1. I believe his redeeming quality is that he’s running against a privileged nincompoop who avoided jail time for a DUI crash because of his family connections.

      1. At least no girl was drowned as a result.

        1. Well, no, and that’s why he’s not presidential material

          1. Presidential material you say?

        2. At least no girl that we know of was drowned as a result.

          1. Wait. Is that an *allegation*?

            1. Are you saying it’s not credible?

              1. Sounds credible. Is your source a well… of information?

      2. As a Texas resident in the Cruz district I can tell you that while Cruz is shitty Beto would be no better on any issue that matters to us, but he could be worse.

        1. Cruz district = all of Texas

          This is the Senate, brah!

          1. District wasn’t the right word, it’s just weird the way U.S. Senators are elected.

            1. Get an education, rube. Start with standard English.

        2. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Demcorats were good on something? As it is, they are just as bad as the Republicans on things like the 4th Amendment and police power and things you would think they would be good on and bat shit crazy insane on everything else.

          1. Democrats have been good at effecting American progress against the wishes of Republicans, conservatives, and faux libertarians for more than a half-century. So good that the losers of the culture war have become disaffected clingers.

        3. Cruz is pretty good……when there’s a Democrat in the presidency. Beto will most likely be awful regardless of who is in office

          1. The people who work most closely with Cruz think he’s a terrible person.

            1. He probably is, he lied about cutting spending. That’s a known devil as opposed to a guy like Beto that’s angling to pick up the Austin vote. No thanks to both of them, but if forced to pick one it won’t be Beto.

              1. Old-timey, rural, half-educated Texans go with the superstitious bigot every time.

                Demographics seem destined to clean up that mess.

                1. I grew up in a shitty blue city in a shitty blue state. Texas is great compared to any of the three blue states I lived in (Maryland being the absolute worst).

                2. LOL, you keep slinging the most obviously bigoted tripe one can imagine while calling others bigots. Somehow I suspect that Poe’s Law applies here.

            2. They are ALL terrible people.

              1. They are ALL terrible people.

                ^ This.

      3. Nope. Not redeeming.

    2. Beto O’Rourke is the textbook example of everything you and your ilk claim is “white privilege”. Son of a judge sent to elite schools and allowed to be a complete screw up, including being involved in a serious felony at the age of 27, such that anyone else regardless of race and certainly anyone who was black or Hispanic would have ended up in prison. But O’Rourke being the son of a judge was allowed to walk away with a slap on the wrist and now wants to be a Senator.

      And you would vote for him Tony because he has a D after his name. And then turn around and bitch about the evils of white privilege right after you do it. But it is everyone else who is partisan.

      1. I want people in Congress who’ve had first-hand experience with the American criminal justice system. It gives perspective. Who’s being the elitist again?

        1. I want people in Congress who’ve had first-hand experience with the American criminal justice system. It gives perspective.

          People who used their family connections to get away with crimes that justly should have sent them to prison? Really? I know you are deeply stupid and have pretty much lost what little sanity you had since Trump was elected, but that is a new low even for you.

          1. Past Me seems to actually be getting worse.

            On the upside, if the Republicans somehow manage to win the House, we’ll know multiverse theory is true.

            1. They likely will retain the House. And Tony and Shreek are going to lose their minds even further.

              1. 2018 will be known as the Kavanaugh redemption.

        2. “I want people in Congress who’ve had first-hand experience with the American criminal justice system.”

          Then Democrat is certainly the way to vote.

        3. “I want people in Congress who’ve had first-hand experience circumventing the American criminal justice system.”


        4. Who’s being the elitist again?

          It’s pretty rich that even when directly confronted you double down on defending the rich kid whose daddy pulled some strings to get him out of a felony any ethnic minority would have been jailed immediately for and then cheekily claim that you’re somehow not being nakedly elitist (and racist).

      2. Beto’s dad was a County Judge, but that isn’t what you think it is. In Texas a County Judge is Boss Hogg. He doesn’t preside over court cases he decides where highways go.

        1. So you think it’s better that Beto’s dad is Boss Hogg?

    3. You just described every Democrat politicians, except you left out hypocrites and think the little people need to be told what to do.

      You better hope the Notorious RGB hangs on. Cruz on the Supreme Court would make your head explode

  19. I pointed out less than a week ago that it was odd that Reason writers were super concerned about Kavanaughs drinking yet seemed to make excuses for Betos illegal drinking that put people’s lives at risk. Curiouser and curiouser.

