Brickbat: You Can't Get There from Here


Flag of Israel
Thomas Dutour /

University of Michigan professor John Cheney-Lippold rescinded an offer to write a letter of recommendation for a student applying for a study abroad program after he realized the student would be studying in Israel. Cheney-Lippold says he is taking part in an academic boycott of Israel.

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  1. I don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan.

    1. too bad Sloopy left.

  2. Last I checked there’s still a right in this country to be an anti-Semite.

    1. and the privilege to be a sanctimonious asswipe and fuckwad.

      1. So you’ve met Benjamin Netanyahu.

        1. yes, isn’t his nick name Juggernaut?

      2. Everyone has that privilege, but you aren’t required to exercise it vigorously.

  3. Since this random bit of prof obnoxiousness has no particular relevance to anything and is not particularly entertaining, I’m thinking this piece was just written to try to bait OBL into appearing for Brickbat!

  4. I saw John Cheney walking with the Queen.

    1. Was his hair perfect?

      1. He’s going to need a lawyers, guns and money to get him out of this.

  5. …Actually come to think of it maybe this has special salience for Charles Oliver because he lives in Israel. The time difference would explain why he is in charge of filing Brickbat!

  6. Cheney-Lippold says he is taking part in an academic boycott of Israel.

    I believe this is referred to as a “cut direct”, where you pretend the other party doesn’t exist. In the old days, such an insult to one’s honor would require a challenge to a duel. We stopped that sort of stuff because it’s childish and displays the mentality of a two-year old who thinks if he closes his eyes you disappear. It’s especially shockingly childish coming from people who ostensibly are dedicated to studying issues rather than simply denying issues exist.

    1. And I’m old enough to remember when it was mostly liberal, academic types (and their children) who would try to spend a semester or a year living on a kibbutz.

      I myself never went, but I found the kibbutz idea interesting and later wondered if it didn’t influence Ursula K. LeGuin’s exploration of anarchism (non-property variety), The Dispossessed.

      It is striking at times just how much more closed and narrow-minded the left has become just within the last couple of decades. I think it was the SJW influence, but I don’t know.

  7. Wait John Cheney came out retirement and didn’t go back to the Owls?

    1. St. Joe’s players hardest hit.

  8. Why do I get the sense that the student will be getting an automatic points deduction on any coursework she completes.

    1. I have mixed feelings about Israel. I don’t like how Israel has so much power over our government. It just seems so hypocritical for Israel to interfere so much in our domestic politics and then complain when those chickens come home. Then there’s racial identity nation state aspect of it that creeps me out. I get it some of it and I agree that Israel has a lot of good qualities.

      1. Same here. Hard to be both a democracy and a religious theocracy. A *lot* of corrupt leaders. Has way too much control over US actions. Seems like it ought to be a 1 on the scale of 1-10. But when you compare it to all its neighbors, every single Arab or Muslim country, even the ostensible democracies like Indonesia, and it goes to 10 on the 1-10 scale.

    1. KILL THE JEWS!!! isn’t that what comes next? want to get in on the ground floor is all I’m saying.

      1. early adopter

      2. I thought Jews killing Palestinians was what came next.

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