    1. Yeah. You would think they would at least have something to say about it, considering that Kavanaugh going to fraternity beer parties is like the most serious issue ever. Do they think no one notices this shit?

      1. What shit? Did something happen with Keith Ellison?

        1. It just makes sense to put people in leadership positions that have known sympathies to literal terrorists, after all.

      2. Has Cruz dropped his support for the Coathanger Abortions Amendment? THAT would be a serious change.

        1. Fuck off you baby murdering moron.

          1. I guess someone convened a meeting of Libertarians For Superstitious, Statist Womb Management.

            If you have information about a murder, a decent person would alert the appropriate authorities.

            If you do not have information about a murder, you should stop spouting superstitious nonsense while adults are trying to talk.

            Carry on, clinger. Until your betters decide they’ve had enough of you, that is.

  20. If this is the best Cruz can do, he’s damn lucky he’s running in Texas.

    1. Lucky? Did you get a look at his wife? The only good thing about that situation is that he never has to worry about her cheating on him with a friend . .. because he has no friends.

  21. Very misleading headline. He is folding because he thinks he’s being metoo’d because he wasn’t respectful at all times to women in all circumstances, no matter what. That’s become the liberal mantra. Women can say whatever they like about men, but the opposite is now never true. Men are really everything that is wrong in this world

    1. ^ this

    2. Per the Reason stylebook

      Headline: A statement not directly substantiated by the text of the attached article. Usually done for the purpose of generating clicks.

  22. It is odd that Reason only covers the smears in this race and not any of the actual policies. Is it just because it’s become that un-hip to note that Beto supports a horrible and authoritarian platform while Cruz supports a less horrible and authoritarian platform?

    I like my libertarianism rationale and honest, not stupid and fadish. If I wanted to form my beliefs solely based on popularity I would read Vox or something.

    1. Libertarians for Cruz?

      Get an education, rube.

  23. Beto O’Rourke called… begging for Nick to endorse Ted Cruz.

  24. Monster.


  25. I thought we all agreed:


    1. Yes, excellent advice.

      The socialists see an apology as a sign of weakness and will continue to attack until you’re crouched in the corner with a mad look in your eyes.

  26. He was looking a the lady’s name tag and she thought he was looking at her bosoms, so she filed a complaint for ‘bosom looking,’ which according to the democrat progressive socialist, is a sex crime.

    1. The worst kind of sex crime. Especially when they are practically falling out of a low cut blouse. Don’t you dare look at the display.

  27. I’d like to trigger Beto and Lyin’ Ted with a me vs. Baddie Gi and Jade dirtty hoedown.

    Trigger them hard.

  28. Wait a second… If women aren’t on planet earth to be objectified for their looks… What the fuck are they here for???

    I mean sure they can cook, clean, do laundry and stuff in theory… But they don’t really do much of that sort of thing anymore anyway, and half of them don’t even want to have kids… So, other than having vaginas and some of them looking pretty until they hit their mid 30s, what’s the point?


  29. The biggest story in this race that no one is talking about is O’Rourke rejected the endorsement of Obama . Like all Democrats in Texas, Beto is running away from Obama, Pelosi and Schumer thinking people will believe he is a “moderate” Democrat. He thinks he can follow the Conner Lamb model and win. Only problem is no one in Texas is fooled by the ploy and we all know he is progressive. Democrats are making such a big deal about all the “BETO” signs in peoples yards but the truth is that is because Democrats actually believe they have a chance to win this time. In addition, Leftists have been caught destroying Cruz signs as well as vandalizing homes and yards where they are found. Beto will lose and the more the Democrats rant and protest about Kavanagh, the larger his defeat will be.

  30. His privileged white boy excused-felony drunk driving fleeing the scene history reminds so much of Ted Kennedy. If this fellow fools Texas, he could be another Lion of the Senate.

  31. Yes, I think those arguments would have been persuasive to a lot of people in the center and even some on the left. Had they made those arguments

  32. People like Beto because he’s young and hip like Obama and because he has that droppy eyed, inbred Kennedy look.

    Cruz seems like someone who would slap a man on the side of the face in a fight and then talk big about it.

    I’m voting for Dikeman out of principle. Plus, Neal’s so damn nerdy, hearing him speak, you can’t imagine that guy having any hidden agenda.

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